Is Jennifer Lopez spying on “paranoid” Casper Smart to see if he’s cheating?

If you believe the tabloids, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been “on the rocks” ever since that shady junk went down at the peep show a day before Jennifer’s birthday, which was about a month ago. Casper was either at the peep show, OR he was cruising gay dudes, OR he was getting a backroom handie by some massage therapist (cough). Casper’s version of events keeps changing too – he claims he was getting a tattoo. Or maybe he was getting a haircut. He’s not sure, because thinking is SO HARD. Anyway, since that incident, everyone has been piling on and “sources” keep saying that J.Lo is definitely thinking about dumping him. Maybe she is – I hope so. But the fact that Casper is still around doesn’t bode well. Here’s a funny story from this week’s In Touch:

Jennifer Lopez is feeling anything but secure in her relationship with Casper Smart.

“She’s been checking Casper’s phone,” reveals a close pal of the singer’s, “to see if he’s cheating.”

The friend says that Jennifer was hit hard by recent reports that Casper secretly visited an exotic massage parlor during their July stay in NYC – just one day before her birthday. Though he’s “sweet-talked his way back into her good graces” (saying he was in a nearby tattoo shop that day), the pal says Jennifer is privately questioning his story.

But while the star is acting like things are fine, the pal says she has doubts and can’t resist checking his phone.

“She hasn’t found anything,” says the source. “Yet.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

We could approach this like, “Yay, she’s getting wise to his BS.” But just the fact that she even cares enough to check him out… that’s not good. It’s like she doesn’t want to believe the worst: that she’s hooked up with yet another loser and user. That she’s an idiot about relationships. She will never admit that to herself. To make matters even worse, Star Magazine has a similar story, only it’s a lot crazier and funnier:

During her concert tour, a source overheard Jennifer and Casper fighting in her dressing room.

“Casper told J.Lo he is paranoid that he’s being followed, and she said, ‘You’re damn right you’re being followed. The whole world is watching you! If you f—k up one more time, it’s over!’” shares the insider.

Casper has twice landed in J.Lo’s doghouse. First, says the source, when J.Lo caught him cheating with another backup dancer, and again after the peep show photos emerged.

“Jennifer heard Casper had been there before it came out in the magazines, so she knew she was going to be publicly mortified,” says the witness. “She’s so mad at him and tensions are really high – as everyone around them can plainly see.”

It’s gotten so bad that Jennifer hired a babysitter, er, bodyguard to keep Casper out of trouble. “Jennifer assigned Casper her personal bodyguard to keep an eye on him because she trusts the guy and knows he’ll tell her truth.”

Casper also got a stern talking-to from Jennifer. The source overheard Jennifer tell him that “his job is to do what she says, look good, smile for the cameras and have sex with her.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

“His job is to do what she says, look good, smile for the cameras and have sex with her.” God, she sets the bar so low. Which makes me believe this story wholeheartedly. J.Lo really does set the bar that low, probably even lower. It starts out as “his job is to do what she says, look good, smile for the cameras and have sex with her.” And then after a few months it becomes “his job is to not get in my light and not fool around with other people blatantly.” And then once they’re married, it becomes “his job is to just stand there.” And Casper won’t even be able to do that right.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. KellyinSeattle says:

    cheating on her with whom again? the band from the muppets, right?

  2. kristiner says:

    Is she looking really busted in this pictures or is it just me?

    It’s a crime to compare Jennifer to Elizabeth Taylor. I sincerely believe Liz married for love. JLO is narcissistic and likes to be in control.

    Her and Marc fit because they were two of a kind but something went wrong. He needs to lay off whatever drugs have him looking Skeletor and go back to the Marc Anthony from the You Sang to Me video and they need to get back together because they’re kids are going to be shelling out millions for therapy at their parents, specifically their mother’s revolving door of call my new boyfriend uncle

  3. yellowshaba says:

    Why are her people allowing her to be with him? He smells of cheap douche and he wears it thick…I’m not a fan of jlo in any sense of her world, but I will say her face its stunning. She should dress more appropriately and regardless of what procedures she does to maintain, her face looks pretty and natural I have to admit.

    • Dana M says:

      I totally agree. Her face is beautiful and youthful for her age.

      Such a shame for her to be with such a lose! I can’t believe she cannot see this but the whole world can.

      So…..was he cheating with a boy or girl I wonder? :

      “Casper has twice landed in J.Lo’s doghouse. First, says the source, when J.Lo caught him cheating with another backup dancer, and again after the peep show photos emerged.”

  4. velourazure says:

    he looks so manly in his gingham shorts…

  5. paola says:

    How a beautiful woman like JLo ends up with a loser boyfriend like him i really don’t know, Yes she is trashy and she can’t be alone for a single day, but really? didn’t she has anything better to choose from?!

  6. tru tru says:

    “exotic massage parlor??”

    he was at a well known GAY peep show/pick up place.

    she is a damn fool.

    maybe she wants to “plan” the break-up for around the holidays, to garner sympathy. I can think of NO reason she would keep him around–at her age, love has nothing to do with it, LOL.

  7. CG says:

    Wait, he cheated on her with another backup dancer? Was this reported before? I don’t remember hearing about it, but I don’t pay too much attention to these idiots. And as for her “just stand there and look good” requirement … uh, I don’t like to pick on people for their looks, but he’s not hot. She could do much better, looks-wise.

  8. skuddles says:

    Wait, was the back up dancer Casper cheated with male or female? Still convinced he’s on the down low – big time. And can you imagine having to hire someone to spy on your lovah…. honey, just dump the idiot already!

  9. Lizbet says:

    I’m not a big fan of the desperate, weak women, and I have to say J.Lo comes across as one of them. I also usually don’t think she looks good, but her face in the first pic… FIERCE!

    She looks like she could cut a bitch, if she could get solid proof and plenty of tabloid exposure and bodyguard confirmation first.

  10. Kosmos says:

    Cannot stand JLo and her flaunting of every little relationship she has in our faces. She’s always been self-centered, nearly talent-less, so other than the media pushing her face and pics everywhere, why is she a big deal? I’ve certainly never been a fan of this woman, who sorely lacks in acting ability and singing. Much too overrated, just a lot of fluff.

  11. A. says:

    Jennifer is a smart business woman. But she’s very dumb when it comes to love.

    How a beautiful woman like her has such a low (obviously) self esteem is beyond me.