Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry went on a ‘touchy-feely’ dinner date in LA

Robert Pattinson

This is getting good, y’all. In the wake of the virtually certain break up of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the Twihards are eventually going to have to face the fact that both of their idols will end up dating other people. In particular, I suspect that the most ardent Sparkles fans will take great issue with his (inevitable) decision to not forgive KStew and his (hopefully stout) resolution to take his chances elsewhere. Where else, exactly? Quite possibly, the likes of Katy Perry.

I know, I know. It’s almost sacreligious to think of Katy hanging out (let alone doing anything else more illicit) with the very amusing and self-deprecating likes of Sparkles. But she’s a very clever girl; or at least, she’s very good at playing clever in front of very clever boys. Remember, she was married to Russell Brand not too long ago. So in the wake of Katy’s douche-breakup with John Mayer, Us Weekly maintains (via a Katy source) that “she needs a different kind of guy.” Also, Katy and Robert have already been friends for quite awhile, and Sparkles reportedly offered her quite a bit of support through daily text messages after Russell filed for divorce this past winter. So now Us Weekly has the scoop on a very recent dinner date between Katy and Sparkles, whom she considers a very “nice guy” as well as exactly what she needs right at this point in her life. Here are some excerpts:

Katy Perry

They are two of the biggest stars on the planet, but Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson managed to go practically unnoticed at private West Hollywood club Soho House August 23. Nestled close at a table for two in the garden, the singer and the Twilight heartthrob — with a cap pulled over his brow — “tried to keep a superlow profile,” says a witness. As the pair lingered over dinner, Perry hung on Pattinson’s every word, giggling like a coquettish schoolgirl. “She was jokey with him and a little touchy-feely. They were flirting.”

Perry, at least, was pouring on the charm. On the heels of her second humiliating breakup in the last 12 months — John Mayer dumped her by email, sources tell Us — the singer, 27, has turned her attention to longtime pal Pattinson, 26. And who better to lend an ear than the actor, also nursing a broken heart over girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s devastating affair with married director Rupert Sanders? “I’m sure they were bonding over how bad this year has been for both of them,” says an insider.

But Perry, who split from husband Russell Brand in December, is interested n more than just commiserating. “Katy would secretly love to land Rob,” says another source. “But she won’t admit it. They’ve been friends for about five years,” says the insider. “Rob and Kristen even hung out with Katy a few times.” After Stewart cheated, Perry reached out as a friend. And with his relationship still in limbo, “Katy’s been checking in with Rob, just to make sure he’s doing all right,” says a Perry source. “After what happened with John, it made her more dedicated to connecting with Rob. They both feel very much like they were played in relationships.”

[Us Weekly, print edition, September 20, 2012]

But wait. Yesterday, it was revealed that Rihanna was possibly sending salacious text messages to Sparkles’ phone. Does this mean that she and BFF Katy are going after the same sparkly dude? Probably not, because Us Weekly also has details that RiRi is getting cozy with Rob Kardashian. Yuck:

The only girl in the world for Rob Kardashian? Rihanna! The two shared an action packed day together August 25, go-karting at Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank, then partying at L.A.’s playhouse nightclub. “They were sitting closely at the club, whispering in each other’s ears and clearly flirting,” says a witness. “Rob was doting on Rihanna,” adds another onlooker. “He was pouring her drinks and everything!” And it seems the wooing worked. The singer, 24, was so taken with Kardashian, she didn’t even visit with a neighboring VIP: her ex Chris Brown! The Grammy winner “glanced over at Chris’ table a few times,” said the onlooker. “But mostly she enjoyed herself with Rob.”

[Us Weekly, print edition, September 20, 2012]

Here’s Kaiser’s response to RiRi hitting it with Rob Kardashian: “Girl…” That particular Rob is bad news, for sure, but it doesn’t seem like Rihanna was all that impressed by the fact that the dude took her go-karting and poured her some drinks. After all, she can just hire a chef/bartender for drinks whenever she so desires. Instead, it seems like RiRi was only pretending to be into Substandard Rob to make Chris jealous. Girl, you know it’s true.


In other news, Katy is starring in a new national ad campaign for Popchips, in which she makes annoying little heart symbols with her hands and reenacts her retro pursed lips while saying “I curl Popchips straight to my lips. Good thing they don’t go straight to my hips.“ Say what you want about Kristen Stewart, but she’d never be caught (dead or alive) in such a ridiculous ad campaign.

Robert Pattinson

Basically, everyone wants a piece of Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart was such a fool to give that up.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, and Us Weekly

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  1. Jess says:

    Did US Weekly read the numerous tweets that have placed Rob in London since Thursday before making this up? Nothing against Rob and Katy Perry, but both of them are being forced into this tabloid romance that isn’t happening. They need to just leave Rob alone. I feel bad for him.

    • Janelle says:

      From Gossip Cop:

      They did not have dinner alone.

      Sources at Soho House tell Gossip Cop that Perry and Pattinson dined as part of a group.

      No matter how it’s spun, this was NOT a romantic evening.

      It was two friends at an L.A. hotspot with a lot of other people.

      But because Perry and Pattinson are good tabloid fodder, Us Weekly tried to make something more of it.

      So he wasn’t in London last Thursday.

      • Jess says:

        Yeah, he was. The stewardess who served him on the flight tweeted it, and a random lady who said she was in VIP with Rob and Dita Von Teese, who later tweeted she flew into London on Thursday, also tweeted about it. And then pile on the numerous sighting since then in and around London, while none other than Us Weekly place him in LA. I don’t know where Gossip Cop is getting their wires crossed, but they are. The stewardess, who had been on Twitter for years and never mentioned Rob at all, said she served him in a flight on Thursday. She wasn’t lying. She got so hounded that she erased the tweet, but she wasn’t lying about it.

      • Janelle says:

        Isn’t Gossip Cop owned by Summit? I think I read this somewhere, do you know? Isn’t it possible he got on a plane after dinner?

      • Jess says:

        @Janelle. No, not owned by Summit, but definitely friendly with publicists, which Rob famously does not have. Katy and Kristen share one, which is pretty interesting considering the narrative of this story. And yeah, of course it’s possible they went a different day or earlier that evening. It’s not like they’re strangers who have never hung out before.

    • Isabel says:

      When it comes to GossipCop, I find it hilarious they claim they know for sure KS never had sex with the directorguy. Their logic: no proof, so never happened. They won’t even say: ‘it’s possible, but there is no proof’, no ‘IT NEVER HAPPENED”.
      And who writes stuff like that? PR. I wouldn’t be surprised GC is owned by Summit/someone or something else Twilight/Robsten related.

  2. Cookie says:

    Boy, she gets around doesn’t she. She doesn’t waste any time. And poor Rob. He must be so embarrassed and shattered.

  3. Every time I see an interview with Katy Perry, I am pleasantly surprised. The girl seems genuinely funny and witty, with a good perspective on her fame.

    Man, Twihards are so gonna be freaking out about this shiz!

  4. Anname says:

    LOVE this line – “Kristen was such a fool to give that up”, so true!

    • Jan says:

      She didn’t intend to give up Rob. She wanted to keep the man all women wanted and liked all of the attention of being with him but she also wanted to taste the wild side of doing whatever she wanted without any consequences for she figured she would never get caught. Can’t see paps if they are 2.5 miles away.

  5. GiGi says:

    Is Katy Perry the new Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  6. spugzbunny says:

    Everytime I see post-lip-biter Rob, I get more and more attracted to him! He’s got a bit of the ginger going on too. hmmm. yum

  7. Lara says:

    Isn’t Rob dating Rita Ora? The so called British Rihanna? I’m very upset with myself that I know these names

    • Kayla says:

      Why would they call Rita Ora the British Rihanna? Rita Ora can actually sing.

    • DetRiotGirl says:

      Yes! I’m curious about this too! I don’t care at all about Sparkles and Kristen, but I am intrigued by the idea that Rob Kardashian might be two-timing Rita Ora with Rihanna.

      Rita and Rihanna are both signed to Jay-Z’s label. There have been rumors for nearly a year now that Jay is fed up with Rihanna and wants to distance himself from her as much as possible. Rita has become his new protege, hence her being dubbed “the British Rihanna”.

      Furthermore, there have been rumors that Rihanna is jealous of Rita and has even attempted to SWF her before she could really get famous and steal Rihanna’s thunder. That trashy blonde look Rihanna was doing a few months back? It was like she became a xerox of Rita.

      They tried to put those rumors to rest a little while back by posting pictures of them hugging on Twitter. But, still… There’s definitely a shady history going on there and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Rihanna does feel a little but threatened by Rita.

      Another rumor to come out of the British press, is that Rita and Rob recently got each other’s names tattoed somewhere on their bodies. I’d say this is likely true too, because Rob tweeted a picture of a girl’s back with his name on it around the time that this story about Rihanna broke. He also tweeted about Rita’s new album, not to mention the fact that Rita is the only person he follows on Twitter. It seems like they are definitely a couple, or at least that they are keeping up the appearance of being a couple.

      Sorry, I know this was kind of long winded, but I find the backstory on that little bit of gossip interesting. Maybe Rihanna is the new Leann Rimes to Rita’s Brandi. Lol!

  8. bea says:

    so, she’s working as an escort now……?

  9. Ann says:

    Not sure why the media keeps trying to push Rob and Katy together. It would seem odd for Katy’s publicist to be behind it – seeing as she is also Kristen Stwart’s publicist. Maybe she’s trying to make it look like Rob is okay and moving on in order to take the heat off of Kristen.

    • Jess says:

      Or trying to imply that Rob and Katy were always a little shifty behind Kristen’s back so it looks like Rob cheated too? It’s weird. Rob wasn’t even in LA when this date supposedly went down, and the Katy Perry rumors are really the fanfiction of a psycho Kristen Stewart fan that hates Rob and is convinced he’s cheated on Kristen with every single girl that he’s ever laid eyes on. She’s been emailing blogs and tabs with her fiction, and you’d be shocked how many of them picked it up. She’s the “source” that always spots Rob with these girls, and the blogs and tabs run with it. I normally don’t care, but don’t people think Rob has had enough crap lately? He’s hiding out in London. They should leave him alone.

  10. Honeychild says:

    Man, that guy is so sexy now! WTH happened? Oh Kristen….you were such-) a fool.

  11. Evadstructn says:

    They are both rebounding, sounds like a fun hook-up to me. Go Sparkles!

  12. Izzy says:

    GossipCop is calling BS on this story, saying that they dined as part of a group. If that’s true, then I doubt this was a “date.”

    I don’t know much about that site, but even before I read their story I thought this story sounded a bit fishy. And as Bedhead pointed out, there have been rumors about him and Rihanna, etc.

  13. Smashley says:

    I just read Katy is trying to hook Rob up with Andrew Garfield’s ex, Shannon Woodward. I totally saw this coming. Shannon and Rob have been friends for years. Shannon has been photographed with Rob on numerous occasions during her relationship with Andrew and afterwards. That circle of friends is a weird mix to me. I can’t believe Andrew could stand to be in Katy Perry’s company.

  14. Jacq says:

    So now that Kim is with Kanye, Rob needs to be hooked-up with Jay-Z’s female protege? Did Kris set them up? Ugh.

  15. Sue says:

    Looked up annoying in the dictionary found both Katy & Kristen there….. Run Rob, Run!

  16. Ray says:

    Rob’s taste in women is questionable.

  17. Mel says:

    I call bs. Pattinson just doesn’t strike me as someone who would immediately jump into another relationship. Perry does not seem his type at all. But what do I know ? Shrug….

  18. paola says:

    She really likes shagging the brits!

  19. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I’m really glad to know he has started dating again. :) Katy Perry seems a good choice. Lol! But I am definitely against him dating Rihanna. Oh no no!

  20. mery says:

    GC first said there was no dinner date, now they’re contradicting themselves saying that they were there but with friends, if he was at that dinner then he wasn’t on a plane to LO, so which one is it, why deny it now??

    If Rob is already hooking up with the likes of Katy then he is not only an idiot, but he is also not so heartbroken as he’s pretending to be.

    He has been friends with her for years, and started hanging out with her more when HIS girlfriend was away working, if these two are hooking up now is probably not the 1st time, he better be careful because if his skeletons start coming out of the closet, then Kristen probably had a good reason to cheat on him if he was cheating on her 1st, and people would turn on him.

    I really hope he is not doing anything with Katy, he will be humilated worse with her, she is not even good enough for rebound girl Rob, come on!!

  21. Chatcat says:

    As long as it is anybody by KLewd, I could care less … rumor or truth.

  22. carly says:

    yuck Rob, Katy Perry seriously?? if he has anything with her I would lose so much respect for him, it’s worse that she is also friends with Kristen, and they share the same publicist, that’s a mess waiting to happen.

    If true, I don’t believe it was the 1st time, Rob spent a lot of time with Katy while Kristen was away, so who knows.

    If he is doing that, Kristen please move along, stop begging him and be single for a while, have fun and enjoy being 22 year old, I think she’ll be smarter than him when it comes to her future relationships, I dont see her going for famewhor*&^ like Perry the way Rob is doing.

    • Jess says:

      Rob spent a lot of time with Katy while Kristen was away? That ONE time he went to her movie premiere with Shannon Woodward? That’s a lot of time? This guy seriously can’t catch a break. Katy and Kristen share a publicist. Painting Rob as a manwhore is probably exactly what they want, and it keeps Katy’s name in the news, which it seems she always wants anyway. Win win for them, lose for Rob.

      • Janelle says:

        Thank you Jess. People are saying that he is guilty of cheating with Perry before he and Stewart broke up because they allegedly ate dinner together last week. What? How do they come to this conclusion without a shred of evidence? It’s ridiculous.

      • A says:

        @Janelle…Um, because there were rumors that they were hooking up, stories of them hanging out together, that he hung out with her in LA when Stewart was overseas promoting her film, and that he was photographed with her several times….How many straight dudes in monogamous relationships are going to be bffs with Katy Perry? I don’t think RPattz cheated, because I don’t even think he and KStew were in some monogamous relationship in the first place…but the whole “friendship” with Katy Perry was always strange. KStew, imo, fucked up a fantastic friendship/PR arrangement/or open thing with RPattz by hooking up with a creepy married dude (especially so blatantly), so RPattz has every right to be pissed.

      • Anname says:

        Why is it not ok for Katy and him to be friends? He MUST be sleeping with her because they hung out a few times and possibly texted? How do you make that leap in thought?

      • Jess says:

        @A. Kristen was friends with her too, and in the past five years, he’s been photgraphed with Katy Perry a whopping three times, and Shannon Woodward, Rob’s actual friend, was there all three times as well. Rob was friends with Andrew Garfield, who used to date Shannon. That’s how they all met. Rob has never been seen alone with Katy. Ever.

    • A says:

      @anname. I edited it because I didn’t word it correctly. I have male friends too. I do find it strange that the minute KStew was out of town, he was always rumored to be hanging with another woman or photographed in situations like that. Sorry. I used to believe they were in some monogamous relationship too, but many weird elements of their relationship came out after the scandal. The LA Weekly thing kind of clinched it for me…there’s a fairly popular blogger who tweeted that she saw RPattz getting cozy with some woman in the Chateau, and that’s why she got kicked out because she tweeted about him…Don’t think he’s a manwhore, and still think Kstew screwed him over regardless of what their relationship/arrangement consisted of.

    • Chris says:

      LOL at Kristen fans coming here trying to trash Katy Perry. Katy Perry wasn’t the one being eaten out on the side of the road like cheap trash. Unless we’re talking a porn star, Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, Rob can only improve from Kristen “I have no class” Stewart.

  23. serena says:

    I always forget he’s 26.
    Rob need first to bang some girls, then get in a relationship with some honest and clever girl.
    That is not Katy or Rihanna.

    Katy can say whatever she wants, but she’s just not serious. I believe Russel was acting good during their marriage and she screwed it all, blaming him endlessly (how classy).
    Rihanna.. LOL, she’s way too obsessed with that piece of *** Chris Brown.

  24. deb says:

    Now that Stewart broke the fauxmance contract Rob can finally go out & have some fun without that 100 lb leech hanging around his neck. You go boy.

  25. Bee says:

    Didn’t Katy Perry just get dumped by JM via email?

  26. flan says:

    The amount of celebrities involved in the greatest gossip meltdown of the year (decade?) is staggering.

    We have had Reese Whiterspoon, Jodie Foster (which even pulled in Mel Gibson comparisons), other Twilight ‘stars’, Scientology (which allegedly tried to recruit Rob), random director friends of Kristen and now Katy Perry and even Rihanna.

    Then of course, the Twihard fans made things crazier by going on a rampage.

    The only thing that can make this bigger is if the Jen-Ang-Brad trilogy gets involved somehow. At this rate it’s only a matter of time.

  27. Ella says:

    Isn’t “giggling like a coquettish schoolgirl” Katy Perry’s schtick?

  28. jess says:

    First Gossip cop said Katys reps said that the dinner never happened and now they said it did but it was a bunch of friends with them.

    The day that this “date” happened Katy (according to eonline) was at a friends concert. Katy herself tweeted that she was at a cooking class and then went home to make whatever she made in class that day.

    When Gossip Cop posted this story last night this time saying it was true (only they were there with a group of friends) they said Soho house confirmed it. The only problem is that Soho usually never comments on there celebrtiy clients.

    Then of course there are the tweets that Rob was on a plane to london that night.

    I dont think Rob and Katy are even that close as the media is saying. Everytime they have hung out their mutual friend Shannon Woodward is with them. I think they are just friends through association. And of course them both being super famous they are automatically going to be rumored to be hooking up.

  29. kingkayski says:

    I think Kristen has had enough of Katy Rob BS for a long time now.There’s a video of Rob and Kristen coming back from somewhere right after Katy Russell divorce or break up and then the papz are hounding Rob and Kristen about how he’s texting Katy all night to console her,Kristen was so pissed off and say”fuck this sh-t!”.And then when she was promoting her movie SWATH all over the world,alone only with Charlize who is busy probably asking about her son when they are off promoting,and only Rupert to share her joy,nervousness ,doubt to herself about her first big movie after twilight,where is Robby sparkle but off partying with Katy in her movie premier after party,go figure it out how she feel after seeing her boyfriend looking so happy in another womans movie premier instead of hers.

    • Anname says:

      Yes -Rob should have followed Kristen all over for weeks on her Swath press tour. And how dare he actually go out one night instead of pining away at home for her instead. Seriously??? I can’t figure out if you are just trolling or serious….
      And just to state the obvious, Kristen was reacting to the entire papparazi gauntlet, not the Katy Perry comments in particular. She reacts that way virtually every airport trip.

    • april says:

      so thas your excused for Kristen cheating on Rob.whats your excused for her that she cheated on Rob with a married man?

    • april says:

      so funny Kristen fans always look for an excuses to justify and absolved Kristen for cheating on Rob.the problem is they cant justify why she cheated with a married man with children.oh I forgot publicity stunt.please if your brain is the size of a pea dont insult the intelligence of the normal people not everybody are stupid and in denial

      • kingkayski says:

        You see ,you can’t really say anything in womans perspective when it comes to handsome man,without some women biting your ass,i wonder why is that.I don’t recall ever saying what Kristen did is right,when you cheat ,no matter what angle you look at it ,it’s always wrong.And i’m not justifying what she did either,i’m just trying to look at it in Kristens pov or her perspective,or womans point of view in general.Why is it so wrong to do so,because he’s perfect,he can’t do no wrong in your eyes.For so long there’s always rumors between Rob and Katy ,it doesn’t mean it’s true,but it’s always there.Kristen may sweep it under the rug,but hey,she’s still a woman,who gets jealous,who gets insecured like all of us,at the end of the day when she’s all alone far somewhere,she gets lonely too,and it doesn’t help the object of her affection is looking so giddy and happy being with somebodyelse aside from hers.Maybe for Rob it’s nothing,it’s just close friendship but you never see Kristen that close with somebodyelse until now.I know it must be sucks what they’re going through,but i think it’s better for them to be with somebodyelse,you know ,to improve their personality somehow,for Kristen to loosen up a bit,for Rob to get a little bit serious and open with his relationship whomever it may be,that’s all i’m trying to say.

      • Anname says:

        Who cares which perspective it is? She got caught cheating, end of story. There is no legitimate evidence he ever cheated, unless you believe blind items and faux insiders looking for blog hits. Whatever perceived jealousy you are seeing is not an excuse to cheat.

        Comments like yours bother me because they throw shade at a seemingly genuine guy who got betrayed by someone he loved. Kristen is the one at fault here, which she clearly fessed up to. Why are you going after Rob??

      • Maris says:


        “or womans point of view in general.”

        Speak for yourself!!! Most women don’t think cheating on your partner with a married man is ethical. The reason you and others making excuses for Stewart’s selfish and despicable behavior keep getting told to sit down and shut up is because there is NO excuse for what Stewart did. None. Women do not appreciate you and others of your ilk pretending to speak for them.

    • Chris says:

      Oh noes, Rob had Kristen tied up and she couldn’t leave the relationship – /sarcasm. I thought she was badass and independent? Doesn’t she know how to survive without a man? She could have left Rob if she felt threatened by his relationship with other women and her fauxpology makes it clear she knows it’s her fault. Stop trying to blame Rob. Yawn.

      • kingkayski says:

        “I thought she was bad ass and independent”

        Ummmmm,didn’t she just cuckholded him,*shakes head*.In his watch.If you try and try……and try and coudn’t get it at home, well…

      • Rory says:


        So you’re saying that Stewart ‘couldn’t get it at home’ so that’s why she cheated?

        So that makes her banging a married man alright with you? You are morally bankrupt.

      • kingkayski says:

        You are obviously brain dead if you think that married man you’re talking about actually give a hoot about his family while he’s dryhumping her in broad daylight.Are you actually leaving him blameless in all of this,41 yrs.old against 22 yrs old level of maturity,i rest my case.

      • Rory says:

        kingkayski, you have rested your case prematurely. I never said Rupert Sanders was not equally to blame. He is. However his guilt does NOT lessen hers. Stewart chose to have an affair with a married man. She is a grown woman and a “badass”
        not a little girl. Your excuse that she couldn’t get it at home is pathetic. Her behavior shows a selfish disregard for the feelings of others. She should have waited for him to leave his wife, get rid of her own relationship and then get together with him. You are the one who is obviously brain dead as well as completely lacking in any sense of right and wrong. I repeat, you are morally bankrupt.

  30. Perla says:

    I agree with you, weird how Rob wasn’t seen out with Katy while she was married, but as soon as that was done they hang out more, and when Kristen was out of town he was also hanging out with her, what girlfriend wouldn’t get jealous?? even if nothing happened Rob gives people stuff to talk about, while Kristen *(before RS) never did anything like that, we never saw her hanging out with another male as much.

    I don’t think they have anything, I hope Rob is smarter than that, and actually thinks with the right head.

    And Kristen, move on girl, find youself another hot guy, with no insane fans or baggage, and just have fun, 22 is way to young to be so serious

  31. april says:

    Rob is always the receiving end for everything.wondering whos the root of all this madness.Kristen is so stupid and immature making out with the married man with children in public in the broad daylight caught by the paparazzi cheating on her boyfriend not Rob with his alleged cheating past.He was not the one caught cheating.

  32. kay says:

    Any girl that hooks up with Rob Pattinson will be hounded. Watch if Katy Perry hooksup with Rob pattinson watch and see how his girly fans turn on her like a rabid dog. She is already being called whore and a party girl. The attacks will increase once their hookup becomes official.

  33. Perla says:

    Jessica I’m not blaming Rob at all, but he does give people more stuff to speculate about, before Sanders what other males was Kristen seen with, specially when he was out of town?? NONE.

    I know he is good friends with Katy, but if starts hooking up with her now, everyone is going to assume it happend in the past, while he was still with Kristen, and it just proofs that he is not a saint or as heartbroken as he’s supposed to be

    If he is already moving on, then Kristen should do the same, start dating girl lol

    • mia girl says:

      Yes, Stewart has been in the presence of other men for personal and professional reasons in the past… which gave people something to talk about. Garrett Hedlund for one. -Stewart hung out with him in LA (when Rob was out of town-gasp) She even flew to London to be the sole presenter of some award to him, then hung out at a bar with him afterwards. I know this from stories on this site. You can search if you are not familiar.

      What about all those pictures of her hanging on Jake Scott, her director from Welcome to the Riley’s? . I remember lots speculation at the time.

      Seems to me Stewart and Pattinson were both fine with all of these hang outs with their respective friends…they stayed together and later lived together… despite what people implied or were talking about.

      It wasn’t until Stewart got caught cheating that they broke up. There is nothing implied in that.

    • kingkayski says:

      Hi @Perla
      I hope Kristen hooks up with somebody soon,Henry Cavill is single now or if she’s into older guys these days,Alexander Skarsgard is mighty handsome viking.And these guys are manly man with nice muscles,they would look good beside Kristen.Enough of those lanky man for her,she needs a real man with personality who will help her improve her awkwardness and help her become a real woman that she is now.

  34. Mary says:

    The most important thing is, Rob is free and that is gooddddd!!!! Thank you, Kristen!

  35. shaboo says:

    he is looking so sexy in that top photo

  36. Francesca says:

    At least she smiles and occasionally, sparks fly out of her bra! Woo hoo, good times, good times! Go Rob!!!!

  37. nikko says:

    I think Sparkles looks better now that he’s not w/ Kristen. What do you think?

  38. Sally says:

    I know for a fact that Rob Kardashian is a closeted homosexual.