Is Ryan Gosling already picking out an engagement ring for Eva Mendes?

I think we’re supposed to believe that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ tuban-y, coupled-up appearance at the Toronto Film Festival last weekend was supposed to indicate their steady, completely solid relationship. I have my doubts. I mean, I believe they’re together and that their relationship is for real. But I’m not so sure if this is going to last a lot longer. Will Eva and Ryan still be together at this time next year? Think about that.

Anyway, in lieu of endlessly reporting stories about the demise of Mendling (Gosdes?), the tabloids seem to insist on forcing all of us to believe that Ryan & Eva are 4-Eva and Eva is the one with commitment issues and Ryan is the one who adores her and wants to be married, like, yesterday. If the relationship was really like that, why did Eva have to follow Ryan to Thailand to keep an eye on The Gosdong, you know? Anyway, as we already heard a few weeks ago, Ryan allegedly feels that babies should always, always come after marriage, so if Eva wants his Gos-seed, she better put a ring on it:

Wedding bells are finally set to ring for Eva Mendes after Ryan Gosling won a hard-fought campaign to get the marriage-shy sexpot to settle down and start a family. A year into their romance, Ryan has begun shopping for an engagement ring for his 38-year-old lady love, who has long insisted she’s not the marrying kind, say insiders.

“Ryan is head over heels in love with Eva, and he wants to have a life with her – including children,” divulged a friend. But Eva had always wanted to maintain her independence, until she began to hear her biological clock ticking. She’s long yearned to start a family, and even investigated adoption two years ago, disclosed an insider.

“Ryan wants children too, but also believes in marriage and youngsters growing up knowing mommy and daddy are committed to each other,” said the insider.

“It’s something Eva has balked at in the past, but Ryan has a charming way of helping her see a different kind of future. She’s getting on board with the idea of marriage.”

Gosling is “now confident that when he pops the question, Eva will say yes,” added the friend. “They are likely to announce their engagement in October, followed by a summer wedding.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

If Ryan does propose to Eva, I suspect there will be an epic meltdown of Gosloonies, and it will be pretty funny. So I kind of want to see the engagement happen just so I can see some of Ryan’s Hey Girls getting all huffy and bitchy (“I hate her and her stupid Gosling-banging turban,” I imagine one would write). What I really suspect… well, I’ve said it before. If Eva really is into it, and she wants to stay all official and loved-up with Ryan, I think she’s going to get pregnant, with or without a ring. I just think the chances are good that we’ll see a Gosbaby bump before we see Eva with an engagement ring. That’s just my theory, I could be wrong.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jane says:

    We’ll see if they are together when the promo for their film is over.

  2. Ugh, she just looks so OLD and haggard in these pics. Not a good look for a pretty woman like her…

  3. Missy says:

    I think Eva has been wearing her turban too tight and she’s starting to hallucinate this deluded fantasy.

  4. Tiffany27 says:

    “Ryan’s Hey Girls”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am DEAD! Kaiser you’re the best.

  5. Liv says:

    Some people just shouldn’t have children. I’m looking at you, Eva!

  6. all_in_all_good says:

    so here is how I see it…they hooked up on the set of their weird movie, it was all hot and steamy since (objectively) she is the hot latina that guys love but then the curtains fell down and her epic bitch face appeared and that was the end my friend…the PR people saw the booom their so called relationship had and in order to promote the weird movie they insist on the story…the first clue is the on-going promotion of how she is soooo not interested and he is soooo in love, but unfortunately pictures and body language don’t lie so we can all see that there is something very wrong…this is just my humble opinion :)

    • jane says:

      Yes! I’ve noticed all the articles and items about these two are very Mendes friendly. They make her out like some kind of irresistible goddess and him like a desperate lost love sick puppy most of the time. Mendes is all about PR and self promotion. Don’t be fooled by her false modesty. She loves the attention. Why Ryan is going along with it, I don’t know. And I don’t think I’ll ever know. He’s changed, and not for the better.

  7. Nessa says:

    I think she would be the type to “accidentally” get knocked up. I think that’s the only way she will be able to keep him.

  8. normades says:

    Ugh, count Lainey in on one of the people trying to sell us this relationship.

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, and how they are staring at each in other in lust… ;-)

      Seriously, I’ve not seen pictures of them where they seem to be in love. Their body language is not existing. If they are a couple or really want to get married, they are divorced/split in one second. Ridiculous.

    • andrea says:

      I’m in on the conspiracy that Lainey is being paid by their PR teams to put them in a good light. Pictures clearly tell a different story. I know you can’t judge by pictures all the time, but I’ve never seen at least one picture where he looks even remotely into her. Not one!

      • bns says:

        I used to always defend Lainey, but ever since someone on ONTD pointed out her thing with Kristen Stewart, I’ve seen the light. She’s a good gossip, but she’s definitely a little too biased about certain celebs and it makes me think she’s being paid off.

        She wrote an article about interviewing the Twilight cast on the set of the first movie, and she said that Kristen was cute, but not stunning, dull, and a bitch. After the movie came out, she was suddenly Kristen’s #1 fan.

  9. cheerfulgee says:

    After reading the above and another post (thanks lainey for ruining all my evil fun) I began to feel a hot remorse that has remorsified with each passing gossip minute. I have been a super gargoyle about the EvaLing [RyEv? GozDez? DesLing?] relationship and even though those two could care less, would like to say I am very sorry for commenting on them like the 2D images they are in my world when they are Real 3D and apparently care very deeply for each other. So to make amends I would like to wish Eva and Ryan the highest happiness, and hope that whenever they hold hands, traditional cel animated flocks of sweetly singing bluebirds wheel over their heads in heart shaped formations. Just watch out for the crazy cartoon crap you two, it’s hell on expensive footwear.

  10. lafairy says:

    Didn’t she once say that she is not interested in having baby like ever?

    otherwise I too would love to see them getting married only to have a good laugh here at all the out of control comments from the goseloonies! It would be epic!

    Please get married!

  11. mln76 says:

    LOL I think they are gonna last for a healthy amount of time. She seems willing to follow him around like a lost puppy. He’s eating up the attention. I feel bad for his fans but I think this will stick for a good while.

  12. Ranunculus says:

    He looks dumb and she is dumb, I think its a good match…. what would the gossip world be without those two, LOL.
    BTW this is how her lace dress looks on a great girl with a gorgeous body.

    Fall collection 2012 D&G. She just can’t pull it off.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I have always thought she was rather unattractive, and that turban is not flattering.

    If they’re happy and get married, good for them, but I’ll be surprised if that happens.

  14. Anna00 says:

    ”I suspect there will be an epic meltdown of Gosloonies”

    LOL That would be fun!

  15. may says:

    I have given up on Ryan. He’s not the same anymore. He’s so cold and distant now. And Eva is a rude b*tch. Did you see her behavior at TIFF? She completely ignored all the other actors and the director, only paying attention to Ryan. If he marries her, that’s his choice. But I can’t understand why. Maybe he’s not as nice as everyone makes him out to be?

  16. xyz says:

    He’s keeping her around because she probably does all his laundry, his cooking, his cleaning, runs all his errands, walks his dog etc. He wants a servant, and that’s exactly what she is. She even looks like a servant with that stupid thing on her head.

  17. yolo says:

    Well, if she’s really 38 (or ya know, 41 according to the French) maybe she won’t have an easy time gettin Gosbabiedup naturally. I know everyone is different but it took me 2 years to get preggers and I’m 37. Maybe that’s what she was trying to do over this last year but unsuccessfully. Yeah, Lainey covered some behind the scenes after party at TIFF and has declared them a solid ON… so whatev. EM has stated her lack of anything maternal, so I hope RyRy steps up to be a good baby daddy. My Ry crush has long been over, but EM is my 2nd fav person to hate on…ugh…that effing Aunt Jemima head wrap on the red carpet is truly shameful.

  18. gina says:

    This woman uses a shock collar on her dog! She should be banned from having children. She doesn’t seem like a very nice lady either. Very self centered, rude and cruel. I certainly wouldn’t want her to be my mom.

  19. jess says:

    I read in an article Ryan was actually the one who recommended Eva to the director for the part in this movie. What?! Crazy crazy crazy. I have always thought he was somewhat off his rocker. Now I know he’s waaay off!

  20. Jackie says:

    I remember the last time there were rumors surrounding Ryan getting engaged/married, it was with Rachel McAdams and two weeks later it was announced that they had split up. Not saying it’s going to happen here, but I never put much faith in the engagement rumors, though it would be entertaining to read the comments if it did happen.

  21. amanda says:

    I’m over Ryan Gosling. I don’t know what’s so great about him. He seems so egocentric and sleazy to me. And Eva is known within the industry as being crazy rude and awful.

  22. Missy says:

    Is she being represented by Robin Baum too? It seems like her and Kate bosworth are being PR’ed like the two famew**re peas in a pod that she is known to do.

  23. bns says:

    Beady eyed banana face with a thick neck. I’m talking about you, Ryan.

    Eva looks like Jafar from Aladdin.

  24. Kimlee says:

    Sorry but if he didn’t want to be with her he wouldn’t be with her, so he with her because he wants to be end of story.

    If she a bitch so what maybe he like that.

  25. Swethaa says:

    She’s jus too old for Ryan….

  26. maisie says:

    It’s not that she really wants to be a mother or loves children at all. She wants Ryan’s spawn because it would keep her relevant and talked about in tabloids for years to come. I feel really sorry for these future children. I can just see her taking them out and exploiting/using them for photo ops, just like she does with his dog.

  27. Kate says:

    I want them to get married and have babies.

    I might be the only one outside of them (and I think they BOTH do)

    I think Ryan is an odd duck, extremely intelligent, and is a true romantic.

    and she fits his fantasy woman. (read below)

    He was quoted in a article in GQ in 2010 that one of the first reasons he knew he wanted to come to Hollywood (and act) was that he saw Raquel Welch on tv and said essentially if that’s where I need to go to meet her…take me.

    I will look for the article to link, it’s a good read and provides a nice look inside his “oddness”

  28. Sarah says:

    Ryan has repeatedly stated that he does not want kids, ever. I don’t really care if they do or don’t, but I read that quote from him recently. I feel like this story is being pushed.
    Maybe there is something dark in that Disney past…

    • Kate says:

      Looks initially, but I think there is more there now to him. I think she is a lot of fun, acts as his mom away from mom (cooking, cleaning, errands) a smoking buddy, a pleaser in bed, etc etc. EM comes across to me as an ambitious woman who will be whomever she has to be tO get what she wants. She started as his “dream girl” physically and became much
      Much more by adapting.

      Come on, we’ve all “changed” for love before. It’s not a novel concept.

    • Kate says:

      Here is the article I was talking about.

      It’s interesting to note that this was done before he “broke” into the Hey Girl meme that he is today. I don’t think he would ever give this kind of interview now. He seems so guarded now that he has become this heartthrob. I think he wanted to become famous and doesn’t hate the attention. I just think he hates the KInd of attention he is getting. KWIM?

      • Tinythings says:

        I like the article.

        Gosling is totally an odd duck, a man who grew up as a misfit. That is what makes him more interesting than other actors.

        I also think he is more intelligent (and romantic) than his kiddo and goofy way makes him look. I didn’t know he learned how to play the instruments he plays in his band as an adult and in a short period of time (piano, guitar,…). He doest it pretty well. I love his band’s music.

        I’m not into “his fantasy world”, but I guess that developing it was his way of escaping from loneliness as a child.

        I hope his movie turns out as interesting as Pan’s Labyrinth or a refreshed Tim Burton’s.

    • truthseeker says:

      Don’t forget he is a Disney boy. He’s probably in on all the illuminati new world order sh*t too.

  29. Nat says:

    Did they move in together now, shouldnt they try living together before a proposal?

  30. Trashaddict says:

    Man, she looks like Joan Crawford in that thing!
    It reminds me of the movie “Soapdish” where the soap-opera star is told she has to wear one and she says, “this thing makes me look like a goddamn tweetie-bird”!