George Clooney & Stacy Keibler ‘are barely talking’, will break up soon, insiders say

For the past month or so. I’ve kept quiet tabs on George Clooney and Stacy Keibler, and how it seemed like they were spending more and more time apart after a summer of togetherness in Italy. Despite tabloid reports claiming that Clooney had finally found “the one” and that he was seconds away from proposing, I chose to believe that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, meaning that Clooney will never “change”. So this idea that Clooney would eventually throw Stacy over has been percolating (for me) for a while. Adding to the feeling? Stacy was ballsy/stupid enough to do a photo-op for engagement rings and then watch Vera Wang’s wedding gown runway show. And now the New York Daily News has a really interesting story about the messy state of Stacy and George’s relationship:

Serial Hollywood heartbreaker George Clooney may soon be up for grabs. Confidenti@l has learned exclusively that lovebirds Stacy Keibler and Clooney’s rocky relationship is almost kaput. The couple who’ve been hot and heavy for more than a year are still dating, sort of, but it’s anyone’s guess how much longer they will last.

An eyewitness who saw Keibler at a recent cooking event tells Confidenti@l that “she was acting really nervous and refused to talk about George.” After another function last week, a well-placed spy blabbed, Keibler was tearful about the situation. Stricken with grief, Keibler was seen breaking down on and off throughout the day and needed to be consoled by her handler. The source also says she kept checking her phone for texts or calls from Clooney.

“They’re barely talking,” another snitch reveals. “She is worried that he may break up with her any day now.”

Even though Keibler denied reports they had broken up last month, the former WWE diva attended New York City Fashion Week sans Clooney, and the two have spent a significant amount of time apart.

Keibler, 32, has been in New York City for weeks, while Clooney, 51, has been crashing in Bartlesville, Okla., while filming “August: Osage County” with Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Juliette Lewis. Clooney is also the film’s producer.

“George is being really distant and pulling away from her,” says our source. “She wakes up every morning and doesn’t know what’s going to happen.”

We hear the bodacious blond — who recently was signed to host the Lifetime Channel’s new competition series “Supermarket Superstars” — is nervous that on-screen opportunities will dry up if she and the superstar split.

“She’s well aware that she needs to get as much work as possible right now,” says the insider. “She’s working as much as she can.”

Meanwhile, Clooney has been cool and collected on set and palling around with his A-list castmates.

“He hasn’t said much about Stacy” and “has been focused on the film,” according to a movie-set source in Oklahoma.

Clooney will be honored at Oct. 20’s Carousel of Hope charity fete in Beverly Hills. We’re wondering if he’ll RSVP with a plus one. Spokespersons for Keibler and Clooney couldn’t be reached for comment.

[From NYDN]

Last month, there were breakup rumors too –they originated in The Sun UK, and George’s rep shut them down pretty fast. I wonder if this current round of rumors will percolate for a few more hours and then we’ll get another denial? Or maybe Clooney’s rep won’t say a word, and then we’ll know for sure. Poor Stacy. She’s going to have to check into The Lonely Ho Hotel after all. Sarah Larson and Elisabetta Canalis are probably chuckling to themselves right now.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. The Original Tiffany says:

    And that’s what you get when you pose in a wedding ring…when you “date” Clooney.

    Or have a paid escort contract with him.

  2. Aussie girl says:

    Well it’s time for award season soonish & George needs a new hand bag to take with him. Its been super fun Stacey, we will see you around. Just pleeeaaase don’t go dating anyone from jackass. Aim alittle bit higher. God speed xo

  3. Annie says:

    Oh George… I don’t really care about your “romances” anymore. Find yourself a nice companion, settle in and enjoy your life! Or spend more time with your bromance buddies:)

  4. hoya_chick says:

    Lol the Lonely Ho Hotel, sounds down right quaint! I don’t understand women who delude themselves into thinking they can change a man or they’ll be different with/for them. Very few people change and if they do, it’s because they wanted to, not because a former wrestler wanted them to. They won’t married. I’m sure she enjoyed the money and fame and glamor while it lasted!

    Fun story, he was a question (answer) on Jeopardy last week, I forget the category….probably toxic bachelors?? Anyway, the quote was from her about she was on cloud nine and in heaven and it asked who she was talking about. No one got it, I shouted at the tv GC but to no avail :)

  5. Anonny says:

    Isn’t this the pattern, though? Year or so together, wedding rumors start (which may or may not be encouraged by her behavior), then Georgie Boy runs for the hills…

  6. Eleonor says:

    she has pronounced the taboo word (like Voldemort in HP)…and then came the rumors, and after the rumor came the statement. The end.

  7. V4Real says:

    Well stop the presses; breaking news. Come on are we supposed to be surprised by this?

    This is not even an I told you so moment because we told them all so.

  8. Susan says:

    He is just so pathetic – seriously this man is past 50 now. Grow up and have a serious relationship with someone your age! Where are all the stories about how he just can’t keep a women? Sad how when in hollywood a woman has many different men she is desperate and the men always dump her but if it is a man he always does the dumping and he is living the good life. Personally I believe that he is either very stunted emotionally and mentally or else these women are beards. Really cannot stand this man.

    • Veruca says:

      You and I both, Susan.

      The only thing I find attractive about him is his house in Italy.

      And only if he wasn’t in it.

    • becky says:

      I think it’s perfectly acceptable to choose not to be in a partnership. If he’s happy on his own and he knows it, so be it.
      Do we have to portray Kiebler as the pathetic clinger waiting to be dumped? Maybe she realized this isn’t what she wants, who knows, but it is not fair to assume she’s sitting around waiting for Clooney to make up his mind.

      • Riana says:

        I thought the same thing. It doesn’t sit right with me that these women are now lonely ho’s’ because he dumped them. Face it…I think you could be the most perfect woman on Earth and still be dumped by Clooney and when someone is a serial dumper doesn’t that say far more about them?

        I wish her the best. She really is a sweet lady.

      • Malificent says:

        Agreed — marriage isn’t for everybody. And it it’s not a failing to be honest with yourself about that. It would be wrong if he lead these women on — but I never get the impression that he isn’t honest with them. They could choose not to date him at any time — so obviously they get something that they want out of being with him.

      • stinky says:

        well the story is supposedly about some insider who witnessed her in a sad, pre-breakup state so i figure thats why she gets the same old label…..
        personally? i think he still has it for Elisabetta (haha) Seriously.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah I agree with Becky & Malificent that it’s his choice and the women probably know what they’re getting into but I ALSO agree that there’s something really gross/superficial about that scenario. Why can’t he find a nice, single lady his age? Is it based on the stereotype that older women will always want more?

        I don’t know….I don’t fault him for wanting the “good life” but it certainly makes him unattractive to me.

    • HotPockets says:

      I think he is pathetic too, both him and Leo. I cannot wait until the day these women quit flocking to them, which won’t be for a long time, but I am over it and their smugness.

      • Roxy says:

        & Leo is getting fat! He is not good looking anymore either. So, he may get married to one of them sometime, because who knows what he’d end up with in a few years. He’s losing his looks. I love George in his movies. He makes me laugh. He’s starting to show his age, however. How did he end up with a lady wrestler anyway? LOL…Angelina hates her. But he is kinda into himself too much to allow a woman in that spot. When a man loves himself like that, no woman can ever take their place. If George is gay? I have heard that. Who knows? Nobodys talking. But his movies are awesome, his personal life is NMFP.

    • mel2 says:

      He cant date anyone his age because women 50 and over wont put up with his crap. He dates younger women so that he can be in control.

      • Christina says:


        Not only younger, but also much less powerful in every sense. Not even a young woman would put up with him if she were rich and famous in her own right. The nobodies (I don’t mean that in a derogatory way) he ‘dates’ tolerate him because of who he is, and what being with him can do for their profile.

      • Janet says:

        Excellent posts and very astute observations, both of you. He wants them young and insecure. An older and more assured woman would tell him to stick his tired, played-out bullshit where the sun don’t shine.

      • Jayna says:

        I don’t agree with this. I know quite a few women in their forties, single, and competing against younger women in their thirties and having the dating pool a whole lot smaller, they act very desperate at times and have dated men I wouldn’t let get within fifty feet of me. Don’t equate age with wisdom all the time. If he was dating 20 somethings I would say yes, but Stacy is in her thirties. Women when it comes to men can be so desperate for companionship that it’s shocking, and that’s at any age.

      • evon says:

        clooney is really pathetic… women should not be used as accessories for awards season. its very mean to say she is clingy as i think the poor soul is in love with him. which is a shame. and he should stop acting like a teenager he was hot like 6 or 7 years ago.

      • P.J. says:

        Clooney’s women are young and pretty, but not his equal. They either have non-careers like the cocktail waitress, or are model/actress wannabes. We’ve never seen him with a woman who is anywhere near his level of stardom, wealth and power. So he’s got the control in the relationship.

      • IN THE KNOW says:

        First of all ladies, this is so not true. Older women don’t instantly equate to ‘more confident/self assured.’ My friend dated the serial dater/dumper and undercover brother Eddie Murphy for over a year. Longest relationship he’s had since his divorce 7 years ago. Women/girls, established and not, all fell victim to his games and manipulation. It’s genetics. It goes back to the beginning of mankind, where women were attracted to the males that could PROVIDE –home, food, shelter, stability, protection.

        I know for a fact that Shaun Robinson 42, (host of Access Hollywood), Tracey Edmonds, 45, (babyface ex wife and producer) Mel B 40, (Spice Girls) and a slew of other ‘older established’ women who fell for the okie doke.

        These types of men are GAY. Sorry to tell you. That’s why they use women the same way. usually for self motives tied in with their career and publicity in some way. they will wine, dine, lie, ‘love’, promise, conjole, etc to make it easy for a woman or girl to believe what they say, DESPITE what everyone else tells them and what they already know about the man and his dating past. The man paints a picture that you ARE different than the others and this situation is different.

        They secretly despise women. Why? B/c they are forced to ‘live in the closet’ and cavort around with them b/c they have to ‘look’ the part of heterosexual man. For the masses. B/c most places in the US outside of major cities are small town, small mentality and arent fans of ‘homosexuality.’

        I feel sorry for Stacey. Yes women control ultimately their own decisions, but until you experience the type of mind f–k, and manipulation at the hands of the Eddies, Leo’s, Clooney’s, etc…you’ll never know how horrible it becomes. You go from living a fairy tale to living a nightmare, in a matter of seconds.

        “Stacey wakes up every morning not knowing what will happen.” -article

        THAT is psychological me. You spend a whole summer with the dude, family’s meeting, feeling/thinking things are going well, then one day he completely ‘flips’ and disappears. Leaving you to wonder what happened and what you did wrong. Sick games I tell you. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

      • marie says:

        all I can hear while reading this is “if you don’t know, now you know” not a bad song to have stuck in my head the rest of the afternoon..

    • gg says:

      But he is living his good life. The girls just want him to marry them. And he is not gonna. The end.

  9. HotPockets says:

    I am so sick of George Clooney’s dating life. He needs to quit dating such younger women if the only thing he wants is “companionship.”

    George, Find yourself an intellectual woman, who is also successful in her own right, who doesn’t care about marriage either..but that’s not what he wants? Just arm candy? put a fork in it already.

    • Christina says:


      People go on about how profound and super-intelligent Clooney is – how he’s a cut above the typical Hollywood dude.

      Well if so, why is it that he ONLY ‘dates’ women who are by far his inferior in age, wealth, fame and status? Of course there’s nothing wrong with a rich older man falling in love with a young waitress, but Clooney’s conveyor-belt ‘dating’ is suspicious. I’m not saying he needs to ‘settle down’ and have kids or anything like that – just that there’s something off with him ‘dating’ a string of women who are nowhere near his equal, in any respect.

      Also, he never seems to have any chemistry whatsoever with whoever happens to be this month’s arm candy. Almost as though they were fake relationships. Or something mad like that.

      • HotPockets says:

        I think George Clooney is just a phoney and yes, if he is this intellectual and intelligent man, then why does he not choose partners that reflect that side of him?

        If he is completely against remarrying, he shouldn’t date women as young as he does, because of course these women will eventually want to marry. His stick is getting so old, figuratively and literally .

      • Christina says:

        Well, I think the women getting into a ‘relationship’ with Clooney know exactly what the deal is. It might have been different a few girlfriends ago, but now it’s obvious what the routine is. They get to wear lots of beautiful dresses on the red carpet, get lots of free publicity for whatever ‘career’ they might have and also get a few luxury holidays in Italy thrown in.

        In return, Clooney gets a beard.

  10. effy says:

    George who?
    puh-leaze! been over him since…. i can’t remember lol!
    I don’t know why but i like Stacy for him.

  11. Sunnyinseattle says:

    They need to stay together for Halloween so she can go as the Jolly Green Giant and he can be the Kiebler Elf! After that, I don’t care what they do! ;-)

  12. eileen says:

    When will these girls learn? He starts dating them, they are all deumure and quiet. Give them a year and they think they have it in the bag, get big headed and start talking marriage.
    George certainly doesn’t pick them by IQ testing that’s for sure.

    • IN THE KNOW says:

      Believe me when I tell you, 9 times out of 10 they aren’t the ones talking marriage. Its Clooney’s PR team, setting them up for the ‘dump’ so that it’s justified when Clooney does what he always does. dump them.

      And when they do actually make the mistake of mentioning marriage or anything of the sort, trust and believe it comes from them getting the greenlight if not even the encouragement from Clooney to do so.

      It makes him look STRAIGHT and DESIRABLE, while making her look like an idiot. All the while he has one foot out the door. This is all about image for him. I bet if you sat down with Elisabetta Canalis and really talked to her, she would say that HE was the one that talked about marriage initially to her. guarantee it.

      • Guest says:

        I sincerely doubt that even Stacy Keibler is clueless enough to think George Clooney was going to marry a wrestler — and it is pretty obvious from reading Keibler’s Tweets that she must have a laughably low double digit IQ — but, frankly, I doubt anyone is that darn out of it.

        Instead, the Ho Hotel Kaiser is talking about is filled with women who, at the very least, had an awareness that their duty was to generate award season attention and European advertising ops for Clooney in exchange for whatever they could get out of their own famewhoring.

      • Fanny says:

        In the Know, you are spot on!!!

  13. tim says:

    The end came when she was friendly with the Kardashian skank who did porn. George is a movie star. Stacy deserved to be dumped. Her lack of class became apparent.

  14. Ravensdaughter says:

    I think she is successfully building a career for herself, too. Clooney “Renaissance Man” wouldn’t like that.

    • Me Too says:

      While I find myself feeling sorry for Stacy just a bit, I have to ask you…what career? Her problem is that all she has is her looks and her legs. She has no visible acting ability and she doesn’t have the it factor needed to be a super model. She’s too old at this point to be a model and she can’t act. She frankly appears to be what I think she is–a vacuous woman who loves being the center of attention. She speaks in a child’s voice when she does interviews. I simply can’t imagine being around someone who smiles incessantly and sees any PR as being good, and who doesn’t appear to have much going on upstairs.

      That said, I think the fact that GC consistently seems to choose these kind of women says loads about him and it makes me sad. I used to have a lot of respect for him. Now I think he’s nothing more than a sexist and a womanizer. I don’t get a gay vibe from him. He’s a player like Jack Nicholson.

  15. DanaG says:

    I wonder if Stan is going to deny this one? Stacy needs to let go he doesn’t want to help her career anymore. We all know it was never love it was just PR. A new girl lot’s of new PR. Stacy got a whole Summer in Como she should just cut her losses and find another rich guy who isn’t so careful about having babies maybe. George’s exes should all get together on DWTS. That would be funny.

  16. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    She was getting too comfortable!
    As soon as they get too comfortable Georgie’s antenna goes off and he dumps them.

  17. brin says:

    Yes, it’s the Clooney Equinox…you can set your watch to it, as soon as latest ho gets antsy it’s time for a change.

  18. judyjudy says:

    Same old story. Who cares?

  19. Pont Neuf says:

    I think that George Clooney is behaving like many (immature) men in his position would: if they could choose any random woman who doesn’t pose a threat because she isn’t as famous, wealthy or powerful as they are, have fun with her and use her to cover their emotional needs for a short while and then, when things begin to feel a bit stale, change her for a similar one, I’m sure many guys would do it.

    I don’t buy the notion that, if a man isn’t married or in a committed relationship, he must surely be a user/creep/immature fool/sad person/secretly bisexual or gay. However, since GC seems to only use women as trophies to show the world what a “stud” he is and how he can buy bimbos by the truckload, I would say that yes, he needs to grow up… And learn to act. And tell us why everyone thinks that he is so insanely handsome, when he is, in reality, a Spencer Tracy trying to play Cary Grant dress up.

  20. Riana says:

    George just isn’t ready to commit to a woman who isn’t his Mom.

    Just give him a few more years ladies…late 70′s…I’m sure he’ll be there. (eye roll)

  21. Starlight says:

    I like the Italian Queen. She compliments him well. They looked royal together.

  22. tru tru says:

    I cannot remember how it normally goes, will his folks keep commenting or will it just fade out and then he makes a statement and its donzo!

    he must have had a vasectomy, cause as desperate as some ladies are, he would have been caught–if they are actually doing the do.

  23. Opie needs a ... Haircut says:

    One and only one other person here actually gets that these women are bearding for the guy?

    Clooney cultivates the image of a committment-phobic bachelor, “dates” women that last a couple of years max and who have the opportunity to use their higher visibility to further their careers. Around 1.5 years, they ALL start hinting at marriage which gives “committment-phobe” Clooney a reason to break up with them.

    In the meantime, he’s probably got some guy he’s been with for a decade that no one has ever heard of.

    • Lisa says:

      This could be true, or is it really just possible that the guy doesn’t want to marry and he likes pretty young women on his side for companionship or whatever. seriously, why is this so wrong? Long term relationships aren’t for everyone. What if a woman his age dated younger men and enjoyed herself , but never wanted to get serious. I’d say good for her.

      • Opie needs a ... Haircut says:

        I didn’t say it was wrong, nor do I care if Clooney is gay or not. He’s awesome no matter what.

        But… He systematically dates women that he “mentors” and who know, because he’s clear and honest about it, that marriage isn’t in the cards. And yet, they all, after a year and a half, make the “wedding” mistake, despite clear evidence that this will sound the death knoll to their relationship?

      • Christina says:

        The thing is, he never seems to be having fun with any of his disposable ladies. The women really do seem like paid escorts, there’s no sexual chemistry between them and Clooney. If he wanted to just make the most of his fame and go from woman to woman, that would be OK – I suppose, even if he is getting on a bit for that type of lifestyle.

        But there’s just something distinctly odd about these conveyor belt ‘relationships’. And I agree with Opie about the whole ‘oh she wanted to get married so I had to give her the ol’ heave-ho’ thing. Not only does this provide Clooney with a neat excuse for moving on to the next beard, it also makes him seem oh-so-desirable – I mean what woman wouldn’t want to be the one to finally tame Gorgeous George?

        And also, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not getting married, or not being in a ‘committed’ relationship. Not everyone wants that – women as much as men. But it’s a bit distasteful how the supposedly super-sophisticated, intelligent and socially aware Clooney thinks of women as disposable arm candy to be discarded when their contract runs out.

    • Christina says:

      I deffo think these women are beards.

      The first photo is typical. She is gazing at him lovingly, but he is looking away, completely uninterested. All the photos with his other ‘girlfriends’ are the same – complete lack of chemistry.

      And I remember reading, when he was ‘dating’ Canalis, about how they went on a holiday to the Caribbean… with her parents! Seriously, if you’re on holiday with a hot Hollywood star, are you really going to bring your parents along?

    • Ruth Dunbar says:

      I think the “wedding mistake” is all a part of whatever arrangement he has with these women.

    • Me Too says:

      Sorry I don’t think every guy in Hollywood who isn’t married is gay. If people only read the gossip sites they’d believe every single A lister in this country and the UK is gay.

      If GC was gay and needed a beard, it would be much easier to stick with the same girl or marry her for God’s sake. Then he could go about his business, she would have the security of being his “wife” and the rumors would stop.

      He’s a womanizer. Period. And, he likes them young and, I can’t believe I’m going to say this about another woman…he likes them dumb. He obviously likes to be in control and so he finds himself someone he can manipulate more easily. I’m not saying he isn’t good to them. But they’re the type of woman who likes to be taken care of and who is desperate for attention.

      They go with him because they believe he can make them famous. Sadly, none of them are talented in much beyond making men happy sexually. Once the novelty of that goes away, he’s done with them.

  24. carol says:

    any woman will eventually get hurt w/ him

  25. BW says:

    She has a “handler?” What does he handle? I thought only animals had handlers.

    • TG says:

      I think all famewhores have handlers. Ever notice how they can’t walk on their own? They always need a man holding their arm or something stupid like that. I can think of many, KSTew, Kim Kartrashian, JHO, Mariah Carey, etc. I have never needed help entering or leaving an airport and I have bags, they never seem to even be carrying a bag. Plus these people with handlers are usually of limited intellect since they can’t make a decision on their own.

  26. Mac says:

    The Cloon doesn’t need any clinging vines.

  27. LucyOriginal says:

    “She’s well aware that she needs to get as much work as possible right now,” says the insider. “She’s working as much as she can.”

    This is probably the reason they have not made the split official. SO, the girl can get as much work as possible.

    I am glad that they know:
    1- people are only interested in them while they are the girlfriend of _____
    2- they have little to no talent

  28. Raven says:

    I hate to bring up the obvious, but has he done any filming since he met her? Because that may be part of the reason for the separation. He may be focusing on his own work, with no time to text or call. She didn’t help herself with the wedding gear posing. Not sure why she was so thoughtless about that when she’d been doing OK,so far.

  29. Chell says:

    Team Clooney!
    God Bless Him if he doesn’t want to settle down~ it’s not the life for everyone & he has always been upfront & honest about his wants! Life is short, if being a serial dater is what makes him happy then good for him!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      I’m with you. If it was a woman in the same position, most people would say, “Good for you,lady”. I don’t get why he gets so much shit.

      • Tiffany says:

        It seems the last few George is showing a air of pathetic when it comes to his personal life. There was a time when he would go to award shows and premiers alone or with his parents and that was alright. He always had his personal life, but never paraded it on the red carpet. Now it is just a endless line of career girls and for someone who values his movie star image, it is not a good look. If he wants to keep the female fan base, something is going to have to change. Careers are not about quality movies anymore.

      • Me Too says:

        You’re kidding right?! First let me say I think GC should do what he wants. It’s his life. But to suggest that if he were a woman, everyone would be saying “you go girl” is ridiculous! On this very site, men like GC and most recently, Liam Neeson are applauded for dating younger women and leading “active” lives. Women who do the same thing–J Lo, Madonna, Sharon Stone, are laughed at and called Cougars. Most people commenting on those stories and, indeed, even the three women who write this blog, laugh at women who do what George does. There is most definitely a double standard!

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        +1 @MeToo ;-)
        And don’t forget poor Demi! Or Swiffy…

  30. sala says:

    The idea that because of his age he should grow up – and that somehow this growing up will be evident if he settles down/puts a ring on it – make no sense to me. Marriage doesn’t equal maturity.

  31. Cody says:

    I think she knew this day was coming. They both used each other. He needed arm candy for the red carpet and she wanted to get her name out there and re jump start her celeb career. Both succeeded in their goals. She has a hosting job for a tv show produced by the Weinstein company.

  32. Paloma says:

    That’s a shame. IMHO, Stacy was a keeper.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      Hahahahaha… Was it a joke? It really made me laugh.

    • Me Too says:

      Sorry but she seems like she’d be willing to do almost anything for celebrity. If you look at her “dating” history, she seems to hook up with guys she thinks can do something for her. And, from what a friend of mine who was a bar tender at a place she used to hang out at told me, before George, after her relationship with the last guy broke up, she spent her nights clubbing and hooking up with anyone with half a name.

      What I’d like to know is how Stacy and the other fame hungry “girls” who populate Hollywood, stay so thin when it seems like all they do is drink! I guess if you don’t eat food, you can chug down 10 shots of Tequila in an hour!

  33. TheTruthHurts says:

    I love George as an actor, but it’s sad and strange that at his age, he cannot commit himself to any woman. What happened to him in his life to make him this way? I can’t believe that emotionally, having a new girlfriend every couple years is fun. He seems stunted in emotional growth like a man in his 20′s, instead of 50′s. Sounds like a lonely life to me.

  34. dooliloo says:

    That masquerade is still going on???

  35. lalatine says:

    umm, he is stuck here in Oklahoma for the next two months making a film…can’t blame her for not wanting to come visit him. I also thank her for not coming to visit…paparazzi does not need to be in my town.

  36. HulaHoop says:

    People seem to forget that GC has been married before. There are a lot of people, both male and female who refuse to get married again after a divorce. The women that GC seems to favor for his dating pool seem to be polar opposites of his ex wife, Talia Balsam (Roger Sterling’s ex wife on Mad Men) and maybe he purposely does that to prevent himself from being married.

    Clearly I’ve put too much thought into this though.

  37. Eléonore says:

    She looks much older than 32!

  38. Maritza says:

    She is pretty so I’m sure she’ll soon find herself a nice rich guy who will want to get married and have kids with her. Clooney is not marriage material anyway.

  39. Brittany says:

    Ahhhhh I’m in OKC but my friend teaches at Bartlesville High School!!!!
    *sets off to find out gossip*

  40. Paloma says:

    Doesn’t George usually tell his women when it’s over?

  41. pinchofsalt says:

    She’s had a good innings. Fame, fortune, she’ll bag someone who might want to marry her soon after Clooney dumps her. She must have read the contract and she sure knew how to milk the ‘relationship’ until the terms expired. Who knows? Maybe she didn’t want marriage either?

  42. mandy says:

    i said it since longtime but nobody listen to me !!!! it’s always the same thing and she cries ! why ? you know this man … pathetic !!

  43. Amy says:

    I wonder why she is not doing the Dancing With the Stars All Star season! She made it pretty far the season she was in (I think she was runner up) and it would have gotten her exposure again. And she could have moved on from George with one of the male dancers on there. A few of them have ended up dating contestants for awhile!

    • Sue says:

      Actually, Stacey wanted to do dancing with the stars, but George forbade her from doing it. He was angry at “Dancing” for having Elisabetta on, and felt that they were mocking him by having his ex-girlfriend on. He told Stacey if she does Dancing – it’s a dealbreaker. Their relationship will be over.

  44. Grace says:

    Has Clooney ever had sexual chemistry with anyone in any picture? He looks exactly the same with every woman: fake smiling, bored, and barely tolerating them while he gleefully rushes to vacations with his male friends.

    • TG says:

      I have always thought the same thing. Ther is zero sexual chemistry with women on screen. Even that JLo movie I wasn’t buying it. I have also said I don’t think he is gay, but I could be wrong. I have never seen Justin Timberlake with sexual chemistry either in movies or videos.

      I just want to believe that there is one smart man out there who takes the precautions not to father children he does not want or to father children with a mother he does not want and also smart enough not to let a woman trap him into marriage and huge payouts afterwards. So, if he is gay I would be disappointed for that reason alone. He does look exactly like those very suave gay men of old hollywood (rock hudson, carey grant).

      • Me Too says:

        While The American was a crappy movie, the sex scene in that movie proves he does have sexual chemistry. It is a pretty hot scene.

        The actress in that movie said he was the shyest actor she’d ever worked with. Maybe doing sex scenes is just uncomfortable for him. I can’t imagine doing one in front of all those people!

        Also, if you see photos of him with that young French woman he was with in the late 90′s there was a lot of chemistry between them. I think the last several girls were simply chosen as arm candy and for sex. Nothing more. And, when you know someone is with you only because of who you are and what you can do for them, I would think it would be easy to push them away.


      • kathy says:

        I agree about the lack of chemistry, both off AND on screen.
        I didn’t find the sex scene in The American hot at all. He nibbles the prostitues breast, goes down on her (off screen) and then f*cks her in the *ss. There’s no connection whatsoever. Cold as ice, in fact, as was intended.

  45. Guest 1 says:

    This is a summary of George’s relationship with women

    Wash, rinse and repeat

  46. zut alors! says:

    I can’t stand the way the press lionizes and fawns over this man. I am not a violent person by any means, but I regularly entertain fantasies of planting my fist on his smug, smirking, arrogant visage.

    • Esmom says:

      He’s been coasting on the charm he showed in ER, which helped him make the leap to films, for a very long time. I remember thinking he was the hottest thing…but that was years and years and years ago! It’s time for him to evolve again.

  47. Sabrine says:

    It would be nice to see him get dumped for a change. She ended the relationship when she tried on that ring and it’s no surprise. She needs to get out now. It’s a dead end street.

  48. Bubulle says:

    He needs to stop all this BS and confess his love for Rande Gerber

    • Cha-Cha says:

      Hahahaha… Thanks for that laugh, Bubulle. Keeping it real.

    • Liz says:

      GC, Rande and Cindy spend way too much time together for it to be anything platonic. I seriously think they look for someone who is into alternative lifestyles, fun and attractive and bring her along for the ride (or at least that was the case with Stacy). Having worked in the Entertainment Industry for many years, the one thing I noticed almost immediately was that most celebs (or anyone wanting to be famous) quickly learned that to get ahead they had to swing both ways. Cases in point: Keanu, Leo, Reese Witherspoon’s ex (and don’t get me started on the whole “marriage and family for PR reasons” debate), Cindy, Richard, Rande, GC, Will and Jada, etc., etc… There is not enough room on this blog for me to post all of the “confirmed” celebs who have at one point or another played the game to get ahead. It’s so common in this business that people don’t give it a second thought. Gay or straight, I know he is a swinger and the bottom line is that the women that he hooks up with know what they are getting into, should be smart enough to use the opportunity to get ahead and make a name for themselves, and when it’s over be happy and move on. GC is not a keeper.

  49. Ruyana says:

    Once you become as predictable as George has become, you also become boring. He no longer interests me.

  50. skuddles says:

    I don’t know why Clooney didn’t just marry his pet pig years ago…

  51. F5 says:

    ..even for a beard she’s just too budget.

  52. Palermo. says:

    I constantly comment on these gossip sites with the same info, my friend knows his family. George is G-A-Y. All of these girls are beards. End of story.

    • Cody says:

      If he is gay, why then on CNN Pearce Morgan, about a year ago, George and his father, Nick were on his show, Nick begged George to rethink the marriage thing, find a girl and get married. Nick highlighted how long he has been married to Nina Clooney and they are happy. If Nick knows his son is gay and these girls are beards, why bring up the marriage topic on tv for everybody to hear?

    • Me Too says:

      How do you know he’s gay? Just because he’s not married he’s gay? Please! I’ve never been married and I’m definitely not gay. I have so many friends who’ve been married several times. Few of them have relationships that last. The ones who are still with their first or second husbands live unhappy lives I’m not interested in. The friends I have who are happily married are lucky but I don’t think they’d need that piece of paper to stay together or love each other.

      The problem with George, as far as society is concerned, is that he’s not able to commit to one person for very long. Frankly, he’s obviously not looking for someone to commit to…if he were, he wouldn’t choose the women he does. He seems to purposefully select the same woman over and over again–women who don’t appear to be overly bright and who love the idea of being famous. They all actually even look alike. He likes the stripper look and he obviously wants women willing to do anything to stay with him. But that doesn’t make him gay.

      • kathy says:

        @Me Too

        “Just because he’s not married he’s gay? Please!”

        Where are you getting that from?
        Palermo didn’t even say that but it seems that some people, such as yourself, who can’t fathom the idea that George may be gay/bi/swings, seem to always run to that defense.
        In fact, as Liz pointed out, there are many gay/bi celebs that are married and there always has been.
        George hasn’t gone that route, yet.
        I don’t care who he f*cks (his word, as in, “I’ve f*cked too many chicks…”) or how he lives his life but he needs a game change as his shallow, fame whoring type of women he chooses says much more about him than about them.

  53. vvy says:

    He’s probably gay, and he hires these beards for 2 years to ‘help’ their career, and then they break up. His last 3 girlfriends all benefited from him that way. I’m sure its all arranged.

    • Me Too says:

      How have the last 3 women benefitted from being with him? They may benefit from it while they’re with him, but after they split, it does nothing for their careers–in fact, in some cases, it seems like it’s made them less viable. Sarah L is cocktail waitressing again in NYC. The Italian one is sinking fast in her attempt to find work in LA. The Italian press are not kind to her. The English GF says in every article ever written about her that she actually lost work because she was his GF.

      And, as far as he’s concerned, wouldn’t it be easier for him, if he was gay, to simply settle with someone and continue hanging with his supposed gay buddy? The gay guys I know who, for work reasons, need to appear hetero, all have long term relationships with good friends who are willing to help them out. They don’t move from girl to girl like GC does.

      He seems more like the emotionally stunted guy who doesn’t want to settle down but is also looking for someone a bit longer term because it’s just easier for a while. Then when he gets really tired of the girl, he finds someone else.

      • TG says:

        @MeToo – I thought they all benefited from being with him. Don’t they all end up getting gigs that they wouldn’t have otherwise? Doesn’t he give them a settlement? I think he tends to date famewhores and so maybe they aren’t satisfied with what someone like me would be happy with. Give me a million dollars or even half a million and I will go away quietly. LOL I could be wrong with the settlements though, but I thought he paid them off generously. If your analysis is correct than shouldn’t we blame the women for dating him? Shouldn’t they know from previous women? Sort of how we all judged Katie Holmes for getting with tiny tom? I don’t know but this topic is interesting.

        Oh just saw your comment about The American and Clooney having sexual chemistry. I think I only saw part of that movie so perhaps he does have it. But I have never seen it in his movies nor in Timberlakes videos and movies. Of course Timberlake is so far up his own a** he couldn’t have chemistry with anyone.

  54. Aqua says:

    Everyone is talking about George and his endless parade of girlfriends,you know a new one every year or two but if the truth be told I honestly don’t think much of someone who gets married several times over trading in his current wife for a new younger version each and every time either.

    • Aqua says:

      Just adding that Stacy gets no sympathy from me .She’s a grown woman who knew exactly what she was getting into and is clearly getting something out of it.

    • Me Too says:

      Thank you! As someone who’s watched friend after friend go thru horrible divorces, I too find it refreshing to see someone who’s up front about not wanting that.

      Although, I have to say, his taste in women does make me like him less…I guess I’m a hypocrite as I really don’t think it’s anyone’s business who people hook up with…but, it disappoints me in him that he seems to only be interested in women young enough to be his daughters and who seem a few lights short of any kind of emotional or intellectual foundation.

      The Italian GF didn’t seem to make him look as ridiculous as Stacy. From day one, I had a hard time with this one because she made him look so old. Every photo taken of the two of them made him look smaller and older. It is odd but she did nothing for him as far as appearances.

  55. Gigi says:

    Yeah I’m not really a fan of George Clooney, but I think *he* should be dumped for once. She sees it coming so she should just make the move. What could it hurt? It’s better than being dumped. It’s what I would do.

    • tmbg says:

      I know! Stacy needs to give him the heave-ho this time. It seems like every single girlfriend he’s had in the last 16 years is dumped rather than them dumping him.

      I guess they’re just that desperate to hang on to an A-Lister no matter how much of a rut they’re in.

  56. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Hate to say it, but told you so.

    Their ‘contract’ is up.

  57. Andrea says:

    I do not believe he is gay. He doesn’t give off the gay vibe to me. He reminds me of a good friend of mine. He is 33 and never had a serious gf, always datng casually and/or having flings or one night stands. He likes going out on weekends and meeting new people and women. He is a perpetual bachelor and I wonder if he ever will get married. his parents have a bad marriage and his mom has suffered frm depression, so I think it turned him off to the marriage bit. Thing is, he’d be a great catch, has loads of money, owns his own house etc. He’s happy though, so i am happy for him and dont’ judge.

  58. Wicked says:

    Just enjoy the ride! I cannot believe any of these women take him seriously! REALLY????????? George, I’m available! I’m not young or pretty, but I’m fun and smart!

  59. citygirlsf says:

    I’ve never found him hot. He looks kind of dry, and his veneers are denture-like.


  60. Ike says:

    Most women with real jobs and educated would not stand for his type anyway, so I can understand why he goes for the dependent types of women.

    He’s over 50, and eventually will be alone without kids, a wife, and a foundation of his own history.

    He’ll have memories and that’s too bad. At his age it won’t be easy to create a family and grow old with them. It takes time to know and be known and to build this kind of foundation. To know you have a home and a family who loves you unconditionaly, and yes, with it’s ups and downs, etc, etc…

    He could do this with Stacie. She’s young to have a kid or two, and give him a family of his own. Unfortunatly his parents won’t be around forever and he may not know it, but he really needs to start creating a next. Traveling, making movies, dressing up, flounting here and there and having friends for the cameras is not what he will remember in his old age. It’s the family he hasn’t built yet, that will make him feel he lived a well worth it life. I do wish him well. Most of us do, but time is ticking and who knows, maybe it’s his destiny to be single and live a show lifestyle.

    For me this mentality actually changed after my father died. The career, the money, the fickle lifestyle wasn’t interesting anymore and one begins to do what is really important.

    Hope he doesn’t read this stuff, but glad others wish him luck also.

  61. Anna says:

    George is gay and has been deceitful for years and years. I like his work as an actor and director and producer. I have no respect for him in the way he treats the public. Like many others in Hollywood, he thinks we are fools and will drink up whatever potion he is into at the moment. Come out already George. Who cares anyway. You are famous enough to deal with any negative backlash.

  62. Patrice says:

    Aww. Just on a human, non-celeb level this is sad. We all know that feeling when our (then) boyfriend’s start(ed) to pull away don’t we ladies? Even if we only realize when it started in hindsight, that pit in your stomach feeling truly is THE WORST.

    Now, on a beard/celeb level: what did she really think would happen?! It’s Clooney. The man’s always been totally open and honest about how far he will and won’t go in relationships so I say ‘More power to him!’ She probably just heard what she wanted to like all the others…

  63. LucyOriginal says:

    Seriously, don’t get worked up on this gossip. Thanks to Eli, we all know George is controlling and cold. Sooooooo… This gossip could go either way: true (they had already broken up) or false- George’s team could just plant this info to see people’s reaction and maybe (just maybe), they are using this gossip to deflect from the wedding.

    I called one year ago: either he will marry for real or dump her . And if he dumped her, all gay rumours would resurface quickly.
    Gawd, why don’t I predict something like the mega million numbers? please… :)

  64. Christine says:

    It must be written into the contract that the girls eventually have to mention marriage or do something marriage related to give the George the official excuse to end the relationship, thus perpetuating the confirmed bachelor status.

  65. savedbykittylitter says:

    I’m actually surprised they lasted this long (In the Clooney clock)

  66. blondie10101 says:

    Honestly, I really wish these girls would just stop bothering. He will never change and he will never be what they all want, I personally think George had himself fixed years ago and is genuinely uninterested in anything other than sex and someone to take to Hollywood parties. I don’t feel bad for him though, they are his choices and he is the one who will have to live with them, and these girls that get involved with him are just setting themselves up for heartbreak when they sign up for the ride.

  67. mandy says:

    george is bisexual and with preference for men (i know him :) …. he needs holidays with friends men !!bizar no….

  68. Mew says:

    No no no, they’re not breaking up, they’re getting married, because she’s the one for him and he’s the one for her, and it’s all fairytale pink happy joy joy unicorns puking rainbows! That’s what Stacy said so many times so it must be true. They get married and get 10 kids. Just because she’s sooooooooo special.


  69. lisa2 says:

    I just wonder why he and Stacy are not hanging out as much with Cindy and Randy. I always felt their friendship was kind of weird.

  70. Helvetica says:

    Well, a new Oscar campaign season is about to start so it’s time for a new girlfriend. This is how George Clooney does. Any woman who actually think she’s going to “trap” him or get him to commit to her long-term is out of her mind. The good thing is that he makes no falsities about it–he has made it known for a long time he will never ever get married again. Gotta respect the man for being honest.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these two announce a split soon.

  71. Scarlett says:

    I agree with the person who said she is way too budget even for a beard. It you’ve seen this women interviewed…she leaves a lot to be desired in the intellect department. He needs a beard that he can at least have an intelligent conversation with. Regardless, he will always have a foot out the door.

  72. Crabby says:

    Stacy seems to be a stable realistic woman. She is very good looking and appears to have good manners some business and marketing savvy etc.One thing that I do not understand about a gorgeous young female like her is why she wants to be with a man who is 20 years her senior? George is handsome his toupe’s almost look real he is an above average actor BUT Good God there are some young incredibly handsome talented men out there whom are single and closer to her age.It might be ok now BUT 20 years down the road when she is 52 he will be 72 years old! EWWWWWW:)