Kim Kardashian’s ex, Reggie Bush, expecting 1st child with Kim-lookalike gf

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Here are some semi-interesting photos of Kim Kardashian and a somber looking Kanye West walking together yesterday in Miami Beach. He doesn’t look especially thrilled to be holding Kim’s hand, and I have to wonder whether or not this pap walk is meant as damage control towards the rumors that Kanye is getting tired of Kim and that they might be cooling off. Wouldn’t it be odd if they actually broke up? They seem so perfect for each other in their mutual extreme narcissism and love of drama. Who would date either of them after the breakup? They basically have to stay together because I think they’ve already ruined themselves for other people at this point. Still, if anyone will do the dumping in this relationship, it would definitely be Kanye. I wonder when if and when it will happen though.

Another theory for this convenient pap walk might be some counterprogramming for the news that just came down involving Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush, who has received some interesting news of his own. That is, Reggie has impregnated his girlfriend of a year, Lilit Avagyan, according to In Touch. The creepy thing about this new development is that a lot of people think that Lilit physically looks a lot like Kim (they’re both Armenian too), and of course there are always those rumors that Kim really wants a baby with Kanye. Now she and Kanye might soon be over, and her ex is having a baby with her lookalike? So creepy:

Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian’s ex Reggie Bush is about to become a daddy! In Touch can exclusively reveal that the Miami Dolphins running back is expecting a baby with his Kim look-alike girlfriend Lilit Avagyan!

“She is 100 percent pregnant,” an insider confirms to In Touch. “Reggie’s friends were saying to him, ‘At least you’ll have something to celebrate in 2013!’” referring to the slim chance that the Dolphins will be in next year’s Super Bowl.

According to the source, the couple has only told a small group of people about their exciting news, as the mother-to-be is only twelve weeks pregnant and is expected to give birth in April.

“She is extremely excited to become a mom, even though it wasn’t planned,” a friend of Reggie’s tells In Touch. And Reggie feels the same way. “He’s excited and can’t wait to announce it!”

Reggie began dating Lilit, who looks almost identical to Kim, nearly a year ago.

[From In Touch Weekly]

Meanwhile, Bossip is claiming that even though Reggie and Lilit have been together for over a year and “he moved her from L.A. to Miami so she could be on his arm during the NFL season,” he is totally “p-ssed about the whole situation.” Supposedly, they weren’t using protection, so I guess he’s just an idiot who thinks his girlfriend shouldn’t have “gotten herself” pregnant? Whatever, dude. Here’s a photo of Lilit, and you can judge for yourself whether or not she looks like Kim.

Reggie Bush

You know, I totally see the resemblance here. Lilit and Kim do share a certain common attribute, right?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, and Bossip

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  1. cmc says:

    This actually makes me feel really bad for her. I don’t like it. Can we just go back to snarking on her and her family instead?

  2. virginia says:

    I don’t see a resemblance, I hate how everyone thinks that the whatever girl that is with Kim exes that have dark hair, they look like kim

    ps kim’s glasses look ridiculous.

  3. Jayna says:

    This girl is Armenian, too, and is a professional ballroom dancer. Her ass is a lot better than Kim’s jello ass in a bikini. This girl was in a bikini and she had a great bum. I thought this girl was the lookalike in the Old Navy ads. It wasn’t. That was a different girl he dated.

    I kind of feel for Kim. Reggie is the love of her life. When you aren’t settled and want a baby, you do hate this news. I’m sure in the back of her mind Reggie was still a maybe.

  4. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Those sunglasses are ridiculous!

  5. Annie says:

    Yikes :/ see but that’s what you get when you marry some poor schmuck just to spite your ex. My sister did that. It doesn’t work! Wtf. You only hurt yourself. That wedding and the tv special must’ve annoyed Reggie so much. Probably though “I dodged a bullet!!”

  6. Izzy says:

    I actually kind of like Kim’s outfit here -it looks like she might’ve left the butt padding at home, and thought the skirt is very short, none of the clothes look like they’re two sizes too small (for a change).

  7. Joanna says:

    I love Kim’s outfit here. This is the skinniest i’ve seen her look. just lose the sunglasses and it’s perfect. I really really love that outfit

    • bej says:

      Same here, & I’m fairly certain I have never ever liked anything she was wearing in the history of Kim. But I would totally wear this. Looks fab from the neck down. And she looks way slimmer in this outfit, as if it’s actually in her size, instead of her being squeezed into a sausage casing.

      Can anyone help me by identifying what that bump/lump is top right of Lilit’s butt is?

  8. dorothy says:

    Hilarious. Couldn’t happen to a nicer girl.

  9. Miss Lafleur says:

    Good For Nothing Idiot!!!

  10. marie says:

    I think the “lookalike” (don’t really see resemblance though) looks better. And those red sneakers make Kanye look like he’s got clown feet..

  11. Lucy2 says:

    Kim looks like an idiot in those glasses. Fitting.
    I hope she doesn’t try for a revenge baby, there wouldn’t be enough pity in the world for that kid.

  12. Muny says:

    Reggie’s new girl looks a lot like Kim, but Kim looked a lot like the girl Reggie dated before Kim even.
    To say the man has a type would be and understatement, but it does not all relate back to Kim in this case.

  13. mel2 says:

    So it’s her fault that he didnt use protection and she got pregnant. OMG men are just so dumb.

  14. V says:

    Apart from the huge ass they don’t look that much alike to me, both Armenian/Mid East looking sure but that’s a bit like saying all Scandinavian blondes look alike.

    The man obviously has a type, so I’m more interested in if Kim was his first girlfriend with those particular attributes?

  15. Anna says:

    they look really stumpy in the first pick
    like midgets

  16. Blue says:

    The new girl looks better than Kim. Reggie definitely has a type. Those glasses suck.

  17. fabgrrl says:

    I think the “lookalike” is prettier. She is a dancer, so her bottom is probably genuine muscle, not flab.

  18. Would Vincent Cassell Wear This? says:

    I’m tempted to get a pair of those sunglasses
    because they’re so bad they’re almost good.

  19. Mely says:

    Wth?! What is that on her face?! I love big sunglasses but hello?!! She looks like robocop! The rest of ghe outfit is meh! But much better than the stuff she is been wearing lately. At least she didn’t wear those horrible looking boots… And btw, reggies new girl has an amazing body but a terrible photographer, that is a cheesy picture! Hahhaha

  20. Joanna says:

    i hate the way kanye dresses too. can’t he dress up a little bit? that is a pet peeve of mine. women dress up nice and the man wears a ratty tshirt and shorts. looks funny together

  21. Jayna says:

    I’m sure Kanye picked the sunglasses out. He’s so controlling, it’s frightening. Once Kim gets that ring on the finger, her docile, yielding to his wishes will be OVAH. The real Kimmie will come out (spoiled, selfish, her way) and it will be too late for Kanye, because Kimmie will be preggers.

    • Mely says:

      Why women look for validation with engagement rinGs?… She has money and power( not a fan of hers but she does) why is her MAIN purpose is pinping herself out and prove that somebody loves her and wants to marry her?! Im married and happy but f$&@! Besides parenting , marriage is the hardest thing i’ve done! It’s a lot of work. She can do so many things: help children, mothers, schools, housing… But yet she chooses to parade in front of a bunch of photographers and fake cry on camera! Ugh! I just cant with this bi?$&

  22. mik says:

    I don’t think the new girl is prettier. She may have a better body but her face seems harsh to me. I always felt that Kim loved Reggie the most and dated other men to make him jealous.

  23. MonicaQ says:

    As a die hard Dolphins fan, as long as he doesn’t bring the trauma like Chad Johnson did, he can have 17 kids. I just need him rushing 100 yards a game and not fumbling.

    Yes, I am a cold, heartless woman. And the guy has a type. I like 6 foot plus chubby white dudes with beards. All my boyfriends before my husband were the same type and he is the same. I ain’t mad at a player.

  24. Emma says:

    Ahh I really love her outfit here! She looks so much smaller than usual because she isn’t busting out of her clothes… Dress like this more often Kim!

  25. bangarang says:

    her glasses in the 1st photo look like those glasses mechanics wear

  26. katie says:

    thats a size 2 skirt if i ever saw one *eyeroll*

  27. Lila says:

    Jeez, maybe Reggie Bush just has a type. For all we know, Kim wasn’t the first girl he dated that looked like that.

  28. Ari says:

    I just heard him on the radio this morning (on 105.9 since I am in Florida) and he sounded very excited and happy. I don’t know why people would want to make this situation more than it is. If he genuinely wasn’t happy about it, I don’t know if he would have been talking so fast about it. He also seems to really care for this girl (his lady as he called her) This is in regards to that Bossip blurb

  29. TG says:

    I know Reggie is probably a jerk and Kim is selfish but they looked so hot together. She seems like she has been desperately trying to date higher than Reggie afterwards to prove something but it has backfired. She married a Neanderthal and is now dating a Clown. As was said above why are these women devoting all of their time to trying to catch a man.

  30. tru tru says:

    His girlfriend and child’s mother is an accomplished ballroom dancer, at least she has some talent.

    They both have their perspective careers and you have to be kinda talented at both. (football & dancing)

    she looks better than Melting face Kim.

    Reggie dodged a famewhore reality media bullet.

    Live ya life Regggie, shame on you for wanting a somewhat normal life.

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    *sips karmatini* Creepy? No. Hysterically funny? ABSOLUTELY!

    You just know that when KK heard this news, she went down on her knees screaming “It shoulda been MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” (I wish I’d been there to see it.) :)

    And you’re absolutely correct, Kimmycakes; it COULD have been you. And if you weren’t such a fame-whore (really, making Reggie’s Superbowl win all about YOU was bad form!) it might have been.

    It’s called “karma.” I’ll leave you two to get acquainted.

    • Relli says:

      Your post made laugh!

      I too wish i could have been there to see the news drop. She is such a control freak this had to have hit her like a mack truck. Also yes,a fame-whore she didn’t even let him announce it, everyone found it in articles claiming she was devastated by the news.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Relli – :D It got me thinking about that pic she blasted, talking about how people were going to say she was pregnant because of that dress she was wearing. (Yesterday’s CB news, I think?)

        She just really cannot stand allowing anyone else their moment, can she? No wonder Reggie bailed on her! I’m just amazed he stuck around for as long as he did!

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Maybe we will get to see that blessed moment – on season 12 of Keeping Up…or season 5 of Take Miami…ugh you know they record every. single. second.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        EmmaS – That may actually be a moment I’ll tune in for – unless Joel covers it on The Soup, so I can be spared watching! ;) You just know Pimp Mama Kris is going to have at least six cameras focused on her prized pig to capture “the drama of the moment” right? (Not to mention the ENDLESS plugs by E! The Kartrashian Network!)

        And I’m sure, even as I type, PMK is working on SOME way to usurp and eclipse Reggie’s moment. Just you wait!

    • Jennika says:

      I bet her eyes and mouth got really wide in surprise, making her look even more like a dead fish. She was probably throwing hissy fits going “what about meeeeeeeeeeee! I’m a princess!!!! MEE MEE mEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  32. tru tru says:

    While Mammy Jenner was running around cheating, sleeping w/athletes and partying (all while married of course)

    she should have been instilling some self worth and values into her family.

    her brother is a chubby slob that gropes girls and lies about going to law school on twitter, LOL

  33. yolo says:

    Did she undergo eye surgery while in Miami?? She’s got her blue blockers on!! *hideous*

  34. Grace says:

    *Gets popcorn” Reggie was the only man Kim ever loved. She’s getting ready to melt right down. Kanye, Beyonce, and Jay-Z should tread very carefully right now if she’s holding any of their secrets.

  35. Dawn says:

    I like that this appears to be a karma thing but when I step back and think about it I doubt that she really cares any longer. After all she cheated on Reggie too. In her world it is all about her and what she can take from her current mate. I don’t think she is capable of love, real love because she is only into herself. She is a vapid soulless useless being and nothing more. Good for Reggie however that he was smart enough to get away from her and her soul sucking family.

  36. DEB says:

    Fug sunglasses AND shoes. Just fug. And MOO.

  37. MaryLou says:

    Lilit Avagyan is 25 5’6″.. Kim is 32 5’2″

  38. j.eyre says:

    “She is 100 percent pregnant,”

    Oh thank goodness. When I was 38% pregnant, I didn’t know if I should buy maternity jeans or order a martini.

  39. Katyusha says:

    Did Kim just get finished welding?

    Those glasses are absolutely ludicrous.

  40. Mara says:

    What’s up with those sunglasses they look so ugly .

  41. Havik says:

    Now that people have said her glasses make her look like Robocop I can see nothing else. And I totally want a pair.

    In other news, ha ha, Kim! I think Reggie’s girlfriend/mother of his child is lovely. Why does every woman with long brown hair and brown eyes have to be a Kim look-alike?!

  42. M says:

    How is it possible that kayne has “better”taste than her? Those glasses are sooo bad…and i thought khloe had shi#*y taste in accessories! Good gawd somebody get these girls away from the funhouse mirrors!

  43. Mandy says:

    What in the Robocop hell is she wearing???

  44. Sugar says:

    When Kim gets pregnant just wait she will be 110% pregnant she cannot be outdone especially by the girl of the ex she still pines for.

  45. dcypher1 says:

    The only thing they have incommon is their big asses and the fact that they are armenian but thats about it. Kims sunglasses are stupid and her outfit is yuck. She needs to hire a stylist.

  46. Holden says:

    Her sunglasses and his shoes are hilarious.