Emma Watson will return to Brown University for the Spring 2013 semester

Emma Watson

Perhaps Emma Watson’s career took off more than she anticipated after the Harry Potter franchise drew to an end a few years ago. It all started with that Lancome sponsorship and then snowballed into several consecutive films — My Week with Marilyn, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Bling Ring (which sounds like a bit of a disaster despite boasting Sofia Coppola as director), and Noah (the one with furry Russell Crowe) — that have slowed down Emma’s collegiate plans a bit. Apparently, Emma really misses university (as do I because it was like a vacation from life) and wants to put the brakes on her movie-making career for awhile while she heads back to Brown. She’s even planning on enrolling in classes for the spring 2013 semester. Really:

Emma Watson

Hermione Granger is going back to school!

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson will return to Brown University in Providence, R.I., for the 2013 winter semester, her rep confirmed to Gossip Cop.

Watson, 22, was previously enrolled at the Ivy League college from September 2009 to March 2011, at which point she decided to take a short break from her studies to focus on her career and to promote the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, which came out in July of that year.

“As you know, I love Brown and I love studying pretty much more than anything, but recently I’ve had so much to juggle that being a student AND fulfilling my other commitments has become a little impossible,” the Brit wrote on her blog at the time.

“I will still be working towards my degree,” she assured fans. “It’s just going to take me a semester or two longer than I thought.”

A few months later, the Perks of Being a Wallflower star announced that she would be spending her junior year abroad, at Oxford University. While there, she met fellow student Will Adamowicz, whom she has been dating since late 2011.

Watson had planned to return to Brown once she returned from her year in England, but she deferred again in August to take on a number of film projects, including the Sofia Coppola-directed flick Bling Ring and Noah, starring Russell Crowe as the biblical title character.

Now, however, it seems she’s ready to once again step out of the spotlight and into the crowd of co-eds at Brown.

“I’ve never even been asked for an autograph on campus,” she told the Sunday Times Magazine last year of her experience at the school. “I threw a party for nearly 100 students and not a single person put a photo on Facebook.”

[From Us Weekly]

If anything, I don’t question Emma’s delay in completing her undergraduate degree as much as the odd need her rep feels for announcing Emma’s every coming and going in regard to an educational institution. If I had her money and the opportunity to make a lot more of it, I’d probably take my time finishing up a degree too. Perhaps Emma just doesn’t want to pull a James Franco by concurrently enrolling at several universities and then deciding not to attend class (only to get a professor fired for handing out a well-deserved “D” grade). So yes, Emma is no James Franco, and she’s a lot cuter than him too.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

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  1. Saphana says:

    its common to take a little longer or to take one semester off.
    If you get offers from Coppola and Arronosfky you should take them in my opinion.

    • Lemonade says:

      agreed. college will always be there. I took 2 years off when I got married and everyone gave me such crap about it but I just graduated this past May and lo and behold, the world didn’t end for me getting married and taking the 7 year plan to graduate instead of the 4 year normal plan.

    • LAK says:

      Actually i blame Harvey Weinstein for her education hiatus. She was super focused on her education and was on course to finish on schedule but then she attended the BAFTAS 2011 where she met Harvey Weinstein. A month later she dropped out of education, accepted fashion jobs despite not needing the money but perhaps for the exposure. Whatever the official reasons put pout by her rep, the general consensus is he spooked her regarding her career options despite the Harry Potter money and recognition. Perhaps she’s feeling more secure with regards her career outside Harry Potter, so she can return to full time education.

  2. Shitler says:

    What’s the deal with the other Emma? Emma Roberts? Wasn’t this the same line she was using?

  3. kate says:

    She is such a beautiful young woman but rarely do you see a picture of her on the red carpet with a genuine smile. These faces (not the smirking ones) are the definiton of a “smile not reaching your eyes.” On the other hand, her contract might just require her being “present” at the event (enjoying it not required).

  4. gee says:

    I really wish I took time off before and during my degree instead of rushing though it to get to this oh-so-wonderful real world. I think it’s smart to jump on these opportunities while she has the chance.

  5. Abby says:

    I love her. Glad she’s going back to school!

  6. Emily says:

    Wasn’t she going to Oxford? I’m so confused, and I find the whole thing kind of Goopy.

    • Amelia says:

      Ahaa, that brings back memories. I remember a whole load of boys from my old school applying that year to Jesus college because of her.
      But she either transferred or reapplied to Brown.
      I remember a lot of people going through UCAS were seething that year, because according to one of our teachers who was a Don at Oxford, she got offered a place simply because they could boast having her as an alumnus. But hey ho.

  7. INeedANap says:

    Good for her! She seems to genuinely want to finish school, and is just making sure she doesn’t let good career opportunities go by. I took two years off to work at Google when they were developing the first Android phone, and I am really glad I did it! Makes my resume look stellar.

    Keep on trucking Miss Watson, you’re doing a splendid job.

  8. ds says:

    Love love her shoes in the first photo!

  9. lucy2 says:

    I think that’s good. She’s committed to her education, but at the same time is balancing it with her career. Good to take time off from one for the other so she can focus.
    In the genius words of Ron Swanson “Don’t half ass 2 things – whole ass 1 thing.”

  10. pnnylne says:

    Watson gets points in my book. You see a lot of people her age with her income blowing off school altogether because they feel they will never need to work. I admire anybody of her stature that takes the time out for education.

  11. bar world land says:

    Good for her. As smart as she is lovely! <3

  12. Eleonor says:

    This is a girl with a good head on her shoulders.

  13. judyjudy says:

    She’s my absolute favorite. Love, love, love.

  14. mzthirtyeight says:

    I can really appreciate this. So many in the public eye don’t seem to realize theres a shelf life for many of them. Education is so often a smart decision and a great back-up plan.

  15. apsutter says:

    Good for her. I’m going back to school this spring as well to finish up my degree and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to start my career and start saving for a house.

  16. Milk says:

    Many young girls look up to Emma so I can understand the rep making this a big deal. School is a big deal and going back is a big deal. Good on her.

  17. A Fan says:

    Good for her. There’s a few other celebrities who should go (back) to school…they could stand to learn a thing or two.

  18. Ally8 says:

    The UK Sunday Times had a very good interview with her recently. Here’s what she said about her last hiatus from school:

    “I was doing reshoots. I was going voice recording. And I had two movies left to promote. It’s part of my job to show up. I would go from doing the ‘Harry Potter’ press tour and the red carpets to then being in class the next day. I felt like I was schizophrenic, living two completely different parallel lives. And that messes with you. I wanted to start fresh – but you can’t – I can’t divorce the side of me that is an actress and a public person, right? I have to accept that all the sides of me are part of me and I have to find a way to bring them together a bit. I tried to keep them separate but it’s too much of a head-f—.”

    There is a long pause. “There’s been a moment where I discovered I’m very breakable and very human.” Another pause. “When I took time off from Brown. I was done. I was so exhausted I was like a ghost walking around. I kind of realised: no, Emma, you can’t make two films back to back while doing a degree, while flying backwards and forwards and trying to promote the film at the same time, while being a daughter and a sister, everything. You can’t do it. There will be backlash. I think it was about realising …”

    She wells up. “At that moment I thought I was broken and I thought i was used up and I thought I had nothing left to give. I’d given everything and I didn’t really know what was left. But there’s a part of us that is unbreakable. You always find it again.”

  19. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Does anyone know what exactly she is studying?

  20. Rory says:

    I heard she was going to play Emma Forrest in her biopic; filming is suppose to start at the first of next year.

  21. Meggers says:

    I like the looks of that guy she’s dating. He looks like a cute, normal guy.