Tim Tebow & Camilla Belle spotted “grabbing kisses & holding hands”: cute couple?

Tim Tebow

Poor Tim Tebow. I mean, he can’t throw a football worth a damn, but that’s not the real issue here. What is relevant to our concerns is that — ever since he became a household name — many very concerned parties have been keen to set him up with anyone who also fits the following criteria: (1) a household name; (2) female; and (3) single. So when Katy Perry split with Russell Brand, her parents tried to arrange a church meeting between her and Tim. Then Katy dedicated “Peac*ck” to Tim while he supposedly flirted with Maria Menounos. In the meantime, a pre-Kanye Kim Kardashian laughably tried to set up a date with Tim, but he wasn’t going there. As if that wasn’t enough, Tim was also supposedly caught in the crossfires of both Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift (that last one is actually believable), but it seems that he had another lady on his mind that entire time. Back in May, Tim and Camilla Belle were photographed in semi-close proximity (see the photo here) at the Met Gala, and here are their respective individual photos at the event as well as the lowdown from Us Weekly:

Camilla Belle

Tim Tebow

The NFL’s most eligible bachelor is off the market!

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, 25, is dating Push actress Camilla Belle, a source confirms to Us Weekly. TMZ spotted the couple bowling with pals at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida, Oct. 30. “They were grabbing kisses and holding hands,” a source tells Us of Tebow and Belle. “He put his arm around her a few times.”

According to the source, Tebow — a devout Christian who plans to remain a virgin until marriage — “was a true gentleman, helping her on the stairs when they went to the arcade area.”

“They were having a great time together,” the source adds.

Prior to her relationship with the athlete, Belle dated singer Joe Jonas from 2008 to 2009. Tebow has been falsely linked to Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron in the past.

[From Us Weekly]

Hmm, Camilla Belle. She’s a very pretty girl, isn’t she? Classically beautiful and very under the radar (in a sense). TMZ has a photo of Tim and Camilla together, and let’s just say that I’ve never been attracted to Tim Tebow, but his size is … impressive. Oddly enough, Camilla also dated Joe Jonas for awhile, and she may have hooked up with Sparkles while she and Joe were an item. Camilla was also the next chick that Jake Gyllenhaal dated after Taylor Swift, if that means anything at all, which it obviously doesn’t. Or does it?

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Shitler says:

    Camilla is systemically going after Taylor’s real & rumoured ex’s. What’s up with that?

    • KyraHere says:

      Me neither. Shes quite pretty but shes dated some really suspect characters in the past… Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sparkles. Its making me wonder if she maybe works to help gentlemen with, shall we say, their heterosexual images? After Jessica Simpsons dad, I’m no longer dismissing the stereotypical signs because they are so ….stereotypical.

      Ultra-religious, mid-twenties virgin who doesnt seem to have had serious romantic connection to a women at this age despite all his social access = likely closeted gay man

      • francesca1 says:

        Gah. Really? Because he is waiting til he marries for sex, he’s gay.

      • Samantha says:

        Just WOW!That has to one of the most narrow minded comments ever.I’ll have you know that not everyone is into giving up their virginity just for the sake of and quite frankly,standing by this choice does not imply being gay or whatever it is that you assume.Ever heard of saving yourself for that special someone?Well I can assure you that Tim is not the only straight man on the planet in his 20′s who feels that way,there are other exceptions out there too.Quit judging everyone by your ‘standards’ and respect their life choices.

      • Michiganmel says:

        Ladies, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck. Its probably a duck and this guy should give a case of the “hmmmmmms”. The choice of girl doesnt help, she seems like a professional beard. But the other circumstances in his life, not necessarily his virginity, are also pointers.

        Also theres nothing wrong with being gay, I dont see why anyone should take such umbrage at the suggestion that he could be.

      • Lavinia says:

        Wish people wouldnt leap to ‘defend’ against gay rumors. Gives the impression that theres something wrong with homosexuality.

      • RiRisWitchyClaw says:

        The signs are so clear, I cant believe there are women naive enuff not to see. That boy will have his Out Magazine cover in afew years. Trust.

      • KellyinSeattle says:

        Wow….it’s his religious beliefs and that why he’s waiting. I thought in this country we were supposed to have religious freedom and freedom of expression….but in Tim Tebow’s case, it doesn’t count? What, because he’s a good looking, Christian man, and single? Give him a break. Lots of people feel that way and it’s their right to express that.

      • G says:

        Who is keeping Tebow from expressing himself? He’s the one that made TMI statements about his sex life.

        Maybe he expresses his faith on the field or maybe he’s a public grandstander? Maybe not everyone thinks that the suggestion that the Lord takes sides in the NFL is particularly Christian?

      • funkybrewster says:

        Interesting. I think he is in his sexual peak and he is surrounded with temptations. His Minister will be encouraging him to marry quick to avoid “falling in to sin”. Given how little effort he is putting into finding that bride, I can only conclude that either he has an extremely low sex drive, he is totally asexual or he is homosexual.

        What I find even more interesting is the willful denial here. Whatever is going on with him, we can safely assume that his biology is very different from most men.

        I imagine this is how women who married gay guys reasoned away their suspicions. I still sympathise with them but sometimes I wish someone had knocked that innocence right out of them before it was too late.

      • G says:

        ^^^^^this is an excellent comment.

      • Linda says:

        I don’t think he’s gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) but I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to comprehend that there are in fact men who save themselves for marriage? I know from personal experience and due to my culture and religion, many men save themselve for marriage. My own brother is one of them and so are his friends. And trust me my brother gets hit on ALOT. He’s just really adament in his beliefs and princples and will not bend them for some cheap thrills.

    • Lindsey says:

      She’s the go-to Beard for Hire??

  2. blacksred says:

    um WHO is she? I have never heard of her before

  3. Gracie says:

    Is there anyone she won’t get with? Lord knows I hate Swifty, but she was right about Belle. I can’t stand Tebow or this girl, a perfectly insufferable couple.

    OT: did anyone hear about Chris browns highly racist Halloween costume? I’m surprised Muslim extremists aren’t calling for his head. Yet.

  4. V4Real says:

    I’m so sick of Tim Tebow, not because of the virgin thing, that’s actually laughable, but becasue they have hyped this man up so much and he sucks as a quarterback. I’m an avid football fan and could care less about who he is or not poking. I hate that the Jets and the media turned this man into an instance celebrity to try and overshadow my heros the NY Giants. Why is Tewbow walking red carpets, attending the Met Gala, dude yur not an actor or singer, learn how to throw the football before you up your celebrity status. Die hard sports fan want you focused on upping your football IQ, not your date card or your Blist status. Even some Jets fan are over him. One thing I know NY sports fan are serious about their football and can be very critical when a player don’t deliver. It won’t be long until they run this overrated cuite out of time.

    This comment is paid and approved by Mark Sanchez.

    On a different note Camilla looks beautiful in these pics. I love her heavy eyes.

    • Bluedog says:

      Why is it “laughable” to stay a virgin until you marry? People do this, you know.

      • giddy says:

        It’s not laughable… but it IS unusual for someone in his situation. He doesn’t ever seem to have a girlfriend. Never. Not even in college. Camilla is a professional beard… likely gay herself…

        Again, its not that homosexuality is “horrible” — and they’re many committed Christians who are gay — but pretending to be heterosexual and saying you are “saving” yourself for marriage is wrong. There’s a reason that Mormons, other observant Christians and religions that don’t condone sex before marriage tend to marry early. They want to have “permitted” heterosexual sex!

        Tebow is gay. Whether he knows it himself yet is the question… And he won’t be a successful quarterback if he can’t throw the ball. Just saying…

      • CrystalVision says:

        The guy has been frequently photographed coming out of strip clubs & T&A bars! He is either a closeted gay man or a complete hypocrite. Camilla Belle? Why is the press always tryin’ to make her happen? She’s clearly getting quite a rep as a pro beard.

      • drea says:

        @giddy: Actually, I’m prety sure he had a college girlfriend. I kinda remember a picture from somewhere of him with (or spliced in with) her, and she was very, well, gifted uptop. I remember it because my roomie and I looked at her, then looked at him, and started laughing at the idea that he’s still a virgin (straight or otherwise). Well, maybe in the traditional sense, but we all know there are other ways to get off.

    • pinkg says:

      How can you say he is terrible when he has yet to really play?

      • Bodhi says:

        I think he has the potential to be good, but he sure isn’t right now. Last years season pretty much proved that. He was nothing but hype

      • j.eyre says:

        I think he has the potential as well but I think he bought into his own hype last season and let his playing take a backseat. He has some raw talent but he needs a lot more talent and game-play before he can really do anything with it. I was hoping his swift replacement and shuffling around would knock some sense into him but it hasn’t seem to yet. If he is as humble as he purports to be, they might see something out of him next season.

        In other news, @V4Real – do I read you to be a Giants fan? Ah man, and I really liked you. Ah well, we can play nice again in Feb…

    • Ladytron2000 says:


      Love me some Mark Sanchez! Former USC alum too ;)

  5. V4Real says:

    Garsh darn it, typing in the dark. I meant run this cute out of town.

  6. emma says:

    Her body is amazing in thzt gold dress! AHMAZING!!

  7. Erinn says:

    Bleck. I have never found Tebow the least bit attractive. My mom just thinks he’s the cutest… so there’s that I guess.

    I just feel bad that this whole virginity thing has been so built up in the media that people are legitimately just waiting for him not to be. It’s creepy. If this was a girl, it’d be extremely sketchy and not as funny as some think.

    I vaguely remember her dating a Jonas, and finding it kind of weird because there was an age gap. A Swifty level age gap, maybe? Not sure.

  8. Victoria says:

    I love his size! He meets the “you must be THIS tall to ride” requirement. I saw him running shirtless on sports center during training camp and got a ladyboner. When he talks he ruins it, his voice doesn’t match his size.
    Anyway I’m a jets fan and as V4real stated its hard being a football fan in NY when your team keeps messing up, I wish they gave him a job on the team and stuck w it.

  9. virginia5 says:

    She is really pretty, but I find him unattractive. I agree with other about the hype(there is no need) around his virginity, he is not the only one who is saying themselves for marriage.

  10. Starlight says:

    He coud do better than that. Big disappointment.

  11. Nashville Girl says:

    To quote Swifty’s song: “she’s better known for the things she done on the mattress.”

    • T.C. says:

      Swifty needs to be careful throwing shade at other women when she is also famous for her long list of boyfriends. Besides this girl is so much prettier than Swifty that her bitchy song directed at her makes her sound jealous. Not a fan of Tebow and his virginal preaching (I was a virgin for a long while but didn’t feel the need to get brownie points for it by telling everyone. Boy is milking this for publicity) but he has good taste in women. Beautiful girl with a hot body.

  12. Jules says:

    She must be the new beard for the religious gays out there.

  13. Joanna says:

    omg, i live in jacksonville! i know exactly where latitude 30 is. i don’t watch football, but i heard a rumor he’s going to be playing for the jacksonville jaguars.

  14. evie says:

    She never dated Jake Gyllenhaal. They were photographed talking at Arts of Elysium. it was right after the Taylor debacle.

  15. Serenity says:

    I’m disappointed. I was hoping he would stay away from the Hollywood starlets.

  16. taxi says:

    Tebow is unattractive. Don’t care at all about his state of abstinence but he should have kept that very private. His announcement is both distasteful & suspect.

  17. Talie says:

    She’s a professional dater like Minka whatsherface, but I know nothing about her…perhaps she is also waiting until marriage. I don’t know.

  18. emmie_a says:

    I don’t know who she is but she is gorgeous. I want her eyebrows.

  19. INeedANap says:

    She is incredibly beautiful, but a mediocre actress at best. He is a sub-par football player. Let them wallow in their mediocrity, ugh.

  20. shady o says:

    Oh, he’s a virgin alright. A ‘vagina virgin’ to quote Lainey.

  21. Katie says:

    I hate to be that person but without photographic evidence, I’m calling BS on this one.

  22. Acer1 says:

    Francesca, I like Tebow. I think he gets a bad rap. I especially like that he is not afraid to publicly express his faith in these times. However, I have to agree with the others that his celebacy seems like an avoidance thing rather than purely a faith thing. His dating pattern in particular is a dead giveaway. He’ll hang around her for afew weeks, not long enough to get her hopes up but enough to punch his hetero card; then return to his solo ways for another year.

    • francesca1 says:

      Obviously, I don’t know the guy. But I do know that a lot of people who are waiting til marriage, don’t date a lot. Because they are looking for people with serious potential. I just think it’s sad that his choice to honor his commitment to his faith makes him such a target of negativity. Why does it bother people that he says he’s waiting? It’s just weird to me!

  23. midnightmoon says:

    camilla has never looked more beautiful than in that gold goddess dress. yes, i believe she, like the Bos and the Beil, are beards for the purpose of keeping themselves in the game. after they’ve been used up and spit out, post-25 (aka over-the-hill Hollywood style), they can either beard, model, endorse, or slink away.

    i have felt really badly for Rosario Dawson, who has done everything right, has awesome talent, and is gamely showing up for envelope openings and product endorsements. she wears a happy face but i see the sadness in her eyes. she’s just not getting the parts she deserves. she is one of many, but sticks in my mind when i see her goofing around and acting silly at these pay for play events. i guess it’s better than poverty, but gosh darn it, i would love to see her act in MOVIES!

    so someone like Camilla, who is so very bland as an actress, is doing her best to be seen, and what better way than with a world-wide namecheck like Tebow? sad. as we all know from this site, the soulcrushing continues.

  24. OhDear says:

    She looks gorgeous at the Met Ball shots (though not a fan of the lipstick). As for the Tebow rumors, probably just more of the typical attractive unattached male celebrity being linked with attractive unattached female celebrity rumors.

    Though strange how no one’s tried to link Tebow with Lolo Jones yet (unless I missed it).

  25. Emyv says:

    HAHAH I wonder what Swifty is thinking right now – she did write a song about how Camille stole Joe Jonas from her … then Camille dates Jake and Tebow? This is sure to give her a complex lmfao

  26. tru tru says:

    seems like she has started a side job as a beard…its her past loves that give me this impression and since Tebow is celibate/virgin–it all works for her.

    maybe she is a lesbian–shrugs
    that is afraid to be her true self.

    something is suspect

  27. Lady_Luck says:

    She looks ALOT less innocent then him. Hate her vampy eyebrows and lipstick. Would rather see him with a true, southern belle who is ACTUALLY a virgin herself.