Kristen Stewart in lace Zuhair Murad at the ‘BD 2′ premiere: trashy or elegant?

OMG. So much NO. These are some new photos of your sparkly Robsten at last night’s premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in LA. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did pose together, but I can’t find those particular photos at our agencies, so I’m just talking about them separately. Just know that they walked the bulk of the red carpet separately, but they didn’t shy away from posing together at various points. Meaning that they’re together or whatever. God knows. I think Kristen is probably going to break up with him in a month’s time.

Anyway, Kristen wore a beige-y/nude Zuhair Murad gown which… dear God. What is her goal these days? I thought her whole thing was “I’m not a trampire, y’all!” In which case someone should have told her to dress slightly more conservatively, perhaps? I’m not saying “lingerie dress = Kristen should be slut-shamed”. I’m saying “part of working your Hollywood image is dressing appropriately for the occasion, and given the whole Mini-Coopering-of-a-married-man, perhaps tone down the hooker-wear.” The dress is particularly unfortunate from the back, because you have to do a double take to make sure you’re not seeing Kristen’s literal a—hole. You’re not. She’s wearing nude granny panties underneath her dress. From the front, the lace also leaves a weird shadow and you have to do a double-take to make sure you’re not seeing hairy biscuit too. I’m just sayin’. It’s an awful dress. Something nice: her hair looks decent.

Meanwhile, Sparkles wore a custom Gucci suit in checked green. Apparently, he “designed” it himself, at least that’s what he was telling media outlets. This isn’t even the first time Rob has worn a green suit, or tried to make an “unconventional” suit work. I mean… I get it. It’s not the Oscars or anything, so Rob can have fun with his style on the red carpet for a premiere. I think Rob has a lot of potential as a would-be clothes-hanger for good men’s fashion – he’s tall, he’s got good shoulders, he’s got a beautiful face. I’m just not sure the green Gucci is a good choice.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Riana says:

    LMAO. I’m sorry my first reaction was ‘NO’ but seeing the photos of her from the back made me laugh.

    She did say she liked to keep you guys guessing right? Lol.

    She seems to be in that mode more than anything else. One day she’s a poor victim. The next she’s a bored badass. After that she’s a loving doting girlfriend.

    Anyway she looks good from…the waist up. That dress is atrocious and meant for a figure better than her’s.

    • Elizabeth says:

      So many things wrong with the dress. So many. Nude colored granny panties. There are ways to be sexy without going out basically naked. And girls with A cup boobs should be a bit more hestitant to advertise that to the world by wearing a fitted bodice. Something draping is better for a smaller bust, IMO. Between her and Christina Hendricks, I fear Hollywood fashion will never get it right.

      • Bluedog says:

        There’s nothing wrong with A-cups and no one above a B-cup could wear this dress.

      • Dani says:

        What’s wrong with being an A cup? I don’t understand why anyone with small boobs should have to hide that from the world. Coming from someone with a small B, I’m more than comfortable with the size of my chest, enough to wear similar dresses and tanktops etc. The dress wouldn’t work on anyone BUT an A cup, borderline B.

      • Kesha Is A Geisha says:

        Taking a moment to post a guys opinion, my bf says he “really appreciates the dress”. He asks though “wouldnt it look better in a thong?”. He also says that her “boobage situation is a let down”. Overall he gives her an A minus (deductions for panties and small breasts).

        He is now more likely to see a movie she is in, than he was before being forced up by his “nutty woman” to view these pictures. Goes to show how different guys and girls are.

      • RihRihsWitchyClaw says:

        No offense to our more sensitive small breasted sisters, but this dress needs larger titties. Theres zero cleavage there and I’m pretty sure that most of the “swelling” there is just the bustiers cup. Its like my 11 year old playing dress up. Not flattering at all. There are clothes an A Cup can pull off just not this one. I thought she had this ‘fixed’ btw. What happened to the boob job we kept hearing about a few months ago?

        I like her legs though, so atleast the dress shows those off. And her bum isnt bad either, grannypanties notwithstanding. I think she has a pretty face too. There, that should balance out the breasts-criticism.

      • Dani says:

        Zooey Deschanel wore a dress with a similar bustier top to the Emmys ( and she’s maybe half a cup bigger, and was spilling out and having issues keeping the dress up.

      • sardinia says:

        Zoe looks better in the dress in that pic IMHO – if she couldnt keep it up then it must have been a fitting problem. Kristen already has a fairly mannish shape, seeing as she has no indentation around her waist, she should never wear a dress that emphasizes how flat her chest is.
        That belt is also a major mistake for someone without a narrowing in the waist area. See how tightly she had to tie it in the failed attempt to create an illusion of a waist?
        I love her dont care attitude though. She shouldnt have to wear a scarlet letter in this day and age. I just wish her stylist hadnt let her down so much. An equally revealing but flattering dress and I would have been taunting her haters right along with her.

      • Cazzie says:

        “And girls with A cup boobs should be a bit more hestitant to advertise that to the world…”

        Actually, a lot of guys are into smaller boobs – smaller breasts hold their shape, they don’t fall down to your waist when you take your bra off, and the nipples usually point up. Larger breasts can look good when they’re all strapped in, but when a woman takes her bra off and she has huge flabby breasts to her waist with the nipples pointing south, it’s not very appealing. (This information is from my boyfriend, who is ‘okay’ with my being a B cup – what am I supposed to do, get a reduction? – but he wishes I were a bit smaller in the chest. Really.)

        So let her advertise, I say!

      • loadofflowers says:

        What’s with the A-cup hate? I’m a double A over here, and I’m here to tell you that CONFIDENCE is what’s sexy — no matter your chest size.

      • Alicia says:

        +1 to all the ladies who pointed out there is not a damn thing wrong with an A or B cup. First, most guys I know prefer smaller and perkier, second, hell yes she can advertise it! There is nothing WRONG with not having massive boobs. Last, no one but a smaller busted woman could wear this dress.

      • ben says:

        Cazzie I hate break the bad news but your boyfriend is gay.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        You all have some jerky boyfriends. You should find one who likes you for who you are and isn’t a skeezebag (although Jerk1 sounds about 17). Both the big-boob loving boyfriend and the small-boob liking one (who is probably not gay–it’s not gay to prefer small tits they DO hold their perkiness), sound like jerk offs, IMO, and maybe you should stop sharing their opinions here…

      • Alexis says:

        Hey, cool it on the B+ cup hate! I happen to have very perky C’s, and the nips point upwards!

        Boobs (of all sizes) are nice, y’all.

      • hikkilove says:

        just saying, all the guys iv’e been with have LOVED my big boobs. i think 1) every guy has his own preference 2) if your boyfriend loves you or even just likes you, there’s no way he’d ever say your boobs are too small. of course he’d say small boobs are better. 3) most guys love boobs period. big, small, saggy, floppy, whatever. what they say to their male friends or even you isn’t necessarily how they feel.

      • bigt says:

        Nothing wrong with A,B,C,D or bigger cups. But no one should wear this dress. Bad color, bad design, just a hot mess. As is this person wearing it.

      • unf Joan Jett says:

        Wellcome @ body shaming 101. What is wrong with you, people?

        @ hikkilove:
        1. Yes!
        2. Unless he is an idiot. (In that case, you need to break up with him and find someone more sensitive anyways)
        3. Yes!

    • jennifer says:


      Kris was mistress of a married man
      deluded fools
      we do not believe in Trampire
      you do not want to Rob…..hypocrites

      She is the same
      Rob always rejected
      treats him like dirt
      nothing new

      Loving Robert?????? WTF
      More doubts

      “All eyes the other night were on Robert Pattinson, who couldn’t keep his hands off his little TRAMPIRE…TRAMPIRE….TRAMPIRE

      he has no clue that the girl just doesn’t want to be around him, doesn’t want him to touch her, doesn’t want any of it”
      Later, Stewart sheepishly turned her head when he moved in for a smooch. According to a spy, Stewart said: “Don’t kiss me.”

      just look at the happy face when she’s with Rupert…not hiding is proud to rupert
      Face of unhappiness when this with rob
      always hiding… poor Rob… Kristen always treated him like crap….She wasnt giving him not even the hand
      ROB deserves a better woman… please …please ….run Rob…Stay away from these wastes, garbage…slut

      RUPESTEN…RUPESTEN …RUPESTEN FOREVER….are right for each other

    • Jane says:

      I think her figure was perfect for the dress. She is not spilling out of the top and does not have a huge booty sticking out of the back. I think that type of figure would have been an awful look. Not saying the dress was a little inappropriate for the good girl image she is trying to establish.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @cazzie, who says “Larger breasts can look good when they’re all strapped in, but when a woman takes her bra off and she has huge flabby breasts to her waist with the nipples pointing south, it’s not very appealing. (This information is from my boyfriend, who is ‘okay’ with my being a B cup – what am I supposed to do, get a reduction? – but he wishes I were a bit smaller in the chest. Really.)”

        You sound just a tad ignorant, cutting others down to build yourself up and it sounds like your boyfriend went a bit overboard trying to quell your insecurities. I’ve seen just as many saggy Bs as I’ve seen saggy Gs and not all large breasts are pendulous. I’m a G cup and they’re perky and proud. It’s all about the proper support. It will be a cold day in hell before my breasts look flabby, with south pointing nipples. My mom is 65 and still has perky H’s, due to the right support and wearing a sports bra to bed. Enjoy those B’s, I hope they never end up looking like sad fried eggs (like my one friend) or empty bean bag sacks (like someone else I know).

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @cazzie, maybe you should mosey on over to the RiRi post. Then come back and tell me how Bs never sag 😒

    • Me Too says:

      The whole dress is wrong but what I think is pretty funny is the design of the bottom part reminded me of the rising sun design on the Japanese Naval flag. And, if she’s going to wear this disaster, at least make underwear underneath that works with the lines of the dress. Yikes! That thing is a fugly!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Pretty hair… stupid dress.

  3. Emmy says:

    AHHHHH. Okay I like Kristen (not Twilight– I find Kristen Stewart’s interviews amusing) but even I find this disturbing. My eyyyyyeeess. I serious feel like I just saw more of her than I really wanted to. That’s a terrible dress. It’s not even edgy, it’s just… gross, man. Just gross.

  4. Nanz says:

    I thought I was looking at Ashley Green(e?).

    I like the green suit.

    Also, “tone down the hooker-wear” made me LOL! Thanks!

  5. pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Pretty face on that girl and such a beautiful dress style too but the sheet fabric makes me practically blush to look at her, it would’ve been so gorgeous if it covered her up a bit more and the green on Rob is “meh”, not amazing and not horrible, as usual, he wears suits really well but the colour isn’t much of a knockout. Glad to see that Twilight is crawling towards its end, happy days :)

  6. says:

    The front of the dress is not that bad. But the back of it is an abomination. Especially if you stand with your ass purposely sticking out, like a b!tch in heat.

    Not a dress a woman caught cheating only recently should have worn.

    • Milla says:

      I’ll second that. The dress is kind of okay, J. Lo wears similar all the time, but given the situation and KS’s public image it’s too much.

    • CTgirl says:

      Umm, based on her mini-coopering with RS this is her favorite pose. We just lucky she didn’t grind into anyone on the red carpet.

      • Annie says:

        She just doesn’t give a sh*t. I read on Twitter that she skipped a large area of fans at the beginning of the premiere. People who slept 3 days on the street for her, not for the Volturi, not for the new clans, not even for Taylor Lautner. She really doesn’t care what fans and the media think. And she’ll turn up the bitch once this is over. This whole affair proved the following: she can do whatever she wants, the fans will forgive her as will Rob as will the media; the badass Angelina Jolie image is her goal.

        She’s never going to be a “nice girl.” She will be a bitch to fans and boyfriend, make questionable life decisions and take on roles with lots of sex and nudity.

      • Marianne says:

        @Annie : In fairness, I’ve been to a couple of premieres before, and a lot of times, they have handlers rushing them around to do pictures or interviews, or sometimes people get missed. Especially is the star is running late.

    • bns says:

      “like a b!tch in heat”

      From now on whenever I hear that statement I think of Mel Gibson.

  7. Ann says:

    I thought Robert looked great. The look is very European, and the 2013 runways showed green suits for men. It’s a great color for him, and Gucci fits him really well. I get sick of seeing men in the same old navy/gray/black suits, I like it when they take a few fashion risks. A premiere is the perfect place to go for it.

    Kristen’s hair and makeup looked great. The dress…I like the top of it a lot. But the bottom doesn’t work. If the skirt was lined or was a less see through lace, and maybe some more solid panels to cover key areas, it would have worked better. The shots of it from a distance are nice, but it’s too sheer when you see the detail. It’s too bad, because she really did look very pretty otherwise.

    Her makeup was spot on. Much better than the last few outings with the black eye makeup.

    I wish designers would call a time out on all the sheer/lace dresses for awhile. Way too many of them, and they usually don’t work well. It’s getting to be a tired look.

  8. Shitler says:

    I’m totally wearing this to my ex’s wedding. This is perfect!

  9. Sandy says:

    I dont know why, but this dress looks wayyy more indecent than her in a bikini/naked/whatever.

  10. JudyK says:


    Her perpetual smirk is getting on my nerves.

  11. Tig says:

    This dress is beyond bad- and enough with the hair swept to the side. It is painful to compare this fashion faux pas to the gorgeous dress she wore to London BD premier last year.

    Rob did the absolute minimum with her last night. Plus/minus on the suit but so happy not to see the gooey looks from him this go round. I think his b##ls really are growing back!

  12. Mauibound says:

    That’s just awful lol!!!

  13. judyjudy says:

    I like the dress but not on her. I think it would be amazing on someone with a stronger, more powerful body. I don’t hate K-Stew like a lot of you here but she’s not toned enough to pull this off.

  14. Rhea says:

    I guess she wanted to be sure all the attention would be hers last night. -_-

  15. k says:

    LOVE the green suit. The dress is vulgar.

  16. Jenna says:

    when I first saw the dress my initial reaction was a resounding: “NO!”. I hate how the bust is fitting, not to mention her damn posture and her loose fists. And then I saw the back and my reaction turned into a: “HELL NO!”

  17. Mew says:

    Horrible dress. Horrible, horrible dress.

  18. deb says:

    They both looked like fug hell but at least kslut washed her hair.

  19. Ellie66 says:

    The top part is nice the bottom looks like a curtain but her hair looks great. Roberts suit is good I like the cut and color. You guys know who wears really nice suits…Sam Champion of GMA! Dude nails it every time with his suits!

  20. Ellie66 says:

    The top part is nice the bottom looks like a curtain but her hair looks great. Roberts suit is good I like the cut and color. You guys know who wears really nice suits…Sam Champion of GMA! He always looks really good! (In the morning)! :)

  21. CTgirl says:

    Another imagined conversation:
    RP: That dress looks like a bloody nightgown.
    KS: My publicist says I have to rehab my image and be less honest.
    RP: It’s backfiring. There’s so little to that rag that you can’t help but be honest. With the whole world.
    KS: Yes, but this is Hollywood honest. Not my honest. It will be too difficult to mini-cooper anyone in this thing with the boning. Boning. (Giggle) Oh, I just made a funny.
    RP: You promised if I went along with getting back together with you that you’d let me . . .
    KS: Back off man! I don’t want your butter in my biscuit without a fifth of tequila first.

  22. La Calabaza says:

    As much as I dislike her I have to admit she looks amazing here.

  23. Toot says:

    That dress would have looked good to me if it wasn’t see through, but it was a good distraction from talking about the “scandal” with press line.

    • Sweet Dee says:


      Can I just say, I am a feminist, sex-positive woman. I do not hate/love/care about KStew. I am in NO way conservative, but when I can see your stomach or underwear through your dress I think it’s trashy. Every time. Always, these women look like famewhore trash. I can’t think of a single see-through or bare-midriff dress that looked nice. Ladies, pull a Rumer Willis/Rihanna multi-bikini photo op if you must, but spare us on the red carpet. Ugh.

      /rant over

      She gets points for finally brushing and washing her hair, though.

  24. Bluedog says:

    LOVE the green suit and Rob wears it well.

    Kristen is just subverting the expected behavior of the shamed woman and it’s kind of interesting. It’s also in keeping with the badass character she projects, sometimes less than effectively.

    The dress IS slutty and I think that was the point.

  25. TRASHIEST. DRESS. EVER. She’s disgusting.

  26. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I like the dress but it would have looked elegant if her undergarment wasn’t visible. I like the way the dress is hugging her body.

  27. Sure Sure says:

    She did not pick the dress her stylist did. She did not even know who she was wearing. Here interview with yahoo.

    Wearing a surprisingly see-through gold lace dress, Kristen Stewart got comfortable with her fans and went barefoot as she signed autographs at the world premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” in Los Angeles on Monday evening. Stewart’s friend carried the Jimmy Choo heels for her and Stewart slipped them on moments before she walked the carpet, but admitted she was “already looking forward to taking them off.” She told Yahoo! that she didn’t know what she was wearing, but her stylist shared that Zuhair Murad designed the pale strapless gown.

    • KaitX says:

      Well it’s very disrespectful for a star to be unaware of the brand they’re wearing- that dress would have been one of many lent to her by the designer to choose from for the premiere. She’s impossible!

    • Snowangel says:

      I call bull sh*t that she didn’t know what she was wearing. A gown like that would most definitely need alterations. You would need to fit it at the bust and waist, and probably hem it while wearing the shoes. It is possible that her tailors has a dress form, but she still would need one fitting.

      • Lucrezia says:

        I think you’re misreading that – Yahoo paraphrased it really ambiguously.

        She must have had fittings, so it makes no sense for her not to know WHAT she is wearing. It’s far more likely to have been:
        Interviewer: Interesting dress. Who’s the designer?
        KStew: Shit, I actually have no idea what [designer] I’m wearing.
        Stylist: It’s by Zuhair Murad.

        She knew WHAT she was wearing, but not WHO. (Which is terribly rude. If someone loans you a free dress you’re supposed to show gratitude by giving them a bit of publicity.)

    • ORLY says:

      Kristen has said in many interviews that unless she likes, approves and is comfortable in a dress, she won’t wear it.

  28. mia girl says:

    I love Rob’s green suit. The houndstooth is great. He looks good.

    Stewart’s hair and makeup are lovely… but my question is why, after the scandal and the pressure she put on everyone involved in this franchise, she and her people would pick this dress for the final US premiere? I can’t think that this choice is anything but an intentional nod to the femme fatale, seductress labels she’s been given. I mean she’s doubling down on Trampire.

    This dress is a petulant, fashion “middle finger”. I guess this is the image she wants to own.

  29. Mirella says:

    Love the hair & makeup, but if she’s trying to improve her image….wrong dress. “Hooker-wear” made me LOL, but it also fits.

  30. smiley says:

    she looks like jessica rabbit ,man there are kids present at the movie ,so wrong

  31. kay says:

    Kristen’s natural hair color is blond so anybody seeing shadows is imagining things and needs to stop looking at her crotch

  32. Sue says:

    Maybe she is going mini cooping later….

  33. Marianne says:

    I always hate sheer dresses, where you can either see the underwear or the body suit underneath. So No, I don’t like Kristen’s dress.

  34. ladybert62 says:

    That has got to be one of the trashiest dresses I have ever ssen.

    Her hair looks like crap – cut it and style it. At least it looks like she washed it.

    His outfit (green????) is horrible.

  35. G says:

    I think she’s launching her post Twilight image which is decidedly trampire. This dress is saying I own what I did and I’m not sorry.

    I just can’t get with her make-up. The lipstick is so aging.

  36. Jess says:

    Kristen has a short neck, a huge round jaw, and paunchy slouchy shoulders. Her posture is awful. As pretty as they make her, and she can be very pretty, doesn’t help her pull these looks off. The outfits end up wearing her, and she doesn’t seem comfortable. When the first illusion is that I think I can see her vag, it’s not a classy look…

  37. Tazina says:

    As you get older, it is nothing short of wonderful to have a smaller cup size. They will never be laying on my stomach. That I know.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Insulting and untrue. My 32 year old friend is a small B and her’s look like a pair of saggy bean bags. I’m the same age with a G cup and mine are perky. It’s all about how much support you give the girls. I sleep in a bra, like my mother (who’s an H), and I hope my breasts hold up as good as her’s.

      • Reece says:

        Good Lord Mort how do you and your mom move…breathe?!! You have to get everything custom don’t you?
        Running is not your friend. :D Sorry couldn’t resist.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @reece, lol. I actually do run (just under a 10 minute mile). Not great, but fine for someone so out of breath because they’re being strangled by two extremely small sports bras trying to contain the puppies 😜 and I usually buy bras at Nordstrom. They have a nice selection of bras for busty girls that don’t look like granny lingere. As far as tops, I go with things that are smaller, but have stretch (since its important to hint at some semblance of a waist, otherwise you look big all over). I also shy away from buttons (since my boobs have been known to bust a button or two).

  38. Carolyn says:

    Rob does wear a suit well. Kristen’s only aim was to ensure all eyes were on her. That dress, that pose with her bum sticking out…so not hot. I like it when a celeb is misguided, thinks they look awesome whereas everyone is actually sniggering. Her stylist must hate her. Compare her dress to Ashley & Nikki’s….

  39. Larissa says:

    First thought was baby beige Cher, bless her.

  40. tracking says:

    If it had been lined, the dress would have been stunning (beautiful silhouette, color etc.). But agree with everyone else it’s horrid sans.

  41. D says:

    LOL. This reminded me of that scene in Gone With the Wind where despite all the rumors swirling around about her scandalous man-eating harlotry, Scarlett O’Hara defiantly shows up at that party in a provocative bright red, “that’s right, bitches” dress.

    • Cora says:

      Yeah and didn’t Rhett put Scarlett in that dress so she could show off who she really was? I highly doubt K went off shopping on her own and picked that up (although we know she’s not adverse to picking up married men, condoms or disposable cameras)… wonder who provided the dress and if they’re having a good chuckle that she actually wore it?

  42. cc says:

    are my eyes tricking me? this “dress” can’t be real

  43. lucy2 says:

    That is probably the worst dress I’ve ever seen.

  44. Jackson says:

    Wowza. That is one of the trashiest dresses I’ve seen in quite awhile. Really, what is this chick thinking? Who on her team would tell her that this dress is a good choice? It is wrong for so, so many reasons. Her hair looks clean though, so at least there’s that.
    And I really don’t mind that green suit. He needs to ditch that skinny tie though.

  45. kingkayski says:

    ^^^^^^^this!Seriously,it’s like some people doesn’t have anything on their mind day in and day out for the past 5 months but Kristens minicoopering adventure,talked about obsession.The dress i think is fine,it’s what in these days ,especially for her type of body,it’s not in your face kind of dress ,plus it helps that she’s got a model type body,she can rock just about anything.Robs green suit is not bad either,maybe because he’s brits that he can pull these colorful suits that he’s been strutting for quite a while now.

  46. Nancy says:

    That dress is just atrocious.

  47. Cora says:

    Loved the green suit and haircut. Classy, handsome and there for his fans, as always.

    The dress. Sigh. As said in the report, there is such a thing as dressing for your audience and this was just a rotten choice. So basically, exactly what you would expect from her. She tells under age fans to defy their parents and to see her film. She rubs her ass all over a married man’s crotch. The dress is just the latest in the continuing line of bad choices.

  48. Newyorking says:

    She looks like trash. Charlize Theron could have pulled this off, not Kstew.

  49. heatheradair says:

    Oh please.

    There is NO NEED for the “nun-ificiation of Kristen” following “the incident.”

    Why should she dress “repentantly?”

    Sure, the dress isn’t great (er, from the back, it’s…..confusing, anyway, from the front, just lacks much OOMPH), but the mindset that she ought to hide herself and get all prim with it to “convince us” she’s a changed/repentant/groveling woman is silly.

    Let is hang out, Rob “took her back,” so she can gloat a little……?

  50. Izzy says:

    HEY!! K-Stew! Gimme back my granny’s curtains!!

  51. HouseofBeatrix says:

    The dress is beautiful, but not on her.

  52. Abby says:

    If the bottom wasn’t see through, this would be a pretty dress. Because it’s see through… all I see is yuck. Her hair and makeup look great though.

  53. Chell says:

    I hate to say it~ this dress is gorgeous, but the granny panties look ruins it. If it were lined differently I think she could have pulled off a red carpet success for once.
    Rob looks amazeballs…I am drooling!!!

  54. Zelda Fitzgerald says:

    She’s trying to go the femme fatale, Megan Fox route but she doesn’t have IT. She’s NOT sexy, she doesn’t give out sexy vibes and she doesn’t own it. She just looks awkward and uncomfortable.

    Pattinson looks high, dead-eyed and like his face is slowly melting off.

    Both of them are fug as hell.

  55. Apples says:

    Actually, I think the Trampire label is the best thing to happen to her career. She can’t act so, now that’s a way for her to differentiate herself from other actresses. Theory proven by dress.

    Dress: very bad stylist advice on color. Her skin tone can NOT handle that beige.

    RPatz: looks nice in green and I like his thick eyebrows.

  56. JM says:

    He looks like a long-lost Beatle!

    Her dress . . . beyond bad.

  57. hmmm says:

    Oy vey. Someone’s gone “Hollywood”. Full tilt. Right down the glittery gutter.

    Why not just wear a bra and pants? Oh, I suppose she wants to keep her fans guessing.

  58. natalina says:

    shes starting to think shes hot Sh*t. I cant stand her–ever since her lil affair

  59. Nessa says:

    Is there any chance of this girl fading away now that the Twilight crap is over? She is not a good actress. She has no charisma. She is awkward and dumb. And I want to slap that smug look of her face.

  60. I Choose Me says:

    Don’t like these sheer dresses that are all the trend. I was all NO when Naomie Harris wore ‘em and this definitely gets a hell NO as well. Her makeup and hair looks really good though. Love Rob’s green suit.

  61. kaitlynn says:

    i feel like i can see her private lady area. why on earth would her stylist put her in this dress?

  62. nordicgoddess says:

    at first i thought what’s the big deal? a boring beige dress…then i had a sip of coffee, my vision cleared and was faced with starburst biscuits…noo why? my eyes! my eyes…

  63. blonde on the dock says:

    I actually like the dress on her. She’s young and beautiful and can pull it off.

  64. geekychick says:

    I LOVE the look, and I love the fact as “go fug yourself” said for the TIFF (if I remember correctly) that she didn’t go Abbie Cornish “nun outfit” route. I just wish it wasn’t transparent, but that’s the obvious trend this year. :/
    MM Zoolander looks great in this suit, but for modeling…what about those mothering hips, as Lainey said? ;) Bc every other time they are there.

    • ORLY says:

      Yeah, but today from “Go Fug Yourself”:

      “It is a big nakedy nakedfest, whose defining quality is that her crotch can salute you”

      “If eyes are a window to the soul, then this dress is a window to her labia. Is there an Erotic Circus?”

      “It’s even worse from behind. The tight leg bands on her satin diaper are totally going to give her a rash.”

      I loved the dress she wore at TIFF. It was stunning in person.

  65. Reece says:

    I have a feeling that she’s now playing up the “trampire” image. That said, this dress = lame, snotty even. Thus par for the course. Have we not seen enough of your naked @ss on film? Then wear a dress that alludes to it. On someone else it may be better received. Her hair, makeup and nails do look great.

    I love his suit. I loved that red suit a little while ago. Gucci fits him so damn well. That’s all.

  66. HotPockets says:

    I would love the dress on her if it came in red, blue or even purple, but the nude color just washes her out. I think this dress reconfirms whether or not KS ever got herself some implants, I am going with a firm no, those are her real a-cups.

    I noticed some comments about how someone with actual cleavage should wear a dress like this and not a flatter busted woman, I beg to differ! As a women with an F bust, I would look like a street walker wearing this dress, a girl with a smaller cup size makes the dress look more elegant and high class. Smaller chested girls can wear anything and not make it look as trashy as compared to someone who has larger breasts, IMO.

  67. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Very poor choice for a premiere dress.

    Rob looks good though. I like the green suit-it’s different and it works on him somehow.

  68. Jag says:

    It’s really telling when the best thing you can say about someone is that it looks like she washed her hair. The dress is awful, and I agree with others here that had it been lined, it might’ve been pretty. I think that she was showing all the directors out there her wares for future mini-coopering to get parts, allegedly.

  69. megsie says:

    Hair is beautiful.

    The affair seems to have given Kristen a sexual confidence she lacked.
    She’s definitely enjoying and embracing her new femme fatale image.

  70. Megan says:

    What? No Chucks to go with this “hard core, I’m not just another starlet trading on my looks” dress?

  71. The Original Mia says:

    My eyes! Why does this dress exist?! She looks stupid. He looks stupid. They deserve each other. Pretentious hipsters.

  72. sheila says:

    aaaaand she still looks like a mouse.

  73. Eileen says:

    MOUTH BREATHER!!! FTLOG Close your mouth!

  74. aquarius64 says:

    Wearing this while beating back a cheating scandal. Her stylist must secretly be team Liberty.

    Back of the dress – so many wrongs. Looks like she’s wearing a thong over a girdle.

    Ashley, Nikki, Elizabeth, Julia and the rest of the female cast wore beautiful, tasteful gowns. They were going for classy; Kristen was going for showing all the ass-y. Rupert must have loved the dress, especially from the back.

  75. mogul says:

    She’s a tease. She playing with the fact that she has the same face since her teens and likes to play the Lolita. She know that people don’t consider her like a vixen, so vamping up her image by playin the Lolita card.

  76. Moore says:

    I find her dress hot but inappropriate.

  77. TG says:

    I love the dress from the front, though she has no waist so it doesn’t look right on her. Needs someone with a few curves and this dress would be awesome. From the back it is hideous. She has no behind either and looks like an 80′s queen. Hair on the side looks stupid. I am so over this chick and her pet boyfriend.

  78. K-MAC says:

    Oh, I love me some K-Stewart!! You go girl!! Live it up, you are in your 20s!

  79. truetalk says:

    whose idea was this foolishness that is Kristen Stewart’s dress??!!

  80. ZachAttack says:

    That beige undergarment is so horrible. It gives her that square butt that women can sometimes get after they’ve given birth.

  81. Marilu says:

    That dress would look better on someone with darker or more tan skin and a curvier frame, like Halle Berry, for example. On Kristen it ages her and resembles an old lady’s negligee.

  82. MissKittyKay says:

    Her hair and makeup look nice. At least she looks like she took a bath. The dress looks like it belongs underneath another dress

  83. Bobby the K says:

    Thanks for the options, pencil me in for ‘trashy’.

    ‘Strange’ as well. Whatever it is wouldn’t look good on an attractive woman either.

  84. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    No boobs, No waist , No ass…..No sex appeal….Looks just like a skinny gay boy in drag from the back sticking out his best asset…….
    Sorry folks that is one ugly gal……!
    and the dress would have been beautiful if is had a nude slip liner under it to show off the lace instead of the ass……

  85. katie says:

    i really like the dress, i think it is def a sexuality amplifier which i thought she was trying to tone down after the scandal… but guess not. seems she wants to transition into this glam bad girl type on the red carpet.

  86. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    If the dress was lined then I think I would have loved it. Her face looks very pretty however, and nice make up and hair.

  87. Diana says:

    That dress is just desastrous. Her hair and make up are something else, they look good actually. Rob looks awsome. How can you say you don’t know if Gucci is the brand for him? he looks so hot in Gucci, So. Hot!

  88. potatopeel says:

    too bad she doesn’t know how to pose and look graceful -

  89. Jess says:

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I actually think this look is working for her – she has a great little figure, her hair and makeup looks amazing and the dress is a bit racy, yes, but she’s young and I think she really pulls it off, she looks gorgeous. This is one of her better red carpet looks in a while, IMO.

    I can see why she chose something like this dress also – simple strategy, get everybody talking about what she wore to the premiere, and that takes some attention away from the cheating scandal. It’s worked pretty well!

    • kiki says:

      I liked the top part of the dress but the bottom especially from behind just does not do anything for her. Agree about her hair and makeup looking pretty and it must be nice to be that small. I was at one time but not now. Agree about the strategy part too. It’s what everybody is focused on and not her scandal. Rob looks neat and fashionable. I think Lautner looked well put together. He always looks very neat and well groomed.

    • Bugsrunny says:

      I agree. She looks beautiful and avant garde–which appears to be the lane she wants to live in these days. Besides, if she had worn something super-chaste, she would have been criticized for overtly and superficially trying to change her image. This was the bolder strategy.

      Something else I don’t think anyone has mentioned: I thought her interviews seemed much better. I saw only two, so maybe I didn’t get the bigger picture. But the ones I saw were far less awkward than they have been.

  90. Brat says:

    Since her scandal she’s been dressing more… revealing. Maybe she didn’t for her career so she could be seen as sexy.
    I’m not seeing though, no matter how little clothes she wears.

  91. Amy says:

    If the dress were lined, Kristen would have looked spectacular. I feel like these are some of the first pictures I’ve seen of her looking (relatively) happy at a premiere and interacting with her fans and taking pictures. She probably is thinking to herself that since this is the last promotional tour, she will never have to pretend to like Twilight or playing Bella (I always got the impression she hated the character and being in these movies–that’s okay, I hate the character too) so all the smiling is due to the relief of never having to do something like this again. And maybe also the end of pretending at being back with Rob.

    Rob looks good too. The green suit is interesting, but it’s kind of festive which I guess in a way is appropriate here since this is the last movie.

  92. mimi (a different one) says:

    She is really trying to be the new “old” Angelina and to change her entire image.

    First the “cheating” scandal, then the racy film with nudity and now this dress.

  93. prim&proper says:

    KS: The top of her dress looks like
    underwear, but then I’m old enough to
    remember when girls put a frock over
    their foundation garment…as for the skirt, words fail me.
    Please, please someone tell RP to wear
    suit jackets that are slightly longer,
    so that when he puts his hand in his
    trouser pocket, his hips will not seem
    the same width as his shoulders.

  94. Morgan says:

    I think she wore that dress to get Rob all hot. Think about it. They may be back together but things aren’t all hunky-dory. It’s not a bad dress. Nude is hard for anyone. I like the front but not the back.

  95. Nicolette says:

    The dress, not so much. But I love the make up and hair.

  96. Katie says:

    Is anyone else reminded of that time Rose McGowan wore that black backless dress down the red carpet when she was with Marilyn Manson?

  97. G says:

    Remember Kristen. No one is going to cast the cow when they can get the milk for free.

  98. Lexi says:

    I cant believe that she wore a see-through dress that shows off her granny panties, she shouldve wore something under it atleast, like a nude slip over her nude granny panties

  99. dorothy says:

    The dress just cheapens the event.

  100. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Love her hair and her makeup. She has a fantastic body but this dress is all kinds of no. It’s just a terrible design … it’s sheer and it’s somehow the opposite of sexy. I wouldn’t even call her trampy in this because even half nude I’m not tempted to be like “omg too sexy”.

  101. Mazunte says:

    I guess I might be the only one commenting here who actually loves this dress, even the color :-/. It is beautifully revealing.

    I like Rob’s green suit too.

  102. Kate (newer one) says:

    That is a the sartorial equivalent of a two-fingered salute. I’m not sure if I’m amused by it, or impressed by her nerve.

    Shame it’s also incredibly ugly, though. She could look so lovely, but… not in that. It’s the colour of support underwear, and the shape of the actual underwear she’s in would need a Dita Von Teese to carry it off.

  103. lower-case deb says:

    this type of dress needs someone with better posture than her. definitely something with more straight than the second to last picture.
    that’s why ms blanchett and ms swinton can pull off the craziest dresses.
    if they ever had to wear this dress, they would posture the hell out of it.
    “say something bad and i’ll smack you with a charm pack of lace fat quarters!”

  104. ben says:

    She doesn’t have the boobs or the but to do that dress justice.

  105. Emma says:

    LOLing at this attention whore.

  106. oivey says:

    The dress would be pretty if it was lined. Basically it looks like she forgot to put half her dress on.

    Also, why does she looks so bloody gormless? Constantly. It’s like you can hear the wind rushing between her ears.

  107. Jane says:

    I just think it looks way TOO sheer, especially the back. On the model, this dress doesn’t look as sheer, almost like there is a layer missing on Stew. Maybe she was trying to get R’s attention- too bad he ignored her for the whole night.
    Rob looks gorgeous! It surprisingly looks good on him. He looked very happy the whole night- barely interacted at all with Kristen. I think he’s so happy he doesn’t have to pretend they’re together anymore.

  108. V says:

    Looking like the Willis girls in some of these shots. Face-wise

  109. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I have to agree, my gut reaction when I first say the dress was to say, “NO!” like I was scolding a naughty dog.

    I have no idea what point she was trying to get across, but it certainly wasn’t to garner respect.

  110. Lulu says:

    @mort: I hope you see this all the way down here…I just gotta ask. Did you nurse? Count of those perky A girls who always wore a supportive bra and the girls were still awesome until after I weaned my daughter. Two years of nursing undid them completely. And I used to run marathons!

  111. Mar says:

    Well personally I love the whole look. It just needs a little tweaking in the ass area.

    She has not been playing it safe lately which I like

  112. Mar says:

    Well personally I love the whole look. It just needs a little tweaking in the butt area.

    She has not been playing it safe lately which I like

  113. Sean says:

    I think someone with more talent, presence, and sex appeal could pull that outfit off. She just seems like a stoned teenager who got into the clothes of some woman she was baby sitting for.

  114. normades says:

    This dress was a huge success. Everyone is talking about it and her. She’s playing up her new trampire sexy image. If she had worn something demure people would still bash her and Ashley could steal her fashion thunder. No one is talking about the other girls. It’s all about her.

    Personally I think the dress is fab. It looks extremely well made. Bravo KStew’s stylist!

  115. Jennifer12 says:

    It’s just a terrible look. I don’t think she’s wearing it in a way it should be worn, like with a pretty slip under it. Nobody goes out in a sheer dress with their underwear showing. It’s like she’s channeling Rose MacGowan’s look that time she went nearly nude to some awards show with Marilyn Manson, but there’s too much teenager at the mall vibe to her.

  116. Skylar says:

    Oh, but I thought she HATED attention??? Lol, this bitch craves it, lives for it.

  117. lrm says:

    i truly hate this chick.
    i avoid posts normally, b/c i don’t want to make them more popular in hopes she will go away….
    but wow over 200 posts!
    i would say ‘meh’ to her, but she’s so obnoxious on top of her craptastic acting and faux atittude about everything….
    she is one who i’d avoid seeing a movie because of. that is all.

  118. Kesha says:

    I think the problem with the dress, is that it looks like its wearing her.
    The dress looks great, like it’s on a hanger or a mannequin but it doesnt add to her body or accentuate anything.
    A tad skankish, but if she was going for the sexy look, then fine if she feels it, if not then error…

  119. Laura says:

    Literal…I don’t think that word means what you think it means.