LeAnn Rimes tweets ‘happy couple’ photo for Thanksgiving, of course

I could analyze this photo for days! LeAnn posted this lovey-dovey (?) pic on her Twitter, of course, yesterday for Thanksgiving. I give thinks to LeAnn all the time. She brings me so much joy and frustration and she’s such a huge cautionary tale. She posted this photo with the caption, “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cibrian’s.” Shouldn’t it be “Cibrians” with no apostrophe? And isn’t LeAnn a “Rimes-Cibrian”? Whatever. There’s so much other stuff to nitpick!

Why is her hair so dark now? Is she aiming for Brandi Glanville’s shade of honey-brunette with lighter highlights? Why does Eddie have that mustache? Is it something about Movember? Or is it – along with Eddie’s lack of a normal shaving schedule – evidence that Eddie no longer cares about grooming? And finally, why did LeAnn position herself so much higher than Eddie? Is this like some kind of animal kingdom stuff? LeAnn is like, “I’m the Alpha, I am literally the Top Dog.” Last questions: did LeAnn post this “happy couple” photo as a way to reject or deny that Radar/Star Magazine story from a few days ago? Is LeAnn still checking all of the media outlets on an hourly basis for any stories about herself?

Also: I don’t know if LeAnn and Eddie had the kids for the holiday, but I’m assuming they didn’t because if Mason and Jake were spending the holiday with their dad and “bonus mom,” I’m sure their bonus mom would have tweeted a bunch of photos of them. I’m just sayin’.

Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Bowers says:

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  2. judyjudy says:

    Your analysis cracks me up. I am sure she just takes 100 pics and selects the one she thinks she looks best in.

    And ugh…the apostrophe… but I’m giving her a pass on saying just Cibrian. My last name is hyphenated and I always default to the one name when talking about the whole family.

  3. Kaligula says:

    Girl needs to tweet less and sing more! It’s as simple as that!! She’s really going to regret this period later in life. She’s clearly neglecting her art and getting lost in pathetic seemingly non-stop, obsessive approval seeking. Sad!

  4. Victoria1 says:

    He’s looking old… Maybe the crazy is wearing him down?

  5. RN says:

    The inability to make a word plural is a skill that many Americans have lost in the past decade. It makes me wonder how people got past a 3rd grade writing level. Just yesterday, I read a post on FB from a published author where she wrote “let’s” and “holiday’s”, and neither word was a possessive nor a contraction. SMH.

  6. Pont Neuf says:

    She looks like a ravenous vampire, and he looks like he just realized that he’s forgotten his garlic cloves and his crucifix. When you take a “happy couple” photograph and your (*allegedly* opportunistic, money hungry) husband looks like he has just given up on life, you know you’re in serious trouble.

    If the man whose “love” you’re generously paying for cannot stand you even after he’s cashed his cheques, you need therapy URGENTLY, because you truly are a basket case.

  7. sauvage says:

    Eddie Cibrian looks slightly disgusted to me.

  8. Prinny says:

    She tweeted yesterday that they were going to decorate their tree. I know Brandi had the boys. I don’t know but growing up that’s something we did as a family. You would think they would wait to have ‘their’ boys to do that. Just shows LR knows nothing about being a Mom….not even a ‘Bonus’ one. It’s all for show.

  9. heidi says:

    If our eyes are the ‘window of the soul’, Eddie is all but dead! Soulless eyes in a man who can’t even feign a spark of joy at this stage in the game. He’s only 39 but looks a haggard 55. All that glittered was not gold, ole Ed.

  10. Rita says:

    If you look deep into Eddie’s eyes (Note proper “s” grammer/spelling) you will see that it’s only gas (As in “it is”, no possessive) …..awwww Eddie, unlike the crazy, this too shall pass.

  11. Nanea says:

    Oh, MeAnn and Ediot!

    She doesn’t look like Falcor for once, but he looks pained and over it…

    I’m not surprised about the apostrophe wandering in, it seems like it’s considered good form nowadays to use it as often as possible… :D

  12. Ojulia123 says:

    Ha! His facial expressions is like, “HELP. ME.”

  13. haha says:

    a grey beard..?is she making him get grey hair?

  14. I.want.shoes says:

    All the crazy in that house is making him age faster. He looks in his mid-fifties.

  15. lassie says:

    She looks extremely smug in the top picture. Almost a Gywneth smugness.

  16. Sway says:

    I’ve never seen a man look SO.BORED. next to his wife.

  17. Rita says:

    If I may recall the tweets of a long time fan and follower of LeAnn’s named Donna who posted the following successive tweets a few weeks ago.

    @Donna: RT@DeanShermet who posted: LeAnn is just tacky.

    While watching the CMA awards: @Donna: Nobody sings better than Carrie Underwood!!!!!

    @Donna: LeAnn just blocked me. WTF is her problem?

    Donna was subsequently kicked out of LeAnn’s paid website and now Donna wants her money back.

  18. Zorbitor says:

    But ya gotta admit, she looks pretty good in these particular pics.

  19. Lil says:

    It looks like she has the damn table cloth wrapped around the front of her. Fugly~

    I think the only reason she tweeted this picture is because she is trying to do damage control since all the negative press came out on Wednesday and Thursday about Eddie being fed up with her nonsense. I doubt he will leave her for a few years though. He likes living the life style and I don’t think he wants to give that up. I believe she will turn the other cheek no matter what he does in order to keep the “happy family” image up. Sad and pathetic.

    I don’t buy her music. For one thing I can’t understand a word she says anymore. Sounds like she has the microphone down her throat.

  20. Sheila says:

    My first thought was he does look miserable, bored and so over her. And her smile is like she’s holding back tears, think she knows he’s over it but is hanging on for dear life.

  21. lisa2 says:

    Not sure about the picture analysis. He is obviously the one snapping the picture based on the hand placement. So he doesn’t mind her tweeting the pic or whatever.

    I never understand why female posters always assume the man is so easily led and has no say in the choices that are being made. Eddie wanted Leanne and she wanted him. they got together and are still together. If he wanted out he would get out like millions of men all over the world.

    • candigirl says:

      Eddie doesn’t get out. He gets even and cheats. He was kicked out of his first marriage and home by Brandi because he was cheating with multiple partners, without protection. This guy is a user. He doesn’t leave, he uses women to get what he needs (a home, attention, money, sex.) And he has different women fulfilling his different needs.
      That’s why his face says: “Baby, don’t be mad, she’s sucking the life out of me. I don’t want to be here but I gotta earn my pay. See you tonight.”

  22. Sara says:

    She looks much better a blonde and his expression says “sorry guys I know she’s crazy but I have to do this”.

  23. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Once Eddie stops putting out, he will be out on his ass….She’s been making money since she was a teenager, and she hasn’t had some of the expensive habits of other stars…I think she’s likely very very wealthy.

    Eddie C. has a life of luxury that would be hard for him to find elsewhere. She seems like the type of person that, once she’s done with a man she’s done. If he’s with a wealthy woman, he needs to remember that – he can be very easily replaced.

    It bothers me that she’s suing people and that she seems addicted to the internet….

    If she really wanted to show everybody, she should go for a stint as a judge on one of the talent shows, or record a new record, and just make more money.

    I remember when she had her first hit single ‘Blue’ when she was just a teenager. I think she needs to try to get back to that kind of feeling in her life – that she’s in control, and stop suing everyone around her.

    She has to realize that people don’t respect homewreckers. That’s because it’s everyone’s worst nightmare. After a scandal she should be trying to live quietly and concentrate on recording.

    Actions speak louder than words…

  24. brin says:

    Good blind item on CDAN that everyone (including me) thinks is Ediot…C list actor who was denied getting a new cellphone & had to use cash (couldn’t use his wife’s credit card)! LMAO!

  25. Cam S says:

    It is soooo telling when some of these “vampire” women get with these hot men and within a year, suck the hotness out of them. I add Olivier Martinez to this list.

  26. Starlight says:

    Actually she looks good. What is this a conspiracy to destroy her. LeAnn pray very hard that’s the only way you can stop this evil thoughts on you by these people. He does not look happy in that picture. Sorry.

  27. Jess says:

    Her hair is darker so that she doesn’t have to bleach her hair during her bandaid pregnancy she’s planning. No roots!

  28. skuddles says:

    I’m amused at the rather pained look on Eddy’s face. She looks lovey-dovey and he just looks annoyed. Or maybe he’s just tired and hung over?

  29. SOUTHERNBELL317 says:

    He looks absolutely MISERABLE! He’s aged at least 10 years in the few he’s been with her… you can tell he wants to run for dear life!

  30. Me says:

    When you marry for money, you pay for every penny. And Eddie looks like he sure has paid for his relationship with insane Leann!

  31. Gisele says:

    It is like she has sucked all of the hotness out of him. He has no character and little acting talent, so his looks were all he had left. Now they are going south in a big way and what is he left with? LeAnn, his litigious, unstable wife. There was a very short period of time where he looked genuinely happy with her. He hasn’t looked that way for quit a while. Now it;s just her clinging desperately and her tweeting about how much he loves her. He is absolutely dependent on her financially and probably would have a hard time leaving when he has no job. He’s been living luxuriously, travelling non-stop, dining out, being lavished with gifts and probably having her pay his child support.I even read that she pays for his parents house. As I said, he has no character, so rather than leave, he just sticks it out. If she seems this unstable to the public, imagine what she’s like in private. He’s probably terrified of what she’ll do if he does try to move on. Not that I feel sorry for him.

  32. bluhare says:

    So have you guys got a pool going yet as to when the divorce will be announced?

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m tired of improper grammar, too; especially when role models display it. As for LeAnn and Eddie, I’m glad the boys got to spend Thanksgiving NOT in their care. I think it’s damaging the boys’ (note the apostrophe :) sense of well being.

  34. Denise says:

    He looks like he’s in pain.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I’ll jump on the grammar bandwagon..

    just last week on facebook, I saw someone posted that her son “one 1st place”. Seriously?? How on earth do you confuse one and won?

    Also: are/our, their/there/they’re, Where/We’re/Were

    The one that makes my head hurt though is saying “could of” instead of “could have”. The most pathetic one is confusing use of saw/seen.

    Ok, off my soapbox.

  36. Nava says:

    Awwww!!! LeAnn and her Thanksgiving turkey. Gobble, gobble.

  37. Dirtnap says:

    Being married to LeAnn is like being a U.S. President. The men go in looking so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and end their term looking like they’ve seen too much.

  38. Zombie Shortcake says:

    There is an apostrophe because she meant to tweet:
    “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cibrian’s insanity.”

  39. truthful says:

    I can’t beleive that I feel sorry for Eddie
    there is something in his eyes…

    Is he being held capitve? LOL

  40. Macey says:

    She is so predictable. I was even going to post a countdown until LR posts a love dovey pic of them or the kids in the other LR post.

    His eyes and face in that pic remind me of the pics they take in hostage situations where the captors make the hostage say something to the family or pose in a pic to prove they are okay. they do what they’re told but you can see the fear and ‘save me’ look in their eyes while telling ppl they are okay and being treated well. His expression and eyes look like he is being held against his will and he is trying to say ‘save me’ with his eyes.

  41. UghInsomnia says:

    She’s looking very Seuss-ian lately. Leann Lou Who.

  42. Mia says:

    Eddie is getting exactly what he deserves!
    All those years of his selfish cheating, lying and hurting others has arrived as payback in the form of this whacked out twit that will make his life a living HELL until the day he dies. Which will probably come from her hand when he tries to escape her wrath.

    Good Luck Eddie…Karma’s A Bitch And She Works On Weekends Too!!!!!!

  43. Mary morrish says:

    Jeez his eyes look so sad. In saying that he knew what he was getting into.

  44. Mia says:

    That does NOT look like a happy man in that pic. I can see a slight look of ‘Please someone help me. She has me chained up in the basement!’

  45. Rita says:

    I often compare the rankings of music on itunes to Amazon. For all the other country artists the two sites track very close in sales, except for LeAnn. On itunes she’ll track a new release in the top 50 for a few days while on Amazon, it’s not even in the top 100. I quess LeAnn down loads her music from itunes….100′s per day.

    Maybe that’s why Eddie was trying to get another cell phone, or was it something (aka someone) else.

  46. Dredz says:

    Does anyone here notice these two obvious facial resemblance???. They look like they could be siblings.

  47. Lisa Marconi says:

    That’s a cute monkey waving in the second pic

  48. TheTruthHurts says:

    His eyes look dead. He has no joy in them, it’s sad, but also hilarious. He deserves every single bit of it. No matter how many pics she posts, LeAnn has to live with the fact that her husband is allegedly cheating on her and if the slight chance he isn’t, that everyone else THINKS he is. That is equally embarrassing & humiliating.

    I’ve noticed on Twitter lately that a few people who have previously been haters of LeAnn had a miraculous “change of heart” about their behavior because they think it will help Kim Smiley. Kissing LeAnn’s butt is not going to help Kim folks, only Kim can help Kim. If she wants to apologize to LeAnn to try and make the lawsuit go away, then let HER do it, stop all this nonsense with rants for “peace” or that you have “found the Lord” again and he would be ashamed of your behavior, in an attempt to make the lawsuit go away. It is not helping, It probably is only giving LeAnn belly laughs knowing she “got” to you and all the haters, just like she wanted to. Good job. If you want to stop tweeting about LeAnn, fine, do that, but don’t send out some tweet apologizing for your behavior. While you go under the guise of helping Kim, it’s very obvious to anyone with a brain that you are doing it because you are damn afraid of getting attached to the lawsuit & sued yourself. At least Jezi & Eileen have been brave enough to stand by what they believe and have not cowered to LeAnn (thank you ladies).

    • Rita says:

      Great post. As I said to The Real Ilana,
      To appease evil, is to encourage it.

    • Deanne says:

      You are so right in what you are saying. I am not a BB, don’t know Kim Smiley in any way and still think that LeAns is a manipulative, vindictive, horrible person. Her treatment of her husband’s ex and exploitation of children who are not heres, makes me sick. Am I supposed to keep my disgust with her silent now and let message boards be overrun with her yes men? Or am I suddenly supposed to post ass-kissing, flip flopping posts about how kind and generous I know she is and beg for forgiveness, That is playing into her hands and doing exactly what she wants. Bullying people into submission by fooling people into thinking that said ass kissing will benefit the woman she is suing. Kim Smiley isn’t responsible for the thousands who think that LeAnn is a narcissistic mess and has no control over what others say about LeAnn. If LeAnn wanted to drop the suit, she would have by now. If she requires an apology from the person she is suing, that should be enough. Expecting everyone else to suck up to her and apologize for our opinions just shows what an entitled person she is. Ilana Angel’s blog was so misguided. Good intentions but directed at someone who is completely underserving of such graciousness.

    • sapphire says:

      +10,000! I have no issue with anyone opting about of any debate for their personal reasons. If they do not feel comfortable commenting because of their own standards, fine. EVen commendable.

      But let’s not ignore what this actually is and it’s called legal blackmail.The use of litigation and threats to induce a chance in opinion I see no eVidence that the actual parties sued asked anyone to back off. And for good reason-does anyone think that will influence Leanne? Does anyone have a right to litigate against indiViduals to threaten a group? This is morally and ethically wrong.

      Sorry about the soapbox, but you know what I do. Anyone who wants to make their own choices and withhold their opinions about this trick, well, that is their option. But don’t expect others to be threatened or extorted to silence.

      Do I need a xanax?

    • candigirl says:

      I’m reposting this from Snowpea on Sept 2nd, she speaks about standing up to abusers. That’s what Leann is, abusive. With her money and celebrity, she manipulates and abuses people to get what she wants. If you cower to her, you are a willing victim.

      “There are people saying things like they feel like she has been unfairly bullied, that people have lashed out at her and that she is the victim of harassment. Well, I’ll be damned. I CANNOT agree with this.
      My mother is identical to Leann Rimes. My mother has Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not here to diagnose Leann but I will say they are very very similar.
      BPD sufferers are very scary people to be around. They cause anguish and fear in the people around them. They are manipulative, cunning, malicious, violent and unpredictable.
      My mother has persecuted, been violent to, harmed, maimed and abused all four of her children for years and years and every time it gets too much and we withdraw for our own sanity and survival she tries to commit suicide, self harm or tells everyone that will listen what awful children we are.
      She IS NEVER at fault. She is never held accountable. She is never responsible for herself. If she is backed into a corner, she will manipulate the situation so that it looks like someone else is fault, no matter how ludicrous or absurd or nonsensical. Sound familiar?
      And yet she has never sought therapy. It is much, much easier for her to spend her whole life blaming everyone else instead of looking into the mirror and acknowledging that she does indeed, need psychiatric help, pronto.
      LeAnn DOES NOT NEED OR DESERVE your sympathy. She has spent her whole life mastering the sympathy game. LeAnn needs a psychiatrist who is willing to sit down with her and gently guide her through the tangled mess that is her personality and psyche and hopefully find some resolution and peace.
      Enough with the sympathy! LeAnn is a very scary, dangerous person with a severe personality disorder who has belatedly discovered that the game is up.”

      • Snowpea says:

        Candigirl that is hilarious. That is the second time you’ve reposted that. I’m
        not sure whether to be flattered or scared ; )

        No seriously, I go back and forth on Leann (as I do with my mum) and sometimes I see a victim and sometimes I see a madwoman.

        Leann is easy to dislike but she also strikes me as a very messed up, vulnerable person and I see both sides (depending on the day ; )

      • Daisy says:

        That describes my mother entirely. I just wanted to say it really helped me to read that. And it’s the first time I saw it, even though it’s a reprint. :)

        My mother abused and shredded me throughout my childhood. She tore away my self-esteem, and also had me convinced that no adult would ever listen, believe or help me. So I never asked. She convinced everyone else that I was a bad seed, which made her abusive behaviour seem okay to them.

        Thank you and Candigirl and Happy Thanksgiving.

        “My mother has persecuted, been violent to, harmed, maimed and abused all four of her children for years and years and every time it gets too much and we withdraw for our own sanity and survival she tries to commit suicide, self harm or tells everyone that will listen what awful children we are.
        She IS NEVER at fault. She is never held accountable. She is never responsible for herself. If she is backed into a corner, she will manipulate the situation so that it looks like someone else is fault, no matter how ludicrous or absurd or nonsensical.”

    • Jessica says:

      @ TruthHurts: Um, could you try being a little LESS obvious you are talking about me? Yes I did tweet that. And I find it incredibly insulting that you throw a jab at someone like myself who genuinely realizes that sometimes I act (or say) things in a way that would not make my Lord happy. I am a Christian and from time to time I feel the need to repent for things. I did not issue an apology to Leann. My feelings towards her were the same that day as they were the day she filed the suit. I apologized for being obnoxious, which occasionally I have been on Twitter. The apology was meant for my followers. This is the “virtual bottle throwing” I was talking about in my tweet about this because I knew there would be some folks immature enough to not understand. Really, what kind of person knocks someone else who sees themselves acting in a way they aren’t proud of and acknowledges it? Some of us have decided the 24/7 name calling and Leann bashing is completely counterproductive and OLD. There are people on Twitter who literally talk about NOTHING but her all day. Excessive much? Many of the people who feel this way don’t say it out loud and only on DM’s exactly for this reason. Oh and FYI I am not concerned about getting sued by Leann. Not even close. I am not a BB and I don’t think Leann gives 2 shits about me. I didn’t even know any of these ladies until about 4 or 5 months ago. Had nothing to do with the phone call or the distribution. Rarely if ever tweeted her directly. So tell me, what is there to be afraid of and why would I wait 3 months after lawsuit is filed to supposedly apologize to Leann? This is the kind of crap that started this lawsuit mess in the first place. I am someone who feels that all the shit talking won’t help Kim. And the people who feel like that get knocked for it. Absolutely unbelievable. You clearly follow me and I find it interesting you wouldn’t tweet this to me directly but instead do it passive aggressively on CB since you think I don’t know who you are here. And I am simply one of those people who agreed with what Ilana said in that blog.

  49. Memphis says:

    I’m guessing the Donjulio and her wallet make it a little easier to pose for her fake happy photos.

    That smirk says “I’m not in LovE…but she thinks I am… and that’s all that matters” ;)

  50. Tamatra says:

    This picture was taken just after LeAnn sang a remake verse of an old hit to her prize:

    “You can try to resist, but my ass you must kiss. But you know, and I know, Ediot, can’t fight the poontang.”

    Hence the facial expressions!

  51. Stars and Stripes says:

    All i see is NOSTRILS!!!

  52. staramour says:

    Is anyone not bothered by her neck?! Seriously, how is her head attached to her body?! (Too easy joke: we know it’s not screwed on straight…)

  53. ravencurls says:

    Maybe she used “Cibrian’s” instead of “Cibrians” because Brandi tweeted a photo of her kids and their cousins with the caption “Glanville’s rule!” instead of “Glanvilles rule!”

  54. Sonia says:

    I saw this on pinterest:
    Let’s eat grandma!

    Let’s eat, grandma!

    Punctuation saves lives people.

  55. Grace says:

    That man looks terrified. I’m sure he was thinking that the pic had better be gorgeous or else.

  56. Ming Lee says:

    eddie looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. why post a pic with the caption “happy” when half of the people in the photo don’t look happy in the slightest. leann is delusional.

    of course leann would block someone for saying that carrie underwood is the best singer around, leann cannot stand to have anyone pop the crazy bubble that she lives in.

    it seems that leann thinks she is untouchable, above the law, better than everyone else, can do no wrong, and her actions only prove this point.

  57. Skipper says:

    What we can’t see is the gun she is holding to his ribcage while this photo was taken.

  58. Janna says:

    Is her new song not charting? It isn’t even in the top 100 of Amazon downloads and I can’t find it on the iTunes charts either. I’ve heard the song. She really mumbles her way through it. She has a good voice but her delivery is terrible.

  59. Ms Kay says:

    Well… We can finally flush those splitville rumours, along with Eddie once-upon-a-hot-guy-time down the toilet, because this picture proves it; they’re obviously together forever and completely happy. *sarcasm*

  60. indi says:

    A question for the legal eagles. How can Leann Rimes post photos of the Cibrian children on her website that she charges people to access, thereby profiting from the images of those children while the children’s mother cannot have them in the background of her TV show (while also profiting from the venture)? The children have no say about the use of their images in either case and in an ideal world should be protected from public exposure until an age when they can make an informed decision about whether they want their pictures plastered all over the internet and TV. However, I would have thought that the step mother should have very little right to be profiting from those children’s images and if she does, the profits should be shared between the parents of said children. At the very least the mother should also be permitted to profit by having her kids with her on the TV show since presumably the ex-husband profits from the website(he surely would have to give permission for Rimes to use their images for profit). And I see no difference between tv video versus photos plastered frequently in the tabloids and on Rimes twitter feed and pay for access website. Those photos are obvious PR set ups and the potential for “teasing or bullying” of the children at school would remain the same whether from TV or tabloid exposure. In both cases children shouldn’t probably see either the TV show (given its later timeslot) or the tabloids/internet access (parental supervision) but that is probably an unrealistic assumption in today’s world. Plus if Rimes hasn’t figured out that the tabloids and blog sites trawl her twitter feed for stories by now then she is a bigger moron than the lawsuit would suggest. She knows and she uses the twitter feed as her means of trying remain relevant as many commentators have already pointed out.

  61. Jill says:

    I feel sorry for both of them. He looks trapped and resigned. She’s in denial and isn’t quite ready to accept that he’ll do the same thing TO her that he did with her.

    This is going to fck her up when it comes to a head. Hopefully her angst will lead to award-winning creativity. He’ll just move on to the next one, younger,prettier, dumber, with bigger bolt-ons and more money.

  62. lindy loo says:

    I wonder why Falcor hasn’t realized that you can’t build happiness on top of others’ unhappiness.
    It just makes for a rotten, decaying foundation.

  63. Yasmine says:

    I see a divorce comming. It’s weird but couples who are in trouble don’t see it but it is showing on their attitude and body language….

  64. NinaS says:

    When I see that smug face of hers, I imagine she’s thinking only of Brandi when she snaps pics like this. This smugness and her gloating are two of the reasons for the immense dislike of her.

  65. Juliette says:

    Anyone that needs to constantly profess what a happy marriage they have obviously is having problems. I’ve been with my husband 22 years and aside from the occasional remark I rarely do that. I don’t need to prove it to anyone.

    She’s pathetic.

    • Jayna says:

      I always said after a failed trauma/drama relationship that looked great from the outside but troubled on the inside that what goes on within the four walls of my home is what I cared most about with my relationship now, not carrying on to other people or putting on for show for people to envy me. At home having affection, love, respect and passion for each other was what was paramount. I have always noticed the people sharing TMI or talking incessantly about their great relationship are trying to prove something not true and this especially goes for celebs who like Leann and Demi who post photos the way they
      do added with their tweets. If Leann cared more about her relationship instead if spending time posting staged photos of them or herself (trying to prove how hot she is), and what a great bonus mom she is, she would be living it, not posting it, with just an occasional photo or tweet about them here or there. Looking at LeAnn as a singer has taken such a backseat to her focusing to get inane photos in the Daily Mail, etc, and just be an attention hog overshadowing her singing career as a country music artist. Look at Carrie Underwood and how she treats her marriage and private life. Just glimpses here and there. Thus, we see her as an artist.

      Taylor Swift is different. She has a teen fanbase, so immaturity is allowed. LeAnn is 30.

      • Lil says:

        I so agree with your post! One thing; LeAnn may be 30 but her behavior is not that of a 30 year old in my opinion. It is more in line with a 13-15 year old school girl. Too bad no one can get through to her and help her to realize how she is making such a fool of herself. One day she will look back on her life with so much regret and embarrassment. That is if she ever really grows up.

  66. joanne says:

    eddie needs tyra to teach him how to smile with his eyes.

  67. LeslieM says:

    Why is she tweeting? Isn’t that what caused so many of her problems?

    • Yasmine says:

      Well you should check her twitter now,because she just wrote that she had “done something” with ediot.
      sharing you intimate life on twitter means that you want and like the drama!
      Don’t you have something other to do after “that”other than TWEET?

  68. Twez says:

    I’m just grateful they aren’t dressed up as Pilgrims.

  69. misstrishm says:

    So he doesn’t like her being on twitter? but he’s going to let her take pictures of him and post them for all the world to see. Hum.

  70. emme says:

    Why is so hard for Le-horse to keep her ugly face out of a camera? She’s not cute and no believes that her marriage is all she’s faking it to be.

  71. candigirl says:

    Scheana Marie Jancan has a new reality TV series, a spin-off of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, called Vanderpump Rules. You know Eddie will be tuning in, that must be why he was trying to buy another cell phone on the down low.