Shia LeBeouf & his girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, split after two years: any takers?

Shia LeBeouf

Shia LeBeouf and his long-suffering girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, have split after two years of grumpy, crotchety behavior on his behalf. Of course, I’m assuming a few things here: (1) That Karolyn has, like many of us, had it up to here with Shia’s “method” attitude; and (2) Shia is as much of a douche in private as he is in public. Some of you have questioned my bias against Shia in previous posts, but all I really know about this relationship is that these two were often (as these photos show) lovey dovey on red carpets and on movie sets, but when they didn’t know the cameras were around, things didn’t seem to go so well. After all, they were spotted fighting in public in August, and Karolyn seemed quite infuriated about something while Shia looked like he was trying to dismiss whatever it was she was upset about. I could have read the situation wrong, but it really looked like she was legitimately freaked out, and he just wanted her to shut up.

Anyway, now Karolyn and Shia are over, and because this is a gossip site, we are free to speculate what went down. Was Karolyn upset because Shia not only signed on to do actual sex in Lars von Trier’s N*mphomaniac but also that he told everyone that his audition process basically consisted of him sending videos of him & Karolyn doing it for Lars’ viewing pleasure? I think that would have been the end of the relationship for me, but here’s the story from Us Weekly:

Shia LeBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is a single man once more.

The Lawless actor has split with his girlfriend of nearly two years, Karolyn Pho, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

According to the source, the former Disney Channel star broke up with his stylist love “a while ago.” Now, he seems focused on moving forward — LaBeouf, 26, was spotted cozying up to a mystery blonde at L.A.’s Magic Castle Saturday night.

LaBeouf first met Pho in early 2011 during a trip to a karaoke club in L.A.’s trendy Echo Park neighborhood. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times that summer, the famously hot-tempered Transformers star credited his then-girlfriend with helping him grow up a little — which included encouraging him to expand his culinary palate.

“Pate? A cheese plate? That’s a very 25-year-old deal,” he shared. “I can get down with some fig jelly and some cheese on a cracker . . . [Karolyn's] having me try different things.”

Prior to meeting Pho, LaBeouf dated Carey Mulligan for about a year (the couple split in October 2010). Mulligan has since moved on with — and gotten married to! — rocker Marcus Mumford.

[From Us Weekly]

Karolyn will bounce back in no time. She’s an attractive girl with a career as an up-and-coming stylist, and perhaps she (like Carey Mulligan) will find the right dude in her next relationship and totally get married. Like, maybe Shia is a Good Luck Chuck type of talisman. Wouldn’t that be funny? Then Shia could give a passive-aggressive interview about how Karolyn (like Carey) was “chasing marriage,” and we’ll all just roll our eyes. Poor Shia. At least he still has his sexy mom and a banana.

Shia LeBeouf

Shia LeBeouf

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, and WENN

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  1. Elceibeno says:

    Selena Gomez should in a very private way get a piece of Shia. He is douchy but he looks like a hot piece of one-night ass.

  2. Mel says:

    Ladies, form a queue behind me!…to run in the opposite direction of Shia LaBeouf.

  3. PrettyTarheel says:

    Shia is kind of a dirty douche, so I’m having trouble finding sympathy for him, but the Good Luck Chuck joke strikes a nerve/chord. I was the real “Good Luck Chuck” for six or seven guys I casually or seriously dated in my twenties-it REALLY sucked. It wasn’t all serious or sexual relationships, but I was kind of an insecure mess at the time anyways and that added to it-from about 21-27 I had NO luck.

  4. Miss Kiki says:

    F-ck it, if he shaves,gets a haircut and does NOT speak then yea I’m game. Guys you owe me big style for this.

  5. Incredulous says:

    Shia and Lindsay should go out.

    And by go out I mean stay in and flop sweat and deluso-rage to each other where none of us can hear them.

    Then we wall the place up.

  6. Simone says:

    He is a pretentious douche. But they look so cute together in those pictures!

  7. Adrien says:

    Any takers? Yes, I’d take Karolyn Pho.

  8. Mia 4S says:

    Run Karolyn run, and don’t look back.

    Shia’s on borrowed time. He thinks he is a bigger deal than he is. The reality is his blockbuster success was due to being Spielberg’s favorite for about a minute. Then me alienated that relationship and started generally acting like an ass. There are better looking and more talented guys in your age group Shia, let’s see how you do without powerful friends.

  9. Elisabeth says:

    Yes, he IS just as much of a douche in private as he seems in public! When I was in grad school I worked at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca and he was filming Wall Street II. He came into the store one day and he was such a dick to everyone that Carey Mulligan, who was with him, let him walk ahead of her and then mouthed “sorry” at the people (including me) behind the cash register.

  10. Dana M says:

    Not even for 1 million dollars.

  11. Aud says:

    Never mind women, I don’t think that there are gay men willing to take him on.

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I think this kid has some talent but no, I wouldn’t hit it for many reasons beyond his overall grubbiness and littleness (little guys with little hands creep me out).
    He seems like a total pain in the ass, really high-maintenance guy that’s used to being coddled. I hate dudes like that. *I* like to be the one that’s coddled. *snickers*

  13. madpoe says:

    I’d rather start an expensive drug habit than share a bed with him.

  14. Happyhat says:

    Pfft… I’d love pate and a cheese plate and I’m 30. I must be uncultured.

  15. Sweet Dee says:

    We’re free to speculate on the breakup?

    I think he asked Karolyn to do a bunch of freaky group stuff and then cheated all over her when she refused. She was watching his house while he was away filming n*mphomaniac in…Germany? London? I forget. Anyway, cheated on her, told her, and then rolled his eyes when she got upset. Then the clouds parted and she had a realization: he’s a megadouche. And the rest is history, folks.

  16. DreamyK says:

    Nope. He’s an alcoholic who occasionally relapses into sobriety. Dude seems toxic and intent on shitting on everything he’s been fortunate enough to have been involved in. The self loathing is strong in this one.

  17. KellyinSeattle says:

    Karolyn Pho , whom I don’t even know, can do much better…

  18. Alexis says:

    I would…but his mom scares me and I feel like I’d zone out when he was talking to me and dislike a lot of his music.

  19. Ally8 says:

    Him and KStew? Perfect disheveled pairing?

    Or him & James Franco? Perfect pompous pairing?