Eric Bana vs. Charlie Hunnam at ‘Deadfall’ premiere: who would you rather?

Sometimes I’m surprised by commenters’ fickleness when it comes to hot guys. Like, what I think is a random post about some gorgeous dude becomes one of the most commented-upon posts of the day, but when I actually make the effort to write something interesting about another hot guy, sometimes you’ll ignore it. What gives? Maybe it’s just the general mood, or the Celebitchy groupthink. You have dongs on the mind, but it has to be the right dong for the right day. Fickle bitches.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction to yesterday’s Eric Bana post. We don’t get new Bana photos that often, so when we do, I’ll definitely make the effort to post them. So here’s something special – back-to-back Bana posts within two days! Last night, Bana was at the LA premiere of Deadfall, his new film which we discussed yesterday (in between moans of longing). The film also stars Olivia Wilde (meh) and Charlie Hunnam. I’m also including pics of them.

I do find Charlie attractive – he’s got an amazing body, and his whole vibe is very appealing to me… gritty, real dude, tough, badass, but with a sensitive side (I mean, he’s an ACTOR for goodness sake). He’s got an amazing body and a good face.

… But I would still rather go home with Eric Bana. LOOK AT HIM. Dong Kryptonite!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I have been in love with Charlie Hunnam since he played Lloyd on Undeclared.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He’s not my usual type but I am SO hot for him. It’s hard for me to follow SOA because my mind starts making up sex fantasies about Jax and I stop paying attention.

      As attractive as Bana is, he looks a bit Dad-ish here, so Hunnam wins this round for me. I would nail that man to the wall.

    • Canda says:

      Same. It’s not totally fair to compare Charlie in his Jax hairdo and beard to Eric Bana here… Charlie cleans up well, it’s just not obvious.

      I have NEVER been attracted to a blue eyed blonde before Charlie. Ever. I could mention a litany of things I’d do to that man, most of which would probably get me banned from Celebitchy… he is so ridiculously hot, and so, he wins every time. I just can’t entertain anyone else, it’s not a fair fight.

      Oh jeebus Charlie… ugly it up so I can have a restful night’s sleep, will ya??

      • MaiGirl says:

        I so agree. I usually like darker features, but Charlie and, yes, Daniel Craig (controversial choice, I know, cuz he is definitely kind of funny looking) are changing my mind. I think it’s because they just ooze masculinity, and have a sort of weird sensitivity and physical grace, too. Whatever. They give me the special tingles and that’s all that really counts.

  2. ds says:

    Eric Bana to go, thank you very much

  3. Amelia says:

    Kaiser, you legend; back-to-back Bana?
    I salute you for services to Australian dong lovers.
    And this is probably my cue to leave – I’m not sure I’m up to facing Eve, today. I don’t think I’ve got the strength to survive a slut shank.
    Peace out.

  4. marie says:

    hmm Bana, if yesterday taught me anything-those ladies don’t share, so I’ll leave him to them.

  5. Gigi says:

    Both! I have to watch this movie..

  6. Christina says:

    Bana by a country mile.

    Bana is a Greek (OK Aussie)god. The other dude is a poor woman’s Brad Pitt.

  7. Hmm says:

    Since I am short, with dark hair and eyes, I have always been more attracted to blonde, blue-eyed boys. Give me Charlie H. any day!

  8. Eve says:

    BANA! Banana, Bana’s banana?

    Bana, definitely Bana.

  9. Jess says:

    I absoultely melt for a beautiful pair of blue eyes, and Charlie has em. Charlie.

  10. epiphany says:

    Eric any day, but it’s interesting that Wilde has a more square jaw than both of them.

    @original bellaluna – remember, when making your choice, Eric IS tall!

  11. Jessica6 says:

    BOTH these men start my engine! I just love, love, love handsome, MASCULINE looking older guys, and these two fit the bill perfectly. They’re not pretty boys devoid of character in their faces, and that suits this girl mighty fine.

  12. GoodCapon says:

    I don’t know who Hunnam is but that doesn’t really matter. I don’t find him attractive at all. BANA all the waaayyy!!

  13. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I hate Olivia Wilde’s shoes. She’s so hot, why is she dressed so…meh?

  14. Christina says:

    Meh. I mean who would throw either of them out of bed?? Not many, but they are not that interesting to me. I like SOA and think Charlie is great on it, but his greasy hair is gross. Also the weird fleshy colored beard is creepy.He is a good looking man though, esp from the neck down. As for Bana, he is definitely attractive, but just in a generic way to me. IDK, he just does not invoke any UNF feelings for me at all.

  15. Dani says:

    My dad once told me to watch SOA because he thought I’d find Charlie hot. Thank, dad! Don’t know who he is but he is so gorgeous in a lumberjack kind of way.

    I’d like to be sandwiched in between the, thanks.

  16. Lipsy says:

    I don’t watch SoA so I don’t ‘get’ Charlie Hunnam but oh I get Eric Bana!!!

  17. roxy750 says:

    Holy SH*& Charlie. Are you kidding me? He is hot. Who is this guy? YIKES!

  18. Nicolette says:

    Charlie Hunnam for sure! Ever since I saw his cover of Men’s Fitness I’ve thought he was incredibly hot.

  19. MG says:

    Kaiser- you make my mornings!!

    To answer the questions… B A N A!

  20. lizzi says:

    can i have both at the same time? that’s what i’d choose. :)

  21. Jenna says:

    Charlie. At least for a ride. HELLO Jax Teller. Unf.

  22. Starlight says:

    Eric Bana of course. Have you seen Eric Bana and Rachel McAdam together? The chemistry is pulsating. See the movie “The Time Travele’s Wife” and you will know what I am talking about.

  23. Gina says:

    Charlie, all day, every day. Yep Jax is too hot! yum yum

  24. bettyrose says:

    Charlie Hunnam makes me weak. I don’t even see the people standing around him. Out of curiosity, I netflixed old episodes of Queer as Folk, the British version, to see him as a teenager. He’s almost like a different person because he’s so thin, but he still has that sweet, sexy smile (don’t judge me for noticing teen Charlie).

  25. KellyinSeattle says:

    Eric over Grizzly Adams any day!

  26. kk2 says:

    Laineygossip calls charlie “mr unphotogenic” for a reason. But in action, on screen, the man is unbelievably hot. Just seeing this post means my entire morning is now wasted fantasizing about jax teller.

  27. mia girl says:

    It’s Bana. Today, tomorrow, forever.

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    BOTH!! BOTH BOTH BOTH BOTH BOTH!!!! We can take turns, share, have water breaks (cuz baby, we’ll NEED them!) and maybe some snacks!!

    (Charlie for dirty, gritty Jax sex, and Bana for family man, altruistic with slightly curmudgeonly tendencies sex. I know, w-a-y too much thought in that.)

    “Fickle bitches” – Kaiser, I love you!

  29. TinaM says:

    OMG – Again Kaiser – I love you. This is extremely hard, I don’t want to choose, because they both can just kill me dead with a stare. I’ve only recently started watching SOA, and yeah, Jax is the sexiest guy on TV for sure, but I don’t know, Bana is just slightly above him for me.

    Also, that comment above Bana’s Banana!! Love it. Yes, Yes Yes

  30. jc126 says:

    Tough decision to choose one. I’d totally be the meat in that sandwich, however!

  31. Marty says:

    Charlie all the way!!! I was fortunate enough to meet Charlie in November when he came to Galvaston, TX. He IS really hot but he is also amazingly sweet! He must have seen close to 400 fans the 3 days he was there and was so kind and generous with his time. That pretty much sold it for me!!! He’s great.

  32. Tiffany27 says:

    Both. One in the front and one in the back please!

  33. Tiffany27 says:

    Both! One in the front and one in the back please.

  34. EmmGee says:

    I’m not normally into blonds (hubs is tall, dark, and handsome) but on the nights we watch SOA, he gets mindblowingly good sex and I’m not even sure if he has made the connection!!

  35. andy says:

    I want to throw Charlie’s back out.

  36. jessiesgirl says:

    Uuhhh, Jax! I mean Charlie ;) . Bana looks like someone you can have a nice dinner date with, but Charlie would make you walk funny the next day – in a good way!!!

  37. megan says:

    Hunnam…that body. I’m also a sucker for a good blond. Hot blond dudes are wayyyy less common than hot dark haired dudes.

  38. Ms Kay says:

    Eh. I take Hector all day long… *goes to bedroom to look for Troy DVD*

  39. shewolf says:


    Although I have to say Hunan almost won. I dont know why because he is blond and blue eyed and hairy and I absolutely loathe his character/acting skills on SOA. Honestly his fake tough guy american accent is just awful and whenever my husband watches the show I do my Jax walk impersonation. But he’s English… and northern at that.

  40. chloe says:

    Charlie, without a doubt! SOA is one of the best shows on TV.

    And what the hell is Olivia wearing???

  41. Memphis says:

    BOTH! I want both. I know I sound spoiled and I don’t care. :)

    I don’t usually like Blondes..But Charlie seems like he would be so good I would forget he was blonde.

  42. ChocoChipDstryr says:

    Bana all the way. I’d consider Hunnam if he got rid of flesh-colored facial pubes.

  43. CatSoDaffy says:

    Totally non-responsive comment… I need a Chris Messina fix bad!

  44. Mira says:

    Bana forever but Charlie boy wins this round just for the beard. I would nail him without a beard too, but I love men who can work a full beard. I still remember Leto during the campaign with ScarJo. Damn he was hot! Ewan Mcgregor + full beard = boom.

  45. Lexi says:

    Hand down, charlie hunnam, i want him soooooo bad, he is soooooo hot, i love him, i’ve loved him since he was in abandoned with katie holmes

  46. hearther says:

    back when i was an extra working on sons of anarchy, i was in the lunch line with a friend when we turned and realized he was in line behind us. when we offered to let him go ahead of us, since a lot of actors see extras as being very, very low on the totem pole, he said “oh no ladies, please! it’s no problem! go ahead” in his yummy british accent. i already loved him before (hello beautiful), but that make me love him even more. so sweet.

  47. Jade says:

    I think Eric Bana looks like he could be Adam Scott’s big brother. Which is not a bad thing, in my book. More Eric!!!!

  48. Turtle Dove says:

    Kaiser, keep the Eric Bana posts coming. He’s gorgeous, rugged and manly, and seems like a good guy.

  49. Rachel says:

    Charlie Hunnam. he just look like a god <3

  50. Missy says:

    Charlie Hunnam…all day, EVERY day! I have been in love with him since the first scene of the first season of SOA. He is so damn yummy!

  51. Chrissy says:

    Eric Bana lives in the same suburb as I do and I’ve served him once (whilst working as a waitress at a cafe). And unlike these red carpet pictures, he doesn’t come off as a sexy sexy man. I was surprised that he looked so ‘ordinary’ (for a lack of words).

  52. Kristin says:

    I love Charlie, but Eric is amazing. :-)

  53. Becks says:

    My biscuit is on fire for Eric Banana!

  54. Mingy says:

    I’m reading “50 shades” (no judgement ;) ), and Ive been picturing Charlie as Christian this whole time..YUMMM

    Oh and I loved yesterday’s Bana post, u naughty girls lol

  55. Northwoman says:

    Charlie, no matter who the other guy is.

  56. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’m in finals week so thanks for the hot guy break. I love Charlie. I’m more of a dark haired gal myself but he is amazingly hot on SoA. His body is crazy and he is a really great actor.

    I wish Wilde wasn’t ruining these pictures. I don’t know why I can’t stand her but I just can’t … she has such a snotty vibe.

  57. Jill says:

    Jax Jax Jax! I have been in love since Undeclared too! But Bana in Troy, Brad was beautiful in it but I was all about some Bana! We don’t see him enough…don’t make me choose!

  58. Maureen Fairhurst says:

    Charlie hands down! Don’t know nor care to know Bana, he doesn’t exist in my book. Now take Charlie, I’d do him everyday from sunrise to sunset if I could. He’s so damn hot, idk anyone who wouldn’t take Hunnam over Bana. As, one person said, Charlie oozes sex, while this Bana guy looks daddyish, boring. Give me Charlie any day, night and everything in-between! I love him <3

  59. Maureen Fairhurst says:

    Charlie hands down! Don’t know nor care to know Bana, he doesn’t exist in my book. Now take Charlie, I’d do him everyday from sunrise to sunset if I could. He’s so damn hot, idk anyone who wouldn’t take Hunnam over Bana. As, one person said, Charlie oozes sex, while this Bana guy looks daddyish. Give me Charlie any day, night and everything in-between! I love him :O

  60. Maureen Fairhurst says:

    Charlie hands down! Don’t know nor care to know Bana, he doesn’t exist in my book. Now take Charlie, I’d do him everyday from sunrise to sunset if I could. He’s so damn hot, who wouldn’t take Hunnam over Bana. As one person said, Charlie oozes sex, while Bana looks daddyish. Give me Charlie any day, night and everything in-between! I love him :O

  61. mom2two says:

    Why should we have to choose? How about both?
    Love both of these men. Keep the Bana posts coming and feel free to post away about Charlie. I’d rather read about Eric and Charlie then people like Robert Pattinson.

    I will have to see Deadfall. Eric Bana and Charlie Hunnam in the same movie? Is that safe?

  62. tango says:

    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Now, I think the hair and beard aren’t that attractive but since it’s the look he has to rock for his biker character on Sons of Anarchy, I give him a pass.

  63. Eener says:

    My fellow Aussie, definitely. Kaiser, this is for you – where it all began

  64. Jennifer says:

    @Eener oh yes i was just thinking about him as Poida he was such a cutee then, do you remember Tim Wilson and Ray Martin as well. He is a damn fine mimic and well it was Chopper that burst him on to the big screen but those nights watching full frontal were a HOOT!!!!!