Anne Hathaway in Givenchy at the ‘Les Mis’ UK premiere: white-hot or hot mess?

These are photos from last night’s UK premiere of Les Miserables. Note: I am splitting up the premiere pics into two batches, one for the boys and one for the girls. And I’m only focusing on the people who are actually in the movie too. I have to say… none of these ladies is really blowing me away, style-wise. Let’s talk about Anne Hathaway first. She wore a white beaded Givenchy Spring ’12 gown which… isn’t great. Like, I don’t flat-out hate it (it doesn’t disgust me), but I think Annie could do so much better, and she could do so much better with very little effort. Maybe she’s saving her really amazing looks for other red carpets down the line. I will say this: I LOVE her hair right now. It’s long enough in the front to be swept aside and her hair just looks really great this length. Also: this Givenchy is a mess in the back.

Here’s Amanda Seyfried in Balenciaga. It’s okay from the waist up, but it’s just so fussy and overly-ruffled from the waist down. Her boobs look amazing though.

Samantha Barks – this is her big, big debut (she’s a stage actress). She plays Eponine. For her first big red carpet, Samantha chose… Stella McCartney dress. Bad move, Samantha, although it could have been worse. As it is… her dress looks like a boob sling. That swerving cutout is cray.

Helena Bonham Carter = The Queen. I’m assuming this is Westwood. Fabulous.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. cRAZY 1d fan says:

    Why doesn’t Helena take a little effort with her hair? She’s so pretty!

  2. lucy2 says:

    Don’t like any of them.
    Anne’s would be better without the sleeves, and Samantha’s would be better without the cutout.
    Helena is Helena as always, but something about the top of her dress and that pose are unflattering. But she probably couldn’t care less!

  3. alons-y alonso says:

    Anne Hathaway’s dress looks like a long studded white towel.

  4. Ranunculus says:

    I actually like Samantha’s dress, Helena looks awful as always and Anne has sour cheek muscles from her 24/7 fake smiling. Amanda’s dress is not really great but the rest of her is gorgeous.

    • deehunny says:

      yea, Amanda’s dress is beautiful from the waist up but there’s something off about the draping.

      I guess I like Ann’s dress the best. At least it is different with the whole sleeve thing.

      Girl in the cut-out leotard dress needs to get with the program.

  5. Nessa says:

    Oh Annie…. Just…. Nooooo.

  6. Calimero says:

    Helena Bonham Carter is great, the others : beurk

  7. carrie says:

    WHITE BATMAN !!!!!
    all the dresses are meeeeeeh

  8. serena says:

    I actually loathe all of them. Ugh, horrible chooses ladies.

  9. neelyo says:

    They should save Anne’s Oscar for when she plays Liza Minnelli in the biopic LIFE IS A CABARET.

  10. Ms Kay says:

    Hathaway looks like some giant mermaid with wings!

    Love Helena Bonham Carter dress.

  11. marie says:

    there’s too much fabric with Anne’s dress, I do like her hair though.

    Amanda is pretty but she’s always a meh for me, not really feeling that dress.

    Samantha probably looks best to me (which isn’t saying much)she’s got a beautiful smile..

    and Helena is always beautiful but something about the top seems off and makes her seem linebacker-ish (maybe it’s the way she’s standing)

  12. Christina says:

    The beading on Anne’s dress is a bit much, but otherwise I quite like it!

    Amanda’s dress might have looked great on Cate Blanchett or Charlize Theron, but she doesn’t have the height or the sass to carry it off. Why are young actresses so, so bland these days?

  13. Rose says:

    Aw good for Samantha! She was on a talent show here in the UK a few years ago to find a new lead for Nancy in Oliver Twist, she didn’t win but Andrew Lloyd Webber really liked her and now she’s getting there, i’m really pleased for her, she’s v talented

  14. Skipper says:

    No way anyone really likes Helena’s look. You just like her f u attitude. That dress looks like a gothy 80s prom dress. At least the other girls bothered getting fitted for their ugly dresss

    • Ann says:


      I love Helena, but that dress is fug. Goth prom dress is the perfect description for it. It’s poorly fit and does nothing for her.

      I don’t love all the sheer in Samantha’s dress (I am OVER this sheer trend – enough) but the dress does look good on her.

      Amanda’s dress is wearing her, rather than the other way around. And Anne’s dress is meh, although she wears it well.

    • Christina says:


      Also, in my opinion Helena’s sassy I-don’t-give-a-toss-for-this-fashion-malarky image has taken a serious knock by the fact that she has clearly had work done on her face.

    • Sweet Dee says:


      Agree totally, she looks terrible here no matter how much I love the woman. Is that brown lip liner under pale pink lipstick? Tsk, tsk, Helena.

      I do so love Amanda Seyfried but I wish she would shine more. She’s gorge but the dress is meh.

      I do not love Anne and her dress is…I guess humorously atrocious? I think it’s fug as hell but to the point that I find it funny.

  15. Zelda says:

    I actually love Hathaway’s dress. It’s so 1930′s Greta Garbo.

  16. Sisi says:

    Love the necklines of Anne and Amanda’s dresses, but that’s it. All the dresses are meh

  17. Micah says:

    I can’t get past the pose harding…..and the Show offy type PR push this movie comes with….

    It’s all I see from these pics, it’s actually distracting.

    I actually like the Givenchy dress….

    Love Helena!

  18. GoodCapon says:

    Designer made or not that dress is awful.

    I’m seriously getting boob envy with Amanda here and Isla Fisher in the other post!

  19. hoopjumper says:

    I actually really like Samantha’s dress.

    But I don’t know why. Maybe because the fit is so perfect…?

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    “Have you seen it? The darn thing has WINGS!” and “WTF is she wearing?” were the first things that came to mind.

  21. Micki says:

    I actually like Anne’s dress a lot.It’s something different and she has the body for it too. The McCartney dress is nice only as a general shape, otherwise it’s just tragic.
    And HBC seems to wear variations of the same dress over and over.

  22. LouiseM says:

    Helena Bonham Carter’s dress is great!

  23. Ann says:

    Can we talk about the shoes too? These high platform pumps like Amanda and Helena are wearing are not for formal dresses. They detract from the dress. Formal shoes should be a bit more sleek, so attention is on the dress. Instead, your eye gets drawn to a big clunky shoe, that looks like a horse hoof.

  24. Fashion Spy says:

    I freaking love Anne’s dress! I do not like the frills down her butt though … I must be the only person on the planet that likes it! haha!

    Everybody else looks horrendous.. Yikes!

    • Christina says:

      No, I like it too – but not on Anne. As I said above, her nasty tom-boy haircut ruins the look. This dress would look fab on Uma Thurmam or Kim Cattrall – or someone who would carry off that Old Hollywood vibe.

      • Annie says:

        I feel the opposite – this is the kind of dress I’d never wear but I freakin’ LOVE it on Anne. The other dresses I haaaate, especially Amanda’s. How can a dress manage to make a thin girl like Amanda look dumpy? Samantha’s looks like discount hooker wear.

  25. Minnie says:

    Ever since reading amanda’s interview in marie claire ( i think it was) and she called her breasts “sacks of fat” i have disliked her. She’s not a smart one.

  26. MSL says:

    I wish I had her hair stylist. I’m trying to grow out a pixie cut and I am starting to look like Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire lol. Not the look I’m going for.

  27. PortlandJan says:

    I actually like Helena Bonham Carter’s dress, but her hair looks like she styled it with a Weed-Whacker.

  28. Jenna says:

    Eh. It’s okay. I’m not crazy about the beading on it. And I don’t like the rufflage on Amanda’s dress.

    But I LOVED the dress Anne wore in New York. She owned it!

  29. KellyinSeattle says:

    I actually kind of like Anne’s dress, but can’t get beyond the fact that she tries to be the spokesperson for the entire planet. I like her “boyish/tomboy” haircut. I even got mine cut like it, before Anne got hers.

  30. tabasco says:

    Love Anne’s dress. Amanda’s dress is WAY better in the runway version, it’s wearing her here.

  31. Stubbylove says:

    It seems like Anne’s dress was a good idea sketchwise – I don’t hate it – I like the front and dislike the back – too many ideas going on with it though. I think her minimal styling works well and agree her hair is at a perfect length for her features. That being said, LOVE HELENA – that bitch deserves worship.

  32. alyssa says:

    Anne’s dress can’t be comfortable to sit in…

  33. Reece says:

    Anne: It has wings!?!?…I don’t know.
    Amanda: I think I could potentially like it but something is off. Again, I don’t know.
    Samantha: It’s not the worst SM I’ve seen. She looks good and excited to be there.
    HBC: All you b*tches talking about her need to have a seat. That is her style and has been for some time and she OWNS it! Therefore no complaints from me. Would I wear it? No but it’s not me. That’s HBC, without ever seeing her face you know who that is

  34. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Anne looks pretty from the neck up. Love her hair this way.
    Amanda’s dress is fug.
    And that girl in the blue dress = yuck. Stella M should NOT be designing clothing, wtf!
    And HBC = perfection as always.

  35. lflips says:

    All of those dresses are heinous.

  36. Diana says:

    Helena is just a goddess, period.

  37. Reggie says:

    Anne Hathaway has no butt.

    Amanda is very cute.

  38. aston martin says:

    You know that kind vintage 1950′s textured milk glass with the bumps? Her dress reminds me of that. Photo:

    I think Amanda is really close to carrying off all those frills, but doesn’t quiiiite make it.

  39. RobN says:

    Hate Anne’s dress but love the hair; I envy anybody with the bone structure to pull that off, although it wouldn’t hurt her to close her mouth once in awhile.

    Helena is Helena.

    Not sure if I like Samantha’s dress, but with that body, I’m not sure it matters what she wears.

  40. dj says:

    No lack of beautiful women but a huge lack of charisma. Boring. I do love Anne’s hair and beautiful neck. Her dress silhouette is gorgeous but not in that strange fabric. Amanda is beautiful. I keep forgetting how gorgeous she is.

  41. dj says:

    No lack of beautiful women but a huge lack of charisma. Boring. I love Anne’s hair and beautiful neck. Her dress silhouette is gorgeous but not in that strange fabric. Amanda is beautiful. I keep forgetting how gorgeous she is.

  42. dj says:

    No lack of beautiful women but a huge lack of charisma. Boring. I love Anne’s hair and beautiful neck. Her dress silhouette is gorgeous but not in that strange fabric. Amanda is beautiful.

  43. hally says:

    Amanda is so crazy gorgeous, a true natural beauty, but those ruffles….

    Anne’s dress sucks, it looks like a valentino from seasons passed crossed with a goose. Props for her bravery, but this dress was not worth it. Happy to see her hair growing out to a point where she can finally do stuff with it.

    Also, I’m glad that an unknown who does this type of thing for a living is getting her big break with this, i’ll refrain from commenting on her stella fug, but whoever did Samantha’s makeup really contoured the shit out of it! Her eyes look amazing too!

  44. hally says:

    OOooo, i forgot to add what I came here to say, is there anything going on with Amanda and delicious sometimes-ginger Eddie Redmayne??? Please post the pics of them posing together, justjared has pics of him holding an umbrella for her (so cute!!!), i really want to see what the celebitches think is going on. If anything, they definitely have good chemistry!