Prince Harry worries that his former hookup’s tell-all reality show will ruin him

Do you miss Prince Harry? I miss him. I’m assuming he’s still in Afghanistan, although after the initial rush of news (“royal propaganda”) about him, there has been little to no information. I think just after Duchess Kate announced her pregnancy, there were reports that Harry sent her a note and some flowers or something. That’s about it. And the tabloids are feeling the lack of Harry news! So they’re trying to create a scandal about some chick that Harry dated back in April, months before we saw the royal jewels.

Back in April, Harry began casually dating a chick named Mollie King. Many British people know Mollie because she’s part of the girl group The Saturdays, who are basically only famous in the UK and a few other European countries. I knew of Mollie because she had dated my future husband David Gandy for the better part of a year until he dumped her. I also knew of her because she consistently strikes me as an unrepentant famewhore. Just one week into her relationship with Gandy, she was already giving tell-all, gossipy interviews about him. Within days of “spending time” with Prince Harry, Mollie’s “friends” were already dishing the dirt on their future together. I’m just sayin’ – the girl’s a famewhore. Anyway, Harry and Mollie were literally only “together” for like three weeks, tops. But Harry is super-concerned that Mollie is part of new E! reality show about The Saturdays, and obviously, this girl loves to talk:

As Prince William prepares for the birth of his royal baby, his brother Prince Harry is readying himself for a different kind of arrival – a tell-all TV show by his ex-girlfriend!

Harry briefly dated Mollie King of the UK girl-band The Saturdays earlier this year and is terrified that she’ll dish about their sex life on her new reality show. The series, which premiere Jan. 20 on E!, charts the group’s attempt to become stars in America – and Harry wonders if Mollie will trade on their steamy romance for fame.

“Producers think Mollie would be ratings gold if she talks about Harry,” a source tells Star. “They provide the girls lots of alcohol to get them gossiping about their love lives.”

Mollie herself, adds the source, has confessed that on set, talk usually turns trashy: “You kind of forget that the crew is there and start talking quite personal things, like sex and stuff.” But Mollie’s loose lips could sink some very big ships. “They think Mollie has secrets that could take down the palace,” tattles the spy. “A royal scandal would generate huge ratings for the show, but Harry has begged Mollie to keep her posh mouth shut.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I think it’s more likely that the producers of this reality show are trying to get in some early promotion and “buzz” for the show and Mollie in particular. I imagine that in the first episode of the show, she’ll be introduced to American viewers as “Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend” and that in the cliffhanger season finale, Mollie will drunkenly giggle her way through some kind of confession about Harry. Now, what I REALLY would like to know is anything and everything about David Gandy. I wonder if Mollie is going to talk smack about him? Probably not, just because I still don’t think Gandy is enough of a household name to warrant that kind of gossip. Too bad. Wake me when Chelsy Davy has her own reality show!

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  1. Amelia says:

    The Saturdays suck.
    Big time.
    There are a ton of adverts about this stupid reality series, I swear, I’m *this* close to throwing something at the TV.
    Yeah, I don’t buy that she’s going to be spilling the beans anytime soon, it’s probably buzz.

  2. GoodCapon says:

    Did they ever really hook up though? Maybe it was just another Pippa Middleton/George Percy type of non-fling that the media desperately wanted to happen.

    Chelsy with her own TV show would be fun but it’s not gonna happen in a million years. She may not be the classiest person ever, but she doesn’t give off a famewhore vibe.

    • m says:

      No they never dated. Even Molly denied it which says something because the girl really is a famewhore. Apparently they were just at the same bar and since the press links Harry to any blond within a 100 ft radius of him, the rumors started. Plus it sells the playboy image that the press created.

  3. andy says:

    I promise never to talk Harry.

  4. carrie says:

    to ruin his reputation? we know he’s a party boy who likes to drink,smoke weed,sniff coke,fuck “easy” blond girls&hookers and who does racist jokes

    and he loves to be soldier

    • andy says:

      Hookers? Did I miss something?

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Hookers? Coke? Where did you read this? Maybe u should work for a tabloids, they would love someone for coming up with theses types of stories. For the record the racist joke guy was known as paki by his unit and turns out to be his friend who defended him in public. It seems when it comes to Harry people just believe every rubbish trashy tabloids stories and make some of their own.
      They never dated, there were just in a same club once. Tabloids have already linked him to 2 blondes who are sisters because they both attended same event where he was also present on different occasions. when he will have a formal gfi don’t think he will hide her.

      • Ange says:

        Explain away the nazi outfit then. And when you’re done with that explain away Stephen K Amos’s story about Harry telling him ‘you don’t sound like a black chappy.’ Kid is just BUSTING with white privilege and racism.

      • LAK says:

        wow Ange, will it make you feel better if Harry is a declared racist? Will that make your christmas?

      • Ange says:

        No but I do enjoy the truth like a fine wine.

      • LAK says:

        Ah, the truth as painted by the press who never, ever tell lies or twist it to make a person look as bad as possible.

        And no matter if people apologise for their past mistakes and are genuinely contrite and never repeat them, we must hold them to those mistakes forever.

        There are so many public people who’ve made mistakes and apologised for it and have since gone on to prove that those apologies were genuine but in your world, apology and change is unacceptable because the truth as YOU see it is a fine wine.

      • Ange says:

        Both things I mentioned were not a press beat up, one was pictorial evidence and the other was told by the source himself. IMO it doesn’t take any twisting of the truth when a member of the British royal family steps out in a nazi uniform, the implications of that are so huge and laden with history that it speaks for itself. And to tell a black man that he doesn’t ‘sound’ like one is classic stereotyping and ignorant racism, add to that joining in on calling a man a Paki paints a not very pretty picture doesn’t it? Harry was well and truly a man when these incidents occurred, old enough to know how they could have been received but he did it anyway. In other words he exercised his privilege. He can be sorry until the cows come home but the fact is it’s better to just not do stupid things than apologise for them. Until he gets a good track record of THAT then I’ll hold on to my opinion thanks.

  5. Claire says:

    He certainly has a type… skanky ‘chav’ish wannabe famous types…

    Surely he can find a nice respectable girl who wouldn’t sell his underpants he left at her house for $1000 and an interview in a magazine?

    • RocketMerry says:

      You know, what is interesting to me is that he seems like such a cute, naturally beautiful, free-spirited kind of guy… why does he only date trashy, orange-skinned fake-blondes?!

      • Amelia says:

        Because they’ve put themselves out there like that and are likely looking to hook up with a prince. (I’m not saying that everyone who wears fake tab is looking for a hookup though!)
        Eugh. I was talking about this with my brother and he told me that if you’re just looking for something casual, ‘you don’t look at the mantlepeice while you’re stoking the fire’.

    • LAK says:

      It’s amazing how some stereo types stick With the public.

      Looking back on all Harry’s actual girlfriends as opposed to the press made up ones, he likes smart, intelligent, independent girls.

      He has dated 3 dark haired girls and 2 blondes.

      The most famous of the girlfriends, only because she was stalked by the press is of course Chelsy Davy, a woman with 2 law degrees and is now working for a prestigious legal firm. Who despite her family wealth, is working for a living in a tough environment rather than sit around waiting for a rich husband.

      So he talks to girls in bars or wherever he happens to go for recreation purposes. It doesn’t mean that he is dating them, sleeping with them or even taking their numbers. Many people do the same worldwide.

      On the flipside of that coin, better for him to be meeting a wide variety of people, it keeps him grounded rather than elitist.

      However, since his most famous girlfriend is a blond and deemed trashy by the press, he is now stuck with the stereotype. And isn’t it convenient that the stereotype ties in nicely with the playboy image the press also insists he is.

  6. marie says:

    and I still won’t watch it.. on to better things, Harry is HOT in uniform..

  7. India says:

    Poor Harry. I feel quite sorry for him.

  8. Ms Kay says:

    Ohhh… Dirty Harry TV show I say yes!

  9. Kathy says:

    Whether its Harry or David, anyone who is going to dish about something that personal and intimate is a skank in my book. You should never kiss and tell.

  10. Jess says:

    She’s missing a neck. That could potentially be a problem.

  11. RobN says:

    Even if this were true, the sad thing is that he won’t learn anything from it and will continue hooking up with chicks who can make a buck off of him.

  12. Lady Amelia says:

    I miss Harry. He’s my favorite of the young royals. I’m not the least bit offended by his “antics” when he’s out with the lads. He’s a soldier, he’s dutiful, and he fulfills his royal obligations with a wink and a smile. Harry for King!

  13. mollination says:

    “Taking down the royal palace” with her 3 weeks of secrets? Please. This is totally planted buzz from the show itself.

    Harry might be impulsive and make some silly errors, but he knows better than to share too much with a chick (partial celeb for that matter) after 3 weeks.

    He sure does have a type though, huh?

  14. KellyinSeattle says:

    I really think it’s time for Harry to grow up.

  15. Less is More says:

    I didn’t miss him.

    1. He’s a redhead

    2. He’s not intelligent

    • M says:

      Not intelligent? How so? He attended one of the best schools in the United Kingdom and while his dyslexia slowed him down, he still passed. He also attended the best military academy in the world where he recieved better grades than his “smarter” brother. He also has one of the most demanding jobs in the army which requires lots of brains. Is he still not intelligent to you?

      • GoodCapon says:

        Whether he went to one of the elite schools in the UK or not is a moot point; he’s a royal, I’m sure they pulled some strings to get him there. His lack of academic intellect is well documented actually. Diana herself wanted her to go to a less academically-inclined school, but in the end decided that he should go with William at Eton. Then there’s also that scandal about that art teacher who did his art course to help him pass.

        He may not be academically intelligent/book smart etc. but I’m sure he excels at other things.