Denise Richards on caring for Charlie Sheen’s twin boys: ‘They’re our family”

Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller and their kids out together in September

This is kind of a heart-warming story of a lone sober, responsible person, picking up the slack in Charlie Sheen’s mess of a life. So Charlie’s last ex wife, Brooke Mueller, entered rehab for the 19th time (literally, I’m not exaggerating) a couple of weeks ago after failing a court-ordered drug test and violating probation. Brooke is facing jail time, but that didn’t make her 19th stay in rehab stick at all. She left rehab after less than a week, using the excuse that she only needed to “detox.” I haven’t been following the updates on TMZ about this, but a quick look reveals that Brooke, 35, was under investigation by Child and Family Services while she was in rehab/detox (she has three and a half year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, with Charlie) and that the boys went to Charlie’s other ex, Denise Richards, to stay. Then Brooke tried to take the boys back, which she can legally do because she has custody still, and had them stay with another relative until she was done with rehab. She decided to do this after a beef with Denise over the fact that Denise wanted to let the boys see their dad, Charlie. Are you eyes glazing over yet? There’s more in this story on TMZ if you’re interested in the stupid details. Addicts are so logical and so concerned about their children’s welfare.

Anyway, again here’s Denise Richards, providing some semblance of normalcy in the lives of sweet, innocent little boys who are used to be cared for by prostitutes and an addict mom. (Not that prostitutes can’t be decent caregivers, especially when compared to Brooke.) Denise told Access Hollywood that the boys can stay with her and her three girls anytime, and that they’re family. The bad news is that they’re back with Brooke now that she’s out of rehab.

The beauty stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday, where she chatted about her work with ShoeDazzle – which is benefitting the Kidney Cancer Association – and she also spoke about helping Charlie and Brooke care for their 3-year-old twin sons, Bob and Max, while Brooke was reportedly in rehab.

”[The twins] are back with Brooke Mueller,” Denise told Billy Bush and guest co-host Vinny Guadagnino.

With the twins – plus her daughters Sam, 8, Lola, 7 and Eloise, 18 months, Denise had her hands full.

“This is not the first time I’ve had all five, they’re Sam and Lola’s brothers. It was a full house, lots of love and life,” she explained. “Brooke knows anytime, and Charlie, that any time they need help with the boys, that I’m there.”

Despite divorces and past problems, the actress stressed that they put their family first.

“They’re our family and they’re Sam and Lola’s brothers and I can’t imagine growing up without my sister, so anytime she needs help, I’m there for the boys,” she continued. “[Sam and Lola] are the best big sisters to [the boys] and they love them.”

Adding, “I know it doesn’t seem normal, but it is our normal. They’re little kids and I love children, and like I said, it’s our daughter’s brothers, so I can’t say no.”

[From Access Hollywood]

I’ve heard some horror stories about California CFS and I’ve leave it at that. So don’t expect Brooke Mueller to lose custody anytime soon, despite the fact that she’s failing drug tests and is so obviously wasted out of her mind. At least Denise Richards is there to help when needed, but how confusing must it be for those little boys to have to be shuffled around like that? I just feel for them. It’s possible that Brooke will get some jail time and that Max and Bob will have to go live with Denise for a while, but again this is California. That’s not going to happen.

Brooke in October:

Denise on 12-12-12:

photo credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. silvermistie says:

    are we not going to talk about Brooke’s boot things?? eww

  2. Skipper says:

    Why do all of these celebs leave rehab? Sounds like a nice vaca to me

  3. alys says:

    Really, I commend Denise for considering the children.

  4. carrie says:

    Brooke Mueller’s parents take care the kids also

    Denise Richards would have to be an example for Halle Berry & co

  5. Sloane Wyatt says:

    As someone who grew up in a totally chaotic environment with two out to lunch parents, I can testify that having even intermittent caring, consistency, and normalcy from neighbors and church ladies made a huge difference in my life. Those precious little boys are lucky to have Denise even less than part time.

    Survivor children usually have had some kind of role model in the midst of lunacy, and Denise is at least giving Charlie and Brooke’s kids a chance.

  6. Jess says:

    Denise is doing the right thing. She’s a good egg that got caught up with a bad guy.

  7. MollyB says:

    Denise Richards is one of those actors whose career I don’t really follow and I can’t really think of anything I’ve seen her in except Love Actually, but for some reason, I always root for her. She seems like a caring mother and she’s doing the right thing by those little boys simply because they’re little boys and they need someone stable. Good for her.

  8. Lem says:

    In the picture of Denise & Brooke, they are missing a child.”Don’t leave the mall you’re short a kid!! HEY!!”
    Charlie could probably talk Brooke into handing the boys over permanently.
    Denise should really be commended. She really does take care of the whole bunch, simply for her girls. Easier said than done I bet and not so easily said at that.

  9. mel2 says:

    Hats off to Denise to deal with all this drama.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Who ever would have thought that hood-rat fame-ho Denise (went to high school at the same time – Oceanside) would be the STABILISING FORCE in those kids’ lives.

    Thank God they have her…their actual parents are a walking talking disaster.

    • Aussie girl says:

      The sad thing is that this is true! Who the fuck goes to rehab 19 times?? While yes it is a great thing that she keeps getting help but celebitchy me please m, 19 times!!! I sound like the teacher off f/b day off!! I wonder if she was the one to push Charlie’s car off the Clift twice????

    • Aussie girl says:

      The sad thing is that this is true! Who the fuck goes to rehab 19 times?? While yes it is a great thing that she keeps getting help but celebitchy me please 19 times!!! I sound like the teacher off f/b day off!! I wonder if she was the one to push Charlie’s car off the Clift twice???? I know deep down she wants to be clean, who else goes 19 times. But with Charlie as the father of her children she is dreaming! In Aussie terms ” get your hand off it Brooke” !!!!!

    • Aussie girl says:

      The sad thing is that this is true! Who the fuck goes to rehab 19 times?? While yes it is a great thing that she keeps getting help but celebitchy me please,19 times!!! I sound like the teacher off f/b day off!! I wonder if she was the one to push Charlie’s car off the Clift twice???? I know deep down she wants to be clean, who else goes 19 times. But with Charlie as the father of her children she is dreaming! In Aussie terms ” get your hand off it Brooke” !!!!! Thank god for her parents & Denise.

    • marie says:

      ha, I thought the same thing.. but thank goodness for her.

    • Just U says:

      Hey Bellaluna, completely off topic but I just wanted to say hope you have a very happy Christmas. You were so nice to me earlier this year when I needed it and I haven’t forgotten. Thank you.

  11. Samigirl says:

    Having dealt with a mother who was a major addict AND a prostitute, I have to say that it brings tears to my eyes knowing at least SOMEONE wants to actually give these children the life they deserve. I really hope they grow up unscathed by all of this mess.

  12. Jayna says:

    I realy give Denise credit on how far she has come with her divorce and the aftermath. It was such an ugly divorce and she and Charley did not get along for quite a while. Not blaming her. Charley was an asshole to her. But you can tell somewhere along the line she got counseling and has accepted Charley as he is and stays out of his life except when need be to protect her girls and keeps a relationship with him in some form, has invited him to family dinners at times, that two trips they went on as a family (different hotel rooms), so that her girls have a father somewhat and see a relationship between them as parents. Like she says, he will always be the girls’ father. She has always been good to Brooke. And she has helped out with those boys so many times and never any judgment, even though Brook is a nasty addict and will never change. Sadly, one day she will die, because she never gives up her addictions for very long at all, if ever. Yet, in all that crazy, Denise’s home is the safe haven and a sense of family. Even Charley really appreciates Denise now for all she does.

  13. Dawn says:

    Love her and what she is doing for those boys and I am willing to bet the boys will love her for it as well. Way to go Denise! The world needs more people like you and less of the selfish morons who have children and then neglect them for their own wants and needs.

  14. LAK says:

    What Denise is doing may be unusual by western standards, but where my parents come from, it would be considered the norm.

    No need to resort to legal efforts to take in the kids.

  15. JM says:

    Boy we all slammed Denise hard when she first split from Charlie Sheen. Turns out we were wrong and she is a good egg.

  16. lori says:

    I remember years ago when the media went after Denise for dating Richie Sambora after his divorce from Heather Locklear. It was brutal how she was treated but she stayed a class act.

  17. Celt Lady says:

    Denise is an example of a parent who puts her kids first, she got over the ugly divorce for the sake of her girls, she is civil to their father solely for their sake. Now she is caring for their siblings off and on for the same reason. What’s not to admire about that. I applaud her.

  18. Madriani's Girl says:

    Why is she wearing two watches? Is one for each dealer?

  19. Relli says:

    Man Denis Richards! I was never a fan of this woman, ever but when she started to go through all the crazy with Charlie & Brooke she won a fan in me. She was polite, direct and never backed down from her convictions, even though everyone believed ALL the smack that those 2 talked about her I never did. What a great thing to take on this commitment to their children after the way they treated her.

  20. Kate says:

    In this country those boys would have been in a kinship foster placement so fast their mother’s head would be spinning. 19th rhab and they are still with her? When their sibling’s mother is willing to have them, and such an exemplary parent she’s been approved as a single adopter?

    It’s awful. The early years set up their emotional landscape for life, it’s when the brain creates connections at the speed of sound. Can’t believe nobody is stepping in to help them.

  21. Happy21 says:

    Denise can’t act to save her life and she irritates me to no end BUT she is an awesomely caring women and for that I give her all the credit in the world. She is a wonderful person. With any luck her children will turn just as caring and nurturing :)

  22. aims says:

    I think what shes doing is so amazing. The boys are her girls brothers, and shes being the adult among selfish people. I hate to say it, but after 19 times in rehab, if Brook hasnt learned anything then she never will. Those boys need parents who are present mentally and physically.

  23. littlestar says:

    I cannot believe how awful Brooke Mueller looks. When she was pregnant with the twins, she was glowing and gorgeous looking. Now she has stringy hair and poke-marked skin. Awful. Look in the mirror lady and think about your kids!

  24. Louise says:

    She’s prob getting a shitload more cash from old charlie every time she takes on his TWO other kids.

    She mentions the relation between them & her kids THREE times in one small chat, seems to me she’s covering for smth else!!

  25. Dap says:

    Those poor kids don’t stand a chance: you know how soon as B.Mueller will realize they share a bond with Denise, she will do anything to destroy that. And since she has sole custody, this will be easy ;-(

  26. KellyinSeattle says:

    Where is Charlie in all of this?
    I used to not care for Denise, when they were together, but I’ve come to like her. My favorite ever is Martin Sheen.

  27. lucy2 says:

    So sad that for those boys, neither parent is capable of caring for them. I hope they miraculously turn out alright, but they’ve got a tough road ahead of them. They’re lucky Denise is there for them, and I admire how she thinks of them as her own family too.

    35 years old and on rehab trip #19? WOW, Brooke. It blows my mind that she still has any custody rights at all, or that she’s being allowed to leave rehab whenever she wants.

  28. Shelly says:

    I’ve always liked Denise. She is a cool chick, and this just proves it. Brooke’s outfit is tragic in that top picture.

  29. MJ says:

    Yikes! In that one photo, Brooke looks like a junkie trying to hand out religious pamphlets and PCP-dusted almonds on Venice Beach.

  30. Dee Cee says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$’s Denise Richards make your own children safe and happy.. find some dignity and stop trying to balance the ex’s and his pals fitful lives and let them take the consequences so they can get healthy.. I can’t believe she is seriously happy and not unbalanced and fearful of the consequences taking the ‘crazy people’ into her home and life and showing her girls how to be a pushover enabler ..

  31. Victory says:

    Denise looks so much like Doutzen Kroes. It’s insane. I can’t tell them apart.

  32. Shannon says:

    Denise is a saint. Seriously, she has to put up with not only Charlie Sheen’s ego, but Brooke’s dysfunction as well. And she does it with grace and and it’s obvious she really does care about the boys as if they were her own family.

  33. Shy says:

    Hilarious. They would take away kid from Halle Berry’s ex. And he was to fight but. But they would leave kids to drug addict mother…

    Why they didn’t took them away? Even Charlie Sheen looks like a better person here. He is idiot. But he is sane. After those games with public with “Two and a Half Men” we didn’t hear anything crazy from him. I’m sure he was just playing back them when his 15-minutes fame hit him in the head and he thought it will be like this forever.

  34. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Eloise? Who did she have another kid with? But good for Denise for being the bigger person.

  35. Jennifer12 says:

    I remember the abuse and nastiness heaped on Denise when she divorced Charlie and spoke up about what was going on. What a difference! Denise is a wonderful person and I hope Brooke is learning something from her, though evidently not. I feel horrible for those little boys because at some point, they are going to be cognizant of never seeing or living with their mom and being shuffled around. Please give them to Denise before they turn into Redmond O’Neal.

  36. Jennifer12 says:

    Not to mention, after Newtown? Brooke, you HAVE your kids, they’re alive and well. Pull it together, dummy.

    • jaye says:

      I don’t get the correlation between this situation and the tragedy in Newtown. Are you saying that Denise Richards shouldn’t try to provide even a temporary safe haven for Brooke and Charlie’s kids?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Um, no. I’m not. See the above post for reference. I’m saying that Brooke doesn’t have children who were murdered by an insane gunman and that this holiday she isn’t mourning the children that she’s lost forever. She has children that she consistently chooses to ignore and have other people raise. If, by some off chance, she ever sobers up, she will have willingly given up years of her sons’ lives. She should give permanent custody to Denise.

  37. kelbravura says:

    No offense people, but you don’t marry Charlie Sheen to begin with.

    If you’ve learned your lesson you don’t cheat with Sambora.

    She’s just another person who chose to willfully, selfishly choose to bring kids in the middle of a car crssh life that had no chance to be anything but.

    Awful men do this, but no excuses for women. Really, none. Wealthy, full of options but chose to bring kids into chaos and drama.