LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian bring in the new year in Cabo, Mexico

LeAnn Rimes tweeted this photo ^^ yesterday with the message “Cabo happy 2013!” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, LeAnn and Eddie flew down to Cabo for New Year’s, just like literally every Hollywood star. Is that kind of funny? I giggled when I realized the wide array of A-listers and C-listers joined together on holiday in Cabo. There’s George Clooney and Stacy Keibler, there’s Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, plus Emily Blunt and John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel. Page Six says Howard Stern was there, as were Alex Rodriguez, Jeremy Piven and Larry David. And LeAnn and Eddie, perhaps the odd C-listers out? Perhaps.

The Mail says LeAnn and Eddie are there solo, but if go to the Mail and check out the photos, I think that redhead is with them…? Is that “Lizzie” – the “friend” who seems oddly close to both LeAnn and Eddie? So… did LeAnn and Eddie really go on a private holiday together, or is this some kind of “adults only” holiday in which Eddie gets some New Year’s Strange?

Anyway, what will 2013 bring for LeAnn? My guess is that we’ll start the year off with even more talk about her “30-day treatment” in which she did not get treated for anything for 30 consecutive or non-consecutive days. And maybe a baby in 2013? I was thinking that she was already knocked up, but maybe her drunk (?) performance on The X-Factor means that she’s not knocked up.

Here’s a Twit-pic from Dec. 28, which LeAnn tagged with “Happy by the bonfire.”

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Sway says:

    That redhead with the freaky lips is ALWAYS with them, wherever they go. It’s weird. It’s like LeAnn’s afraid to be alone with her husband, because she knows he’s bored. Or she just needs someone always nearby ready to take her photo every minute of every day (I bet Eddie’s over it by now).

  2. Sandy says:

    Her glasses are wayyy to big for her face.

  3. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    LeAnn can’t stay away from the camera long enough for a romantic getaway. If you attached a mirror to both her and Eddie’s forehead, they would be in bliss.

  4. brin says:

    I didn’t know they were filming a remake of “The Old Man and The Sea”.

  5. hateonit. says:

    I can’t for the life of me understand how someone so unfortunate looking could take so many pics. I personally love taking pics. she’s obsessed. she hardly smiles with her teeth but instead with her mouth closed which I’m fine with of course but she gives this evil look when she smiles. soooo unfortunate looking.

    • Dawn says:

      Oh come on now, she is just fine. Like most of us sometimes the camera likes her and sometimes it doesn’t. If you want to see what real ugly looks like, just take a look at Kim Kartrashian and her baby daddy, that is ugly oozing from the inside out. Say what you will about these two but at least they didn’t get p.g while Eddie was still married to that woman from yet another scripted (not) reality show.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        Did you really just say “at least she didn’t get pregnant while eddie was still married to that other woman”? Really? Really? So now, it makes you a good person if you only stalk and haunt a married father of two and get him to leave his family…his two little boys…as long as you don’t get pregnant in the meantime…yeah, she’s a saint! oh and by the way…before I get the “its Eddie’s fault too” I totally agree…Eddie and LeAnn are both trash!!!

      • Pop! says:

        she said married to someone who is in yet another reality show, she didn’t say the wife was the other woman. There was no ‘other woman’ said that i read, and Leann was definitely implied as the other woman since it was stated they cheated. Calm down, i know a lot of commenters take this Leanne/Brandi thing personally, but Dawn never called Brandi the other woman. She just said Leanne isn’t ugly. I don’t care about either group, but its making the cb community freak out on each other for little reason.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @pop…you misunderstood me…I didn’t think she called Brandi the “other woman”…don’t like Brandi either…I just couldn’t believe she thinks its morally worse to have a baby with someone while in the midst of divorcing someone else, than it is to stalk and cheat with a married, father of two…it was the moral comparison that I had a problem with! The are equally reprehensible!!!

      • SageM says:

        OK, so I’m in no way a fan of Kanye or Kim K. However: Kim’s marriage is in effect over (although the divorce hasn’t taken place). She and her husband have parted ways and are not together anymore. Although I find it trashy that she’s pregnant before the divorce is finalised, she did not cheat.
        LeAnne, on the other hand, slept with a married father of two and stalked him while he was trying to work things out with his wife until said wife had enough. Say what you want, but you KNOW her behaviour has been much worse than Kim K’s. Oh, and Brandi was always happy to stay out of the limelight until Eddie left her with nothing.

    • Rose says:

      Well, when she does try to smile with her mouth open, it’s wide open like she is braying.

    • crtb says:

      She takes so many photos because she has to convince the world how happy she is. Look at me: “We’re so in love” “My step sons love me” “I’m so happy”. I don’t think she feels good about herself. I also think she never expected the backlash about stealing another woman’s husband. Lots of other celebrities have take other peoples mates and they haven’t gotten half the amount of grief that she has gotten. (Melanie Griffin,Julia Roberts.. the list is endless)

      • Cam S says:

        @crtb: I know right? “Happy by the fire” “Happy in Cabo” “Happy on a urinal”. Gawd, shut up already. I think she is trying to convince all her naysayers. But thou protest too much.

        Also think it is disturbing anytime I see Liz on vacay w/Leann after seeing those pics of them making out for Eddie’s pleasure. It’s sad that Leann knows she (or any one woman) will never be enough for her husband. I’m sure she bends over backwards (literally) to keep him entertained in the bedroom. Oh well, you lay with dogs, you get fleas

      • SageM says:

        Let’s take Julia Roberts as an example: after she stole her guy we have barely seen her anymore. If LeAnne had kept her private life mostly private people would have forgotten by now.

  6. K-rock says:

    Oh dear, she looks hideous in that bonfire pic. Hes hangin’ all over that? eeeesh. HNY!

  7. Maddie says:

    Always on vacation = running from your personal baggage.

    I think she is the only famous Peron that I read of that goes on a vacation with her friends constantly very strange.

    Vacations are for you to reconnect with your spouse, how can you do that with your friends always being invited to tag?

    Its almost like she wants that wall between them. Really how many vacations have they taken since their marriage? Compared to A-listers.

  8. lainey says:

    two of the most disgusting people on the planet, still say that if Leann ever goes for green hair, she will be playing the grinch in the movies. loooks just like him, but she is so in denial thinking that she looks good. her 2 singles tanked in a matter of weeks wheras “I need You Now’ is still in the top 100. Come on Holly #1 fan from the beginning, get on here and make your multiple comments. as if we didn’t know.

  9. Maddie says:

    I bet somewhere on the net there’s a picture of Brandi G sporting the exact same shades.

    We all know how LeLe loves sloppy seconds!!

  10. Jane says:

    She only posted this picture to gain some sort of attention as usual. I’m sure she is p***ed off that KK announced her pregnancy. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she is jealous out of her mind. KK will get more press leaving her behind. Of course she will have to do something totally outrageous to garner attention because she simply will not be ignored. We’ve had the nip slip, crazy behavior on X Factor, the crocodile tears in the E News interview, and the narcissistic overdrive interview with Leno saying she is flattered about the RHOBH including her in the conversation on that show. Any wagers on what she is going to pull off next? The only thing is to get pregnant, but I seriously do not see that mentally unstable woman doing so. She is so obsessed with that body of hers, she’d probably have a nervous breakdown if she’d gain the weight. So what else is there?

  11. Sapphire says:

    According to her fan site, they are in Cabo as a gift to Eddiot’s BFF Dave-hubby of Liz. Also prevents embarrassing snubs when trying to hang out with the A-listers.

    At least on this site, we don’t have the problem of Holly and her buddies deliberately low rating negative comments to hide them. It’s pretty funny to check out JustJared and E! Where the vast majority of posts are “hidden”.

    • Macey says:

      the same thing has been happening to the comments on the Daily Mail as well. Its so obvious she is having her minions/and or staff of the blogs she pays to post her pics arrow down the negative ones that many of the comments now are calling her out on it. she even had a plea on Just Jared for her fans to head to the DM to do this cpl weeks ago. Its funny they all happen within seconds of each other too. The girl is truly psycho but I think her #1 fan Holly could give her a run for her money. I noticed the absence of Holly on this site as well, I wonder if she was banned on here or something.

  12. lettylynton says:

    I don’t think LeAnn looks that terrible. The good Lord spreads it around, and she received vocal talent over ‘Disney eyes’, but really, she’s not that bad looking. I know people hate her for her life choices, but I don’t think she needs her appearance bashed constantly. Wasn’t the ‘freaky lips’ (well put, @Sway) friend Brandi’s first? The dynamic with that girl is…unsettling.

  13. janie says:

    Happy New Year? If u have to work this hsrd to hold on to someone (either sex)… Why would u demean yourself this way? Where is ur self-respect? Same song, new year. So Sad…

  14. Bobby sue says:

    I’m so tired of hating on them that today (maybe it’s just the wide-eyed optimism of a new year??) I actually hope they’re happy together. At least if they are it’s good for the boys.

  15. Bobby sue says:

    Oof, just went over to the Mail. In those photos you can see that Leann has already done fillers or Botox. It’s Rose McGowan face :-( ( And the “redhead’s” (fake!!!!) outfit is so many shades of wrong it’s laughable. Cheap green straw hat with cut off jean shorts and a size xxs leather motorcycle jacket on a boat??? You know she’s wearing some sort of cowboy boot too. UGH.

  16. Rita says:

    I understand LeAnn has already bought her “baby-pillow” but now is thoroughly pissed at her bonus pal, Kim Kardashian.

  17. Deanne says:

    Why can they not be alone? Nothing to talk about? A friend of mine used to drag me out with her and her boyfriend all of the time, because she was afraid he was going to break up with her if they were alone. She figured that having others around would prevent him from doing it. Now that was in high school, but still, considering LeAnn’s mentality, maybe she’s afraid of the same thing. If Eddie’s so hot for her, why doesn’t he insist on being alone with her? They’ve only been married a year and a half and they take this other couple with them every time they vacation. Is he bored already?

    • nomorerimes says:

      Maybe he’d rather be in Cabo–alone with Lizzie. He seems to want her around all the time.

    • Jenny says:

      This couple seems needy, yes. But they are not doing what many other couples do. They seem to need an entourage. Clooney, Anniston, DiCarprio, no matter who they are with at the time (even when JA was married) always seem to travel in packs.

      Cabo is not for privacy or romance, it is to be seen in your bikini and photographed as much as possible, just like St. Barts. If you want romance, don’t go where the papparazzi have spots already rented and staked out.

  18. taxi says:

    Her agent (or manager) would do her a big favor if he could get her to stop tweeting constantly. Her massive output doesn’t enhance her image or reputation.

  19. bettyrose says:

    *off topic* Can we talk about Ashley Simpson? That’s a tummy tuck scar she’s just barely covering in that teeny thing, right?

  20. Viv says:

    The fact that she is constantly in RayBan aviators has totally turned me off wearing mine anymore. Who does she think she is- Michael Kors?

  21. KellyinSeattle says:

    Wow, I thought my New Year’s hangover was bad until I logged on and looked at LeAnn staring me in the face! She and Lizzie are trying so hard to be , “Girls Gone Wild”…

  22. MrsBPitt says:

    You just know that they believe they are A-list celebs…and should be having dinner with clooney and anniston…what a joke!

  23. nomorerimes says:

    Gosh, golly gee! LR is just so thoughtful and generous. Not only did she take Lizzie and her husband with them on their romantic getaway–but she took her favorite pap–Mike with them too. Got to be sure and get all those bikini pics, you know! Pic on ROL shows LR holding onto EC but you don’t see him holding her. He is sooooo not into her. HAHA!

  24. akua says:

    I want to be a celebrity and be able to afford to go someplace warm. I’ll even post pictures ;)

    Have the week off and can barely afford to leave the house!

  25. Stuart Horsely says:

    Who cares? They are both gross. Ugh. She’s a nutbar and he is a horse’s arse.

  26. Haole Bunny says:

    Would someone please get her to quit wearing those aviators? She looks horrible anyways, but wearing that style is just plain wrong. Maybe a bag over her head instead.

  27. Poppy2 says:

    Lean’s setting herself up. I know someone who has been flaunting her relationship with the stolen husband on FB and Pinterest for about a year. On 12/26 we’ve found his profile on a dating site where he’s looking to cheat on her as well. You never win when you choose a guy who will cheat. That really drove the lesson home with me. It’s one of those universal laws that stand the test of time.