Justin Bieber apologizes for pot-smoking photos, his team blames Lil Twist

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is back on tour as of Saturday night when he performed in Salt Lake City, Utah, but these aren’t photos from that concert. Instead, these are pictures from last November’s show at Madison Square Garden in NYC, but don’t worry. I’m pretty sure not much has changed in Bieb’s onstage routine, which includes Justin flying in on giant mechanical wings like a Douche Ex Machina. That’s a well-deserved nickname for a guy who alternates running around shirtless with attempting to look like a “serious” musician plunking away at a baby grand piano.

Justin Bieber

So let’s update with some Bieber news. Dude has acquired yet another new tattoo (of an Indian headdress) on his left shoulderblade, and this latest inking arrives just weeks after his massive rose/praying hands tattoo. Bieb’s also been trying to do some good deeds in the aftermath of the paparazzo death scandal in which a photog made the ill-fated decision to risk it all to get pictures of Bieber. Beieber was not present during the incident but made a point of denying smoking pot earlier in the day. Of course, TMZ then acquired photos of Justin jovially sucking on a joint the day after the pap’s death.

According to Us Weekly, Bieber’s team is very upset about the pot-smoking photos, so they’re trying to clean up Justin’s image. In Salt Lake City, Justin visited a sick little girl who has leukemia and couldn’t make it to his concert, and then he retweeted several news stories that covered the topic. He also tweeted a bunch of “inspirational” statements too, including “i see all of you. i hear all of you. i never want to let any of you down. i love u. and..thank u. #beliebers.” Here are the relevant tweets, and it’s kind of amusing to see the radio silence on Jan. 4 when the incriminating photos were released:

Justin Bieber

Bieber’s team has another new tactic in their arsenal to help repair their boy’s image. They’re blaming his BFF, Lil Twist, who was driving the car that the now-dead paparazzo was chasing. According to TMZ, “sources involved in Justin’s life who care about him are deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life and feel very strongly Justin needs a clean break from the rapper or else bad things are going to happen.” The Mail is also losing its sh-t over the fact that Lil Twist openly smokes weed. Here is a photo from Twist’s Instagram, which shows the 19-year-old rapper pouring champagne for himself and 18-year-old Justin on New Year’s Eve. (The two were in Mexico, where it’s legal for 18 year-olds to drink.)

Justin Bieber Lil Twist

This is a full-on view of Lil Twist, btw. He’s got the same pants problem as Bieber. They probably make a rowdy old pair together, and I think it’s pretty suspect that Bieber’s team has (probably) leaked the information about Twist being a “negative influence” on Bieber. I suspect that Biebs really needs no help in that department.

Lil Twist

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. I.want.shoes says:

    Why are we making such a big deal about this?

  2. Elceibeno says:

    Young girls and boys think of you as a role model Justin. If you must use pot, do it in the privacy of your own home not in front of people who WILL betray you for a buck.

  3. Lauren says:

    Is that picture supposed to be the one of him pouring champagne? Because that sure doesn’t look like champagne to me, a lover and often drinker of champagne. That looks like sparkling water.

  4. gg says:

    Somebody named Lil Twist a pot smoker – nah.

    So who does Bieber’s team blame for his crap choice of friends?

  5. dcypher1 says:

    This kid is such a douche im sure beavis dosent need lil twist to “influence” him. Wheres justins parents in all this drama. if he keeps acting like a douche he will turn into the new boy version of lohan.

  6. Erinn says:

    I don’t care if he smokes or not, there is no instance where a celebrity should be a role model for your child.

    I never grew up idolizing any celebs, I liked them, fawned over a few ‘hunky’ ones. But I never looked at them and said “I want to live like that” or “I want to be just like them”.

    Whenever people freak about things like this, I have to wonder how much they even take an interest in what their children are doing.

    • Naye in VA says:

      I wonder the same thing, because I was not like that when I was young. This is why I think “fans” are one lose screw away from crazy. It boggles my mind that you could be so invested in someone you dont know, that you dont just appreciate what they do, but you follow their every move and obsess over what they do to the point it affects them emotionally. Parents need to be responsible for this type of activity, and get their kids involved in something healthy.

    • Riana says:

      It seems easier to blame celebs and simply not parent your children. I don’t mean that about JB, I notice it with a lot of female celebs too.

      I look at most celebs and think of them as flawed humans, some better or worse than others. The majority of them are trying to take care of themselves and their own needs and can barely handle that.

      Like if you think Rihanna stays up late at night worrying about your kids, then you’re screwed.

      PARENT. If they come on the radio, turn it off. Dump any CD’s and merchandise. Talk to your kids about why they are no longer allowed to listen to them. Keep that dialogue going. Hell even if you don’t remove them at least discuss why you can support someone’s music but not their life choices. When did this become an impossible task?

      • Faye says:

        Here’s my thinking on this. If you let celebs be your kids’ role models, you’re in a lot of trouble. And I don’t believe in scrutinizing celebs’ every move and screeching about their possible effects on your kids. Largely, it’s up to you as a parent to decide what your kids are exposed to. They may not like it when you supervise their Internet time, but oh well.

        That being said, my friends with kids have made some valid points about not being able to shield children from a lot of celeb influence/culture. Let’s say you don’t buy Bieber CDs or let your kids listen to him on the radio. Fine. But are you never going to take your kids to the movies, a roller-skating rink, a pizza place? Because all of those are places where they play Bieber and his ilk all the time.

        And are you never going to take your kids to the supermarket (where they can see celeb mags/tabloids) or let them associate with friends (where they’ll hear about these celebs as well)? It’s impossible to insulate children from outside influences, no matter how hard you try. So society (celebs/their promoters/record companies) should take some kind of responsibility for the product they put out there.

      • Riana says:

        1. I still believe this comes down to good parenting, even occasionally hearing this kid’s music shouldn’t send your child down a path of wanton behavior and drug use. If you’re instilling values in them then those values remain, sure they’ll be exposed but that’s pretty much the litmus test to see if you’re getting through.

        My issue is with parents that complain but seem to also not actually do anything.

        2. Asking celebs/society/promoters to take responsibility is like asking a company to stop making money. These people aren’t in this business to save your child, they just aren’t. They’re in it to be successful. If it means your kid ends up in the lowest place on earth then they’re cool with that. That sounds awful but I just mean your child is your concern and priority. You love them and so you have to do your part to care for them because the world is full of organizations and people who don’t give a crap about them. You have to raise them so they know what values to pass onto their own kids. If more parents were doing this there wouldn’t be this dependence on celebrities, furthermore more celebs would probably change their behavior if it really cut into their profits.

      • Erinn says:

        @ Faye

        And I get that you can’t escape it. But it’s up to you to explain to your kids that some of the actions these celebrities do, are not acceptable behavior. Tell them that they might like their music, but that they shouldn’t want to BE like them. And explain to them why the actions are not acceptable. I don’t think anyone should completely shield their kids from anything- it’s impractical and nearly impossible. But again, there needs to be more parenting done. Using the excuse ‘well I can’t shield them from it’ and then doing nothing to explain why they shouldn’t do those things isn’t cutting it either. It’s again, a lack of parenting.

        ETA: I posted as Riana was posting, and I have to say, she said it a lot better than I did :)

      • Milla says:

        i completely agree with that whole role model thing. but, his whole image is so fake, so fabricated that it makes me sick. i grew up with blur, jarvis cocker, suede, they were honest in their music and in their behavior. i don’t have a problem with bieber smoking pot, i have a problem with people who created that idea of him. those people care about money and money only.

      • Ariana says:

        Any way people are stupid and it’s lil twists fault for all of it and who cares its just stupid and any way it’s his life and do whatever he wants to do seriously leave the kid alone he’s a man already duhhh just leave him alone

    • thebutlerdidit says:

      Thank you! Coming here to say the same thing. I grew liking Michael Jackson, Tatum O’Neal, the kids from Different Strokes, Leif Garrett, etc. They were all into sh#t way worse than what Biebs, Miley, Jeanette McCurdy, etc, and all the other teen stars have done. We just didn’t know, or really care or think about it. We watched them, we liked them, but I dont ever remember a single kid using this “role model” crap. Parent your kids, and teach them that these are performers, not aspiritions.

    • Amba says:

      People don’t seem to understand that Justin doesn’t owe anyone of us anything. He is his own person and if he wants to smoke who are any of us to tell him he’s wrong or he’s being stupid? Smoking weed doesn’t make you a bad person or a poor role model. Especially when he isn’t here to be you’re (our) role model. He is an artist, we buy his music. That doesn’t give us the right to judge his personal life in any way at all! Get overself people. He’s human. No one complains about Snoop, Ice Cube or The KottonMouth Kings for example. They all smoke weed and rap about it. Why is it world wide news when Bieber does it? Go broadcast something important

  7. Lukie says:

    Eh. He is Canadian. They don’t judge marijuana the way Americans do.

    Also, the legal drinking age is 19 (Quebec is 18), so it is a safe bet he drinks.

    He’s 18. It is what it is.

    • Erinn says:

      Oh, he definitely does. I’m quite the law abiding Canadian for the most part, but I did drink underage in freshman year of University, as I was only 18. And I was never one of the ‘party kids’, and I certainly didn’t have the resources Justin had. Almost everyone in my high school drank by 16 or 17.

      I don’t think we’re necessarily less judgmental than American’s over marijuana though; I know there’s a hell of a lot of busts for it around here.

  8. yael says:

    i really hope that isn’t a legit photo of his new tattoo. it looks like shitty work.

  9. Riana says:

    So to date JB’s crimes are:

    1. He dresses funny
    2. He has a silly tattoo
    3. He smokes marijuana
    4. He drinks alcohol
    5. He still isn’t sorry for the pap who’s death he had nothing to do with.

    He sounds like the most awful person on earth, eagerly awaiting the next daily story on those 5 topics.

    • badrockandrol says:

      You can add:
      6. he didn’t get a girl pregnant.
      7. he could be gay

      And if someone wants to explain the difference btn Jimmy Kimmel smoking dope with a reporter and JB maybe smoking dope, maybe smoking a cigarillo, I’m all ears.

      • NerdMomma says:

        I agree with all of these 7 points. He’s just a normal teenager. Even blaming the pot smoking on his “bad influence friend” is a normal teenager’s reaction. His team is supposed to be a bunch of adults, though, so bad on them for going with that excuse. That’s disrespectful to Lil Twist, and might cost him a career as a rapper for tweens.

  10. Chelley says:

    One of these days he’s not going to apologize for pot smoking but since his fanbase consists of young girls, he still has to kiss their & their parent’s butt. I wish he didn’t have to apologize though. Weed is no big deal. Oh, and is it just me or do the “Lil Twist influence” accusations sound slightly racist? “We’re concerned that the cute little impressionable white boy Justin is spending too much time with that black rapper because he’s making Justin do bad things like taking drugs and drinking alcohol!” If Justin Bieber was such a “good boy” why is he hanging out with the kid in the first place?

  11. MaryD says:

    Justin has never blamed others for his actions. He did it he ownes it. Drin king and pot are a part of growing up. How mature he is will be obvious over time. Justin as a “Roll model” is nonsense. he is not a Disney character. He is an 18 year old youth. We need to cut him some slack. There is way to much MediaBS. Girl friends and boy friends come and go. So What!

  12. geekychick says:

    I don’t care abut him smoking pot. He’s 18.But all this hoopla,and…the tweets are such a shameless PR, I really wonder who is so stupid to fall for them I haven’t heard more cliches since the last political elections in my country! Poor, poor young, sensitive, vulnerable Bieber, seduced by evil and sin in the form of a young rapper.Yeah, yeah. God, so transparent. And so dumb.
    If his fans believe all of this, they deserve him.

    • gregoryd says:

      I love how some dis his fans as if they have the divine knowledge of how they should react to what he says. I guess they think that 32 million people are wrong but they are right in their opinions. Now that is definitely the height’s of arrogance.lol

  13. fabgrrl says:

    Smoking pot at 18, who the hell cares? The majority of American people are in favor of marijuana legalization (for adults!). His music sucks and he’s immature, just like many of my teen idols.

    That doesn’t make him a bad role model in my eyes. Throwing his friend under the bus, however, does. That shows real lack of character and moral fiber.

  14. Annie says:

    To quote Cher Horowitz: “It is one thing to spark up a doobie at a party. It’s another thing entirely to be fried all day.”

    Seriously, get your act together Bieber. I don’t care how liberal you think you are, only an idiot risks everything like this, drinking and taking drugs every single day. And the teams of hugely successful artists let them do anything as long as they keep making money. If you know your rabid fanbase, which you depend on completely, is entirely made of tweens, act accordingly until adults accept you then do whatever you want. But don’t upset them or worry them. These are kids whose parents are teaching them to stay away from drugs and are naturally afraid of them and here’s their idol smoking pot. He’s already being left behind for One Direction. Nothing lasts forever. One bad step and it’s over. Everyone has been talking about how he’s out of control. It’s not just pot.

  15. lilred1 says:

    Perhaps douchie Justin is the bad influence and not lil Twist.

  16. Madriani's Girl says:

    Lil Crust hasn’t even released an album, FFS. Why is he even relevant?

    • Maxx says:

      That’s an interesting point… Why is he relevant?
      Well he wasn’t until now….
      Tic Tic Tic Aren’t Beiber’s fifteen minutes up soon? But now there’s this controversy about him smoking pot and hanging with rappers… Sure they’re mad cuz his handlers can’t publicly condone it but I’d say that’s where his image is going. He’s losing the young girl fan base, including the young girlfriend why not change it up and move to where he “thinks” he should be with the “hardcore” young adult hip hop community hang out with rappers on/promote your label- and appeal to a new fan base. (I don’t think he can pull it off but at this point what other choice does he have?) Either way Usher still makes $$

  17. JL says:

    Justin WannaBieber is simply a little kid doing any and everything he can to try to look like an adult.
    At this point he looks like an adolesent, spoiled little gay boy and is too immature to realize these antics aren’t helping.

    Smoking pot, big deal, so what? The problem is WannaBieber isn’t mature enough or cool enough to realize really mature and righteous people don’t post such things b/c they simply don’t matter.

    • Annie says:

      Not everyone can handle drugs though. And it doesn’t matter how many times a stoner lists me the benefits of pot, most of the times these are people with very addictive personalities that cannot handle alcohol and drugs at parties. My friends who responsibly and casually spark up generally stay quiet.
      I put justin in the category of a person who can’t handle substances.

  18. Tiffany says:

    Dear Lil Twist. If and when you blast on Bieber and his crew, I will be the first to buy your album. Biebers PR staff should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. WendyNerd says:

    You know, the joint picture actually made me feel a little affection for him for the first time since he got famous. Now he’s ruined that by blaming his friend. He’s going to find that throwing his buddies under the bus will only come back to bite him in the end. He’s not going to be popular forever. And when he gets replaced by the next favorite teen idol, and finds that all his crazy spending has depleted his bank accounts and that he’s no longer selling out concerts, he will need all the friends in the world. But he won’t have them after acting like this. And don’t tell me he’s not. Stories like this don’t get leaked without the star’s knowledge. Maybe back when he was 16, but not now that he’s an adult legally.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    Lil Twist? Yeah, that makes me want to listen…..what a crappy name. Reminds me of my grandma’s dog, Lil Bit.
    I thought Lil Bit was Will Smith’s son at first

  21. Leek says:

    This kid’s personality is so awful that probably the more pot he smokes, the better. He gives me a future Chris Brown vibe.

  22. Leek says:

    Bieber gives me a future Chris Brown vibe. He’s more likely the bad influence on Little Twist.

  23. Andrea says:

    Still neither of them are at fault for someone else stepping into traffic when he was already told it was dangerous….

  24. cynicalsmirk says:

    I don’t care so much about the pot-smoking. I just wish he would put on a shirt. Please.

  25. skuddles says:

    By blaming the rapper dude, aren’t they basically saying Biebs is a total idiot who is completely incapable of making his own decisions? Man up little boy and admit you like the weed – we’d think better of you for having the balls to tell the truth.

  26. paranormalgirl says:

    He gives tattoos a bad name.

  27. PortlandJan says:

    Unless Justin has video of Lil Twist getting a hammerlock around his neck and forcing him to smoke weed, he has to own it himself. This “blame the black kid” was already old when Lindsay Lohan tried it and he just looks douchier for emulating her. If he wants to indulge in the privacy of his own home, he’s 18 so that’s his business. But he might want to stop and think about the effect on his fanbase. You know, the rabid tweeners who buy his recordings and still think he’s the bomb. No kid, you’re not.

  28. erika says:

    like i said it yesterday…lil prick…

    you come from ordinary, white, middle clas, you upload some clip of you singing, boom your a childhood star (yes, I cildhook, gonna sue me? you’e a star, you get fans, $$$, attenton, all day long and people NEVER, EVER.

    so, you go off the rails w/ smoking, drinking, drugs sex and your job and you piss on all that effort by people were supposed help, you become a self entitled brat…..

    and……you turn into…..

    LINDSAY THE CRACKROACH LOHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l,. ….

  29. Anna says:

    Justify blames everyone but himself. He is a kid in a candyhouse. And a cad. Putting on the onus on lil Twist is disgusting.

    His ego is out of control and it looks like there is no one around him to bring justin back down to earth. god help us if he becomes a movie start.

  30. DetRiotGirl says:

    I’m just curious; does anyone here know anything about Lil Twist outside of this story? I looked him up on Twitter and iTunes just for fun, and let’s just say this kid is definitely not going for the same demographic as Bieber.

    There’s a Twitpic of him throwing money down on two stripper’s backsides in his stream, with an accompanying caption about how things get a little crazy when he’s around. And his music? Apparently this kid is signed to cash money and raps with the likes of Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne.

    His song with Wayne is legit one of the worst things I’ve ever heard in my life, btw. It’s on Flava Flav with autotune levels of awful. But, totally worth checking out if you need a good laugh!

    Anyway, I totally agree with everyone who thinks it’s wrong for Bieber’s team to blame the black kid. But, I just thought I’d point out that there are no winners in this story; only barely legal douches with insanely huge bank accounts.

  31. gemmaa says:

    ‘douche ex machina’ says it all in my opinion
    The whole situation is messed up. Bieber is not responsible for that guys death….but he should be sitting quiet in the aftermath.

  32. Michelle says:

    Is Bieber holding a cross in the third photo down??

  33. aquarius64 says:

    Looking at the comments here and on other sites, the team’s decision to throw the black rapper under the bus is going to backfire on the Biebs. For all we know Bieber could have been toking up BEFORE he met L’il Twist. There are still some gullible fans with borderline racist attitudes (I’m being generous here)that are buying this crap, and it’s disguting the team is banking on that to save its client’s career. It’s just as bad as Kristen Stewart’s PR team painting Rupert Sanders as a sexual predator to mitigate her EQUAL responsibility in her cheating scandal.

  34. Shy says:

    Oh that first picture. Way to lose your 10-14 years old fans. Miley lost all her fans when suddenly from innocent teenager Hannah Montana she became some 25 years old sexy in a slutty way chick. Her kids and teen fans and their parents who were bringing kids to concerts were horrified and just left Miley.

    I’m sure those teen fans of Justin want to see him as 16-17 years old dream innocent pretty boy. Who never curses, never drinks, smokes, doesn’t get in trouble with police and doesn’t talk dirty and is good guy all around. Like NSYNC or Backstreet Boys were.

    They don’t want to see him as some naked torso, 20 something guy who looks like a dirty, wannabe bad boy/rapper from the streets, who curses and bangs random cheeks in his tour bus. If he will continue then all those mothers of 10-15 years old girls will stop bring them to concerts. And fans will move to another innocent crush, like those 1D boy-band.

  35. Shy says:

    As for that Twitter thing where his fans cut themselves and posting pictures – I looked at 2 pictures. And I noticed that those idiots had scars from previous cuttings. It’s not like some innocent 15 something girls went cutting themselves so that Bieber would stop doing drugs….

    Those are sick crazies who were cutting themselves before and just used this as opportunity to free cut themselves. Like: “I didn’t do it because I’m attention idiot. I did it for good cause, for Bieber…”

  36. Howard McTaggart says:

    It doesn’t matter if he was with a friend or not he is responsible for his own actions, I think his mother would be very ashamed of him, he is supposedly supposed to have Christian Values I know his mother is a Christian I think he is going to have to ‘re-evaluate his values.

  37. Howard McTaggart says:

    It doesn’t matter if he was with a friend or not he is responsible for his own actions, I think his mother would be very ashamed of him, he is supposedly supposed to have Christian Values I know his mother is a Christian I think he is going to have to re-evaluate his values.

  38. oval says:

    seriously i don’t think this has anything to do with being a celeb, or that him being a celeb changed him for the worst. they don’t put every second of a celebrity’s life in the public eye for a reason. if they want him to have a good image, then he’ll have one. if they want him to have a perfect image, then he’ll have one. what his people put in the public eye is what the public will see, and it is only good and not a bit of bad. however no one is perfect at all, and i think what we see here is just justin beiber, not justin beiber the celeb. the longer you know someone, the better you know their true nature.

  39. jelly says:

    Hes 18 ofcourse he smokes and drinks. What do people expect? These child stars don’t stay children forever. But he should take responsibility and not blame it on someone else being the bad influence

  40. Jayna says:

    It must be kind of depressing when you are 18 going on 19, thinking you’re the second coming to pop music, etc, and trying to be edgier and respected as a musician and look out into the audience and still all you have are little white girls 12 to 15 for the most part screaming, not exactly like a rocker sees in his audience or hip-hop artists.

  41. avery bieber says:

    k well I am a big Justin fan I am a beleiber and I think this is stupid first of all who ever made up this photo forgt to add one of the tattoos on his leg and in the photo of him smoking the sweater he is wearing he didn’t even get until two dats after the storie was made up and its reallt stupid you parents don’t think that Justin should be a rolemodel because he has changed the life of many and I bet that each and ever one of you guys that say its stupid that he is blaming lil twist is being an idiot cause I bet that each and every one of you have blamed someone for something you have done just because Justin is better then all of you guys doesn’t mean you chould be a jerk to him

  42. Taznar says:

    Actually the Lil’ Twist being a bad influence could be true considering that Lil’ Twist considers himself Lil’ Waynes brother, (he isnt really, its just friendship) and, Lil Wayne has been known to smoke weed, drink codein, and rap about murdering people. I dont really mind if Justin smokes because its his life and this obviously wasn’t supposed to be public, it was leaked.

  43. Adrien says:

    Now it’s no longer cool to smoke pot. Anyway, I’ll give Justin a month long free pass for giving a private concert to a young leukemia patient.

  44. nikolas_dmx says:

    Justine is a first class sissy to me! He smoked pot, but not let’s blame it all to the other guy! ;)

  45. shanka says:

    Well just because justin is stupid and he is trying to keep his image its his falt for smoking the dope dont blame the black kid blame Justin

  46. jebasmoke says:

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  47. StupidCommentsallday says:

    He’s. Smoking. Pot?. what. a. shocker. yes I’m making fun of the way he types