Star: Katy Perry & John Mayer are nearly engaged, he’s looking for a vintage ring

Katy Perry

Did anyone really think that Katy Perry and John Mayer would have lasted this long? They’ve been a publicly gross couple since last August, it’s been about six months since they started officially dating. There’s something different about Katy when she’s pictured with John. She seems more subdued than usual, doesn’t she? The story all along is that Katy has been playing it cool and noncommittal with John in an effort to change him, and maybe it’s working — for now. After all, he did spend Christmas with her family and dressing up like pervy Santa, and now this week’s issue of Star has heard from a friend of Katy’s who says that John asked Katy’s dad for her hand in marriage at some point, and Dad gave his approval. Nice move, Dad. Here are the details:

Katy Perry

From the moment they got back together in July, everyone said their romance was doomed. He had the worst love-’em-and-leave-’em rep in Hollywood, and she had just gone through a messy divorce. But against all odds — and perhaps, against her better judgment — it looks like Katy Perry, 28, and John Mayer, 35, are taking their relationship to the next level. Insiders say that he’s planning to propose!

“Although John really wanted to present Katy with an engagement ring over Chirlstmas, he hasn’t found the perfect one yet,” a close source reveals. “But he spent the holidays with Katy’s family and took her dad, Keith, aside to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.”

And while Keith and Katy’s mom. Mary, gave the guitar hero their blessing, it seems like their pop star daughter didn’t need anyone’s approval. “Katy’s been teling everyone they’re getting married,” a pal dishes. “All her friends are worried she’ll end up heartbroken again, but she keeps saying John is the one.”

Katy’s sister Angela and brother, David, also got to know John during the December get-together in New York City, but they came away from the meeting even more skeptical. “they told katy to give it another six months before committing to marriage,” the source reports. Considering that this is Katy’s second big whirlwind courtship in just over three years, their concern is understandable. Her marriage to comedian Russell Brand crashed and burned after just 14 months, and if things with John fall aprat, going through another divorce could be devastating for the singer.

Depsire the warnings, however, Katy is plowing full-steam ahead. John has already moved into her L.A. home, and the couple are shopping for their own place together. In the meantime, the former ladies’ man — who previously dated Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift — is still hunting for that perfect vintage engagement ring.

“It’s funny — both of them used to be so wild,” says the insider, “but now they just spend most nights at home and watching movies. They’re inseparable!”

[From Star, print edition, February 4, 2013]

Everyone realizes that this is a very bad idea except for John, Katy, and her dad, right? They really just need to take it slow. I think that, like Russell, John has a terrible time with monogamy, and we’ve already heard rumors that he’s stepping out on her for sex dates. Hopefully, this story is just tabloid fiction penned as a semi-logical extension of John’s Christmas visit with Katy’s family. One can only hope.

John Mayer

Katy Perry

John Mayer

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    • susanna says:

      I feel john gets a bad rap, because he is famous. Seriously, how many thirty-five year old guys do you know, who have had only about 10 relationships/sexual partners? The truth is he’s a Library, and, both the men and women of that sign have a hard time being alone, and being monagamous. Personally, I feel Katy is entirely wrong for Jjohn, who, in his Rolling Stone interview, in his Montana ranch home, said he was looking to settle down and start a family. Does anyone see Katy as ready for motherhood? It would be a huge mistake for them both, to marry eanother

  1. Isabel says:

    The first pic of John shows his sexface, and the photo under that Katy’s.

    Sorry for ruining your appetite and sex drive forever guys xD

  2. DailyNightly says:

    I don’t think Russell was cheating on her. I think she was too busy being on tour and partying with her friends. He is sober and wanted to start a family. Complete opposites who should not have married at this stage of her life.

  3. Birdie says:

    She has the worst taste in men. Along with Cameron Diaz. Douche-magnets!

  4. annabelle says:

    The longer they are together, the more sense they make as a couple. That’s weird.

  5. NeNe says:

    Can someone please tell me what the fascination is with her? I cannot stand her? I personally think she cannot sing, and is not too attractive. I guess, when you have big boobs like she does, nothing else matters? :) )

  6. Viv says:

    I am not into Katy but even she does not deserve two divorces within four years. Someone save that chick from herself. John Mayer WILL take your money, Katy!

  7. dcypher1 says:

    She needs to stop with those stupid costumes already. They make her look like a lil kid. Her and lady caca look equally ridiculous. She should just wear gowns on stage.

  8. mln76 says:

    I mean who is dumb enough to marry John Mayer? Wow.

  9. tracking says:

    Is there an award for worst taste in men EVER? Because I think she’d have little competition.

  10. Tammylaka says:

    This screams image fix on John’s part. Watch out Katy.

  11. Dani says:

    Has she even been divorced more than a year? Slow down girl!

  12. ZigZagZoey says:

    Yeah….She’s WIDE AWAKE….

  13. Victoria says:

    Hmmmm… John Mayer…What do they see in him? I honestly, just don’t get it. It must be an “in person” thing cuz just the singing thing can’t really be totally enough. Or maybe it’s the “trophy syndrome” thing..? Hmmmm….

  14. Shira says:

    I used to like them both a few years back, now I just want them to… disappear!

  15. Madriani's Girl says:

    He is nowhere near as fresh as the Massengill he represents.

  16. valleymiss says:

    Somewhere, Russell Brand, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Simpson are laughing. Katy, you are an IDIOT.

  17. Marilyn says:

    Is it just me or did she put on a couple of pounds? Not trying to be mean or snarky, just wondering.

  18. Amanda Garrett says:

    Gosh, these two are so gross and grate on my nerves!

  19. Marycontrary says:

    I don’t see the fascination the ladies seem to have with him.

    He. Is. Not. Hot. (skin crawls).

  20. skuddles says:

    Apparently the only thing Katy learned from marrying a womanizer is… nothing.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Of all the men in the world why John Mayer? The Player. Super Dooper Pooper Scooper. Just gross. Just say no.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    So, what…she’s the extrovert and he’s the pervert?

    End well, this will not.

  23. Boo says:

    He is so gross looking. And she is stupid.

  24. A Fan says:

    You never know who ends up floating one’s boat. She may be a good match for him.