Has Katy Perry moved on from John Mayer w/ Muse drummer Dominic Howard?

Katy Perry

Well, well, well. So much for that story about how Katy Perry and John Mayer were practically engaged and looking for rings. It appears that creepy Santa Claus has left the building, and Katy herself has reportedly moved on as well.

Now some of you were scoffing a bit at yesterday’s story about how John was getting cozy with Allison Williams because they’re supposedly friends, and he goes way back with Allison’s boyfriend, Ricky Van Veen. However, John allegedly had his arm around Allison’s waist for a measurable amount of time, and I don’t know if it’s even within the realm of possibly for John to lay hands upon a woman without harboring the intent of trying to bang her. Would Allison actually be down with such a scenario? Who knows. But according to Life & Style, Katy has been spotted with her arms around another man, Dominic Howard, who is otherwise known as the drummer for Muse. Seriously:

Dominic Howard

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that on Jan. 27, Katy Perry arrived alone to the afterparty for Muse’s LA concert at Pink Taco and spent the night cozying up to the band’s drummer, Dominic Howard. “They were all over each other,” an eyewitness tells the new issue of Life & Style. “I was shocked to see her acting so affectionate with another rock star because I thought she was dating John Mayer.”

A partygoer tells Life & Style that Dominic “wasted no time zeroing in” on the “Firework” singer as soon as she sat down in a private booth alongside Muse singer Matt Bellamy and his fiancée, Kate Hudson.

“Katy had her arms around Dominic, and they were facing each other, bodies touching,” the eyewitness tells Life & Style. “He had his eyes on her all night. Katy loved all the attention.”

So what about John? Although the couple has been inseparable for the past several months, and John even accompanied Katy to the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C., last week, a source tells Life & Style that Katy is fully aware that “he [John] plays games.”

While leaving Pink Taco with Dominic at 4 a.m., a fan shouted to the pair, “Katy, are you going to marry John?” An insider tells Life & Style, “The singer giggled as she pointed to Dominic and answered, ‘I’m going to marry him!’”

[From Life & Style]

The fact that this incident happened at Harry Morton’s Pink Taco tells me that Katy wanted to be seen with this new dude. Perhaps she’s just trying to send John a message, or perhaps they’re really done “for good.” But Katy does like her Brits, doesn’t she? First she married Russell Brand (from Essex!) and then she hooked up with Robert Ackroyd of Florence + The Machine. So maybe she’s with this Dominic guy now, or maybe it’s just a fling. All things considered, I think it’s safe to say that Katy and John are, at minimum, “on a break.”

Katy Perry

Dominic Howard

Dominic Howard

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    WTH is going on with these Muse guys, all of a sudden?!

  2. allons-y alonso says:

    What the hell is going on? First Matt Bellamy and now Dom Howard? As a die hard Muse fan:
    NO DOM!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  3. hey u says:

    The ny daily news as an update on d mayer allison story… Apparently a lot more than hands on the waist happened.

    Seems they both stayed over night at the hotel, cos according to the new story , they were both spotted leaving the hotel the next morning.. Hmm very interesting

    The new story is on their website, would see if I can get a link

  4. Joanna says:

    Another woman that can’t be without a man for five seconds. Damn! Do she, Taylor, and J.Lo have any hobbies? beside f*king, that is?

    • Frankly disgusted by this comment says:

      “Hobbies besides f*cking”?!?!? This comment is not ok. Why spout such a nasty, vile thing about other women, based on what exactly? Tabloid gossip? I’d say their “hobbies” include being extremely successful in a highly competitive industry and having tens of millions in the bank. Or $320 million in the case of JLo. I sincerely hope you have the guts to say these things to the women you despise in real life straight to their faces, so they can (rightfully) slap you across yours. But you’re probably too much of a coward for that. smh

      • Joanna says:

        wow, way to overreact! seriously, though? have any of these women been single for more a week? they are showing young women that you have to have a man to be complete, no matter how much money or success you have. it’s just amazing to me how women are afraid to be single. I have so many girlfriends who go straight from one man to another. It’s amazing to me. yes, I would say to their face, why are you afraid to be single? Okay, I wouldn’t use the word “fucking” but I would not be afraid to tell them how I feel. And are you so disgusted and offended by my wording? have you never heard that word before? damn!

        You need to take some time between relationships to reflect on what went wrong, and what you could possibly be doing wrong before you jump into the next relationship. Otherwise, you are just going to keep repeating the same cycle, over and over again. and bringing the bagagge to the next relationship, because you haven’t resolved yet. what is wrong with taking a month or two and just going out with girlfriends, while you take some time to heal? That’s all I’m saying. If you can’t do that, you’re either afraid of being alone or afraid of being without a penis.

      • pamspam says:

        Wow, relax Frankly! This is a gossip site. People spout off here and voice their opinions. I totally got the point of what she was saying – about jumping from one guy to the next. Makes a girl look needy. And as for having the nerve to say it to someone’s face, well, I don’t think 99% of comments here would be made face to face (“Your dress is hideous!” and such). She meant no harm, and frankly I think she was making a good point!

      • Frankly disgusted by this comment says:

        @Joanna You’re seriously questioning my offense to your comment “Do any of these women have any hobbies. Besides f*cking, that is?” (sic)

        As touching as your concern for other peoples relationships and personal development is, that was still a sh*tty thing to say.

      • handsome man saved me from the monsters says:

        Umm @ frankly disgusting, you do know what this site is called don’t you? It’s celeBITCHY

    • Frankly disgusted at this comment says:

      Bitchy is making fun of a starlets bangs for the umpteenth time or piling on the Albas/Bosworths/Middletons of the world for being useless and/or other legitimate reasons. Slut shaming is another thing entirely and deserves to be called out. You need to learn the difference.

  5. Annamaria says:

    Maybe Katy and John are in an open relationship?

  6. kai says:

    oh no katy¡¡¡¡ Dom is mine MINE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    all muse fan girls (including myself) reunited angaist Katy¡¡¡¡¡

  7. Macey says:

    There was a blind on CDAN a few days ago that was thought to be about Katy/John. makes sense after reading this.

    heres blind…

    This A+ list celebrity freaked out when her B list celebrity boyfriend suggested they swap. Our A lister knew that her B list boyfriend was a freak in bed and has some things he has not shared that he enjoys doing but she felt overwhelmed when the B lister showed up with this B-/C+ list singer and his wife and said they should all swap and that it would be fun. Apparently our A lister ran fro the room and got herself another hotel room in the same hotel and got away the next morning as quickly as possible.

  8. Zigggy says:

    Pink Taco? Ew- real classy.

  9. GoodCapon says:

    I actually don’t pay that much attention to the Muse band members apart from their music – which I am a big fan of! – but for some reason I like Dom the most. He usually does the talking in their interviews (more often than not it’s the lead singers who do that and get the most attention). I also find him cute in small dosages.

  10. Asiyah says:

    Both of these gals have the same name. They should change their band name to “Katy Hudsons.”

    And for them to be so talented they have crappy taste in women. I just hope it doesn’t affect their music!

  11. Shi-gatsu says:

    I LOVE MUSE!! Best band today. Just saw them in concert on the 21st in San Diego. Matt Bellamy is so sexy

  12. lylaooooo says:


  13. pz says:

    He’s the one who sleeps with all his groupies. Well done Katy Perry, scored another douche bag!

  14. Reece says:

    I’m going to give him a little more credit than that.

  15. Grace says:

    Katy needs to stop chasing men down like she’s a hunter on African safari and see a counselor. I’m afraid to see who she’s going to hop to next with the taste she’s got in men.

  16. KellyinSeattle says:

    His turqoise necklace is awfully cheesy. Also, I don’t get why anyone would go out with John Mayer, but whatever.

  17. Isabel says:

    Hahahaha since Katy Perry’s official name is Kate Hudson and the actress Kate Hudson is also banging a Muse-dude, I guess we got a KH-Muse invasion on our hands. What are they planning? Taking over the world? xD

  18. Susan says:

    This is like that episode of The IT Crowd where Jen starts dating Norman from the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim…

  19. Carolyn says:

    Oh I hope Katy has left Mayer. Maybe she read all of the comments on this site :)

  20. Emma says:

    Both are attractive to me but lack class-hence they are made for one another! (if they’re really dating that is…)