Oscars Open Post: Hosted By the Best-Dressed Person of the Awards Season

It’s the end of the awards season, and all of us paying attention to what really matters (fashion!) have noticed a curious thing: so many of the ladies-to-watch have been consistently disappointing. Jessica Chastain has significant issues with tailoring, hair and dressing for her age. Jennifer Lawrence is almost always a hot mess. Anne Hathaway’s style was eclipsed by her Oscar Beav. Jennifer Garner looks like a politician’s wife. Jennifer Lopez keeps looking like a cougar zombie.

And so a curious thing happened… little Eddie Remayne quickly became The One To Watch during the awards season. He was always beautifully turned out. His suits were always impeccably tailored. He had fun with color, but he always knew what looked good on him. He accentuated his slim, tall, model figure. He has freckles and cheekbones to die for. He brought back the pocket square. Basically, Eddie is the hit of the awards season! He gives a good red carpet interview too, which is nice because he’s been everywhere this awards season. And so Eddie gets to host this year’s Oscars Open Post, which is quite an honor (haha).

Eddie will be at the Oscars tonight too – and he’ll be singing live with the cast of Les Miserables. It should be… interesting. We’ll see.

E!’s red carpet begins at 6 pm EST, and that’s the one I’ll be watching, although I’ll probably switch over to ABC when they begin their carpet too.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Scal says:

    Can we do predictions? Who will win vs. who should win? I can start.

    Will win:
    Best picture-Argo
    Best Actor-Daniel Day Lewis
    Best Actress-Jessica Chastain
    Best sppt actor-Chris Waltz
    Best sppt actress-AnnE Hathaway

    Should win:
    Best picture: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Actor-DDL
    Best actress-Emmanuelle Riva
    Best sppt actor-Tommy Lee Jones
    Best sppt actress-Amy Adams

  2. jane says:

    I WISH Joaquin could take it home tonight, but there’s no way he will [sadface]. I am excited for tonight though

    • mel says:

      Joaquin gives one of the most impressive performances of all time. His is something Marlon Brando or James Dean would have done. It’s fantastic

    • Mira says:

      I’m sorry that The Master released the same year as Lincoln. However, I dislike the DDL (I love the man) hype that was created even before the release of the movie. It was only etched on the wall post the release. This is not competition. When he won for There Will Be Blood, it wasn’t a year with so many good performances like it is now. Ah well, I’m just sulking for The Phoenix!

  3. Ms Kay says:

    All I want is Emmanuelle Riva and Joaquin Phoenix to win, the rest of categories has gotten a tad meaningless to me…

  4. T.Fanty says:

    Evening all. I’m not a huge Eddie fan, but I can appreciate how wonderfully he dresses. I’m hoping for a Hugh Jackman upset tonight, but am not optimistic.

  5. Nanea says:

    I’m not 100% sure DDL will get to take that doorstop home with him. Could be HJ – in an upset win.

    But I think Argo will win, and Christoph Waltz. And AnnE, and maybe JLaw.

    I’d like Emmanuelle Riva to win, or Quvenzhané Wallis.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for no cringe-inducing red carpet moments of the Gary Busey kind and for fashionably challenged people like JessChas to get it right for once.

  6. j.eyre says:

    I have just begun to sauté my Unchained Grapes in champagne and butter but I wanted to say hello, give hearty thanks to Kaiser for the RedCarp photos and really, other than me winning the ballot pot, the only win I wish for is a Hugh upset.

    Cheers all!

  7. Aqua says:

    God,If Anne wins.I could only imagine how pretentious her acceptance speech is going to be.

  8. Hubbahun says:

    I find him so ugly – except when he smiles. Then I think he’s passable :D

  9. anonymous fan says:

    I don’t think they’ll be any big surprises tonight.
    Winners: Daniel Day Lewis,Jennifer Lawrence,Steven Spielberg,Anne Hathaway,Phillip Seymour Hoffman,Argo for Best Pic,the only surprise will be that Zero Dark Thirty will be shut out and won’t get anything.

  10. Ms Kay says:

    Gah! What on earth is Kelly Rowland having on her head?? Not a fan of them bangs hairdo up and the leg showing is getting tiresome, not sure about the dress either it’s very meh :-/

  11. grabbyhands says:

    I can’t find him attractive. Something about his face puts me off. And his hair. He had pretty eyes though. But his bottom lip wobbles too much when he sings. It was distracting, and not in a good way.

  12. Kaiser says:

    Chastain is there! Her dress fits, yay! But it’s a light color, boo.

  13. Justyna says:

    It’s already past midnight here, so I’m probably not going to see who will take the Best Actress/Actor/Film in the real time but I definitely won’t miss the beginning as long as there is this one percent chance that AnnE might not win tonight. I should probably feel bad about being so malicious but I don’t care because seeing her face after losing would make my week. I hope Amy Adams wins.

  14. bettyrose says:

    Alright h8ters. I love JLaw . . . don’t care what she wears, I wanna see her win! I haven’t seen the movie she’s nominated for, but she should’ve won for Winter’s Bone and I love her sooo much in Hunger Games. (Les Miz is the only Oscar nominated film I’ve seen this year – been busy but I’ll watch them all on cable).

    • Ms Kay says:

      So basically you want her to win only because you like her regardless of her acting range or…? Because no matter the love or hate for an actor/actress one can be rational enough to recognise the talent underneath and judge the performance eh… So as much as JLaw isn’t everyone cup of tea, she is talented but the overhype around her is just too much and frankly SLP wasn’t Oscar worthy.

      • bettyrose says:

        Huh? What about my comment suggested I want her to win despite her range? I want her to win BECAUSE of her range. Winter’s Bone was an intense novel with a complex protagonist, and she did the novel justice. Ditto for Hunger Games which, while not literary on the same level, was still a more complex young adult novel than we’ve been seeing in pop fiction recently – and JLaw again did justice to the complex protagonist of that novel. Thus, JLaw has earned my respect as a hopeless book nerd. Though, admittedly, I haven’t seen the actual film for which she’s nominated, it is common for the Academy to award Oscars on the basis of a deserving career culminating in the film for which the actor was actually nominated.

      • Ms Kay says:

        Well you said you wanted her to win even though you haven’t seen, WB and HG are 2 past performances, thus as a book nerd (quoting you) you are now a fan, it’s like bam! in the pocket she must win?.. Even though she was great in WB and it was Oscar nod deserved, SLP isn’t that worthy, so you want her to win because you like her overall?

        And no the Oscars are a popularity contest, not exactly rewarding art and talent per se.

    • bettyrose says:

      Oh noos! Why is she dressed as a bride? Ugh, I guess I have to take back a little that I don’t care what she looks like.

  15. Ace says:

    When I wake up Riva better have won!! (I’m in Europe).

  16. emmie_a says:

    I hate Jessica’s extensions! They make her look cheap. At least her dress fits – but it’s boring.

  17. Jayna says:

    The color of Jessica Chastain’s dress is perfection against her skin.

    Amy Adams face looks so pretty, the hair, soft makeup. The dress color is gorgeous on her. I haven’t got a good look at the cut of the gown yet.

  18. CF says:

    jessica chastain looks great.

    channing tantum’s wife looks very good

  19. gloaming says:

    I’ve just seen a photo of Brandi Glanville (sp) on the red carpet.

    WTF is she doing there? Is Kris Jenner invited too?

    DA F*uck!

  20. Valerie says:

    I am so glad that Kaiser was brave enough to write that Jennifer Lawrence is a hot mess this awards season.I wanted to write that on the Spirit Awards post when I saw her in the trashy backless gown with the overtanned legs and loose bun on her head looking like she was on her way to or from a Vegas strip club,but I didn’t want the wrath of her overzealous fans that troll anyone that is not in love with her.I think JLaw’s fans on this blog think that no one is allowed to dislike anything she does.But she hasn’t looked great to me on the red carpet since she was nominated for Winter’s Bone.

  21. Lolly says:

    The Wallis girl has such spunk! Too cute!!

  22. CatJ says:

    Octavia Spencer is looking fabulous!

  23. EscapedConvent says:

    Hugh Jackman should win this Oscar & I’m going to be pissed when he doesn’t.

  24. Ms Kay says:

    Waaaaa Zoe Saldana dress is weird!

    Miss Q. Wallis is soooo cute like a little princess ^^

  25. Sherry says:

    Just got a glimpse of Amanda Seyfried and from what I could see, she looks like a hot mess in an ill-fitting dress. Apparently it’s Alexander McQueen.

  26. Lolly says:

    Amanda Seyfried was wierd.. She seemed off.. Is she usually like that in interviews? It made me uncomfortable

  27. lisa2 says:

    Not crazy about Jennifer’s dress.. IT is too much on bottom. She has to have 2 people helping her every time she moves. (BIG SAD FACE)

    Sally does not expect to win. I can tell by that dress. It makes me think of Gone with the Wind on the bottom.

    Jessica Chastain’s dress is very pretty and sexy.

    Reese’s dress looks like one she has won before. her hair is lovely, but the dress is been there done that.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      So agree with you about everything, especially about Reece. She has definitely worn something similar before. Boring. Her hair looks nice though.

      Jessica Chastain was my favorite look so far.

      ETA: Just saw Aniston on the red carpet. She has to have the worst posture. That boring red dress she is wearing, is wearing her and why, why, why couldn’t she do something different with her hair! It’s the Oscars ffs.

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Totaly agree with everything that you just said. Jennifer’s dress is terribly underwhelming. Jessica looks very pretty (though I do not care AT ALL for the extensions). Reese has done that look before and doesn’t look that great.

      Just to add: I think CSJ recycled a few of her looks from the past and is using them again (and has gotten a lot of cosmetic work done). Anne Hathaway looks somewhat boring; and the Prada detail on the chest is giving her a perpetual “headlights” look. And Charlize looks AWESOME – what a spunky and beautiful woman.

    • Jane says:

      Jennifer is definitely Harvey’s girl. Big, pink ballgown with upswept hair (a la Paltrow). Kind of creepy. Chastain’s dress is a pretty color.

      Wallis and her puppy purse win, hands down. Adorable child.

  28. Ms Kay says:

    Joseph Gordon Levitt!!!! *heart eyes*

  29. Justyna says:

    Helena Bonham-Carter is recycling her dress from the BFI London premiere of Great Expectations. Probably only Helena could do that.

  30. Lolly says:

    The lady with Jennifer Hudson(Her Sis?) needs Weight Watchers..

  31. cmc says:

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt just fagirled Dustin Hoffman! So cute.

  32. LAK says:

    my live stream isn’t working!!!! help!! anyone with a good link for us Europeans?

  33. Jayna says:

    Kerry Washington’s dress on her is going to be in my top five. Stunning on her and different. I just think her hair should have been parted on the side and long swept-over side bangs to gve a more dramatic look.

    I just watched Scandal for the first time last week. That show looks fantastic.

    Kelly Rowland looks fantastic and is doing a great job as an interviewer on the red carpet.

  34. Ms Kay says:

    I think I caught a glimpse of Charlize Theron in a white dress and I already wanted to scream…….. STUNNING!

  35. Jen34 says:

    I love Kerry Washington’s dress. I just wish her head didn’t look so big on her body.

  36. gloaming says:

    CZJ was about to cut a b*tch just now.

  37. Ms Kay says:

    Hahahahahaaaaaa awkward moment with R. Seacrest, did anyone see when Catherine Zeta Jones tried to ask for the mini camera that shows ladies nails and was waving her fingers but R. Seacrest accidentally ignored her? :-D

    Uhhhh AnnE Hathaway is looking exactly like my bridesmaid dress same colour same cut same pointy boob area…. Only it ain’t Prada eh.

    Charlize Theron, yup I confirm : STUNNING in Dior.

  38. Fran says:

    did anyone listen to Anne Hathaway talk to Ryan seacrest? I usually like her even though most don’t, but her answers were insufferable. plus…nipples

  39. marye42 says:

    Omg I could see Annes nipples through her dress.

  40. anonymous fan says:

    I’ve seen almost everyone’s gowns and it seems like the biggest stars played it safe.They all look nice but it is like we’ve seen all these dresses before in different colors.The only person who took a chance is Naomi Watts.I think her dress may get mixed reviews but atleast she is not wearing a wedding gown or a bridesmaid looking dress like the rest of them.But of course the night’s still young and people are still coming.I haven’t seen Stacy Keibler yet.

  41. Kaiser says:

    My faves thus far: Charlize, Kerry Washington.

  42. LAK says:

    How sad is it that I love Jen aniston’s outfit simply for being different from her usual thing. Pity she didn’t change up her hair/stylings.

    I can’t believe I’m giving points to a blah dress just for trying!!!!!!!!!

    Charlize Theron and Kathryn bigelow look amazing and statuesque.

    Amy and Jlaw are in wedding dresses!!!

    AnnE is too try hard. I like the sugar plum colour but urgh what a fug dress. And extra try hard for wearing the necklace on her back….honey the look didn’t work for Celine Dion either!!

  43. valleymiss says:

    *sigh* god, Catherine Zeta-Jones is so just so freakin’ over the top gorgeous. And Michael Douglas looked great, and healthy. Good for him.

    Dear lord, Naomi Watts’ dress is awful. Yet, I loved Lara Spencer’s (Good Morning America) dress.

    Loved Kerry Washington’s dress. Reese Witherspoon’s was same old same old. I really loved Zoe Saldana’s dress. It was unusual and had interesting accents.

    Ok, here’s my will win/should win:

    Will win: Daniel Day Lewis, JLaw, Anne Hathaway, Tommy Lee Jones

    Should win: Hugh Jackman/Joaquin Phoenix (don’t make me pick, because I cannot), Jessica Chastain/Naomi Watts (again, don’t make me pick), anybody but Anne Hathaway, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

  44. Ms Kay says:

    The woman who birthed B-Coop is wearing a fluffy furry pink flamingo on her shoulders…

  45. lisa2 says:

    Charlize is gorgeous. I don’t like that pedlum.. make it die soon.

    I thought Anne was going to hit it out of the park with her dress. But it is so meh and plain to me. Nothing memorable. I was very surprised.

  46. lisa2 says:

    Jennifer Aniston in red.. same hair and nothing new. Pretty dress but just nothing of note

  47. Rita says:

    Brandi Glanville is a fashion commentator for ABC news tonight. She’s wearing a dress of her own design from her own fashion collection and I have to say she looks as elegant as any “A” lister.

    I think she looks amazing if not a bit too “boobalicious” for my taste. My husband said that she has those puppies stuffed in there so tight they’ll need mouth to mouth before the end of the evening…..he knows better than to volunteer for duty.

    On a related topic, as soon as Brandi made her appearance on the red carpet, LeAnn tweeted a picture of a bag of Doritos….don’t ask me why. Maybe Eddie asked her to get him a snack so he could watch the red carpet “events” (aka puppies).

  48. GiGi says:

    So Giuliana’s bought a one way ticket to Falcorville?

    She looked thin before but now she looks unwell – hopefully she’s not!

  49. Jen34 says:

    The fit of Naomi’s Watt’s dress is perfect.

  50. TheOriginalVctoria says:

    Jennifer Aniston looked amazing tonight for once in her life she got everything right. I mean I can’t even lie about it. Her dress was stunning, her face slightly above average, her figure amazing. You go girl.

    And omg @ the people.com interviewer. She just threw shade at Clooney and Kiebler saying, who would have thought they’d make it to a second Oscars!!! Lol.

    Charlize was gorgeous. People are saying that she played it safe but that dress with that blonde and gorgeous hair cut…fierce!

  51. Jayna says:

    Catherine Zeta-Jones looked like a truck driver in that dress. She is very broad-shouldered and broad-chested and then straight down from then on, no hips. That dress just made her look bigger (not fat) next to Michael.

  52. T.Fanty says:

    Nicole Kidman looks fabulous. Didn’t think I would say that. Keith Urban looks exactly the same as he did in 2004.

    ETA: is it me or is Kristen Chenoweth really awkward? She keeps asking people about herself.

    One more thing: BCoop’s mother is wearing a pink fluffy bolero and sneakers. I think I love her.

  53. Jayna says:

    I love Jennifer Aniston’s dress on her, great color. Perfect for a non-nominee. Her hair is the same old same old. I don’t like the color, no shine. She used to have the shiniest, glossiest hair, and hasn’t for a long time.

  54. Lux says:

    Absolutely hate Anne’s dress. SO boring.

  55. Jayna says:

    Wow, I just saw Nicole. She is rocking it tonight.

    Leave my Keith alone. LOL

  56. Sachi says:

    Chastain, Theron, Watts, Aniston: best-dressed for me.

    The colour of Aniston’s dress was amazing. So bright and sunny especially with all the beige and pastel gowns.

    Chastain is a goddess. So is Theron.

    Naomi looks awesome. The gown is so perfect on her and she’s really been working that 1940s-1950s actress vibe.

    I like Kerry Washington’s dress but the overall look was a bit of a mess with the hairstyle and makeup being misses.

    Octavia Spencer’s dress looks a bit too Mother of the Bride, but it works for her.

    JLaw…I don’t know. She looks very nice, makeup is spot on. But there’s something still missing.

    Anne Hathaway’s dress looks really cheap. IMO the satin didn’t work that well. Her nipples were just too much. Love her hair, though.

    Amy Adams’s dress has been done and rehashed for years. Reminds me of Penelope Cruz’s Versace gown worn to the Oscars years ago.

    Helena Bonham-Carter wearing a recycled gown, still doesn’t give a f*ck about red carpet gowns and couture! :D Love her!

  57. Mira says:

    No television. Anyone with a good link for the awards ceremony?

  58. Gene Parmesan says:

    Charlize, Kerry, Naomi, Jlaw are serving it tonight!!
    Anne what the hell?? ribbon/tablecloth disaster

  59. Bijlee says:

    Lol have you guys been to the oscars site? It’s boring, but they have questionnaires that the nominees fill out and tommy lee jones cracked me up in his. He seems like a real funny guy.


  60. Maxine says:

    Is Helen Hunt’s dress wrinkled?? The Wallis kid got it right. . . . that’s about all so far. . .

  61. Miss M says:

    My fave looks: Charlize, Kerry, Naomi, Jessica Chastain and JLawrence. The drunken one (aka Amanda S.) looks stunning, but I don’t think the color of the dress suits her.

  62. Lolly says:

    Clooney’s beard? LMAO. That was some underhanded shade right there from Rancic. Unintentionally so cause she’s a Clooney fangirl.

  63. marye42 says:

    I’m sorry but Hugh Jackman’s wife looks awful.

  64. marye42 says:

    I’m sorry but Hugh Jackman’s wife looks awful

  65. Ms Kay says:

    Wait…. Jane Fonda yellow dress is stunning, did anyone catch the back of the dress?? Wow!!!

    Yes Channing Potatum we all know you are happy and expecting hand on your wife belly yadda yadda…

    Salma Hayek dress put them curves in the right places, but not a fan of the gold neck, nor make up nor hairdo.

  66. MisJes says:

    Jennifer Lawrence looks absolutely BREATH-TAKING! The cut and fit of the gown is perfection and I love the train. The pearl-encrusted necklace is to die for! She has really brought it tonight, best dressed hands down.

    The only other look I really wanted to comment on is AnnE, what a complete FAIL. The cut, the material, the chunky necklace, criss-cross backing – everything looks so cheap. Terrible.

    Ps. Just saw Kristen Stewart, she actually looks quite good!

  67. claire says:

    Has Joaquin shown up yet???!!

  68. Jayna says:

    I love love love the color Jennifer Garner is wearing, but I don’t like the dress.

  69. Kaiser says:

    Love Adele!!!!!!!!!!

    Hate Garner’s dress.

    Only Halle Berry could pull off that crazy dress.

  70. lisa2 says:

    Damn George is looking old. And he’s not. He looks like Staci’s father tonight.

  71. ash says:

    Did y’all see Brandi Glanville’s dress ? People online has her picture…bless her heart the bodice is two sizes too small :(

  72. GoodCapon says:

    Eddie never disappoints fashion-wise. The man can carry his suits well.

    Red carpets bore me. Can’t wait for the show itself.

  73. lisa2 says:

    Kristen Stewart in crutches.. must have broken or hurt

    She looks like she has gained weight

  74. Jayna says:

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. She said the ladies were dressed safe but in an eloquent way. “Elegant,” Kelly. Then she says Jennifer Aniston was wearing a dress they’ve seen her in many times before and she should have been sexier. Jennifer has never worn a gown with a full skirt that I remember and never wears vibrant colors. So the gown was a change for Jennifer, to me.

  75. Kaiser says:

    Did anyone get a good look at K-Stew’s gown? I think I missed it.

  76. folly says:

    I think its good jennifer aniston tryng somtng diff bt dat dress is so blah nd she is beggining to look her age,Nicole kidman looks amazing,jessica chastain actually looks stunning,I love jennifer garner dress too nd charlize theron is just wow
    Why is kristen stewart using crutches

  77. Ms Kay says:

    K-Screwed razzie nods totally bruised her ego and she quickly came up with crutches to gather sympathy, but very fine to get rid of it to pose on the red carpet… :-D

    Nah well on a serious note, what happened to one of her legs?

  78. T.Fanty says:

    Okay, I know someone has already mentioned this, but the Anne Hathaway nipple situation is most unfortunate. That dress is almost as bad as GOOP’s pink Oscar disaster.

  79. lisa2 says:

    Queen Latifah is beautiful in white. She knows how to dress her body. I would wear what she wears on a RC.. very pretty

  80. T.Fanty says:

    Oh my god. Jamie Foxx has a grown daughter? She’s gorgeous, too. He seems such a dad with her. He’s completely lost all of his coolness with his daughter, but in the most adorable way.

  81. Kaiser says:

    OMFG, Jamie Foxx’s daughter is GORGEOUS.

  82. Jayna says:

    Anne’s hair looks gorgeous and I love her makeup. The dress does nothing for her and, dare I say, it looks my mother could have made it on her sewing machine.

    I hate the necklace with that neckline to her dress.

  83. merski says:

    Kristen Stewart is so above it she didn’t even bother to wash her hair… What the hell is she even doing in the same building as Robert De Niro? Ugh.

    Sidenote: Anne Hathaway – dafuq!!! Months of preperations and she wears THIS to the Oscars?! o_0

  84. marye42 says:

    Kristin Chenowith is an annoying little troll

  85. Jayna says:

    Renee Zellweger looks fantastic. She always wears Caroline Herrera and wears it well. She has a little more weight on her and looks so much healthier, and her face looks fresh but not overdone. Love suits her.

  86. Redd says:

    Never will I understand how it is that Kelly Osbourne got to the position that people consider that she knows what the hell is hot or current or classy in fashion. Never.

  87. Oscar says:

    JLaw: if someone ever tells u its botox time, take a good look at poor Rene Zellweger and ruuuuuuun!

  88. lisa2 says:

    Do the presenters switch dresses for the RC.. I thought I heard someone on one of the shows say so.

  89. Jane says:

    Wow, Queen Latifah always amazes me that any woman can dress well no matter what size.

  90. anonymous fan says:

    I have never wrote anything about Anne Hathaway because I never really had a strong opinion about her.But I just saw her nipples poking out in a cheap looking gown that I swear I saw at Penney’s yesterday,and has no place at the Oscars.I am the least impressed at Anne H so far.The best dressed imo is Sandra Bullock(I love her)and Jennifer Aniston.Everyone is pretty underwhelming,though.

  91. Chelsea's handler says:

    Alright here we go

  92. Melissa says:

    I keep on putting it out of my mind that Seth MacFarlane is hosting. Ugh.

  93. Jayna says:

    Wow, I thought Charlize was furious with the boob thing when they panned to her, but then she’s up after in a dance segment. So I guess she knew in rehearsals what he was doing and was okay with it.

  94. lucy2 says:

    I missed most of the red carpet, but from what I’ve seen – really like Jessica Chastain’s, best surprise, and Anne Hathaway’s is disappointingly boring. Sandra’s is pretty, Charlize looks awesome.
    Just saw a photo of Brandi – totally inappropriate. Embarrassingly so.

  95. Oscar says:

    This show may be still going on Tuesday AM.

    There is a laugh/applause track, right?

  96. emmie_a says:

    The sock puppet re-enactment was hilarious!

  97. Chelsea's handler says:

    I wonder if Mel Gibson is there. If so I would’ve loved a cut away to him. I think Christoph Waltz is the first actor in a Tarantino movie to win an Oscar.

  98. LAK says:

    I love cheesy oscar musical numbers.

    It’s Jack!!!

  99. Miss M says:

    I can’t wait for the avengers!!!! Sweating already!

  100. Sachi says:

    Not gonna lie, I was nervous about MacFarlane. I knew he was gonna sing. He’s got a great voice.

    But I thought he pretty much nailed his opening segment. He wasn’t too serious about it nor was he flippant and unnecessarily obscene, which Family Guy can be sometimes. His Mel Gibson joke and Chris Brown-Rihanna set some “oohs” and groans but he took it in stride and actually gave it right back to the audience.

    The sock puppet skit was hilarious. I think MacFarlane really studied previous hosts and learned from their strengths and mistakes. Hopefully he doesn’t ‘deflate’ after this.

  101. Miss M says:

    I loved “Brave”. So happy it won!!! :)

  102. Samantha says:

    Who knew Charlize was such a good dancer? Love her.

  103. Oscar says:

    Holllywood prima donna stars’ complete inability to laugh at themselves ismain reason most”edgy” Oscar hosts fail.

  104. andrea says:

    I wanted the Avengers to show up in costume LOL. The organizers could’ve capitalized on the swoon factor and had them present for Best Supporting Actress or something.

  105. Miss M says:

    I have to say I am sooooo happy Life of Pi is getting some of the awards. They totally deserve it. I would be so happy if they won the best feature.

    • LAK says:

      The behind the scenes gossip seemed to be that it’s so full of CGI that alot of voters didn’t really like that. At the same time everyone was talking about what a great job Ang Lee did, but the CGI was working against him.

      I couldn’t believe that Hollywood reporter article where the voter confirmed the gossip about why it would lose so i am happy too that it is getting some awards.

  106. gloaming says:

    A song about boobs.
    Sock puppets.
    William Shatner.
    A dancing Charlize.
    Making fun of Clooney.
    life of Pi winning 2 Oscars already.

    Jaws theme.

    Maybe it’s the wine I’m consuming. But I’m loving it.

  107. Suze says:

    I love Adele, but I thought the “Adele is shouting her song at the audience” line was very funny.

  108. LAK says:

    Jaws music to get them off the stage!! That’s hysterical.

    How many consecutive years has the costume design oscar come to Britain?? I can’t remember the last time someone from another country won it.

    Does Jen Aniston always talk that way? She’s usually buzzed at these thing but i don’t think she is here and yet sounds strange.

    Was that it with the Bond tribute? the way they talked about it, i thought there would be more.

    Do love Dame Shirley though.

  109. Lolly says:

    That was embarassing. Didn’t even give his fellow winners a chance to say a word. Keep it short people..jeez!

  110. Miss M says:

    Halle Berry: Crazy b*tch is beautiful…

  111. T.Fanty says:

    OMG! Dame Shirley Bassey! Looking amazing, considering she is a million years old.

  112. Jayna says:

    Wow, Dame Shirley Bassey killed it. Shivers. Barbra Streisand is going to sing. I assume Adele. There is real glamour this year compared to other years, which gives it back the gravitas it once had before a bazillion award shows took away its impact. It seems very prestigious tonight, kind of old school.

    Kerry’s gown is so gorgeous.

  113. T.Fanty says:

    Oh dear, Liam Neeson looks SO tweaked. I just lost my tingles.

  114. pretty says:

    liam neeson’s voice…..*swoooooons*

  115. Chelsea's handler says:

    OK. I think Seth has fired his best shot and is starting to plateau. Which is understandable because he has to take a back seat to the presentations. I can get on with my housework now.

  116. T.Fanty says:

    I didn’t watch Les Mis, and now Eddie Redmaye’s voice is freaking me out.

  117. LAK says:

    I take it everyone was traumatised by the inaugural miming scandal so they are all singing live (or miming perfectly)!!!!

  118. T.Fanty says:

    Am I alone in finding regular Sasha Baron Cohen really quite do-able?

  119. Samigirl says:

    My cable provider dropped all the local stations. My iPad is dead and lappy is with geek squad. I’m so upset :-(

  120. gloaming says:

    I actually like that. Especially seeing Eponine having her moment. She stole the movie for me.

  121. gloaming says:

    Brace yourselves for hathaway.

  122. meh says:

    Jennifer Hudson was so freaking annoying. She just screeched the entire song. She sounded like my cat when I accidentally step on his tail.

  123. Miss M says:

    @celeb*tch gossipers- Obituary: Dear friends in gossip, It’s with sadness that Miss M, also known as Agent MOL and LucyOriginal, passed away today after seeing Aaron Tveit singing in the Oscar’s. Her little heart could not handle it. She also wanted you to know she was happy to see Samantha Barks singing. Please, carry on the torch of gossip.

    ps: update- miraculously, she recovered. She realized if she didn’t J.eyre would jump into his arms if she had the chance.

  124. Vivian says:

    Cheering for Life of Pi and Ang Lee; it deserves more love. Naomi Watts looks the best followed by Jessica C, Charlize and Octavia S. I usually love Kerry but not so much tonight. Everyone else zzzzzzz

  125. Evadstructn says:

    Bradley Cooper’s mother is giving some serious bitchface.

  126. GiGi says:

    Well, damn. Now I feel like I should actually watch Les Mis…

  127. bluhare says:

    Dammit. You all are going to make me actually tune in. I’ve just been reading the comments. :D

  128. pretty says:

    Les Mis is overly overrated and that movie’s director Tom hooper is also really pretentious.
    watch this video. Tom Hooper keeps giving his bitchy face/stare at Quentin Tarantino hahahah god.. i can not stand him.

  129. T.Fanty says:

    How cute was Philip Seymour Hoffman snuggling with his son behind Amy Adams when they cut to her?

  130. Miss M says:

    AnnE: ” it came true”… *vomit inducing moment*

  131. pretty says:

    i can’t stand…. her….. please… make it stop that breathy voice. jesus jesus…

  132. Chelsea's handler says:

    Hathaway!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!

  133. ValinFL says:

    Sounds like AnnE managed to practice that acceptance speech a lot!

  134. Alyssa says:

    Nooooooooooo little ms. les nipperables won. (Definitely stole that nickname from a commenter above.) Oh well, it’s finally over!

  135. Lou says:

    Drat. i was reeeeeeally hoping Hathaway would miss out. Does that make me totally evil?

  136. Suze says:

    I was so braced to get through her speech that I don’t have a good read on whether it was obnoxious or not.

  137. Jayna says:

    She gave a very poised, gracious speech. Thank God.

    Even I got sick of her over-the-top speeches, trying to be cute. I have been a massive fan of Anne’s. The camera loves her and I always enjoyed her performances. I was hoping she wouldn’t make a fool of herself tonight and turn me off from her movies. She didn’t. The dress actually even looked better than it did on the red carpet.

  138. gloaming says:

    At least there weren’t any fake tears. I can’t remember a thing she said tho. don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  139. Vivian says:

    Ugh Anne won but maybe it’s best so she can go away for a long long while.

  140. andrea says:

    Second look at Jennifer Lawrence’s dress on stage. She’s cute, but that dress is a giant meringue.

  141. Clark says:

    Adele gives such boring performances

  142. LAK says:

    Adele – the joy of a person singing a song instead of screeching or doing runs on it!!!!!

    Love her.

    Everytime she wears McQueen, Salma looks amazing and the girls are contained!!!

  143. Lolly says:

    Jennifer Hudson THIS is how you do it. Adele I have chills

  144. Arock says:

    What happened to Sandra bullocks nose?

  145. & says:

    Adele, live, reminded me why I’m not a beyonce fan. Amazing

  146. Miss M says:

    Poor trampire… she has a hurt leg and a bruise on her left arm.

  147. pretty says:

    what the FUCK is wrong with Kristen Stewart? ugh. i can’t even.. .. her voice, her attitude, the way she walks towrd the stage with that injured leg? and don’t forget her hair touching. ugh..

  148. Melissa says:

    Can somebody just take a big hook and pull KStew off the stage? She couldn’t keep herself further away from Harry Potter (he’s not hitting on you, you know!), her hair is a mess, and her posture is horrific. Oh, and her acting isn’t anything to write home about, either!

  149. Chelsea's handler says:

    Wow. Kstew looked like crap. She limped out on stage, her hair was a mess and she looked really out of sorts. She must’ve over done it at the post Razzie party.

  150. Jayna says:

    Nicole Kidman looked absolutely amazing. Her face was like I remembered it years ago, not inflated. The dress was to die for on her. I loved her makeup and Adele’s makeup. Great eyes and pale skin. So many wore nude lipstick and no lips popped tonight. Adele and Nicole’s lip colors looked great.

  151. gloaming says:

    That was embarassing. KStew’s presenting an Oscar. honestly, my naive self thought she’d pull herself together – especially considering her recent dalliances, you’d think she’d want to present a positive image of herself to her ‘peers’

    • d says:

      Agreed. She is so much like one of those sulky annoying teenagers that mothers pull their hair out over. No poise, no class, no manners, no professionalism, no…nothing. She couldn’t even present the nominees in a way that honoured them. Gah. Why anyone on H-wood gives her the time of day, I don’t know.
      Adele was great. I want to like Jennifer Hudson, but I can’t stand screechy shouty singing like so many of her ilk these days.
      Nicole looked great, like from the days of yore. Woudl that she continue.

      • andrea says:

        That was the thing that bugged me the most out of all the things that bugged me about Kristen tonight–she couldn’t even pull herself out of her contrived I-don’t-give-a-f*ckness long enough to present the nominees with respect. Those people actually care about their craft and they excel at it, but I guess that’s something she’ll never really understand?

  152. Sachi says:

    Kristen Stewart sounded drunk and out of it, limping and hobbling on the stage. Messy hair, hoarse voice…did she just wake up from a nap backstage? So embarrassing for her, esp with DanRad who looked impeccable and was very professional in the way he handled himself right from the start with the dance/song number.

    Adele, Adele, Adele. So effortlessly amazing. I like that she didn’t try to outdo anyone or went overboard with the theatrics. Her makeup was great.

  153. Miss M says:

    Barbara is amazing!

    ps: good night ladies! It’s a wrap for me.

  154. LAK says:

    I love,love The way we were.sing it Babs!!!

  155. Sophie says:

    What the hell is wrong with KStew? Is she afraid to TRY for fear of failing? Is she just totally unaware of how she comes across?! It’s like it’s all about HER, all the time, even when presenting an award to someone else.

    Also she looks horrible. Is she getting chubby? What was with that bruise on her arm?

  156. CatJ says:

    I could hardly understand Kristen Stewart as she mumbled and sped thru her part of the nominees. She looked like she didn’t want to be there, ( I wouldn’t either after getting a razzie, last night). Greasy, lank hair, and an attitude of boredom, makes me dislike her even more. I have never seen her in a movie, and I hope I never do. I just don’t get how she is in this industry. There is just nothing appealing about her…..

    • LAK says:

      one needs to have a sense of humour about razzies. Sandra and Halle showed up to collect their razzies. Sandra picked hers up the same weekend she was oscared. It just made the 2 ladies seem cool and fun. The people who treat razzies with such po-faced seriousness are the ones who end up getting stuck with the bad actress/actor label.

  157. lower-case deb says:

    Adele was good, but she sang it a bit safe, I feel. Certainly nowhere near Dame Shirley’s commanding performance, or Streisand’s touching rendition, today.

    Adele still has a long way to go, which is a good thing at the end of the day. Room for growth.

    Congrats to all of them though.

  158. Jayna says:

    I think Kristen is going to fade out, just one of those young twenty-something actresses that were now you’re hot and then now you’re not in the industry. This appearance on the stage tonight isn’t going to help her.

    Don’t spend that Twiglight money too fast, Kristen.

  159. lady mary. says:

    tarantino woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon,wohooooo

  160. stellalovejoydiver says:

    Yeah QT! And he is looking like a hot mess LOL.

  161. LAK says:

    Tarantino just congratulated his own genius!!!LOL. It would be so funny if they all went that way. No false modesty.

  162. d says:

    Jane Fonda, showing how it’s done.

  163. pretty says:


  164. Sammi says:

    I just want to say Seth McFarland is awesome! He’s actually making the Oscars fun to watch. So funny and hot.

  165. Vivian says:

    Yey Ang Lee! I didn’t even realize the tiger was 100 percent CG until afterwards; he totally deserved it.

  166. pretty says:

    I just said “oh my god” out loud as Jennifer Lawrence’s name was called. wow!. congrats :) )

  167. Belle says:

    Seems Jennifer’s dress was in fact, way too big on the bottom.

  168. Screw Stewrat 99 says:

    Is it still on? Who won best actress and actor?

  169. Jayna says:

    I just fell in love with Daniel Day Lewis. His speech was to die for.

  170. Jayna says:

    I’ve heard Life of Pi was fantastic. I will have to watch it.

  171. Original A says:

    Meh. Seth’s okay. No one is really a hot mess, except for Anne’s nipple dress and Rene. KStew was awkward, but no more awkward than usual. Love Jessica Chastain’s dress, and love that Christoph Waltz won. Just want to see the last few categories now :)

  172. pretty says:

    seroiusly ben affleck’s speech made me cry. it was really moving and i’m really happy for him!!

  173. Belle says:

    Awe. *tears* How cute was Ben, getting choked up at the end of his speech. :)

  174. Jayna says:

    Ben made me cry. I want to watch his speech again.

  175. chopps says:

    guess I’ll be seeing ARGO then….

  176. andrea says:

    Ben confirmed who’s been keeping his marriage, and reputation, together. And Jen got credit for the great Oscar campaign she ran.

    Daniel Day Lewis had the best acceptance speech of the night. His wife should get an award as well.

  177. gloaming says:

    So is it over?

    i could go another 5 hrs

  178. Reece says:

    Best Dressed:
    Charlize T, Jessica C., Naomi W., Jennifer G., Stacey K.
    Worst Dressed:
    Anne H. (it had darts emphasizing her nipples! WTF!), Amy Adams(just because some form the same exact dress has been worn at every single awards show for the past 5 years! Why Amy why?)
    Still On the Fence:
    Jennifer L., Zoe S., Amanda S., Halle B, Kerry W., Reese W.

    I know I’m in the minority here but I really liked Seth as the host. The Boob song had me snorting my tea. The “no introduction” introduction was hilarious! I’m happy with the winners. I really want Adele to win everything she’s nominated for just so she can give acceptance speeches. lol Jennifer L, Ben A, and DDL also had the best speeches.

  179. HappyMom says:

    Oh my god-Sandra Bullock’s face was so botoxed-she made Nicole Kidman look natural by comparison.

  180. LAK says:

    When jen Aniston was in FRIENDS, my friends and i thought she had a strong Barbra Streisand resemblance. Tonight it was more evident than ever. She could be her daughter!!!!