Does Alexander Skarsgard’s casual, dirtbaggy style make him less hot?

Sorry, I was struggling to find something decent to cover, and it was either Alexander Skarsgard or Jude Law’s moobs. Maybe I’ll include a few photos of Jude too, just to mix it up a little. I’m constantly amazed by the fact that Alex can go from a smoking-hot lanky Viking in a suit, on a red carpet (or Calvin Klein commercial), to a dirtbag-looking awkward-seeming dude in real life. Whenever I see candids of Alex just walking around in his baseball cap and jeans, I realize that his proportions really are crazy, and that he needs better bumming-around clothes. I get that his casual clothes are just for running errands and everything, but… I don’t know. Maybe a decent pair of khakis and some new t-shirts? If we hold Mila Kunis to that standard (where we feel she should look presentable and attractive in candids because of her Dior contract), shouldn’t we hold Alex to that standard too?

By the way, did you know that Alex’s film What Maisie Knew premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and it still hasn’t come out in wide release?! IMDB doesn’t have any dates for an American release either. But! Entertainment Weekly just got the exclusive on the poster – go here to see. Maybe that means… a fall release? That movie sounded pretty good, and it’s an updated version of a Henry James novel, so maybe it would even be considered for some awards or something. We’ll see.

Also: since I promised, here’s Jude Law in London. Are his pecs just over-developed or has he gained some weight in his chest?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Syko says:

    I’ve never thought he was hot.

  2. anonymous fan says:

    I don’t mind the way he dresses.I accept that like most actors he is hotter on t.v than in real life.But I do wonder why he is never seen with any woman anymore.How can he keep his personal life so quiet? Where does he even meet women or date them? I can’t wait for the next season of True Blood.It is the only way to see him since his movies go practically straight to D.V.D.

  3. marie says:

    NO, cause I know what he looks like cleaned up.. I think I may have to fight Miss KiKi now to regain my spot. I was here first so I got dibs, ha!

  4. virginia5 says:

    I never thought he was attractive.

  5. Raven says:

    Yep, still hot, IMO. That t-shirt belongs in the rag pile.

  6. aims says:

    Alex is hot in all forms. I would take it anyway I could get it, and hit it as hard as he would allow.

  7. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Lurve me some Skarsgard. I feel bad for the guy, he’s very slender but very long waisted, all of his t-shirts end up being tummy shirts. But cumon, let’s be real, don’t most nordic men dress like this? I’ve been to a few of those countries and this is pretty typical. Just swap in/out a snowboarding hat, a down jacket, wellies, a sweater with a deer.

  8. RHONYC says:

    2 words:

    forearm. HAIR!

    sexy on crack he is. :-P

  9. Sandy says:

    He seems like a typical guy who has a comfortable shirt he just can’t let go no matter how grunge it gets. That is more attractive to me than some overstyled narcissist. He seems like he’s a real dude in his every day life.

  10. BooBooLaRue says:

    Never thought he had “it” at all. Even grosser now.

  11. Little Darling says:

    Hotter than hot. Manly. Sexy. Intelligent looking, I love his goofy dorkness appeal. He could wear flip flops, a white tank too and sun visor and still make me drool.

  12. Miss Kiki says:

    Hello my Sweet Viking Prince.

  13. Samigirl says:

    Laaaaawd, he’s attractive. I don’t care what he is (or isn’t) wearing. Sexy allllll the time.

  14. Nikki says:

    I think he looks very hot here, love how he looks dressed up, down or not at all!!

  15. Liz says:


  16. Ginger says:

    As a photographer, I have always found it fascinating that you can doll someone up (guy or girl) and they look so hot in photos or even in films. Then you see them in their everyday look and they are just like everyone else. I find it refreshing. I love that saying “they clean up well”. So, I won’t find fault with Alex or with Mila. I pretty much do the same thing in my own life. I dress up and do my hair and makeup for my day job or if I’m going on a date with my hubs. In every day life, it’s jeans/t-shirt/converse or ballet flats. Although, I will admit to only wearing sweats or yoga gear in the house. (Side eye at Mila???) And BTW, I find Alex hot ALL the time!

  17. littlemissnaughty says:

    Love the Viking but I’ve always thought that his clothes could for better. He does look a bit rough whenever he’s shooting True Blood, I think it’s the night shoots and paleness.
    I think the Mila Kunis comparison is fair. If he’s a CK model, shouldn’t they have a vested interest that his jeans fit? He has pants issues, he really does.

    That being said, I still would. Of course. But then again, I don’t think a man would throw Mila out of bed just because he’s seen the sweat pants pics.

  18. T.Fanty says:

    The years will not be kind to Askars. Starting now.

    I don’t see the hotness at all. But I also never cared for True Blood, and I think that’s a big part of his charm. He’s a sparkly vampire for grown women.

  19. Ronnie says:

    No-I almost didnt recognize him, weird.

  20. KV says:

    No.. He’s sexy as hell dressed down or dressed up. He’s got something about him that draws me like a moth to a flame! I’m pretty sure that even as he ages (wrinkles, hair loss, etc..) he’ll still do it for me. He’s beautiful. :)

  21. Anna-fo-Fanna says:

    A tee-shirt and jeans makes you a dirtbag?!? Um, oookay.

  22. KellyinSeattle says:

    He looks like he’s a guest on Jerry Springer.

  23. tessa says:

    His clothes and general dorkiness only make him hotter to me, not less…

    And yeah he’s not “perfect” but he is sexy, and that’s not going away.
    He’s far more attractive in motion anyway, I didn’t get it with pics either until I saw him on film.

  24. StaCat1 says:

    Don’t find him hot per se. But he has the appeal of a big puppy. he seems akward in that big body and has a great
    sense of humor.

    He is always photog’d with Fares Fares everywhere…are they roomies or something?
    I know they are buddies from Kill MY darlings or beyond…but they are ALWAYS together.

  25. skylla says:

    au contraire… I like his casual look

  26. Rachel R says:

    Still super gorg. Yummy yum yum!

  27. LAK says:

    i always think he looks exactly like His father Stellan when he is papped out casually like this and completely himself when he is on a red carpet.

  28. Jenna says:

    Skarsie’s fine. A little scruffy, but fine.

  29. elceibeno08 says:

    Alex Skarsgard looks to me like he is need o f a honey to cook nice meals for him cause he looks on the lanky side. He is so hot.

  30. Izzy says:

    OF COURSE he’s still hot. In fact, I would argue that the clothes are optional. Especially since I’m willing to take a very hot shower with him…

    Sigh. My biscuit really has a thing for Viking dong, doesn’t it?

  31. LostinSpace says:

    I think he’s hot no matter what he’s wearing (or not wearing!) I do think he’s one of those actors who acts because he enjoys it, though, and not for the fame, so when he’s out and about and not promoting a project, he just dresses like he would if he were any other Joe. I see guys out dressed just like that every day. Alex doesn’t seem to care (or even be aware) of what others think. I can respect that and acutally find him even more attractive for it.

  32. CC says:

    I don’t know. He cleans up nicely when he wants to, but I can still smell the Bosworth stink. Never liked when was grungy in candids though, always left me wishing he had better appearance in regular days. You know…like regular people in regular professions that shower, comb hair, shave, use clean clothes in acceptable condition…that sort of stuff.

    • cr says:

      Other than the fact that the tshirt looks well past its intended lifespan, he looks clean. He doesn’t usually shave unless he’s actually on set, and I don’t think he’d been on set for two weeks.
      He doesn’t look like a homeless bum, he looks like a man on an afternoon off, one who likes to dress comfortably and casually.

      • CC says:

        po-tay-to, po-tah-to

        For me, my reaction to beards is similar to a guy who sees a girl with leg hair or underarm hair. Others might see it different, but facial hair grosses me out.

        Plus I’m demanding about personal appearance at all times, and that includes all standard things, including non sport clothes or jeans unless tey’re designer jeans and are kept in good condition, or sneakers or baseball caps or wrinkled clothes of any kind. Again, vegetables ;-)

      • cr says:

        CC: normally I don’t like scruff, but for him I don’t mind. Unless he goes into YetiSkars territory, and then that’s not so hot.

  33. Mew says:

    I actually like him because he’s like so many actors, being himself when off from work – not giving a damn about what he’s supposed to look like to impress ppl. That’s the problem with actresses… they need to be 150% all the time.

  34. Christina says:

    ”If we hold Mila Kunis to that standard (where we feel she should look presentable and attractive in candids because of her Dior contract), shouldn’t we hold Alex to that standard too?”

    No, because Alex still looks clean, respectable and above all sexy – he’s just dressed casually. Mila, by contrast, looked in those photos like she’d slept by the side of the street all night.

  35. Lila says:

    I think Alex is HOT. Period.

    @Kaiser He was filming True Blood yesterday. Maybe he wanted to have a relax time.

  36. jaye says:

    I don’t care about his clothes…I care about what’s UNDERNEATH them.

  37. Claudia says:

    Nah, Mila Kunis strikes out because she wears sweats everywhere. At least Skarsgard is wearing proper pants.

  38. dunzo says:

    love hot guys in casual clothes (love hot guys in suits too!), when a guy is hot, he doesn’t need fancy clothes to look good. Seriously, this guy would still be bangable wearing a garbage bag.

  39. bettyrose says:

    I will happily be there to console him when his feelings are hurt from reading this thread.

  40. Renee says:

    I think Alex’s casual clothes look fine. Don’t see the big deal.

  41. Mirella says:

    I think he looks fine, he’s a t-shirt & jeans type of guy. I’m not a fan of the beard, but he’s just hot.

  42. Dredz says:

    Even dressed down, he always looks clean and immaculate. You can tell his clothing items are of good quality.

  43. anonymous fan says:

    He really is starting to look just like his father the older he gets.You girls can have A Skars, blonde,blue eyed men do nothing for my biscuit anyway.Now that fine dark haired Italian Joe Magnieiello who plays Alcide on True Blood that is what I want.We need more pics of him on cb.

  44. Lexi says:

    I think he is really really hot, i think he always looks hot whether he is ontrue blood, or dressed up or casual, or doing a calvein klein commercial,it dont matter he is super sexy

  45. lastcontrast says:

    Pretty sure Jude Law is flabbing up for his role in Dom Hemingway – he is supposed to have gained 30lbs or so.

    And yeah, I’d still do A Skars viking style.

  46. onexbyxone says:

    There is nothing on earth that could make him less hot.