LeAnn Rimes ‘acting unstable, might end up in rehab again’ according to Star

Before I sat down to write this, I hadn’t checked LeAnn Rimes’ Twitter in about a week. Considering I didn’t see any coverage along the lines of “LeAnn sets fire to Twitter, demands friends call her LeBrandi Ranville,” I assumed that LeAnn’s dumbass publicist was sitting on her, or had possibly broken LeAnn’s tweetin’ fingers. Considering that Brandi Glanville’s book has come out and Brandi has become the latest darling of the publishing world (she’s seriously moved a lot of books so far), it’s kind of miracle that LeAnn is keeping it somewhat together. Of course there are cracks in LeAnn’s façade of sanity. There was the Instagram belonging to “Eddie”. There was that cracked-out statement allegedly made by LeAnn’s publicist. And on and on. But seriously, it could be SO MUCH worse. Star Magazine is now trying to claim that LeAnn’s friends worry she’s on the verge of another breakdown:

Less than five months after completing rehab for social-media-related emotional issues, LeAnn Rimes is falling off the Twitter wagon again. During her 30-day treatment at an in-patient facility last September, LeAnn, 30, learned ways of coping with the rampant criticism of her and her relationship with Eddie Cibrian. But after showing some progress, the singer has slipped in her recovery and unleashed a series of increasingly bizarre tweets.

On Feb. 5, LeAnn flew off the handle when a Twitter follower intimated that she was taking pole-dancing classes because Brandi was too. “I’ve been doing it for two years with my firend Liz,” she lashed out. “If you’re so obsessive, look at my old tweets.”

“LeAnn was supposed to not tweet any negative stuff or engage with people who don’t like her,” a source explains. “But she’s not sticking to that anymore. She is tweeting at people who aren’t fans and saying a lot of angry stuff about Brandi again. She can’t help herself!”

One of the major reasons for LeAnn’s increasingly unpredictable behavior is Brandi’s new tell-all book, which details the affair LeAnn had with Eddie.

“LeAnn got an early copy of the book, and she is absolutely livid at what Brandi says about her. Brandi paints LeAnn as a lunatic who stalked Eddie until she got him. There’s nothing she can do to stop Brandi, so she’s venting on Twitter.”

For her part, Brandi is unapologetic about slamming LeAnn. “I don’t care what LeAnn thinks of the book,” Brandi tells Star. “Everything in it is 100% true, so whatever she does will not affect me whatsoever.”

Brandi may not care, but LeAnn’s friends and family are worried about her. “She’s acting more and more unstable… her people are trying to rein her in again, but this is only going to get worse when people start reading the book. LeAnn might end up in rehab again!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Again with the completely ridiculous claims that LeAnn participated in some kind of grueling 30-day rehab in which her life completely changed. She was barely in “Twitter rehab” for three weeks AND she got weekends “off” and she’s bitched about people calling it “rehab”. I truly think that she just went away to a spa for a few weeks and talked about herself endlessly to a massage therapist.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Hakura says:

    Not as though we didn’t ALL see this coming a mile away, or anything. It’s going to be quite the show, if what we’re seeing now is anything to go by. >=)

    • BB says:

      She is probably unstable thinking about when Eddie will cheat on her. Because he will cheat on her.

      • Hakura says:

        That’s too true. And something SHE probably sees coming, given how their relationship started. She’s been living in obvious paranoia, keeping him up her behind whenever she travels anywhere. You have to ask her, “Was it worth it?”

        (How many think she’s probably been *trying* to get pregnant since this mess started?)

      • Amelia says:

        Wasn’t there a blind that Eddie went to get himself snipped, which is why we’ve yet to hear an announcement about some poor kid being born into this mess of a relationship?

      • Itsa Reallyme says:

        I’m sure he has been, all along.

      • Theskinny says:

        He has already cheated on her by some accounts and she already knows about it.(according to others) #allegedly. She is just a trailer chick whose thought processes is “Oh YEAH! Well he sleep in MY TRAILER MOST OF THE TIME SO I WIN!!” She’s gross and crazy, he’s a diseased simpleton with no talent and zero prospects.

      • Hakura says:

        @Theskinny – I’d completely believe that Leann had to make some ‘promises’ in a ‘prenuptial agreement’ before E would agree to marry her.
        A.) If its *just* physical, he can chase skirts (& take it off the ones he catches).But he’s limited to a certain # per month.
        B.) He can only be with the same person a certain # of times.
        C.) He MUST keep it on the ‘down-low’ in every possible way.

      • cadetpink says:

        I think her impending ‘melt-down’ will have multiple components.
        1. Eddie Cheating
        2. Irrational responses to social media comments (I get contradicted and have dialogues with many people, I have my opinions, they have theirs and theres mutual respect for agreeing to disagree…She cant ‘agree to disagree’ its ‘agree or i’m-gonna-flip-out-sue-you-or-stalk-your-life-and-steal-your-family’ typical petulant child response (clearly she’s got a childs mind in an adolescents body)
        3. Self-induced-pressure from Brandi’s book doing SO WELL, in comparison to her dwindling audiences.

        I’m so damn sick of people using ‘rehab’ to either garner sympathy or to ‘hide’ its for people who’re in a headspace where they want to get BETTER…I dont think she see’s any issues she needs to work on so why not just go on vacation (from her vacations) without the paps…

        She should get used to being cheated on if she plans on staying with this man b/c he’s a serial-cheater. She also should require him to do regular STD tests like in the porn industry, and use as many forms of protection possible b/c she WILL be given a gift that keeps on giving at the rate he’s tearing through women. I dont think any REAL-WOMAN should have to put up with infidelity but she knew what she was doing w/him when he was married so should expect the cycle to continue. Real WOMEN, dont poach ‘unavailable’ men, no matter how hard they may pursue you (and she was the pursuer…I’ve been offered $$ from married men I WAS friends with to let them go down on me…ick and confusing b/c I cant understand their wanting to do what they wanted to do…), but they’re married and I’m not doing that to another woman.

        All of the ‘HAPPY-COUPLE, LOOK HOW HAPPY WE ARE TOGETHER’ Pics are the acts of a desperate woman trying to FRONT!! Eddie is not only an idiot but seems to be getting off on all of this back-and-forth (as was illustrated w/that ‘book-title’ shot).

        What is up with her looking like a homeless-firefighter with a bedazzled microphone??? I’m not quite getting that ‘look’ but she does seem to be going off the rails…again.

        Why is no one monitoring or blocking the Social Media sites on her devices? If someone I loved and lived with was doing that to themselves and really letting it get to them, I’d intervene. Change her passwords, put up ‘parental’ blocks, do what you can to help limit her exposure….but I suppose you’d only do that if you werent looking forward to bangin’ some new chiquitas while she checks into another inpatient facility. SAD….

      • Otterette says:

        @Cadetpink I can’t stop chuckling at “homeless firefighter.” So spot on.

      • Bobbiesue says:

        @Theskinny Dying laughing. Perfectly put.

    • Jen says:

      I see she had to get the bangs hairdo like everyone else. Why do the stars copy each other, they now all look alike. On her though, it makes her look older.

  2. brin says:

    She looks like Jack Nicolson in “The Shining” in that second pic.
    Leann IS unstable, no news there.

  3. LiteNOTSObrite says:

    Leann is looking MUCH healthier in these pics. Let’s face it. Miss America she is not. But a little meat on her bones is a def improvement. If only she could lose the bangs and get a stylist.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, I agree. I don’t like the girl, and I don’t think she’s some great beauty… but at least she’s starting to look like herself more. She needs that extra bit of weight in her face. It softens her up.

    • DreamyK says:

      I think she looks healthier, too.

      However! Brandi called her a fat titless wonder when she first suspected her husband was being unfaithful with Leann and I do think that was the main reason Leann got all Falcor.

      Leann is one of the more neurotic people we read about, for sure. She could benefit greatly from some intense in-house therapy. Of course, none of that will do her any good because she hitched her wagon to a gutless, faithless D list twitwaffle. And, you know, her conscience is warring with her knowing she was a partner in ripping two little boys hearts in two.

      • Hakura says:

        @DreamyK – “And, you know, her conscience is warring with her knowing she was a partner in ripping two little boys hearts in two.

        I disagree with you there. I think, to live with herself, she had to mentally/emotionally twist the way she perceived things (if her mind didn’t just automatically do it from the start).

        Jumping from ‘Knowingly hopping into bed & an emotional relationship w/a married father of 2′ to ‘We’re soulmates, this was meant to happen, the previous wife & kids thing was just ‘unfortunate’, but I’ll make it up to them, & be the BEST ‘Bonus MOM‘!, they won’t even be sad about the divorce. They may even start calling ME ‘Mom’! So we’ll be a big happy family.’

        I don’t think she’s ever thought about things with guilt… Maybe I’m wrong, & she does live in the real world with the rest of us, having to deal with what she’s really done. I can see that dragging anyone with a conscience down.

      • Izzy says:

        “Twitwaffle” is my new favorite insult. Thank you!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Izzy, cute gravitar!

  4. MellyBee says:

    What is going on with her face?? Is it just me, or does she look completely different? Also, the picture of her sitting down? What the what is going on in THAT pic??

  5. Aussie girl says:

    Oh Leanne when you lie & say your in rehab to gain symphony from the public from people tweeting things about you. And then you get out & keep tweeting things about others after your “treatment” then girl, expect stories. Stories that unfortunately you will love because you love anything about yourself. FYI I haven’t even heard anything from your new album but I bet by left boob its going to be a flop, like my left boob.

    • Hakura says:

      I don’t know, though. Maybe if she stops being such a twit in the spotlight, people would give her music a chance.

      My sincere condolences, for your left boob. My aunt always had an issue with her’s, given that it was 2-cup sizes smaller than her right. -_- Makes me never complain about mine.

      • eileen says:

        The problem with this album is it chronicles her cheating with a married man. For someone so hated and in so much need to be liked, I can’t for the life of me understand where in her head she thought that would be a good idea?? Writing about the ugly past behavior is only a reminder of it. She should be letting someone else write and just sing it. People might have actually given it a chance who don’t know about the way she has behaved since the affair. People have short memory spans with Celebs.

      • Hakura says:

        @eileen – Oh wow, I had no idea about the record’s contents. That was just plain idiotic on her part! Why the hell would she bring the worst possible subject-matter into anything, let alone what may have been a comeback success for her actual career (outside being a sideshow for her lack of conscience several years ago, now).

        @Dana M – Mine too! xD

    • Dana M says:

      The flopping boob comments made my day!! LOL

  6. Cookie says:

    She should stop this endless cycle of trying to prove her point, whatever it may be, in the media and just quietly disappear for a while. I feel mildly bad for her in that its obvious she was 100% blinded by Eddie Cibrian and his looks and chased him like a mad devil until she got what she thought she wanted.

  7. MoxyLady007 says:

    She needs to learn to dress her body. Her actual body. Not the body she tried to morph into Brandi’s body.

    With that in mind, the whole thing is a mess. Cuts her into stumpy pieces.

  8. Jayna says:

    Her tweets aren’t unhinged. Spare me. She gets criticized for blocking people and then gets criticized for responding. Which is it? She gets criticized for losing too much weight. Now her haters are saying she is blowing up like she’s fat or something and/or doing it for attention to make people think she is pregnant. She isn’t ranting but I judge the people still tweeting telling her she’s ugly, she’s being used for his money. Then, yay, she blocked me. What, are you in high school? Get a life.

    I don’t think she is unhinged at all in the sense she is totally losing it. The book is past.
    It’s died down. She can’t help herself about back to defending “their” truth. Lol. And now is painting the perfect life again, deep retweeted quotes. Gag me. But she is just
    back to her narcissistic, self-important self, who needs twitter for validation and is still
    trying to one-up Brandi. The pole dancing is blatant, but I think she is delusional enough to never see the connection. But I don’t find her imploding or back on pills.
    She is moving into a new home. Eddie seems to be going with her on her concert trips and she’s showing up, so far. I don’t see a nervous breakdown any time soon. Just her usual passive-aggressive crap.

    Dean got a few digs in. Love him. He’s sly with it, but classy.

    LeAnn tweeted about candles, listening to music with hubby, painting a romantic picture. A fan said, well, what are you doing on twitter then. Turn it off and enjoy it or something. She tweets back he was making decisions on flooring but would be there. Busted. Caught in a lie. Lol. She was trying to paint a picture of them together with candles, listening to music. He wasn’t even with her. Cracks me up.

    Star just regurgitates stuff and cobbles together a headline. LeAnn probably loves being in the headline.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Why can’t she stay off twitter? If that sort of stuff is so upsetting, turn it off! Delete your account!
    She has such a junior high mentality.

  10. needmeds says:

    Another completely ridiculous claim- she has friends.

  11. hatekyle says:

    The only STABLE associated to her is that of a horse!

  12. Trudy says:

    LeAnn tweeted this last night- “Some can dance, but if you don’t feel their soul, what are they dancing for?- my question for the night”e, Shortly after Brandi posted about dancing with the boys.

  13. Caroline-Vivienne says:

    Eddie Cibrian is not worth any of this. He’s BARELY worth my time to make this comment.

  14. Tara says:

    I OBJECT in the strongest terms that we seem to have abandoned the term “tweehab.” It’s my favorite, and I will not be denied.

  15. DetRiotGirl says:

    I still think the Instagram account was a random troll. People just hate Leann so much that they’ll grab onto anything negative thing anyone says about her.

    That said, yes, she’s horrible and, yes, she should get off of Twitter. I still read Leann posts from time to time because they are guaranteed to bring the crazy out in the comments and because I will always and forever adore Rita and her hilarious posts. But, sometimes people take things too far here.

    Also, I should add, I don’t really get all the love this site has for Brandi. Sure, she’s more likable than Leann. But, she’s certainly not above snarking on from time to time. I was really looking forward to a thread about her Oscar dress (or lack there of). But, I guess covering that story might have painted Brandi in a negative light and this site doesn’t like to do that.

    Personally, I kind of loved how trashy Brandi’s Oscar dress was simply because the Oscars are generally boring to me. At least Brandi wore something worth talking about. Also, it made me wonder if Leann might try to glue her Tupperware titties of doom inside a high waisted skirt with some pasties attached to the top anytime soon. You know she thought about it.

    *cue Leann styling herself for a “red carpet” event at the opening of a dentist’s office or wherever she’s booked this week*

    See? These threads are much more fun when we can acknowledge that everyone in this triangle is trashy and ridiculous sometimes.

    Oh, and my final thought; Eddie sucks. Not just because he’s a useless excuse for a father and husband, but also because he is boring. The two women in this triangle are all kinds of entertaining, but Eddie is blander than steamed cauliflower. The least he could do is post some Twitpics in a speedo or take a pole dancing class the day after Brandi does. I’m just saying! Step your fame whoring game up, EC!

  16. truthful says:

    wow, she looks crazy as hell sitting on the floor w/a mic…


  17. Rita says:

    First off: “cracks in LeAnn’s façade of sanity.”…I have cling wrap in my kitchen that is less transparent than her facade.

    Second: What is happening to her body? She’s completely abandoned her “skeletor” regiment and is reverting to the look of a Soviet Era Olympic Spear Chucker….without the muscle tone.

    Eddie must feel like he’s living in a bag of rabid squirrels….that won’t share their nuts.

  18. JL says:

    LeAnn Rimes ‘acting unstable, might end up in rehab again’ according to Star

    That’s not acting, that shit is real.

  19. ladybert62 says:

    Are those pictures current? She looks chunky in them.

  20. candigirl says:

    Okay, “LeBrandi Ranville” made me LMAO! Hahahahahahaha, I guess because it’s true, just like none of us would be at all surprised if she went around wearing a Brandi mask, or they caught her living in Brandi’s home with Brandi tied up in the closet.
    Also thanks for reminding me of one of the funniest things ever, re Leaky Leann and Limp Eddie, the Instagram slams: “So you trashed your family to snack on Costco cheese platters? Damn you’re cheap!” and “It looks like the laxatives are kicking in.” I love you people who wrote those one liners.

  21. laleri says:

    If Eddie’s been snipped, perhaps LeAnn & Dean put some genetic material on ice. LeAnn probably retained possession, could have kids, legally presumed to be Eddie’s, and regain control over Deans increasing negative comments @her if he ever wants to have visitations (perhaps Dean’s prenup oath of silence has an expiration date). LeAnn is about control, she’d feel win win on both Eddie & Dean and know at least her child was a product of “the only man that ever loved her”.

  22. Memphis says:

    She’s narcissistic, obsessive, competitive, cruel, has low self esteem, the mental capacity of a teenager(at best) and has absolutely NO ONE in her circle of paid “friends” that will tell her to knock it off, sit your ass down and stop being a giant twat … So it’s really not surprising she’s unhinged…

    The day she meet Eddie was the day her epic mental demise started and the day he leaves- and we all know he will- is the day she truly goes off the deep end of the pier. All this crazy we’ve seen so far..yeah, that’s just been a preview!!

    I would actually feel sorry for her if she wasn’t sucha BITCH!

    • brin says:

      Well stated, couldn’t agree more.

    • BeachBelle says:

      If you think she is unhinged now just wait until this “I took Brandi’s husband” album flops, and it is. She is just too disliked, and there are too many other much better country singers.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        i agree. She has a beautiful voice and I heard a song she sang from Shitfire that she didn’t write, I think it was a Missy Higgins song or someone like that, that was beautiful. BUT, I would never, ever, ever, purchase her record or even download it illegally online (LOL) because just hearing her bothers me because I dislike her as a human being so much. What a waste of talent and a good song!

      • DGO says:

        I find her voice average at best. You can go into just about any church choir, point, and find a better singer, or at least one as good, and they won’t feel the irritating need to yodel all the time either.

    • EG says:

      I totally agree. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who can’t take any responsibility for her actions. She’s just a mean girl–all mean girls have insecurity underneath the bravado and superiority complex. I guess when I put it that way, I do feel sorry for her…but she needs real therapy, so badly. Her mental issues hurt others on a regular basis, and her behavior is getting more extreme, not less. I am actually afraid for this whole family.

  23. SunnySide says:

    As much as I love to hate on LeAnn, I’m getting nervous with how crazy she is. At what point does someone intervene because I’m starting to get really concerned for the welfare of those boys. Like LeAnn might hurt them when she fully cracks. Or like she’ll physically hurt Brandi and wear her or something. It’s getting out of funny territory and into creepy music and buzzing chainsaws territory.

  24. Viv says:

    I wish someone would tell her that, No, those bangs do not make you look like Jean Shrimpton. Not so cute.

  25. Iyanla says:

    what happened to her face???????? fillers NEVER look good. she has a total meth head mouth, the lips, the rat teeth. yuck.

    Leann Rimes sucks. period

  26. SolitaryAngel says:

    If DEANE were to write a book about being married to LeTwat, I would pre-order that thing so fast!!!

    • Theskinny says:

      He was paid very well to keep his mouth shut. (As someone else said “He probably has more of her money now, than she does.” LOL)He still gets his digs in but he makes them vague in order to keep from getting sued. Someone once tweeted him that they wish he could talk but they were sure he had signed something to keep him from speaking out. He retweeted it.

      • vvvoid says:

        Just tried reading Dean’s twitter, he’s awesome but it makes me waaaay too hungry. Holy shit he even manages to make cauliflower seem appetizing to me. I’m about to go heat up some weird frozen lima bean concoction or something, I don’t even like them. Wish I had his money, I’d eat all that vegan stuff nonstop.
        Is he a chef on tv or something?

  27. RHONYC says:

    “Eddie just **me inside me” – quoted by Somerandom Vagina :lol:

  28. Maritza says:

    If she were smart she should avoid all social media and gossip magazines, she would be so much happier and probably have a stable life.

  29. TheTruthHurts says:

    Those pants she’s busting out of are going to give her BV.

  30. Stacey says:

    Agree I would read Deans books! I assume if Brandi had to sign a non disclosure for blended family therapy then Dean REALLY had to sign one for their divorce #bummer

  31. Leslie says:

    Why the hell is Eddie always squinting? Is he going for that “I’m so hot” look? It makes him look stooooped!!!

  32. Baylor says:

    Dear God! She just tweeted something about picking out a logo and seeing samples for her new “creative endeavor.” Sounds like a fashion line doesn’t it?! Yuck!

  33. Iyanla says:

    Todays digs against Brandi brought to you be Leann Rimes the evil stepmother!:

    “aww thx! I love bball! We should get the kids together and practice soon. Was talking to the other mom’s about that too.” What a veiled reference to herself as the childrens MOM (no Leann, you are STEPmom). Does their REAL mother Brandi not exist?? is not able to speak to the other mothers? Butt out Leann.

    Darin Harvey, Brandi’s friend referred to Jake and Mason and his son, as his “boys”, apparently they were all hanging out last night. A twitter stepmom member was all outraged at Darin for referring to his son and Brandi’s son as his “boys” and she attacked him and Brandi.

    The queen of twitter Leann HAD to reply and bitched “they are my stepsons, not just something I view them as. They are loved by many, lucky kids.” So transparent. I hope Brandi just ignoes Leann’s psycho step mom crap. Leann will hopefully find something new about Brandi to obsess about besides her children.

    Leann is so obsessed with Brandi’s children and replacing her as their mom, it’s disgusting. They need to get back in therapy!!

    • heidi says:

      I caught all that too. She pretty much talks about Brandi’s kids and nothing else. Really poking hard to get BLG to break her word and restraint on her promise to refrain once book was in print. Leann’s prime aim in life is to battle Brandi for ownership of Jake and Mason. BLG is dealing with a thoroughly evil soul and I can’t think of any solutions.

      • Iyanla says:

        I can’t either. Absolutely nothing stops Leann from constantly making digs at Brandi and fighting for power over Brandi’s kids. A stable loving step mother would never behave like this, all Leann’s deliberate and cruel behavior towards Brandi comes at the expense of the children she claims to possessively love so much.

        Leann earned her free ticket to hell a long time ago.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        That is why Brandi can’t stand her. She’s basically accepted a lot and moved on, but who wants to endlessly battle for your own children, especially when the person had a hand in breaking up your life? She has said as much, that people have affairs and marriages break up, but Leann’s behavior toward her kids is what is the problem. And it is. How dare Leann keep referring to herself as the kids’ mother? Should be interesting as the boys get older. Brandi has incredible self control.

      • candigirl says:

        I agree with all three of you. It’s clear that Leann’s real stalking target is Brandi and her kids. If it was Eddie, then she would have stopped the stalking years ago when she “won” him. But it’s obvious that getting Brandi’s attention, and, failing that, then hurting her, is Leann’s main goal in life. I don’t think Leann is psychologically aware enough to understand her own actions and motivations. Like someone else here said, she’s the classic Narcissist/BPD person: an emotionally empty shell of a human being who has to stalk and steal someone else’s life in order to
        “win” and to fake being happy. She has focused on Brandi and that’s the thing. Probably something to do with how different they are, Brandi has had many life experiences Leann would covet, including a relatively stable and happy childhood, loving parents and siblings. I also think Leann is replaying some sick stuff that happened just as she gained stardom, her Dad left her and her mom and her parents started a very bitter divorce, her mom used her and her money to get revenge on her dad and Leann moved in with a much older guy at 15 and then started partying all over Hollywood. Then the family fought in the tabloids and court. Somehow Leann sees the defeat of Brandi as her own winning in life, and this is related to some old scores.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      The baseball thing with the moms is an obvious attempt to falsely show that she is “in” with the bball moms after Karla Hoffman outed the fact that the moms brought Brandi’s book to bball activities and were showing it to Brandi. LOL, LeAnn, you are so transparent.

      • Iyanla says:

        But who is this Karla creep? I have been wondering who this lady is in all the drama. She seems to have injected herself into it by tweeting the key players daily. I gather she is another kids mom but Her whole twitter is tweets to both sides. She kisses Leanns ass so hard on twitter and she tries to kiss Brandi’s ass too. She comes off as such a phony.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Oh man, she is some busybody housewife biddy on Twitter whose son is best friends with Jake. She acts holier than thou and like she shits glitter. She is always up in LR & BG’s business while denying she is not, but as you mentioned, all she does is talk about those two women. I can only imagine that she is probably known as the community gossip of Hidden Hills.

      • claire says:

        I think you’ll find your answer to possible motives to the Leann and her supporters’ ass-kissing if you google her husband. Speculation, of course.

      • Sugar says:

        thank you for bring Karla Hoffman in this conversation. I bounce around on twitter (not blocked because I just read) & Karla bugs me because she claims to be good with Brandi & friends w/Leann all in the name of light & love & positivity. Not sure what it is about her but in the words of Sophia Patrillo “I can’t put my finger on it but if I did I’d have to wash it”.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Hi Claire, I know people speculate that, but I don’t think It’s because of any potential work for her husband, & more b/c she is truly a middle-aged biddy stuck at home, making all of her friends through Twitter with no real life of her own. The women in her community probably can’t stand her.

      • claire says:

        @Truth: You could be right. It could be she’s afraid of Leann. But there’s a reason why she’ll spend the entire day lecturing one side, but not lecturing the other.

        Isn’t it fascinating though how people spend all day preaching about not liking drama, embracing positivity, yet insert themselves into so many other people’s drama? So little self-awareness with a lot of the characters in this saga.

    • why? says:

      Shouldn’t Eddie be the one organizing the baseball practice for his son or talking to the mother’s since he(and not Leann) is the assistant coach? Why did Leann ask KH if they had practice today since again, Eddie is the assistant coach? Shouldn’t this be a conversation that Leann had with Brandi, since Brandi(not KH) is the children’s mother? She talks to the other moms, but she doesn’t talk to the mom that matters?

      I understand that Leann had this very public conversation about Brandi’s son’s baseball game/practice just to taunt Brandi, but doesn’t Leann realize how bad she is making Eddie look? Brandi said that the divorce made Eddie a better father because now he spends time with his kids, but with Leann’s tweet to KH today, we see that Eddie’s interest in his kids revolves around how he can use them to get Leann to buy him gifts and how much hurt he can cause Brandi by allowing Leann to use his kids as weapons.

  34. Snowpea says:

    I really really don’t understand why she has let herself gain weight? It creeps me out more than the other stuff, to be frank.

    There is NO WAY on gods earth that she’d let herself gain weight without some other agenda, like making us think she’s knocked up or something…but then if she’s NOT knocked up, why do it? There is something creepy going on here.


    • Jayna says:

      Come on. She probably got off her Adderall and laxatives and after reading she looked like shit for those two years of scary skinny, she got healthy. The girl looks better and healthier and all you see is a conspiracy? Sometimes the obssession by LeAnn haters is as disturbing as LeAnn’s obssession with Brandi.

      • Snowpea says:

        Jayna I usually love reading what you write but this time your tone is just plain rude.

        I love the way you disparagingly write “Sometimes the obssession by LeAnn haters is as disturbing as LeAnn’s obssession with Brandi” when you’re more often than not the most prolific contributor on the Rimes threads!

        My question was not disingenuous nor was it suggesting a conspiracy. I was merely speculating that something was very very wrong when somebody who has starved their body into submission for three years or more would suddenly gain some much needed weight. Her obsession with Brandi is still alive and well as is evidenced by wearing identical Isabel Marant sneakers (like Brandi), same black, flat boots as Brandi, same snakeskin bag as Brandi, all in the last week.

        Therefore the weight gain appears TO ME to point to something very very wrong because Rimes would not let herself gain weight like that without having an ulterior motive.

    • candigirl says:

      Snowpea google and listen to the Howard Stern Show interview of Brandi Glanville. I assure you this is something Leann has listened to (probably many times) because it is Brandi’s most revealing interview yet. Brandi tells Howard some intimate details of her sex life with Eddie that were left out her book. She also answers Howard’s questions about Leann and says she thinks that Leann has lost too much weight, that it is “not a good look” and that she thinks more petite girls with curves are cute. Since that interview, Leann has been gaining weight.

  35. why? says:

    Why is the media always 10 steps behind the public? Leann fell off the twitter wagon a long time ago. The first sign that Leann fell off the twitter wagon was when she gave People magazine, US Weekly, and Celebuzz exclusive interviews from rehab every day including the day that she went into “rehab”. The second sign that Leann fell off the twitter wagon a long time ago was when she immediately took to tweeting and blogging the minute she left “rehab” on the weekends. The third sign that Leann fell off the twiter wagon a long time ago, was when she she exploited Brandi’s kids on the red carpet of Batman Live and then immediately took to twitter and her fan website to tweet and post photos about it.

    Leann is really going crazy on twitter today. Is Leann’s latest twitter meltdown her way of sticking it to Star for drawing attention to the fact that she has relapsed? Something that should have been addressed last year after she posted all those photos of Brandi’s kids to her fanwebsite?

    Be prepared for more staged photo-ops, Leann is on twiter discussing setting up a baseball practice with Brandi’s son and his teammates. She also tweeted the exact location where she can be found today.

  36. DGO says:

    The crazy tweets this article is talking about are the ones she’s sending to Brandi’s fans. The woman is certifiable.

  37. nomorerimes says:

    Mixed up thoughts about this article at Star–could be a plant from LR’s group trying to get sympathy because that mean old Brandi slammed LR in the book! Sorry, LR,but it ain’t gonna happen. Truth hurts, doesn’t it??!! On the other hand maybe she IS going bonkers (which is truly believable) but I still can’t believe her family (paid well by LR) and her paid friends (the only friends she has) are “worried” about her. Their only worry is about her paying them regularly. Pathetic story either way. Wish this irrelevant nobody would just go away!

    • why? says:

      I also thought this article from Star was a plant from Leann. It has the classic characteristic:

      Depicting Brandi as the villain for having the audacity to write a book. See how much Leann is “suffering” because of Brandi and look at how Brandi doesn’t even feel sorry for making Leann “suffer”. It’s what Leann’s publicist told Eonline and ROL about Brandi.

      Ridiculous nonsense. They attribute all of Leann’s bad behavior on twitter to Brandi’s book. They ignore the fact that Leann could be tweeting more frequently because Eddie isn’t home. It’s not Brandi’s book that has Leann going crazy, it’s the attention Brandi is getting from the public, media, and Eddie that has Leann going crazy.

  38. Rita says:

    Those who follow @blockedbyleann on twitter are cyber people who have been cast out of the snow globe (In latin that’s Eutopius Snowglobious). Trivial Pursuit, jesuit edition.

    “Be gone, heathen”

  39. sonia says:

    I still don’t understand how she can tweet information about minor children that aren’t hers! I guess if Ediot were to do it it would be more socially acceptable but how is this legal??

    Also, how is this not slander?

    • Me says:

      Leann rimes is so out of line when it comes to Brandi’s kids. When Brandi is present, she needs to step back, go sit in the stands and let the two parents do the parenting. Let Brandi be in the dug out. Leann needs to stay in her lane.

  40. Christin says:

    When I read stuff like this, three words come to mind: SELF-CREATED DRAMA.

    A Stones’ song keeps replaying in my mind (“19th Nervous Breakdown”). “Here it comes…Here it comes…” The song is about a spoiled rich girl who must be the center of attention or another predictable round of drama occurs.

    Maybe that great catch of a husband could revisit his boy band singing days and start a YouTube channel with some cover songs. I for one miss the Instagram account.

  41. Jane says:

    If she does goes into rehab, please,please,please… can’t she just stay there forever? I am sick of this woman even being in the spotlight. She is an embarrassment to women in general.

  42. Redd says:

    OMG it just finally hit me, and explains everything……she’s Axl Rose’s long lost twin sister!

  43. nicole says:

    She is scared to go anywhere for a long period of time because she doesn’t trust Eddie. Poor kid, must be so sad to not trust your husband that you stole. What is with the sitting on the floor singing at a concert? Just weird

  44. LeeLoo says:

    LeAnn isn’t someone I can even troll anymore. Not that she was ever worthy of my trolling as it would be exactly what she wants. She’s too much of an empty shell and a constant reminder that there are some pretty scary people in this world. I’ve always felt that both Brandi and LeAnn shared the blame and both needed to quit making asses of themselves. My mindset has begun to shift. Maybe it is due to Brandi’s decent PR team and LeAnn’s crappy one…who knows. These days I can definitely see that Brandi isn’t coming from a place of bitterness from being jilted but getting fed up with having to deal with a psycho and having to deal with that psycho being around the kids she bore. I do wish Brandi could deal with it more privately but I am seeing that the only way to get LeAnn’s attention is to incite her publicly. I hope Brandi is keeping close tabs on LeAnn when the boys are visiting their dad. I also hope the boys are able to see through LeAnn’s insincerity and see that this is someone who could seriously harm them.

    On the same token, I hope LeAnn has a millisecond of self-awareness to realize how toxic her behavior is and works towards changing her ways. I doubt it will happen but what can I say? I believe in miracles. It seems better than trolling her every word. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Those who troll LeAnn on twitter or where ever are only rewarding her behavior. Ignoring her would be a far worse and more deserving punishment

    • Christin says:

      Good points. I, too, thought both women were out of line, but now I better understand why Brandi felt a need to publicly call out the behavior related to her children.

      When more LA unraveling appears, things probably are not rosy, yet there is little evidence of behavior changes on her part that could lead to improving the situation. Her chances of getting public sympathy seem to be dwindling.

  45. Jane says:

    I totally agree. If people really want to push her buttons, then she needs to be ignored all together by the paps and press.

  46. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Awesome boots :)

  47. why? says:

    Ignoring Leann isn’t going to make her stop attention seeking or go away. Her attention seeking will stop when certain media outlets, journalists, and bloggers stop enabling her bad behavior(ie-People magazine, GR, Nancy, Leeza Gibbons, Katie, Leno, E!, etc…) or at least are held responsible for encouraging Leann’s bad behavior towards Brandi. When they reward Leann for her bad behavior towards Brandi, she sees it as if they agree with her bad behavior. Why would anyone like Leeza Gibbons tweet any type of support for Leann after the insensitive things Leann contines to say on twitter and in her interviews in regards to Brandi’s kids? When she tweets, blogs, or gives interviews about Brandi’s kids and posts where they will be for the day, the media needs to slam Leann.

    • DGO says:

      Leeza Gibbons is a has-been who has been married 4 times. Her relationship with husband #3 allegedly overlapped her relationship with husband #2. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. :)

    • Lulu says:

      A big part of the reason some celebs feel the need to speak out in defense of LeAnn is precisely BECAUSE of the intense trolling on the internet she receives. Who cares if she incites it? Are we 5 year olds? Support Brandi however you must, but ignoring LeAnn is the best way to get her settle down in her bad behavior. Initially her bad behavior will increase, than eventually decrease. Anyone who is a parent has experienced this behavior. It is part and parcel of extinction behavior.

      I think what you (why?) and others are doing by giving validation to her behavior (however negative it is) is unwittingly feeding into her narcissistic cycle. She can talk again and again how strong she is to be overcoming all of the people who ‘misunderstand’ her and she actually garners more strength and determination to continue her quest for the happiness that she feels is owed to her, all the while gleefully proclaiming wrongful persecution.

      She has a disorder, and no amount of checking her on Twitter, or gossip sites, or anywhere else will have any positive affect whatsoever for Brandi’s children or for her, and truthfully runs off her back like water off a duck. Initially she may cry when she finds out a transgression committed by the one she idealizes (Eddie), but through his lies, which she MUST believe or else lose her idealization, and with her friend(s) propping her up, she will always come back out on top. If you don’t want to see her back out on top than hit the IGNORE button. Support Brandi. Ignore Leann. My new motto.


      • why? says:

        That’s precisely the problem, Leann is being depicted as the victim even though she is the bully and the one who is doing the heavy trolling of Brandi and her fans. And there is plenty of evidence showing that Leann is the aggressor, so no one truly believes that Leann is being heavily trolled on twitter(just the paid for hire media outlets). Celebs defend Leann for several reasons, being “trolled” on twitter isn’t one or even a big part of it. Leann gets this support by bullying(ie-GR and Eonline), paying them in gifts(ie-one blogger received lamb for lunch for writing that Brandi’s son was Leann’s son, taking Liz to Cabo, Eddie gets a new car/watch/house), calling in favors from other friends(ie-Piers Morgan interview because Sharon O and PM were judges on AGT), or playing the victim(ie-rehab, psoriasis, dental pain). She garners the strength and determination to go on because her enablers tell her what she wants to hear and blames everyone else for her bad behavior, either because they are too afraid of her lawyer or too wrapped up in the gifts she gives them.

        Leann is a 30 yo grown woman who is still doing the very same things she did when she was 16 yo, so obviously the “ignore it and it will go away” method doesn’t work. Especially since Leann is a prime example of HPD. The only way Leann will get better is if her paid for hire/bullied for hire enablers stop enabling her bad behaviors.

  48. skeptic says:

    You know, it seems to me that if Ediot truly cared about LeAnn, he would put his foot down and tell her to get off Twitter. And if she had any kind of effective PR team, they would encourage her to STFU about Brandi, Eddie’s sons and what a wonderful marriage she has. If she must talk to the press, then focus ONLY on her upcoming concerts, or new songs. She is truly ruining her career.