George Clooney showering Stacy Keibler with gifts, so he’ll dump her soon

For about two weeks straight, media outlets were obsessed with the idea that George Clooney was about to dump Stacy Keibler. The timing seemed right – the Oscars are over, the summer season at Lake Como has not begun, and this is Clooney’s traditional “Dump the Old Piece and Find A New Piece” season. But Stacy is still living “the dream”. She and Clooney are still together! She flew to Berlin a week ago and she’s been spotted around town with George, and she even went solo at an Escada event with what I’m sure was a nice paid appearance.

But the question still looms: is Stacy on her way out? Is George just staying with her out of spite at this point, because he doesn’t want to be too obvious or have his breakup confirmed by The Sun? Veteran Clooney-watchers claim that George is kind of over it – mostly because George is showering Stacy with expensive gifts and that’s some kind of Clooney Harbinger of Doom.

Is Stacy Keibler about to be added to the long list of George Clooney’s ex-girlfriends? An insider says it could be the beginning of the end – because he’s starting to shower her with gifts!

“When he starts buying you things, it’s his way of letting you down easy,” says a source. Just ask his most recent ex, Elisabetta Canalis, who had her one-year lease paid by George after the two split. Lately George has bought Stacy several pieces of pricey jewelry and increased her monthly allowance to $25,000. The couple have also been dating for about a year and a half, which is known to be George’s ultimate time limit.

“Just when the girl thinks she’ll be the one he finally marries, he says goodbye,” our source says.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I know this is terribly anti-feminist of me, but I would totally take that deal. I actually find George Clooney attractive these days (more so with his full beard than just the mustache), and I wouldn’t mind going to bed with him and giving him the ol’ stroke and choke (or whatever he likes, no judgment). And if I had to do that with a monthly allowance of $25,000 plus jewelry plus a nondisclosure agreement plus he would buy me an apartment once we split 18 months later… yeah, I’d be into it. Go ahead and call me a hooker! IDGAF. The one sticking point – and perhaps this is revealing of my selective morality – is that no matter what our agreement and my monetary compensation, I would NEVER EVER wear Marchesa. Ever. That’s the dealbreaker.

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  1. Kaye says:

    He certainly looks “over it” in those pictures, but that could have absolutely nothing to do with her. I’ve read he is in pretty much constant pain from an old back injury, and to my eye it’s showing more and more.

    • epiphany says:

      Is that what that is? He always looks SO uncomfortable when he’s papped with any of these women – Kiebler, the waitress, the Italian – I’m sorry I don’t recall their names – I thought he was just embarrassed. The worst thing to injure is the back – never seems to heal.

  2. mimifarrow says:

    What if you only had to wear Marcheesa (ha, awesome typo) in bed. Wait. What if Clooney wanted to wear Marchesa in bed?!

  3. ThatGirl says:

    Honestly, I wonder if he has a small pe*is….don’t you? Any rumours?

  4. NerdMomma says:

    “Monthly allowance”???? She is a hooker. Oh my god.

  5. momoftwo says:

    Maybe it’s the thrifty Indian in me, but I would ask him to put the 25k into an account for me to live off of when we split! That would be over $500k in the 2 years they were together!

    You can’t pay rent with Louboutins!

    • ronnie says:

      exactly! And I would take a small perfect apartment where that 500 k would last me quite a while.

      • Ainsleigh says:

        He probably pays her because there’s not too much else she can do work wise if she has to be available on a moment’s notice to fly here and there to be with him, to spend months on end at his Italian villa, etc. It makes a lot of sense. She should also get a payout when he dumps her for time spent.

    • Mira says:

      LOL, momoftwo. After reading your comment I realized I’m a terrible representation of the thrifty Indian. I thought 25K per month would cover all of my expenses. I didn’t think of saving at all. Actually that makes me bad at managing finances than whether or not I represent the thrifty Indian :) I wouldn’t go for the deal anyway. Freedom of thought and action more important than 25K.

    • leslie says:

      Exactly my train of thought as well! I would be stowing that $$ away & gaining interest. Let’s see… 1 yr. @25k per mo. A cool 300 k. So almost 1/2 a million + gifts (less taxes) by the time his dumping schedule rolls around. Not a bad gig.

  6. Mamasita says:

    Come on, maybe he gives her gifts because he really loves her and wants to marry her. *she wrote with a straight face and the utmost sincerity*.

  7. janie says:

    An allowance? Seriously? That’s almost absurd… Think she has a list of chores posted on the fridge? Clean ur room, make the bed, finish ur food, etc? I’m with u, i’d have him in a New York minute.

    • Miss M says:

      The list of chores goes more like this:

      1- When I call, you show up;
      2- Smile to the cameras at all times;
      3- Don’t talk, unless I allow you;
      4- Wear Marchesa, I need to be in good terms with Harvey;
      5- Be ready to go on vacation;
      6- Stop photo ops with my dog;
      7- Stop twitting silly stuff like “when is love”;
      8- Change fashion style (no more H9oker dress, bird’s nest hair, titty tape, etc);
      9- Don’t try to act and don’t ask me to find acting jobs for you;
      10- Never talk bad things about me or else you won’t even have a z-list job in Hollywood, let alone a d-list one.

      etc, etc..

      • mandy says:

        titally agree !! it’s always the same thing ! ;)

      • Stormy says:

        Awesome and probably closer to the truth than we know!


      • candigirl says:

        Lol at this it’s so true! How about also stuff like:
        Must maintain personal appearance (groomed and fit) at all times. (no tacky tanning styles, multiple tatoos/piercings/jewelry)
        Must have appropriate hair color and cut.
        Must wear approved clothing styles, see outfit list, to coordinate with George.Outfit list: all ensembles to be pre approved by George’s stylist (like the ‘travel’ outfit she wore to Berlin, the black trench coat, very conservative, like he’s morphing her into a young version of his mom.
        His image, especially his personal style is very important to George. Every picture we see of him, he really tries to get the details just right, the perfect scarf, the perfect shoes etc. His date would be an extension of this and her look would have to be just right. It must be a pain but I love how so many of his personal appearances are “done.” So much nicer than the messy tacky younger stars out in public

      • Sandy Pandy says:

        Good one. Scrily enough, I heard his voice reading the list in my head – and it sounded natural!

  8. truthful says:

    yeah, I’d take the deal too and stash every cent and still try to take a monetary parting gift at the end.

    If I were Kiebler, I’d be worrying about life after “G”

    I would be kinda crazy if I were not talented and had no plan.

  9. Hoya_chick says:

    Wow, I hadn’t thought about money actually exchanging hands. I thought all the gifts were non-monetary. Silly me. I wonder how it’s taxed….as income?! Lol. And it said it increase to $25 grand, I wonder what she was getting before? She got a raise ya’ll! It is a sweet set up. But I don’t find him attractive so it would be difficult for me to do the dirty. Shudder.

  10. lambchops says:

    Sounds like a good deal to me and if he’s anything like how he looked in Solaris, he can’t be bad in the ol’ sack.

  11. mandy says:

    I prefer to die to be in the list of the girlfriends of george! stacy is a shame for the feminist world! it is to some extent a “whore”. how can he be happy by knowing that she is with you because you give gifts at the end ??? and she is always knew because she was gc’s girlfriend!! george is has been.

    • Lindsay says:

      To be fair to him I do think he knows they are attracted to the money/gifts/lifestyle but he isn’t some ugly, overweight, stupid spoilt trust fund kid. He isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he doesn’t have a short list of women who lust over him. He is charitable, seems funny, is smart/worldly/talented (especially compared to the women he dates)and appears to be good guy for the most part who treats his girlfriends well (again for the most part.) he has things going for him apart from money. Although, fame, and connections help. He has other factors women find appealing on their own.

      The current Mrs. Trump was asked “Would you have married him if he was not rich?” She replied “Would he have married me if I wasn’t pretty?” Both know the score and George is way better than Trump if you compare one to the other excluding net worth.

    • Liv says:

      To be fair to her – this is Hollywood. Don’t ask for feminism in Hollywood. Plus if it’s true that he hired her because he’s gay I think it’s totally fine – just because many people are narrow-minded and intolerant doesn’t mean that he can’t have a proper career.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      Feminism is about having a right to choose not about having to work.

  12. mandy says:

    but sometimes I wonder whether she knows really what it will happen (the end of their couple)!! because I remember sarah larsson who had said that george had promised the marriage (but one knows all what it happened)….

  13. CandyKay says:

    Basically, if you want to be a companion to a major celebrity, male or female, you have to be available to go where they want to go and do what they want to do, on their schedule, not yours. It pretty much precludes a regular day job.

    Stacey seems to spend most of her time and energy supporting George and being with George – her appearances on the side are just moonlighting. It’s only fair that she gets paid for her main gig. Heaven knows the men in Jessica Simpson’s and Christina Aguliera’s lives are on regular allowances.

    Gifts or not, she’s already gotten a lot of out of the arrangement. We all know her name and we’re discussing her. How many equally pretty ladies are still waitressing and/or escorting much less attractive men than George Clooney?

  14. Miss Kiki says:

    Yeaaaa I would totally take that deal, it seems I have no shame. It probably helps that I would still do Clooney. I would also be more than happy to beard for someone as well, unless it was BCoop cos you know, he’s a serial killer and he looks like a smug emu.

  15. mkyarwood says:

    His Marcel moustache seems like an admission to something. I AM DONE WITH BEARDS.

  16. Talie says:

    I don’t understand why he gave up on dating like a normal human being.

  17. NeoCleo says:

    George just looks like a molester in these photos.

  18. Amy says:

    She looks miserable even when she smiles.

  19. Lynn says:

    How is this really any different than what’s going on with Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart?

  20. bluhare says:

    To me, she’s the cheapest looking of his girlfriends. Can’t put my finger on it, but Elisabetta looked better than her.

    George needs to up the ante and go with someone a bit older. They’d get a boost and he’d look a bit less than an aging lothario.

  21. Dinah says:

    The first (header) photo completely cracked me up- could be saying one of two things:

    1) I adore this silly woman
    2) I fantasize about wrapping my hands around your throat, squeezing tighter and tighter, until your eyes and tongue bulge, and your face turns the same lovely shade as a certain violaceous Marchesa pastel.

    Personally, I think it’s both. LOL.

  22. BooBooLaRue says:

    Sorry ladies, but sign me up for the next year and half.

  23. Lexi says:

    Well, good to know your price, all you would-be prostitutes. Don’t let anyone pay you in Euros! LOL

  24. Raven says:

    The saddest thing about the pictures are his jeans. Really? Tragic.

  25. Maria says:

    check out he he ties his scarf with a loop. is that normal for a guy???

  26. PinkgG says:

    He looks like Victor Newman in the bottom picture.

  27. j.eyre says:

    “I would NEVER EVER wear Marchesa”

    It is because you have standards we keep coming back.

  28. michiem says:

    ok that second picture of clooney is game over for me. he is starting to look like my mexican dad. yikes!

  29. LeeLoo says:

    Maybe I say this because Stacy is my favorite Clooney girlfriend. But maybe he’s happy with her and she’s extending her services. For whatever reason Stacy sincerely strikes me as the type that doesn’t really care about marriage and at this point I would think his girlfriend candidates wouldn’t be as stupid as to believe he would actually marry them. Is it possible that George always believe in giving a girl 18 months before making a final decision on whether or not she’s right for him?

  30. KellyinSeattle says:

    I like Stacy, and I think he looks like Inspector Cleuso (SP?) – with that mustache….no offense to Peter Sellers.

  31. Tiffany says:

    $25k a month allowance. Jewelry. Private Jets. Funding escorts ‘projects’ and ‘careers’. Just how much is Clooney worth.

    • marjiscott says:

      Of course it’s hard to say, BUT As a A List Name Above Title actor, maybe something like $50 M. per picture, plus percentage of gross, as a Acadamy Award Winning Director,Producer, he’s probably is worth somewhere around 4-500 Million. Heck, Jay Leno is worth 800 Million!

      • lisa2 says:


        George does not make 50 million per film. And he is not worth 500 million. George works for the cheap to get his movies make. Most of which are less then 30 million.

        I’m scratching my head on where you got those numbers from. He said himself he does overseas commercials so he can finance his films. Now why do that if you are worth 1/2 billion.

        sorry you got the wrong figures.

  32. Jade says:

    I like her. Backaches are no fun, I think if he feels like death from them, maybe he doesn’t feel like a swinging bachelor these days. So if Stacy doesn’t do or say anything drastic he could just let the status quo remain since she’s been doing a good job anyway and he maybe doesn’t have the energy to date someone new. We’ll see.

  33. Asiyah says:

    $25k a month? That’s like 98% of my student loan. I’d do the gig for two months and then help him find my replacement!

  34. Mel says:

    I don’t understand… Why is she getting an “allowance” from him?
    She is not his child, or even his wife.
    I honestly don’t understand.

  35. debisis says:

    nothing like an old man with a small to med sized peen dumping you. i would NEVER give that the time or day. i will be poor all my life, but that is fine with me. i have standards and this is why i will forever be alone. (plus or minus the mini dates)

  36. Katherine says:

    ” I wonder how it’s taxed….as income?! Lol”

    I would guess Clooney is giving it as a gift which is not taxable to the recipient. It is, however, taxable to the giver for any amount over the amount allowed as a non-taxable gift. I think the IRS now allows $11,000 per year.

  37. Lee says:

    George and Stacy togethah forevah! I defy you all and point to the record. They are still together!

  38. Fleur says:

    No matter what he does, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for George for some reason, but actually he is just wasting his precious lifetime with women who are cheaper than a 5 Dollar you know what.
    All those lies and manipulation, for what?
    Dear George, LOVE is the key to happiness, your hooker business makes you feel sad, old and lonely.

  39. NEENAZEE says:

    Ahahahahahah…. I’m in love with your entire final paragraph! Me too! And my boyfriend wouldn’t blame me one bit.

  40. Dani V says:

    I think George needs his head shrunk. What is his hangup or does he just like variety? Of course it has been talked to death over the years.

    But the comments on here are hilarious and you have all said it better than I could. Only thing I can add is that I love Stacy’s hair color right now. She has that going for her.