Jesse James married drag racer Alexis DeJoria in Malibu over the weekend

The People Magazine headline was “Jesse James Marries Drag Racer Alexis DeJoria” but my eye completely missed the “racer” part, and I thought, “Oh, thank God, Jesse James finally married a drag queen.” In truth, I doubt the drag queens want any part of the mess that is Jesse James. Anyway, as CB has previously reported, Jesse got engaged to drag racer Alexis DeJoria last November after only a few months of dating. It actually shocks me a little bit that they waited this long to actually get hitched, but there you go:

It’s full-speed ahead for Jesse James and Alexis DeJoria, who tied the knot on Sunday in Malibu, PEOPLE has learned.

With James’s youngest daughter, Sunny, 9, and DeJoria’s daughter Bella, 10, acting as flower girls, the custom motorcycle-builder, 43, exchanged vows with DeJoria, a pro-drag racer and daughter to entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria.

The couple, who got engaged late last year, married at the Malibu home of DeJoria’s father, co-founder of the Paul Mitchell hair care products line and Patron Spirits Company. They exchanged rings designed by jeweler designer Neil Lane.

James recently relaunched, opening a WCC custom motorcycle shop in Austin, Texas, where he lives with DeJoria, who drives Patron Nitro Funny car on the drag race circuit.

This is a fourth marriage for James, who got divorced from Sandra Bullock in June, 2010. In September, 2011, James broke off his engagement to Kat Von D.

[From People]

He’s 43 years old and this is his fourth marriage? No judgment, I guess, although I do wonder if Jesse might benefit from some talk therapy. Jesse seems to have a type – pale brunettes with tattoos. Hopefully, this marriage will stick although… I doubt it. Is that rude? Eh. His track record sucks and I’m glad Sandra Bullock isn’t dealing with his crap anymore.

Photos courtesy of Alexis DeJoria’s Instagram.

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  1. brin says:

    I read it as drag queen too (makes more sense, actually)!

  2. poppy says:

    so klassy!
    he is disgusting.
    where would she be if her daddy wasn’t rich?

  3. Launicaangelina says:

    Trash, trashy, trashiest. Ugh.

  4. JenD says:

    I don’t see how women give men like him (and Tiger) a chance in the first place. My first thought if I saw them would be “umm, no.”

    • lucy2 says:

      I don’t get it either, but I guess there are just a lot of stupid, stupid people in the world.

    • Kate says:

      Bad Boy Tamed trope. The idea that you alone can succeed where all the other women failed. Guys like that have a routine. Insecure women fall for it. “I was never truly loved before you… you’ve shown me what love is like.” Barf. It’s a not very subtle way to blame the exes for your bad behaviour, promising the new one she’s just special so it will be different, and this flatters those unable to see it’s a scam.

      I feel sorry for her little girl. This is not going to be the happiest relationship to watch as you enter adolescence. And poor little Sunny, my God.

  5. Sarcasmo says:

    Oh, ICK, NAST.

    (He certainly does have a type though, doesn’t he?)

  6. Eleonor says:

    Fourth time is the charm.

  7. QQ says:

    What i find ULTRA amazing is that this Twat is STILL finding women tht not only will do him right quick in an alley or tattoo Parlor and walk of shame it, No, The Fact they still Buy that there is a Future with this loser!! Thats remarkable

  8. Elisabeth says:

    I wonder who he brought as a date?

  9. elceibeno says:

    The marriage won’t last. He will cheat on her with the next tattooed floozy that’ll throw herself at him.

  10. Annie says:

    Every time I look at pictures of a woman SO HAPPY to be with a douchebag, fully aware of what he’s capable of doing, and still posing in pictures like she’s the luckiest woman ever, I think she completely deserves whatever she gets in the future. Why would you want to be with a person with so many failed relationships and a horrible record in cheating, it’s beyond me. If you’re accepting him as a cheater and a very promiscuous person NOW, do not expect him to magically change for you because you are basically accepting him for what he is. Period. You have not given him an incentive to change, so he won’t ever change. Sandra thought she was so great for him because she was better than the skanks he was used to, but he LIKES those skanks and she didn’t fit those needs.

    This will not end well, and do you know who suffers the most as the result of the neverending parade of women/wives? His daughter.

  11. Samigirl says:

    Oh cool. No way this will end in divorce.

  12. Toot says:

    When I look at Jesse I always wonder what Sandra must REALLY be like. I mean she was married to him for 5 years.

    What did she even find attractive?

    • Maddie says:


      He fooled us all here was a quite man who builds motorcycles has custody of his daughter from her porn star mother.

      I never heard anything negative about him until his secret lifestyle blew up.

      I’m just glad she dumped his skanky loving azz

    • CatrIna says:

      I have been thinking the same thing. How desperate was sandra bullock to get mixed up with him? Tte porn star ex was one clue that maybe he was not prince charming. The women he gravitates to are distasteful. I feel like there must be a wildly insecure side of bullock to have married him.

  13. Jennifer12 says:

    This should end well….

  14. truthful says:

    He hit the jackpot with her fortune, I wonder if she made him sign a prenup.

    4 marriages, wow–that’s a sign right there.

  15. Dani says:

    The only decent thing about this story is that Sunny finally has someone in her life, and by someone I mean this woman’s daughter.

  16. MonicaQ says:

    Say something nice: Her back dragon piece is nice from what I can tell through the instagram-hipster filter. She’s loaded so she can afford to have some seriously nice work done.

    Say something normal: He looks like what would happen if Ben Roethlisberger didn’t take a shower. Ugh. No and no.

  17. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever even opened a Jesse James post. I did so solely to ask for clarification. Why is he famous? Why does anyone care? Why would Sandra B, a beautiful award winning actress, marry this ugly, ugly, gross looking guy who looks like he just rolled out of a trailer park dump after shooting meth all night??.

  18. Holden says:

    Dude, just stop getting married for a while.

  19. Dee Cee says:

    She will cut him quick and very deep.. if he dares to cheat..

  20. Debra says:

    I hope she made him sign an iron-clad prenup

  21. Dana M says:

    The funny thing is… Sandra’s lake home is on the same street as her daddy’s austin lake home…pretty awkward.

  22. Green Is Good says:

    B*tch, please. This marriage will last 6 months, tops.

    Maybe she should surprise him at his office. That’s where he screwed all skanks he was hooking up with.

  23. Sweet Dee says:

    Her father is co-founder of Paul Mitchell, and nobody thought to confront her about her eyebrow problem?

    Oh, and piss-poor judgment?

  24. Izzy says:

    @Kaiser – no, you’re not being rude. Just realistic. These two are a real match made in… well, I’m not sure where.

  25. Sumodo1 says:

    HOW does he do it? Do these rich girls dig the Nazi shit? The “skankography?”

  26. Just Sayin says:

    I wonder if she’ll forget to pack his chute one day…. Did I say that? Baawwwhahaha! Just Sayin.

  27. Agnes says:

    Has the CEC issued an official statement regarding this mess?

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    Somewhere Sandra is saying, “good ridance”

  29. skuddles says:

    I can’t get over how much she reminds me of the Nazi skank that helped break up his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

    What a lovely couple…they look like an STD sandwich in these pics. He’s likely already cheated on her. More than once.

  30. Haolebunny says:

    Ewwwwww. Just, ewwwwww.

  31. Victoria1 says:

    How does he do it??? I haven’t been married or engaged once! WTH
    I won’t even comment on the broad.

  32. Lotuscheek says:

    My opinion of Sandra Bullock went to nil after she married this guy! It is very telling…I watch nothing she stars in now!

  33. joy says:

    I hate to snark on non famous people’s looks, but…….just wow.

  34. stinkyman says:

    I feel for the kids. So much dysfunction and I am guessing Sandra was an awesome stepmom to them and they miss her.

  35. Amy says:

    That man sure has a type doesn’t he? However I don’t think Sandra Bullock has any tattoos? Or any obvious ones? Every girl he’s been with since Sandra has looked like a super cheap imitation of her.

    I just feel bad for his daughter Sunny. I doubt Sandra has anymore contact with her which is too bad. :(

  36. bettyrose says:

    Wouldn’t give a crap if he weren’t Sandra B’s ex, but here’s the thing: She married him when she was a mature, accomplished, ostensibly reasonable adult, right? It’s still hard to believe she could have been so so so wrong, so there’s gotta be something special in him, right? I’m torn between wanting to believe she knows something we don’t and seeing the clear evidence there’s nothing at all special about this no-name douche.

    Anyhoodle, if he were just some random redneck with money (rrwm) marrying another rrwm, I would be like, hey, must be great. Tons of money and no family pressure to be classy, educated, accomplished . . . what a life.

  37. jes_sayin says:

    Anyone else noticed that these two look really awkward together in every picture?

    There’s something off.. and uneasy between them.

  38. Helvetica says:

    Pictures 3, 4 and 5 say it all.

    A perfectly trashy couple.

    He definitely has a type. Not sure what Sandra ever saw in him. She doesn’t seem anything like the other women he has been with.

    No self-respecting woman would ever involve herself with this POS. He’s vile.

  39. a old ""friend" says:

    she isn’t a angel either, she used her last boyfriend Nick to break into drag racing, I’m sure she’s using him for something else too. hope he’s willing to put up with all her bad habits like the last boyfriend was