Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman film ‘Sherlock’ in London: squee!!!

Here are some photos of MY (mineminemine) lover Benedict Cumberbatch in London yesterday.



Yes, he was filming Season 3 of Sherlock. With Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson), and I’m including some cute photos of Freeman too, in case Watson floats your boat (no judgment – CB adores Dr. Watson!). What scene do you think they’re filming? They look pretty happy, so I guess Watson has already found out that his BFF Sherlock is still alive and they’ve probably already explained what happened. I actually published some photos of Cumby as Sherlock last weekend, but these pics are WAY more flattering for my Cumby. He’s so pale and tall. So delicious!!

Apparently, the UK is officially Sherlock-crazy, because whenever Freeman and Cumby show up to some London location, they’re swarmed by fans and any information discovered is posted online. Quite honestly, I want to know what happens next with these characters, but I’m not going to cyber-stalk the set or anything. I’m perfectly happy just seeing photos of Cumby… let’s say, once a week. That will suit me just fine, if he gets pap’d as Sherlock once a week. Good compromise? Sherlock’s producer Sue Vertue actually had to release a statement trying to get the Sherloonies to calm the f—k down – go here to read about that.

PS… DEERSTALKER. Or as Sherlock would say, “It’s an ear-flap hat!”

PPS… Does anyone else enjoy how much Ben and Martin seem to like each other? There’s no boy-drama from what I can see. They genuinely like each other.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    *drawing my shank*

    EsCon – assemble! These pictures are worth taking on Eve for.

    Miss Eyre – start bagging up your old teacakes. We will give them to Boudicca to hurl in her catapult when she runs out of rocks.

    TheyPromisedMeBeer: I promise you beer.

    C&C: mobilize the hedgehog army of doom.

    Allons-y: err, let’s go.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Achtung! “Shall we begin?”

      Is this the formal kick-off of Cumby Season? I had better start eating right & taking care of my anemia. Sherlock hysteria is going to be followed quite closely by Star Trek Villian mayhem, & then it’s one movie after the next for our Cumby.

      I’m not really looking forward to Cumby going into world domination mode. After he plays a Star Trek villain, everyone is going to know who he is. Poor Cumby can’t even walk down the street as it is—it’s going to get much more intense. It must be very very weird for someone who has been just going along, a regular old actor for years, & then in one year, have streets lined with screaming girls following you on your way to work (I saw a clip of this).

      Uh-oh. I just thought of something. Is Burger King going to have Star Trek action figures? Cringe…..

      On a brighter note, look at his curls!

    • GoodCapon says:

      Hahahaha this thread is gonna be sooo interesting to watch *gets popcorn*

    • allons-y alonso says:

      Hello all :)
      T.Fanty – Geronimo!!!!!
      Coming home to pics of The Batch after a hellish shift at work makes me feel better. That overcoat and scarf and scruffy hair…. lust induced nirvana.

    • Eve says:

      @ T.Fanty:

      Find another weapon of choice. Shanks are my specialty.

      @ EsCon:

      I have your name carved on my biggest, sharpest shank!

      @ TheyPromisedBeer:

      I promise you MORE beer. BETTER beer.

      @ Miss Eyre:

      I’ll have your back on Hemsy posts whenever you summon me.

      @ C&C:

      Meh…I don’t fear hedgehogs.

      @ Allons-y alonso:

      Be the nice girl you usually are (meaning: stay out of this) and I promise I will go easy on Hiddleston on the next threads.

    • ncboudicca says:

      Is he wearing the PURPLE SHIRT OF SEX under that suit????

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

      The hedgehogs are awake, have had their breakfast…. And are getting restless.

    • j.eyre says:

      I am here and ready to bake! My knitting needles are sharpened and my pockets are stuffed with Dong Sweaters – where should I set my purse?

      ncboudicca has invoke the Purple Shirt of Sex which, by ancient decree, means we must all find and post shots of our suitors with said Shirt. Things will get messy quickly, I fear (hope.)

      As I am sure she is due shortly, may I compliment @Agent MOL on creating Tommyanna’s Spirit Animal so quickly. It’s perfect and I assume he is growing the dragonfly wings as we speak:

      • T.Fanty says:

        Okay, Missy. Prepare. Just be sure to remember which side your crumpet is buttered, okay? I don’t want to be left with the lavender-tinged taste of betrayal in my mouth today.

        P.S. I could totally see Cumby in one of your “insufferably literary” t-shirts. Then, obviously, out of it.

      • j.eyre says:

        “Just be sure to remember which side your crumpet is buttered” – good heavens, woman! This is no time for saucy talk, there is a battle to be waged. I have the Pomeranian-manned half-Citroen chariot warming up out back and one of my nastiest glares chambered. Eve/Jenna want to go all out today, I may just pair that glare with an epic cocked brow!

      • T.Fanty says:


        *assumes a Cumby voice* Unleash the hounds.

        I’ll dig out my Beastie Boys cassette. I hope EsCon can stretch out the Vespa wheel covers to Citroen size.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Jeez. All I have is a jacked-up water-pistol. Yes, it’s a Super Soaker, but still.

        I have sent an e-mail to Lucy Lawless asking if Xena might like to ride back into battle for a very good cause. But her horse, battle dress, swords & accoutrements have all been auctioned off. I hope boudicca is good with that catapult.

        I must add that fighting really isn’t my thing. Because of my ineptitude in battle, which I share with Miss Eyre, I think I had better stay on the Pomeranian War Chariot. The last time I tried to “help” someone in battle, I found myself meandering over to the wrong side & brandishing my sword at my allies. Well, it was loud & confusing out there, damn it, & there was a spider.

      • andrea says:

        Ok, so I’ve learned to stay out of these shankfests, but I just have to say I heart you for posting Tommyanna’s spirit animal, whatever the hell it is.

      • j.eyre says:

        @EsCon – thank goodness you checked in! I had noticed your absence and thought you had taken a hit, which I am sure you have but you sucked it up, dear nun. Yes, the chariot is the place to be right now. Eve and Jenna are positively feral and how in heaven’s name they got Agent MOL, I will never know; now we have shanks AND chemical warfare to contend with?

        I realize this is a silly questions – on many levels – but if our side were to win (stop giggling you three!), how are you all going to divide Cumby? CHemboy is large enough that he can take about 3 women at a time so I have little issue there. And The Mac has the stamina of a racehorse so we just wait patiently. And they are dropping like flies from the Tommyanna train so I just don’t have this problem.

        Either way, Thornfield is at your disposal whenever you all figure out how to get him out of that butterfly net.

      • T.Fanty says:

        The sharing will be easy. EsCon get three days (even though, apparently, I’m going to be the one doing all the fighting here), I’ll get three days, and on Sundays, he can wander in the farm adjacent to Thornfield, wearing his cap and cultivating the sheep to ensure a plentiful supply of sweaters that he shall never be allowed to wear.

        Or he can visit Miss Amelia’s archives, if she is nice.

      • j.eyre says:

        @andrea – the other day, on the Tommyanna “I am not eating” post, we had a bit of a disagreement as to what animal should be paired with Tommyanna (Cumby has the hedgehogs, The Mac has sloths, etc) As we struggled to reach an accord, we enlisted Agent MOL (who conducts most of our experiments around here) to create something that had elements from feral rodents, sassy starfish, lithe seahorses and with the wings of a dragonfly. that night, I came across that link and realized just how amazing Agent MOL was. And laughed myself silly over that link for some time. I am glad you liked it – scone?

        Hey – where’s C&C today? Anyone seen her?

      • T.Fanty says:

        C&C is around. We were chatting on twitter earlier (join us!). I think she’s having a hard time assembling the Hedgehog Army of Doom, which is both wriggly and prickly. She’s covered in bandages.

      • andrea says:

        Miss Eyre… Yes, please, thank you. Now I’m going to just sit here in the corner and watch the shankfest unfold. But if anyone would like to borrow my butterfly knife (it’s scarier than it sounds), let me know.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Miss Eyre, the division of Cumby will certainly be tricky & complex. We will need a very very good analytical mind to figure it out. We will need Sherlock Holmes.

        I was against him getting all pale & skinny again for Sherlock for just this reason. There obviously isn’t enough of him to go around. Also, those teenage girls & their ovaries are trying to devour him now on the streets of London.

        I just keep thinking how weird it must be to be him, with girls screaming at him like he’s all 4 Beatles rolled into one.

        Has anyone seen the clips of him arriving at the airport in Japan for a Star Trek appearance several months ago? Japan is positively ga-ga over him. There are clips on Youtube that show him in the airport looking dazed & a bit shell-shocked at all the commotion. His expression said “All this for ME?”

        After Star Trek, he may need bodyguards. Ladies, shall we offer him our body-guarding services? We already have the Pomeranians.

        And what’s all this about Eve & Jenna Hardy getting Agent MOL? Damn it, I can’t get a wink of sleep around here.

      • andrea says:

        Oh hey, speaking of… Some new night shots of Cumby as Sherly:

        There’s enough room for one of you to hide in that puffy coat.

      • T.Fanty says:


        Actually, the coat’s only puffy because underneath it, I’m wrapped around him, like a little, rabid, ginger koala. And he’s not actually shooting a scene, but trying to hijack someone’s motorbike so that we can make a quick getaway. EsCon started to suspect that I was sneaking in on one of her days, so hid the keys to the Vespa.

      • andrea says:

        T.Fanty, you sneaky minx! I knew it had to be one of you. So I suppose you’re responsible then for those faces he’s making? Tsk tsk. The others won’t appreciate the bite marks.

    • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

      @ Fanty: Ridiculously late to the game, so sorry. You promise me beer, my boss promises me wages, I’m sure you understand.

      LADIES, I brought coffee, champagne, orange juice, and cake. Also, whiskey and band aids because clearly I missed a HELL of a fight. And clearly everyone jockeying for my services. Where was that when I needed an ego boost a few days ago? ANYWAYS…

      Eve, would you stop thinking about Mrs. Eyre for five minutes, please? It makes blood gush out of her wounds to know that secretly you really DO care (and I know you do – I appreciate you taking one for us and slapping her a bit about Seth McFarlane). Mrs. Eyre, staaaahhhhhp trying to talk to Eve until I get the gauze set, please?

      Fanty, Eve, and Miss M: I would love some beer, if you promise to let me stay neutral. And by stay neutral, I mean can I have the main rights to Richard Armitage? I think he might be the only Englishman who does it for me. I’ll still be here to help clean up though! :D

      • Eve says:

        @ TheyPromisedMeBeer:

        My dear, Richard Armitage can be ALL yours.

      • j.eyre says:

        I second it. Congratulations Mrs. A. I am afraid your wedding guests will mostly be listing – but we shall be there. (Oh! the gauze matches your wedding costume – dashed clever, PromisedMeArmitageBeer)

        I may, in fact, forgo the hay ride. It’s the bumps, you see.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @ Mrs. Eyre: Oh, I hadn’t planned another wedding. Armitage can join my Side Piece Harem. I thought I’d already made it clear that I’m already happily fantasy married to Luke Bryan, and at the end of the day, he gets exclusive muddin’ rights to my jeep wrangler if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

        But now that I think about it, I could always use a spouse on the other side of the pond to do the laundry in my swank country cottage, yes?

      • Miss M says:

        @TheyPromisedMeBeer: I have a soft spot for Armitage. That being said, congratulations on your choice!

      • j.eyre says:


        Well that clears up a few things. I thought you had your Southern allegiance. For a moment, I was afraid you thought we do not allow American husbands here. We do, I believe Mr. Gosling has been claimed. And of course, Mrs. BradPitt comes a-calling often. Unfortunately, all my Americans are on my $h@mef*ck L!st – I simply must set about to correct that.

        I just looked up your Mr. Bryan – 1000W smile, that one. I imagine he gets away with murder when he flashes one of those.

        Very well, keep your side piece in Britannia. I, of course, am married to my confused, one-handed, blind Rochester until death do us part and I am unflinchingly loyal to him at all times, as any good governess-cum-mistress-of-the-manner would be. But I shall turn my head and tend to my needlework when you and Mr. English Side Piece come to Thornfield.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        Daaawww Miss M, you’re so sweet! Don’t worry, I’m not possessive. Just ask nicely and offer some collateral and I’ll happily share if you want some weekend Armitage. :)

      • EscapedConvent says:

        @ T.Fanty

        Awww, Fanty. I can’t get irked at a little ginger koala. Just please leave Cumby some strength after you’re finished clinging, because he still has to make his way home later. I’ve had to walk up & down the streets knocking on neighbor’s doors all week looking for him, as he cannot find his way home since filming started. He is so tired from working & shagging, & his poor head aches from all the teenage screaming.


        I’ve seen some ladies express Armitage-love here several times, but I don’t know if anyone has planted the “This man is mine, bitches” flag on him.

        So—If anyone here has any objection to this Beer/Armitage union….let her speak now.

      • T.Fanty says:

        And that, EsCon, is why I’ll take a shank for you on any day of the week. Your warmth, generosity and delicacy of touch, is like being licked by a tiny, wimpled hedgehog. Or so Cumby tells me.

        ETA: finally googled Richard Armitage, because I kept imagining he was the bloke from the Thorn Birds. He’s quiet lovely – still no idea who he is, though. Beer and Armie have my blessing.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @Fanty: LOL! You’re thinking of Richard Chamberlain. Ooooh Father Ralph.

        @EsCon, Fanty, et all: WOOO! Thanks for the blessings! Now go enjoy the open bar and pecan pie. My treat! Try not to side-eye me too hard tomorrow morning after all the ruckus that’ll be happening in Sherwood Forest tonight. BrownChickenBrownCow!

      • T.Fanty says:

        Oh, he’s in Robin Hood? The only thing I know about that is that my forever dong, and neglected CB husband, Toby Stephens (sigh), plays Prince John in it.

        A party in Sherwood forest sounds fab. Until all the berries and twigs we’ll be eating attract poor, starving Tommyanna who wants us to turn the music down so that he can recite a poem. On the upside, we’ll know to hide when the swarm of dragonflies arrives ahead of him.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        @ Fanty,

        Awww, Fanty…& you as well. As soon as my stitches dissolve (from my last Eve-shanking), I would be honored to take another Eve-shanking if it will protect you & your lanky English hedgehog.

        Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield in the new Hobbit Trilogy, & he is a fine tasty crumpet. Very interesting page on IMDB. I really didn’t know him before the Hobbit. PromisedBeer, you have good taste. ;-)

        Also, Miss Eyre does indeed use a computer, but Mr. Rochester has rigged it so she can use her quill pen & ink with it. I only wish we could see her out running in her grey silk gown, bonnet & special marathon slippers.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        Fanty – No wonder Toby Stephens mentioned you when I asked about his +1. Look forward to hosting you for sweet and cookies at the cottage, right?

        Oh, I already took care of the Hiddleanna situation – the path leading to the reception arbor is lined with out of place acts from various Shakespeare plays, Loki merchandise, and a few choice buxom brunettes. If he makes it past all of that, he deserves to be fed.

      • Miss M says:

        *MAJOR side-eye back at you, T.Fanty* Well, well, well… Look whos’ making alliances…

        And that, EsCon, is why I’ll take a shank for you on any day of the week. Your warmth, generosity and delicacy of touch, is like being licked by a tiny, wimpled hedgehog.

      • j.eyre says:

        As a buxom brunette – thanks @Promisedbeer! he shall be well tended to.

        @EsCon – where do you keep slipping off to (as if I need to ask) – I can’t seem to keep a hold of you today. Come join me in convalescence, we can compare wounds to see how Eve’s work is improving! Seriously, don’t go away for so long, it makes me do weird things.

        @DocFanty – yes, I have a quill feature. The computer is not its original purpose but it works there as well. I “think” I just followed you on twitter. Lord help me.

        @Agent MOL – darling, you are the dissenter here. this alliance was formed long ago. We ‘thought’ you were one of us. But if Eve blows your skirt up (lord knows she does mine) then, well, there you go.

  2. Amelia says:

    Cup of tea and a scone, anyone?

    • T.Fanty says:

      You did?! Was it insane? It looked like a million teenage girls were there.

    • marie says:

      ha! did you go out of your way to see it or just pass by?

    • Amelia says:

      I’ve got a friend who literally lives right around the corner from Nth Gower Street and I had a birthday cake to deliver so I sort of went with the intention of hopefully seeing a bit of filming :) She’s a massive Sherlock nut anyway and has been staking out Speedy’s cafe for the better part of a week. I bet they’re grateful for the media attention!
      T.Fanty, there were quite a few members of the public milling around behind an unofficial crowd barrier, lots of them teenagers (who were meant to be in school…)
      I had to leave after about half an hour though (for something called ‘work’. Apparently I don’t get time off from the museum archives because of filming. Something that they failed to stipulate in my contract …)
      My pal texted me a couple of hours later, apparently things got massively crowded after a while.
      Anyway, I saw CUMBY. From more than 50 metres away, but still.
      Walked headfirst into a runner as well, the poor kid was very nice about it.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I’m sure he was used to it.

        Actually, I’m a little mad at you for not taking the giant butterfly net and attempting a daring capture – next time, you really ought to put our needs first.

        Is he short? I suspect he lies about his height.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Amelia! You SAW him! Was there a halo, like the one he has in my head?

      • T.Fanty says:

        EsCon: probably not. Tommyanna made him return it.

      • Amelia says:

        Dreadfully sorry, T.Fanty, I left my butterfly net in my other suit, but I was thinking of saving that for a sneak attack on Tommyanna whilst he frolics amongst the dragonflies. He’ll be weakened by this week’s Live Below the Line efforts. One minute I’ll be disguised as Bambi then BAM!
        Decorative Hiddleston captured.
        He seemed tall enough from where I was standing, not Skasgard Viking Tall but I’d guess a comfortable 6 foot.
        I think he had to put for halo away for filming Escon, the BBC don’t want to blind their viewers ;)
        I will say this – he and Martin look adorable together. Just awesome. I swear, they were this close to holding hands and skipping down the street.
        EDIT: I just realised, does all of the above mean Eve is going to get stabby with me? Because if so, I’d like to request that there is no pink at my funeral and if you could pass a message onto Cumby for me about our lunchtime tryst that would be much appreciated :)

      • EscapedConvent says:


        It’s very clear-headed of you to make funeral plans. We should all start thinking about eternity with Eve running amok.

        Yes, of course pink will be forbidden, if that is your wish. But will it be all right if Pink comes to your memorial service?

      • Eve says:

        @ Amelia:

        “I just realised, does all of the above mean Eve is going to get stabby with me?”

        Is that a rhetorical question?

        YES! That means I’m going stabby with you.

        And I WILL wear pink at your funeral…and bring pink flower arrrangements, and the band — lead by PINK! — will be completely dressed in the pinkest pink that has ever existed!


      • Amelia says:

        Ta very much, Escon. I can definitely work with Pink being at the memorial, if you could get her to sing F*cking Perfect that would be a lovely way to go out :)
        Well ladies, there’s an 18th century compass that’s begging for my attention this afternoon and I think my boss wants to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow judging by how eager he is to get it finished with.
        So, Eve; if the great Batch happens to wander in this afternoon (why he’d be down in archives I’ve no idea, but anyway) I’ll point him in your direction :)
        After we’ve done the nasty behind a mountain of silk tapestries.
        Peace out.
        EDIT: Eve, I just saw your edit. Being slutshanked to death over the sexiest alien in the multiverse? Yeah. I can handle it. You’re a formidable shanker.
        But PINK?
        Oh, IT’S ON.
        I’m in the same city as him, remember?! *cackles maniacally*
        I will have my wicked way with him . . . After I’ve finished documenting this damn compass.
        F*ck’s sake, boss. Screw your antiquities, there’s aliens to be fought over here!
        Final note: I’m starting to feel bad for our little Hobbit Martin. He’s getting left out in all of this! I think I’ll have to take him a batch of scones.

      • Eve says:

        @ Amelia:

        You’re fine with PINK! singing at your funeral? Well, then I shall hire Taylor Swift instead — that’s right, dressed in pink.

      • Amelia says:

        If Taylor Swift comes within 100 miles of my funeral, then so help me God I will come back from the dead and shank her myself if she starts wailing.
        Now, compasses, compasses …

      • T.Fanty says:

        @Amelia: the pointy bit goes north. You’re welcome. Now get out there and get some Cumby. I have your back covered. I’m using the bayonet I stole from Christopher Tiejens.

      • Eve says:

        @ Amelia:

        Well…you brought that upon yourself.

        Taylor Swift and her guitar, introducing her song by talking about this girl she met, Amelia, who she’s NEVER EVER EVER getting to see again.

      • j.eyre says:

        Amelia – I don’t understand – why would you leave the house without a butterfly net – ever? Don’t worry about your lower extremities, you have the Impenetrable Tights of Death I sent last week, yes? Keep those in a separate drawer, dear, those are NOT date tights.

        That said, Eve will definitely do some damage so one should be practical…

        Eve – if you are wearing pink, I am going to have to rethink my outfit. I guess I will just wear CHemboy.

        Why, in heavens name, did we need to bring Swifty into this?

      • Eve says:

        @ J.Eyre:

        “Why, in heavens name, did we need to bring Swifty into this?”

        Because I play dirty, that’s why!

        And I can make it worse.

      • j.eyre says:


        “Because I play dirty, that’s why!

        And I can make it worse. ”

        So can I, m’dear. I have just informed Remora that Swifty is THE next big thing. I have forged Marvel contracts for the next 4 franchises and 217 films and shown Remora that Swifty’s signature is on the bottom of all of them. I also included a “wife clause” that ensures full media coverage of every move made ever. Thus Remora has filed for divorce from CHemboy and she and Swifty shall be married on what was supposed to be Miley’s wedding date. Swifty is far too busy writing ballads of true bliss (and a few “Oh-my-gosh-you-nasty-bitch-you-were-just-using-me-how-ironic” tunes just in case.) She will be far too busy to perform at anyone’s funeral. And if she does – Remora will be latched to her side – in the same pink dress as you.

      • Amelia says:

        Bloody hell! I’m away for two hours and we’ve already hit 100 Cumby posts? Brava, bitches, well done!
        Thanks for the cover T.Fanty, I’ll keep guard whilst you and Tiejens have rampant train sex once Sherlock and I have explored the deepest, darkest depths of these archives (giggity).
        J.Eyre, at my funeral I fully expect you to be carried in by CHemboy’s giant arms in full 19th Century mourning regalia after a vicious fainting spell. Just so y’know :)
        I will be taking notes from the afterlife . . .
        Stupid question, I know, but what the hell could be worse than Swifty? If that lunatic MeAnn gets dragged into this then I’m resurrecting a zombie army.
        You have been warned.

      • Eve says:

        @ J.Eyre:

        That is your idea of a bad scenario? I couldn’t care less if Switfy hooked up with Remora. I actually like that.

        And yes, put me close to Remora’s face: that’s exactly the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

      • Ponytail says:

        I’m temping IN Gower Street at the mo but have yet to see any filming, probably because, you know, I’m supposed to be working. I do walk past the cafe every opportunity I get but my teen screaming days are long behind me, so I’d probably just scuttle past anyway.

    • Miss M says:

      @Amelia: Consider yourself on life support–> Shank unleashed!!!!!

      ps: Thanks for sharing. I bet I would be having a meltdown, I woudl just freeze and stare at him…

      pps: Sorry, I completely misread what you wrote. I thought you were talking about Hardy. You life is in safe hands! :)

  3. chloe says:

    i never really understood why a lot of men and women like tom hiddleston and benedict cumberbatch, but when i watched thor and sherlock…dear God… :D

  4. Eve says:

    “Here are some photos of MY (mineminemine) lover Benedict Cumberbatch in London yesterday.”

    Mineminemine? You copycat bitch!

  5. Tish says:

    He is just so lickable as Sherlock, my god! Also, he was photographed carrying a book and a kindle on the same day!!! Guys who just love to read is such a huge turn on to me!

    “I feel infinitely alive curled-up in a sofa reading a book” *dead*

  6. Agnes says:

    To quote John Watson from the first episode of Sherlock
    “Oh God, YES!”

  7. Ladylupton says:

    Cumberbatch threads are the best. Carry on.

    Incidentally, I’m now dreadfully homesick for London. Can someone send me a full English and, for God’s sake, a decent cup of tea? X

  8. MonicaQ says:

    After being on tumblr, Sherlock and the Supernatural just immediately trigger, “YOU IN DANGER GIRL” in my brain LOL. Don’t know why. Maybe the fans on tumblr are more than a little insane? That’ll do it.

    Holeeeee hell, say you don’t think the man is fine and you just better start a new blog because it will get spammed like no other. This did not happen to me, only saw it flying by on my dashboard. He’s not “ZOMG HAWT” but if you’re into that, his face could grow on you. I guess? Nice hair though.

  9. Victoria says:

    YUM MEEEEEEEE!!!! giddy up

  10. EscapedConvent says:

    Cumberbatch & Freeman like each other? But of course they do. According to Tumblr, these two dudes are madly in love. With each other.

    I caution you all not to stumble across the “John-Lock” erotic illustrations that pepper the Tumblr landscape. Or the drawings of Sherlock & John depicted as toddlers, laughing & skipping down the street together.

    *Shhh*–I’ve already said too much….

  11. Lemony says:

    I’m just here to pay Cumby a compliment…not trying to steal him (Ladies, you all know who my CB husband is) and there is no way I could handle a shank wound right now as I’m not quite recovered from the flu.
    He looks awesome in his Sherlock clothes! I’d hit it, but in a super-respectful way. Like, I respect you for looking so distinguished, sir, therefore I will bang you.
    That’s all. *shuffles back to bed*
    PS-his haircolor is throwing me off. That is my mother’s “winter haircolor” so I won’t try to steal him from anybody with that look.

  12. Richard Crystal says:

    Personally, I think Martin Freeman is adorable. BC is sexy….
    Cannot wait until this gets to The Colonies!!

    • gefeylich says:

      It’s amazing to me how Cumberbatch’s hotness quotient goes through the roof when he has dark hair. When he’s ginger (Parade’s End; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) or blond (the Assange film UGH) he becomes either weird-looking or horribly plain. But give him dark hair (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness) and he’s unbelievably attractive.

      It’s sort of like Seinfeld’s ugly/pretty girlfriend, actually.

    • Dani says:

      I find him attractive regardless, although he’s more…sexy? with dark hair. But I’m totally aware of how the hair color makes some not find him attractive.

  13. El Kiddo says:

    Ugh, I don’t see the appeal. He is just plain ugly. *Cowers behind a sofa*

  14. princesslizabeth says:

    YAY! Woohoo!! Sherlock!! Cumby!! YAYYYYYYYY!

    (Faints to floor in fit of extreme happiness)

  15. BooBooLaRue says:

    Crikey! I am in love all over again! And Martin Freeman too.

  16. alison8761 says:

    they both look so damn good it’s insane. I love them both but I’m usually pretty fair about their… unconventional looks, but their hair, make-up, and lighting is on point. Maybe I’ve just missed this! but no, they both look really nice.

  17. Jenna says:

    Yay! Can’t wait for the new season! So happy! :D

  18. lmo says:

    I’m an uber lurker here @ CB. But I must say the BC love/stalking warms my heart. That man is wonderfully strange looking and these posts make me want to throw my shank into the fray. I however suspect that I would be quickly outnumbered and killed so I’ll just drool silently from a distance.

  19. mrs.c says:

    So …. I just discovered that this existed.

    Thought my fellow cumby-lovers might appreciate it too! 5 whole hours of that voice … *drooool*

  20. GeeMoney says:

    Love that man. Can’t wait for Star Trek!

  21. Jenna68 says:

    Am I the only one who finds Rupert Graves (Lestrade) very attractive?

  22. Lindy79 says:

    Martin Freeman is painfully aware of the John-Lock thing (I really don’t get it, it’s just bloody weird, same as with Thor and Loki, they are meant to be brothers :/)

  23. Reece says:

    I just want to hug them both! (not a euphemism) Cannot wait for this to come back & Star Trek & DoS!

  24. GoodCapon says:

    I’m just popping back in to say that while he’s not my type and I do not find him attractive at all, he looks really good in these photos! He pulls off that lovely scarf+coat combination.

  25. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    @Mrs. Eyre: why are the Americans on your shamef*ck list? Just curious. It wasn’t that i didn’t think yall allowed American husbands here, I just figured yall were just obsessed with the British boys (and there is nothing wrong with that, just not my taste really). I was very recently introduced to Mr. Armitage, and YOWZA he hit me right off the bat so I’ll plant my flag on his turf while the getting is still good. Meanwhile, your hubs might have one hand and be blind, but he’s got a cracking good sense of humor and you know you’ve earned his respect and affection, so don’t be down about the guy. :P

    Oh, but here, let me be a naughty minx help you along on Mr. Bryan – just look up “You Make Me Want To” on youtube. Any of his live versions will do. So sexy! Is it any wonder that he is my forever dong?

    • Eve says:

      I think she meant the Americans to whom (to who?) she’s attracted just happen to be well-known jerks. It’s just a coincidence, not that they’re shamef*cks because they’re Americans.

      For instance: she admitted (not long ago) Seth MacFarlane was one of her shamef*cks.


      This man:

      Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING can be more shameful than that.

      • j.eyre says:

        Perhaps you don’t know the depths to which I will drop…

        Seth, yes. Among some of his fellow shamers:
        Billy Bob Thorton
        Russel Crowe
        Zac Efron (oh, I know I can be arrested)

        oh – how the list goes on – various musicians and D-grade celebrities… anyone with a decent scotch to offer.

        But the king of my $h@me list?
        TOM CRUISE

      • Miss M says:

        @Tom Cruise beats Seth for sure. But in j.eyre’s defense… I think of Tom Cruise from top gun and cocktail, a few good men, Jerry Maguire… that Tom Cruise, you know?

        ps: But Tom Cruise is still handsome and pushing 50…
        pps: Hopefully bedhead doesn’t read this, j.eyre.

      • Eve says:

        Nope. MacFARTlane is still the worst.

        Shame on you! SHAME ON YOU!

        Seriously, I can’t even look at you anymore.

      • Miss M says:

        It’s called shamef*ck list for a reason, Eve! :) . Don’t let her feel more ashamed. You go, j.eyre!

        ps: don’t be surprised if I get G.Butler back on my shamef*ck list…

      • EscapedConvent says:

        –Buuut….Russell Crowe is a perfectly reasonable shamef*ck.

        –I recently confessed my hots for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who although technically legal & in his thirties, still seems so young.

        –Jane! Tom Cruise?!

      • j. eyre says:

        @Agent MOL – oh good gravy – Tommy Mapother in uniform? Get my smelling salts!

        What’s up with Bedhead? Does she love or hate
        him? I get very nervous running afoul of the Tribunal. (Oh, and I love men in turtlenecks. Should I hide?)

        @Eve – yes you can – you can look. You know you want to. Honestly, if a man (or woman for that matter) can dance, sing and make me laugh – it’s like saying “open says me” to my legs.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Cocktail Tom Cruise would have been totally worth hitting. I’d hit that out of nostalgia, too.

        Same with Russell Crowe. Who wouldn’t still do a man once known as Maximus.

        But as far as Billy Bob goes… I’d suggest calling in PromisedMeBeer for a back up there. I think she’s your best bet.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        Ladies! Let’s not snipe right now! We’re here to celebrate my joyous union to the delightful Armitage. And both of you are starting to spill your whiskey sours with your passionate gesticulating. Keep it up, and I’m converting from and open bar to (gasp!) cash only. Don’t think I wont!

        @Mrs. Eyre – I can’t see Seth MacFarlane at ALL, but I understand we all need a “hit it and quit it”. Tom Cruise, though? Two words: TOP. GUN. Always and forever. And yes, I can see Billy Bob Thornton. He’s got some swagger. I’d hit it, if he promised to wear his costume from Bad Santa. So there. Hold your head up and own your list!

        (If it makes you feel better, for the longest time, my shamef*ck was Bam Margera. Not anymore, but he made me laugh! Rascals are my weakness!)

      • Eve says:

        @ J.Eyre:

        But you did read the quotes I posted on those Theron/Macfarlane threads, right? And yet you’d still hit it…

        I can’t look at you anymore — the good news is that that’ll make it harder for me to shank you.

        By the way, Hiddleanna’s crotch says hello (and I shall say goodbye now):

      • EscapedConvent says:

        @Fanty again,

        Did you say dimpled hedgehog or wimpled hedgehog? I’m in a dither trying to find the comment.

        Eeek! Power outage for a few minutes—the very moment I typed the word “wimpled.”

        Is there any question now, that the Wimpled Nuns at my former convent are reaching out to me, grasping my tattered soul around its throat, trying to tie my wimple back on?

        And what do you think my chances would be with that paragraph in the next Bulwer-Lytton competition?

      • Miss M says:

        @ThePromisedMeBeer: Cheers! Great choice! I promise I won’t drool while watching him again in “North & South”.

      • j.eyre says:

        @EsCon – Wimpled Nuns and Bulwer-Lytton in the same sentence? It will be a dark and stormy night for certain.

        Seriously, where are my smelling salts?

      • Lemony says:

        @Miss Eyre:
        Dear, I hadn’t realized you were posting your shamef*ck list tonight.
        We have one man in common from my list:
        Russel Crowe
        JC Chasez from NSync
        Gerard Butler
        Bradley Cooper
        The last one is recent & all due to a CB thread last week …someone posted a link to a photo of him with a perm for a new movie role. Then he visited me in my dreams that very night & I’ve been in an embarassed daze ever since *shudders*

      • Miss M says:

        @j.eyre: I don’t think bedhead likes him.

        She had enough of his scientoloko manners.
        Go read her posts about him.

      • j.eyre says:

        @Lemony – wait, Usher is on the $h@me list? Why? He is always a maybe for me (I get faint when he takes his shirt off.) Should I move him over?

        @Agent MOL – ah, well then. I shall steer clear. He generally is put to uses that does not allow him to spout CO$ bs when he is ‘visiting.’ I don’t have time for that nonsense.

      • Lemony says:

        @Jane: Usher’s on the list, not because of his sexy bod or singing ability, but because of the cheese factor. He usues auto tune on his new albums & whoever gives him gimmicky career advice just sucks. Evidently he’s been involved in Justin Bieber’s career.
        His body is a YES though.