Miranda Kerr didn’t get fired from Victoria’s Secret, she decided to step down?

Yesterday, I discussed the Us Weekly story claiming that Miranda Kerr had been “fired” (or not offered another contract) from Victoria’s Secret. One source claimed that Miranda has a “difficult reputation” and another said she’s “not a big seller for VS.” Some of you believed those explanations, some of you did not. I tried to give Miranda the benefit of the doubt because… well, I’m not sure why I tried to take her side. I just felt like that Us Weekly story – while amazing, interesting gossip – was sort of mean and one-sided.

As you’ve probably read on Bedhead’s Orlando Bloom post earlier today, Miranda has already begun to push back on the story. The president of Victoria’s Secret issued a statement calling Us Weekly’s story crap, basically. And today’s Page Six has some (suspicious) pro-Kerr quotes:

Supermodel Miranda Kerr was not fired as a Victoria’s Secret Angel for “being difficult” but is stepping down because she could not devote enough time to the demanding brand, sources exclusively tell Page Six.

Talks between the lingerie line and the Australian beauty fell apart last week because VS was asking busy model Kerr to devote three months a year to promoting their sexy brand.

But a source with knowledge of the situation told us: “The problem was the time commitment. Victoria’s Secret usually asks the girls who are Angels to commit three months in a particular year to the brand.

“But Miranda has become a big star — she recently signed a deal with airline Qantas and has just replaced Kate Moss as the face of Spanish fashion line Mango,” our source continued.

“While she loves Victoria’s Secret, the time commitment they needed from her as an Angel became too much for her to fulfill. Exactly the same thing happened with Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum — their careers became huge, and there were other opportunities which made being an Angel full-time impossible.

“Anyone who says otherwise about Miranda, it’s just sour grapes. She is still going to walk in the show this year, and is still committed to the brand, but their relationship is evolving.”

Other sources tell us Kerr, who has a 2-year-old son, Flynn, with husband Orlando Bloom, also needs the freedom to travel to be with Bloom when he’s filming on location. Her rep declined to comment.

While media insiders whisper that a story of Kerr “being difficult” was planted by those with an ax to grind, Victoria’s Secret’s chief marketing officer Ed Razek leapt to her defense.

He said in a statement, “Miranda Kerr is one of the best models in the history of the business — and easily one of the most popular. She is also a consummate professional. Any rumors to the contrary are simply untrue. We have no plans to stop working with her.” Razek added that Kerr will still walk the runway in the 2013 show.

[From Page Six]

Do I believe that Miranda is so razzle-dazzle amazeballs and she’s the most in-demand model in the world and THAT is why she’s not going to do much Angel stuff anymore? Eh. I think the truth is probably a happy-medium between yesterday’s Us Weekly story and this Page Six piece. I think VS probably was looking to push Miranda out, and they didn’t offer her a new contract. And maybe Miranda was fine with it because she does have other time commitments and career options. I think it’s funny that Miranda’s career is now being compared to Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen… um, really?

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  1. flan says:

    That angel stuff is getting old anyway.

  2. Evadstructn says:

    I really really dislike her. She was an ambassador for a department store here in Australia…I know models are not known for their eloquence, but everytime she opened her mouth as the spokesperson, I could not believe the level of dumb that would come out. She is vapid narcissism incarnate.

  3. Dea83 says:

    I think it’s funny that Miranda’s career is now being compared to Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen… um, really?

    Exactly! You said it all. Gisele is on another level, please.

    • Lucy says:

      Agreed, Gisele built herself a billion dollar empire, the first model ever to do that, Miranda is nowhere close to that. Her name isn’t that widely recognized either with the common masses.

      • TeresaKansas says:

        Wrong. None of the fashion houses wanted her, were it not for the relentless insistent promotion of photographer Mario Testino, 57.

      • Lamont says:

        BS. It was EARLIER in her career that Testino was pushing for her.
        By the time Gis left VS she was the most famous model in the world and was getting $5 from them per year as opposed to Miranda’s $1 for 3 years.
        6 years on Gisele is considered the last supermodel, still tops Forbes list and has the highest number of Vogue Covers.
        Testino ain’t got nothing to do with that.
        Miranda ain’t coming close to that

      • TeresaKansas says:

        That does not change the fact that were it not for a reknowned industry insider pushing her (against the ‘grain’) she would not be enjoying the lucrative career she has today. There a 1000′s of other “Giseles” out there who will be extremely lucky to score a modeling job, it’s not who you are it’s who you know. I guess you know nothing at all about how the fashion/entertainment industry work. You ate up the hype; hook, line and sinker.

      • Eleonor says:

        Before she married Orlando Bloom I didn’t even know she existed!

      • Lucy says:

        @Teresa, I have worked in the fashion industry since the age of 14 so I do know what I’m talking about, and although I don’t disagree with you that Testino had a hand in launching her career, in the end it was her very savvy business skills and the fact that she worked her ass off and received notoriety within the industry that she is where she is today. Testino had nothing to do with her successful shoe and lingerie line, which is where a large chunk of her earnings come from

      • Harriet says:

        Testino encouraged a few people to see Gisele but she has also been rebooked continuously to work with the greats- Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, Patrick Patrick Demarchelier, David La Chapelle…All before VS!!! Anna Wintour says she wished more models were like Gisele or Kate Moss. Miranda Kerr is no where near that. She got famous for two things; sleeping with a not-very-amazing actor, and VS. And now that that is over, thank god I won’t have to see her ridiculous smirk as frequently!

      • xxx says:

        Er… First model ever to do that? Erm… Excuse me but Kathy Ireland begs to differ! Apparently rumours that Giselle’s empire is worth billions are vastly exaggerated anyway, and if that is the case, models like Elle, Heidi and Tyra well and truly built their multi-million dollar business empires long before Giselle got started.

  4. GoodCapon says:

    Hmmm it smells like damage control! But we’ll just have to wait and see. The runway show is on November so a lot could still happen.

  5. Sisi says:

    when Gisele stopped working with VS she had like 15 other projects to keep her busy. Maybe even more. That’s what a huge career is. The quoted article is grossly overstating Miranda Kerr and it’s not even trying to hide it.

  6. Nanz says:

    What a hilariously awful time to pick a green dress.

  7. Sun says:

    Considering the article in PEOPLE (the most accurate) yesterday also had sources that said she was “difficult” and no one really liked her, anything that paints her in a positive light is just her own spin.

    Hopefully that means her weird bratz doll face will finally be gone.

    • Amber says:

      Exactly. Yesterday People backed up the initial story’s accuracy citing sources from Victoria’s Secret. They confirmed another rumor that she is indeed stand-offish with the other models and also said she isn’t “timely” (which they’ve clearly tried to spin here. She’s so busy.) Seeing how we heard a similar story, in fact a worse story, about her dismissal from David Jones, is it that difficult to imagine? This “source with knowledge of the situation” could be her publicist or agent. Looking at that sour grapes bit, the source could be Kerr herself or her mother. It’s something LeAnn Rimes’ publicist would say. They’re trying to deflect from the story and all the other info by making Kerr the victim of some conspiracy. It’s not like Kerr’s people are going on the record. VS aren’t exactly leaping to her defense either.

  8. Allie says:

    I love her, I think she’s gorgeous. I feel like all of VS models have an ego problem, so i doubt that was a huge contributing factor to her contract not being renewed. Also, her son is the cutest of all the celebrity spawn.

  9. Georgina says:

    I think this is spin from Miranda’s people–it doesn’t look good for one of the most in-demand, highly sought after models (*snort*) to be fired from a company as big at VS for being a pain in the ass. She wasn’t offered a new contract for a reason, and I’d buy it is her demanding attitude before I’d buy she’s too busy.

  10. Emily says:

    Ughh I don’t understand why Giesele Bundchen is a thing… One of the most overrated models ever!

  11. A says:

    She’s probably trying to save the marriage. While VS is trying to dump her. Everyone wins.

  12. DGO says:

    She’s been fired from David Jones, Lipton Tea, and now suddenly isn’t doing VS anymore? Yep, she’s been fired.

  13. andrea says:

    Oh please, this has spin written all over it. Her management can take up all the column inches they want, but it’s not hard to find the real dirt all over the internet.

    Oh, but I do adore Flynn. I think one of the reasons she gets pap’d with him A LOT is because she knows he’s good for her image. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past her to be the one calling the paps when Flynn’s with her, because somehow, they always seem to find them in any city, on any street, across the world.

    • Littlewood says:

      Flynn is the only good publicity aimed at her at the moment. That poor child is going to be dragged all over the place now so people can say how cute he is… Poor kid.

      • Littlewood says:

        BTW there are plenty more pictures of the same day where he’s papped in the nannies arms and she’s no where in sight. He also seems to have stitches on his eyebrow, I wonder what happened?

      • andrea says:

        Just saw 2 new sets of them again (one with Orly on a wholesome family outing). Jeezus. You’re right, that poor kid is going to be trotted out at every opportunity.

      • Littlewood says:

        It wasn’t a family outing! She arrived first and left with her assistant (not her son) he arrives picks up his son then drives with him and a friend to In-N-Out burger. Either they’re split up and it was a custody swap or she definitely didn’t want any fast food! Funny, she at one time claimed he was even healthier then her but there are plenty of pictures of him smoking and eating fast food. Another lie it seems!

  14. Lamont says:

    As if.
    Gisele was head angel and was getting paid $5 million a year. Gis went on that very year to a Vogue Paris cover and getting yet another HF campaign with YSL. And the rest is history……..
    Miranda still has Mango I guess, but losing 2 contracts in quick succession looks bad no matter how its dressed up. Esp when your near geriatric (30!) in the modelling world

  15. Littlewood says:

    Spin baby spin. Ofcourse they’ll try to change the facts around! She has been fired from David Jones a month ago, there are plenty or reports of exactly why that is. Lipton Ice Tea has a new ambassador, so has Samantha Thavasa and now VS? Its all a bit of a co-incidence right?? She has Mango left (which she shot for twice) Reebok (last photoshoot was a year ago)Qantas (who are business partners with David Jones, can’t really see that lasting), an Unilever shampoo and a Japanese washing detergent. She is an average model with an average career but an extraordinary PR team and a good stylist. If other fashion brands learn about her difficult image they’ll spend their money elsewhere, hence this very defensive piece. People with an ax to grind planted the diva rumors?? They have been going on for years and at different companies, who might these people be? Angry wives??

  16. Sweet Dee says:

    Look at little Flynn! I love when parents let their kids dress themselves. Not that she didn’t pick out those pants to buy, but he is totes adorbs in that outfit.

  17. TG says:

    These Miranda stories are interesting to me because in the US I hadn’t heard anything bad about Miranda and had no idea she was not liked by the Australians and other parts of the world. I mean I had heard some of the gossip about her sleeping around, but since I have never seen any photos or other evidence of that I just discounted it. I thought she was just another model with a cherubic face. So now I understand why tom cruise is still popular in other parts of the world. Despite the fact that we have the internet many people are still in the dark about him the same as many of us here in The States are about Miranda. Obvously, her actions don’t come close to the kind of stuff cruise is guilty of but you get my point. I am still finding it difficult to hate on this model. I guess I just don’t care, though reading the comments has been insightful and interesting. I love when people from other countries comment and give us the low-down on someone from their home country. I also love it on here how diverse everyone is.

  18. Jess says:

    Isn’t this just how modelling works? Every model loses their contracts eventually, unless they retire at 21. It happens to much bigger names. Gisele’s been replaced dozens of times in her career. It’s always about the fresh face. Every time VS appoints a new Angel they get bucketloads of publicity, and they can’t just keep adding to the roster and have hundreds, they have to get rid of one to make room for another.

    Megan Gale is pretty much adored in Australia, even by insiders, and she got dumped by DJ’s too. It happens. In another 2 years the new girl will be thrown aside as well. Just seems like business as usual to me, but because people have issues with Miranda they’re acting like it’s unusual for a model not to have her contract renewed every time it comes up.

  19. Aud says:

    I don’t get how people are saying she was fired from David Jones when that statement was never made by the store. More like the store was quiet on the issues. It could be that she asked for more in her contract. The store hasn’t been doing great and, recently, they decided to go with an unknown ie cheaper, model.

  20. Katie says:

    Her publicist is good.

    I think that VS let her go, but she didn’t dig in her heels to stay. I think she intended to use VS as a stepping stone to bigger things, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think she’s as recognizable as Heidi and Gisele, even if her brand isn’t as lucrative as Gisele’s. I don’t think her being fired from that Australian department store will hurt her here in the US, but it is interesting that they fired her.

    She’ll be fine regardless of what happens because she’s got a kid, and that’s all that matters to people. I’m honestly surprised, though, that her publicist didn’t claim she stepped down as an Angel to spend more time with the kid.

    • Amber says:

      “I think she’s as recognizable as Heidi and Gisele”. No, not even close. In the post the other day people were saying I don’t know who Ambrosio and the others are. Whenever CB does posts about Doutzen I see people ask “who is she?”. My mom doesn’t know who Adriana Lima is and why should she? I love Lima and Kroes but the present group can’t touch the Banks/Klum/Gisele era in ANY category. If you don’t care about VS, models or gossip, you have no reason to know them. If people don’t know or care about the three more successful and famous of the current Angels, they don’t know Kerr. If you don’t think Flynn is the cutest kid or have a crush on Legolas, you don’t need to know who Kerr is. If Miranda’s so popular or recognizable, why doesn’t she get better, more prestigious jobs? Shouldn’t brands line up to cash in on that? Kerr’s tabloid famous and over-hyped (which also makes VS look bad, since their “supermodels” are not TRUE supermodels as evidenced by Kerr’s lackluster resume. They also seem to lie to Forbes about how much the models are paid). Kerr isn’t all that valued in the fashion industry. She’s been in exactly ONE high fashion ad campaign. She’s had four international Vogue covers. I think Doutzen’s had more than four this year. Hell, if the rumors about Kate Upton landing US Vogue are true that would bring her total to four (and I know how some people feel about Upton and her career). Kerr’s career has peaked and her fame is waning now too. If she didn’t accomplish things that all these other models have by this point, why do people think that will suddenly change now that she has an extra three months free, that again, other models don’t appear to need?

      • Katie says:

        Ah. I don’t follow the fashion world at all, so Miranda is recognizable to me because she’s (well, I guess I should say “was” now) a Victoria’s Secret Angel. I only know Heidi because of Project Runway, and Gisele’s just some chick who’s married to Tom Brady with a permanent case of smug face and the holier-than-thous.

        I’m enjoying your comments in the recent Miranda posts. Thanks for sharing your info! :)

      • Amber says:

        God, you know @Katie, as soon as my comment went through and I couldn’t moderate it, I was so worried that I sounded like a total b*tch. I thought “Geez, this reads like I’m ripping her head off! Or I’m schooling her or something”. I’m so relieved that you aren’t upset. I’m sorry. It just irks me that some people buy into VS’s expensive hype machine and this myth and legend of Miranda Kerr: Supermodel, when this generation can’t even touch the previous one and Kerr was ranked fifth in the group (she was long ago passed by Candice IMO and VS’s judging how much work they give Swanepoel). I love fashion and models. The shift began w/ Klum and more and more, the VS Angels are like the manufactured, major label, homogenized Pop of models. Or they are the reality stars of the industry and Miranda’s a Kardashian. At the very least she’s like a Real Housewife. She just represents so much of what’s wrong with things to me.

    • Katie says:

      It didn’t come across b*tchy to me at all. The problem with the internet is that it’s hard to tell when someone is being rude or not, so unless someone is, like, flat out insulting my mom, I just assume he/she isn’t trying to come across rude. lol

      I have a special place in my heart for Kate Moss because she seems like she really doesn’t give a f**k and she’s all about having a good time (she could kick puppies in her spare time for all I know) but I’ve always felt indifferent about Miranda (well, the constant paparazzi-calling irritates me as it does with anyone who has a kid and subjects them to that insanity), so I’m just soaking in all of the info in the comments of the most recent posts. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of her house right about now, though. Unless she really doesn’t care because she thinks she’s on to bigger and better things.

      • Littlewood says:

        Oh she cares! The fact that she was quiet on twitter for 4 days shows that and the fact that paparazzi wasn’t called for 3 weeks after she was fired from David Jones. Or the fact that she tries to ignore what happened and won’t put out a personal statement but puts out an article with “sources” saying those rumors are a lie made by people with “personal vendetta’s” against her, really? Girl needs to learn she’s nothing special and not everybody that dare question her are jealous.

  21. coolio says:

    Its very clear the other girls arent friends with her like they are with eaxh other. In miami candice was playing with doutzens son and went with her and her husbands concert. Doutzen and adriana are friends. Adriana and ale tweet each other about their kids in portugeuse. Erin is lilys godmother, behati is best friends with candice. Erin and candice are really good friends, preparing for promotions together and rosie who used to be angel is bff with erin lily and candice. Its weird that no one mentions miranda right?

  22. Adrien says:

    She’s not in the same level with Giselle and Heidi. Not even near Kate Upton who’s killing it in all fields – fashion magazines, women’s mags, teen mags, sexy men’s mags, Sports Illustrated, endorsments, etc. And she’s just on her second year in the biz.
    Miranda is the same level with all of DiCaprio’s gf’s, Candice Swanpoel, Doutzen Kroes and Selita Banks. She’s probably earning the same amount with the said models. Her being married to an actor should give her bigger media presence but Orlando’s now struggling to get good roles. Shame coz he’s talented and an all-around nice guy but now he’s just reduced to being an escort to Miranda on red carpet events.

    • It is ME!! says:

      Whoa whoa whoa! Doutzen is the bomb- I won’t have you talking bad about her! LOL.

      I think even Doutzen has more going on than Kerr: VS, Tiffany, Miu Miu, and a few others.

      • Littlewood says:

        Exactly Doutzen is one of the few models at the moment with 4 multi million dollar contracts: VS, L’Oreal, Tiffany’s and Repeat Cashmere (with whom she has a successful clothes line). She is also working with them for YEARS, longer then Miranda ever managed with any of her contracts, Kerrs two biggest contracts added up to 500.000 a year, that’s peanuts. And what else does she have? Mango, Qantas, Reebok not exactly high fashion. Doutzen is also well liked within the industry and gets invited to parties of designers, people like Beyonce and Cannes to represent L’Oreal. Yes, Miranda is papped more (she calls them) and has more followers on twitter but then again so has Cara Develigne, enough said.

    • minime says:

      “Miranda is the same level with all of DiCaprio’s gf’s”

      hm…in that case she is in the same level of Gisele Bünchen, who got a lot of publicity from her relationship with DiCaprio.

      I don’t care for either of the two. I think that both are overrated but it’s interesting to see that people really have a different “measure” for Gisele. She hocked up with man when his girlfriend was expecting a child, she behaves like Leann with all the “extra mom” bullshit (difference is that Bridget Moynahan is a classy lady that truly cares about her son and never made a comment about Gisele or Tom), she over talks about her relationship and her sanctimonious life, and so on and so on. And yes, she got a lot more famous from dating DiCaprio. So both of them are in the same pathway with the difference that for Miranda Kerr there’s a rumor that she hooked up with DiCaprio, while for Gisele everything is out there in everyone’s faces.

      • mally says:

        who posed on tabloid covers selling her newborns pics? Not gisele…who does Toms family oogle over in interviews? not Bridget. Who has the career? I think its obvious who is better behind the scenes. Dont believe everything you read. Bridget seems like a total Witch and her acting is painful to watch. She is lucky she has Tom/Gisele’s name attached to hers. No one in 2013, would even mention Carrie Bradshaw’s 5 time co star from 2001 if it werent for them.

  23. Rell says:

    This seems like damage control on kerr’s part. If this was the case the VS spokesman would have mentioned this or they would have issued a joint statement.

  24. Rita says:

    Like everyone else, I just adore that little Flynn. I feel like we’re growing up together…..of course, I had a head start.

  25. Lisa says:

    Megan Gale is 37 now, her time is gone, Miranda is 30 and her time will go soon. The models life is very short, only someone really special long last.
    I think vs is planning to renew the team of angels too, Ambrosio and Lima are 31 and the brabd need new faces, less expensive.

  26. Boromir's bytch says:

    Goodbye Forbes top 10 list. She can spin it any way she wants but she no longer has 4 of her biggest accounts.

  27. MrsPatrickBateman says:

    I guess I’m weird but I don’t get models. I don’t find her gorgeous or drop dead beautiful at all, I think she’s cute but nothing special. Same goes for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, to me she looks like the doll from Saw. Any way I’m not a fan of hers ever since she named her husbands first born son after her dead boyfriend. I find that so disrespectful. I know Orlando had to sign off on it (at least I hope he did) but it still doesn’t sit right with me.

  28. Loulou says:

    I need to get blue shoes like that. Otherwise, I think people in the fashion business often have missed their calling as fiction writers.

  29. Vera says:

    I find her annoying Cute kid, though.

  30. Aurelia says:

    Man her figure is fierce. I think she signed off cause she is making an effort to spend more time with her husband and kid.

  31. Caroline says:

    VS should have dumped Alessandra and Adriana before Miranda.
    Especially Alessandra, her figure is so different after having children.