Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend 20-year-old German model Toni Garrn?

During the Cannes Film Festival, I became sort of obsessed with figuring out who Leonardo DiCaprio was banging. He’s been “single” for a while now, and Leo loves Cannes because he seems to get his pick of the models (“models”) every year. There was a significant amount of gossip surrounding Leo’s possible connection to 20-year-old Cara Delevigne, she of the eyebrows and dropped bags of cocaine. At first, gossips claimed that Cara came to Cannes on Leo’s invitation. Then gossips claimed that Leo was really trying to get Cara to join him in his hotel room and she kept shooting him down. Well, I still don’t know if any of that was true, but the NYDN claims Leo was able to find another girl. She’s 20 years old and German and she’s modeled for Victoria’s Secret. Sigh…

Lucky Leo has bagged himself another Victoria’s Secret model. The “Great Gatsby” star was snapped Sunday arriving back in Nice after watching the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix with German stunner Toni Garrn.

The couple and a group of friends then boarded a yacht for more fun in the sun.

“They’ve been getting quite close over the last week. There is definitely chemistry there,” said a source.

DiCaprio has dated Victoria’s Secret models Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli and Erin Heatherton and been linked to beauties Eva Herzigova, Anne Vyalitsyna and Barbara Palvin.

[From the NYDN]

At first, I wondered if Leo still did the “relatively unknown model” thing because I’ve seriously never even heard of Toni Garrn. But then again, I hadn’t heard of Bar Refaeli before Leo started dating her too. You know, we give Leo a lot of crap for dating models in their early 20s, always and forever, but I think we should admit that the models get a lot out of dating Leo, career-wise at least. Becoming “Leo’s girlfriend” gets a model so much press, and magically she’s up for all of these campaigns and magazine photoshoots and she’s the next big thing. So I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of Toni Garrn in the months to come… if Leo is serious about her, that is. If this was just a “Cannes romance,” you can just forget her name right now.

I have to say, I think she’s very pretty. She’s got an interesting look – in some photos, she looks wholesome and fresh, in other photos she looks uniquely beautiful, like a young Uma Thurman.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. missiecoco says:

    What do they see in him? When he was young he was runty and boyish, now he he’s bloated and greasy. Sorry Leo lovers, just don’t get it!

  2. Hazel says:

    Does he have a Victoria’s Secret Loyalty Card? He must have amassed a lot of points by now. Possible rewards are getting a look-in first on the new crop of wannabes before Adam Levine.

  3. ---- says:

    New York Daily News is not the most reliable source and they misidentified Toni on the photo they used in their article ( and that`s what started this story ). So let`s wait with jumping into conclusion about this.
    Toni is Leo`s type but he was seen with many different women in Cannes and acting single.

  4. lady mary. says:

    this man,srsly ,he books Victoria SECRET Models faster,than the whole world buys lingerie from their latest collection; she is pretty though ;dont remember seeing on the runway before

  5. Rhea says:

    I often wonder if Clooney and Dicaprio ever share any tips between each other.

  6. nina says:

    Toni is pretty well known already, she’s not only a vs model..she does a lot of other stuff as well

  7. Hannah says:

    Gosh, his age gaps are starting to creep me out. He is the next George.

    I wouldn’t say no to either.

  8. Shelley says:

    He is starting to look like Jack Nicholson. Not cool.
    Unfortunately, he will never get another Gisele or Bar. Every young thing he get his hands on these days is a downgrade from those two.

    • M says:

      Yeah, I don’t get his deal. Gisele is still pretty cool, and I respect Bar (even though she’s made fun of on this site) for her spunk. I think Bar is actually underrated in terms of looks. Her body is so luscious.

      Why did Leo treat these women so badly, like they were never good enough for him? And then turn around and date women who are so below those two — both in looks and in personality?

      Shaking my head, shaking my head.

      • Lamont says:

        “And then turn around and date women who are so below those two — both in looks and in personality”
        There has to be some irony for people calling Leo shallow in his girlfriend choices and then chastising him for not marrying said woman because of their apparently ‘superior looks’. As that’s all that matters. I’ve never met them so don’t know their personality.

        Leo chronically cheated on the two ladies hence the on/off status of their relationships but they still stuck with him and took his BS.
        What does that say about them?

        Gisele, I’ll give you her career is stellar and shes still covering Vogues till today. Bar career has dwindled (she went from No 1 in Maxim last year to nowhere this year)and she has to partake in trashy Go Daddy commercials to stay relevant.
        Only proves what Kaiser said is correct. A relationship of mutual users. None is better than the other.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I agree with Lamont. Both aren’t any better than he is. Gisele is and acts smug, holier than thou on every aspect of life…photoshop, pregnancy/pregnancy weight gain, and Bar is an idiot. Any girl who publically admits that she got married to her best friend to avoid the draft in her home country, then acts all snippy after deserves what she’s got coming to her.

        I don’t understand how he can have a great and wonderful friendship with someone like Kate Winslet, but then date women like he does. Btw, are there any cheating rumors? Someone said something like that on the upthread. I’d believe it, but the only thing that I see wrong with him is that he just dates models so he can have fun, not a long lasting relationship. There’s nothing really to suggest that he is a jerk/douche to them….

        Sorry, I am sick today, I just woke up and feel like crap, but better than before.

  9. serena says:

    Still this is gross. I really despise this aspect of Leo.

  10. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    This one’s actually really pretty, beautiful even….once she gets a little more mature looking. I’m not even going to ask what’s wrong with him, I’m just going to sit back and watch. Sigh.

  11. CosmicGirl says:

    He has lost his hotness after The Departed, still a great actor.

    • Liv says:

      Oh my, he was so hot in The Departed! Still one of my favorite films.

    • Alexia says:

      He was seriously hot in the departed. I dont know whats happen he really isnt very attractive these days. This girl is pretty but she looks more like a young reese witherspoon than Uma. Dont think there is a unique look to her face at all. Very wholesome looking.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Maybe it’s just me, but I think he’s good looking. Better than looking like he was twelve years old up until he hit thirty. I think his attractiveness is in question these days, because he doesn’t take care of himself once he leaves a film set….he’s not twenty anymore. He can’t go out and drink on a regular basis without it affecting his body/face anymore.

    • I think he was REALLY handsome as Gatsby. And in Inception and Shutter Island aswell… He’s definitely still hot in my opinion and I’d totally date him…but since I’m not a model he probably wouldn’t date me (even though I’m young and blonde) :D

  12. Dani says:

    He comes off as such a creep. He gets older, they get younger? Someone needs to stop watching Dazed and Confused. I know there are couples out there with huge age differences, and there are girls who are 20-25 dating guys 35-40, but they’re not models and actors and it’s usually not about what looks good for their career. Ugh as a 22 year old I would never lay on finger on DiCaprio. Sleeeeeeze.

  13. The Original G says:

    It’s so time for him to change up his hair and his look? Who is he trying to look like? The Count of Monte Cristo?

  14. Ibaloo says:

    Toni Garrn is well known on the runways!

  15. mebee says:

    she has megan fox’s eyes (minus megan’s gorgeous eyebrows). stunning woman!

  16. KellyinSeattle says:

    He’s a puffy tub-agoo.

  17. magpie says:

    She has that wholesome blonde bombshell look he seems to like. She looks like a cross between Heather and Bar. Totally his type.

  18. baba says:

    she’s gorgeous but if leo wasnt leo, she wouldnt be dating him. he didnt age well, looks greasy, bloated and doughy. im same age as him and he’s 38 almost 39, not 36, and have a 20 year old child so to me its gross he dates women young enough to be his kids. yea yea they all do it, whatever it doesnt make it less skeevy.

  19. Scarlett says:

    He’s disgusting looking. End of story.

  20. jan says:

    this relationship is short lived