Madonna sees Miley Cyrus’ grill and raises her an upper: bad ass or sad?


Most of the time, I like to forget that Madonna is on Instagram because I think of that particular portal of social media as the domain of the most narcissistic internet inhabitants out there. I guess Vine really is a little bit worse, but now that Instagram supports videos too, the two sites are probably tied. At this very moment, you can click through to watch a video of Madge performing a routine of pelvic thrusts for your enjoyment. Seriously, I hate to sound ageist, but Madonna is 54 years old, and it really grosses me out that Madge will still be thrusting for the cameras in a decade or two. She can’t stop.

Speaking of which, Madonna has apparently seen Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video, in which Miley Cyrus pops a gold grill into her lower teeth to near universal amusement. As a side note, director Diane Martel has provided a scene by scene blowback, and here’s the paragraph about Miley’s gold teeth:

As the music gains steam, Cyrus attaches a grill to her front teeth and gnashes for the camera. “Miley owns a few beautiful pairs of fronts,” says Martel. “She wanted to wear some, so I thought the video should start with her like Iron Man, gearing up.”

[From Rolling Stone]

Miley = the Robert Downey Jr. of “hood” music? That’s cute. Well Madge must be jealous of all the attention Miley is receiving because she’s showing off her grill too. Don’t worry, Madonna isn’t copying because it’s an upper grill.



The above image that shows Madonna with a knife between her teeth is supposedly for Harper’s Bazaar. That should be an interesting-weird photoshoot when it arrives.

Oh, and Madonna is still on top as far as Forbes is concerned. The publication recently released their power list, and Madge comes in at #5 behind Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg, and Beyonce. Gaga is still #2? I thought we were so over her. I know Madonna is over her.



Photos courtesy of Instagram


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  1. leslie says:

    Madonna is an ass. Miley is an ass. Instagram is not just for the narcisscists! LOVE finding nature/wildlife pics on Instagram & Pinterest…relaxing.
    Yeah, there are some morons whose accounts are purely selfies -just avoid them.

    • Leek says:

      Follow the US Dept. of Interior if you don’t already. It’s a beautiful country. I had no idea how nice it is.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I didn’t even know Instagram HAD pics of wildlife or nature-I just assumed it was an app for narcissists to post pics of duck-lipped selfies.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        Totally unrelated, but you reminded me of something.

        My favorite tap house has a “no duckface” rule and there are pictures of girls making it with the big circle-slash over their face on the menu from time to time (it’s projected onto a white part of the wall, so they can change it quickly and rotate images).

        Well, I thought it was a joke but after talking to the owner (who loves me because I drink far too much craft beer at her establishment), she went on a rant about how much she hates it and has kicked people out for taking pics like that. LOL Ridiculous.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Nah, I’ve had Instagram since it first came out. I use it as a way to put a quick filter on a picture before loading it to FB. USually a picture of clouds or scenery.
        I think it has only recently bogged down with hash tags and self absorbed teens.

        Madonna? I feel so sorry for her, she has no self awareness.

      • wonderwoman21 says:

        There are a lot of great photos on instagram! I use it mostly to look at pictures of ducks and chickens and nature. You can completely avoid the narcissists if you want.

    • Sandy says:

      AND it has pictures of the most adorable animals <3

    • MrsB says:

      Yep, I love Instagram! Not all of us are on there just to post flattering pictures of ourselves ;) There really are some beautiful nature/animal shots on there.

    • Ginger says:

      I too love Instagram and Pinterest. I use Instagram to meet other artists and to see what they are doing. It’s a cool way to network and market our business. It’s true that there are the duck lip types on there but I generally try to avoid them. I’d rather look at other photographers’ work and/or pictures of food and travel. My Mom looks a lot younger than her age and most recently she has taken a much younger lover and is acting like a teenager again. Yes, it’s kind of embarrassing but at least she’s happy. I can only imagine what is must be like for Madge’s daughter Lourdes!

  2. Nev says:

    Looks great! Hahaha love it. She did it first in the nineties.

    Bad ass for sure.

  3. Thora says:

    Madonna is probably the greatest female performer in the history of the music industry because she dominated it for longer than any other woman ever has. Miley Cyrus will need to maintain her current level of fame for another 20 years before comparisons between the two can be made.

  4. judyjudy says:

    I love gold teeth, really and truly. If I could pull it off (I totally couldn’t) I would rock a gold grill.

  5. Alicia says:

    How obvious are her cheek implants in the first close up!

  6. Willa says:

    I can see why she wears gloves. But my hands will be gnarled eventually. I just wont be clinging to my youth!

  7. Sue says:

    Her body looks awesome until you get to the hands……. I’m guessing they haven’t come up with any type of enhancing surgery for hands yet?

  8. anneesezz says:

    Pathetic. My mom always said the hands will always show you how old someone is regardless of what they’ve done to their face to try to appear younger. Darn it if she wasn’t right on.

  9. pao la says:

    What would she do without photoshop?

  10. ldub says:

    this is not a “grill”.
    these are expensive dentures.

  11. Runs with Scissors says:

    I have huge respect for Madonna in her trail-blazing days. She was always an unapologetic feminist and imo she accomplished a huge amount for women and paved the way for many others. No hate there, she deserves her props!

    No comment on what she’s become really, except to say that all the AGEIST comments really suck.

    Bag on her for plastic surgery or her political debacles, but god, she can dress (or thrust) or dance however she damn well wants to and AGE should have nothing to do with it.

  12. Gia says:

    I love Madonna. She has huge balls with no lack of confidence and those are qualities i look for in a person.

  13. Dedrie says:

    She better be kind to her old choppers.. this ain’t the way to go..

  14. Eleonor says:

    I remember when Madonna was literally ruling the world, and all these poptarts put together aren’t worth one feet of Madge in 1987.
    I used to think that if there ever be someone who could age without giving a crap about looking yount it could be her.
    Saddenly I was wrong.
    BTW She remains one of the hardest worker in town.

  15. bns says:

    I love Madonna, so I won’t shit on her. She should never be compared to Miley anyway.

    That last picture of her is gorgeous.

  16. The Original G says:

    There isn’t anything that Madonna won’t copy and then think she invented.

  17. epiphany says:

    Madonna is a sad, pathetic shell of the woman she once was, a 54-year-old, middle aged woman that feels compelled to do the sort of stuff to attract attention. Aren’t her 2 smallest kids still rather young? Why isn’t she out doing something with them? She’s always been great at reinventing herself – I wish she would reinvent herself into a poised, dignified self-respecting adult who used her wits, intelligence, humor, and life experience to garner attention, not silly, adolescent stunts like this. And don’t get me started on the guns and the crotch flashing!

  18. janie says:

    It’s all been said? Lord help us all… Madonna give it a rest, please. You don’t have anything to prove, stop trying. No one will ever be you.

  19. Dawn says:

    Sad. Madonna needs to sit her butt down and raise her children. She shouldn’t be competing with a 20 year old. God god, she had her day and now she should be helping other’s have theirs.

    • Hakura says:

      @Dawn – But…That would be breaking ‘Madonna Code’, which says first & foremost that she must be the center of attention. Help those she considers ‘competition’ w/their careers? Making them more successful as she sinks into the background… Don’t think that will ever happen.

  20. DreamyK says:

    Sad. Nothing wrong with aging gracefully, Madge. Also, I hope you’re not competing with your beautiful daughter, Lourdes, because that’s creepy as hell.

  21. Deebo says:

    I wonder if these selfies are a kind of online dating attempt? Is she trying to advertise herself to attract dates?

  22. tracking says:

    To me whether or not this flies depends on whether this was done with humor or irony (ok, probably not). She does look great in the two bottom pics.

  23. blaize says:

    What I like about Madonna and Miley Cyrus is that they both liberally exercise their right to do whatever the hell they please with their physical appearances, whether other people are ok with it or not. Madonna doesn’t get as much hate for it, she just gets the ageist comments and the sexist ‘You’re a mother now’ comments that all provocative celeb moms get, as if what a woman does with her physical appearance somehow impedes her ability to be a good mother and take care of her child.

    Miley gets personal attacks for what she wears that border from attacks on her mental health (she’s crazy. She must be headed for a breakdown. She’s the next Lindsay Lohan, etc.) to slut-shaming comments (she’s a piece of trash, skank, whore, white trash, tramp).

    In general, we need to stop policing what women wear and what they do with their physical appearances. We don’t treat men the same way. Let’s not be close-minded prudes, people.

    • anneesezz says:

      To be fair, do young male celebs usually walk around with their junk hanging out on the red carpet? I think not.

      • blaize says:

        No, but you also don’t see all the male celebrities who have gone shirtless, in their underwear, or nude being called trash or tramps or anything like that. Most comments will just be appreciating their hotness. But whenever it’s a woman, it’s the victim/whore reaction.

        The victim reaction: So sad. What a troubled child star. Doesn’t she know she doesn’t HAVE to do this to prove that she’s sexy and grownup?

        The whore reaction: What a nasty desperate white-trash classless tramp she is.

        There can’t be a double standard. Either both sexes of celebrity must remain fully clothed and conservatively dressed at all times, or we let both sexes of celebrity wear whatever they want (including going topless, in their underwear, or nude). Praising the half-naked or completely naked male celebrity for his hotness and then calling the half-naked or completely naked female celebrity a pathetic white-trash skank is hypocrisy.

    • anneesezz says:

      Plus people rip on Justin Bieber’s clothes all the time.

    • UsedToBeLulu says:

      “as if what a woman does with her physical appearance somehow impedes her ability to be a good mother and take care of her child.”

      A mom who lets it all hang out (literally), and has dozens of procedures to stave off aging… How can that NOT impede her ability to be a good mother? It’s indicative of her mental state, and her actions send very clear messages to her children.

      • blaize says:

        You absolutely CAN NOT determine whether or not a woman is or will be a good mother based on clothing (or the color she dyes her hair, or whether or not she has piercings or tattoos. I know you didn’t mention hair, piercings, or tattoos, but I added that because that’s another thing that women and mothers are judged for). There are plenty of mothers out there who wear whatever they please, have tattoos, have piercings, or dye their hair rainbow colors, who are great moms and there are plenty of modestly- dressed women who are crappy moms.

        As for plastic surgery, most little kids can’t even tell if a person has had plastic surgery. Do I think cosmetic surgery is a positive thing? No. Do I think more women should resist the urge to get plastic surgery? Yes. But that’s kind of a privileged viewpoint for me to hold, since I’m only 21, I don’t live in Hollywood, I’m not overweight anymore, and I don’t have really small boobs. There’s not a lot of pressure on me to get plastic surgery. Who’s to say that I wouldn’t feel differently if my circumstances were drastically different?

        I don’t thing the fact that Madonna (or any other woman for that matter) has had plastic surgery means that there’s something wrong with her mentally or that she’s a bad mother. I think it’s par for the course of being an older woman in an industry wear the most important thing about a woman (or one of the most important things ) is her physical appearance. Who’s to say that if I weren’t an older woman in Hollywood, I wouldn’t cave into the to look a little younger under all that scrutiny? Our culture basically tears women down for looking ‘fat,’ ‘slutty,’ old, or in any way nontraditionally feminine and non-’sophisticated’ or ‘glamorous’.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        blaze, I sense you are taking this a little too personally. Piercing and tattoos are a different animal from wearing biscuit flashers and pelvic thrusting in public. And undergoes umpteen surgeries in an attempt to stave off aging. A woman who is doing that is more concerned about being sexy than she is concerned about setting a good example for her children. It’s no surprise – we know Madonna is all about Madonna.

      • blaize says:

        Maybe she just sets different standards for her children than she does for herself. When I was little, whenever my parents did something that they didn’t want me doing, and I asked why they could do it but I couldn’t, they would tell me, “Because I’m a grown-up.” It made me mad, but I couldn’t come up with any response to that statement. All I did afterward was pout and say, “I can’t wait until I’m a grown-up”. But that still didn’t get me my way. As I said before, little kids don’t know plastic surgery when they see it, and even when they are old enough to see it, they still can’t get it without parental consent. And honestly, even though society has always had ‘hang-ups’ about clothing, it really can’t hurt anyone (unless it’s clothing that promotes racism or some other type of hate). So again, I’m saying that physical appearance and motherhood are two separate issues.

  24. Alexandria says:

    Madonna is Miley in 30 years minus the legend status

  25. BooBooLaRue says:

    I have a gold crown on a back molar. It is my retirement plan so when I am old I will pull it out and sell the gold to buy cat food for me and the kitties. Maybe Madge is planning the same? Ha!

  26. Grace says:

    OMG. Madonna and I are the same age. If I wore a girl, my friends would run me out of town! LOL!

  27. Grace says:

    Ooops….I am NOT wearing a girl…. a grill..but if I wore a girl, my friends would run me out of town for that too! I need to learn to type!

  28. Shannon says:

    Madge, I love you soooooo much but you are old as F*CK!!!! Hang it up already.

  29. decorative item says:

    Hate grills.
    Love that floral shirt/dress?

  30. Jennifer12 says:

    Miley and Madonna are both try hards, but at least Miley has youth and needing to learn who she is on her side. Madonna is just convinced she’s ageless and relevant.

  31. Redd says:

    She needs to learn to keep her hands out of her photographs. Good grief woman, give it a rest, I am the same age and this kind of neediness is not attractive, no matter how well you photograph.

  32. MissNostalgia says:

    Two white women vying with each other to see who is more “gansta”. Pathetic!

  33. Bijlee says:

    I love that dress in the last picture, I feel like it was on a cover here a long time ago and I still loved it then. Maybe a scarlett johnasson cover? Whatever I stiill like it.

  34. AustinMJ says:

    She looks amazing for …55?
    But the TRY HARD crap she’s been pulling for the past 5-10 years is PATHETIC. She is so obviously uncomfortable with her age, Sad that she cant be graceful about it.

  35. Swtmelody says:

    Madonna needs to retire and start acting her age.

  36. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    I’m not a fan of madonna or pop in general but the thing is in the late 80s and through the 90s Madonna played live loud 2-2 and half hour concerts before crowds of 50 – 100,000 on her own; check some of them out on youtube;
    Chipmunk is a talentless disney creation, that couldn’t fill a kiddie pool of fans on her own, Why doesn’t she go on her own tour without Will I. Sham and any other random rapper and see how it works out if she’s so into her “music”?; why would Madonna even care about this disney twit?
    You’re quite right Eleonor. Today’s pop tarts really are insignificant compared to Madonna in her prime – and Madge like all the greats didn’t need wraparound media marketing 24/7.

  37. lisa says:

    sad x infinity

    why cant rich people just enjoy being rich?

  38. kim says:

    She does need those instafilters… I don’t think she really makes as much as they say from performing or sales. I think some hijinx is at large to make her more pleasing and to help her ego. I dont know anyone that would ever go to a concert or even bother illegally downloading a song released after 1994.

    • Jayna says:

      After 1994? LOL Dream on. Maybe no one you know didn’t care about her music after 1994, but plenty of people did, millions.

      Madonna is a mess in many ways now, sad but true, bad music last album or so, trying to be young in a try-hard way this past year, so really jumping the shark.

      But 1998 Ray of Light was a massive seller, 16 million, and considered her best album of all time. Music in 2000 was a massive seller, 15 million. Her tours in the decade of 2000, starting from 2001 to 2008, four tours, were very big, and having been to them, three were flat-out brilliant and packed. Confessions on a Dance Floor, 2005 album sold like 12 million albums and is one of her best ever. Madonna was very popular in her move to electronica music from 1997 on. Just because many of her ’80s fans don’t follow doesn’t mean she didn’t have many that did and a whole generation of fans coming on board during the Ray of Light/Music era. Two of those tours were the top grossing solo tour for male or female of all time, her 2008 taking that title over from her 2006 tour. I still consider her Confessions Tour, 2006, one of the best pop concerts by a female pop artist and is critically acclaimed.

      Her gay fan base is huge and has carried her through and she admits it, but there are just as many straight people in the audience.

  39. Amelia says:

    Like it or not, people make judgments based on both appearances and actions. If, for example, you pierce every bit of free space on your face, don’t be surprised if it is a little more difficult to land a job. Whether male or female, if you choose to dress for sex, don’t be shocked if people project that attitude towards you. And no matter who you are or what you’re wearing, bum crack is never ok, not even for Madonna.

    Personally, I think the surgery/fillers Madonna has done to her face look awful. But it’s her face and she can do what she pleases. She can also dress in whatever getup she chooses, no matter how ugly. Or she can pose naked by the roadside as she did in her sex book years ago. Those things are all within her right. And I’m within mind when I observe those things and use them to form my opinion about Madonna, which isn’t so high. And I’m sure she doesn’t care.

    • blaize says:

      You can. But that doesn’t mean that determining another human being’s value or what kind of person they are based on their physical appearance and/or sexual history is not a close-minded, intolerant, unevolved, and superficial way of looking at the human race. It also means that you can’t complain when you hear about cases of preteen and teenage girls killing themselves because they were being labeled sluts, white trash, etc. After all, the tweens learn this behavior from us grown-ups, don’t they?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Judging someone on a physical aspect they can’t help is cruel. Someone choosing to present themselves in a bizarre fashion is a choice, and so they shouldn’t be surprised by judgments. Choosing to walk around in outfits that leave nothing to the imagination is a choice, and a poor one, because you are sending a message. It doesn’t mean anyone has the right to touch you or bully you, but it does mean you’re sending a “look at me” message and people are going to look and judge. If you sleep around, or send highly sexualized texts to others, you are sending a message by choice of what they are invited to think of you and how you think of yourself. No one had a gun to Madonna’s head to endlessly present herself as 25 or pose in a book called Sex. If someone walks around in riding breeches, boots, and carrying a crop, you’re going to assume that person rides horses. If someone walks around in platform shoes, bellbottoms, and huge sunglasses, you’re going to think he or she is into the 70s. If you choose to present yourself a certain way, you invite scrutiny.

      • blaize says:

        Whether people realize it or not, the reason why people react that way to women who do such sexual things are not for any natural reasons. It’s because of the way we’ve been socialized for the past several centuries. We have centuries of religious dogma, sexual repression, socialized fear and shame about the naked human body, socialized loathing and disgust toward things that are sexual, and socialized prejudice against females who are ‘unchaste’ or ‘impure’- especially if they’re brazen about ‘immodesty’. In a society where nudity was seen as natural and positive , where desire, nudity, and eroticism weren’t seen as inherently bad, and where a women had the same sexual freedom as men, people wouldn’t have a problem with Miley or Madonna or anyone else just because they’ve posed nude, because of the way they dress, etc. They wouldn’t feel any differently about that than they do about the nudity and pole-dancing of Channing Tatum.

        The purpose of my comments wasn’t to ask, “DO people judge women’s sexual history, character, human value, etc. based on how they look”, because we all know that people do. The purpose was to point out how prudish, narrow-minded, uptight, and all around silly such bigotry is and the problems it causes.

  40. Nev says:

    you mean she gets NO mature points for the granny dress in the last pic?!!!!!!


  41. Jade says:

    I am loving the chin fuzz in the close up. Stars, just like the rest of us!

  42. skuddles says:

    Oh Vadge, always with the too try-hardy, unoriginalism… copying Miley freaking Cyrus for cripes sake! That makes you a loser’s loser.

    I’m always just plain embarrassed for her.

  43. Kim says:

    Grills on any female (or male really) are so try hard & stupid.

  44. Dommy Dearest says:

    This woman needs to crawl in a hole and never come out. We have her replacements in the way of Miley, Rhianna, Justin, and Gaga. Enough is enough.

  45. Amelia says:

    Blaize, I mentioned nothing about a person’s sexual history, and unless someone disclosed that information, no one would know it. Making a judgment on a person’s appearance about something that cannot be helped is close-minded and mean. Making a judgment on a person’s appearance because of the way they dress, groom, etc., is not close-minded. You are deciding about that person based on the information that person wants you to have and chooses to put out there.
    Your comment about not complaining about teenage girls committing suicide is not even pertinent to this argument.

    • blaize says:

      Making judgments about a person’s intellect, sexual history, or moral character based on their physical appearance, is close-minded and it can also be mean. It also perpetuates stereotypes. I only brought up sexual history because that applies to the two people we’re discussing- women who wear revealing clothes are called all kinds of names and assumed to be ‘promiscuous’. Yes, there are still plenty of people ignorant enough to think that they can guess a person’s sexual history by looking at them.

      Are all women who dye their hair platinum blonde airheads? No. Intellect has nothing to do with hair color. Are all people with tattoos criminals? Nope. There are plenty of criminals without tattoos, and plenty with them. Are all women who dress provocatively ‘promiscuous’ (a term to be used very loosely, since it’s usually used inaccurately), a ‘homewrecker’, or eager to sleep their way to the top of their job? Of course not. There are plenty of conservatively dressed women who have done/would do that, and there are plenty of women who love the provocative clothes but who haven’t or wouldn’t.

      Not only are these attitudes about physical appearance harmful and stereotypical, but they’re also a way of policing people and punishing people who break the ‘rules’. Our attitudes about physical appearance are mostly socially constructed prejudices. Who wants to be a slave to that?

  46. Dethammer says:

    Whether you love her or hate her, Madge is still going strong performing to sold out concerts after 30 years. Her so-called “replacements”– Miley, Gaga, Rihanna, etc, have a LONG way to go. And without Madonna, there wouldn’t exist so many copycats/”replacements” like Miley, Gaga, Rihanna, etc.

  47. Hakura says:

    Dear God, I hope there’s not a video of her twerking (or trying to) floating around out there. *shudder* x_X

    I think she was spurred to do this, because Miley has been using her ‘formula’ (That she used in her youth when just starting out) The outrageous look/hair, tons of jewelry, & overtly ‘sexy, bold showoffy punk/alternative/bad-ass’ clothes.

    But she (MC) has been getting a lot of credit for recycling Madonna’s unique bold fashion. Maybe ol’madge resents that fact, & is trying to reestablish that those fashions were her’s first, & that she can still pull it off.

  48. xxx says:

    Okay! This makes perfect sense. Diane Martel is the director of Miley’s clip and the Blurred Lines clip. Clearly a classy lady and a feminist. Jeez-us.

  49. Dommy Dearest says:

    I feel the need to hide all the Dalmatian puppies in the world when I see Madonna.

  50. Amelia says:

    Nina, thank you for stating so clearly what I was trying to formulate, but was having problems finding the words.
    This isn’t a discussion that’s possible to have when one person isn’t considering the other side’s input.

    I still think Madonna is derivative, and that the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, and Cindy Laupner, were the originals. Just my .02.

  51. MorganM says:

    Isn’t Miley Cyrus, like, young enough to be Madonna’s granddaughter? Madonna cannot accept her age gracefully.