Henry Cavill picked up some random girls in London, still seems kind of awkward

Here are some photos of Henry Cavill leaving Bodo’s Schloss in London in the early hours Saturday morning. He’d been to the same London club two nights in a row, and he was seen with the same girl both times. I’m including the one half-profile shot we have of her, but you can see much clearer shots of the girl (and her friend) here at The Mail. According to the Mail, Henry left the club with the two girls around 4 am Saturday. Here’s what I want to know: threesome? Is that who Henry Cavill is? Is he the guy who hits and quits it with a cute TV girl and then flies off to London for some “home turf” low-hanging fruit, a threesome with some local girls?

You know what else is interesting? The one girl that Henry was seen with on two consecutive nights looks a lot like Kaley Cuoco. Like, if Kaley had a really fake-looking orange spray-tan, dark hair and really weird club clothes, she would look exactly like this London girl. I choose to interpret that as “Henry has a type.” He doesn’t go for “exotic”. He doesn’t go for tall models. He doesn’t go for tiny, petite woman-children. He goes for an athletic, healthy-looking build, average height and questionable fashion sense.

Anyway, this is just an FYI. Henry Cavill is out there, single and mingling. Be on the look out, TV Girls. Henry’s coming and he has NO GAME. And he will make you bring him coffee every morning.

PS… You know how Tom Cruise was circling the film version of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. for the longest time but he ended up saying no? Henry Cavill has that part now. It fits. I kind of think Henry is our new Tom Cruise. And by that I just mean that everything just seems so damn awkward for him.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Side-Eye says:

    Personally, I don’t give a damn with he’s sleeping with. I don’t care about the backlash he gets for whatever conspiracy theories surrounding it is. I just want pics of his chest hair, beard, and the next Superman.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Go Henry! I like him and am really happy he’s getting Hollywood success. Not on the conspiracy bandwagon either.

    Saving my wrath for others more Celebitchy-worthy.

  3. mom2two says:

    I don’t care about his romantic dalliances either. But I think someone is trying too hard to sell the “ladies man” image too much.

    • Side-Eye says:

      How so? Maybe, I’m just a sideline fan and don’t pay that much attention to him outside of Superman and his chest hair, but all of the things people talk about on his threads just seems to be reading into things too much. It just seems to me like he’s gone on a couple of dates with people, and then broke up with Cuoco which normal people do.

    • Anna says:

      why because there is no way that the girls are friends of him?

      • Christina says:

        LOL! Right? Oh but you know , if someone sits next to you and you are a famous person, then is it factual that the two of you MUST be hooking up. That girl could be his cousin for all we know. He was back home. It could just be an old friend. It is not like he has his tongue in her mouth or something. In fact they are not touching at all. No hand holding, nothing. Sure, maybe he did hook up with her, or all of them…but really these pictures are not at all scandalous. He went drinking with females and then they took a cab, instead of driving and getting pulled over and adding his mugshot to all the other moron celebs out there. Henry seems like he wants to be drama free. Maybe that is boring to some people, but I don’t think he would care..

    • IWantToLiveInNew York says:

      I don’t understand why a man would want to be known as a “ladies man”? Isn’t that just a fancy why of saying “whore”?

      • Monty says:

        Why would anyone intentionally cultivate a ladies man image? Well, because a “ladies man” cant also be a gay man.

        I neither know nor care what his orientation is, however it seems fairly clear to me that his Team is super keen to get it into the public psyche that he likes girls. There, I said it.

  4. Iggles says:

    I saw these photos yesterday on DM.. He tries *way* too hard.. These girls are dressed similar to Kaley (read: horrible fashion choices), and he is dressed so boring! He wants to be papped, and seen as a ladies’ man but it’s all so contrived.

    I’ve lost whatever respect I have for him. Maybe he should go the Christian Bale route and focus on making great movies, instead of tabloid fame!

  5. Andrea says:

    Eh…he just seems like a big dork to me. He’s trying so hard to be a ladies man but all it’s making me think is that he’s sad and lonely. I still like him though. Still, isn’t 30 years old a bit old to be picking up girls in bars? Isn’t there a better way to hook up when you are 30 and super famous?

    But seriously….he has horrible taste in women. Which is not to say that I didn’t like Kaley bc I do. But he always seems like a classy, proper guy in interviews and yet he seems like he has zero interest in smart, intellectual women. He goes after party girls.

    Is this guy going to wind up marrying some space cadet? Bc that’s a turn-off. Don’t worry ladies, if you like to read and have intelligent conversations or if you have a powerful job you probably aren’t his type.

    • Elodie says:

      Still, isn’t 30 years old a bit old to be picking up girls in bars? Isn’t there a better way to hook up when you are 30 and super famous?

      LOL wut??? Like he does what any other guy does regardless of their age or status famous/non famous? Oi vey…

      As for the rest of your post, 2 words for ya : Leonardo DiCaprio.

      • Andrea says:

        Not sure why you are laughing at my post.

        Look, I’m 30 myself. I think 30 is young. I’m married but plenty of my friends aren’t. I’m not saying you have to settle down at 30.

        That said, I live in NYC. It’s a different crowd and strategy at a certain point. We don’t go to the same places we did 5 years ago when we go out. At this point, most of my single friends are beyond hanging and getting drunk with college kids.

        Im not saying you don’t party at 30. But, at some point, even for men….there tends to be a less tacky way to do it bc you aren’t as stupid as you were a few years ago.

      • Elodie says:

        Because that is *your* perception regadless of your marital status or location dear. Point I’m making is the way you view things shouldn’t be seen as “abnormal” nor even second thinking especially on the likes of people who are still young go out and pick up girls in bars, have one night stands etc. males like females. As if because one is 30, they should behave a certain way according to someone’s point of view, or xyz or society standards… now that you aren’t doing certain things anymore it’s perfectly fine dear, but you can’t think that it is “not normal” for other people who are still behaving in a way that you don’t. So I really don’t see how on earth it is “tacky” to pick up girls in bars, especially when one night stands are like the sky is blue. And also stupidity isn’t defined by the age, plenty of old folks have shattered that made up theory already by their actions.

      • Andrea says:

        I never said it wasn’t normal. I know people do it. It’s just not to my personal taste. It has nothing to do with societal expectations.

        You are extremely defensive for no reason here. This is celebitchy. Everything we share here is from our perspective and POV. Your comments are only your POV and nothing more. It’s not a problem to disagree but you aren’t more “right” than I am here.

        I think he’s a super attractive, talented guy. I don’t wish this guy bad things nor am I saying he or anyone else that parties is some kind of bad person. So relax.

      • Elodie says:

        Nope not even remotely “defensive” whatsoever, you are the one interpreting it that way and taking those assumptions for granted, I simply explained the why I LOL’d that is all dear.

      • Tessa says:

        FWIW I agree with Andrea. For me, after a certain age…25-26, I lost all interest in clubs and wild parties. My friends and I moved on to more intimate lounges and restaurants and just calmed down a little on the booze and late hours. It felt like a natural progression for us. But lord know there were some that didn’t give it up with us and are still out there every weekend living it up. To each his own I think.

      • Elodie says:

        @ Tessa which excatly what I said above, i.e. fine if you don’t do it anymore, but others who still behave a certain way which doesn’t appeal to you anymore, it’s their choice as well, that doesn’t make them any lesser or better of people or whatever, a point I was explaining, nothing startling per se about it lol!

      • Noreen says:

        I agree with Andrea, too. By 30 (even sooner, really) a person ought to be grown and act with some class.

      • Elodie says:

        @ Noreen that how you see it, which is fine, but it is certainly not written nor set in stone, thus nobody *ought* to be this or that etc.

      • Noreen says:

        @ Elodie

        Please, go ahead and have the last word. Please DO go ahead and post again to have the last word. Because you need to. Because you’re having a REALLY hard time accepting that others have an opinion different from your own. So you deserve to at least have the last word in this trifling and petty exchange.

      • Elodie says:

        @ Noreen LOL why thank you, but most importantly I’m not having a hard time accepting others different opinions as if you read closely, I said it was totally fine yours and others opinion but the “ought” can’t be applied to everyone, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that certain things are expected from you if you aren’t ready, as simple as that. But that you still see it that way because you have reached that stage in your life is fine, but it isn’t written in stone that it is “ought” to be at that age. And you replied to my post which to me is logical that I reply as well if I want to, and really “petty” and “trifling” is reaching because I explained my points clearly, so if I reply it’s isn’t because I don’t accept it, this is your interpretation, but it seems like you are missing my point lol!

      • Connie says:

        I have to say I agree with Elodie. It’s fine if you are, say 25 to 30+ and don’t want to go out to bars and date. But it’s also fine if you’re in that age bracket and you do enjoy going out to bars to hook up, meet new people, etc. Just because Henry’s choice of amusement is different from yours does not make him lame. I’m glad he’s enjoying himself. It’s a nice change from the stiffness he projects in his Man of Steel interviews.

      • MCraw says:

        When I was clubbing most betwn 19-23, seeing 30+ yr old guys at clubs leering hungrily at us was pretty lame. And creepy.

        But then again, they weren’t Henry Caville!

    • Anna says:

      But he went there with his father.And from the picture i saw from inside the club…he definetly was not partying.He was just sitting there talking to his father.

  6. Noreen says:

    He’s a hot mess. I’m not crazy for him. I’ll stick with my Benedict and Skars, TYVM.

  7. Keats says:

    I just…have trouble being hotted out by someone named Henry.

  8. Elodie says:

    Go Henry! nothing more bloody normal than going out two nights in a row it happens to most people. For once that he isn’t that stiff as per usual like on red carpets or PR mess, being even drunk (other pics of the previous night where he is in the cab next to the red hair girl) he is being branded as “awkward” and “try hard” I mean whaaaaa LOL!

    And even drunk he managed to look cute I mean how does he do that??? Damn…

  9. Tessa says:

    I just find it funny that that girl is wearing my uniform for Sunday shopping at Wal-Mart….out at a club with Henry Cavill. Rolled up sweats, sneakers and socks, and her hair in a knot! Priceless.

  10. Demi God says:

    Some facts for you guys.

    None of them girls are the same girl, they are 3 separate girls.

    One of the girls he took home in a taxi to her house then he went back to his place alone (according to Eonline).

    The other 2 girls who are dressed the same are part of his circle of friends.

  11. Samtha says:

    After watching his episode of Driven to Extremes, I’ve come to the conclusion that Henry is an introvert with self-confidence problems. You can see it in how he interacts with the guy he’s driving with–he doesn’t quite know how to connect.

    It’s kind of endearing (to me anyway), but it’s also awkward as hell.

    • Noreen says:

      I totally co-sign this theory. I don’t know what the source of his problem is, but he’s awkward as hell. I’ve noticed he uses snark to compensate for his inability to connect. Snark is also a deflection for insecurity and fear.

    • farila says:

      He can’t hook up with this guy.
      He is not one of his friends, he is a professional, that was a tv show and they were filmed.

      Anyway, it’s not always easy to hook up with people.

      When you have been the kind of people who were rejected by the others at school, you don’t suddenly become someone who can find easily lots of friends. It’s hard.

      But it does not mean he voluntary does not want to hook up with someone.
      And he has got lots of friends IRL and I hope he will keeps on having other ones! :)

      Don’t be too bad with him.
      I seriously don’t get your hate.
      He is a human being and as far as we know, he has not killed nobody.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think that if Henry was an amazing actor, then he could get away with being shy or inarticulate or boring. But he’s not. His biggest role to date is Superman. In it’s bare bones, that kind of film doesn’t require good acting to make it a hit. He’s a mediocre actor, kind of like Jennifer Aniston. Both can say their lines, look good, but don’t really bring anything to the character.

      • Samtha says:

        Was that directed at me? I don’t dislike Henry at all! Like I said, I find his shyness endearing.

    • geraldine says:

      he is very shy and that’s what (some) people ‘read’ as stiff

    • Lila says:

      I find his being a little bit reserved totally endearing too. And I love that he has a bit of a dorky side! So weird that such a gorgeous man has self-confidence problems. A lot of the extremely good-looking men I’ve met are the opposite– cocky and arrogant. If Henry is what he seems to be it would be like a breath if fresh air.

  12. Talie says:

    Kaley already moved on, to a predictably low-key guy. I guess dating the big star doesn’t fit for her, as we all guessed based on her history.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    He’s single. He can go home with one or pull a threesome with 2 ladies. I’d rather see this than staged photo-ops with Kaley Cuoco.

  14. Leah says:

    As odd as Tom Cruise is he had the kind of charisma that Henry just hasn’t and a bit more acting chops.
    As for his ladies questionable fashion choices, Henry is dressed like a grandpa, so i guess they are well suited.

    • Anname says:

      I have to agree on the missing charisma thing. He seems to have all the qualities of a superstar – very good looking, talented, ambitious, good reputation… but he just isn’t catching people’s interest in the massive way that he seems to want. It’s the intangible thing that you either have or not.

    • Elodie says:

      Nah Tom Cruise is a far far far superior actor, he just went down the Cuckoo Town road.

      Who knows about the future, Henry Cavill might surprise the audience and improve his acting chops with time…

      • Leah says:

        I do agree that Cruise is far superior acting wise. People are so blinded by cruis odd behavior that they forget that he has big charisma and pretty decent acting chops. He isnt amazing like Gary Oldman but there is defiently a reason why cruise made it to the top and stayed there for so long.

      • Elodie says:

        OMG the guy is amazing, regardless of his cuckoo ways! When he brings out the crazy big guns in acting, everybody sits down, I mean Born on 4th July, A Few Good Men, Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, Collateral aaaand behold Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, he was masterful, he really didn’t steal his Oscars nods and other worthy awards! I miss that Tom Cruise on screen tbh, he could do drama, comedy, horror etc. Too bad he is obsessed with Co$ and invested only in sci-fi and his MI franchise now… *sigh*

      • Tessa says:

        Yeah, Tom Cruise was such a BAMF in the 80′s and 90′s. People really forget all of the great performances and characters he created. He had charisma and talent to spare. He could open up a charisma savings and loan and help Henry out.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I swear that if I hadn’t read this site, and found out that Tom Cruise was crazy, then I would’ve been in love with him-he was AMAZING in A Few Good Men. I watched that movie for the first time about two years ago….I swear I rewatched it for a week straight. The whole cast was phenomenal.

      • Elodie says:

        @ Tessa right? And I saw the BAMF back in collateral gosh I was so happy, he deserved a supporting nod imo. And special mention to Tropic Thunder his dance at the end omg wtf lol! And yes well Henry Cavill who knows he might just stall or he might improve but hopefully not get worse eh…

        @ Virgilia Coriolanus, indeed that film was amazing and to me Tom Cruise is one of the very few actors who managed to act head to head in a film with Jack Nicholson equally, because Jack so owns everyone in a scene it’s almost depressing haha!

    • farila says:

      Yeah, that’s normal.
      He is not on screen.
      Lots of actors and actresses looks terrible IRL but when we see them on screen, we think they’re really good looking and have a great charisma.

      I remember seeing some pics of Henry and thinking he has zero charisma.
      That changed when I saw his movies.

      Seriously, you expected people to seem good looking every time?
      Or to have charisma even if they are drunk?

      Check some pics of him with a good suit, you’ll think he’s great! :)

  15. Madpoe says:

    Is he friends with The Butler, cos I see He-slut written on him.

  16. Anna says:

    Yeah…because there is no way they are just frriends.

    To begin with,I heard that the a friend oof Henry’s owns this club.The second day he went,he went with his father (there is a picture).

    The 3 girls are not the same person.And i bet they are all friends.

    He went the first girl to her house and then he left.

    Why we jump to conclutions about him without knowing anything?
    For what is worth,the past few months Henry has not seen anyone besides close to him besides him family.I think he gets to go out qnd party as mch as he wants before he heads to London again and start filming UNCLE.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Maybe they’re friends of his? Who knows.
    Kaley was already photographed with some new guy. They’re young, single, who cares if they go out and hang out with people.

  18. LAK says:

    Bodo’s Schloss is so cliche for a certain type of English person. Frankly, after seeing him on Graham Norton, i am not surprised he is hanging out at Bodo’s Schloss.

    • Monty says:

      Do tell LAK. What was his GNorton interview like and what kind of people go to that club?

      • LAK says:

        In a nutshell, Hooray Henries.

        What Americans read as shyness is actually stiff upper lip where he is showing correct form per his upbringing. You could see it on Graham Norton. ditto the entire conversation.

        Doesn’t mean no sense of humour, just that he doesn’t let it out in public situations unless he is completely comfortable and or the situation warrants it, and even then it needs to be appropriate.

        I would put money on him being really loose behind closed doors because that’s how they all are, and especially if he is going to Bodo’s Schloss.

    • Eva says:

      Finally someone who brings up the fact that Henry is BRITISH. They are reticent and reserved by nature they’re not Americans who are known for being obnoxious and too loud.

  19. drea says:

    I saw a few more pics of him with the girls. Maybe it’s just me, but he seems to be posturing for the cameras in quite a few of them. Same thing with some of the shots with Haley. Cavill, please, enough with the “I’m hot and I’m so into the girl/s” look. Too obvious?

    • farila says:

      He is just nice with the paps.
      He has always been.
      He is not like “I don’t see the paps around me”.

      He even said “hello” to them. (actually, just a sign)
      Maybe there was someone we can’t see in some pics Henry was talking to.

      Anyway, WTH with the paps???
      They are questioning his life like it’s their matter and they seem to like to make up stories between henry and any girl who is near him!
      So, yeah, something could have happened between the two, but e don’t need to know it!

      We just want to see some pics of him :D

  20. Lilo says:

    Why does everyone assume he’s sleeping with every woman he’s seen with? Being photographed in a car with someone really doesn’t mean anything.
    Also, someone posted a photo from inside the club. Henry was sitting there with his dad.

  21. Christina says:

    How about all the countless pictures he took with fans over the few days these “scandalous” pre-orgy shots were taken? He graciously posed with anyone who asked and all the tweets and comments on the internet from those who met him spoke highly of him. Saying how down to earth and nice he is. If people took the time to watch his interviews and some of his other work, they would see he definitely does not lack charisma. He is a little shy, a tad bit reserved sometimes and very professional. However, he had a long road to success and had a lot of rejection. I think he is just being careful of what he says and whatnot in interviews. Thinking before you speak and being respectful is not a bad quality. He also grew up in a military family and went to a boarding school. He has some of this stuff ingrained in him. I have come across private pictures of him with family and friends and he seems much more loose. When I first saw him , I thought damn, he is beautiful. Then I kept reading here that he was lacking personality and this , that, the other thing..but I no longer think that is true. He is a little dorky, yes, but I like that. People just assume that someone with his looks is going to be some slick talking Don Juan type of dude. Henry is a nerd trapped in a stunningly hot man’s body. He is a little shy, sweet, very smart…plenty of qualities people like. His looks are often the only thing people seem to care about. There is more to him. Don’t get me wrong though, I really really like looking at him. He is fantastically gorgeous.

  22. user00005 says:

    Yeah how weird for one of the hottest men in the world to hit clubs and have threesomes. Like, it is so unheard of.

    Grow up, people. He doesn’t have to have game. He is who he is. That is more than enough for random girls to throw themselves at him on any given day.

  23. Bucky says:

    I know someone who ran into him at that club this weekend, and for what it’s worth, he said he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. The acquaintance who ran into Cavill is deaf, and he said Cavill took the time to ask about sign language and learn some basics to communicate with the friend (the friend is good at lip-reading, but it’s gets harder in bars when people get slurry and whatnot).

    So, regardless of anything else, he’s at least not running around acting like an ass because he’s famous.

    • Side-Eye says:

      Aww, that’s adorable and put a serious smile on my face!

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for that Bucky! See, that is what I mean. Anyone who has met Henry has nothing but nice things to say about him. I am starting to think people are just jealous of him at this point and looking for something scandalous or negative about him. Even if he did take home a woman from a bar, he is a grown ass man, that is his business. I don’t get the comparisons to Tom Cruise…in any way, at all. Tom Cruise is a nutjob, period..he is also a dwarf. Oh yeah and let’s not forget the whole Scientology thing with Tom. How is Henry anything like that? Idk..I am obviously a Henry fan, so my opinion is what it is and others are entitled to theirs, I just think Henry is getting some unfair criticism for doing nothing out of the ordinary. He went to a bar, he wore a tshirt, he drank beer, he left with a woman…wow…he is really a hot mess **eye roll**

  24. SaftD says:

    He’s just boring. Seems nice and he’s gorgeous, but after that stint he did w/ KC I was just turned off. I’m sure he can win me back (cause again he seems sweet) but for now…

  25. St says:

    He seems awkward to us because we feel like he is gay. I’m pretty much sure he is. Just like when Tom Cruide is “dating” someone it feels awkward and unnatural. Because we all believe that he is gay. Same with Henry. It just feels like he uses those girls like beard. And that thing with Kaley Cuoco does not help.

    Maybe his team pushes him before those rumors will start for serious. And then his team will be like: “What? Henry gay? Did you see how many girls he dated or was in the clubs with?”

    You know when he was with Gina Carano they really looked good together and it didn’t felt awkward. It’s too bad he dumped her for his Superman fame. Run back to her Henry. You didn’t look like gay when you was with her.

  26. Pandy says:

    This guy is like Benedict Cummerband to me – who are they again and why should I care??

  27. Josie says:

    This guy is getting so much shit for going out clubbing with his friends….. big freaking deal.

    I dont think he is courting paparazo at all, he just seems like he is doing the same things he has always done, just that everybody started watching him suddenly.

  28. Ariadne says:

    It seems like everryone who works with him or met him adores Henry.Words such as “nice”,”humble”,”down to earth”,”sweet” and humility” are common from everyone when they describe him.And it’s not like there is a code that says “when you talk about Henry these are the words to describe him”…it seems like it’s real.So it’s really suprising that the guy gets all that shit.For what is worth,we don;t kow who these girls are.We jump to consclutions saying that they are having sex but we don’t know nothing!

  29. Eva says:

    Well if he’s picking up random women at bars I would like his PR team to email the next one he’s gonna be spotted at Please. Because I certainly would volunteer as tribute!

  30. Jane says:


    This is a picture of Henry abd his Dad the night that Henry was photographed.Now if you followed Henry you will know by know that Henry is someone who respects his family more than everything.Nothing rises above his family.There is no way Cavill would pick up random girls while he was out with his father.That’s not Hnery.And dies it seems like he is partying hard as the article is suggesting?Come on now…I think this is the first time i can say with confidence that somone who is famous is actually nice and decent in real life.

  31. riley says:

    I just hope he gets back to his Charles Brandon or Theseus body.