Tom Hiddleston got to hang out with Cookie Monster: the best Hiddles pics ever?

Tom Hiddleston met someone special at the TV Critics Press Tour yesterday. Tom’s eyes searched the room, settling on a beautiful, full-figured mess of a Cookie Monster. The heat between them was electric, sexual, kinetic. Soon their bodies met in a full embrace. “Yes, my love,” Tom whispered. “Me want cookie too, darling.” They are in love. They are devouring each other as we speak.

Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what happened. But I do have to give the official Twitter/Instagram person for PBS a lot of credit. He or she knew enough about Hiddles’ fan-girls to get some great photos of Tom and Cookie Monster bro-ing out together, with some cookies, naturally. Hiddles is entering the world of PBS these days because PBS will be airing (in September) The Hollow Crown, where Hiddles plays Prince Hal to Jeremy Irons’ King Henry IV.

From usurper-god to beloved king, Tom Hiddleston seems comfortable with crowns. Best known here as the villainous Loki in The Avengers and Thor, Hiddleston will next be seen on TV as Henry V in PBS series The Hollow Crown. Debuting Sept. 20, Crown adapts four of Shakespeare’s “Henried” plays, three of which – Henry IV Parts I and II and Henry V – feature Hiddleston.

It’s a lot of Shakespeare — but not all Shakespeare. The four plays are presented in streamlined, cinematic versions that stress action and narrative without, says Hiddleston, sacrificing the best of what Shakespeare wrote. “There is some stuff that seems archaic, and it can go without any loss of the whole…It’s such a privilege to be able to put Shakespeare on the screen, that you want to make it thrilling cinema.”

He did regret one cut: A soliloquy for Henry in Henry V before the Battle of Agincourt. But he agreed that while the soliloquy worked well on stage, it would not work on film.

On the other hand, Hiddleston says, he did come up with one idea that worked far better on film than it would on stage. There’s a scene where Henry IV (played by Jeremy Irons) is dressing down Hiddleston’s wayward Prince Hal, and Hal isn’t paying attention. Hiddleston thought Irons should respond by slapping him – and Irons complied.

“It really hurt. He was wearing two very regal rings.”

Shakespeare clearly is a passion for Hiddleston: He even says the Bard was his inspiration for building Loki. (“He’s really a Shakespearian villain in many senses.”) And it doesn’t matter to him whether an actual man called William Shakespeare wrote the plays or not.

“Whoever wrote these plays has just such a depth of compassion and understanding for all of human nature that I find dizzying … He understands everybody, and that’s what I think distinguishes him from pretty much every other dramatic writer I can think of.

“I always come away feeling more alive than I did before.”

[From USA Today]

“He’s really a Shakespearian villain in many senses.” Oh, Hiddles. First you do something cool like gamely pose for photos with Cookie Monster, and then you compare Loki to a Shakespearean villain? For real? Ah, well. I’ll give him a pass, just because I would love to hang out with Cookie Monster (and Hiddles).

UPDATE: The new trailer for Thor: The Dark World was just released, and it has MORE Hiddles. Because the fan-girls demanded it, I suppose.

Photos courtesy of PBS’s Instagram, ‘The Hollow Crown’.

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  1. T.fanty says:

    The best Hiddles pic ever?


  2. Jane says:

    Personally I thought he was way sexier when he crashed Comic con a few weeks ago. Best freeze-frame pix ever.

  3. allons-y alonso says:

    “Me want cookie too, darling.” – hahahahahahaha….I’d still swoon. Is that sad?

    I’ve seen the Hollow Crown. It’s really good. Can he do more work like this?

  4. blue marie says:

    COOOOKIES.. yes, they’re very cute photos.

  5. T.Fanty says:

    Hiddles talking about Shakespeare is always super hot. The man knows his stuff.

  6. Sixer says:

    I think I’m plum tuckered out with TommyAnne from yesterday (Fanty: I left you a note on that post) so I’ll avoid throwing too much shade. Like the pic. Ground teeth over the careful, splinters-in-the-bum Stratford author fence-sitting. Just have a bloody opinion, PuddleTom. For bloody once. There. That was my shade. It’ll be all unicorns and frolic on all my other comments today. Promise.

  7. baby says:

    damn i wanna hang out with cookie monster!!!

  8. Lindy79 says:

    To be fair to him, if I met a muppet I’d act exactly the same.

  9. Crumpets & Crotchshots says:

    HC is Hiddles at his hottest, though dramatically I prefer him as Hal rather than as H5. I wonder how HC will do in the US? Do you think he could swing an emmy? It might bring a wan smile to his face.

    Cookie monster– come on, this is absolute gratuitous cute aimed straight as the fan girls. He looks a little addled in that last photo, but otherwise, awwww.

    @Sixer: promotions are on, all engines running. Expect to see our boy wagging his tail until it hurts.

    • Sixer says:

      I would like to see HC get Emmys. I think they were incredibly successful in what they set out to do (make it accessible without dumbing down). To that end, I wouldn’t even get snarky if TommyAnne got the nod over my beloved Whishaw.

      Plus, I think the Tomster is at his hottest as Hal, so he can pimp it all he likes (and I can enjoy perving whilst grinding teeth at his implying he believes Shakespeare was Shakespeare or he believes Shakespeare was someone else depending on whose company he’s in/what he thinks the audience wants to hear).

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        I interpreted his comment as meaning “This is not the question that interests me. I love the work, whoever wrote it.”

        Honestly, that’s also my point of view. I don’t have any interest in fetishizing Shakespeare the man; I love the poetry, I love the work. That is the part that lives.

        But yeah, in general I agree with you that it would be nice to hear him voice firm opinions on matters– but I doubt that you will ever hear anything like that during e heavy duty promotion he is about to embark on. He is going to do everything in his power to be as appealing to everyone as he possibly can.

      • Sixer says:

        I hear you. I think I suffer from confirmation bias where TommyAnne is concerned. One day, he’ll come out with an actual opinion and I’ll be so busy assuming I won’t hear one that I’ll miss it!

        FWIW: I think the authorship question is redundant, even though everyone but Tommy seems to have a camp to cling to. There’s no extant evidence and nobody knows where to look to find any. The only way it’ll happen is if someone researching something else stumbles upon it.

      • Crumpets & Crotchshots says:

        You will *never* hear an opinion from him. He is too ambitious and cautious.

        It’s okay. When I that sauna, I don’t need opinions asking as he drops that towel.

      • T.Fanty says:

        How did I miss an authorship debate combined with a towel-dropping discussion?

        Okay, firstly, the only opinion regarding the towel is, and always should be, “DROP IT.”

        Secondly, it does sound as though he’s eliding an authorship question and to that I say good for him, because they’re always bulls$%t. The authorship question is, as Sixer rightly points out, always redundant, and always kind of offensive, because implicit in that is the belief that a man with small Latin and less Greek couldn’t educate himself sufficiently to create the plays we now revere. It also fails to account for any early modern staging practices and the notion of collaborative authorship, but instead clings to a post-Romantic(probably classist) and completely naive perspective of Bardolatry masquerading as intellectual debate that has been disproven time and time again. Don’t make me call in Stanley wells to bitchslap someone. He’ll do it.

      • Sixer says:


        And also: I don’t really ever understand why the “small Latin and less Greek” Jonson thing is always seized upon by the anti-Stratfordians. It seems to me that a significant part of Shakespeare’s genius was to collate new words coming from commerce and exploration as well as invent vocabulary. And with the formal way of speaking and writing used by the nobility, it makes sense to me that such a man as the one from Stratford would be hearing and using such words more often than someone such as Oxford.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Yes. Plus, what everyone is forgetting is that an Elizabethan grammar school eduction was probably more classically oriented than TommyAnne’s degree from Oxford. They’re judging his education by today’s standards.

        Goodness, I hate the anti-Stratfordian brigade. Which is difficult, because I really want to like Mark Rylance.

        To bring it back to the gutter: Did you know Shakespeare invented the word “slutbag”?

      • Sixer says:

        Yes again to all that.

        As an aside, have you seen Spencer Murphy’s portrait of Rylance? (Same guy that photographed TommyAnne for Coriolanus). I could look at it all day.

        It’s number 3.

      • Crumpets & Crotchshots says:

        I believe he was also the first to use the word “puke” in his writing. (Hard to tell if these were common words at the time that never made it into print).

        Anyway, back to that sauna. And towel dropping. There has to be lots of towel dropping.

        I am really glad that HC finally made it over here and that TommyAnnE will have another chance to bite the apple. He is stuck. Maybe this will unstick him.

        Maybe all of us together in that sauna can find all kind of ways to unstick him…..

      • Resnictem says:

        @T. Fanty “Goodness, I hate the anti-Stratfordian brigade. Which is difficult, because I really want to like Mark Rylance.”

        Same with me wanting to like Derek Jacobi, who is Oxfordian.

        That doesn’t stop me from reading the various books on the subject.

  10. Green is Good says:

    “C is for cookie
    That’s good enough for me!
    (Repeat twice)
    Oh, cookie cookie cookie starts with C!”

    Old school Sesame Street .

  11. Lindy79 says:

    Just released second trailer for Thor: The Dark World

  12. Dani says:

    Sometimes I like to pretend I can’t hear him speak and his beauty makes up for everything. How does anyone look that good while thinking?

  13. Kate says:

    Laughing hysterically at “me want cookie too, darling”.

  14. silken_floss says:

    “Yes, my love,” Tom whispered. “Me want cookie too, darling.” They are in love. They are devouring each other as we speak.

    I can feel thier sexual energy from here. Loves it lol

  15. Algernon says:

    Loki is a pretty Shakespearean villain, though. He’s all messed up over father/son, brother/jealousy stuff. I thought Kenneth Branagh did that on purpose, in Thor (probably because it was the only way he could make sense of the material, not being familiar with the comics). That scene where Loki confronts Odin, particularly, had a very strong Shakespeare vibe.

  16. Ginger says:

    Wow! He has nice long fingers…makes me think of…oh never mind! (Fanning myself) must get back to work! Whew!

  17. Gross says:

    Christ, do any of you people ever get laid? It’s a bit much. Hiddleston, Cumbersome and the other one covered- I am not getting the fixation and extra coverage on here. It’s becoming more a fan site than well rounded gossip site. Anyone else think that?

  18. EscapedConvent says:

    Hiddles looks extremely hot in that red cape. Looks a little like Fassy (the expression) but that’s good.

    Hmmmm…..looking at the Hollow Crown pics a little longer. Wow, Hiddles is sex on a stick.

    But I’m not getting into the queue for him. I would only stand in line for cookies, or if Cumby was holding a baby & a pint of Haagen Dasz.

  19. I Choose Me says:

    Oh Hiddles. I just can’t quit you. Great pics. Sigh. I love his hands.

  20. ncboudicca says:

    mmmm, whiskers look like he’s growing his goatee back and I’m totally in favor of that.

  21. Emily C. says:

    Shakespeare wrote The Avengers of his day. It was popular entertainment, catering to the masses for money. There was not an artificial split between popular art and “high art” like there is today.

    Hiddleston is absolutely correct: Loki is very Shakespearean. He knows what he’s talking about.

    • Malificent says:

      Yup — even the groundlings deserved to have multi-layered villains who have consciences and internal conflicts. That’s why the Avengers is good too (and we care about the characters in all of Joss Whedon’s shows). Nobody is evillll just because they’re drawn that way.

      • Crumpets & Crotchshots says:

        But I don’t think Loki is all that multi-layered. I agree that this division between high and low culture isn’t useful– but I also roll my eyes when Hiddles tries to pass off Loki as Shakespearean. this is when it sounds like a lot of spin doctoring to me. I’ll watch and enjoy Thor 2, but I fully expect it to be a pretty shallow script and Loki, pure camp.

      • Linda L says:

        @Crumpets & Crotchshots:

        I agree. Loki was a rather dull bad guy in Thor. I enjoyed watching Thor’s journey from arrogant prince-warrior to a true leader of men, not his campy, moody little brother. Didn’t buy him as the reason that Earth’s mightiest heroes needed to all assemble to beat…him…in The Avengers. He wasn’t a threat.
        Was hoping to see Malekith in the trailer more. Hope he’s a proper villain! Looks like Jane is given more to do this time around, too.

        Loki= Shakespeare. Nah. He’s second fiddle to Thor. The hype is from the fangirls who want to bang TH.

    • icerose says:

      Agree entirely. Tom wrote a more detailed article in the Guardian on this concept and he and Brannagh have given it some thought.
      I am really looking forward to seeing him on stage as Coriolanus especially as I get to see Mark Gatiss as well. The tickets sold out in 20 minutes and it was a real scramble to get one. Its not one of the more familiar plays but has some intriguing themes and Coriolanus is a one of those love/hate characters which are always interesting to watch.

  22. T.Fanty says:


    My posts keep vanishing. Love the Rylance pic, though.

  23. LilyRose says:

    I was disappointed that Renee Russo was relegated to a (very distant) secondary character in the first Thor. I’m excited to see what she does here. Friga is kicking some ass.

  24. Jag says:

    Thank you for including the new trailer. I got my Thor fix and my Loki fix. That will definitely be a movie that I see AND purchase. lol

  25. Leah says:

    He is the most annoying and needy male actor ever!

  26. abe says:

    miss piggy will do this better?

  27. icerose says:

    Love these pictures and the Thor trailer. Brannagh’s Shakespearean take on the Thor/Loki/Odin relationships was my only real reason for watching Thor.I discovered Tom as Hal and just thought he was mesmerising and definitely hot.
    Love that they have pulled Loki back from his manic phase in Avengers and he definitely gives Loki sex appeal. Thor will always be the jock for me and Loki the sexy intelligent nerd who wins hands down in my books

  28. icerose says:

    I never really understand why people get so worked up about the authorship debate. I think it is intriguing and both sides have interesting and knowledgeable supporters. The education argument has merits on both side and there does not seem to be any reliable evidence to support that someone with a name similar to Shakespeare wrote it other than some writing by him claiming ownership. I just sit on the fence.The important part is the plays and they are still excellent no matter who wrote them.I do agree with John Hurt that the tourist industry has to much invested in the Shakespeare authorship to allow for a formal debate.

  29. Amanda says:

    Am I the only person who’s practically speechless with excitement over the fact that Malekith will be played by the NINTH FREAKIN DOCTOR??

  30. For Fuck's SAKE!!!! says:

    He is NOT a ginger!

    Trust me, I have seen…down, I mean FELT, down below…

    I KNEW my Gene Wilder fixation would pay off!


    Carry ON cb’s