Is Miley Cyrus’ team ‘freaked’ & Robin Thicke ‘bummed’ over VMA fallout?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus stayed classy after her notorious VMA peformance on Sunday night by tweeting a photo of herself giving the bird with her bum hanging out of an orange satin “#bangerz” shirt. I blurred the booty not only to save everyone from NSFW imagery but also because I find it hilariously ironic to censor Miley’s rear after we all saw it hanging out of vinyl on Sunday evening.

Miley, for better or worse, was the undisputed “winner” of the VMAs even though she didn’t actually win awards for any of her four Moon Man nominations. Yesterday, Kaiser largely covered the mess of Miley’s stanky, raunchy VMA performance, and now there’s been some inevitable fallout. A lot of it, actually. Since you are obviously reading this story on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that Miley’s twerking is nearly all anyone can talk about on Twitter or Facebook. Speaking of tweeting, Miley herself is extremely proud of her newfound mainstream notoriety as well.

Her daddy, Billy Ray, also kept things positive after his little girl stripped on television and groped Robin Thicke with a foam finger.

Poor Billy Ray. You know it has to hurt for him to pretend to be cool, but (like the rest of us) he should have seen it coming. Right from the moment that Miley appeared in her VMA promo, we knew this would be a bloody trainwreck. Of course she proceeded to “twerk it out” during her solo of the medley, and when the camera cut to Drake in the audience during “We Can’t Stop,” he wasn’t even watching. LOL. I bet Eminem was rolling his eyes for Miley’s song and thinking, “I’m too old for this sh-t.” Then when Robin Thicke came out, and he and Miley did a raunchy duet of “Blurred Lines,” all hope of dignity was completely lost. According to Us Weekly, we (and I am speaking of the collective audience) aren’t the only ones who feel embarrassed for Miley’s attention-grabbing antics. Supposedly, her team is a bit “freaked out” at the fallout, and Robin himself is supposedly “bummed” that Miley overshadowed his entire song. Interesting:

Robin’s regrets? As Us Weekly predicted before the big, unforgettable show, Robin Thicke tapped Miley Cyrus to croon “Blurred Lines” onstage with him at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday, Aug. 26 — but, as the world now knows, the 20-year-old starlet arguably stole the show. Clad in a tiny leotard (before stripping down to her underwear) the former Hannah Montana star preceded Thicke’s entrance onstage with a raunchy, manic take on her smash “We Won’t Stop” — complete with giant teddy bears, twerking, tongue and hip thrusts and more.

“Robin thought it would be fun to include Miley, but he didn’t realize how much she would overshadow him. This was his big night and big performance,” one source tells Us of Thicke, who broke out in a big way this year with “Blurred Lines.” Continued the source: “I don’t think he would have done it knowing what it ended up like.”

“He had fun and was fine with how it came out,” counters a Thicke confidante. “He knew what they were going to do and thought it was fun and awesome. He had a great time.”

Despite the success of “Blurred Lines” on the charts, the talked-about clip failed to win Thicke any Moonmen. “He’s also super bummed that he didn’t win, especially Video of the Year,” says the first source.

Those closest to Cyrus are also scratching their heads. “Miley’s team is freaking about that performance,” the first insider admits. “They saw the rehearsals, but those were really played down compared to the live performance.”

“It’s the VMAs, of course she’s going to do a standout performance!” a second Cyrus insider insists. “No one (from her team) was shocked by this.”

[From Us Weekly]

This story seems bizarre because we know that Miley’s manager, Larry Rudolph, has to be loving this sh-t. I also have mixed feelings about Robin’s body language onstage with Miley. Since he was wearing his everpresent sunglasses, it was hard to read his vibe, but I think Robin was trying to be professional and not place his hands all over the 20-year-old girl like a total perv. I do realize that it’s hard to argue such a point given the explicit nature of the “Blurred Lines” video, but Miley really was over the top while groping and grinding against Robin. However Robin may feel though, TMZ says that his wife, Paula Patton, was totally cool with everything at the VMAs. She seems like a very … understanding partner.

There’s more Miley stuff to talk about, of course. Over the weekend and via Twitter, Miley herself debuted the cover of her upcoming album, Bangerz. She’s wearing vintage Yves Saint Laurent, but this totally looks like a “Miami Vice” single cover, right?

Miley Cyrus

Kaiser mentioned that this looked like the Rio cover, and now I have “Hungry Like the Wolf” stuck in my head. This Miley cover is ridiculous though, right? The photo effects are so cheap, but that’s exactly the “white trash & Chanel” vibe Miley willingly puts out these days. At the bottom of this post, I’m including audio of Miley’s 2nd single from Bangerz, and it’s a doozy.

Oh, and here are some recent Twitpics from Miss Miley that show off her NYC weekend. In this photo, she’s showing off her “street purchase,” which I guess is that thing on her head. Maybe.

Miley Cyrus

And here are a few shots of Miley clubbing like the scandalous little thang that she wants to be.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

As promised, here is the audio version of Miley’s latest single, “Wrecking Ball.” The song sounds like a 1980s power ballad gone bad.

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Twitter and WENN

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  1. Jules says:

    Talk about try-hard, who told her that her hairstyle from the band Prodigy looked good?

  2. Lake Mom says:

    And the award for Desperate Attempts At Attention goes to…

  3. lucky says:

    sooooooo tired of the tongue. and grossed out. i hope gene simmons calls her out on it.

  4. blue marie says:

    as for attention grabbing, she got it but I dunno if it will translate to music sales. I never planned on buying any of it, and this didn’t change my mind.

    And I can not believe you made a comparison of Miley and Duran Duran, shame on you.

    • MiniKitty says:

      Right on! Miley and Duran Duran comparison?

      Duran Duran was always awesome and they still are! Will we be hearing Miley’s music in 30 years? If she keeps this up, then NOPE.

    • Lucinda says:

      Sure it will. You, and I, and probably most of the posters on this site aren’t the demographic they are targeting. So it’s hard for us to imagine but wasn’t she at the top of Itunes for quite some time with her last single?

      She got done exactly what she wanted done. Lots and lots of buzz. So did Robin. No one would be talking about him today if he had performed on his own. Overshadowed my a$$. Now he looks like the mature one who was taken advantage of and is trying to play it cool. Whatever.

      This was a publicity stunt to the extreme and it worked perfectly because we are all analyzing the fallout today.

      • Nina W says:

        Talk does not equal downloads or ticket sales. Music must sell for these two to be successful, Miley’s antics get her splattered across the media cycle but that doesn’t make her more successful as a music act. In fact that frightful performance turned legions of fans off of her completely. Parents will not want their kids emulating her.

  5. India says:

    What’s up with the tongue action? What is it suppose to mean? Someone please explain.

  6. MeowuiRose says:

    She cannot twerk so idk why people keep saying she is twerking. Her flailing around with her tongue out is not twerking. Dolly Parton needs to take this chick aside.

    • jen d. says:

      I KNOW! I wish people would stop calling it that…. She’s not doing it right!

      I didn’t find the overt sexuality or skimpy outfits at the VMA’s shocking. It’s really been done a billion times before. What was embarrassing about that performance was the fact that she can’t dance. Did she even rehearse? Was there any choreography? It looked like she made it up on the spot.

      • LAK says:

        THANK YOU!!!!!

        That was the first time I saw her dance, though i’ve been aware that she’s posting somewhat well received twerking videos.

        Mind you, this was also the first time I have ever watched her perform-avoided the Hannah Montana thing.

        The tougue annoys me, but I found the rest of the outfits BEFORE this performance funny in a rite of passage sort of way. ‘She’s young, she’s having fun,’ I said to the pearl clutchers.

        After watching that performance, I am flummoxed why she’s being given any props because girl can’t dance, she can sort of sing, but the entire thing was just someone showing off in the worst way and she wasn’t in control or command of the stage nor herself. And whenever she ran out of things to do, there was a split second where you could see her engage her brain cells thinking, what should I do? I know twerking! Or pelvis thrusts!’ before commencing to do just that. It wasn’t a fluid performance at all and that has been overshadowed by the costumes and thrusts and ‘twerks’.

        I can’t believe there were rehearsals for this. And IF this was considered the good performance, how bad were the rehearsals.

        And I felt so bad for Robin in terms of knowing that if he touched the gyrating child in his lap AT ALL, he would look like a perv. He didn’t try to move whilst she was pushing herself against him because that would have looked pervy too.

        The entire thing was embarrassing for her in the worst way from performance perspective AND from viewer perspective.

        She may be trying to change her image, sell some CDS, but she was just showing off and trying to be shocking like a naughty child, not performing.

        She needs a time out on the naughty step and 100 lines of ‘showing off is not the best way to grab attention’

      • Ok says:

        The song sucked and the dancing bears were really stupid.

  7. bammer says:

    People were tweeting to laugh at you, not because you were sexy or talented. #fact

  8. Her VMA performance was the most embarrasing and disgusting thing I’ve ever seen, but I do like her new song. Please Miley, stop behaving like an idiot and maybe people would focus on your music and not your ass/twerking/tongue/general patheticness.

  9. Willa says:

    That fug face she makes! Would it kill her to take a normal picture?

  10. rianic says:

    Just curious because I haven’t read about anywhere. Was her “fiancé” Liam there?

  11. Faye says:

    *She* looks like a street purchase. A bad one. Go away, Miley.

    I remember people calling this devolution years ago, back when she was still in her allegedly sweet Hannah Montana days. Gawd, what does Disney do to these girls? Christina, Britney, Lindsay (her first movie was for the mouse, right), Miley. It’s sad.

    • Samtha says:

      There were already pics of her partying with her friends when she was fifteenish, and she was taking half-naked selfies at fourteen/fifteen, so this really isn’t surprising.

    • blaize says:

      I don’t think it has anything to do with disney, as there are plenty of non-disney stars who wear revealing clothes, have posed nude, have danced suggestively, gotten drunk, and have tried drugs. Madonna, Pink, Rihana, and Lady Gaga came to mind. But because we harbor these unrealistic expectations of female former disney stars to begin with- that they’ll dress modesty, abstain from nudity, and that they’ll abstain from drug experimentation- we tend to freak out when we see them doing that. We have this unrealistic idea that they’re supposed to be innocent. Personally, I don’t see nudity, revealing clothes, or forbidden dance moves as ‘sad’, I see those as harmless things that we’ve been socialized to be all pearl-clutchy about. I don’t always see mild drug experimentation as necessarily sad either, as long as it doesn’t lead to addiction, something else deadly, crime, etc.

      To me, Miley didn’t really start coming off as try-hard/desperate for attention until late last year or early this year. Most of her ‘scandals’ that she had as a teen didn’t phase me because most of those were things that either I/my friends did as teens, or stuff that I’d seen other teens do.

  12. LaurieH says:

    No one expects today’s crop of singers to be unoffensive or without controversy and wild stage antics. Such distractions are necessary for people who can’t actually sing. Entertainers are always pushing the social acceptability envelope with edgy, provocative and political performances. But Miley did not shock, as much as she dismayed. We’ve seen this act before, in so many karaoke bar in the 90′s, where the slutty drunk girl gets up and makes an ass herself before passing out in the bathroom in a pool of her own vomit. I think what shocked most people wasn’t what she was doing to us (afterall, we could change the channel) but what she was doing to herself. It was like Care Bear porn meets anime meets Gene Simmons’ tongue. It wasn’t an expression of art or sexual self-awareness or rebellion. It was an expression of confused self-loathing. Miley’s performance was less Gaga and Madonna and more Amanda Bynes.

  13. Lindy79 says:

    It angers me so much that this twit thinks doesn’t get that the reason she had so many tweets is because people were laughing at her. I suppose in her stupid tiny little brain it’s better to be talked about even if it’s negative.

    I’m really hoping that she crashes out of the charts now, as her being number 1 only reinforces this notion.

  14. Jen34 says:

    Have there been any Liam sightings? He must be mortified. She needs an intervention.

    • Brown says:

      I have this visual in my head of Liam watching that performance, alone in a hotel room somewhere, all the blinds/curtains drawn, making love to a bottle of dark liquor.

      I actually feel kind of sorry for him, he has had a pretty sh*t few months. I mean, the whole January Jones scandal (which, to be fair, was his fault), followed by the (seemingly) endless and very public downward spiral of his once-fiance, followed by his first major movie as leading man totally bombing at the box office, followed by this.

      Not a good look.

  15. Nev says:

    Awesome. For better or worst girlfriend barged herself into pop culture history. Haha. Love it.

  16. Mo says:

    Her mama needs to open a can o’ whoop ass on that child. #fact

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Best comment :)

    • Ann Carter says:

      Great point. I’ve always said of Miley that her life and career is the best example of what happens when mama and daddy are employees and a child star is carrying the entire family financially. How do you discipline the one who’s paying the freight?? She clearly has zero respect for anyone older and wiser. She’s taking her cues from clueless peers. And to think, people thought rap would be the end of her? The end of her began long ago when mama and daddy let her take over in every way.

  17. neelyo says:

    I know who’s thrilled about this: MTV. Miley’s horrible performance is what the VMAs is all about. This reaction is exactly what they want. And by next year, Miley’s embarrassing performance will be reframed as ‘scandalous’ and ‘notorious’ and top the list for the 10 Most Memorable VMA Performances that will run ad nauseum in between Teen Mom marathons. I’m sick.

  18. Dannielle says:

    Hey, now, say what you will about the VMA debacle, but leave “Wrecking Ball” out of this. I’ll gladly go out on a limb and say I love that song. It’s the hook, dude. THE HOOK WON’T BE DENIED.

  19. Dana says:

    Family Hemsworth has plenty of new ammo for their next intervention.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Ha! Yeah forget Miley’s team, his team must be losing their minds! His first starring role was a massive massive critical and box office flop so he remains famous because of this twit and 5 minutes in the first Hunger Games. A bit not good.

      Nothing about her is genuine, nothing. She watched better artists and imitated them. Deeply unimpressed.

  20. Mon says:

    To be fair, if I were his wife, I wouldn’t mind either… Miley is the least sexy singer out there, now, had it been Rihanna, it would have been a different story….

  21. ncboudicca says:

    Nah, not like Rio, more like the cover for a Sheena Easton single!

  22. brin says:

    Their “teams” shouldn’t be shocked since they must have rehearsed this mess. Did they think this was ok til people reacted in horror?

    • Christin says:

      Exactly. They were probably fine with it until they realized just how negative the attention is. And I think Billy Ray tried to pass off his tweet as being about Syria, not his little sweet SMiley.

      I don’t expect mom to do anything. I think she is along for the ride. Groupie days, volume 2…

      • Maureen says:

        Miley is the monster Billy Ray and Tish (Trish?) created. I have a feeling they get that, too, and just are at a loss as to how to deal with it. Miley is what happens when a child is told from birth that they are special, more special than anyone else, that they were born to do “great things” becuase they are SO SPECIAL DAMMIT, and even so special they had to name her “Destiny Hope” because that explains how special she is, and no matter what signs were clear for years that this was coming they just ignored it because she’s SPECIAL (dammit!!!). And so now we’ve arrived at their Frankensteinian creation.

  23. Launicaangelina says:

    I agree about Robin Thicke. He seemed to keep himself pretty reserved and hands off. He seemed to stiffen up (not in the pants) anytime she got really close to him.

    • Faye 2 says:

      When I saw his face it reminds me of when something goes wrong on stage but I am going to just carry on. I hate defending him after the Blurred Lines video but I deffinetly think the whole Twerk on Robin Thicke bit was not rehersed.

    • MiniKitty says:

      I agree. He was professional and continued his performance without participating in that. I think his wife knew that, too. I think it was disrespectful on Miley’s part but she probably doesn’t have a clue.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks for your comment. I was feeling alone on this sentiment. But I too had this feeling of “okay he didn’t know she was going to rub his crotch with a foam finger, etc.” bc he seemed to not participate in it at all. He just kept right on singing. I mean, he didn’t move his hips one bit when she was near him and didn’t touch her at all.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah, absolutely. He looked as uncomfortable as everyone else did.

    • Lindy79 says:

      If the rumours are true, she held back A LOT in rehearsals, so he probably wasn’t expecting her to be *that* bad.

    • Sarah says:

      Initially I agreed with this, but then I decided to watch the Blurred Lines video and… Yeah… I don’t feel bad for him at all. I mean she was *trying* to act like the models/animals in the video. The nude outfit. The stupid finger. Of course she was a complete disaster but I think he knew what he was getting himself into. It’s not like this came out of nowhere, she’s been acting like a lunatic for months now. I think people are letting him off the hook on this one. Attention-whores all around!

      • coco says:

        yea but so much easier to slut shame miley. nevermind the fact that the song is kinda sorta rapey and the video is all about objectifying women. its ok because he’s a man. its only when a woman objectifies herself or other women, that its utter outrage.

      • Becky1 says:

        The performance was very trashy and Robin Thicke was definitely a part of that. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. He’s 36 years old. On some level he knew what he was getting into. It’s ridiculous how men are so frequently given a pass on things. I’m not excusing Miley but she’s 20 going on 13 or 14-she’s a very immature girl. Robin Thicke is a full grown man with a fully developed frontal lobe-he can think for himself.

        As bad as the performance was I think the outrage is overblown. Madonna did this sort of thing 30 years (and Britney did it 10+ years ago). The only real difference is that both of them have more talent than Miley. The VMA’s have been trashy for years. Nothing new to see here.

  24. Merritt says:

    I’m over these young celebs acting so raunchy for attention.

  25. Adrien says:

    I said yesterday that I feel bad for Robin for being so awkward throughout his set but then I realized what his song was about and Miley made him look uncomfortable and dirty. The whole raunchy act of Miley feels ok now. You go, Miley.

  26. sarah says:

    Dear Miley,



  27. logan says:

    If this little twit was trying to shock everyone at the awards show with her “look at me, I’m a ho stunt”, I don’t think shock is what she got. Most people who keep up with her knew she was on this path. I don’t know if it’s a cry for help, or drugs or what her deal is, but she has turned into quite the exhibitionist. But one great thing that has come out of the mess is that it shows people do have a limit. Which is wonderful. I was beginning to think that any thing and every thing goes. Well Miss Miley, cover up your body, keep your tongue in your mouth and stop shaking you butt on everything and everyone because, we are not liking it or buying it. As my dear old county Mom would have said “You cooked your own goose”.

  28. mkyarwood says:

    Put your nasty white coated tongue away PLEASE. People will start thinking you’re syphilitic .

  29. Feebee says:

    if Robin Thicke tapped Miley Cyrus for this, then he’s the idiot. He probably didn’t expect to be this much of an idiot.

  30. Aud says:

    What the hell is it with Mley’s tongue gimmick?
    It makes her look like a moron.

  31. Elise says:

    RIHANNA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Miley

  32. Carolin says:

    Girl needs to put her tongue away.

  33. GiGi says:

    MDMA can sometimes produce awkward mouth actions in people. If she’s “dancing with Molly” on the regular, my guess is that the tongue thing is from that… and you do it enough it becomes habitual, even when you’re not high. My guess is that she actually was high at the VMAs because she literally could not keep her tongue in her mouth.

  34. aquarius64 says:

    Poor Miley. E! has a poll on that performance: 89% found it inappropriate, 11% didn’t. She’s gone into Chris Brown territory and rages on Twitter about the “haters”. She posts positive one-line reviews from Rolling Stone and others. If she feels she needs to post positive critiques you know she’s having trouble dealing with the backlash. Rolling Stones’ and other positive critiques are outnumbered by John and Jane Q. Public’s outrage. The average person’s opinion matters because he or she buys the CD, not Rolling Stone. Team Cyrus is afraid the backlash will hurt Bangerz sales, especially when they make a statement to E! saying everyone is overacting. Not all publicity is good publicity.

    • chloe says:

      Her haters or not only Joe Public but her peers, just by watching the audience reaction of Drake, Rhianna, One Direction and others, no one was impressed. I can see a bunch of them not wanting to perform on the same stage with her at other events or going on tour with her, why would you want to go out there and perform when this little twit just goes out and humps the stage and gets all of the attention for absolutely no talent, I feel bad for Bruno Mars who put on a great performance last night, but did you hear about no, it’s all about Miley. I bet people were dodging her at the VMA after parties.

    • blaize says:

      Please. She and Chris Brown have nothing in common.

  35. dorothy says:

    She may have put herself in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons. Acting and dressing like a two-bit hooker is not talent, nor is it sexy. VMA’s; have some class and ban this one next year.

  36. pao la says:

    If i was her boyfriend i would just hide for ever until she’s tired of trying to find me. No actor that wants to be respected in the industry would ever want to go out with this skank. run Liam run.

  37. AustinMJ says:

    Well, she certainly knows trashy.

    Given that her Dad is famous for a righteous mullet and Achey Breaky Heart and her Mom was a groupie of his, it’s not a stretch to see their daughter aspiring to be white trash. Miley’s just getting back to her roots.

    • LaurieH says:

      Agreed. Her Dad was a One Hit Wonder and when the royalties from that annoying Achey-Breaky song started to dwindle, they cashed in on Miley by selling her off to Disney. She is 20 yrs old – it’s a tough age. You aren’t a teen anymore, but you’re too young to be taken seriously as an adult. It’s totally understandable that she’d want to shed the image that the Disney Industrial Complex shackled her with. Child stars are often boxed in by their kiddie personas and have a hard time breaking out of it. Justin Timberlake is a rare exception. Miley apologists say she’s just finding herself; okay, assuming she found herself in the red light district. Miley has no idea who she is or who wants to be, other than NOT Hannah Montana. She is desperate for attention and approval, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. Like I said before, she’s nothing more than the rich n’ famous drunk slut from the bar down the street. Look at me! Look at me! :::stumble::::head in toilet:::::

  38. ray says:

    So many wrongs. She wants attention and we are giving it to her in spades. Her tongue us too think . She is so un sexy. Her twerking comes off like an epileptic attack. Can’t see any one finding her sexy.

  39. ray says:

    So many wrongs. She wants attention and we are giving it to her in spades. Her tongue us too think . She is so un se/xy. Her twerking comes off like an epileptic attack. Can’t see any one finding her se/xy.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Let’s not forget this is exactly what Miley and her team wanted. She’s not the best singer or dancer – all she is has is her famous name and a great body. It’s sad but really what else was she supposed to do at the VMA’s? It’s clear she doesn’t have the talent of Beyonce or even Britney :-(

    • Maureen says:

      I know people –especially women– keep saying how great her body is but it makes me really uncomfortable to look at her because she’s so tiny. She’s got the body size of a 12 year old girl, not a woman.

    • Nina W says:

      This is NOT what she or her team wanted. She wants to be seen as sexy and adult and that performance was neither. Her team has to manage the PR nightmare resulting from her bad reviews. If they wanted this, they’re crazy. She foolishly thought she could pull off an amazing and provocative performance and what she delivered was excruciating. If I didn’t find her incredibly annoying, I would feel bad for the little fool.

  41. eliza says:

    How come no one is talking about her engagement to Hemsworth being called off last week? I happened to see the beginning of The Talk one day and they said that this idiot and Hemsworth ended their relationship. Wedding is off. I would have thought someone would have run with the story by now.

  42. Maureen says:

    I really believe her tongue is her phallic symbol. I believe SHE believes that, too. Also, I expect Miley to “come out” as bi any day now. It’s almost predictable, isn’t it?

  43. agentscully says:

    I feel she was more mature and ‘adult’ a few years ago (up until about about late 2011/early 2012 before she lost all that weight and cut her hair off). Which is ironic considering she was actually younger then…
    These young starlets just don’t seem to realise that showing the world you’ve grown up and matured is about carrying yourself with respect, grace and dignity, not taking all your clothes off, trying to act all raunchy and singing about doing pingers. I was just looking at photos of her from a few years ago and man… what a change. For the worse. She was quite a stunner back then.

  44. mzizkrizten says:

    As long as the world keeps talking about her, she has us eating the shit right out of her hands.

  45. AKA says:

    The poster looks like an exact copy of the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise. Geez, don’t her people have any originality?

  46. Original Me says:

    WTF does “Bangerz” mean? It makes me think of bangers and mash, the british meal made with sausage and potatoes.
    In other news, she is just disgusting.

  47. Quinn says:

    She’s about as “urban” as possum stew…Lord.

    It’s sad to watch shenanigans try to replace TALENT these days.

  48. The Original G says:

    OMG. Like Thicke’s video is so tasteful…..

    Why doesn’t his mother comment on that?

  49. CarrieUK says:

    I think the real victim here is the foam finger

  50. Jayna says:

    I do believe she ratcheted it way up compared to the rehearsal and thus overshadowed him in a way I don’t think he expected, and that is tacky as someone coming on to perform with the person performing their song. The girls on their other live performances are there to make him shine on stage, not overshadow him. But the only saving grace is at least the video is being replayed a million times and people are hearing Blurred Lines even more. So his sales are probably strong.

    But this is Robin’s year and it should have been his night, not Miley’s, on that song performance.

  51. Jayna says:

    I think I read her song and new song are rising in the charts. So I guess she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  52. Gal says:

    I just know her tongue is out in that top pic. Stop. PLEASE.

  53. MademoiselleRose says:

    People aren’t shocked at her antics from what I can tell … we’ve all seen it before, the ripping clothes off, the suggestive movements … they’re shocked how incredibly BAD and embarrassing it was. That would have to be one of the most cringe inducing things I’ve ever seen. I turned it off half way through because I was so embarrassed for her I couldn’t watch anymore.

    What amazes me is she’s pleased there were so many hundreds of thousands of tweets, she must know what everyone is saying. Does she not care? Has she no pride or is she so impervious that she doesn’t get it? At least her father acknowledged in a roundabout way it was all bad.

    She crossed the line at the VMAs in cringeworthiness and I don’t hate her anymore like I did until five minutes before that … I just feel so incredibly sorry for her, I pity her so much because that/she was just so awful.

    When I see pictures of her now with her dirty white tongue sticking out all I can think of is the shocked look on the faces of the celebrity audience and I get such a sinking, sick feeling in my stomach, I just pity her so much now.

    • JGL says:

      For a long time, I’ve not cared about Miley Cyrus. I was never young enough to be interested about in ‘Hannah Montana’ and I just had a laugh about her pathetic attempt to shock people about her new “Grown-Up” image.
      But, the VMA’s last night was down right offensive. Any music award show even some tacky MTV show should primarily be about the music. Except, her performance was about some cringeworthy antics about being sexy.
      There have always been stars who have used some sexy shock-factor in their performances but it has always complemented their music as a way to attract attention to their music.
      Miley’s performance was about whatever she thought was sexy and edgy with a song thrown in as an after-thought.
      VMA’s should have been about Timberlake and Bruno Mars not cautionary tale about ‘Disney Princess gone wrong’

    • emmie_a says:

      Yep. Everyone IS shocked at how bad and embarrassing her performance was. She was trying to be sexy and cool but she is neither sexy nor cool. And I also don’t get why she’s proud that people are talking about what a loser she is… except that some people are soooo desperate to stay popular or relevant that they will do anything/everything. She’s the poster child for desperation.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      That is honestly what shocked me. Not that she was prancing around half naked (as tons of artists do)..but how bad it was. If she had sang her ass off, it would’ve been different. If she wasn’t flailing around, and trying to make up for it, by shaking her ass in Robin Thicke’s crotch—we wouldn’t be saying any of this.

      It was a BAD performance all around….she was awful.

  54. anitbec says:

    Its very obv this girl is acting out,sick and in need of intervention. She is proud of those numbers? People are horrified! She is simply acting no better then a poor low class junkie,hooker,stripper with lots of fine shopping to show off but no self respect,dignity nor forsight. She is destroying not only herself but her family. That may be her mission. Shes acting,looking like a rotton,spoiled 12year old child revolting. Not even aware she still has the body of a 13 year old. This is not ‘art’,entertainment with anymore talent then some drugged out groupie grabbing at her put on stag. She is a embarrasment to herself,the industry,her family andingle handedly destroyed a awards family awards show.Her behavior is not ecceptable nor excussable to do her youth. So glad mine isrsed. Good luck parents everywhere.Its a hard enough job teaching morals,decency,self respect and along comes Miley,the Kartradhions ($125,000.00 vehicle) 16th BD present all ‘earned’ by having no self respect. Hard work,study,college,student loans doesnot pay.Look what is really teaching your children and how difficult it is to explain this to grade school children. Sickening.

  55. Violet says:

    Okay, I have to admit that I was appalled by Miley’s antics on stage. However, it’s hilarious that she (probably unintentionally) turned the tables on Robin Thicke as per the lyrics of his song (“you know you want it”).

    All that aside, Miley needs to put her tongue away. It just makes me think of aging rocker Gene Simmons. And rescue dog Mamma Biscuit (who, incidentally, has more class and style than Miley).

  56. Dirtnap says:

    All tongue lolling and questionable dance moves aside, I was struck by how winded Miley seemed early in in the performance. For a young woman whose body is fit, she was out of breath rather early on, just from swinging her head around. I know performing is aerobic, I just thought she wore out prematurely, which definitely affected her singing.

    Did you see the men’s facial expressions in the audience in the clips? They looked embarrased for her and even a little irritated. I could tell some didn’t know where to look. Many looked like they were just “over it.”

    And the props looked budget. Like an assistant went to Party City with an exec’s credit card. Robin Thicke waited so long for this moment, only to be surrounded by what looked like pinatas and carnival-sized teddy bears. I actually feel sorry for him.

  57. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Somebody save this girl.

    P.S. My father would have killed me if I had behaved like Miley.

  58. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I just really hope that whole thing that Miley did wasn’t rehearsed….because it was just BAD. It wasn’t sexy AT ALL. It was awkward and gross. I cringed the whole time, while I was watching it with my mom.

    She “danced” like she was drunk. I mean she was flailing and grinding. That’s not dancing. And yeah, the minute she started grinding up against Robin, he didn’t move.

    If this dance was approved, who the f*ck thought that it was a good idea? Especially since she didn’t even do it right? The grossest moment was when she shoved her face in that woman’s ass…that was disgusting.

    And EVERYONE saw it; my brother, who never watches the VMAs or anything like that, saw it before I did. So did my godmother….

  59. Lynette says:

    Oblivious moron. So desperate for attention she doesn’t care what type it is. She’s repulsive!

  60. goddesslove says:

    Everybody is so judgemental. She is a young girl trying to find herself experimenting with sexual expression and trying to shake that God forsaken Hannah Montana image. No different than most 20 year old girls. They cheered Madonna on when she was running around naked and humping everything in sight Miiley will grow out of this phase like we all did. Personally I like the white trash Chanel bit. Brilliant! She will find her way. Seems like you all want her to be Baby Jane still trying to be a child star. Miley is Narley. Get over it!

    • Donna says:

      Exactly! Im older and have to admit I was shocked at first but I love to see and learn new things and Miley was just screaming look at me I’m a woman now I not a little girl I don’t have a big butt to offer I’m just a little slip of a thing I’m going to be who I am as people have always done on these shows, now what I’m most shocked about are the the young hip people-they are now the prudes….

    • Lindy79 says:

      I’m sure Chanel aren’t happy with her associating herself with them.

      And can I say, this is not about people being judgmental about a young girl discovering her sexuality, please don’t kid yourself that this is how every girl becomes sexually aware of herself.

      As Ive said in other threads on this, you can in no way compare Madonna in the 80′s and 90′s to this mess. Madonna was all about female empowerment and women owning their sexuality while putting on a good show and showing how bloody powerful women in the industry can be. What Miley did was reduce herself to the level of bikini clad girls in the background of a music video, grinding up against a man, bending over (and thus making herself look submissive) and making her actual purpose not about the performance and singing, which seemed like an after thought and more about sticking her tongue out more than she actually sang and dry humping a foam finger.

      She may sell lots of records, but she has also made herself look ridiculous within the industry, you only had to look at the reactions of her peers in the audience.

      • The Original G says:

        I am so sick of everyone sanitizing Madonna’s past and her rip off of cultural trends disguised as empowerment. She should acknowledge her influences.

        She did the same stuff. She was jsut savvy enough to use better designers.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I don’t think I was sanitizing anything, that wasn’t my intention anyway and I am by no way a huge Madonna fan. My point was that Madonna wasn’t about the submissive, which is all I saw with Miley once Thicke came out, that and her out of breath screeching.

        Not sure where Madonna not acknowledging her influences came from, that’s a totally different topic but you said it yourself, Madonna did it better and was clever about it. Miley just looked like an amateur.

    • emmie_a says:

      If you insist on comparing Miley to Madonna, there is one huge difference: Madonna looked good. Add to that, Madonna had talent: could sing and dance and entertain. Miley looked like a total FOOL. Nothing more.

      And I am sorry but most 20 year old girls do not try to overtly sexualize themselves and twerk their flat flabby asses and expose themselves the way Miley does. She is a pathetic wanna-be. Nothing more.

    • blaize says:

      No, that didn’t come off as Miley embracing her sexuality or openness about her sexuality. That came off as her deliberately trying to be controversial, and loving every minute of it.

      Which I don’t hold against her, by the way, since I kind of like my pop stars on the controversial/boundary-pushing side. But Miley’s performance wasn’t even entertaining or creative, and her singing and dancing were lame.

      I do agree that the slut-shaming over this is ridiculous though, but you know people have a deeply ingrained-need to scarlet letter.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      ” Like we all did”? Speak for yourself sweetie.
      And as far as Chanel….Chanel would roll in her grave for her brand to be associated with Miley. Miley Cyrus is nothing more than a spoiled, no talent, drugged up shameless brat. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with “self discovery” and “artistic expression” and everything to do with embracing the lowest common denominator for greatest economic gain. The one thing that makes me happy is that in 50 years this will not be remembered and ultimately she will have contributed NOTHING to art or the greater good.

  61. Saffie says:

    I’m so tired of this girl, her antics and her repulsive tongue. It doesn’t matter how much shade people throw her way because she is going to keep doing what she’s doing as long as she gets attention. She’s tone deaf when it comes to bad publicity and it seems the more people try to reel her in the more outrageous she becomes. She’s like an annoying gnat buzzing around and you can’t get rid of it. As annoying as she is, she is top on Itunes so people are obviously buying her single and will probably buy her album when it drops.

  62. Leslie says:

    I feel really sad for Miley. Losing her boyfriend and using drugs are taking their toll on the poor girl.

  63. iheartjacksparrow says:

    The local morning news just ran a clip from last night’s Letterman where he ran a fake commercial regarding treatment for Restless Tongue Syndrome, with shots of Miley from the VMAs with her tongue hanging out showing what a typical sufferer of RTS looks like. Pretty funny.

  64. Kiddo says:

    Sorry, but this is the obvious evolution for a culture that subscribes to and endorses bad behavior, sexual exhibitionism and objectification. (See the Kardashians, the housewives and on and on) Next up, live sex acts. She gave the people what they wanted because they can’t stop talking about it.

    • Bijlee says:

      I agree. It’s exhausting. Attention seeking is all it is. I don’t care and wish people would stop talking about this awful performance.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      As usual, you two are spot on.

      I must add how racist I find her vulgar manhandling of black women. Miley’s white girl ratchet Halloween persona and her repugnant fetishizing of her ‘urban’ Hottentot Venus dancers as the epitome of sexy black women is the most cynical kind of race degradation that I’ve seen since Miley’s hardcore gangbanging Chola get up at 2010’s MuchMusic Awards. –

      In Miley’s stunted mind, women of color solely exist as not quite human cosplay characters that she can gleefully exploit to make her ‘music’.

      • Kiddo says:

        I think Miley is oblivious and insensitive to any impact on other persons because attention seekers believe it doesn’t matter as long as they get the end result. Rap Music also has a history of objectifying black women and in Miley’s very simplistic evaluation/analysis of that, reproducing it gives her street cred. Taking on the role of the sexual aggressor probably feels empowering to her on some level. She can’t feel that great about herself and her talent if she (or anyone else) has to rely on ever increasing shock value and self-objectification for effect and attention. I think the reaction to her is actually more telling than the acts.

        Love me, hate me, don’t ignore me is the motto of so much of the culture. And then no one ignores it, so there is a complicit symbiotic relationship between the seekers and the watchers. The seekers can be nothing without the watchers flipping out.

        I didn’t watch the whole thing, it’s not worth my while, but from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to need to garner this much attention.

        And so this will be the last thing I have to say about it.

  65. magpie says:

    If she could sing like Adele she would have sang. If she could dance like a young Britney she would have danced.

    She can’t do either so this is what her team comes up with and it’s a huge success. Her album will do well imo cause she got everyone talking. So gross, yet so effective.

    • Amory says:

      Agree – when you don’t have talent, go for attention, the more negative the better. The problem is that she’s going to have to go more and more extreme to keep the attention. Debasing yourself must get old after awhile, hence all of the suicide and drugs among celebs.

  66. snappyfish says:

    her performance was so nasty it left me needing a silkwood shower. but I feel sorry for her. what chance did she have? her parents started whoring her out at an early age with provocative photo shoots and videos. what kind of parent is ok with sexualizing their 16 year old? oh, right…crappy parents.

    sadly, we’ve all seen this before – how long before a breakdown/rehab?

  67. Masque says:

    If she really wanted to shock people she would take singing/dancing lessons.

  68. ANIBEC says:

    First off sorry for my prev comment, mixed up wording,had calls & texts cutting me offHave to say I had NO idea Miley was even attempting to dance. Second I dont believe these are comments of “haters,”. These comments,and she is so proud of “breaking the super bowl record” are absolutly horrified people oallages,classes. She did nsot even belong at the awardssshow. Those were “artists” with real talent there. Like them or not. Can not blame her parents in this case. I recall her father desperately trying to guide her in the right direction. He adored that child and most probably she is the problem in that marriage breaking down (and him). She is sick and I stand by my feeling that she desperately needs intervention. That just is not going to happen until she completely hits bottom & self destructs,pretty close now.She is not cute,funny,smart nor sexy. Shes a adult with the mind or mind set and body of a 13 year old. Much more mature when she was a child.Plesse let these comments start to focus on her mental state whatever that has to do with,illness,drugs…she needs a dose of reality,insight ino her entire behavior from the way she dresses,to acting out as if she possibly has been a victim of molestation,who knows but her.Her behavior is not artistic and entertaining . This is looking more like a symptom. Something is very wrong. I also want to add that Robin handled himself with class & dignity as I think she pulled off a very discusting ,plotted out act which took him by surprise. Distroyed his big night.And,lets not blame Disney lets go to the money grubbing ‘handlers’ who are taking some of these kids away from family values.These parents are not all Kartrashs nor Stoddens.This one needs to get back to her roots now or shes going to be lost forever. Too far over the line now. Help her out but true that tounge thing has to stop

  69. Nicolette says:

    Please, they are not “freaked” in the least bit. This is EXACTLY the result they were looking for. In the narcissistic mind of an entertainer they just want attention, good or bad. There is no such thing as bad publicity right? That the performance should have won an award for being the most cringe inducing doesn’t matter to them. She’s all over the internet and television, mission accomplished.

    Joan Rivers had the best line on Fashion Police when she said “Well I guess it’s goodbye Hanna Montana and hello f***y Kentucky”.

    Miley wanted to push buttons and get everyone talking about her and that’s just what happened. What should have happened is to have no one make any fuss at all, and then maybe she would have rolled up her tongue and gone away.

  70. vketjo says:

    She’s been sticking out that too big for her mouth tongue and she has a really really big mouth…since she was a Itty bitty child….it wasn’t cute then and its definitely not cute now…
    You know you wonder what will that screaming little brat in the next yard will turn out to be if someone doesn’t take her in hand…..Well you now now….she turns into Mylie Cryus or Lindsay Lohan…..if Mylie doesn’t get her self together and in control she will be Lindsay Lohan in seven yrs…..cause that was No innocent little girl grinding her ash is Robin Thicke groin the other night….
    and that was not a “cry for attention” that came from “too much attention”…..She needs that twitch switched out of that tail, her face washed , cloths glued on that skinny tail and a good long time on a real working farm were she can rediscover what real work is…

  71. Original A says:

    I don’t think her manager is loving this-there is no way to spin this at all.

    • Kim says:

      Any press is good press as they say in Hollyweird. ANYTHING for attention & people talking about her good or bad. Now she will get paid & more press to do the talk show circuit and talk about how she is just young & having fun & had no idea (yeah right) it would get so much backlash. Her & her publicists’ plan worked even better than they expected im sure.

  72. T.Fanty says:

    What’s interesting is that people are now (rightfully) calling her out on the racism of her performance. Particularly, of her reduction of black women to props and bodies to be displayed and toyed with. I just read this, which I utterly agree with:

    • Lindy79 says:

      Great article. I wanted to comment on that aspect of her “performance” but was struggling to put it into words, if that makes sense..

      • T.Fanty says:

        I think that modern minstrelsy is a really pithy way of thinking about it. What’s underlying all of this is her attempt to “act black” and part of that is defining herself with this very available and sleazy sexuality that is fundamentally both misogynistic *and* racist. But it’s attacking black women so mainstream culture isn’t going to bother getting offended by that.

    • Rose says:

      Thank you for posting THIS. Read the other links at the bottom of the blog, they might explain our deeper feelings of unease and disgust. Her performance was racist and wrong and she is probably too dumb/ignorant/wasted/fame-ho-greedy/surrounded by creeps/arrogant/ambitious/thoughtless, desperate and/or narcissistic to understand or care.

  73. Decloo says:

    Didn’t Madonna do this whole charade first, like a hundred years ago? I remember everyone up in arms when she rolled around on the stage, bumping and grinding. And the whole hoopla with “Like a Virgin” in the video and when she performed it live. Everything old is new again.

  74. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Neil Young and Emmylou Harris/Dan Lanois all do a better ‘Wrecking Ball.’ They’ve also never needed to strip down.

  75. Anibec says:

    Nicolette,well then she needs to be boo’s everywhere she appears. Maybe she will run back home. Its much cheaper to go watch a professional strip show where at least they look like women and know how to dance.

  76. carol says:

    Miley needs to figure out who she is – her current persona is clearly just as much a performance as it was when she was Hannah Montana – and both personals are not performed very well! lol. sadly, when you grow up in the public eye, I guess you need the attention like a drug and that’s why she is doing all this stuff :(

  77. Saffie says:

    When her album drops she will be ALL over the place so get ready. I’m just wondering what she will do to top herself: maybe a topless version of a video or a nude spread in Playboy? Unfortunately, we are in an age where narcissism, vapidity, bad behavior and consumerism are rewarded. Look at the Kardashians who just signed a two-year, $50 million deal on “E”. $50 million? WTF? Oh well, at least Miley’s long suffering (from embarrassment) fiance got away for good. Wonder when they will make an announcement? Probably after the album drops.

  78. Madpoe says:

    Out of all the places in New York to take a photo, she picks a place with filled to the brim trash bins.

  79. Claudia says:

    I hope she is consumed by embarrassment and shame right now. And vigorously brushing her tongue.

  80. Why says:

    We’re all shocked, and all but all i can think about is, poor, poor girl.

  81. Ann says:

    At first I liked that Miley had gotten that haircut and it felt that she was starting to finally be herself. But now she’s becoming a self-possessed child who uses black women as props in her performances. This has to be produced controversy considering her single came out around the same time as this VMA nonsense. That makes it really hard to enjoy that new single too because, please don’t hate me, I really like it. It makes me sad because I would have genuinely enjoyed her music, I don’t need this weird party girl twerk image.

  82. Paloma says:

    I am baffled as to why Hollywood et. al has drawn a collective gasp at her performance. Maybe, just maybe, a tad more in your face, but c’mon, nothing really new for Hollywood. She is not entertaining, that’s for sure, but so are many others.

  83. LadyMary says:

    I’m just fed up with her tongue sticking out! What is she 3? Didn’t her mother tell her if she leave it out she’ll catch flies?

  84. vixo says:

    This story is getting old, but I need to complain about this silly, ugly and white tongue sticking out.Nobody needs to look at it, and this white film on it makes me think she has bad breath, either because she’s starving or because she has some digestive problem !!!!

  85. moo says:

    Oh come on…. that’s what the VMA’s have always been about! It’s about music videos that get very racy, so why can’t the show itself? It’s been that way for years… everyone calm down!

  86. MissNostalgia says:

    Hopefully this is a phase that she will grow out of. At least, for her sake, I hope so. In the meantime, please, please put your tongue away.

  87. aquarius64 says:

    This is hilarious. I thought I would share this with everyone. This is an excerpt from a blog called “Allie is Wired”, with Miley responding to comments that she was on drugs during her ratchet VMA performance:

    ‘The singer responded to critics today saying, “I wasn’t on drugs at all, I just wanted people to think I was. It was an act, I mean for God’s sake I’m not Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse.”

    “I really want to break into the EDM scene. It’s become so popular and I just love Deadmau5, Skrillex, Steve Aoki and the rest of those guys, not David Guetta though, his stuff is way too commercial for me. I was hoping that if one of those guys thought I was a slutty, junky, they would want to do a collaboration with me,” she continued.

    And about twerking with Robin Thicke she said:

    ” Did people really think I was seriously twerking on Robin Thicke. Eww, he’s like 36 or something that’s totally gross.” ‘

    Miley is certainly not handling this well, despite her FU tweet today. She’s now speaking ill of the dead and throwing people under the bus, including her twerking partner in crime Robin. I bet he appreciates the last sentence.

    You reap what you sow Twerk Girl.

  88. Gretchen says:

    I’m sure Robin Thicke knew exactly how Miley was going to behave during that performance. Plus I have no sympathy for a guy defending his gross song with something along the lines of ‘but I can’t be sexist, I’m married’. Yeah, sure: “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two.” *Side eye*

  89. Axis2ClusterB says:

    She should’ve gotten a Moon Man for trolling, because that’s what she’s doing. I don’t find her to be particularly shocking – it’s been done before, the whole shtick. I’ve always had a soft spot for Miley, but at the same time, I’m so sick of the overexcessive coverage of something that really doesn’t deserve it. I don’t think there’s any sort of overwhelming substance abuse problem here, really, and I definitely think that the people who are screaming that she’s ‘obviously mentally ill’ need to take a closer look at Amanda Bynes to see what that really looks like. Anyone else remember the South Park clip with Cartman, the “I do what I want! I’m grown!” line? IMO, that’s what Miley’s doing here. Kinda immature? Sure. She’ll settle down.

  90. Lola says:

    I am tired of the Tongue thing already! Feel bad for her fiance…

    • Mom says:

      They may have checked in for a week somewhere in Canada, but I don’t believe they are officially a couple. I have empathy for Brittany, Amanda, but I don’t see this as mental illness. Spoiled brat is more like it. Maybe she and Leanne Rimes need to go away together for awhile and give the rest of us a break.

  91. ParisPucker says:

    it’s just all really sad and pathetic. This was the most classless un-artistic tv performance I’ve ever seen. Becoming +famous for being a blazing moron?!? yea, if she wants that trophy, she just earned it. Someone bleach my brain and eyeballs please. that was revolting.

  92. canitbecani says:

    OK, ‘bottom’ ‘line’ Im sick of making & hearing excuses for Miley. That was a family awards show that thousands of parent felt safe enough to take their children to or allow to watch on TV. Someone should have dragged her skinny white ass right off that stage! (FYI Im white also but sick of her putting out her obsessions with what she thinks black culture is,”a grown up adult women”& the difference between art,talent,entertainmenta porn especially on family night). Shes clueless & yes laughing all the way to the bank on buyers money,posting pics wearing,buying thousands in jewelery,Channel you name it.A from her actions,behavior like the Kart trashions against every moral value we work to teach our children values,self respect,dignity and respect for others. She is a total disgrace as a women,her industry & human race in general. She is a talentless dirtbag and personally she is displaying theby of a 13 year old child,the mentality of a spoiled rotton 12 year old & a hard looking face and actions of a low life drugged out street corner hooker (no offence to hard working hookers) all for attention and so she can brag about the millions she made by insulting us on a stage assuming we think its talent. These people wont go away until you get them where it counts,their sponsers,CDs,ticket sales.Although I dont see much more she can do hock value other then her face has truly aged way beyond her years,soon to be shocking initself. Not a “hater” her Miley,just the facts. You discust us. Your not still growing up as you say,you are what you

  93. gg says:

    Robin Thicke should be more bummed that he couldn’t hear the music and sang his entire part in ANOTHER KEY …

    I’m surprised nobody’s commented on this.

  94. chalkdustgirl says:

    Whether or not it was an ACT, Miley, it was D E S P E R A T E. Your team should be freaked.

  95. Ketielynn says:

    I just with she would keep her butt out of the air, her mouth closed with her tongue inside. So sick of seeing her acting like a skank. It is sad to me to think that these young girls think this is what growing up means.

  96. Amanda G says:

    She is disgusting and I hope she goes away soon.

  97. Shelly says:

    Miley’s performance was just bad. She can’t dance. She can’t sing live. She’s not sexy. She looks like a 12-year-old playing dress up in stripper clothes. I don’t know who she’s trying to be, but she will never be Britney Spears circa Brit’s heyday. She will never even be Britney on one of Britney’s bad days. She will also never be black, no matter how many grills she sports or how “ratchet” she tries to be. I find her offensive in every way.

  98. aquarius64 says:

    Here’s a question: where’s LIAM in this? It’s day 2 of Ratchet-gate and Miley’s alleged fiancé has not gone on the record to defend her. She’s getting bashed on all sides (rightfully so) but you would think he would come out and stick up for his future wife. Something tells me he’s ashamed that his intended – to quote a line from the show “Girlfriends” – has been crowned by Hollywood and the world ‘Queen of Skank-a-dank-a-dank-dank’. You bet when the paps catch up with him they are going to throw the VMA performance in his face. It’s probably why Miley went on her Twitter screed: she and Liam had words over this.

    • MisJes says:

      Liam won’t come out in support of Miley because his career is in enough trouble at the moment without associating himself with her mess. Considering his leading-man vehicle Paranoia has just crashed and burned, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if his team has told him to steer clear of this VMAs debacle. Personally, I think that is VERY wise and the best option for him.

      Of course, I don’t actually think they’re together anymore, so it may just be that he doesn’t have to give a shit about her drama anymore.

  99. Jayna says:

    I went back and watched it. I am sorry, the first line by anyone or any article should be how Miley Ray Cyrus butchered her song and Blurred Lines. The vocals were worse than I remembered. They were horrendous. Her song had the auto-tune or vocoder, whatever it was, and usually you can hide off vocals. That couldn’t even hide how off they were and tuneless, and then she starts Blurred Lines, and it is empty and flat. She is off key. She has no tone. And her vocals were grating, unpleasant to the ear. I could sing better and I am an awful singer. She is supposed to be a singer, I think she is the worst singer I have ever heard on an award show. Give me lip-syncing any day so I don’t have to hear that shrill mess.

    It makes me mad that sites aren’t leading with that she butchered the songs, and instead go into her trashy routine first. I could handle anything on the VMAs, because it’s been a tacky show for years, but schreeching vocals I can’t forgive. But she won because all anyone is really talking about is her stroking and grinding Robin’s junk and twerking.

  100. Lea says:

    I felt really uneasy watching her performance. I didn’t know her first song but it didn’t sound really original. And she destroyed Blurred Lines. The performance wasn’t shocking per se, but it was weird in a bad way. That tongue of hers is just digusting, it is super long! And I don’t know if she wanted to be sexy, but she looked more like a chipmunk in heat that anything else.
    It’s a good thing Robin Thicke didn’t touch her, because it would have been sooo gross.

  101. Jane says:

    Someone needs to put a stop to her straight away. She is totally and completely out of hand. I watched a few news reports showing how angry parents and her now former fans are because of her disgusting behavior.

  102. jaye says:

    Here’s my take on “the Tongue”. Someone who CLEARLY hates her told her that her side tongue thing was “sexy” and “totes hardcore” and now it’s her default setting. I think she practices different variations of it in the mirror. She’s probably named them.

  103. jane says:

    i’m sorry, who? i’ve never heard of these people.

  104. bettyrose says:

    I agree with everyone who just shook their head and said “that poor girl.” Her career will never move past being the post-adolescent who worked every cliche to “shed” her Disney image. Twenty years from now when she looks back on this time in her life, from her palatial home in Tennessee where she lives with her third husband and 6 of her 8 children, she’ll realize she didn’t do a single thing that was edgy, unique, or memorable to anyone but her.

  105. Hayley says:

    The Loser List continues to grow: Lohan, Bynes, Cyrus….. Which one of them will implode first? It’s a crap shoot. They’re all equally in danger of ending up on the evening news at any moment.

  106. Catalina says:

    I hate when people compare this to the likes of Britney Spears’ performances. Britney was risqué, but there was a certain tastefulness to it. There was entertaining choreography and entertaining backup dancers. Britney was actually HOT. She was damn sexy in her prime. Miley looked like a coked-out stripper shaking her “Southern rump” she claims to have. Girl, you need to do the 30 Day Squat Challenge!

  107. Angie says:

    I really like Wrecking Ball.


  108. KatieD says:

    Is it wrong to wish that somebody would drop Miley off somewhere super “urban,” just so she can be around her own “people,” who will obviously welcome her with open arms?! Hahaha, I can dream…

  109. Duncan says:

    What choice did she have to get the attention she clearly craves. She knows she will never get the attention through looks or talent as she is ordinary in these areas. I guess if we all tire of her “look at me” efforts there is always the ‘leaked’ porno option to get another twelve minutes of fame. Given the nature of her awards performance that may be an area in which she would considered to have gifts that rise above the ordinary.

  110. Jane says:

    Even her own father doesn’t know what to say about her. He was scheduled to appears on Piers Morgan here in America and literally cancelled within 15 before the time he was to appear.

  111. Susei says:

    She´s a silly young girl. It´s no crime.

    It was a blurred lines-performance. Come on people, what do you expect? The whole performance was planed to shock and bring in PR for Robin and Miley. The song is still “in” and they had to top the video with this performance.

    As usually people bash only the silly girl and not the guy or the people behind them.

  112. Laura R says:

    So Bad it was GOOD.

    Does anyone remember William Hung?

    At least we can say that Miley knows how to deliver a memorable performance. If she can’t do it with talent, the next best thing is to do it by any means, even if it means embarrassing yourself and everyone watching.

    She used the performance and safety of the stage as a platform for consent so she could do what she wanted to with him (and probably many viewers watching wanted to do, acting as a puppet)… Those things she couldn’t do otherwise, as she would be immediately rejected in virtually any other circumstance.

    For his part, he handled himself very well and it did not seem that he was reciprocal to her on-stage advances. Even his body language during Twerk-gate seemed like he was just tolerant and on the edge of patting her on the head and saying ‘poor little girl, is it past your bedtime?’

  113. Jazz Jazz says:

    I personally believe that Miley is just copying the publicity and risque tactics that Madonna did to make a name for herself. What constitutes a star is not necessarily talent, but notoriety.

  114. Cassiek says:

    Where is Liam?!?

    What does Liam think of this?

    That man needs to run, run, run away fast

  115. Tony says:

    This is the lame antics today’s “musical” stars resort to when they have no real musical talent backing them – lowering the bar for society in efforts of getting some negative attention to feed their narcissistic personalities. If this is the VMAs 2013 – I don’t want to know what next year brings to bottom out this lame performance.

  116. MissB says:

    I had to laugh when I read people whining about this being racist. Oh please!, give me a break. Those women are professional dancers who chose to go on stage and get paid to be Mileys back up dancers, no one forced them to, if they are props then it’s because they chose to be. They are no different than the women who choose to dance around in rap videos like strippers, they degrade themselves all in the name of money. They aren’t victims of racism, they chose to do it all in the name of money. And the whole twerking thing is just disgusting, it’s no different than dry humping. It’s not even real dancing, nope sorry real dancing consist of more than just boppin your ass up and down. Twerking can go back to where it came from. Unfortunately I’m sure Miley will cause twerking to become very popular with stupid white kids.