Alexander Skarsgard on being so handsome: ‘Vanity can be a creative suicide’

Alexander Skarsgard is back in Sweden, getting drunk and leading Viking chants for his favorite football (soccer) team. I feel like Alex spends his time in Sweden getting drunk a lot, eating all of his favorite foods and spreading his Viking seed in the hearty Swedish wombs scattered throughout the Swedish countryside. Alex gave a phone interview to Metro UK and he pretty much admitted as much at the beginning of the interview – he was out of breath when he called the reporter and she asked him if he’d just been to the gym. Alex replied, “Ha, ha, quite the opposite! I’m back in Sweden, walking home after an intense German meal with German Beer and about three kilos of German pork. I am kind of struggling.” Mm. German pork. What?! Here’s more from the interview:

Whether he’ll come to True Blood now that his contract is done: ‘We don’t know what will happen in the future.’

Growing up: ‘My dad is an actor [Mamma Mia! star Stellan Skarsgård] and we had this bohemian home filled with a community of actors, poets and writers. There was always lots of people and wine and… other things around. I loved it.’

His father was always naked & drinking wine: ‘I am proud of him for doing that,’ Skasgård insists fondly. ‘I love him for how crazy and wild he was – still is.’

Meeting Steve Coogan for the first time: ‘I shouted ‘Dan! Dan! Dan! [an Alan Partridge catchphrase] when I saw him. I was definitely not cool.’

He wants to do more comedic roles: ‘I had a small part in Zoolander [as a male model] that was my first job after my stage work and I would love to do another comedy.’

Is he handicapped by his good looks? ‘It could be, I guess, because you could get pigeonholed and vanity can be a creative suicide. When you read a script, you imagine the character, and if your vision of him is not handsome, you can’t not do it because you are worried you are not going to be considered sexy if you play it that way. That is just very important to me.’

On Ellen Page: ‘just good friends’

Being linked to every female friend: ‘If you have lunch with any girl friend – and I mean just a platonic friend – there’ll be a story like you’re in a serious relationship or whatever. There’s nothing you can do about that – so I try not to let it affect me.’

He doesn’t want to be on Twitter: ‘I wasn’t comfortable with the media attention, with people knowing so much about me,’ he explains. It’s why he’s not on Twitter – ‘I try so hard to keep something in my life private.’

His adventures: ‘Work is so intense and hectic that, to recharge, I like adventures completely disconnected from everything – where you don’t have phones or email,’ he says. ‘Last year, I sailed across Europe and recently I went on a week-long hike up some Swedish glaciers with a friend.’

Is he single right now? ‘Yes,’ he says, to a collective sigh of relief from Twitter.

[From Metro]

So now he and Ellen Page are just good friends? Eh? Okay. But does he bang his good friends? That’s the real question. Because I think he considers himself single and he’s probably got several ladies who are his “good friends” and he bangs them often enough. Alicia Vikander, Ellen Page, probably a few others. But at the end of the day, I think Alex probably wants a family life like he had growing up. When it comes time for Alex to “settle down” he’ll find a nice Swedish girl and he’ll marry her and they’ll raise their kids in the artsy-bohemian community of Stockholm.

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  1. Sixer says:

    Germans sure do love their pork and the various sausages it makes. There’s a German side dish made with onions that they call “mit musik” because it makes you fart. I love that.

    I like this guy. I’d only hit it in a half-hearted way, but he’s all real person, ain’t he?

  2. T.Fanty says:

    I’m still not feeling the biscuit-tingles, but the more interviews I read on ASkars, the more I love him. I’d like to hang out, drinking German beer and eating sausage with him. And that isn’t a euphemism.

  3. Caro says:

    I wish he’d do more comedy too. This ridiculous Swedish movie called “Hundtricket” from like 10 years ago is one of my favorites. It’s so stupid but totally endearing and hilarious.

  4. Maureen says:

    Am I the only one who finds it incredibly annoying when actors are talking about themselves but use the pronoun “you”? And even worse is when they switch back and forth between “you” (when they mean “I” or “me”) and the appropriate “I”. They all do it! Drives me crazy.

    And Askars, you’re only hot from the neck down, honey.

  5. bettyrose says:

    Poor baby. The heavy burden of those smoldering good looks…. I’ll soothe your hurt
    Over here. This way.

  6. bammer says:

    The man had a thing with Kate Bosworth and assorted models who seem to be the vain Hollywood types he claims to not want to be part of. I just can’t figure out this glaring contradiction.

  7. Ann says:

    Standards for men are REALLY low if he’s considered handsome.

  8. Elle says:

    He’s back in L.A now (there are papz shots of him on other sites) and, I’m sure I’m projecting, but he looks so sad. Like he’s really missing his family/friends/German pork/whatever.

  9. lucy2 says:

    That’s funny he said that, because after the pics of him and Alicia just standing there talking, there was an article about how they’ve been dating for a year (same thing as said about Ellen) and that they were contemplating marriage. LOL.

    I find him ridiculously hot. And likable, which is always nice.

  10. Jade says:

    Lol, if he really wanted a ‘nice’ Swedish girl, he would be with one by now, but that doesn’t seem like his type. He’s been famous and a sex symbol in Sweden since he was 21 and has a rep there for being a player.

  11. mollie says:

    In a few more years he might sort of get close to being as sexy as his father….but Stellan is still tops.

  12. merski says:

    “Mamma Mia! star Stellan Skarsgård”…. OUCH!!! That’s a low blow… :(

  13. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    I’ll be his “good friend” any day.

  14. grabbyhands says:

    Oh god, can we stop banging the Ellen Page-ASkars drum?

  15. Ashling says:

    I want him to settle down and give us baby cuddling pics…and videos of cooing in Swedish.

  16. Mario says:

    I don’t hate him I just think he’s an example of a lot of things that are wrong with being a celebrity. First he grew up rich and with connections, so its not like he had to try too hard to be an actor. Second, he’s basically what all straight white men are expected to look like-a walking Ken doll. There are men with severe eating disorders and messed up body image because only certain types of men are labeled “attractive”. People should really try and think what show business tells people about how they should feel about themselves and others and how messed up that can be.

  17. Ceebee says:

    Good grief. That does it. Officially in love with this man. The Viking chanting, the chugging beer and sausage- the NOT twittering every F’ing thing in his life. Love him. Handsome as hell too.

  18. M.Fargus says:

    Why do some people here feel the need to have him married off in his 30″s, and so what if he doesn’t want to settle down yet, it’s his choice. Also no one knows what type of woman he will end up with if does ever marry. I am an American Who married a Norwegian, Who is very much into his Vikingness. People marry when they feel like it to Who they fall in love with. No one knows what Alexander S. will do in the future, if he goes the Clooney route that would be ,having one marriage , then divorcing ,then dating for years, but so what. Alexander seems like a nice, honest man, enjoying his life. Love the guy. Hal da

  19. TheRealTea says:

    I don’t care what none of y’all say, I still love him!!!! lol!! I love a sexy man w/ an intelligent sense of humor. I’d hit that HARD.

  20. anet says:

    i just wish he wasn’t gay in real life. other than that, he can be as vain and pathetic as he wants to. man is still hot.