Jennifer Aniston is totally pregnant except her rep denied it, says Us Weekly

I have no idea how many “Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?” stories I’ve written over the course of five years. It comes in phases – when Jennifer is laying low, she tends to gain a few pounds and then the “pregnancy rumors” begin because everyone assumes she’s laying low because she’s pregnant and she’s gained weight because she’s pregnant. At this point, my rule is to ignore all of the pregnancy rumors that come from Star, In Touch, Life & Style and especially OK! Mag. Maybe I’ll discuss it if comes from the Daily Mail. But I will definitely discuss it if it comes from People Mag or Us Weekly, because those are the two publications with close relationships to Aniston and her team – when Aniston wants to leak certain information or combat a certain story, she goes to Us Weekly and People.

So, it’s odd that Us Weekly is running a “Aniston is pregnant” cover this week. Do they have the sources to back it up?

Jennifer Aniston has been engaged to her fiance Justin Theroux since Aug. 2012 — but the pair are already expanding their family with a baby!. A new report reveals that Jen is “thrilled beyond belief,” about her pregnancy news.

Jen, 44, is reportedly expecting her first baby, but she’s not jumping to announce her news. She is reportedly waiting to announce the news until she has passed those crucial first months.

“She is scared of having a miscarriage, given her age, so they are not saying anything until she is six months along,” an insider told Us Weekly.

Justin, 42, and Jen are happy in love and are thrilled for their news. “They’re extremely happy. This is the baby Jen always wanted,” the source said.

Jennifer has been spotted at parties drinking only water, reveals the mag. She has also been wearing looser fitting dresses with strategic rouching to her We’re The Millers premieres. In order to camouflage her tiny bump, “her stylists had to redo her whole press tour wardrobe,” the insider tells Us.

Jen and Justin’s wedding plans are on hold for the time being, as a source also revealed that “the baby is taking priority.”

A rep denied the pregnancy to Us Weekly. is waiting for separate confirmation.

[From Hollywood Life]

So, her rep denied it to Us Weekly but they still ran with the story and put it on the cover? That is just… weird. I suspect that this is The Classic Aniston Game for when she’s promoting a film – someone, somewhere will report that she’s pregnant based on photos of Aniston massaging her stomach area on a red carpet, then Aniston gets to spend the publicity tour talking about the state of her womb and how she’s not pregnant and we’re so invasive but yes, she wants kids of course she does.

Or she could really be pregnant this time and her rep is just lying like he does often enough. You choose your version of the story. I will say this – if she’s pregnant, really and truly pregnant, that might go a long way to explaining why she looked so ill and barfy during TIFF.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Bikerbob says:

    This woman is so annoying She makes Goopy look like a nice person Her 15 minutes are so over!

    • NerdMomma says:

      Out of curiosity, why do people talk about “15 minutes” when they’re talking about celebrities whose careers span decades? Aniston has been around for 15 years, at least, and she’s got a craft. I’m not saying Oscar-worthy, but she’s no Bachelorette star- THAT is who I’d say has “15 minutes.”

    • Carole says:

      Her latest movie made over 100 millions in US only. Her “15 minutes” lasts over 15 years. You may not like her but there is no reason to hate her and underestimate her work and brand.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Carole, who wrote: “Her latest movie made over 100 millions in US only. Her “15 minutes” lasts over 15 years. You may not like her but there is no reason to hate her and underestimate her work and brand.”

        But it’s ‘not’ Jen’s movie. It’s an ensemble cast. Her ensemble films usually do well. But how have the films she’s had to carry alone done?

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        I am guessing Emma is Team Angie….
        My God! She has ridden Brad and Angie’s coattails all this time? And are they the ones who keep getting her parts in so MANY movies?
        She isn’t the greatest actress, but she isn’t riding the coattails of her divorce.
        I suppose you think she’s the one keeping Brad & Angie from getting married because the triangle would be gone?
        You are a little obsessed with slamming Jen imo. I’m not even a big fan! She just doesn’t bother me like bothers you.
        But you think Beyonce actually gave birth, so that says something too…

      • lenje says:

        You know, I won’t argue that Aniston’s biggest movies are “ensemble”, whether that’s small ensemble (2 actors billed, ex: Just Go With It), or large ensemble (more than 2 actors billed, ex: Horrible Bosses). Question: if it weren’t Jennifer Aniston there, would they be as successful? People keep questioning why she still works. I think studios know that, more often than not, Aniston contributes to the success of the movies. Would you prefer a “star” whose power to draw people to the movie is (apparently) questionable, or a team player who’s proven to help the movies sell?

      • Sabrine says:

        The longest pregnancy in history and every sickening and annoying article about it has been rubbed in our faces during the past two decades. Stop already! She’s not pregnant. She never will be pregnant. Enough.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think she gets work because she’s likeable, has a fanbase (Friends), and is moderately talented–I don’t think she can act, but apparently some people do.

        Here’s her Star Market article, I found it interesting.

      • Fact says:

        The fact that she earn more money than her former co star in Friends now after the show over more than ten years ago or even she earn more than her ex hubby when she is on friends or even after ( basic on Forbes list and her ex confession), will not change the opinion of people who dislike her for whatever reason.
        They will always accuse her success because of her ex or her movie success because ensemble set up but when her movie didn’t deliver,they will blame her solely on it.
        The funny thing is,she is rarely mention her ex anymore (can’t said the same to her ex,which strangely in two recent print interview mention about her) but the hater still think she coattail her ex for her success.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @ZigZagZoey, who wrote: “You are a little obsessed with slamming Jen imo. I’m not even a big fan! She just doesn’t bother me like bothers you.
        But you think Beyonce actually gave birth, so that says something too…”

        Wow, I’m really flattered by all the attention. Let me take a bow. :)

        Here’s the deal … I’ve said this before and no one believes it, but I don’t ‘hate’ Jen. If she’d been honest after her divorce and owned up to the fact it was over long before those pics hit the Tabloids in April of 2005 I’d still be a huge fan of hers. But she lied and played the victim, egging on the public’s misconception that she was blind-sided by the villainess Angelina Jolie and her ‘sensitivity chip missing’ husband in April 2005. She played on public sympathy and is still doing it today. The ‘Jen’s Getting Married’ “People magazine cover, which preempted the traditional Oscar edition of “People” earlier this year, only happened because it was the rumored weekend Brad and Angie were going to get married.

        I can’t even begin to understand how anyone can blindly buy everything Jen sells.

        Well … thanks again for the flattery, I’m off to bed. :)

      • Ennie says:

        Brad stopped working for a while when they were married, so he was not making as much. That was before created his producing company.
        She tried to get her hands on it, but he paid her to keep it all for himself and his partners.
        That was a good move and look at the great movies they are helping create.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Ennie, who wrote: “She tried to get her hands on it, but he paid her to keep it all for himself and his partners.
        That was a good move and look at the great movies they are helping create.”

        Actually, Brad bought out ‘both’ of his partners in 2006–Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey. Brad Pitt has been the sole owner of Plan B Entertainment since then.

  2. tracking says:

    This story has been out there so many times, it’s crazy. Even the specific wording here seems recycled. She sure doesn’t look pregnant and said herself she’s just gained a little weight. I think she also said people would know the pregnancy story is true when the “burrito” belly continues to grow or something to that effect.

    • m says:

      Yup and the woman is in her mid 40s so who knows if she can even have kods anymore? It certainly wont be easy.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Tracking, who wrote: “She sure doesn’t look pregnant and said herself she’s just gained a little weight. I think she also said people would know the pregnancy story is true when the “burrito” belly continues to grow or something to that effect.”

      Word. And a ‘pregnant’ belly would be more uniform and oval, from her groin to her breast bone … not just below her belly button, like in the pictures above.

      And isn’t the photo in the purple dress from last month sometime? Wouldn’t she be ‘bigger’ (and past the barfing stage) if she were really pregnant?

      • Dana says:

        Actually she does look pregnant- i mean ive only been pregnant 3 times and im no expert but thats how i looked up until 7 months for each child.

      • Lishka says:

        Im with Dana on this…that first picture looks like 3-4 months pregnant for a first timer…that would be one fukkload of burritos if thats what else its supposed to pass off as. I too have had 3 kids…you don’t start off with a belly that sticks out and goes up to your tits, you start with a mound above your pubic bone.

      • June says:

        I usually have a pretty flat stomach, but after a big meal my stomach looks pregnant.

        Its a food baby. That picture with the purple dress was taken over a month ago, so shouldn’t her bump have expanded at least a little??? Except it looks to be the exact same.

        Also if she was 3/4 months pregnant then, you really think she would wear such a dress if she wants to keep it a secret??? GMAB

    • Andrew says:

      So I know this is celebitchy, and it’s all about celebs and gossip, but I don’t understand why gossipers are like hawks when it comes to celebs and pregnancies/pregnant announcements. I’m not talking about celebitchy, y’all usually have respect, but some blogs act like its a bad thing when celebs don’t instantly announce they’re pregnant, or when celebs don’t really want to confirm a pregnancy. I think it’s an incredibly private issue that should be revealed when the parents decide, especially since there could be pregnancy problems/misscariagge. I just don’t think they should even speculate of soneone is pregnant. Yes, I’m on a celebrity gossip site, but I would like think the line would be drawn with this issue. Rant is over lol.

    • lucy2 says:

      Exactly – the wording is recycled. The tabloids do it because they know it sells, and her publicist denies it because it’s another headline.

  3. Mayda says:

    im speculating (obviously) but even her arms and legs look a little thicker lately (not saying fat, but usually she is sooooooooo lean/athletic)

    it will be funny if its true this time, after all the false alarms.

    she annoys me generally but I do think she has wanted a family for awhile. I’ll be happy for her :)

  4. NerdMomma says:

    Some of that doesn’t make sense, though. The floral dress definitely would camouflage a bump, but if anything that purple satin dress enhances it. Really it just looks like a chub roll to me, but if she didn’t want people to know about a pregnancy she was trying to keep secret for now, she wouldn’t wear that. If she was trying to start pregnancy rumors, she would. I personally don’t give a hoot if she every has kids or not, my takeaway is that Aniston has really phenomenal legs. Look at those legs!!

  5. DenG says:

    The header picture shows a bulge. The more recent Toronto picture (blue dress) doesn’t. Her upper arms do look puffy. Probably planning to deliver around Oscar time, maybe on the red carpet.

  6. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Sorry, I thought I’d clicked ‘reply’ @NerdMomma … moved my post there. (blush)

  7. Belle Epoch says:

    Ooooooooo Justin is trapped now. Or not.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Yeah, I don’t get how people can say that she wants kids, when she’s with Justin. I get that people change their minds, especially with huge decisions like having a kid, but Justin is 41(ish) years old.

      If a dude didn’t have kids with his girlfriend of 14 years, then there’s a high chance that he ain’t going to do it with you–not at that age.

      I mean, sure it’s possible that she got him to change his mind (we won’t even get into that), but highly unlikely.

      • Hally says:

        Girl you never know. There are always those stories of couples who break up because one of them “didn’t want commitment” or didn’t “believe in the construct of marriage” and then they turn around and marry the jump off. Even worse the men who string their partners along saying they don’t want kids and then realize, that actually, they totally do want to pass on their DNA and drop their now to-old-to-be-fertile partner for the nearest available womb. Those stories really get me.

  8. blue marie says:

    man damn, can’t a woman eat a little extra food without being pregnant? I think if she were pregnant and trying to keep it a secret, she wouldn’t be wearing really tight dresses.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so tired of these Aniston pregnancy stories!!! It must sell magazines because it’s in a different tabloid every month. Why can’t people accept that she’s happy without a child – many of u are :-)

  10. davidbowie says:

    She doesn’t look barfy. She looks Botox-y.

  11. LB says:

    I dont know of she has a bun in the oven. But irs possible that she has been pregnant previously and miscarried. It would explain why we had that period where everyone believed she was.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      And can you blame her for not wanting anyone to know if she did miscarry? There would be 15 years of sad Jen AGAIN.
      IDK, she just doesn’t bother me that much. The constant stories about her do somewhat, but not her.

    • lisa2 says:

      I wish someone could explain to me why her fans are always bringing up some theory of a miscarriage. Either the past or present. Why is it easier or better that it be that than she doesn’t want children and has NEVER been pregnant. Why is that reality so difficult to accept or believe.

      Jennifer is not 23, or 33. She is a 44+ year old woman. She is not some young newly married person deciding on being a parent.

      Having a child at 44 is a lot different than having one at 44 after you have already had children.

      seriously she has made it clear she is not dying to have a child. I think these stories must be targeted to her fans that still dream of an Aniston baby; because the rest of the world is not buying it or is interested one way or another.. 10 years ago maybe.. but now.. move on and find something new.

      • LucyS says:

        I don’t understand why her fans are so obsessed with her being a mom, either. Some people just don’t want kids. And that’s fine. The way people insist she must want them… Look, she may have said that at some point, but people’s lives change and so do their situations. Maybe she’s just happy being 40+, rich, and going on vacation and boozing up with her girl friends. Hell, I have a kid and that sounds good to me. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be a mom. Why is that such a bad thing?

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        Um WHOOPS! Wrong placement for my reply!

      • Janet says:

        Her fans think having a baby will be payback for Brad Pitt leaving her. As if the one has anything to do with the other, but as a group, Aniston’s fans aren’t very bright.

      • Cecilia says:

        @ Janet

        I think JA is just fine & think you are way off with your assessment. Nice blanket insult. Geez!!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think Janet is referring to the crazy fans, not the nice ones (like yourself, I’m assuming)–I’ve only gone on FF once, to see what the whole fuss was about, and I wanted to bleach my eyeballs out.

        I enjoy this site, because it has more a family feel for it, if you know what I mean. I feel like for the most part, we all are respectful towards each other, and that we all care about each other, and I feel that my opinion is important to you all, as your opinion is to me.

        But other sites (which is why I don’t like going on them) don’t moderate at all, and there’s this feeling of detachment. And while it has died down, there are still people who think like that. Although I think most of them now say that Brad’s a loser and Angelina trapped him with kids–they’re sooo glad that Jennifer doesn’t have to spend time with that many kids…stuff like that.

        I think that most of her crazy fans only come on this site when there’s a huge story, like when she got engaged, when Brad and Angelina got engaged, the whole drama with Heidi, Justin, and Jen–you can tell because they only comment on those stories, and they’re usually insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I noticed when on all three of those counts.

      • doofus says:

        to Virilgia…

        “I’ve only gone on FF once, to see what the whole fuss was about, and I wanted to bleach my eyeballs out.”

        since you brought that site up, I have to ask. I’ve never been there, but from what I’ve read here, there are a LOT of disgusting posts about Jolie and the JP kids. like, REALLY disgusting.

        what I don’t understand is, if that site is so horrible and stomach-turning, why do the JP fans (who seem to be the only ones who bring it up, mentioning it a site where the kids get trashed) go and read that crap?

        if it’s as vile and disgusting as they make it out to be, why make return visits? I’ve deliberately NOT re-visited sites after one visit because of how disgusting the commenters are, so I wonder why would someone put themselves through that, repeatedly?

        obv, you can’t answer for others, and you’ve only been there once as your post indicates, but I’m wondering why others would go back…

      • lenje says:

        @doofus: yeap, totally agree. Similar question has been raised on IMDB board. I’ve visited the First Female once, and yes, it’s vile. But from what I saw, supporters of both camps are equally guilty in using curses and naming names. By always referring to First Female, it looks to me as if other fora (including here in Celebitchy) are considered as a proxy battle. It’s actually quite funny and sad at the same time :)

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think it’s a mixture of curiosity and disbelief that people can get like that. I also think that it’s to bring up the fact that someone may think that a certain scandal is over, but for a lot of people it isn’t i.e. FF. And sure it’s kind of interesting to go on and read just how crazy some people are (and thank God you aren’t).

        And I also don’t think that people who have brought it up, go for return visits. It’s pretty easy to guess, because from what I can tell, the site isn’t moderated and it’s pretty much run by people who like to pat each other on the backs with how much they hate Angelina.

        I hope I’m not like that towards Jennifer–I don’t like her, mainly her behavior since The Leg came into the equation (and Lord could I go on and on), but I don’t think she’s killing kittens or anything.

        I mentioned FF because that site’s just notorious for that kind of behavior. I read through a lot of the archives from 2005 (when this site started), and there was a little of that going on (the disgusting name calling and so on-mainly of Angelina), until they figured out that the comments would be moderated and people would get banned.

        And I’m sure a lot of the other gossip sites (radar, us weekly, etc) were like that too–I just went on us weekly for the first time, and read some of the comments, and while some were critical, there was nothing nasty.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Really? When I went on, it was something about Maleficient, and I saw horrible, nasty comments about Angelina, and I saw a few neutral ones–no fans, to tell you the truth. But then again, I was only on for a minute or so.

      • doofus says:

        thanks for responding. I agree, for a LOT of people it isn’t over. even for those who claim to be over it, it’s clear they’re not when the only threads they post on are Jolie-Pitt or Aniston ones. and are clearly on a “side” in each.

        I guess that I just don’t get it. if I find something disgusting and “stomach-turning” (as some have called it), NO AMOUNT of curiosity or disbelief will make me return. and it’s clear that they DO return, because I see comments like “those crazies over at FF are having a field day over this picture” or something like that, when referencing a current photo or post on THIS site. so, yeah, some of them do return.

        that’s the part I don’t get.

        (and no, you’re not like that towards Aniston. your posts seem to be pretty objective and always interesting.)

      • chloe says:

        Janet I’m glad you brought this topic up, I’ve been going to Celebitchy for awhile and the comments on the Jen/Brad/Ang posts always leave me either amused, eye-rolling and then there are some that are just absolutely scary. I like all three stars, but I feel like if you say one thing that may come off as a negative towards Angelina certain posters go nuts on you and start claiming your from this other site. Someone made a joke on the Angelina purse post yesterday, which I chuckled at, but then boom out came the claws, I didn’t see the poster as being mean, but apparently they did. Yikes.
        As for Jen, I don’t think she’s preggo, but if she is congrats and Jen if your reading this please lay off the self tanner and buy your man some pants that don’t look like their painted on.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I do agree that it is a little annoying to have comments like that all the time re-”the ff nuts…”, but I always took those to be a given. Like, duh, the majority of people who post on there hate Angelina, of course they’re going to go nuts…it’s huge.

        I remember with both the engagements, people on this site went crazy. There were some people who felt that (if I remember it right) Brad and Angelina were being famehos for announcing their engagement, instead of just getting married and then saying that they were married. But those same people, didn’t say a word when Jennifer and Justin got engaged–via announcement, and then Jennifer spent the next three (?) months hiding her ring finger in her pocket whenever the paps caught her.

        But yeah…thanks! I try not to be as mean to Jennifer, especially since I was very disgusted about her friendship with Chelsea–which is what made me start digging into the whole triangle….well that and I’m a loser who had nothing to do for a week and a half (spring break!)

      • Janet says:

        @doofus: I was on that site once. After I clicked out of there, I wanted to rip out my whole hard drive and throw it in the washing machine.

      • lenje says:

        @virgilia: I stand corrected, as I just visited again the website to find example. Yes, they’re all very nasty towards Jolie, to the point of ridiculousness. However, I stand by my previous comment, i.e. other forums should not be proxy battles. There are numerous Aniston fans (and non-fans) who never participate in the First Female, and yet they get attacked/disputed when they give compliment to Aniston, or say something less than praising Jolie and/or Pitt. Worse, like someone has mentioned earlier, they’re often accused as “FF-ers”. WTH? If Jolie is heavily targeted on Female First, fight them there.

        PS. I don’t understand why her “pregnancy” news are recycled. I don’t think even her hardcore defenders care, at least not on the boards that I frequent.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Doofus and Lenje …

        I actually think the ‘Ian (Halperin) Undercover’ Board is much worse than Female First.

      • Lady D says:

        “read just how crazy some people are (and thank God you aren’t).”
        Word Virgi girl.

      • Teapot says:

        Exactly. The sad thing is they truly believe they are being original and they are the first to think of it, instead of one of several thousand to bring it up. Its been explained on here why Aniston would have told us if she did miscarry. Every Aniston pregnancy story you can set your watch to when a “has anyone ever thought” post. Its so unoriginal and boring. I don’t think theres been a more hashed out topic than this apart from the cheating.

  12. Ginger says:

    Eh I think she looks prettier with the extra few lbs. if it truly is true truly…then blessings to her. if this is yet another run around story…she should keep the extra weight.

  13. Len says:

    She’s 44. Isn’t it time for these rumours to end?

  14. Cecilia says:

    She has been looking puffy for a while now. I have suspected it was a combo of quitting smoking & fertility drugs. Leanne Rhimes has that same puffed out look, which I suspect is from fertility drugs. Time will tell.

  15. Kay says:

    I really hope she’s pregnant,that would make her fans happy and put a final end to the “triangle” stories.(she looks really pregnant in that first photo)*crossing my fingers*

  16. Renee says:

    Pregnant or not, she needs to wash her hair, it looks like she used Crisco to style it!!

  17. Lisa says:

    [gif of Judy Garland saying I DON'T CAAAAARE]

  18. Veee says:

    She wore that purple dress a month ago, so wouldn’t her bump have grown a little!!

    She wore a tight black dress to the press conference, so where is the proof she is dressing to hide it?

    • Lita says:

      IVF treatment can make you bloated at some point….maybe she was undergoing treatment at the time of the purple dress and it actually worked? I believe others that claim she uses the pregnancy rumors for publicity, but imagine how much it would suck if she were actually undergoing treatments and failing time after time while having everyone focus on her belly.

      • Veee says:

        What is the obsession with her and IVF?

        There is zero proof she has had it and suddenly people act like they are her doctor!

        And US is saying she was pregnant when she wore that purple dress and so wouldn’t this food bump be bigger?

      • Ellen says:

        What? Idly thinking Aniston may have been doing IVF for a year or more isn’t an obsession. It’s one possible explanation for her fluctuating stomach. She could also just be binging on carbs and drinking a lot of wine — which as a parent of teenagers, for me personally sounds like a MUCH better way to spend your 40s. I do happen to think she’s been doing IVF now that she’s with Justin (see: Marcia Cross and IVF as soon as she got married) but it’s just a suspicion. I’m not obsessed and I care about as much as it takes to spend my afternoon coffee break on a gossip site.

  19. Thinker says:

    Boy who cried wolf.

    Also, wasn’t she drinking at that big party she threw Justin at their massive house… A month ago?

  20. Chinoiserie says:

    Or maybe the magazine is making this up to sell the issue. I mean I am sure even the bigger magazines sometimes report something that is pure speculation and not always celebrities PR.

  21. toto says:

    Since all she drinks is water, Smartwater can gets you pregnant. This will be smartwater future advertisement.

    • WickedSteppMom says:

      Oh HELL no! I just finished a 1 liter bottle of Smartwater, and will be PISSED if I end up pregnant. Pissed that we spent thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and IVF to conceive my daughter, when I could have spent $1.59 down at the gas station.

  22. Kim1 says:

    CB had pics of her in Cabo three weeks ago post We Are the Millers US premier wearing bikinis.Funny that this breaking news isnt on

  23. Emily C. says:

    What’s she going to do to promote stuff in a few years when pregnancy rumors get extremely silly?

    She has a little tummy. It is really tiny for a woman of any age, but especially one in her 40s. Good on her for not taking drugs/overexercising/quitting eating to eliminate it. Bad on her for these pregnancy rumors if she truly is behind them. (Unless she really is pregnant, but I doubt it.)

  24. Jen34 says:

    I don’t understand why she would ever, ever wear anything that makes her stomach look like it does in the first pic. I’m no movie star, but I run for my Spanx to avoid that look.

    Secondly, if she were truly pregnant she would be an idiot to tell anybody. It should be just her and Justin’s secret. Unless this was leaked by a doctor’s office, I won’t believe it.

  25. Samtha says:

    Why are people so determined to get this woman pregnant? It’s become really gross.

  26. toto says:

    If she is trying to get pregnant and is now, wish her the best.
    I hope its really not a new rumer for pr.

  27. GByeGirl says:

    I think that she is lactose intolerant. That’s what my gut looks like if I’ve had dairy and not enough of my probiotic/lactase enzyme pills.

  28. Cheryl says:

    I’d normally think this was true due to it being an Us Weekly cover, but the fact that they haven’t splashed this on their website as an exclusive first thing this morning makes me wonder how much faith they have in the story. So who knows.

  29. DenG says:

    Hey. What happened to the earlier post about the hair care products that she and Smilin’ Bob claim to use?

  30. Kcaia says:

    I don’t know, this would be a big fail for US to go with if they didn’t know what they’re talking about, especially bc they have a good rep for breaking news/gossip.

  31. cs says:

    When People Magazine confirms it, I’ll believe it.. Not US magazine.

    • manly says:

      hmhmhmh…like the wedding is ready.from people rug,eh

      • Veee says:

        The wedding is soon story from People was straight from Aniston’s pr team!

        They were told a wedding would happen in March from her team and her team lied to get her some attention.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        People magazine prints what the celebrities want them to say, not what’s necessarily true.

        Which I just didn’t get why she had those two People covers for her wedding–the first one, I think was to draw some attention to herself because she went to the Oscars with Justin.

        The second one was after Angelina had two covers in a row about her mastectomy–I remember someone asked why now, why a cover now about putting her wedding off (which was obvious because it was past spring and she wasn’t married, and there wasn’t anything else in the article), and someone said it was easier to upstage a wedding than a double mastectomy.

        The second one was completely unnecessary in my opinion–she didn’t reveal ANYTHING about the wedding that we didn’t already know i.e. it didn’t happen yet.

    • cs says:

      But for the most part when People say’s a celebrity is divorcing or having a baby it is usually the truth.
      When People announces it, I’ll believe it.
      I don’t think her publicist is that sick to make a statement to People that she’s pregnant just to get some attention.
      Engagements/Weddings are called off all the time in HW.

      • Teapot says:

        Oh but her publicist is that sick. He was caught out (calls to and then back to deny were traced to his phone number) on at least 2 occasions ringing up with a story then calling back to deny it, just to get his client in the tabloids. Its VINTAGE Huvane.

  32. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    My question is who in the world buys these tabloids? The story is boring and old and overused. Heavily overused. It might’ve been fun the first few years, but now….it’s tired.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Um….I think that’s an excellent question!! WHO would spend $$ on this garbage when you can get it all online for FREE!!! It’s already been online by the time it comes out in a mag!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I can see buying them and discussing them with your friends if you don’t have a computer or internet–that’s what one of my teachers does, because the wifi at her house is horrible, but I send her the links, so she gets them on her phone.

        But I’m wondering who specifically is buying THIS narrative. I would pay money for some good scoops. Like my sister, who very rarely buys gossip magazines, actually had the People cover when Brad and Angelina were photographed on that beach in Kenya.

        I remember that because I was helping her pack up her stuff for college, and I started flipping through the magazine and saw the pictures–so I can get something like that–but buying these weekly for tired, old pregnancy rumors?

        uh, no

      • Katherine says:

        “I can see buying them and discussing them with your friends”

        LOL! Not on your life. I hope everyone of us would be too embarrassed to do that.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Well I mean if you don’t get internet or have a computer–that’s the next best thing. Because we’re basically doing what girlfriends do–except it’s more anonymous. I wouldn’t buy them, because I’d rather waste those four dollars on some chocolate.

  33. Sara says:

    So they aren’t telling anyone but Us Weekly knows? Huh interesting…

  34. StormsMama says:

    She actually does look pregnant to me. Her face and boobs are fuller not just her tummy. And the pics in Mexico last month- she has a teeny tiny hint of a bloat which could totally be a baby.
    This narrative bores me -
    But if she wants a baby
    At her age
    I wish her nothing but healthy and happy pregnancy and baby news.

  35. Tiffany says:

    If the story is true (which I doubt), I cannot imagine her with children. I never got a hint of maternal from her. There is nothing wrong with not having children, but why does she continue to allow herself to be put in this position. Will it finally prove this was a reason that lead to her divorce.

  36. lori says:

    If she’s expecting its with the same surrogate that Beyonce used!

  37. Maggie says:

    I don’t see any fans on here wishing she were pregnant.

  38. IceQueen says:

    I doubt it…But you never know. Maybe if she is, she’ll go away for a while.

  39. Justme says:

    Well whenever any Hollywood lady’s career needs a boost or they are getting on in age (Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani) and their star has faded and they are desperate to stay relevant..presto, they get pregnant and that prolongs their career, being papped and articles with baby is the new Hollywood.

    I do not think JA is a motherly type, but seriously, at 44 and a career based on romcoms and piggy-backing on an ex husbands name for close to a decade, her options to stay popular and relevant are dwindling and even JA likely knows this (and she can always pass the baby off to nanny, so it’s a win-win for her).

    • Kim1 says:

      So every older celeb gets pregnant to stay relevant? Really ? Rather than to expand their family.Do the twenty something celebs get pregnant for the same reason? Gossipcop says story is 100 % false and mentions they didnt bother to post story on

  40. Eleonor says:

    Mamma mia! Here we go again!

  41. Andrea1 says:

    Well well well here we go again! Ugh when is this speculation going to end I guess never! Let’s see how this plays out.

  42. jojo says:

    she strikes me as too conceited to have a child. at least through pregancy. Shes got adoption written all over her though..

  43. ilove6kies says:

    Oh for the love of god not this again

  44. Wilma says:

    I like that she doesn’t do botox. She seems to be aging a lot more naturally then others -cough- Kidman -cough-. Sure she doesn’t age as well as Cate Blanchett, but still, it’s good that she seems to be comfortable in her own skin.

  45. Brea says:

    If US weekly was so sure, why is it not even on their site yet?

    Usually when they break a story it is there first thing in the morning or even the night before.

    That says a lot to me about the accuracy of this story.

    US weekly has gotten a lot wrong in the past.

  46. marina says:

    I was thinking her boobs looked bigger than usual in recent pictures and she has not looked her best. This is the first time I’ve thought it may actually be true. A lot of people with dysfunctional childhoods don’t want kids… my family included. It seems like her mother did a number on her so that could be part of it. Who knows. My Psych 101 analysis.

  47. MrsBPitt says:

    I usually NEVER believe JA pregnancy rumors…BUT…I’m starting to believe it this time. Firt of all, she is 44, seriously, its now or never. Secondly, she actually looks pregnant this time.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      See I don’t know what to believe. Because I do think that she did want only a few kids in the beginning, but then she wasn’t in a serious relationship for years–so I can see that she would enjoy being childfree. On the other hand, she can have a kid whenever she wants–so it is now or never–if she wants to be pregnant.

      But I don’t like that she talks about wanting kids, then when pap pics with her hand over her stomach, or something like that comes out, and people start speculating that she’s pregnant–she gets mad and say that we need to stop keeping her down. And then she goes and assures people that it ‘will happen’.

      Plus when she and Justin had started dating (the “official” timeline *snickers*), the tabs ran a story about how Jennifer couldn’t wait to be a mom and start a family with Justin, how he was going to be the best dad ever…. Huvane isn’t doing his job if she hates those kind of tabloid stories.

  48. Toot says:

    I hope it’s true just to see what the kid will look like with a mix of Jennifer’s old features and Justin’s big honker.

  49. Nan says:

    I truly hope she’s not effing with people – and that she IS pregnant (and that all goes well). If she has a baby, the tabloids might stop with their stupid (passive-aggressive) Pity Party for Jen. zzzzzzzzzzz…
    I think she is really over BP and found herself the perfect partner but as to whether they really want to be parents, the jury is wayyyy out on that one, I think we can all agree? I’d be quite surprised — and yeah, happy for them — if it is true.

    • Josephina says:

      Over Pitt? Damn.

      This woman has had several relationships since 2005 and ALL people remember and refer to is…Brad Pitt.

      The amazing Brad Pitt, still talking about him 9 years later.

      No mention of Gerard Butler, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, etc… just Brad Pitt.

      This chick is engaged to be married and posters still have Brad Pitt on their minds. Very telling.

      Justin is still living under Brad Pitt’s shadow. Shame. LOL.

    • Teapot says:

      She encourages the pity party routine and has for 8 years straight. Also I’m rather confused that you think Justin is the perfect partner for her. Justin is a cheating douche, he cheated on his 14 year partner, Heidi Bivens, with Jennifer. If you think a cheating douche is perfect for her, then, I suppose he is. After all, she gets what she deserves.

  50. Bea says:

    A story on this woman being pregnant again – shocker.

    Hm. Could it be because her new movie barely has a distributor and she was virtually eliminated from all reviews of the movie at TIFF?

    She certainly has the hardest working PR team in all of Hollywood who have been pushing this pregnancy thing for the last 15 years at least.

  51. kim says:

    Omfg ppl need to get over the fact that she’s never having a baby. She cant straight up say babies suck and I dont want one, but ppl should take the hint.

  52. sophie says:

    She is not promoting any movies now. We’re the Millers, which has been out for 6 weeks and so far has made over 200M worldwide, and Life of Crime, which was just shown at TIFF last week. She has no more movies coming out this year.

  53. Jasmine says:

    That light blue dress she recently wore has a corset. No pregnant woman in her right mind would put on a corseted dress…no matter how tiny their bump is at the time…

  54. NewWester says:

    Considering how the paps and media are always reporting every move JA makes. I find it difficult to believe there are no reports of her being seen entering a medical clinic or building where IVF procedures are done(if she did do that)
    She is a very well known celebrity, someone would have seen her and made a call to the paps.
    If she is pregnant all the best to her.But if she thinks the paps are a pain now, can you imagine what it will be like when they all want to take photos of her child?

  55. Lucky Charm says:

    I could swear that YEARS ago, she said that she didn’t think she ever wanted kids because of the dysfunctional relationship with her own mother. She was afraid of being the same way with her own kids and didn’t want history to repeat itself.

  56. John says:

    If it’s true and if it’s what she wants, I’m very happy for her. I hope she has an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby.
    Just as AJ’s happiness does not affect her, hers likely wont affect AJ. I think in reality everyone’s long moved on from that ancient drama.

  57. someone says:

    Call me old fashioned but if she and Justin really are trying to have a baby – either via IVF or good old fashioned trying – they should do the right thing and get married first. Obviously celebrities these days don’t think they need to be married to have a baby but come on can’t at least one celebrity couple to do it in the right order? That is the one thing she could have over Brad and Angie – her children could be born IN WEDLOCK. If you have time to get pregnant then you have time to stop in at the court house and get married.

    • Brea says:

      People who scream and whine about kids born out of wedlock need to get a life. So judgmental. Shut up about WEDLOCK.

      Who says it is the “right” thing??

      If someone chooses to have a baby out of wedlock it is their business and none of yours.

      • Amelia says:

        Sorry Brea, I agree with Someone. It’s not being judgmental to say something about kids being born to married parents anymore than it’s judgmental to talk about JA wanting or not wanting kids. I’m in Someone’s camp; I think it’s important to show that commitment before bringing a child into a relationship.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Because being married first guarantees better parenting? Alrighty then. Whether you are married before or after you have a baby doesn’t have anything to do with what type of life that child will have, if the parents are committed to each other. And what is an acceptable time frame for being married prior to birth – does stopping at the courthouse on the way to the hospital count? Or does it only count if you are married before getting pregnant?

      • Amelia says:

        Lucky, if you look at sociological studies, particularly encompassing minority communities, married parents by and large do provide more stable homes than unmarried ones. Of course there are exceptions. As for time when it’s best to get married, I can’t say, but when moms seem obsessed with losing baby weight before choosing a wedding dress, their priorities seem a little misplaced.

      • Eva says:

        Completely agree. I have four children with the same dad, two before married two after, and I have brought them up with the same values and morals. Load of nonsense marriage IS just a piece of paper. If you’re going to be a bad parent the marriage licence won’t stop you.

    • Fact says:

      Married or not,it’s not a guarantee a person to be a good parent.
      But it’s your opinion.and I can see your point.
      It’s also make it harder to get out of the relationship when both in the legal contract.-:)

  58. June says:

    Not even on US weekly’s site yet! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Usually they would have a banner and BREAKING NEWS. Not too much faith in their sources.

  59. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    IF she is really pregnant- good for her and all the best..

  60. The Original G says:

    More like this is a denial by her representation in search of a question.

    The pattern of baby speculation around her film premieres has been well established and noticed.

    Maybe none of the tabloids are interested in taking the bait this time?

    • Fact says:

      Mm…I’m confuse with your sentence,how the tabloid not care? When US Weekly printed this story and every single news agency and blogger talk about it?
      About her tactic using pregnancy to gather the pr for her movie…maybe..but it’s not the reason people paid to see her movie. I don’t think people will willingly paid money to see her movie just because she is reported pregnant.
      The movie it self has to be good entertaining to draw audience. Pr is help to bring the attention to it but not guarantee box office result.

  61. Janet says:

    Gossip Cop already shot this one down. Chalk up another Huvane plant-and-deny.

    • Fact says:

      If she kept silent ,she is wrong,if she denied still wrong because you think she plant and denied for pr purpose.i think when you don’t like someone,it’s easy to think negative everything they did.
      The problem is why spend so much energy to click and comment about a person you dislike so much every single time.
      Love and hate is really a thin line.

      • Josephina says:

        Oh, c’mon.

        There have been stories about Jen being “pregnant” since 2002!!! It is 10-15 years later and still… no baby!!! Jen has made jokes about it for a while now.

        The baby stories feed the hopeful minds of the minivan majority. To them, a baby would make their happiness picture of Jen “complete.” They want this chick to have a baby badly!!!

        Maniston has not been in an emotionally stable relationship…EVER. But you want her to procreate anyway… so that you can breathe a sigh of relief.

        Apparently very few of you pay attention to what she says and who she dates. She has been with HOW MANY MEN at this point?!?!??!

        She could write a book on how to find love in all the wrong places. Yessiree, she sure knows how to pick ‘em. SMH.

        Just read some of these posts in “defense” of Aniston. LOL!!!

      • Cecilia says:

        Hello Fact…I totally agree with you. You are very objective in your observations.

        Love/Hate = Obsession.

  62. Snowpea says:

    What is it about bloody JA and AJ posts that brings out the nutters?

    I hardly EVER click on them but on the few occasions that I do, I shake my head and go ‘Yup, still nutty!’ ;)

    • Fact says:

      They both have a very loyal fan base ,it’s like a sport team with their own supporter team which more passionate about the rivalry than the sport team itself.
      I bet both JA and Brangie already move on long time ago,they might just use it for their own pr game now n then,but in reality they all have afternoon tea together in hidden place away from praying eyes.:)

  63. newtoyou says:

    I hope it is true. I’m on the fence if it is, with that Burberry dress it looked like it was a sure thing. But who really knows. I just wish them the best. It is really their business on their future plans for the wedding and kids. I think in most of her supporters including my self just would like to see her move forward with these things, maybe more for our reasons than hers…lol..

  64. Bird says:

    I really believe it this time. She DOES look pregnant. I worry about the people who are so obsessed with her being a barren child-hater and how they will handle it ;-) .

    • June says:

      Except for the fact that she has looked like this for over a year now. She has not had a flat stomach for a while now.

      And people will handle it just fine if she is. But her fans are the ones saying how lucky she is to have no…in their words….annoying kids bogging her down.

      She just does not look motherly or warm at all. I would be very surprised to see her have kids.

    • lisa2 says:

      Really why would anyone have a problem handling her being pregnant. There have been reports of her being pregnant for almost 15+ years.

      Barren means unable to have a child. I have never called her that. I don’t have a problem with her not having children. I don’t want to have them.

      BUT how are her fans going to handle her not having them. That is the question. because every time there is a story her fans are the ones that are screaming.. We are so happy for jen. She and Justin are going to have the cutest baby. Jen is going to be a great mommy.

      see.. you are looking at the wrong people on this one.

  65. Kosmos says:

    Aniston deserves any fame she has because of her acting skills, her comedic talent and because of Friends, which is still on TV after all these years. As far as pregnancy, her tummy could just be the result of getting older and losing her young womanly shape and moving into a more mature pear shape. After all, she’s not 30 anymore, so the body does change even though you eat carefully and exercise. Time will tell whether this is a baby bump or just her changing figure.

  66. skeptic says:

    From everything I’ve ever read and seen about her, she really seems to be an overall decent, sweet person. She went through lots of crap when Brad left her. I wish her all the best.

    • Ennie says:

      And still she got her man the same way.
      Poor Heidi, I hope she is over this creep.
      Also, it was humiliating that John Mayer dumped her twice and told that she was stuck in the 90s.
      I laugh at all her woes coming form that old “brad left her” when it has been almost 10 years and a nice string of men in the middle.

    • Teapot says:

      Clearly you haven’t read much then because she comes across as a manipulative spiteful person. Brad and Angelina were the ones who went through hell, Aniston milked all the pity party for sympathy only to turn around and homewreck herself and steal Justin from Heidi. Everything about her and her actions shows she is not a decent person and that she is a horrible person who hurts people and doesn’t care.

  67. floretta50 says:

    I don’t know the ages of the people on this board, but most people speak of a person who is going to be 45 in a few months as if they are twenty something. From personal experience, I don’t care who you are, how thin and fit you are that menopausal belly comes, you can exercise until the cows come home, you are going to get it and that is what Aniston have. She is not an elephant, ain’t noway her stomach would still be flat, Aniston is the one floating these stories because it gets her publicity at this point I don’t think she has any shame she gets what she wants, Angie or Brad will be coming out with something big this is her way of butting in.

  68. ann h says:

    I do believe she needs the attention and the paps. She says not, but why would she go grocery shopping last week for cereal in that billowy dress? I’m sure they have that stuff at home, so they’re bored and go “hey, lets go grocery shopping and I’ll wear a tent dress”, or I’ll put ice down my shirt and go for a walk. She lives for moments like this and has the last laugh but unfortunately, the mind games she plays are for her fans, not the people that don’t care.

  69. Sugar says:

    what! Jen is pregnant (again) wow that’s news

  70. Mew says:

    That’s one serious bumb to be showing on in public in such obvious dress. Either she has really let go her diet or she’s preggo. Or then it’s smartwater. I guess we’ll see sooner than later.

  71. Amelia says:

    I don’t think she is pregnant I think what she has is just middle age spread.

  72. kct says:

    I must admit, the first time I saw the pic with the purple dress I thought the same thing. Honestly I hope she is and if so, that she’s enjoying all of the speculation. Do like Drew Barrymore did and just say nothing.