Kristen Stewart tried to get back with Rupert Sanders, but he rejected her?

Just FYI, I’m not cosigning this story at all, the original “source” is OK! Magazine, which basically means that this is BS. That being said, you know I can’t resist an old-school Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders story, and I’ve been wondering for months now if Kristen and Rupert really did sever all ties last year. Remember back in April, when Rob Pattinson and Kristen were still together and Rob left town for a few weeks and there were stories about Kristen and Rupert meeting up? Yeah. Even though the Twihards yelled and yelled, I still think that might have happened. I think it’s completely possible that Kristen and Rupert were still banging even after they were discovered. You know why I think that? Because Liberty Ross waited until she found out exactly what was going on and then she divorced him.

So, back to this OK! Mag story. According to their sources (OK! Mag has gossipy Twihard gerbils of doom), Kristen reached out to Rupert after Robert dumped her. Only Rupert rejected her!

Kristen Stewart has had a rough time over the past several months — not only did Robert Pattinson end their relationship, but he also decided he doesn’t want to speak to her anymore. Could it get any worse for the Twilight actress? Apparently so! Kristen tried to maintain contact with Rupert Sanders after his wife divorced him, but she was quickly rejected by him as well.

You would think Kristen would have more shame about cheating on Rob, but apparently she had real feelings for Rupert and she wanted to date him again. She reportedly saw Rupert after he divorced Liberty but unfortunately for Kristen, their relationship was short-lived.

Rupert abruptly stopped seeing Kristen after the second time they met up, according to a new report from OK! magazine. Perhaps it was karma for Kristen breaking Rob’s heart?

Liberty is not happy with Kristen! She is concerned about her two small children and their relationship with their father and she expects Kristen to apologize for tearing apart her family.

“Liberty recently left a message for Kristen, suggesting she might as well sew a big letter ‘A’ on her chest, since she’s never really apologized to the now divorced mom,” a source tells OK.

Kristen made a public apology to Rob after cheating on him, which suggests she felt guilty about her actions, but it seems she’s not ready to make a public apology to Liberty just yet. Kristen is probably still reeling from her tough break up with Rob, especially after he put their former house on the market on Sept. 16, signifying the end of their relationship. It sounds like Kristen just needs some time to grieve! We hope she will eventually apologize to Liberty though — it’s the right thing to do.

[From Hollywood Life]

As I said, it really wouldn’t surprise me. She seemed way more into Rupert than she ever did with Rob. And why not try to “date” after they had broken up with their significant others? Of course it’s creepy, but if Rupert is divorced and Kristen is single, why not go for it? Maybe the passion was no longer there because it wasn’t some super-secret Mini Cooper tryst.

Meanwhile, have you heard the stories about Kristen’s stressed-out hair loss? The photos of her weird hair loss were going around last week – you can see them here. The tabloids are claiming this week that Kristen is “going bald because of stress over her affair with Rupert Sanders” and that “because of the enormous guilt weighing on Kristen’s head, she hasn’t allowed herself the time she needs to let herself heal. Kristen stays super busy to stay in denial. But the problem is, her body isn’t in denial. Kristen’s mental state is being played out on her scalp.” But other sources are saying it’s just because she wears a lot of wigs, weaves and hairpieces. Yeah. I think it’s probably that she doesn’t take care of her hair in general.

Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Why is this still a story? Nothing new, just tabloid mess,but there are people very invested in this still, twihards and and “non-fans”. Moving along.

    • Jen says:

      As long as people comment on anything pertaining to Rob and Kristen, then they will keep running the stories. And believe you me, people can’t get enough of the cheating of Kristen. Gossip Cop and Hollywood Life are notorious for running stories everyday and they get hundreds of hits which of course puts money in their pockets. Just like on here, you couldn’t resist to come on and comment about Kristen.

  2. BreeinSEA says:

    The rush of cheating is gone…

    • LeeLee says:

      Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the biggest (next to Angelina) homewrecker of them all?

      • Josephine says:

        Um, most of Hollywood. The list of “home-wreckers” is a long one indeed, including many beloved actresses. And notice how the men are never on the list and never called out?

      • Another Ann says:

        ITA, Josephine. If you read People magazine, you’d think Simon Cowell was up for Father of the Year. Noone is yelling about him being a homewrecker.

      • Noi says:

        Hard to wreck a home that’s in shambles.

      • Maya says:

        How about adding triple homewrecker Jennifer Aniston, double homewrecker Laura Dern,Julia Roberts, Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Garner etc?

      • briargal says:

        Don’t forget about LeAnn Rimes–aka #1 homewrecker. She has NEVER apologized to Brandi either so where is her scarlet A? Instead she harassed Brandi terribly wanting her to disappear from the face of the earth because LR is so much better and the only thing that matters.

      • Mary says:


        Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Angelina the one who homewrecked relationship of Billy Bob and Laura Dern?

      • mimi says:


        Don’t forget Claire Danes. Billy Crudup left his 8 month pregnant, long time girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker, for Danes. And Sienna Miller helped to bust up Jude Law’s marriage to Sadie Frost who he had 3 kids with. Then she started a very public affair with Balthazar Getty who left his pregnant wife and 3 young children. That affair lasted for months even after they were caught fooling around by the paps. I remember seeing pap pics of a topless Sienna on a boat getting groped by Getty on almost every magazine cover back then. Not one bit of remorse from neither of them even after their affair was exposed.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’m less inclined to like Claire Danes, despite her talent, because I read from this reporter who was in the lounge/back area with the golden globe winners–he said that she was a total bitch to the reporters back there.

        From what I’ve heard of the Billy Bob “stealing”–Laura Dern, first off, got with Billy Bob when he was married to Pietra. They were boyfriend/girlfriend, Laura wanted Billy Bob to marry her and he wouldn’t. So he went to do ‘Pushing Tin’, met Angelina–and married her (in Vegas, right?). Then Laura said something like “I went off to do a movie, and I came back and my boyfriend was married”.–Take of that what you will.

        And I didn’t know about Courtney Cox and Michael Keaton–how’d that happen?

        And I find it very ironic, that Brad was missing a sensitivity chip for doing a work photoshoot (W magazine shoot) 3-4 months after he and Jennifer were separated, but it’s okay for Jennifer and Justin to release those candid, loved up pictures of themselves (in no relation to any promotion of a film) less than two weeks after Heidi moved out–she moved out June 14th, and the pictures were here on CB in the 22nd.

      • Lex says:

        It is always the woman’s fault. What man could resist an inviting vagina?

        Claire Danes didn’t leave her pregnant girlfriend, the guy did that. People make their own decisions.

  3. TherapyCranes says:

    That would be hilarious if true but I don’t know if I believe it. I guess if they’re both single why not try to see if there is something substantial there rather than some sneaky backyard romp?

    As for the hair thing.. I think she has had some hair loss from extensions. She doesn’t seem like she takes the time to really look after her hair so I could see having issues with that. If you have extensions in that weigh down on the hair follicles too much they can pull your hair out by the root. It’s called Traction Alopecia.

  4. Chinoiserie says:

    Everybody shoud have guessed that they were having affair from the first photo, men do not go and crab women like that if they are not in a relationship.

  5. Maria says:

    kristen wants her career back so why would she do this?
    also as if ok magazine knows if she contacted him and that libery contacted her.

  6. Annie says:

    Right, if she wants to completely kill her career, then yeah, she can go back to Rupert. Honestly, the way her life did a 180 after Rupert, I don’t think she would go for it again. Her life was ruined and he was the biggest mistake she could ever have made. Everything was perfect and now it’s ruined. Look at the boring movies she’s making. Her popularity tanked even more even if someone people tried to defend her. Go back to Rupert and you’ll completely kill your career because then you will admit to LYING. You said it was nothing, now you’re back together?

    • lauren says:

      Well apparently not everything was perfect otherwise she wouldn´t have cheated! And she never said it was nothing.. I mean how could she – there was photo evidence. I think she only wanted to convince people, that it was just this one time, which I guess it wasn´t.

      • JoyceT says:

        Yes, someone made this apology of a one-time momentary indiscretion for her (him also) to appease her fans, upcoming movie box office sales, calm his wife and lessen the wife’s public humiliation.

        Unfortunately it backfired terribly for all involved.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        See my issue with that half assed apology was that she was trying to minimize what she did. “Momentary indiscretion….”–yeah right. No one turns their car around, when they’re on their way home from the gym-in the middle of the day, to go meet up and have sex with someone in broad daylight–that they haven’t slept with before.

        She looked better suited to Rupert in those pics, than she did with Rob.

        And I wouldn’t be surprised if Paramount had to buy up the “bad” pics–because there is no way that the paparazzi didn’t have a freaking video and explicit pictures of them actually bumping uglies in the car.

  7. Brown says:

    I don’t really think that’s hair loss, I think her hair is just dirty and matted. Mine gets that way along my part, especially on my crown, if it gets really dirty. Tends to look like I’m balding.

  8. R says:

    I call BS on the story. They were done after they got caught. They were stupid to cheat in the first place and even worse to do so in public. But, I think everyone else in their lives were in high alert after the scandal broke to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

  9. LZ says:

    Her hair is thinning out. She always had thin hair. This happens to most women, even in their early 20′s.

  10. GetUpOnThis says:

    Charlize Theron is actually in pic of Kristen and Rupert, but she’s been photoshopped out – something that tabs did when cheating scandel first broke to bolster story.

    • mimi says:


      It’s funny how carefully pictures are chosen to strengthen a certain POV, even if the picture is deceiving. From this angle, it looks like Kristen and Rupert were dining alone. But in other angles, it is actually Charlize who is sitting beside Rupert and other people from their party are also at the table but not in the frame. LOL

  11. Corrie says:

    Ugh. I’d hate for this to be true but to each his own. She is going bottom of the barrel route and why I don’t know. i wanted to believe the April thing was fake but who knows. Rupert was gross and a pig. Why would you want that for your man. Kristen that’s the best you can do. Plus, people miss that she’s not being ridiculed more for the affair but more for not seeming to be THAT kind of girl. But truth was revealing. She went there and it makes me sad for her. She poses as the strong women, and strong women don’t creep like that. Be independent. Solo for awhile. The most telling part of her affair pics is that pic above and the picture or her and Rupert entertwined fingers…. shows familiarity. She was seriously banging her director. For a long time. Not just an innocent meet up. And forget the wife and boyfriend but girl, how dumb and irresponsible could you be to put yourself in that position. In public. Rupert didn’t care about you. Its clear you didn’t care about anyone else but yourself which is telling. I wish her wiser future.

    • mimi says:

      That fake Rupert/valet story in April was made up and sent to all the gossip tabs by a sick Robert Pattinson stan. The restaurant even made a statement about it and identified the mystery man in the car as their employed valet driver. There was never any truth to that story.

      OK! and Hollywood Life…nuff said.

    • mimi says:

      That fake Rupert/valet story in April was made up and sent to all the gossip tabs by a sick Robert Pattinson stan. The restaurant even made a statement about it and identified the mystery man in the car as their employed valet driver. There was never any truth to that story.

      OK! and Hollywood Life…nuff said.

  12. bns says:

    That scandal was so entertaining. Such good gossip.

  13. Corrie says:

    Does anyone find it odd that Charlize who was friends with both of them, has been so silent after the affair on this issue. I know she was friends with his wife. I think she doesn’t want to slam Kristen but knows shes a moron for going there with Rupert and being sneaky behind his wife’s back. Ugh. I’d love to know Charlize’s thoughts on this affair.

  14. Geeg says:

    hes dating Minnie Driver now. look at recent her Malibu sun bathing picture on dailymail.

    • Tig says:

      NOOO- I love Minnie Driver! I so hope that’s not true.

      Saw a brief mention of SWATH 2 in a Chris H article-sounded like he was trying to back out gracefully- being so busy with Avengers 2, Thor , and then another project, etc. Wonder if it ever gets made.

      • mimi says:

        Sounded to me like Chris Hemsworth genuinely didn’t know what was up with SWATH2 when asked. He went on to say his window of opportunity to work on it was closing due to his other film commitments. And that’s all that was said regarding the possible SWATH sequel. But by all means, feel free to put your favorite spin to his vague replies. LOL

      • Starbuck says:

        That was my take too. I find it hard to believe that the lead of the movie would know nothing about the sequel, especially since Stewart was speaking to the press about having read the script. I would have at least thought he would say something about looking forward to the sequel. It was a shit movie that only made it’s enormous budget because of its overseas take and it’s got a lot of baggage associated with it. Hemsworth is hot right now, I get the sense he’d rather move on to better options without all the distractions. Time will tell but I don’t think the movie will ever get made and there are two people to blame for that. I’m not one to defend Stewart and I think she’s a skag for what she did but I can’t believe Sanders is getting work after how spectacularly he screwed up that franchise opportunity. He was the director and should have known better and at the very least should have been more discrete with his shenagagins. Idiots – both of them. The fact that they didn’t just move into a relationship with each other and just screwed around for the f*ck of it is just astounding. They deserve each other. And on a shallow point, he’s gross even apart from the married with kids thing. Ack.

      • mimi says:


        When did Kristen say she read the SWATH2 script? I haven’t heard any news about a finished script ever. In fact, there hasn’t been any news about a sequel lately which makes me think it may not ever happen. Chris H’s answers about being clueless to a SWATH2 sequel reinforce my thoughts. It’s either been pushed to the back burner indefinitely or isn’t happening at all.

    • mimi says:

      I saw those recent pictures of Minnie, her son and Rupert at the beach too.

  15. Laura says:

    That guy in April was just a valet. That couldn’t have been more obvious.

  16. Paloma says:

    At first, the story was Kristen rejected Rupert. I think this is made up.

    • Jocet says:

      Actually, the first article right after the divorce announcement was that K reached out to RS to have coffee and he turned her down. Then came the “ship has sailed” articles where he reached out to her and she said no. Yes, I admit to wasting my time and following this story on a regular basis as I’ve always felt there was more to it behind the scenes than just a momentary hook-up.

  17. grouch says:

    The author’s suggestion that KS is balding because she doesn’t look after her hair rankles. I’ve experienced stress/anemia related hair loss for years. It’s awful and makes you feel incredibly unattractive and self-conscious. The stress you experience as a result of losing your hair only makes it worse. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    I’ve been to doctors and such, and it has nothing to do with not taking care of your hair. Suggesting that it does, without any real basis, is pretty insensitive in my opinion.

    • Mal23 says:

      +1 I have thinning hair at age 26 because of anemia. My part looks a lot like Kristen’s. That line pissed me off too!! Kristen’s hair usually looks unwashed, but that doesn’t lead to hair loss. In fact washing your hair less can help reduce hair loss. This article is just ignorant.

  18. Corrie says:

    I looked up the Minnie Driver pics… says their kids are friends not that they are dating.

  19. lady_luck says:

    Liberty darn well deserves an apology!!! Cough it up, Kristin, you home-wrecking little cow.

    • SMR says:

      “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.”
      She apologized. I was disgusted by the scarlet A in the OK article. I was not a Kristen fan before the scandal, but I can’t bear the slut shaming.

  20. Lorena08 says:

    I call BS on this story too. More so, I think that that marriage was over before Kristen came along. Me thinks she was just one of the many straws that broke the camel’s back so to speak. I find it hard to believe that a young woman could break up up someone’s marriage so easily?!? What happened to trying to fight and reclaim your marriage? Forgiveness? Hey about something new..communication?? I’m not not flaming, throwing shade, just sayin’…..

    • OceanSoul89 says:

      If my husband cheated on me ONCE I would be gone. I do not forgive cheating/affairs and shouldn’t have to. What if my husband brought an STD home? Why should I put up with that? Once a cheat always a cheat. The man is a pig and Liberty was right to leave him.

      • anon33 says:

        This is what I don’t get. Maybe the people who say that have never been with someone who cheats. Because I have and it is HORRIBLE. At least for me, no matter how many times he tried to tell me/convince me/whatever, I was NEVER able to trust him again, and it ruined my life bc I was like WeWe Rimes always running behind him and trying to control everything. I would never ever ever stay with a cheater again.

      • mimi says:

        Most couples don’t survive infidelity in the marriage but some have. Notable couples like Bill and Hillary Clinton, David and Victoria Beckham, Fergie and Josh Duhamel come to mind. My sister and her husband almost ended their marriage when her husband had a brief affair with a co-worker but they decided to work it out and 10 years later, they are still married and closer than ever.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I honestly think that Rupert was a cheater to begin with. Because either he was so STUPID to think that he could go hump one of the most stalked, young actresses in LA in the middle of a backroad/parking lot. OR he was so used to doing his bootycall in the middle of the day, in abandoned areas that he didn’t even think about the paps.

        I think he was just so used to doing whatever he wanted–probably with other young, aspiring actresses–I wouldn’t be surprised if he did try and pull that “I’m a director” crap in bars.

  21. mar says:

    She is a young girl, ill cut her some slack.
    A lot of pp cheat we just do not always hear about it

  22. Nicolette says:

    Am I the only one that finds Rupert weird looking?

  23. shannon says:

    Those photos of her “hair loss” were from July when she was in Europe somewhere for some fashion thing. They had her hair done in corn rows and apparently those are to blame for her hair loss. Certainly not sparkle stress.

  24. Gwenhamara says:

    Kristen has always had very thin hair. I’ve noticed in photos taken of her four or five years ago that there were times her scalp was plaining showing. It does seem to be getting thinner – perhaps her natural dark blonde/light brown color would be better for her now. I feel sorry for anyone who goes thru hair loss. Has to be tough. As for her and Rupert – maybe it’s just a case of “any port in a storm”.

  25. RPG says:

    Yeah, right. Happy Fanfic Friday!

    And who the hell is that in the pic at the “Butler” screening? Not Kristen at all.

  26. amy says:

    Gossip magazine are really losing it, two completely ridicules story one after another, first bolding when there are pics of her from sils maria where her hair are exactly the same position and everything is ok, she should wash her heir more often to avoid situation like this and now this bull.. would anybody believe in it? the best thing is actress is filming in Europe for almost two months now and happily living her life.

  27. miriam says:

    I think it perfectly likely that she and Rupert would have kept up some sort of relationship after being outed.

    I just don’t think it is anything but lust and stupidity.

  28. original almond says:

    Whether true or not, and I’m leaning towards not, it doesn’t really matter. What’s more telling is that this is the type of narrative that she has to deal with now.
    Careful what you wish for and all that.

  29. onestar says:

    being a woman that’s had a affair with a married man (completely failed marriage, and only together for the kids so don’t yell at me) I can say no EFFING way did they completely stop contact. if it was just for a quick f–k maybe, but wayyyy to much familiarity in those pics. that had been going on for a while. they probably weren’t in love but there were feelings there. so is that story bullsh-t? most likely. but I def don’t think it’s to far off to say something maybe happened like that or they were/are still in contact.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Not to be the devil’s advocate or anything, but that is always what the married cheaters say. (Completely failed marriage, only together for the kids etc.) Sometimes it is true, sometimes it isn’t.

    • Hakura says:

      This is not a judgment on you, Onestar, but I have to wonder… How does staying together in an unhappy marriage ever benefit the children in any way?? The parents could both be the best actors on the planet, but children aren’t stupid, & are often completely aware of the lack of love, anger, & unhappiness, which does absolutely nothing positive for them. Especially when their ‘still married’ parents are involved w/other people.

      Thus the kids grow up in an environment of constant tension, picking up on the unhappiness between mom & dad, & sometimes learning that ‘marriage’ doesn’t mean anything. A younger cousin of mine went through the same w/her parents, & actually thought ‘marriage’ was when a man & woman lived together, nothing more.

      Personally, I just can’t see the benefit of involving myself in (what sounds like) such a mess, but to each their own.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I’ve been thinking of situations like that recently. Like in “The Hours”–Laura leaves her family. Hugh Jackman’s mother left him/her family. And they are vilified for it. But it’s a hard thing.

        On one hand, I firmly believe that when you have kids, you don’t just abandon them. You chose to keep them, didn’t get rid of them (whether by abortion or adoption). You acted like an adult (you made/carried a baby), so you have adult consequences. On the other hand, if you’re just staying with your kids because that’s what society expects you to do (man or woman) that’s not good either.

        Because what’s worse? Growing up, knowing that one parent left you OR growing up with a shitty parent whose actions make it clear (whether intentional or not) that they feel like you are one big inconvenience to them.

        My mom’s father was like that. Whenever he got the chance, he was G O N E. He used to have his sisters watch my mom and her siblings–the only time that they ever knew he was going to be home for longer than a few days is if he bought more than a loaf of bread, two cans of beans, and a pack of bologna.

  30. master yoda says:

    She looks pretty darn good. Not sure why he would ‘reject’ her over the divorce stuff. Come on, he’s a big boy and made a decision that had consequences. Unless he wants to get back with his ex, she makes for a pretty darn soft landing.

  31. Carol Buss says:

    I cannot believe this BS. She is in Europe minding her own business, and they dig this up out of over a year ago. I don’t care what OK magazine says about Kristen it is a lie. It has been proven over and over. Do you really believe that Robs friends who are also working on Sils Maria would not tell the media, and use their real name. Has anyone heard or even seen her doing anything inappropriate in the past year. (other than sending words to the paparazzi. Her friends are their with her. I don’t know if they went to the spa, but they haven’t been going out getting into trouble. All the tabs want for her to do is react poorly to their stories, or react like Rob has been doing. He must believe she is doing what they say. But look at it realistically. If she was in contact with Rupert that lying man. So what she is free and he is free to say thing he wants. The only mistake Kristen is making is that she isn’t suing the tabloids and paparazzi. If Rob wants to say bad things about her or Rupert wants to do the same, after more than a year, that is her business, if she takes it. I’ld have to do something nasty but I’m not very nice and she is. She needs to have her lawyers or manager take action. This is harassment and stalking by the papers. The two men she can just kick them to the curb, there are other men out there in the world who are not like these two. I’m sure she has met them already.

    • Anname says:

      React like Rob has been doing? How exactly is that? He has not said one single word about Kristen/the break up/the cheating scandal. As a Kristen fan, you should be thankful he has acted so respectfully towards her, considering how awful her choice to cheat affected him. This notion that he is badmouthing her in his recent Dior interviews is inexplicable and just wrong. He has NEVER said a single negative word about Kristen. Both of them are moving on and not talking about it, as it should be.

      You can try to shift the blame to Rob all you want but she made the choice to cheat. If Rob was so horrible to her, she should have chosen to break up with him, not cheat, yes?

      • Jen says:

        @anname..Kristen’s fans are always going to bash Rob and blame him for everything that has happened to their princess. They will not let her take the blame for her failings. It’s all Rob’s fault. That’s why they has to say ugly things about him to detect any blame from their idol. Rob’s fans know this and just disregard what they say.

      • mimi says:


        Rob’s fans are far from innocent when it comes to spreading lies about Kristen all over the internet. They were responsible for many false stories that went viral when they contacted the gossip sites with their lies. The Rupert/valet story was started by 2 psychotic Pattinson fans on twitter. They also started the one while Rob was in Australia claiming Kristen was cheating on him with a new “mystery man” seen outside Kristen’s home but it turned out the “mystery man” was Kristen’s close friend who happens to be gay. They started the fake Riley Keough and Robert romance by contacting pap agency X-17 and falsely identifing the woman as Riley when X-17 posted their pap pictures of an unidentified red haired woman inside one of Rob’s pick up trucks. Riley and her PR people vehemently denied the allegations but the story had already gone viral. They send their lies and harass Kristen’s family, co-stars, directors and producers she works with or will be working with in the near future, entertainment reporters and movie critics and tabloid gossip sites on twitter. They refuse to back off and continue to spread lies about Kristen. These are sick individuals who stalk Kristen’s friends and family on twitter and instagram then make up ridiculous stories which they send to sites like Hollywood Life and radar who don’t bother to check their stories for accuracy. They blindly print the lies because they know they are guaranteed hits with Kristen or Rob’s names in the headline. It’s disgusting. And these are grown women doing this, not kids.

      • Anname says:

        This war of “who has the worst fans” is pointless. There are total nutjobs that stir up trouble on both sides.

        My initial comment was to object to Carol Bus’s comment that Rob was “saying bad things” about Kristen. He hasn’t, ever (to his credit).

  32. aquarius64 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they has an on-set affair and the cast and crew knew about it and kept quiet. The “momentary indiscretion” (i.e. one off) statement was to calm the Twihards; to assure them the Robsten fantasy is still in tact (and protect Breaking Dawn 2′s box office and the Trio’s cut). If this is true then Kristen is more stupid now than the day she got into that Mini-Cooper. Fans will have a meltdown, again, and the “trampire” would have driven a stake into the heart of her career.

  33. Lotta says:

    Why should she apologize to Liberty? She didn’t cheat on Liberty, Rupert did.

    • briargal says:

      Maybe because she knew he was married and should have been off limits!! Both he and she should have apologized to Liberty. They both are scum to cause so much pain to his family.

    • Lady D says:

      She was friends with Liberty, who also got her the role on SWATH.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I don’t think Liberty would want her apology–but it’s a little more complicated than just Rupert cheated on Liberty with Kristen.

      They worked together–Kristen took their daughter out for ice cream. There’s a world of difference between having an affair with your boss, whose wife is just this vague *thing* in the back of your head, who you don’t really have to acknowledge because you haven’t met her, talked to her–don’t know her. She’s not a real person to you; she’s this idea.

      But she knew Liberty, she was reportedly friendly with her–maybe Liberty was actually on the set for a lot of the time, with their kids. So that’s a double whammy. That kind of situation makes it much more real. This wife has a name, a face, a personality–all that you have witnessed.

  34. Lisa says:

    I believe that her hair is pretty thin to begin with. However, I have thought for the past few years that she might have Trichitillomania. It is a compulsion disorder that I have that causes you to pull out your hair. She is always touching and twirling her hair, which is a big indicator.

  35. Dalovelee says:

    I believe this story. But I also believe the reason Rupert rejected her was .. He’d be the one committing career suicide. He’d also lose everything in a divorce set in California from his wife. His lawyer definitely told him cut all ties from Kristen Stewart. Of course man still wanted to continue banging her but look at all he had to lose to indulge. Hollywood was ready to anoint Pattinson to be King. Now that the fever is over …it’s best that all parties go separate ways the winner out of this is Liberty Ross. This is why we got puff piece about Stewart donating the $500k some Saudi dude paid just to meet her, to deflect off this story.

    • mimi says:


      “This is why we got puff piece about Stewart donating the $500k some Saudi dude paid just to meet her, to deflect off this story.”

      You do realize that Harvey Weinstein was the one who leaked the story about the prince donating $500K to the Hurricane Sandy benefit and NOT her PR team!!! Harvey was promoting his documentary at TIFF recently based on the benefit concert he helped to organize to raise funds for the hurricane victims. Kristen’s PR team had nothing to do with Harvey telling reporters at TIFF about Kristen and the 500K donation. Unless you’re saying Harvey is now part of Kristen’s PR team??? LOL

  36. bettyrose says:

    He’s cuter than I realized.

  37. Jen says:

    You can look at that picture which was when they were promoting SWATH and see that they planned what to wear and Rupert is holding her waist so tight, or sqeezing her, it is ruffling up her jacket. No one knows what they did as they were going around the world promoting their film for Rob and Liberty were not with them and to have someone so familiar that he could meet you and start kissing on you, tells me their was more to the story. And that writing Kristen had on her hand…It had to B U while she was on a plane coming back from Australia after promoting SWATH wasn’t for Rob. It was for Rupert who had gone on to Hawaii to be with his family.

  38. Fan says:

    She should apologize and move on. Just consider this a lesson learned.

  39. Angie says:

    These PR lies are paying for people’s lavish lifestyles. What a load of b.s.. It’s all made up, people. It sells movies and magazines and keeps these people popular. Wake up.

  40. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. I saw those pictures before they were taken down, and Kristen seemed a lot more into Rupert than she ever was with Rob. So I could see her doing this–if only to make it seem like she was in love with him i.e. to lessen the blow of the scandal by being in love, rather than it being a fling.

    So pr-wise, on her side, I could see her and her idiotic team thinking this is a good idea.

    But on his side–NO WAY IN HELL. He’d have to be in love with her, to be seen with her in public after that.

    But I do have to say, with all the crap Kristen was saying before the news broke, I never would’ve expected that out of here–never. I was genuinely shocked when I read that on celebitchy–especially since I hadn’t been able to read celebitchy for about two weeks, as I was at my aunt’s house and she didn’t have internet.

    That headline–Kaiser’s–”The Great Twihard Meltdown of 2012″ was the first thing I read. I swear to you all, I sat there for a good thirty seconds, dumbfounded, and then went wtf happened? Then I went back, saw the post about the affair, and just lost my shit completely.

    The only other cb post I’ve ever sat there, shocked, was when Angelina did her NY Op-Ed for her double mastectomy.

    Good times….

  41. l says:

    well she wanted life to “f*ck” her over, and she thought life was so boring. well be careful what you wish for.

  42. Jen says:

    @mimi…you must put in at least 12hrs a day on Rob and Kristen to come up with all that research, or you were living with them. Like Anname said, the comment was about Rob never mentioning Kristen’s name on any of his interviews or any other time. Girl, you definitely need to get a life outside of Rob and Kristen.

  43. Hakura says:

    *Takes a deep breath as what she’s about to say may be construde as defending Kristen. IT ISN’T.*

    I want to preface this w/the fact that I have NO tolerance for cheating, & when a celeb does it w/someone whose in a serious relarionship, I automatically lose all respect for them. It may sound ‘extreme’, but once they do that, I refuse to financially support them by buying their music Or seeing their movies (w/in reason, just if that person is a lead in it). I was I credibly disappointed in Alicia Keys, as well as Leann Rimes (when the shit 1st hit the fan & we got to see what sort of psycho she really is). Relationship trouble or not (on either side), getting w/seeing a married person is just wrong to me, unless the partners/couple agree to an open relationship. Otherwise (again, just in my opinion), you’re disrespecting marriage, & the the families involved on either side… Wives/husbands/kids. Preface over.

    But Liberty (ex-wife of Rupert) blames Kristen for “…Tearing her family apart, thus endIng her marriage. What Kristen did was absolutely wrong & disrespected his wife, no doubt about it. But the only 1 that could ‘tear her family apart’ was her husband, & I dont think she wants to accept it totally, & needing someone to continue to be angry w/besides him (which, from An emotional standpoint, I can u derstamd the reasoning. He is the 1 who made the decision to break his vows to his wife, just as Kristen broke her commitment to Sparkles. Liberty can demand an apology, sure, but doing it publicly like that was just to be vindictive.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Did Liberty actually demand an apology though? I think that’s just tabloid crap–she hasn’t really said anything about her divorce/Rupert/Kristen/the affair.

      I don’t know, I tend to judge how a person acts after the affair. Like an easy example is Leanne Rimes. She didn’t just cheat on her husband with a married man; she stalked the ex wife, overstepped her boundaries (before she was even married to Eddie) with the kids–while she was the girlfriend, and so on.

      I think that we all make mistakes, but be an adult about them. I don’t think celebrities need to tell us everything. If they cheat or abuse their partner, and then act all defensive whenever they’re asked about it–that’s when I start disliking them.

  44. Dommy Dearest says:

    I keep trying to watch Snow White and the Huntsman but once I’m five minutes in on any scene I get irritated with Kristen’s face and acting. Her constant pained and smelling something terrible expression kills the movie for me. Ugh.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      You’re better than me–I skipped throughout that entire movie. The only watchable parts was Charlize’s role–the movie was okay, it could’ve been saved if it’s lead actress could actually act. I swear to you, I counted how many times a scene she bit her lip, played with her hair, or did that weird eye rolling thing while running—and she had the worst accent ever. It was some really weird wonky british accent.

      And not to be mean, but she’s not “the fairest of them all”–not compared to Charlize.

  45. moptop says:

    My husband cheated on me, and I would never have wanted the woman he cheated with to apologize to me. Yuck. I didn’t want to even get involved with their trash, and I sure didn’t want either of their apologies. Thanks for telling me, I’ll just be moving on now…

  46. hownowbrowncow says:

    Re: her hair problems. . .maybe she could start with leading a healthier lifestyle and quitting the cigs. Then again, smokers are so addicted to that crap she probably wouldn’t quit if it was proved that was the reason she was losing her hair.

    • Jen says:

      I thought she had switched to the E cigs but it looks like she is smoking the real thing. I smoked for 25 years and ate what I wanted and still stayed thin. I didn’t eat a lot for I had rather smoke. Then one day, I couldn’t breathe going up steps and I thought, do I want to live or die, so I laid the cigs down and to this day, I have never picked up another one.

  47. Allie says:

    Anyone asking Simon Cowell to wear the scarlet “A”? This is so…too many things.

  48. Kosmos says:

    I think Rupert was someone older, experienced, and a director, so Kristen had instant puppy love infatuation for him, of course! Rob was her partner, but there was nothing new to discover about him, but Rupert was new and exciting…to her, so she blew it and went for him, ignoring any faithfulness to his wife or to Rob. Stupidity will get you nowhere, fast. And why would Rupert risk his marriage & do something so stupid to his beautiful wife & family?