Katharine McPhee thinks she’s the victim: ‘This is a very hard time for her’


We can debate about who is more “wrong” in the increasingly gross situation involving Katharine McPhee and her married director, Michael Morris. But can we agree that Katharine McPhee is not a victim whatsoever in this situation? Even if she and her husband were separated months ago (which is what she keeps claiming), that doesn’t mean that she has the right to play the victim in the press after she was caught making out with Michael Morris, who is married to Mary McCormack.

In fact, this entire catastrophe is making me wonder if Katharine doesn’t need a new publicist, because she’s handled this situation incorrectly from the beginning. First off, if you’re banging a married man, don’t make out with him in public. Secondly, if you get caught making out with him, STFU. Go dark. You can issue a sincere and general apology at the beginning, but the most important thing is to STFU and don’t put out any stories in which you try to tell your “side” of things. You just need to ride out the drama in silence. But Katharine (and her publicist) keep leaking stories about how “embarrassed” Katharine is (that she was “caught”) and “she should have known better.” And now her publicist leaked this story to People:

Ever since photos of her kissing married Smash director Michael Morris hit the Internet, things have been difficult for Katharine McPhee.

“This is a very hard time for her,” a pal of the actress tells PEOPLE. “She’s very upset.”

Morris has three children with his wife, Welcome to the Family actress Mary McCormack. And McPhee has been separated from her husband Nick Cokas for six months.

Now that the news of her relationship has been made public, the former American Idol sweetheart appears to be at a crossroads.

“Katharine cares about Michael,” the pal adds. “But she still cares about Nick too. She didn’t mean for anyone to be hurt.”

[From People Magazine]

“This is a very hard time for her.” Okay, LeAnn. I guess we’re not supposed to think about how hard it is for Mary McCormack too, right? I mean, Mary McCormack was just minding her own business, raising her three daughters, thinking that her husband was faithful and BAM. Katharine’s vagina of doom struck. But hey, Mary, at least you know Katharine is having a hard time TOO, okay?

Also – Michael Morris & Mary McCormack were photographed together yesterday in LA as they left an “office building.” That’s code for either “meeting with divorce lawyers” or “marriage counseling.” Check out the photos here – notice the physical space between them. This is not a happy couple. Since they look so dour, I’m hoping they were meeting with the lawyers rather than the therapists.


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  1. blue marie says:

    you know how she can solve that problem, stop f-kin around with other women’s husbands..

    • Margaret says:

      If she was smart, she would just disappear from sight. She can’t act and IMO her new album is going to tank.

    • Merritt says:

      And husbands should stop cheating on their wives. Men are not victims who are lured away. Cheaters choose to cheat.

    • Miss Bennet says:

      If there’s one thing the Kristen Stewart scandal taught me it’s that McPhee doesn’t owe Mary McCormack anything. She isn’t the one who’s married to her, she broke no vow to the wife. That’s all on the cheating husband. He’s the one who promised not to cheat. Besides, if McCormack was a good wife and mother her husband wouldn’t be cheating. I bet they are having problems, none of which is Katharine’s fault. The evil director man probably manipulated poor Katharine! And even if he didn’t, McPhee’s husband drove her to it with his unsupportive, cheating, cold, whatever awful behavior. Now Katharine must go out and live her life in the glare of the viscous, jealous, judgmental public! Don’t you worry Kathy kins, we support you! At the end of the year we’re going to make sure you get an award from E! for your courage and bravery! Now, go pick up your future step children (your kids) and take them out for lunch. Don’t forget to call the paps. Next week, Twitter fight with Mary.

      • Juliette says:

        I really hope you’re being sarcastic. They’re marriage didn’t seem troubled seeing as a week before this story broke Mary was on TV proclaiming what a wonderful husband and father he was. Gushing about him in fact.

        I agree that she broke no vows to the wife however, she knew he was married & had children. Even if he pursued her, anyone w/ morals would have steered clear of the situation knowing there was children involved.

        He’s a douche of the highest order for sure but she’s just as bad. Kissing a man she knew was married with children in broad daylight in the middle of a parking lot. She gets zero sympathy from me and is the farthest thing from a victim.

        I’m a strong beleiver in women sticking up for each other and having each other’s backs. Might sound silly but it’s a matter of “sisterhood” for me, as a gender we all need to support each other not destroy families. Same goes for the men that cheat. They are all disgusting.

      • Amber says:

        Well played, Miss. Bennet. Well played. Too bad McPhee’s 29, you couldn’t mention how young and without common sense Katherine must be. She did marry young though, just like LeAnn. Speaking of… I can’t figure this out other than this affair has been going on for awhile. She left her husband and she tipped off the tabs to force things with his wife.

        Didn’t her character on Smash hook up w/ the director? I only ever saw commercials. Was that a plot line on the show? Hypothetically, for us regular folk, so you separated from your husband, but no one really knows that or paid attention. And then you start hooking up w/ a guy who was something of a boss to you not long ago. Presumably you’d know him pretty well (and you are dating him now). Plus his wife is in the same industry as the both of you. So you’d know that there are children involved, and best case scenario, a split from his wife would be very recent AND no one knows about it (best case scenario!) You’re not trying to hurt anybody, so would you then make out w/ that guy in broad daylight in the middle of LA? Or let others talk about how embarrassed and upset you are and insinuate that everyone has the wrong idea about you? And let it be mentioned that it’s tough, (it being liking your husband and a married man)? Oh, I’d hope not. It’s a small frickin’ world. I wouldn’t make out w/ someone at my local Food Lion parking lot unless I didn’t care if people saw. It makes you look bad. It puts your exes in a compromising, embarrassing position. Even if there’s no cheating involved (pull my other leg), it looks like it. Forever more, when his kids Google him, those pictures will come up. Nice, Dad! And just like Garth/Trisha, Aniston/Theroux, and a million other couples, there will always be questions.

      • Source says:

        Oh, Miss Bennett, I’m going to marry your post and have babies with it.

        Yes, you forgot to mention how young Kat is and how nobody taught her that cheating with a married man with kids is wrong. If only someone older and wiser had informed her…but she’s such a neophyte.

        At first I thought you were serious, but when I read on, I belly-laughed.

        How much awesome is it? I may frame it.

    • Miss Bennet says:

      Juliette, that whooshing noise you hear is my post flying over your head. To Amber, thanks for the well played. :)

      • Xas says:

        I hope you’re joking gurl, because if you believe anything of that, we’re doomed.

        Now Katharine must go out and live her life in the glare of the viscous, jealous, judgmental public!

        It would be great if a. She didn’t start a public scandal with her married producer and b. Start this pity campaign.

        Don’t you worry Kathy kins, we support you! At the end of the year we’re going to make sure you get an award from E! for your courage and bravery!

        Yes, the Chelsea Handler fellowship

      • Juliette says:

        Ya, I got that afterwards and I couldn’t delete. I read it again, well done~ Have to pay closer attention while I’m reading Celebitchy at work lol

  2. brin says:

    I hope Mary dumps that douche and I hope McPhee stops whining, the last thing the world needs is another Leann.

  3. QQ says:

    This sordid ass bitch, so Now she is the victim?… Of what? THE PAPS? GTFO

  4. Frida_K says:

    I hear the strains of the littlest violin in the world, singing the shit-house blues.

    Poor li’l thang…this is a very hard time for her! We should all stop what we’re doing and have a moment of collective angst and sympathy for the level of challenge this young woman is now facing…

    Uh. NOT.

    I hope her “career” (for what it’s worth) gets Kristen Stewarted by this. She deservers it.

  5. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    She and Leann must be comparing notes–I truly believe that this chick called the paps. Unfortunately for her, I don’t think she has more money than the director douche that she’s banging–so if she’s lucky, he might try and pull a “Simon” (Cowell), and pretend to date her for a while, so it looks like they’re in love and not just banging each other because they can. Because if this dude was actually in love with her, he’d have separated from his wife a looooong time ago–and wouldn’t have been caught making out in public with someone who isn’t his wife.

  6. MrsBPitt says:

    The first thing I thought when I read this headline…The second coming of LeAnn Rimes…although, I think LeAnn is plain crazy, and I think this one is just a calculating bitch! Also, Michael Morris is about as sexy as a wet noodle, so I don’t get it!

  7. SBJ says:

    Is it just me or does he looks a little like Rupert Sanders ?

    However she is not a victim, or just victim of her stupidity

  8. tifzlan says:

    Boo freaking Hoo.

    I’ll save the tears for a woman and her three children who were betrayed by their husband and father, thanks.

  9. eliza says:

    Hmmmmm, and exactly what kind of a time is it for the mother of three? A happy one? Bitch please! Cry me a river!

  10. Anoninga says:

    Ugh I really used to like her. But I could see the writing on the walls years ago when her music and show didn’t catch on.

  11. novemberscorpio says:

    She’s relatively famous, so to be so careless and allow paparazzi to capture your full on PDA in public makes me think she’s sending a big FU to his wife or wants the press that comes from a scandal. Either way, I think this behavior is the norm for most Hollywood marriages. These two are just being sloppy about it.

  12. Relli says:

    Omg LeAnn finally has someone to share her TRUTHS with. They should do a duet of “does he love you,” together. Americas sweetheart and American Idols sweetheart it will be a hit!

  13. Christin says:

    Mary and the children get my sympathy. It would not surprise me at all if this turns out to be a setup. This is the most attention KM has garnered in a long time.

  14. Stef Leppard says:

    Do we know for sure that she has a vagina of doom or is that just speculation?

  15. briargal says:

    I am so tired of these coniving tramps playing the “poor me–I’m a victim” card. Why is it so hard for people to understand that YOU DON’T MESS AROUND WITH MARRIED PEOPLE!! PERIOD!! Looks like a LeAnn clone! Hopefully this one will just go away and not follow her apparent idol. Yes, it gets LiaR Rimes lots of publicity–bad stuff– but her career is over and this newest tramp should realize hers will flush away too. This is not to put all the blame on McPhee–he is at fault too. But I really hope Mike and Mary will go to marriage counseling–especially if there is no previous issues. I would hope this marriage can be saved and possibly made stronger especially for the sake of the innocent children. It has happened before! (I know–chances are pretty slim–but it could happen and hopefully will!)

  16. Sam says:

    Oh bitch please. It’s not like you were trying to be on the sly with him.

    I’m trying to wrack my brain here to figure out how it could possbily work in her favor. Did her boyfriend lie to her and claim to be separated? If so, why isn’t her rep letting that out? I think people might be more sympathetic if she played the “I’m a victim too, he lied to me” card. And yeah, sometimes men do lie about that stuff. But that’s not impression I get here. I get the impression that she knew he was married and not separated and that was okay with her.

    • Holly says:

      Even if he acted as though he was having marriage problems, they worked together over a period of a few years – long before she was separated from her husband, and actually, probably during – or right after – he had his youngest child. That’s tough to miss!

      Katharine really screwed the pooch. As much as LeAnn made a damned mess of 3 people’s lives, no one really knew Brandy or Eddie, and both have had their famewhore moments (or months, or years…). Mary, on the other hand, has always handled her personal life with aplomb. She balanced her career, marriage, interviews (and she’s always very open and loving when talking about her husband), and having 3 kids into her early 40s.

    • Amber says:

      I agree. I’m completely shocked that that card hasn’t been played yet and she’s going the “embarrassment” route and trying to make it seem like the coverage is what’s unfair in all of this. Which makes me think what you said, in that she knew he was still married (I’ve never doubted that) and there are probably sources that can prove she knew and it was a sneaky affair. My other scenario is that those two are planning on getting together now, soon, someday soon. (Might as well go full-LeAnn. I believe Katharine called the paps too.) So Katharine won’t run the risk of further damaging him and creating more tension between them, by leaking out claims that he lied to her.

  17. Kiddo says:

    She’s getting attention and loving it. She doesn’t have the talent to propel her into stardom, so she is using this as a way to be relevant. She’s a pretty girl with middling singing capacity. She seems to be climbing the ladder of fame the old fashioned way, via the casting couch. Apparently that didn’t work out quick enough, so she needed the extra help of paps, my opinion only, of course. And who gets caught in a situation like this and doesn’t at least mention that they regret any pain they might have caused his family?

  18. smee says:

    Seems like a publicity stunt to me (on her part). The kissing photo looked staged. She prob double crossed him by setting it up with the paps. Now he’s getting a divorce (no doubt) and she’s getting talked about on the internet. Mission accomplished.

  19. loveisthecoal says:

    I like to think that I have good radar for detecting when someone is a conniving fake-ass. Way back when she was on American idol and everyone thought she was such a sweetheart, I was like “nah, watch out for that one.” So I can’t say I’m at all surprised by any of this.

    And of course, it should go without saying that the man is a hog for stepping out on his wife and three children. Sending good thoughts her way!

  20. Jazz says:

    Keep your legs closed to married men. That is all.

  21. Miss M says:

    “In fact, this entire catastrophe is making me wonder if Katharine doesn’t need a new publicist, because she’s handled this situation incorrectly from the beginning.”

    I said it before and I will say it again: She wanted his wife to find out!
    I don’t think he was planning to leave his family and she kind of hint to paparazzi where they were (allegedly) .

  22. Jayna says:

    The comment made it sound like she’s torn and she has the option. Uh, Katherine, the man has a wife. I knew she cheated on her husband and then left him hoping Michael would leave Mary. She probably was keeping Nick on the hook, too, though, saying she was young and confused but loved him, and he had no clue she was cheating.

    I’m sure they were coming out of a therapist’s office, and I don’t know why you are hoping it’s a lawyer’s office. This is something terrible Mary has been dealt, and they have three kids. The main thing is at this point to sift through everything and all the anger and try to deal with it in the best way for the three little girls. Mary’s anger must be huge. It’s not even about working on the marriage right now. It’s about dealing with it and all the anger and hurt and finding their way, whatever that is, either divorce and how to do that in the best way for the little girls or maybe down the road working on the marriage, but for now doing what is best for the kids and talking and how to go forward with dealing with this. Therapy is the smartest thing in the world right for many reasons,between them because it is the absolute best thing for the children. I doubt she has even faced whether she wants to save the marriage or not. I think he does, but the counseling sessions must be heavy. Plus, you can’t hide from the photos, the photos where he was looking at Katherine adoringly, like he was in love, let’s face it, and where he was tenderly brushing the hair off her face. Those are such signs of intimacy. The feelings of betrayal must be overwhelming.

  23. Algernon says:

    No one is “more wrong” in this situation. They’re both equally big assholes. It takes two to tango.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I do get tired of the “but he isn’t being blamed enough” or “she isn’t being blamed enough” arguments when these type of situations are reported. I feel both should have equal helpings of I’m-a-selfish-ahole pie to eat.

  24. briargal says:

    Call me old-fashioned but I don’t get why “separated” gets a pass in any way shape or form. “If he lied and said he was separated” doesn’t make a difference. McPhee IS married–separated she claims–but still married! Michael is married! Therefore there should be a hands off for both of them. Get a f’ing divorce then get together. But married means married whether separated or not.

  25. Anon33 says:

    ITA with Miss M.

    Also I am OVER how people always make these statements of “she/he never intended to hurt anyone.” It’s freaking rage inducing. Pretty much ALL CHEATING DOES is hurt everyone involved. Of course you intended to hurt someone when you acted on what you knew were your selfish desires. Ugh it just makes me crazy!!

  26. GiGi says:

    She’s totally happy about all the attention she is getting.

  27. GeeMoney says:

    It’s probably a publicity stunt.

    Her career isn’t going that well… so why not have a scandal like this to get people buzzing about you again? You’d be surprised how many celebs do stupid stuff like this for attention (*cough, Julianne Hough, cough*).

  28. paranormalgirl says:

    I’m so sorry this is hard for her. I am so sorry that she’s the unwilling victim in all of this…

    oh wait. No I’m not. I’m sorry that this is probably really hard for Mary McCormack and her children who are the true victims here.

  29. dave says:

    i’d sample the VAGINA OF DOOM.

  30. Holden says:

    Yeah, those aren’t pics of a couple on the mend. They done.

  31. madchen says:

    McPhee called the paps. You don’t get snaps like this off the cuff. Someone had been informed earlier because neither one of these yahoos is famous enough to follow around (a la Kristen Stewart).

    He’s a douche nozzle but has a lot more to lose by having an affair revealed in such a blatant way. It would cost him a bucket load of money and even more in emotional currency. Ms. McPhee however, can garner lots of attention and pray he’ll leave or get dumped by the wife.

    I actually hope the marriage survives this mess – that is if Mary and douche nozzle want it to survive.

  32. holly hobby says:

    You know the positive thing you can say about Liz Taylor and Angelina Ballerina (oops Jolie) was that they knew they were involved with married men and they didn’t give 2 f—s about it. No playing victim, insincere apologies nothing and that, Kat, is how you act if you dared to go there.

    Not advocating adultery. Kat, Kristen and LeAnn belong in the Trampire club.

  33. Meggin says:

    Boo hoo. Nobody feels sorry for her….. She annoyed me on Idol. I purposely voted for that Taylor Hicks idiot just so she wouldn’t win. lol

  34. Tahiti Borana says:

    Oh I’m sorry, American Idol chick is supposed to care more about the wife then the husband? Why is the female put on the shame pedestal while the guy is not even mentioned by name?

  35. Bridget says:

    Yeah, it realy sucks when my boyfriend’s wife finds out about us. It really ruins my week.

  36. TherapyCranes says:

    Meh. He was married and she wasn’t. I don’t feel sorry for her but I also don’t condemn her. If they really were separated then I do feel a bit bad for her. I’d sleep with a married man if he was separated from his wife.. why not?

  37. briargal says:

    @TherapyCranes–Because he is still married!!!!! He spoke vows to a woman and there has to be trust in any relationship. Just because he is separated doesn’t mean that somehow he and his spouse couldn’t work it out. Until there is a divorce, there is always that chance. There are plenty of single or divorced men out there to go to bed with. Leave the married men–separated or not–alone. PERIOD! If a person ignores that, then his/her morals are in ready for the toilet!