Miley Cyrus will make $500k a night on tour, scores major Super Bowl ad: crazy?

Miley Cyrus

As promised, a whole lot of celebrities dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween. Fortunately Miley (after carving some obscene pumpkins) decided to don the duds of someone other than herself. She dressed up as Lil’ Kim. Last year Miley went as Nicki Minaj, and this year’s costume is only slightly less tasteful. Notice that in neither instance did Miley pile on the blackface like Julianne Hough. Good thing.

Miley tweeted up a storm over her purple wig and the costume itself. Yes we are blurring the pasty-adorned boob! Some of you have been asking about the blurring lately. This is a SFW gossip site, and we also have to comply with our advertiser’s guidelines. Why did we start blurring Miley’s tongue? Because people were complaining about having to look at it all the time. Miley did keep her tongue in place while wearing this costume. Small mercies, folks.

Miley Cyrus

If you want to see something truly disturbing, Miley’s assistant/BFF/enabler, Cheyne Thomas wore her VMA leotard as a costume. I used to think the guy was semi-cute, but no longer.

On the career front, Miley is still raking it in at unexpected levels:

* Live Nation has agreed to pay the Tongue $500,000 per evening on her upcoming US tour. Live Nation is going to lose money on this deal, right? That’s what AEG Worldwide thinks and why they didn’t match Live Nation’s bid. Miley’s already twerked for the world and gotten naked already. She can’t top that for a live show. The European tour is still up for grabs.

* This week’s issue of the Enquirer has a tidbit in their gossip section about the multimillion dollar Super Bowl commercial offer extended to Miley. Wonderful Pistachio wants to pay her even more than they paid PSY last year. He got $3.8 million for 30 seconds. Insanity.

* This week’s issue of In Touch has a huge cover story on the “emotionally fragile Miley,” who has “crumbled.” The story is based upon the fallout of Miley “hooking up” with four guys in one weekend. These dudes include Mike Will Made It, Theo Wenner, some random “skater-looking guy,” and Cheyne Thomas (which I’ve already laughed at because I’m pretty sure he’s gay). I see a little bit of truth in this story:

Struggling with the emotional fallout of being dumped by fiancé Liam Hemsworth this summer and the constant criticism from haters who have made her the national punch line, [Miley Cyrus is] turning to destructive behavior like nonstop partying and random hokups — and now friends fear the “Wrecking Ball” singer is on the verge of emotional collapse. “She doesn’t have many real friends and is constantly messed up,” says a source who knows Miley from the LA club scene. “She never wants to go home, never wants to be alone and doesn’t want the party to end. Adds an industry insider: “The way Miley has been acting is a cry for help.”

“She’s been acting erratically and has a screw-it attitude,” says a source close to the once-innocent Hannah Montana star. “Everyone is worried now that Liam is gone. She’s a mess without him.”

Miley publicly insists she’s moved on and recently claimed to be having “the best time of my life.” But sources say privately, she can’t stop crying. “She was so in love with him and really took it hard,” says a second source close to Miley. “She’s been going out a lot, trying not to think about Liam.”

Ironically, Miley drove Liam away with her increasingly desparate grabs for attention, including her infamous VMA act. “She was happy focusing on Liam in the beginning, but she’s narcisssistic,” says an insider close to the Cyrus family. “She eventually turned her attention back to her image. She’s obsessed with who’s talking about her, what they’re saying and how she looks. Liam couldn’t care less about any of that.”

Now that he’s out of the picture, Miley has been seeking approval from other men. “She’s always looking for male attention,” says the insider. “It’s uncomfortable to be around.” Says the source: “She’s partying to mask her true feelings. And she’s really unhealthy — she barely eats. She monitors what everyone says aoub ther and lets that influence her opinion of herself,” says the source. “If she continues acting out at this rate, she could be headed straight for rehab. It’s sad.”

[From In Touch, print edition, November 11, 2013]

Eh. I don’t see a problem even if Miley did “hook up” with four dudes in one weekend. At least she would sort of know who these guys are … as opposed to randomly making out with everyone at a club. Okay I take it all back. Four guys in one weekend is way too much, and I’m not even talking about a slut-shaming angle. I’m talking about the potential STD factor. Gross.

Here’s more wiggy goodness (a natural looking brown one … not unlike Miley’s own hair color) and (in the gallery) a horse. That’s a real horse, right? Not a statue. The crazy photo filters made me look twice.

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Twitter

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  1. Emily C. says:

    Four guys in one weekend is not “too much”. There are these things called condoms. And you’re just as likely to get an STI from four guys over four decades as from four guys at once. I’d be happy if Miley spun this angle, of being a woman who gets a lot of hot sex, rather than being a sex object.

    • Tapioca says:

      While I agree that numbers are irrelevant as long as you’re safe, I can’t imagine too many people have 4 partners in one weekend, and are then celibate for 40 years!

    • Kiddo says:

      It’s neither here nor there in terms of numbers, you are right, to an extent, although the risk tends to increase with higher numbers of partners. Condoms don’t protect against everything, there are diseases, without being graphic, that can spread beyond the scope or coverage of the condom, through other areas of skin contact, or mouth to skin contact, and some sexually transmitted diseases can be passed on through kissing. So again, the condom idea is fantastic and should be used, but it isn’t a guarantee at 100% safe sex. To each, his own, in the risks they wish to take. Differences in immunity within the population also plays a role.

      But I am not taking any moral stance on sexual activity, one way or another. You could be a virgin until marriage and then still get an STI. (but it would be nice if the partners informed of risk, first, if it is known to them).

    • Meaghan says:

      Emily, I totally agree with you! And furthermore, I doubt this has any truth to it at all. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t but it doesn’t matter either way to me. If she’s being safe, good for her! Maybe she likes gang bangs, maybe it was 2 girls 2 guys, who knows and who cares. I’m not going to slut-shame this girl. As long as she is having fun good on her. When I got divorced, I had been with my ex since I was 18 and we split up when I was 26 and I had a major slut stage after. She was with Liam for a long time, so in a way I understand what she is going thru. I did the same thing, I just didn’t have the media analyzing everything. I got it out of my system and every guy I was with made me more aware of what I wanted in my next relationship, so when I found the man I am currently with I knew exactly what I wanted in a partner and am in the healthiest relationship I have ever been in.

      I never cared about Miley before, but the new Miley I really like! And she is laughing her way to the bank with all the criticism she is getting.

  2. lavinia says:

    Wow, she is so skinny. And I’m not trying to skinny-shame her…she just looks so frail.

  3. Meaghan says:

    Good for her, cashing in! And people are complaining about her lil Kim costume but she showed a LOT less boob then Lil Kim did for the real costume, so she toned it down which was surprising. The more people hate her and trash her, the more she is cashing in so good on her. I don’t see her antics as horrible as everyone e else. She’s goin thru a phase and if she wants to be slutty, go for it. At least she’s not getting naked at concerts a la gaga.

    • MonicaQ says:

      If we agree that Miley’s pastie was of equal size to Lil Kim’s and Lil Kim is >D cup while Miley is a B cup then of course Lil Kim will show more boob.

      • Meaghan says:

        No Mileys was definitely covering more, the first pic I saw of her had a side-by-side comparison, and Lil Kim had a half flower so the bottom JUST covered her nipple, and Miley had a full flower. Who would have thought I would ever analyze a pasty as much as this, hahaha. I LOVED her costume, I was pretty surprised she covered up so much!

  4. valueofaloonie says:

    Pretty sure that’s a fake horse. The body proportions are slightly off, and if you look closely, you can see that the hooves don’t sink into the ground at all. :)

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The “fear of being alone” is something that’s been said about LiLo, McCauley Culkin, Demi Moore and a host of other celebs who have suffered from addiction.

  6. Kiddo says:

    She looks pretty as Lil’ Kim. Oddly, it doesn’t come off as raunchy as Lil’ Kim, or Miley as Richardson material. That color wig looks good on her.

  7. bns says:

    I can’t stand her, but I loved her Lil Kim Halloween costume. It was cute and fun.

    See white people, no blackface!

  8. blue marie says:

    She looks good here, I think the longer hair suits her better.

  9. Tiffany says:

    To answer your question, yes Live Nation is going to lose a ton of money on this deal. There is no way they are going to recoop their budget on this one. You don’t need an MBA to know that financially this tour is not going to do well.

    • Kate says:

      I would be interested in knowing who the open acts will be during this tour. That might help some

    • Bubbles says:

      Jesus, those Super Bowl commercials are so stupid. Shouldn’t it be about sports?
      Sorry to say this, but we Europeans are way better at doing major sports events.

    • paige says:

      tiffany-you are so right –
      larry rudolph just got maybe his last big payday for her on his comission…she will not be able to put asses in those seats -it will be a huge embarassment for her and a last opportunity for touring….she will be doing her hannah montana concert revial on the oldies circuit in ten years!

    • Dutch says:

      There’s room to make some dough for Live Nation. No one thought her album would sell and it sold like crazy. Who’s to say people won’t shell out an average of $75 a ticket to see the train wreck live. You know LN will get Valtrex, Trojan condoms or a booze company to underwrite the production end of the show, so that part is covered. I’m sure they’ll have the venue rider set up where the first $500k of sales goes to LN (then Miley) and the rest will be split between the venue and the promoters. If she hits major markets, sells an average of 15-18k tickets at $75 a pop, everybody makes money. And to her credit Miley did hustle to promote the album, I expect she’d do the same for the live show

  10. mar says:

    I always LOVED Lil Kim’s outfit that night, and I like Miley’s rendition too!

  11. MonicaQ says:

    Costume actually looked good. I’m shocked.

  12. cs says:

    Beyoncé averages $1.7 mil per city (3 shows) playing arenas… $560K gross per night @ $115.00 avg for tickets . I doubt Miley will make $500k per night on tour. She will probably play at smaller venues with tickets averaging $35-$50 tops.

  13. T.C. says:

    That Lil Kim costume is the prettiest she has ever looked.

  14. BooBooLaRue says:

    Laughing as I didn’t see the “k” in the $500k and thought, five hundred is about right.

  15. wonderwoman21 says:

    She looks….good as Lil Kim. It’s an improvement!

  16. lucy2 says:

    I’d have to think they’ll lose money on the tour. Are that many people going to be paying top dollar to see her? She’s (over)hyped by the media at the moment – that doesn’t automatically translate into big ticket sales for a tour. And if you go at all by her VMA performance, it wouldn’t be a very high quality show.

    She might be enjoying it all right now, but I don’t think there are many people who come out of that sort of thing without crashing.

  17. chops 116 says:

    slut shaming, skinny shaming… I’m so tired of these words… no one can state an opinion anymore without needing to backtrack and include But I’m not shaming her! it’s ridiculous that there is so much concern for backlash about EVERY freaking topic

    • MonkSolo says:

      sorta true, it’s just a way to shush criticism. Criticism is a form of attention as well as praise, and Miley has worked hard at getting attention.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Slut-shaming is not just some ‘hamless form of criticism.’ It’s a tool of prudery, religious dogma, and misogyny used to control and punish females for having sex whenever they want, dressing however they want, and dancing however they want. It’s a tool that has lead to the murders and deaths of many women and girls. It has also caused many other problems for our sex, including rape culture.

      • Kiddo says:

        Slut-shaming….It has also caused many other problems for our sex, including rape culture.

        I have not seen studies which prove causation. There may be a correlation, in terms of words used during rapes, but the same could be said for a correlation to pornographic imagery and language. I think it would be difficult to prove one element in culture as a direct cause without addressing and eliminating other possible factors. Women who are not sexually provocative or highly sexually active are raped, even celibate individuals like nuns, and the elderly are raped. Men are sometimes raped, but with less frequency. Children are raped. If only women, who were chastised as sluts, and the like, were raped, then this might make a stronger assertion. But rapes, although sexual in nature, are violent acts of power, control and domination and not necessarily the perception that a female is a “slut” so she deserved to be raped.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        @Kiddo: True. I should have worded it differently. Slut-shaming is not ‘the cause’ of rape culture. But it is a large contributing factor to rape apologism, and rape apologism is a large part of rape culture.

        Both boys and girls grow up in a society where ‘sluttiness’( which could be anything from premarital sex, to revealing clothes, nudity, suggestive dance moves, porn, hooking up, friends with benefits, threesomes, or whatever the scarlet-lettering prude in question deems to be ‘slutty’) on the part of females is blamed for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape committed by males. Some people go as far as to say they have no sympathy for a rape victim who was scantily clad, and we all know how people feel when an exotic dancer or sex worker of some other sort is raped.

        The message this sends to women and girls is that it’s up to us to make sure that guys don’t sexually harass, sexually assault, or rape us by “not being, acting, or looking slutty.” The message this sends to guys who have done these things or to guys who might do these things in the future is, “we don’t exactly condone sexual violence, but we really can’t blame you guys if you have commited/do commit such an act if females are going to be ‘slutty’. After all, men are animals with no self-control and can’t be expected to act like a decent human being if females are going to be so sexually immodest.” The entire attitude ignores the fact that modestly dressed females get sexually harassed, assaulted, and raped, that not all people who face sexual violence are even female, and that not all sexual harassers and rapists are male. You and I both know that the above attitude is false, ignorant, and presents a very narrow view of sexual violence. But the whole ‘sexual immodesty= Men harassing and raping females” fallacy gets spouted still.

        I believe that in a society where slut-shaming wasn’t an accepted norm, where everyone was held accountable for their own actions- and no one else’s- and where people were as a whole more sex-positive and educated, we’d see a lot less victim-blaming. It would also require dealing with the homophobic sexism in society.

      • Kiddo says:

        Leila in Wunderland

        I think a whole lot has to change in terms of a power dynamic, in general. I think it would be helpful if recidivist and or violent rapists received more time, or weren’t released at all in certain circumstances, and that the crime was taken more seriously. I think the answer to that would be more women making laws and representing “the people”. Rapists may not be wired properly in the head: from environment, chemistry, or both and some dose of societal pressure and influence. The vast majority of US men are not rapists, and very few would become rapists based on the attitude of constrictive sexual mores or language.

        The attitude of blame on victims is pervasive in a society where no one ever apologizes sincerely, or takes responsibility for actions. It stems from the top down, in government, and excuses made in courtrooms by defense attorneys, to crap being vomited out by celebrities, as well as our neighbors and families.

        The thing is that that has become acceptable. People getting away with bad behavior is richly rewarded and respected instead of the opposite. This is where shame would be a very useful tool and emotion, but there is shamelessness where there should be shame. I hope that made sense.

      • Kit2 says:

        “Men are sometimes raped, but with less frequency.”

        Prison rapes (including gang rapes) are as brutal as it gets, and much more common than most people think.

        “The Bureau of Justice Statistics confirmed this human rights crisis last month. It says that nearly one in 10 prisoners report having been raped or sexually assaulted by other inmates, staff or both.”

        Unsurprisingly the young and/or small, the slightly built, the non-violent, and gay or bisexual are the most common targets for rape in prison.

      • MonkSolo says:

        Jesus… you two should get a room to discuss the patriarchy together lol

      • Kiddo says:

        lol. Sorry for being boring.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Amen! Everyone used to be a lot less huffy and defensive on this site.

      • chops 116 says:

        @greenturtle… I’ve noticed this trend is on the upswing myself…i must have missed the memo regarding political correctness on a celeb gossip site. .. I don’t find it necessary to throw a disclaimer on each comment I make… :p in some circumstances it may be called for, but other times I think it takes away from the comment/argument

  18. Leigh says:

    Am I the only one seeing some Amanda Bynes paralells in this post?? Not the ridic “fragile” article, but – the selfies, the wigs… the lack of respect for her own body….

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      A person doesn’t have to dress modestly and abstain from nudity and drug experimentation to have respect for their body. But I do hope that she’s not overdoing it with the Molly, and it’s clear that she’s not eating enough. I wonder why. Does she have an eating disorder? Or does molly cause a loss of appetite? Or are her partying, famewhoring, and working interfering with her nutrition?

  19. Leila in Wunderland says:

    Most of this story probably isn’t true, since it’s very predictable, Chenye is known to be gay, and the tabloids assume her to be with every young guy she’s pictured with. The article reads exactly like web opinions about her and rumors mixed in, that can be found on the internet. A lot of times that’s a sign that a story is false. But if you flirt with and or kiss a lot of people a lot, it can be easy for a person to assume that you’re hooking up with the person or people. But I do believe the parts about her eating habits and her masking her feelings about the breakup.

    I like the costume a lot.

  20. Dommy Dearest says:

    Why does society continue to give this ignorant child everything? Praying for a Lohan downward spiral so she will disappear.

    Now where are those people that will find these photos racist? Let’s continue the fun from yesterday. ;]

  21. bettyrose says:

    Eh, it’s Miley’s world and we just live in it. I hope she has a good business manager.

  22. Andrew1 says:

    She needs to dissapear. And I am not going to treat her as a frail victim btw. She just needs to calm down, shut her mouth, stop with the crazy drugs and smoking, and just sing. Don’t giver the ‘she’s acting her age crap’. Me and most of my friends didn’t act like this. People who I know that acted like this regret it also. Just go the f*ck away until you sing without getting naked.

  23. Dragonlady sakura says:

    This is probably the jealous bitterness talking, but 500k for just acting ratchet?! Unfair. Damn, I should have gone into showbiz

  24. Nic says:

    LOVE this costume. It’s a great example of how to can dress up as someone without blackface. She deserves major credit for it.

  25. Tiffany :) says:

    I read this report the other day that “Molly” was just a marketing gimmick to get kids to think that it was better than ecstasy (a renaming of the same thing), and that most of it contains methamphetamine in addition to a whole lot of unknown crap. Molly being “pure” mdma is a lie. Thought the Miley post was the most appropriate place for that bit of info!

  26. Tiffany :) says:

    I think they might have been looking at her Hannah Montant tour numbers to make this offer. I think the biggest question is whether that demographic will follow her into adulthood and still want to see her live.

    The teens that buy a 99cent song might not be willing to put down a ton of cash to see her live.

  27. erika1985 says:

    She is an entertainer. Apparently a
    lot of people are interested in her act. Good for her. Whether we as individuals like her or not is irrelevant in the business.

  28. A says:

    Well obviously AEG thinks she’ll ALMOST make back this amount of money. They must have bid at least 400-450k or else the final price wouldn’t have gone up this high.

    Who knows, she might be able to do it. Touring success seems to have nothing to do with how popular or liked you are right now, only how many people cared about you 5 or 20 years ago. And Miley HAS been around for a while. Her demographic’s changed but who knows?

  29. cyndi says:

    What’s a “hokup”? Isn’t that something a cat does with a furball?? ;p

  30. Bottle Brunette says:

    She’s only as popular or notorious as we make her. The more we talk about her, the more media “heat” she generates. That’s why she keeps us talking. The more we bitch, the stronger her media presence becomes. We can argue that it’s a negative presence, but the sheer size of it is irresistible to many corporations.

    If we really want her to go away, we stop paying her any more attention, no matter how outrageous her antics get or how contrite/troubled she pretends to be when those no longer work. So with that thought, I’m done with this girl. Miley’s not getting any more internet traffic from me.

  31. Veeeery Veeeerytas says:

    Moral of the story: Being a no-talent pan-faced ho pays off big in today’s immoral society.

    • Leila in Wunderland says:

      “…in today’s immoral society…”

      Veeeeeery Veeerytas, what makes you think that this world- or even this country- was ever a ‘moral society’? This is an argument that I only ever hear from conservatives and old people, no offense. They say that it was such a good and moral time when people- especially people who were not male , and people who were not heterosexual- were repressed and religious values were ‘the rule,’ but then the free love people and the feminists ‘ruined’ morality in the 60′s and 70′s. But in reality, that’s not true. Things like war, genocide, torture, slavery, racism, sexism, rape, and pedophilia have been happening for thousands of years, all over the world- including here. Is that really morality?

      The things that make a ‘moral society’ are not women dressing modestly, abstaining from certain dance moves, abstaining from nudity, and being virginal until marriage, or only having sex with 1 or 2 people. That’s just socialized prudery and repression mixed in with religious dogma and misogyny, started by the patriarchy. Morals are just standards of right and wrong. The real way to tell how moral a society is is through how people view and treat eachother.

      • itstrue says:

        what are we doing here??? Do you know all the answers? Why do you go on extended rants when anyone disagrees with you? You are on this planet learning like the rest of us. You do not have all the answers, and you are sucking the fun out of the room.

      • MonkSolo says:

        you should learn the difference between “morals” the word you are using and “ethics” –what you actually mean.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        I’m sucking the fun out of the room by calling out bigotry and encouraging people to think for themselves, rather than blindly accepting what religion and misogyny teaches them?

      • skeptical says:

        so i’m not the only one who’s noticed that Leila only pops out when there’s an opportunity to “school” the rest of us about how narrow-minded we are. Good to know.

        No, Leila, you are not encouraging us to think for ourselves. You are pounding a soapbox repeatedly and expecting us to be grateful for it. You are trying to get us all to blindly accept what YOU want us to accept.

        Miley is not some great feminist icon. Her current antics are reinforcing sexist attitudes towards women. She is reinforcing the current normalization of women getting naked in order to sell something that has nothing to do with nakedness, and of seeking attention no matter the cost. Some of us are annoyed by that.

        Please stop insisting that one tree is the entire forest.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        @itstrue: So you’re saying that people SHOULD be thoughtless bigots who allow the arbitrary, sex-negative ‘morals’ of an inherently sexist and religion-based system govern how they think and the way the treat eachother? History has shown how well that works.

        @monksolo: I think that both morals and ethics can be applied in those situations. So can values. But the whole ‘dress modestly and only have sex with 1 or 2 people, ladies, or else you’re dirty sluts/whores’ argument has little- if anything- to do with morality, ethics, and values. It’s more about ownership, resentment, and religion.

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        Miley Cyrus has a wild streak. She poses naked, dresses the way she does, and has her little antics most likely because she thinks what she’s doing is cool and ‘badass’, it gets publicity, she doesn’t like being told what to do, she feels ‘free’ (based on things she has said) and she’s reacting to all the people who bullied her during her teen years for being sexual. That’s what I think.

        Do I think that qualifies her as some feminist icon? No, and I’m not trying to force anyone else to ‘blindly accept’ that view either. But since all of that is her personal choice, why not let her get it out of her system?

        What I am trying to convince people to do is to abandon a form of bigotry. Some women- feminist and not- think that by raking other women over the coals for the way they dress, the way they dance, or the fact that they’ve posed nude, or by expressing hatred for nudity, porn, and sex workers, they’re accomplishing some greater good. The argument seems to be, “Revealing clothes and nudity are misogynistic, and porn is bad and oppresses women, so by vilifying every woman who makes any of the above choices, I’m helping women everywhere.”

        But does that really counteract sexism against women, or does it just replace one thing that often has sexist undertones with something else that is sexist? The only message it really sends is that women cannot and should not be allowed to make their own decisions regarding clothing and sexuality, and that it’s ok to ostracize, punish, or demonize women if they make a choice that we don’t like.

      • itstrue says:

        You are clearly wasting your super duper intelligence on us gossip minded folk. You should be out changing the world or whatever……

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        @itstrue: I don’t consider myself as super intelligent AT ALL :) , Just passionate. Our screwed up slut-shaming, victim blaming, repression culture is something that has pissed me off since I was a kid. And I see famous people as a tool for talking about societal problems. If people just remain silent when they hear bigotry, nothing changes. I’d rather speak up and risk annoying people than just say nothing at all.

  32. Erm says:

    I wish she would grow her hair long again. She looks pretty with long hair.. and the lilac actually suits her more than the brown!

  33. courtney says:

    Take into account why don’t you that what an artist make’s per show on tour in largely determined by ticket price/supply and demand. if demand is low they make less money. Tim McGraw for example on a regular tour plays either 40,000 seat ampitheaters or 60-70,000 seat football stadiums and routinely sells them out at from 49.00 to 175.00 a ticket mind you he’s sold about 45,000,000 since debuting nearly 21 years ago while his wife Faith Hill who also released her debut album in 1993 has sold roughly half of that and their residency at the venetian in Vegas sells out the theater it plays for every show their 2nd year just started October 25th and finish April 12th 2014 ticket prices ranging from $107.50 to $1,012.50 granted Bangerz won’t sell near as many copies as Faith’s last studio album 2005′s Fireflies did when all is said and done Bangers will be lucky to get 1.1 million sales Fireflies sold 1.6 million copies earning a 2x platinum certification for 2,000,000 copies shipped only 200k less than it’s nearest predecessor which sold 1.8 million copies these are US sales each of those albums sold roughly 3-4 million worldwide granted Cry saw a 60% decrease in worldwide sales from it’s immediate predecessor 1999′s Breathe which sold 10 million+ worldwide

  34. Deedee says:

    She looks really cute in that wig and makeup.

  35. mfan says:

    This is the only site I’ve seen on the internet that blocked out part of Miley’s Lil Kim costume. The $500,000 from Live Nation is only the guarantee; she could make more than that. I don’t think AEG realized the unmatched merch selling that goes on at a Miley concert. Of course, that could slow down with a more adult audience as opposed to adults buying stuff for their kids. I’ll tell you what happens when I see Miley on tour! Rumors say Miley will also be going to South America and Australia. Probably all around the world, now that she doesn’t have a relationship to take care of.

  36. skeptical says:

    apparently the gateway timed out so i doubt my comment got through

    Anyway.. so I’m not the only one who’s noticed that leila only pops out at an opportunity to “school” the rest of us for how narrow-minded we are. Good to know.

    No, Leila, you are not encouraging us to think for ourselves. You are pounding a soapbox and expecting us to be grateful for it. You are trying to get us to blindly accept what YOU want us to accept.

    Miley is not some great feminist icon. She is reinforcing the normalization of women getting naked as a selling tool for something that has nothing to do with nakedness. She reinforces the sexual objectification of women, including self-objectification. Some of us are annoyed by that.

    please stop saying that one tree is the entire forest.

    Also.. MonkSolo is right.. you should be using the term “ethics,” not “morals.” ETHICS are the right vs wrong without needing to appeal to religion (appeal to authority variant). Given that you seen to conflate religious beliefs with patriarchy, speaking highly of a moral society is strange.

    and your comment “This is an argument that I only ever hear from conservatives and old people, no offense” seems designed to give offense. Are you not calling Veeeerytas an old person and/or conservative as a way of rejecting Veeeerytas’ larger point that selling one’s self-objectification is now being financially rewarded?

  37. Leila in Wunderland says:

    @Skeptical: Your comment did get posted. I replied upthread.

    I’d also like to add that I don’t have a problem with other feminists being annoyed by and wanting to challenge and call out our culture’s belief that women need to be sexually attractive to men, or wanting to discuss whether or not these women do the things they do because they really want to or because they feel that they have to. But I do have a problem with a person promoting the inherently misogynistic repression known as scarlet-lettering- a concept that has lead to so much suffering and repression for women and girls (and people in general) for thousands of years, defending that repression and oppression in the name of free speech, feminism, or the greater good, and pretending that it isn’t harmful and inherently woman-hating.

    I also know that not everyone who slut-shames is religious- there are many atheists and agnostics who engage in this dangerous and problematic practice as well. Different people have different motivations for doing it- whether it comes from a place of piety, prudery, possessiveness, the belief that one is doing something good, to use it as a teaching tool, or the desire to tear someone down. But a societal ill committed against someone is just that, no matter what the motive is, and the person’s being an atheist or agnostic doesn’t change the patriarchal and religious origins of slut-shaming.

    The idea that there even is such a thing as a slut/whore originates from (yes, I have to say it again, sorry) the patriarchy. Any of you may feel that experimental hook-ups, revealing clothes, nudity, and porn are negative, anti-feminist, and bad for all women. But is it feminist to impose dress codes and sexual modesty on women against their will? Is it feminist to call women sluts and whores? Is the message that nudity, revealing clothes, and experimental sex makes a woman inferior or bad a feminist message? Is whorephobia feminist? What about the rights of the individual?

    Miley Cyrus may not be a feminist or a feminist icon, but I’ve found that she is a PERFECT celebrity candidate for discussing feminist issues like slut-shaming, objectification, sexual autonomy, and I like that.

    • jwoolman says:

      It doesn’t have to be a moral issue, but it certainly is a wisdom issue. Just the real risks of over 100 STDs (not all curable) should give one pause about certain activities. And the risk of pregnancy is always there, despite modern contraceptive measures, if a guy’s little swimmers get close to her little eggs. Plus many people do find sexual activity speeds up emotional entanglements. Maybe not everybody, there must be both men and women who really can engage in casual sex with frequently shifting partners without getting emotionally connected or bothered. But I suspect Miley may not be one of them and her actions are more related to the usual problem of drug/alcohol-related poor judgment and distorted perception.

    • Amanduh says:

      As a new mother to a beautiful daughter, I’m not going to stand by and watch her wear skimpy clothing or ‘hook up’ with multiple men and say nothing. She’s better than that and she deserves better.
      She wants to wear super-short-shorts/crop top/short skirt?
      First: What is the intention?? Attention or fashion? If it’s attention, then why are you so desperate for attention? Just know that if you do wear them: for every guy that ogles you, there’s going to be three girls with something nasty to say…because no matter how hard I shove feminism down her throat, that’s just the way the world is. I just hope to give her enough confidence to brush it off and own it.
      And why would I be okay with her hooking up with multiple partners?? Does she truly love sex or the short-term attention/affection it gives her? If it’s the former, masturbate to your hearts desire. If it’s the latter, let’s talk about the need for said attention/affection b/c clearly her father and I did something wrong. I’m sure there’s an exception, but you don’t feel like the best person after a one night hookup- you feel like you’re just a vagina to him and he could have had sex with any vagina…you just happened to be available. Again, awful and as much as I preach feminism to her, that’s just how it is.
      My mom said something to me I’ll never forget: “Guys take it wherever they can get it. So be careful and choosy…” Sucks, but it’s the truth 99% of the time. She’s worth more than her looks and her vagina. So if this qualifies as ‘slut-shaming’ then yes…I will make sure my daughter will not turn out to be a ‘slut.’ Have a one night stand (or two), and realize how worthless you feel the next day and learn from that mistake. Dress provocatively and you’ll be treated like an object and no one will take the time to see how smart, charismatic and funny you are because they’ll be too busy staring at your cleavage.
      I want my daughter to have meaningful sex with a wonderful person who sees more than her vagina and I want people to see more than her T & A. She’s better than that.

      • Amanduh says:

        Side note, but I’m sure no ones reading this as I’m super-late to the convo: I mean hooking up (intercourse) with multiple men over the course if a short time (you decide that time frame)…My personal opinion would be a weekend. I would secretly judge someone if they hooked up with multiple people over a weekend. (Which, again, my opinion only, I don’t think Miley did…)

      • Leila in Wunderland says:

        A woman’s sexual purity is not her worth, and not all women feel worthless after a hook-up. When your daughter is older, you need to allow her the freedom to express and explore her sexuality without imposing your fear of her ‘being a slut’ on her. Daughters and sons really don’t need to grow up feeling that their parents will love them less or be ashamed of them for their sexual choices. (I bet you wouldn’t have a problem with an adult son sexually experimenting, and you wouldn’t say that you were going to make sure he didn’t turn out to be a ‘slut’). Also, as far as the “a man will take it wherever he can get it and be a user” thing, all men are not the same. There are a lot of sexist stereotypes about men in our society too.

        You’re right about the fact that some people will be nasty and prejudiced toward her if she wears a cropped top and short shorts, because that’s the puritanical and sexist society that we live in. But when it comes to physical appearance, every woman (and many men too) has a choice to make: Which do I care about more- what some close-minded person will think of me because of my looks, or my right to do as I please with my physical appearance and being true to myself?
        Once you (I’m not saying you-you, but a person in general) realize that peoples’ prejudiced responses say far more about their mentality than it does about you, you’ll be set free.

      • Amanduh says:

        Sorry buddy, we’re going to have to agree to disagree. Sexual purity is kinda sacred-ish. It’s all you have and the more of it you give away, the less you have. And for what? A 12 hour sexual rush?? Really? Anyone with genitalia can have sex…very can hold conversations, go for coffee, breakfasts, meet parents , go away for the weekend. I have had my fair share of experiences- seriously, no doubt in that. I’m not giving numbers, that’s for you to decide, but I will give her the wisdoms my mom gave me. Most women I know (again, my story, my opinion) feel like sh!t after a hookup. Some don’t, but a lot do. Regrets, scares, that feeling of being ‘used’. I don’t think hooking up with ‘multiple partners’ is acceptable over the course of a weekend. My opinion only, so my daughter will know of it, but will also know that I will stand by her side no matter what she does….

      • Amanduh says:

        See previous ‘late disclaimer’, but to add that intentions have a lot to do with this topic too…why are you acting/dressing/projecting yourself to sexually? Why are you craving the attention behaving this way will get you?
        It sucks that there are people who will think ‘slut’ when they see a girl dressed provocatively, which whatever- yeah, it sucks. But they will always be present, same with those who think “whatever racial/prejudiced thing” but the sad fact is that they’re out there and they always will be. Wearing short shorts elicits attention and everyone knows it. You are going to be judged and loved or hated. Know it, own it and wear them, but be cognizant that there will always be those people…

      • Leila In Wunderland says:

        “Sexual purity is kinda sacred-ish. It’s all you have and the more of it you give away, the less you have.”

        You have every right to feel that way about yourself as an individual, but it’s very important that you don’t apply this beleif to everyone. The beleif that virginity is sacred and that how sexually ‘untouched’ and ‘unseen’ a female is determines her worth and value is a myth that has been used to controll and repress women for thousands of years. It has repressed and oppressed both sexes in some ways, too. It’s not just about religious beleifs about sexuality, but also the concept of male ownership.

        You can feel this way, but many of us find this belief offensive not only because of its origins, the way it has been used, and the problems that it causes, but also because of how misogynistic, limiting, and reductive it is. Many of us don’t feel that our ‘sexual purity’ is all we have to offer as human beings. We as people are so much more than hymens that waste away upon penetration or other activity.

        You’re right that there will always be slut-shaming, paternalistic mysogynists of both sexes out there, just like there will always be homophobes and other types of bigots and bullies out there. But just as we don’t have to submit to that bigotry by hiding our sexual orientation, desires, and relationships, we also don’t have to submit to the slut-shamers by dressing modestly and abstaining from the sex that we want.

      • Amanduh says:

        Okay…I still stand by my previous statements and will add that of course someone is worth more than their ‘purity’. I know we shouldn’t limit people’s choices, yada yada…but my question is why.
        Why does someone think it’s acceptable to sleep around? Just b/c you can doesn’t mean you should. Sure the temporary thrill is fun, but don’t you feel nasty after? I’m not suggesting one is/becomes abstinent, but multiple partners in one weekend? Really? Do You feel like a good human being afterwards or do you feel kinda used?
        Or dressing a certain way…sure, you can wear shorts up your whoo-ha, but why?? Why do you feel the need to do this? What deep-seated need do you have to have all eyes on you? Courtney Stodden comes to mind here. Not shaming her or whatever, but would you like your daughter to emulate CStodds? Do you think she is living up to her full potential?

      • Amanduh says:

        …and as I reread your previous comments and you claim I wouldn’t mind if my adult son were to become a ‘slut’? Wrong. So so wrong. Weird/haughty to claim knowledge of my views, and they couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t want any child of mine to take advantage of/be taken advantage of their sexuality. Obviously there is a huge difference in sexuality in males and females: we assume males can be ‘sluts’ and not get any flak whereas a female would if she does the same. I don’t like pre-judgements or labels. I just want all my children (male or female) to be aware of/own their sexuality, not take it too lightly and be respectful of their future partner(s).
        I am all for sexual experimentation. You just don’t need to have sex with a ton of people to do so.

      • Leila In Wunderland says:

        If I had a kid, no, I wouldn’t want them to be like Courtney Stodden- if you mean being with some old person while underage and getting breast implants. (I’m not shaming people who get plastic surgery, but I wouldn’t wish bodily insecurity on anyone). If you mean dressing like Courtney Stodden, I honestly wouldn’t care if I had a kid who dressed like her as long as they were 18.

        Why does a person feel that it’s ‘acceptable’ to sleep around? To me it’s acceptable for a person to sleep with whoever they want, as long as it’s mutually consensual and nobody’s cheating. Why should I care how many people somebody has hooked up with? I never have. Hooking-up is a catch-all term for any sexual activity from kissing to intercourse. I don’t see a threesome or someone kissing/feeling up/going down on/ having sex with 4 people in a weekend as something that makes them less than human or in any way a bad person. I just see them as feeling experimental and in the mood. Some people have a sexual fantasy of being with different types of people, and others have a menage a troix fantasy.

        I didn’t feel less than human with the friend I hooked up with because I know that my sexuality and desires are natural. It would take me doing something sexually that I feel is wrong in order for me to feel less than. Or it would have to be something really embarassing, life altering, and long-term. Some would feel bad just after a hook-up, but that’s not me.

        As for revealing clothes, a person’s motives for doing that may vary. Sometimes it’s because something’s a trend. Sometimes they want the attraction of a guy. Sometimes they’re feeling turned on and a little wild. Sometimes it’s for attention and shock. Sometimes an outfit just catches a person’s eye and they have to have it. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel overly revealing to that person, it just feels natural and comfortable.

  38. jwoolman says:

    She might surprise you with the actual tour numbers. Judging from parts of her tour I saw on tv during her Disney days as well as stage performance scenes in the old show and movie- the girl has tremendous energy and stage presence and really can put on a very good show. Unless she’s lost that, if she gets good people to design and choreograph, nobody will feel cheated by the ticket price. They’ll be quite well entertained for a few hours. Don’t be misled by the former Disney label and her peculiar antics at the moment. If she decides to put together a good show and figures out what her audience wants to see (and doesn’t want to see), she won’t disappoint.

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