Blake Lively maintains her figure by not exercising & eating lots of chocolate


Here is one the new photos of Blake Lively released by her new employer, L’Oreal. Blake became the newest “face” for L’Oreal last week, and I do have to admit, this is a lovely photo. I wouldn’t have gone with black-and-white though – it seems like a makeup/beauty company should always do color images. Still, this photo makes it seem like this campaign will be much better than Blake’s sad Gucci campaign.

Anyway, Blake Lively has always claimed that she doesn’t do much to maintain her figure. For years, she’s given interviews about how she’s so young and active, she doesn’t need to exercise or plan her workouts or anything like that. Well, she’s at it again:

Blake Lively has the A-list husband and Hollywood film career, and just in case you didn’t have enough reasons to dislike her – she credits her amazing figure to chocolate. The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress never deprives herself of anything and thinks her penchant for sweet treats – which she consumes for breakfast and as an evening snack – helps her stay slim and confident.

Asked if she follows a strict regime, Blake said: ‘I do nothing! I’m lucky to have a very active lifestyle. I’m always running around everywhere… So I don’t need to hire a coach or watch what I eat. I can’t start my day off without a mug of hot chocolate or finishing off the day with a few squares of dark chocolate… It keeps me feeling happy.’

Blake – who has just been unveiled at the new face of L’Oreal Paris – says her glowing complexion is down to wearing high factor sunscreen every single day.

She explained: ‘I follow a very simple regime which is broken down into three steps: make-up removal, skincare and UV protection – I’m absolutely obsessed with it. My beauty must have is L’Oreal’s BB Cream with SPF 30 – I never ever wear anything less than that factor.’

When she’s feeling down, Blake admits her perfect pick-me-up is a spa session as she always emerges feeling more relaxed.

The 26-year-old blonde revealed in an interview with French Vogue magazine: ‘Getting a massage, if possible at the Mandarin Oriental spa in New York, which I love. I always feel much more beautiful afterwards…’

[From The Mail]

First of all… do you believe her about the working out thing? I do, kind of. I think she has great genes when it comes to her metabolism, but here’s something funny: that’s going to change for Blake in a few years. Once she hits her early 30s, she won’t be able to start and end the day with chocolate and still maintain her figure. Your early 30s are brutal, at least if you’re someone like Blake. On the plus side, if you’re like me and you’ve always had a fuller, rounder face, your 30s are when you finally “get” cheekbones.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, L’Oreal.

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  1. Ice Maiden says:

    I believe her. She’s young and appears to be naturally very slim. You see some young celebrities who are clearly struggling to maintain their figures, but not Blake.

    When I was her age, I could also eat whatever I liked and still fit into a (British) size 8 with no bother. Now that I’m in my 40s, it’s more difficult. I’m still fairly slim, but I definitely have to watch what I eat and see signs of the dreaded middle-aged spread! Right up until about 2 years ago, however, I never had to give a thought to what I ate, so maybe Blake has quite a few years to go before she needs to worry.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      Ditto here as well. When I was in my twenties I was very slim and didn’t exercise other than dancing when I went out to clubs. I didn’t eat particularly well and never gave a thought to gaining weight. I just didn’t. Even after I gave birth for my second child at 30, I dropped back to slim without even trying. Then I got older and suddenly everything changed. Once I hit my 40/50s I suddenly put on weight and now I’m overweight. It does catch up with you. I wish I’d learned better habits when I was young. My kids (who are now in their twenties), both have much better eating and exercise habits than I ever had. So I believe this. She’s still very young and there are many women who at her age don’t have to do much to maintain a genetically slim, well-proportioned figure. I think she looks gorgeous in that photo!

    • Macey says:

      same here. I had problems keeping weight on at one point even in my 30′s. I was really surprised how that all changed after 40/41. I never had to worry about eating my cake until then. I did work out more back then too so I know that had a lot to do with it but I could get away with skipping a few weeks here n there but now I cant. My life is more stressful too which can also take its toll on your workouts and the energy to do them. Im fine once I get up and get into it, Its the getting up to do it that becomes more difficult.

    • Lucy says:

      I believe her also, I’m 24 and have always been slim but eat like a horse, chocolate, chips anything I want, I just don’t gain weight. Even now being 8 months pregnant I’ve only gained 21 pounds, it’s all genetics I think. My mom is the same way and so is my sister….I’m sure once I hit my 30′s it’ll be different

      • Barbara says:

        I’m 33 and I’m like that. I’ve always been slim, but not much, but as years passed and I closed my 30′s and passed them I went slimmer. I eat like a cow, everything and in disgusting amounts and I’m 172cm and weight 61kg (5’8″ and 134lb). I guess I’m sort of lucky because as I grew older my metabolism started working better, I ate super healthy as a child and I’m not a big fan of sweeties. Unlike her I don’t even like chocolate (in bars), or ice cream, although I’m addicted to cookies and brownies (don’t eat either as much because in Brazil they aren’t as popular).
        So I believe her and I love her, but I know people will give her the side eye with headlines like those, so I just wish she stopped saying it. Some people will never buy it and will be annoyed by her saying it.

  2. T.fanty says:

    Bless her. She really doesn’t get the whole “lifestyle guru” thing, does she?

    Blake, honey. Pretty is all you’ve got. You might want to haul ass to the gym to hold on to it a little longer.

    • Liv says:

      So ridiculous, I’m sure she watches what she eats. She’s naturally thin and probably doesn’t need to work out much yet, but a hot chocolate in the morning OR a “few squares of dark chocolate” in the evening are hardly lots of chocolate either.

    • Monica says:

      “haul ass to the gym to hold on to it a little longer” – spot on.

      Everybody here is saying that when they were in the 20s they didn’t have to work out, but now suddenly they have issues in their 30s and 40s. Well guess what, if you did work out in your 20s, you wouldn’t have those problems. I didn’t have to work out because I never really gained weight in my 20s, but I did anyway cause I was on an athletic scholarship and after school, it was just a habit. Now in my late 30s, I don’t have any problems like my friends do. Some actress actually said that – she said she has a better body in her 40s than ever before, but she’s been working out all her life. She said that if you treat your body right all your life, it will treat you right in return. So I would definitely tell Blake to “haul ass to the gym” – especially with her figure type, I’ve seen pics of her in the bathing suit, she’s got the bulge coming her way..

  3. marina says:

    Maybe so, but that outfit is awful. I hope she gets fat. Just kidding. Some people just don’t get it though. You aren’t going to have a lot of female fans with that kind of talk. No one wants to hear about the girl who eats whatever she wants and never gains a pound.

  4. LadyMTL says:

    Ohhhh Blake, enjoy it while you can. As you get older all of that will change, I know it from experience. In my 20′s I could eat whatever I wanted – tons of chocolate included – and barely gain an ounce but now that I’m in my late 30′s I have to work very hard to maintain my figure.

    • Sabrine says:

      It will catch up to her eventually. I was 120 in my 20′s and ate twice as much as I do now without gaining weight. But it’s nice she can get away with it for now. I do think she’s going for hours without food and only eats when she’s hungry, not just because she can. I could be wrong but she’s not eating like a lot of people do or she wouldn’t have that figure.

      As for sunscreen, I hear SPF 30 is not enough. You need a 50 on the face unless you plan on reapplying it every hour. 30 just doesn’t cut it all that well.

  5. Vl says:

    What strikes me in these pictures is that her face does not age well, she looks great with Photoshop tho.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Oh, Blakey, Blakey… When I was your age, I ate a pizza for a snack in the afternoon and weighed 108. I didn’t exercise. Didn’t need too. Enjoy it. But trust me, it doesn’t last. So have a mug of hot chocolate for me while you can.

  7. j.eyre says:

    Although I am sure there is much more to her regime than she lets on (why do actresses do that?) her statements about chocolate are believable. A mug of hot chocolate will run you about 130-150 calories (if it is not “lite” to begin with) and if made without cream, it is fat free. And a square or two of dark chocolate is on of the healthier indulgences you can have.
    A Snickers for breakfast and a few truffles at night will sink you but this is not a bad way to indulge your sweet tooth.

    • danielle says:

      Also think this is plausible. That’s not a ton of calories, and if you are not counting hiking with your dog or taking a bike ride as regular exercise – having an active lifestyle is probably better than spending an hour at the gym every day.

    • Liberty says:

      I agree. Being active (lots of city walking, some running and just general busy days and galloping up and down stairs and light Pilates) seems to work even and a bit of dark 70% chocolate doesn’t damage thanks to a diet that is not strict but probably more veg and lean protein, and little junk. My preferred cheat is dark chocolate though, so I will defend it to the death, ha! Though I am not as thin as she is, more muscle tone. But I think the genetic lottery plays a role, so I can believe her account.

  8. Betty says:

    I don’t know. I think she eats like me. If I want chocolate, I’ll eat a bar of chocolate for breakfast and that’s all. I mean, there’s like 600 cals in a bar of chocolate, it ain’t that bad.

  9. RN says:

    I had an amazing metabolism until I had my first child in my mid-thirties. At 5’9″, I wore a size 4 or 6, ate whatever I wanted and never exercised. Then it was game over as my forties approached and I had to start using some discipline.

    I find it interesting that both Blake and Kate Hudson are featured here today. When I was reading the piece on Kate earlier, I was thinking that she and Blake are pretty interchangeable, both in appearance and acting abilities.

  10. stellalovejoydiver says:

    It depends what she eats during the day besides chocolate.

    Also these are the fugliest pants I´ve ever seen.

  11. Tiffany27 says:

    I believe her. She’s never appeared to be particularly toned and I don’t recall her ever being papped coming out of/ entering a gym.

  12. yummy says:

    “blake maintains her figure by not exercising” liar there are pictures of her coming out of a gym with ryan wearing red shorts on the dail mail

  13. mercy says:

    I can believe it. She’s young with a tall, lanky body, and she says she has an active lifestyle. She also doesn’t look like a runway model who subsists on coffee and cigarettes, or a super slim actress like Gwyneth. She has some cellulite and is not averse to wearing Spanx. It doesn’t sound like she eats a ton of chocolate, either.

    I find that the richer and more satisfying the food is, the less inclined I am to overeat, and the more active or busy I am, the less I have to watch the cals. And chocolate is not that bad for you, especially dark chocolate.

    I’ve seen the black-and-white photo before. Don’t think it’s new. The “sad” Gucci campaign was directed by Nic Refn and they’re still using it (saw it paired with James Franco’s new ad for Gucci men’s fragrance a few weeks ago.)

  14. Melissa says:

    Blake Lively doesn’t look like she works out, she’s slim but her body is not exceptionally toned and she’s very tall. However, she seems to have the type of body that can fluctuate and gain weight quickly. If I were her, I’d at least do some yoga a few times a week or swim. You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.

    I also think it’s easier if you’re wealthy to eat whatever you want and not gain weight simply because you can afford better quality of food if you already have the metabolism for it. When it comes to health and fitness, people always forget or are too afraid to mention the word “budget”.

    I see the trend now is to encourage women to be confident and not deprived themselves of food just to adhere to the rules that society has placed for us, it’s a lovely sentiment though I’m not really sure if it’s helping the young girls who are probably making themselves throw up right now just because they think they’re fat.

    That being said, I think Blake needs a new shtick. We’ve been hearing about her eating habits for years and it’s getting tiring. I’m curious to see in what direction she takes her lifestyle brand.

  15. Bridget says:

    I’d be more likely to believe it if she wasn’t married to Ryan Reynolds, who is a total gym rat (obvs his body is a big part of his job). But it’s not like hot chocolate (or even a couple of squares of dark chocolate) is a particularly big indulgence, as long as it’s not being made with whole milk or cream. It would even probably run less calories than most of your regular starbucks beverages, with the milk and the flavor and the ginormous size.

  16. Hannah says:

    Well, she’s really tall and has that tall-person build – gangly with no curves. Which is why she had to get those bolt-ons.
    Is it a bit ironic to hire someone who’s had a nose job to be the face of a cosmetics brand? It’s like when they hired Cheryl Cole and her head full of extensions to advertise shampoo.

  17. Sunny says:

    she´s young, ver tall and slim. She doesn´t look like a sporty girl… just a slim girl with lucky genes

  18. FYI: that’s not a new photo, not really, it’s old; this L’Oreal press photo is recycled from Glamour Mag July 2011:

    Both recently released L’Oreal photos were recycled from years old shoots. I’m pretty sure.

  19. OriginallyBlue says:

    If that is true it will eventually catch up with her and she will have to get her butt to the gym. Also I don’t understand why people think that just because the crap they eat isn’t showing on the outside means that their insides are looking great. Eating a few squares of chocolate and drinking hot chocolate is fine, but I mean for people who gorge on junk/unhealthy food daily.

  20. Grant says:

    No way do I believe her. I don’t care how great your genes are. You’re not toned and defined unless you do pilates/weight training at least three times a week–especially if you’re not dieting.

  21. Algernon says:

    She’s tall and lanky, so I believe her in so far as genetics are on her side. I don’t think she has to work as hard as the rest of us. But I don’t buy that she does nothing. She has some good tone and firmness, especially in her legs. I would guess she does something low-impact like swimming (which could be done at home, thus no gym photos), or a modified Pilates/yoga routine (which can also be done at home). She actually reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow, who is also tall and lanky, and who didn’t become a fitness disciple until post-kids in her mid-thirties.

  22. maria says:

    not to be poopy, I recall, maybe a year or more ago either on this site or another, close up shots of major butt cellulite while she was with Ryan somewhere. 26 is naive…and cellulite is what MOST of us WILL or DO experience, and it’s not just about diet, it’s also hormonal.
    That being said, the butt was flabby ….and will only get flabbier with time. But it’s hard to tell someone young what happens to the female body with time & gravity. eventually, lunges and squats will have to be part of her future. (if they’re not already).

  23. Monika says:

    I don’t believe her because she used to look much fuller than now, she lost a lot of weight, she’s really slim right now but about 6 years ago she looks different, not bad but not that skinny. I think she do have a good metabolism but I also think she watch herself what she eats and exercise regularly.

  24. Baskingshark says:

    Ah Blake, you are such a not very good actress. And your enunciation? On Gossip Girl, everything that came out of your mouth sounded like “blblblopp blep bloop bloop murphlorp Blair murgle murgle Chuck, Dan?” to the point where I had to turn on the closed captioning just to figure out what you were saying. And yet, thanks to Chace Crawford, you weren’t the worst one on there by a long chalk….

    And I wouldn’t say you’re conventionally pretty either, but thanks to your magnetism – and Mr Airbrush – that photo is absolutely stunning. Mr Airbrush is the new Chace Crawford.

  25. Bodhi says:

    She is utterly insufferable. The “I don’t workout” thing is probably true, but that part that isn’t is the “A-list husband” part. Ryan’s star is falling & hes gonna need a few real hits to hike it back up

  26. Nono says:

    When did Blake, or her husband, become A-list?

  27. Ok says:

    Well now if all I ate all day was a mug of cocoa in the morning and a few chocolate squares at night, I’d be thin too. She doesn’t mention any other food ya know

    But the photo is beautiful. She is a pretty girl.

  28. Lisa says:

    I don’t really care about her figure, because I’m skinny too, but HER SKIN. People who can eat that crap and not get breakouts, those are the ones that drive me nuts!

  29. mkyar says:

    I start my day with chocolate! But it’s one of those hippie types, all fair trade and 75% dark and full of things you’ve never heard of like Maca. I am 33, and I kind of eat what I want, but I find a run a few times a week, daily yoga sets of only 10 minutes or so keep things in stasis. She is likely just one of those juice eaters. If she was eating a lot of ‘junk’, she might be skinny with a good metabolism, but she’d have some pretty rough skin. She’s not Lorelai Gilmore, after all.

    • Nono says:

      Dark chocolate is really good for you! (In moderation, of course. One or two blocks a day. Like everything else, in large quantities it’s toxic.) It functions very much like coffee, with some extra benefits, and has none of the adverse effects. Eating it in the morning or right before you exercise will give you a good energy boost, thanks to the way it acts on your cardiovascular system. Good choice!

      10 minutes of (quite vigorous) exercise a day is the minimum you need to reap benefits from exercise. Unfortunately, most forms of yoga don’t count. “Power” yoga would, though. If you’re not taxing yourself in those 10 minutes- i.e. heavy breathing, sweat, etc.- I’d suggest you switch to something more intense to get the most benefit out of your activities. Just 10 minutes a day gives you a big boost in health. 45 minutes a day is best, but if you can’t get that in you can always at least squeeze in 10.

  30. Isabella says:

    Nah that girl does not eat.

  31. Jaquebelle says:

    In the cosmetics image above Blake looks rather lovely, but as a whole I don’t get the general fawning over this young woman. A great beauty she is N-O-T!!! More a peroxide blond with questionable acting abilities. And anyone who subscribes to the notion that this young woman maintains her impeccably slender figure by eating chocolate throughout the day is beyond naive lol. Really lol. The closest her lips have ever gotten to chocolate was when she last kissed someone who ate chocolate!!! Irresponsible to keep the I-never-workout-and-eat-whatever-I-want-because-of-my-incredible-super-human-metabolism-myth alive. It gives people the false impression that diet and exercise are unimportant factors in weight/health maintenance. There are plenty of exceptions, but the aging process pretty much eliminates any remote advantages associated with youth. As someone who has lost almost one hundred pounds and currently teaches indoor cycling, I wish this was possible lol. Never worked for me. Not even in my twenties. I had to sweat and watched what I ate religiously. One love.

  32. Karen81 says:

    All I have to say is enjoy Blake. Because I looked at how my husband and I used to eat when we first started dating eleven years ago compared to how we eat now. And we both are health conscious people, always have been. We even meant the gym. :)

    But back then we could get away with late night runs to Taco Bell, big obnoxious dinners out, deep dish pizza for dinner, McDonalds for breakfast etc. Now once we bothturned 30+, all that is gone. If I eat a piece of chocolate cake I am in spin class for 3 hours trying to burn it out and

  33. Karen81 says:

    lift. And ever since the kids came a few years ago, I feel like my butt giggles no matter how many lunges I do.

    Again enjoy Blake, take it from me sweetie it won’t last forever.

  34. Ice Maiden says:

    I’d have to disagree with the idea that your ‘early 30s are brutal’. Personally, I didn’t start to gain weight and see my first wrinkles until my 40s, but I’m not just talking about me. As regards looks, I think most people – male and female – are at their best in their early 30s. Physically, they’re still in good shape – maybe not quite as tip-top as in their 20s, but not far off – and what’s more, they tend to have a bit more confidence and feel more comfortable in themselves than many people in their 20s. The 30s are a great age, imho. For those of you feeling ‘old’ at that age, console yourselves with the knowledge that many of us would love to be so ‘young’ again!

  35. Leah says:

    God. I remember those days. My metabolism crapped out in my early 20s. It hit me me hard too.I gained 15 pounds in one summer. Now I’m extremely fit and healthy, but that comes with an extremely healthy diet and 6 days a week at the gym. It will definitely catch up with her. I see this with a lot of celebs. You can always tell when the metabolism goes by, by because they gain. Not that that’s a bad thing, some are too skinny!

  36. Meggin says:

    I believe her. Mostly because I’m the same way; I eat tons of chocolate and manage to stay thin and am the same age as her too. But I have heard that in your early thirties it becomes more difficult.

  37. Kelly says:

    What a coincidence, so do I!!!

    But seriously, having a mug of hot chocolate and a few squares of dark (notice she said dark, not Milka or Nutella shit) chocolate a day does not equal to stuffing one’s face with a bar of chocolate, a box of cookies and cake. If she eats that and maintains a healthy diet overall, she’s bound to be slim. Plus, here in Europe you don’t need a car to get around and I walk everywhere all the time – sure helps keep you active without having to actually go to a gym or work out. If she’s like that, then she’s telling the truth. It’s all about moderation and eating healthy. If you stick to that, no need to get fat ever.

    • Nono says:

      I’m convinced the way European (and Asian) towns are built is responsible for most of the increased lifespan as compared to America. Having everything bunched together 1) is so much more convenient, 2) is much better for the environment, and 3) makes it much easier to get in your daily exercise by just walking where you need to go.

  38. olivia says:

    LOL at the Daily Mail saying she has a career anymore

  39. carrie says:

    In a magazine interview during Gossip Girl, she said she does high-intensity training (HIT)–with her trainer.

  40. HoustonGrl says:

    I was like that until I was about 22. Now I’m almost thirty. I used to be so skinny that people asked me if I was anorexic (I wasn’t). I actually ate like a beast and never worked out. But I wasn’t as lucky as Blake (although, I think she’s fudging this a *bit*). I had to start exercising in my twenties to maintain my weight, and even then I have a much more womanly figure than I used to. I buy that she’s not an exercise freak (she seems more normal-ish than a lot of stars), but I still think she takes very good care of herself (or that others do it for her). BTW, “A-list husband”? I don’t think so.

  41. PoliteTia says:

    Don’t ALL the starlets claim they never exercise and never diet? Then there are posts of bulimia and anorexia
    I don’t believe a word that comes out of Blake Lively’s mouth! Quite trying to make Blake Lively ‘happen’ no one wants to see her in a movie or commercial. I could care less who she married

  42. Miss Anne Thropic says:

    I don’t believe this girl at all. Her nose has been done, her tits have been done, she looks significantly more gaunt than she did following her wedding…She is not telling the truth about anything. I bet she saw those pictures of herself at that family party right after her wedding where she was photographed in the high waisted retro bikini and had a shit fit. I’m willing to put money on it. She pulled a KK without the birth, papp’ed fat, went into hiding and lost it all and has reemerged as the new face of L’Oreal or whatever. Someone should tell her about fillers, her face looks terrible.

  43. A Fan says:

    I believe her. And I prefer her look to a muscled-up, bulging-bicep one. Hers is soft and feminine and pretty.

  44. Jaquebelle says:

    What makes it unbelievable is Blake stating that she eats a L-O-T of chocolate, on top of never exercising. A lot of chocolate consumption is certainly not moderation and seems unlikely, given her obvious, post-wedding weight loss. Why brag about something that is painfully untrue lol. The great news is that you really don’ t have to give up entirely the “bad” stuff, when applied in moderate amounts. I give myself one day a week to not count carbs or calories and the rest of the week I am good. Have more respect for folks who are honest about what it really takes to lose weight and/or maintain a great shape. Those celebrities who admit to actually breaking a sweat to fit into their latest red carpet gown. While I am not taking away from those folks who are naturally thin w/out diet/exercise, Blake Lively would be better served by keeping it real. One love.

  45. mosty says:

    The picture is not new, kaiser. It’s from a photo shoot that was taken like two years ago! :)

  46. Cleveland Girl says:

    This is the same stuff that Mischa Barton used to say – and then age caught up with her!

  47. Mo says:

    I was able to do this all the way to 37 and after 2 kids. Then…. all HELL broke loose. Everything went south and fast because I never really had to work out before. She might not “have” to work out now, but it will put off what happens later if she put more effort in now. I can also attest to the fact that I have to work so much harder now because I’m over 40 and have no muscle memory from working out when I was younger. Nothing’s free.

  48. Trillian says:

    How is “a mug of hot chocolate” and “a few squares of dark chocolate” a lot of chocolate?