Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: ‘Uneducated’ people ‘think we have everything’

Mary Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen both compete for our attention with separate Allure covers for the December issue. I’ve always had a soft spot for these girls. Ashley has always seemed like the more grounded twin, and MK was the wild one but has settled down from her partying days. Maybe there’s something good about the grotesque” romance between 27-year-old MK and 42-year-old Olivier Sarkozy. Mary-Kate went through a few years where she dropped out of college and dated the same Greek shipping heirs as Paris Hilton. In comparison, a Sarkozy seems like a good idea.

These Allure covers aren’t the most flattering photos of the girls at all. Mary Kate seems like she’s about to drop off for a long winter’s nap. Ashley fares better. The twins are talking about their fashion lines of course. They are sometimes accused of ripping off other lines, and they sell ridiculous $55k purses. I do like the look of The Row even if I’d never pay that much money for clothes. Sorry Olsens. Here are some excerpts:

Ashley on their twin bond: “[Our connection is] beyond words. We both carry the weight of each other.”

MK on not having it all: “I think people looked at us with the perception of, ‘Oh, you just have everything. You can do whatever.’ Strangers assumed we had enough money to just do nothing, or why would we go to college? And it’s such an uneducated perspective! You still have to grow within business. You have to take a chance.”

Ashley chimes in: “It’s not like you wake up one day and have a huge company with four or five different companies within the companies, not to mention our past and future.”

Ashley on acting: “I was reading scripts, and ultimately I just said to the people who were representing me, ‘I need to do things 100 percent. I don’t feel like I can give you 100 percent of my time …’ There’s a lot of compromise in the entertainment industry. I can’t sit in this room and audition for this part.”

[From Allure]

Do you buy what the twins are selling here? I’m not sure why they care what people say about how they succeeded in fashion. I think even if one discounts their massive startup capital, it’s impossible to deny how name recognition got their designs noticed in the first place. I do respect that they work like crazy when they don’t have to. The twins were obscenely rich when they turned 18, and I remember reading an article that illustrated the fact by stating they could each afford to buy a Range Rover every day of their lives. At least they work hard, and they make all their stuff in the United States. No sweatshops for the Olsens. Good on them.

Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate Ashley Olsen

Photos courtesy of Allure

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  1. Relli says:

    Snort. Anyone who was forced to sit through endless Olsen twins movies and numerous terrible off-key recordings would know these ladies had to WORK IT to make this life happen. Truth.

  2. KellyinSeattle says:

    I kind of like them, but they do always remind me of the scene…”Come and play with us, forever and ever and ever….” :)

  3. idk says:

    I have to commend them for still going to college even if they didn’t “need” to…but didn’t one of them drop out ???

    Also, it is easier to start up a fashion business when you are already rich and famous and have connections. Just sayin !

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Starting from 3rd base is always helpful. Loathesome women.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        I don’t get the adulation at all. In pictures they always look like depressed little Ewoks. I cannot respect anyone who sells bagatelles for such obscene amounts of money. I hope they are quietly doing good works with their fortunes.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Good point, BooBooLaRue. All this ‘I’ma self- made twin!’ is getting old ‘cause there nothing like being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

        I WAS all set to furiously type “Give me a f*cking break!”, but then I read “At least they work hard, and they make all their stuff in the United States. No sweatshops for the Olsens.” – Now, that I do appreciate.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      Sloane Wyatt, they worked during their entire childhood, starting when they were infants. I would hardly call that “being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Perhaps you don’t like how they acquired their money but they earned it just the same.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        The Olsen twins were born in Sherman Oaks, a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles, and their father owned his own successful mortgage brokerage business. Their mother was a former ballerina, a career that typically takes a family of means in which to flourish. Although there’s no doubt the Olsens worked hard as child actors, I would describe their background as “being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.”, Boxy Lady. (Great username BTW)

  4. Nope says:

    I completely forgot they are still around.

  5. Megan says:

    not for nothing but their fashion empire is not because of their name it is because they are talented. Their name actually wasn’t a benefit when they wanted to do real fashion and not Wall mart crap. I mean yes it got them meetings but the fact they are good, understand the industry and clothes is why they made it in the door and have a success.

    They can’t act at all but they are very talented designers and do deserve credit for that.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yes exactly. They may have gotten their foot in the door because of their name, but they’ve sustained success in the fashion world because their designs have been incredibly well-received. They know what they’re doing.

      That being said, I would have loved for them to admit that they decided to devote their time to their fashion empire and not acting because they’re good at the former, and quite frankly, suck at the latter.

      • Megan says:

        well yeah but no actor will ever admit that.

        But the Olsen girls aren’t like J Lo or Jessica Simpson that aren’t actually designing they are doing the work. There is a reason The Row and Elizabeth and James is at Neimans and not Macy’s. There is a quality and taste level. It isn’t a celebrity brand, in fact most people didn’t know for quite awhile that E&J was theirs.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “well yeah but no actor will ever admit that.”

        Someone needs to visit the Joaquin Phoenix post from today–and that uncertainty was coming from a VERY talented actor.

    • Liberty says:

      I agree. They worked for this by all accounts (even from industry friends) and indeed, their name and sitcom heritage could have been a hurdle. Their pieces appear very well-made as well. They are eccentric, but that’s who they are and it’s their right (Helena B-C and Tilda S might agree?) and it probably hasn’t hurt their brand, and yeah. you have a business, you promote it as you can. They work hard so I have to salute that.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I think it is a little of column A, a little bit of column B.

      Didn’t they have a kids line with Wal-Mart when they were kids? Their childhood fame certainly got them in the door in the fashion world. That line was a direct result of their kiddie videos. That being said, instead of just putting their name on their Wal-Mart line, they took that as an opportunity to learn more and 10 years down the road they became good at it. To make high quality clothing, you HAVE to have an appreciation for textiles!

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      As much as I don’t care for their privileged sentiments, I do have to give them their due. They ARE talented and have worked hard.

  6. Melissa says:

    It may not have been the most articulate article but I understand what they are saying. I’ve been seeing this smugness against already wealthy individuals who turn out to build successful companies. It seems like the only success people applaud are the rags to riches stories, the very lows to the most highs, and it’s quite unfair. No matter who you are, where you’re from, and how much capital and resources you’ve had, building and running a successful company is not easy. Some people may have had a rougher or easier start than others, but the core of it is a dire daily challenge.

    In a world where the Miley Cyruses of this world think it’s okay to light a blunt on a stage at an award show no less, I can only applaud anyone who dare to make something of themselves regardless of their previous consequences.

    • Me2 says:

      Bravo Melissa! Couldn’t agree more!

    • my .02 says:

      I think people have a beef with someone with obscene amounts of money whining about how they didn’t have it as easy as everyone thinks.

      Yes, it is that easy. When you have a ton of capital to start your company and a built-in name recognition that allows you to get press anytime you want it, you’re going to have a better starting point. Someone who has to work hard to raise capital in the first place, isn’t famous, but has the same talent, is going to have to work a lot harder to get to the same place. Also, even if their venture totally failed tomorrow, MK and Ashley would still be set for life. It makes things a LOT less stressful.

      It’s fine to have money and be successful, but don’t whine in public about how people don’t appreciate how hard it is. You don’t understand how hard life is for people who aren’t you, and you don’t have to – but don’t expect other people to appreciate how hard you think you have things, because you don’t.

    • Amory says:

      I understand what you are saying, but if they were truly confident, educated, and successful, they would not need to call everyone else uneducated. The way to answer that question is to acknowledge that it must seem like they have it all, but they have worked hard, and they wanted to and continue to grow.

      To be whiny and pull the “poor little rich girl” routine is what is tiring, and it makes me think that there is a part of them that is quite worried that they don’t have real talent. Proud, confident women don’t need to go overboard in their explanations, and they don’t need to call others idiots.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Ok, Melissa, it’s not “this smugness against already wealthy individuals who turn out to build successful companies”. It’s that the Olsen twins typify the completely justifiable disgust over how the dice are getting even more heavily loaded and how the deck is being stacked ever higher against the middle class and the poor in the class war the incessantly greedy wealthy are waging against us. It’s that half of all jobs in the U.S. are found through family, friends, or acquaintances.

      It’s how often men end up working at the same company where their fathers worked, finding that as many as 40 percent have done that at some point. That proportion rises to 70 percent among the top 1 percent in income distribution. One-third of successions between chief executive officers in publicly listed companies in the U.S. involves an incoming CEO related by blood or marriage to the old CEO, the founder, or a large shareholder.

      Those of us who don’t have these advantages of their privileged background are sick and tired of being fed by Our Corporate Masters the old lumpy gruel that the ‘American Dream’ is simply achievable by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and hey, if we’re poor it’s because we’re just lazy.

      • Melissa says:

        I understand all that. But how are the Olsen twins responsible? We have a f#cked up system. Like I said, this article was not the most articulate, but I DO understand. They’ve decided to start a company about something they’re passionate about. I can’t blame them for that.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        The Olsen twins are a flashpoint for more than just their affluent head start. In this interview, they remind me of Miley Cyrus’ complaining a while back that Rebecca Black & Justin Bieber had everything handed to them.

        “It should be harder to be an artist,” said the former Hannah Montana star during the interview… You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go on travel around.” Uh huh, Miley came from nothing, had to work her way up playing at smoky dives, and scraped by to become successful. As if!

        Like Miley, when the twins complain that they’re misunderstood, they didn’t have anything handed to them, and they had to work hard for their success, they come across as just another entitled privileged celebrity. As opportunities dwindle ever further for everyone but the rich and the race to the bottom escalates for the rest of us in our tanking economy, it’s especially galling to see the Olson’s bitch and moan that people are talking sh*t about them. I blame Mary Kate and Ashley for being insensitive boobs.

  7. Hakura says:

    They’ve both always looked so ‘odd’ to me, since they got beyond the ‘little kid’ phase (Where sometimes, you can be ‘cute’ even when you aren’t the least bit attractive). I think they’re quite ‘odd’ in normal personality, that maybe working in that environment for so long, they mostly retreated into their ‘twin’ bond for a long time.

    Even if I’d never ever spend so much on their clothes, I do respect them for doing something with their lives, other than *just* party, get pulled into addiction… Choosing to do something constructive they enjoyed, that required effort. :) I do admire that, in a society where it’s so easy to do nothing, when you (or your parents) have tons of money.

  8. bsh says:

    From what I read on Wikipedia, they both dropped out of college. This makes them also “uneducated”..

  9. Lisa says:

    I had never bothered to look up their fashion lines before, but I looked at The Row’s collections, and, much to my surprise, I actually like some of the pieces. They sure don’t seem to fit any of the models at all, but I’m pretty clueless about fashion, so many that’s a normal thing.

  10. smee says:

    Where does one go to become educated about them, I wonder?

  11. Meggin says:

    They are talented at fashion, I will give them that. But is it just me or do they have the worst eyebrows? They are like fuzzy caterpillars.

  12. Sam says:

    I see both sides. Do they have to work at their business, same as anybody else? Yes they do, and they should be commended for it. They aren’t merely licensing their names to a fashion line that they have no creative input on (coughJessicaSimpsoncough). They actually oversee and make the decisions about the line. However, they also had a sizable investment from their acting days to make the jump into fashion far easier. So many of the aspiring designers I’ve met toil for years, barely scraping by and sticking with it for love of the artform. The Olsens always had that cushion to take risks. Others don’t.

  13. Ag says:

    “No sweatshops” is a sadly low standard, but, of course, a fact-driven one.

  14. drea says:

    The headline is a bit misleading. They’re talking about an “uneducated perspective,” not about uneducated people. Perhaps I would not use the word “uneducated,” but I do agree with their point. Many people think that rich kids instantly have everything and don’t really have to work at anything to be successful. That’s not quite accurate.

    On the financial side–having money is one thing, keeping it and then increasing it are another. On the matter of talent–well, you can have a mountain of start-up capital and still become a failure in the fashion industry. All that money doesn’t matter if you can’t design and if you can’t get people to buy. I think the twins’ name and showbiz background were probably a hindrance in the beginning (think Victoria Beckham) because “serious” fashion is such a snobby world.

    All that being said, I’m not the biggest fan of their line (although I do own one of their skirts). I think their stuff is overpriced, but I guess you could say that about all of top fashion RTW.

  15. v1nc3nz00 says:

    uneducated people don’t probably think about you, educated people don’t probably care

  16. Talie says:

    I buy that Ashley is happy as a clothing designer, but I think Mary Kate would’ve liked to have had the acting career her younger sister has.

    • Dubois says:

      I think it’s the reverse actually. MK seemed to care less about public opinion (drug taking, walking around like a hobo, eating disorder), which would have actually harmed an acting career. Ashley seemed to always put on the “good face” and try to maintain a good standing in the public . I honetly think they both don’d give a f*ck about hollywood and are bona fide fashoin people at this point. Kudos to them for not succumbing to the vapid world of hollywood and living in NYC. It’s one of the reasons I like SJP too.

  17. P.J. says:

    I have to admit that about 70% of the time that I’m reading a fashion mag and really, really love an every day dress-a rare thing-it’s credited to their Elizabeth and James line :) The same can be said when it comes to beautiful blazers from The Row. Now, do actually believe that the girls are designing anything themselves? Of course not. But how is that different from any of the other bug high end fashion houses? Everyone from Alexander McQueen to Versace has ALWAYS had teams of countless unnamed, incredibly talented designers dreaming up and creating all of the pieces. It’s almost a “you know that you’ve ‘arrived’ when…” kind of thing. Good for them!

    • LAK says:

      Alexander McQueen’s couture was ALL designed by the man himself when he was alive. That’s why most of it is in a museum somewhere. the Ready to wear had some team effort, but still had alot of design input from the man himself than employing reams of uncredited design talent to churn out ‘Alexander McQueen’ clothing. You can see how much the aesthetic has changed since his death such that his clothing is now only recognisable by the tailoring as opposed to design.

      • P.J. says:

        It’s true that the late great Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace) was involved in the designs that carried his name more than most, but “couture” as you mention is always different than regular runway for all design houses as its more intricate, drastically expensive and all of the pieces are made to order and one of a kind.

        I beirve that Sarah Burton who now heads McQueen was designing for him long before his death.

  18. ldub says:

    “We both carry the weight of each other.”
    how hard is it to carry 50 pounds once in a while!?
    just sayin….

  19. Jessiebes says:

    Yeah. To me it shouts: Sad little rich girls.

  20. Timber says:

    Don’t like the way they dress at all.

  21. Nicolette says:

    It still amazes me that these little girls from ‘Full House’ grew up to have a billion dollar empire. Sorry though, to me they are just creepy.

  22. We Miss You Enclave_24 says:

    I actually like them, but after Heath died I couldnt shake the feeling that these ladies have a very dark personal life.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Not me. It seemed like Heath died in their penthouse of depravity where they were rumored to do drugs in together.

    • Apsutter says:

      Yea, I’ve thought that for years. Ever since they moved to NY and quit college and became increasingly eccentric. There is a darkness/sadness behind their eyes.

      • TG says:

        I have heard from various people, including someone whose sister is a fashion designer in NYC that the twins do drugs. Not sure if they still do but I too have been creeped out since Heath’s death. Didn’t someone call the twin’s bodyguard or something like that before dialing 911? Very creepy indeed. However, I wish this article focused more on their bond. I am always fascinated by sibling bonding, in particular twin bonding. I am not a twin but have a sister 18 months older than me and was only 1 year ahead off in school and we have always had a very tight bond. I think we have a similar bond that twins to. We had our own language wen we were younger and we both knew what each other was thinking and even though I am the younger one I was the leader and the more confident one. Sadly, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized my sister suffered from extreme shyness and insecurities and she used me to do all the talking when we were younger. To this day I feel like she is the only one in the world I can truly shared problems with.

        One more thing I reluctantly like their Elizabeth & James line and have several pieces from them. The Row is too high end for me and I don’t really like it anyway. They are the first and only celeb collection I have ever purchased because as a rule I refuse to buy anything a celeb slaps their name on. That fraud Jessica (Simpson or Alba) is not getting one cent from me. Nor is Timberdouche.

    • Hakura says:

      I always assumed, due to the incredibly early & consistent presence in the entertainment industry throughout their formative years (as child-stars, pre-teens, then teenagers), they dealt with the same ‘exposure’ to adult ‘darkness’ that is so u fortunately prevalent with other child-stars.

      I assumed they withdrew into themselves & their ‘twin bond’, doing/acting in an ‘eccentric’ way bc they had so closed themselves off emotionally for a long time, & do to a degree even now. That’s not to say all their weirdness is from that, or that everything they do is because of strain during their young lives. I just know a lot of twins (especially those who have dealt with a lot during their early development) can sometimes seem like they’re living in a separate reality with their behavior sometimes.

  23. Holden says:

    How much does an education cost these days? I can’t even sit here and audition for this part!

  24. Carolyn says:

    MK has never had to answer any questions to the authorities about Heath Ledger’s death. Shady. Couldn’t care less about their clothing lines…appreciate that they’re successful. That’s all.

    Their eyes are expressionless and empty. Are they trying to be “fashion”. I’d like to see them laugh and smile one day.

  25. lisa says:

    i thank them for not feeling the need to be in my face 24/7

    i wish miley had been content to take her $ and do something else

  26. Jane says:

    I just wish they would dress like they aren’t playing dress up from their mother’s closet. Buy some clothes that actually fit and don’t swallow them up. The Allure photos are the first time I have ever seen them look their age.

  27. LAK says:

    I still can’t tell them apart. Individually or together.

  28. bns says:

    Mary Kate looks so haggard and old.

  29. Jackson says:

    Wow. I actually kind of love that MK cover shot. Fabulous! I do applaud them for their Made in America clothing which is difficult to find. Their whole fur thing sickens me though.

  30. hownowbrowncow says:

    Typical day in the life of an Olsen twin might be:

    10 AM – Wake up
    10 :01 AM – Realize you have nothing to do so hit the snooze
    12:00 PM – Wake up again at noon
    1:00 PM – Realize you’re hungry
    2:00 PM – Go grab coffee to depress your appetite
    2:30 PM – Realize you have a call at 3PM about creating a new line of clothing
    3:00 PM – Blow off the call b/c you are too tired
    4:00 PM – Realize you are really hungry
    5:00 PM – Look at as a substitute for food
    6:00 PM – Go to a gala and laugh at everyone wearing normal clothing
    8:00 PM – Tire of the gala and go home
    10:00 PM – Look at your bank account and realize you made $100,000 in interest today through all your hard work.
    11:00 PM – Go to bed ready to work hard tomorrow!

  31. rudy says:

    I read that the twins got their younger sister addicted to cocaine which is why her nose is shaped differently now then when she was younger.

    And MK was involved in Heath’s death. She has never ever commented on this. Maybe from privacy but I suspect it has to do with not wanting to tell the truth because then she would be a piece of that tragedy. I am sure that what happened was an accident but the smug attitude of the Olsen twins, as if they were walking above us all in the higher stratosphere, is insulting and distasteful no matter how well they can manage a clothing line.

    • Carolyn says:

      there were articles in the press at the time indicating that a bodyguard was called to the apartment when Heath died and swept it of all incriminating evidence. For some reason MK has never had to speak to the authorities about what happened. She must have a very good lawyer. Even if I could afford/would want to buy any of their clothing I wouldn’t on principle.

      PS I don’t think for a second either of them spend any reasonable amount of effort being involved in the creation of their ranges.

  32. KellyF says:

    Can someone explain to me what goes into “designing a line of clothes?” I am ignorant — I picture the twins drawing pictures of outfits, handing them to assistants, who then make up the clothes. I just can’t see them choosing fabrics, linings, interfacing, etc. If they really do all the work, well, that’a great.

  33. moon says:

    MK looks like Jennifer Aniston here

  34. MegG says:

    If only we could all have large savings from crappy acting in our childhoods.

  35. dragonfly10192002 says:

    They look like Madonna.

  36. kc says:

    i always forget about them! I thought one had overdosed or died or something. huh. . .

  37. Vilodemeanus says:

    Here’s what I think, they worked since they were infants and thankfully had parents who didn’t rip them off but got them great management and they ended up billionaires by the time they were in their 20′s – good for them. To go back to getting parts they would probably be approached to do things for parts, people don’t realize how sleazy producers are. Even they would be approached for sexual favors. So why do it?
    On another note, if you want an investment piece get The Row clothing, I find out when Barney’s is going to have a sale, I ask a sales person to put my size of what I want aside and then I am there when the doors open and I get what I want, but the clothes they design are great, and well worth the money. I got some black pants with leather piping and they still look new after 4 years, travel well and I always get compliments on them, same with a couple of jackets. They don’t need to act and the clothes they design are wonderful. I don’t think they borrow ideas anymore than anyone other designers, but the quality of the material and the cut are amazing. They are honored because they do a great job and make lovely clothing.

  38. emma says:

    I have to disagree with you, I LOVE Mary-Kate’s cover, she looks beautiful and mature and self-assured.

  39. Lauraq says:

    My first flatiron was a Mary Kate/Ashley model from Wal Mart. Which is funny, because I apparently hated them then??? (I remember my mom seeing my flatiron and saying ‘Oh, it must have burned you to buy something with their names on it!’ but I don’t remember why I hated them.) I do remember thinking they only had a future in porn, so good for them not taking that route.
    Sometimes I have a hard time believing they’re only fraternal twins.