Lena, Allison & Zosia at the UK ‘Girls’ premiere: who was the best dressed?


I have to ask: when did Zosia Mamet become the best-dressed woman of Girls? I’m serious. Zosia killed it at the Golden Globes while Lena Dunham and Allison Williams both had style fumbles, and now Zosia did it again at the UK premiere of Girls Season whatever. Zosia was the only one wearing an unfamiliar (read: “unhip”) designer too: her jumpsuit is Elisabetta Franchi and it really works on her. Even the peplum works, surprisingly.

Meanwhile, Lena Dunham looks like an overgrown schoolgirl in this on-trend lace Erdem (pre-fall 2014). This is a shapeless lace sack and it makes her look bigger than she really is… but maybe it evens out because Vogue made Lena look about 20 pounds lighter than she really is? I will never understand why a woman with hips and a decent-sized ass thinks that she pull off these trendy little sacky, slouchy slip-dress things. These dresses only work on really skinny women – imagine this Erdem on Gwyneth Paltrow. See?

As for Allison Williams, she’s trying so hard to be a Fashion Girl and she’s trying to wear all the right clothes and be seen as some kind of trendsetter. I don’t think this Alexander McQueen halter gown does it though. One, she’s overdressed –who wears a McQueen gown to the UK premiere of your HBO show? And two, it’s just not an interesting dress. It’s an uninteresting dress on a boring girl. Utterly forgettable.





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  1. don't kill me i'm french says:

    For once,Lena looks good ( especially when she doesn’t do faces) but Zosia’s suit is very nice and great on her

    • Latisse says:

      I think Lena looks like a giant doily. Alisson Williams: You’re trying too hard. Zosia, would look so much better if the pants weren’t also a nude color, like if they where just black or white, or if it was a nude dress and not a jumpsuit, as it is she looks naked.

      Also, anyone else notice that Lena is NOTICEABLY thinner since the first season of girls. So much for all that helping “real women” to be comfortable with their “real bodies”.

      Hopefully, the more she conforms to the Hollywood standard, the more that line of discourse is quietly phased out. It is the thing that irritates me the most about her. I always want to say: last I checked I am a REAL woman and my body looks NOTHING like yours. So quit with the “real woman” nonsense. Every woman is a REAL WOMAN, I mean did the skinny ones get turned into androids when no one was looking? Body shaming in all forms is irritating, you would think the feminist voice of my generation would know better.

      • INeedANap says:

        I am not at all a fan of Lena — frankly, she grates on me — but I can see her losing weight because of the time and stress demands the show puts on her. I am a curvy girl who has never been thin, but I was at my smallest when I was working in a production and manufacturing facility an average of 80 hours a week. I just didn’t have the time and I was running around like a headless chicken.

      • gefeylich says:

        Exactly, only this time I thought Dunham exchanged her usual sofa covers for Grandma’s lace tablecloth. When will this woman get out of the linen closet? I suppose her next move is to wear a shower curtain as a dress.

        Mamet looks terrible – I guess the nice GG dress was a gigantic fluke. Horrible color, drapes over her pubes = NO. Williams looks interesting, impeccably tailored and edgy, as is her recent wont. She’s definitely making headway in her “I WILL be a fashion icon!” campaign.

  2. VELOURAZURE says:

    each and every outfit is hideous.

  3. snark says:

    Don’t like any of them, but Lena’s outfit wins “Most Hiddy”.

  4. Esmom says:

    I don’t watch Girls but I have a soft spot for Zosia from her turn on Mad Men. I like her new haircut and agree she’s been killing it lately.

    I think she’s the most appropriately dressed here. Allison is trying a bit too hard and as for Lena, I just can’t with her.

    • Latisse says:

      I loved Zosia on Mad Men. I think the girl is really talented and like a “working actor” who just goes about the job without necessitating all the hype.

      Something weird I noticed though. When everyone everywhere was praising Lena as a revolutionary, I was so confused as I found her work to be average at best. And then I saw a twitter exchange that illuminated it for me.

      This was when everyone was going in on her for telling a reporter he needed psychological help because he asked her why there was so much nudity on her show. Anyway on her twitter she tweeted something about having a dream that she went to the gym naked. And one of her sycophants responded something like: “why did you go to the gym naked if it wasn’t supposed to be gratuitous or salacious” (which is how the male reporter phrased his question about the nudity on girls — so the sycophant was directly referencing and mocking the reporter)

      Lena responded with something like: I LOL’d at this. And the sycophant said something like: So glad I made you laugh. I am a producer on a show with girl in the title (Girl talk). It is my dream to one day work on an episode of Girls. Lena was radio silent. The sycophant then said: I hope this isn’t terribly forward but I was wondering if I could contact you about working with you on girls. Please PM me.

      Reading that exchange made it click for me. Lena, though peddling a mediocre product, has an extreme amount of power for a 27 yr old in Hollywood. The power to change the course of people’s career by hiring them on her show. The power to put food on the table for aspiring writers, directors, producers alike.

      Most of you might be thinking, duh, this is so obvious. But because of her age, the thought just never occurred to me at all. Maybe this is why reporters, critics et al are so overly effusive with praise about her show. All are writers in one form or another. Maybe they are all just hoping to get a job out of it. Just a theory.

      TL;DR : People are praising Lena as the second coming because everyone’s got a mortgage to pay.

      • Esmom says:

        I think you’re right. But it’s sad to me — and there are examples of this everywhere, not just Hollywood — that power and influence often don’t correlate with talent and hard work. Lena got into the business through her parents, I believe.

        Although I should say that maybe she is talented and a hard worker, I don’t really know. The only thing I’ve seen her in was an indie movie on Netflix (forgot the name) and she wasn’t bad. My comments about her bugging me relate more to her try hard-hipster personal style and awful faces she makes for the camera. All superficial, I’m very much aware! :)

      • Latisse says:

        Haha, no! I agree with YOU! I do think her stuff is a bit milquetoast/first-world-problems which can be super irritating. Although I don’t think it is fair to say she got by in Hollywood through her parents as they are artists but don’t have at all enough clout to get their daughter a show on HBO KWIM?

        She got by in Hollywood through hard work initially. It takes hard work to make a movie, and she should be commended for making Tiny Furniture, just for the effort, the final product is personally not to my taste.

        But after Judd Apatow saw Tiny Furniture at Sundance and agreed to back a show with her, I think she started getting by and is still now getting by mostly on hype from the sycophants hoping for a job which is sad.

        I think nothing kills talent and art faster than unchecked and indiscriminate praise. Just look at Lady Gaga.

  5. Bree bree says:

    I was actually really charmed by the Zosia girl on Chelsea Lately recently! But Lena is just gross. On every level.

  6. Frenzy says:

    Overrated and overhyped girls are back! Allison looks like one of Robert Palmer’s back-up dancers here :)

  7. cr says:

    Lena doesn’t look that bad here.
    Zoasia, well the fabric in the front of the top reminds me of a vulva. Perhaps that’s just the whackiness of my mind.

  8. GiGi says:

    Yes for Zosia! She used to have a real styling challenge, but she’s looked great lately. Still interesting but not over the top.

  9. YummyMummy says:

    Lena seriously needs a teeth bleaching. Uggg!

  10. Dani2 says:

    I really like the jumpsuit, so yeah, Zosia won in this round.

  11. Nev says:

    Zosia is FASHION.

    like kate moss, and the olsen twins she’s in that club!

  12. Kiddo says:

    Aww, Nanny’s curtains, that’s where they are! But really, I don’t think the dress looks bad on her, but the large tat on her arm just ruins every look for me. It may be the way her arms always lay flat against her sides. Maybe if she did some hand on hip action, her arms wouldn’t have so much surface area, and the tat wouldn’t draw my eye and be the focal point of everything. But…she probably likes it that way.

    I hate Zosia’s ensemble. like someone said above, too much labia representing, not as subtle as Georgia O’Keeffe.

  13. Luciana says:

    When I first started to scroll down, I thought Allison’s dress was going to be short. I think it would be a much better dress if that had turned out to be the case. Also, I am not a pantsuit person – AT ALL – but I actually think Zosia looks great in this outifit. It fits her nicely and the color compliments her skintone. Lena can go jump off a bridge for all I care. She, and her show, are way overrated IMO.

  14. davidbowie says:

    LD looks like she’s wearing a doily. Ugh.

  15. Lisa says:

    I would like Zosia’s but that color SUCKS.

  16. Observer says:

    Someone said the girl who plays Marnie looks like Quagmire and now I can’t unsee.

  17. Sam says:

    1.) Lena looks excellent here.

    2.) When Allison Williams gets all done up, especially with her hair pulled back, she looks just like her father. And it makes me think of hat Soup segment, you know, “Rawr with Brian Williams.”

  18. Nerd Alert says:

    It’s time for Lena to get that tat fixed, but this is the best I’ve seen her look.

  19. Lucky says:

    Those tattoos on Lena are just bad. Cover them up they ruin every outfit!

  20. ALJsMom says:

    I like that Lena looks like she is actually trying to look nice. I feel like she usually tries to be unattractive and awkward

  21. Immy says:

    Where’s Jemima Kirke (Jessa) ????

  22. AB says:

    Lena has the worst personal style of any celebrity. She could be really cute if she figured out how to dress her body and have better makeup and hair. Zosia’s outfit is cute. I would wear that.
    The other two outfits are fug. I never actually watched this show, but isn’t there a fourth girl???

  23. umyeah says:

    Lena looks like she’s wearing a giant doiley. I really wish I wouldn’t have to see her fug face everywhere.

  24. Pants says:

    I like Zosia and I like her outfit. She’s basically the only reason I watch that damn show, because I just can’t help but kind of love Shoshana!

  25. silly you says:

    meh, none of the look that great.

  26. kara says:

    Lena could use a belt or some other definition at the waist, but other than that she looks pretty cute!

  27. Reece says:

    1. Since when do tv shows get this many premieres? *shrug*
    2. Nope. They’re all fug.
    A. I don’t even count McQueen as being all that great anymore. Every dress I’ve seen the past few years I swear I can go to Macys and get the same thing.
    B. Didn’t Kim K already wear this kind of top with a skirt, that Zosia is wearing, when Kanye was parading her around post baby, except it was Givenchy then? I won’t type what I actually call this style. Neither one of them looked good in either of them.
    C. Doilies are not fashion.

  28. nyclove says:

    I don’t understand why any woman would consider a dress made out of doilies as something to wear.
    There is no way I would put on a dress like Lena’s to even clean my bathrooms.
    She is one truly unattractive woman in my opinion.
    She is 27 years old, she dresses more like 47.
    The yellow teeth, the hideous outfits she so often wears, trashy tattoos and that scary hair, yikes.
    I tried to watch Girls, horrible show, so overhyped, vapid and horrid.
    What women does she try to portray, the lazy slobs?
    I don’t get it.

  29. bailie says:

    Oh, nooooo…a dress made out of doilies?
    She has one of the worst styles I have ever seen.
    Lena is often dressed in some truly hideous clothes and those ugly tattoos.
    What’s wrong with her teeth?
    I can’t stand Girls what a vapid, stupid show.
    Why is Lena and that sorry show of hers so overhyped???

  30. AC says:

    I think you just really dislike these girls! I think they all look great in totally different ways. Lena’s hair and makeup look really pretty and she looks comfortable in the dress, unlike her crazy poses in the Zac Posen at the GG’s.

  31. Penny says:

    People complain when Lena wears something form fitting and they complain when she wears something looser. She can’t win, even when she wears something perfect for her there’s still an undercurrent of ‘it looks good…but how good would it look if she lost 50 pounds and lasered off her tats and capped her teeth and got a nose job’. I like her for just wearing what she likes, even though she knows people are going to lay into her.

    • portofino says:

      No, Lena doesn’t need any plastic surgery or to have her teeth capped.
      She can be any weight she wants to be, it’s her weight and her choice.
      It would help her to wear clothes that fit her body type, colours that suite her skin tone and her age. In my opinion doiles don’t work for a 27 year old young woman.
      Some teeth whitening would be a good idea, it’s not some invasive procedure that would make her look fake, plastic or like a Barbie doll.
      One doesn’t have to neglect themselves or go the other way and look like plastic surgery victim, for example Nicole Kidman.

  32. Muffy says:

    In Lena’s headshot she looks like a young Edith Bunker.

  33. Autumn says:

    I think Zosia wins here. With all the money Lena brings in, I wonder why she doesn’t get her teeth whitened.

  34. chlorophyll says:

    Lena can be whatever weight she wishes to be, after all it’s her body and also her business.
    But why does Lena wear her great grandmother doily dress or that yellow mermaid dress to GG that was a couple of sizes too small and so very ill fitting?
    That yellow dress in a navy colour with a proper fit and without the mermaid thing would have looked great on her with a pair of simple slingback shoes.
    She needs to wear clothes that suit her body type and colours that work for her skin tone.
    Lena could cover up her tattoos with a silk scarf or something and she could also whiten her teeth, no need for veneers.
    She could care a bit more about how she presents herself to the world, she doesn’t have to look like a Barbie doll or a fashionista, but she also doesn’t have to look like a slob.
    There is a middle road.
    Isn’t there?

  35. skeptical says:

    Mistress Lena is too hipster for a toothbrush.
    I haven’t been able to swing a dentist visit in almost 3 years and my teeth are not that yellow.
    She chose to look like this.
    Who does she know that she keeps getting practically worshipped no matter what?

  36. tishi1025 says:

    The Williams chick is TRYING SO HARD. You can’t force it girl!! And Zosia comes off as a rockstar of fashion when you put her next to these two. Its like the mediocre girl who looks like a model when you put her in a group of women who are considered “less attractive”.

  37. LaurieH says:

    I’m not going to rag on Lena’s size; her size is quite typical of most women. I am, however, going to rag on her fashion choices. I don’t know if she dresses herself or has a stylist, but either way she is not being dressed for her body shape. She always seems to wear unflattering silhouettes for her shape, unflattering colors for her skin tone and many times, just butt ugly clothes. Also – Lena makes money, can she not afford to pop into the dentist for a bit of teeth whitening?

  38. Helvetica says:

    Zosia’s outfit for the win. It has the most imagination. (She is the most annoying character on Girls).

    Lena’s dress reminds me of the early 90s. Not into it.

    Allison’s dress is nice but ages her about 10 years. Why so boring with the dress choice, Allison?