Miley Cyrus channels Marilyn Monroe in Vogue Germany: does she pull it off?

Miley Cyrus

After Miley’s raunchy twerking at the VMAs last August, there was some behind-the-scenes fallout concerning Miley as a fashion darling. I think Miley still considers her VMA act a win. She got all the attention for weeks on end! The trade off is that Miley lost all of the goodwill she gathered up at last year’s Met gala and with a decent couture spread for Harper’s Bazaar. Anna Wintour was not impressed with Miley’s gauche VMA antics. Miley really wanted to promote Bangerz with a glorious bang, but word on the street was that Wintour yanked all plans for Miley’s December Vogue cover. It’s easy to imagine the truth of this rumor. Miley could keep her “white trash and Chanel” vibe all to herself because Wintour wasn’t having it on the cover of her fashion bible.

Several months have passed, and Miley’s received a consolation prize of sorts: a cover for German Vogue. The photoshoot is titled, “Blonde Angel,” which (as CB tells me) is a Marlene Dietrich reference. I don’t think Miley’s consciously aiming for Deitrich at all. She’s going for Marilyn Monroe all the way. That’s what all of the starlets do! It’s such a transparent tactic. The weird thing is that Miley’s pulling it off. I mean, she’s pulling off a Madonna-level imitation of Marilyn. It sort of works, right? Then Miley whipped out her rack and distracted us all from whatever Mario Testino was trying to accomplish.

Miley Cyrus

This isn’t all of the risqué Miley imagery for the day. A new outtake from crazy-eyebrow W magazine shoot has surfaced. The photo shows Miley topless in bed with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. You can see that photo here.

Photos courtesy of German Vogue

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  1. BendyWindy says:

    I get that Marilyn was an icon, and Miley’s photographs look great, but I am so over every you celeb having a Marilyn shoot.

  2. Hannah says:

    Mario Testino is so overrated. And Marilyn homages are getting a bit old now. What I don’t get is why they went for the Dietrich reference?!

  3. Quinn Parker says:

    I don’t think this kid pulls much off, period.

  4. blue marie says:

    Yeah, she looks more Madonna than Marilyn.

  5. paola says:

    Are we sure she’s not trying to look like Madonna?
    And I’m sure even Madonna was then trying to be Marylin.
    Copycat after copycat the only thing that remains is a cheap skank.
    In this case a cheap-munk skank.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      She was trying to be Marilyn; hence the Material Girl video being staged to look like Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Miley doesn’t look like anything. The cover is a pretty good shot. From there, it’s all downhill in a major way.

  6. Kiddo says:

    More Anna Nicole Smith, less Marilyn, with a huge smattering of earlier Madonna.

  7. Liz says:

    Yup. She looks like Madonna trying to look like someone else. If anyone ever captured anything of Marilyn that would have been Britney Spears.

  8. pretty says:

    when are they gonna stop this Marilyn Monroe thing? it is SO BORING. Literally every female celebs go through with this once in their career. name anyone, you probably could find them dressed up/wearing blonde wig posing for pictures/mags. so dated. is Marilyn Monroe still relevant? it gets tired .

  9. Talie says:

    I thought this was more Madonna Blonde Ambition inspired.

  10. Paige says:

    Sorry to disagree, but miley DOES NOT pull off a Marilyn or Marlene thing her at all….she is channeling ‘OLD YELLER’ here nicely though…

  11. Tanguerita says:

    To be honest I don’t think it’s Monroe. I think it’s an hommage to Madonna’s “Truth or dare” or “Blond ambition”, I’m not sure. And yes, I know Madonna tried to channel MM back then, but what we get here is already second hand rehash, not a direct reference to MM.

  12. Seapharris7 says:

    Her eyebrows justbug me to no end

  13. Nikki says:

    Yawn….there will only ever be one Marilyn.

  14. Mango says:

    I don’t know if she ‘pulls it off’ (or who she was aiming for) but I do think she looks quite pretty here – my normal first reaction to seeing a picture of her is ‘oh dear, she really not very attractive, or sexy, despite trying soooo hard’

  15. Tracy says:

    Her tongue is in her mouth so I guess that is something.

  16. Secret Squirrel says:

    I think this look is much better on her than her usual trash. Not something for every day wear though! I prefer to see her wearing this rather than rubber underwear, foam fingers or Robin Thicke.

  17. Ice Maiden says:

    Marilyn had a vulnerability and complexity which was apparent in all her photographs, and which makes her such an icon half a century after her death. Miley wouldn’t know the meaning of either of these adjectives, and instead looks brash and assertive. I agree with posters above – less Marilyn, more, much more Madonna.

    • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

      Yes, and what is this chipmunk doing on any FASHION mag; she is not fashion; are you telling me that they aren’t any European models of any race/ethnicity that would look better on Vogue than this talentless manufactured fameho. Her people have to be bribing mags, because as all the posters have affirmed, there is just nothing interesting, sexy, or musically interesting about her. European fashion mags are going the way of American mags putting on the celebutard de jour instead of focusing on actual fashion.

  18. Karen says:

    I see Miley channeling Madonna channeling Marilyn. It’s better than her Terry shoots for sure. But this “look” had been done a million times. There’s nothing new or exciting about it.

  19. It'sJustBlanche says:

    Is it just me, or are her boobs bigger than before?

  20. Belle Epoch says:

    What a joke. Still laughing at her, not with her.

  21. bowers says:

    Not very much, but she does better than Anna Nicole and Lindsay Lohan. These young women don’t even know what MM was about.

    • Nicolette says:

      No they don’t. They think that throwing on some red lipstick, and having platinum blonde hair transforms them into her, it doesn’t. She had a certain something, a star quality that came from within. There have been many sex symbols since, but none quite like MM.

  22. rep says:

    Good grief she’s not pulling it off, and she doesnt look pretty, just shiny.

  23. smee says:

    The Marlene Deitrich reference would actually be “Blue Angel”, not Blonde.

    While I don’t think she looks like MM, I think she is well-suited for this kind of styling. She looks really good and her tongue didn’t loll out of her mouth once!

  24. Paige says:

    Give it up girl. People have already grown bored of her. Her last single and video wasn’t shocking enough and it flopped.

  25. Megan says:


    Wait, wait hold on…

    *grabs megaphone and stands on podium*

    HELL NO!!!!!

  26. Micah says:

    Both Miley, and the “Marilyn theme” is tiresome, and these pics are not compelling…like…AT…ALL.

    I’ve had enough of “Hana Montana version 2.0″….aka Miley.

  27. Artemis says:

    I must say, her boobs look great! They’re a good size for her body and perky ;)

  28. vanna says:

    Marlene Dietrich, not Deitrich. She looks good, but the photos look budget.

  29. Scarlett says:

    The picture with the blurred out boobs looks like Melanie Griffith.

  30. bored_01 says:

    Looks more like vintage Madonna! Which is better in my opinion. Marilyn homages are so done…

  31. Merritt says:

    No, she does even remotely pull it off. I’m tired of celebs posing as Marilyn Monroe.

  32. Amsterdamned says:

    without looking i tought Madonna.

  33. Dommy Dearest says:

    This kid can’t even pull off making her butt move when she shakes it at a certain pace. Marilyn must be rolling in her grave thinking she wasn’t a stick thin chipmunk.

  34. Stephanie says:

    Gross and no. Marilyn Monroe is probably rolling over in her grave. Just, stop.

  35. Alana says:

    I’m tickled by the fact that the majority opinion here is “GO AWAY!” :P

  36. Sylvia says:

    Miley can do all her posing but she will always be trash.

  37. Mango says:

    Has anyone else noticed that her teeth appear far too large for her face, now? Has she gotten large veneers?

    And, no, she has neither the look nor appeal of Marilyn. She has her own style, with her own positive qualities, to be sure…she’s definitely a hipster icon at the moment…but to me she reads very juvenile and unsure of herself.

  38. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    Oh Jeez, the TRY I get from her in these and other pics is just uncomfortable. I just can’t, she’s just a kid to me. I know that she’s an adult and it’s not the sexiness I have a problem with, it’s just that she’s just putting it on too much.

  39. skuddles says:

    Actually I think Miley just looks like Madonna here. Which is not a compliment.

  40. LilyT says:

    Marilyn: 2am at Wal-Mart edition

  41. Ginger says:

    She definitely pulls off the Madonna look especially with her boobs hanging out. But I’m not a fan of this set for Mario Testino. For one thing, we are looking up her nose and the other…I’m not a fan of the pointy nail trend. I do think Miley is a beautiful girl and I can’t wait for her to be over this phase.

  42. Naddie says:

    She looks like one of those wannabes who perform at a trash imitation’s tv show.

  43. LilyT says:

    One nice thing to say about Miley: she has a rockin body: athletic, toned, perky tatas, and legs for days. I would love to be as slim and fit as she. But, alas, she does not posses a twerk worthy booty….but I do! HA! ;-)

  44. Leila in wunderland says:

    I know every female starlet tries the Marilyn thing, but I think Miley looks great here and not quite so try-hard in this photoshoot. I get both a Madonna and Marilyn vibe here. This is probably one of her best shoots in a long time. I would have found the in bed with 2 guys pic sexy if it weren’t for the bleached brows and the one guy yawning, because I have a threesome fantasy.

    Glad to see there was no bigotry today. I’m on vacation! I love staying in hotel suites.

  45. d b says:

    Well, she’s no Marilyn and certainly no Dietrich. Miley’s biggest influence seems to be 80s Madonna.

  46. gaggles says:

    This child is just so dumb. She has no substance, she’s vapid, she cares nothing for the world, she just pretends like she does. She’s just a puppet. That’s all she’s ever known. She was a puppet with disney, she’s a puppet now. Maybe eventually she’ll grow the eff up. But dear god is her growth stunted.

    • destyni nicole says:

      …”she cares nothing for the world, she just pretends like she does. She’s just a puppet. ”

      How do you know that she cares nothing for the world? She hasn’t done or said anything yet that gives me the impression that she’s some heartless creature or anything. And what makes you think she’s a puppet? I know that all celebrities have some kind of team behind them, but what makes you think that she’s any more of a puppet than, say, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, or Ariana Grande?

      Do you generally think all or most celebrities are puppets who care nothing for the world but pretend to, or do you just see Miley as cold and a puppet because of her image? Are Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lawrence caring people and non-puppets just because they’re ‘good girls?’

  47. Nina W says:

    Twerking and tongue no longer garner enough attention so we get boobs and Madonna fan girling. She would be much better off focusing on making good music, her schtick is gawd awful boring. German Vogue? Isn’t that like getting the cover of “Architectural Digest”? (Just kidding!)

  48. kitty-bye says:

    I am just thankful it isn’t Kim on the cover.