Charlie Sheen kicks Denise Richards out of her home, cuts off child support

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Charlie Sheen has decided to spit on the best thing that has ever happened to him, Denise Richards, despite the fact that Denise has bent over backwards for him for years. Apparently Denise started pushing back once Charlie wanted access to his daughters without her supervision, and he’s since stopped paying child support as retaliation. Charlie has long been threatening to kick Denise out of the mansion he bought for her in the gated community where he also lives, and he’s now done that. He’s also refused to pay the $55,000 in child support he owes her a month for their two daughters. Denise is reportedly going to take him to court over it.

Sources say that Charlie’s new fiance, porn star Brett Rossi, is convincing him to push Denise out of his life. Brett’s tweets seem to support that, but it’s also just as likely that Charlie is having Brett do his dirty work. It’s worth noting that Charlie was also on the outs with his more recent ex wife, Brooke Mueller, but that Brooke made sure Charlie and Brett could see his twin boys. So Charlie thinks Brooke is wonderful mom now, even though she’s been to rehab over 20 times and has had custody taken away by DCFS for being an unfit mom. Here’s TMZ’s story:

Charlie Sheen has gone for Denise Richards’ jugular … cutting off her child support and kicking her out of her house … TMZ has learned.

Denise was getting $55K a month in court-ordered support for their 2 kids — Lola and Sam. We’re told he only forked over half that amount for January and hasn’t paid a dime in Feb or March.

As for the house … as TMZ first reported, Sheen bought it for Richards back in 2011 so she and the kids would be close to him. But we’re told Charlie has told Denise he’s selling the house and wants her out STAT.

Charlie is not hiding his contempt for Denise or the fact that this is retaliation. Charlie believes Denise is keeping Sam and Lola from him. Sources close to Denise tell us … she can’t just race to give Charlie the kids when he feels like having them on a whim. She also wants to be present when he has the children.

Our sources say Denise is getting her legal ducks in a row to go after Charlie in court. Fact is … when there’s court-ordered child support, there’s no such thing as a good excuse for not paying.

[From TMZ]

Denise has known about this for a while, and has reportedly been searching for another place to live for the past few months. I hope she’s found something and can get out of that toxic environment soon. I also hope Charlie is slapped with a court order to pay back child support. He’s legally obligated to pay child support, and to have a monitor with him when he sees the girls. His 24 year-old adult film star fiance of just a few months doesn’t count. Denise is just trying to protect her daughters.

Charlie is imploding in so many ways and hasn’t been showing up for work on Anger Management. I’m just waiting until Rossi gets on his bad side and he turns on her. You know it’s coming.

Charlie Sheen appears as a guest on Conan

Denise Richards Shops At Fred Segal With Her Daughters

Denise Richards Shops At Fred Segal With Her Daughters

Photo credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. Kiddo says:

    Hopefully this slays the dragon that fire-breathes, “Charlie cares about his kids, even if he knows he can’t take care of them”.

    • Peppa says:

      Charlie only cares about Charlie.

    • Oh my god yes.
      This guy is a huge HUGE dbag-been saying that since day one.

      Hope this finally silences his defenders.

    • lem says:

      I wouldn’t classify myself as a defender of charlie— I just thought it was always at least a blessing that he was willing to provide for his kids financially without fighting for custody b/c he knew he was a terrible parent.

      but this changes that and now i’m okay saying “yea you’re officially worthless.”

    • JudyK says:

      I’d want supervised visits, too.

      Denise is a great mom…her adopted little girl is beyond precious (well, all three daughters are)!

      Charlie is so mental that I can’t believe he has access to any of his children w/o supervision. And Brooke should always be supervised…those poor boys don’t stand a chance w/ them as parents.

      I think Denise deserves a Star in Heaven for being the only real parent any of these kids (boys included) have ever had.

      • FLORC says:

        She really has been great to all Charlie’s kids. Eloise is rumored to be his daughter as well.

        Isn’t Martin Sheen rumored to be secretly funding Denise as she needs it. He’s been pretty open about how she was the best thing to ever appen to him. Every time Denise was going to leave Charlie or refuse to help him Martin was there trying to convince her to stay.

      • JudyK says:

        FLORC, I have also read the rumor about Eloise being Charlie’s kid. Who knows, but I so love MARTIN Sheen, and I hope you are right about him being there for Denise.

        Sometimes great parents (Martin Sheen and wife) do NOT produce great kids. Sad.

      • People irk me... says:

        There is a BIG rumor going around that her adopted daughter is also Charlie’s with a stripper. I tend to believe it.

      • Delorb says:

        Doesn’t he have to get his stuff sorted in order to have a boy? Its how he got the twins. If not for the doctors, he would continue to have girls, something I’m sure his ego wouldn’t allow for. More reason to say she’s his bio-daughter.

    • yoyaa says:

      Charlie is an addict. This is all addict behavior, and I’m sure he’s back on the junk and then some.

      I don’t know what Denise did in a previous life to deserve this aggravation, but I sure hope she attends Al-Anon to help keep her sanity and serenity. My heart feels for her. She is obviously a wonderful, caring mother.

    • Rainbows says:

      @Kiddo, yeah I remember those comments last time he was in the news. People proclaiming him to be better than Mueller for not fighting for his kids, and instead being content to stay a drugged out loser who is happy to out source his parental responsibilities as long as he gets those feel good visits once a week. It was infuriating trying to debate people who failed to see how erratic Charlie was being and that both he and Brook are equally abusive just in different ways. How anybody could make an “atleast” argument for somebody who was sending public death threats to the mum of his kids was just straight up baffling.

      Anyway, I said at the time that Charlie was spiralling again (untreated bipolar??) and I was right. I just wish I wasnt, for the kids sake.

      • Miffy says:

        Combo of bipolar and addiction I’d hazard. Not that any kind of mental illness is to be so casually speculated over but it’s just astounding that this man has so blatantly displayed signs that require help and not only is he allowed to continue to be in charge of his own finances but in a position to toss his ex wife and daughters out of their home. Britney Spears got hit with a conservatorship for a lot less.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Charlie strikes me as borderline personality disorder, but since I don’t treat him, I can’t say for sure.

      • LilyT says:


        This is clearly a tragic situation, but I am BEYOND SICK of constant speculation on this site regarding borderline personality disorder. It seems to me that so frequently, reports of irresponsible, dangerous, suicidal, and plain douchey behavior is explained away and almost dismissed with “oh, they are probably borderline”

        From your post it sounds like you may be a provider of services to people with mental illness. If that’s true, I’m also sure you are aware of how damaging and hurtful it can be when laypeople throw out their own diagnoses-all because they received their “Google MD”

        I HAVE borderline personality, and it has been and is a hellish experience… One that includes two suicide attempts and severe self harm.

        Though I’m past all that, it’s tough just to function everyday, to maintain normal relationships.. To keep a job.. It’s a daily struggle for me still.

        Despite this, I am determined to get better. I have been in therapy for the past two years, gone through DBT, and I am making it day by day. I have a masters degree, I care about people and am a kind and good person.. I live with this because it’s my only option.

        Sheen, on the other hand seems to me to be a narcissistic asshole addict with little to no regard for anyone but himself. He might have BPD, who knows? But there are lots of other things factoring into why he is such a giant ass.

        I wanted to avoid going on blast and ranting about this issue, but this is the third day in a row someone threw out BPD. This post most likely will not change that, but maybe a couple people will read it and think twice.

        Rant over.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        @lilyT – I am a psychiatrist. I am far from a layperson. Charlie Sheen exhibits many of the characteristics of BPD, enough where he could effectively be diagnosed with it (along with other disorders.) He could also be a giant raging asshole with NO psychiatric diagnosis whatsoever.

        You should know that not everyone with a psychiatric disorder presents in the same manner. IF Mr Sheen has BPD, he is clearly not interested in controlling it, nor is he interested in getting better in any way, shape, or form. You, on the other hand, appear bound and determined to conquer the beast of BPD. You are not your diagnosis.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        @LilyT you are one of the heroes of every day life – very brave – thank you for this post.

      • Lucinda says:

        @ LilyT–I have frequently thrown around the term borderline personality disorder because my mom has it. I am intimately familiar with the disorder and how damaging it can be. My mother was abusive to me and made my life hell. Yes, left untreated, borderline personality disorder can lead to behavior like Charlie’s.

        I am sorry that you suffer from BPD. I applaud you for treating it. You don’t know how rare that is. I have talked to multiple therapists over the years who say BPD is the most difficult disorder to treat and managing it is often unsuccessful. Many of them will not treat someone with BPD for those reasons. It takes a lot of hard work and most with BPD are unwilling to make the effort because of the narcissistic nature of the illness. So you have my utmost admiration for managing it. I cannot express that deeply enough.

        Please understand how rare you are. I get your rant. I do. But I still firmly believe many of these out of control celebrities have BPD and refuse to admit they need any kind of help.

      • Alexa says:


        Just wanting to send you my respect, LilyT, and continued strength and peace! WAY TO GO!

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I really hope Denise takes him to court and takes him to the cleaners. It’s only a matter of time before this walking STD loses everything that apparently doesn’t matter to him.

  2. Frida_K says:

    The judge needs to compel him to make a will that includes trust funds for his children. Once that’s done, let the countdown begin. His twins are a lost cause, but at least there needs to be financial support for his offspring so that once he finally croaks they can have resources for sure.

    That Brett woman has some mighty heavy Karma on target for her bulls-eye and so do Brooke and Chuckie.

    Poor Denise. Poor kids.


    • Kiddo says:

      Charlie and Charlie’s penis are running the show. Correction: Charlie’s penis is running the show. Anyone else has little say and their opinions only matter if they agree with the peen in charge at any given moment.

    • msw says:

      Ir’s obviously not going to be easy for them, but please don’t say those children are a lost cause. They are far too young to be written off or saddled with such a terrible label.

      • Lizzie says:

        @MSW I came here to say exactly the same. A four year old (That’s how old they are, right?) is not a lost cause. They have it in them to grow up to be something great, they need the parental guidance to do so, and they don’t have it now, but that doesn’t mean they are lost causes. What these twins have been through has probably (since we don’t have all the facts) been horrible, but we have seen kids who have been child soldiers and sex slaves who have grown up to be amazing people who contribute to society. It’s hard, sometimes almost impossible, but it can be done. Kids are not lost causes.

      • gg says:

        The twins’ mother seems a lost cause.

      • MonicaQ says:

        We children of drug addicts can do wonderful things. I managed to go to college, get married (to a non-asshole no less!), have a stable job at 28. This is coming from someone who at 9 was raising a newborn because our mother was too strung out to do so, someone who were subjected to her dealers’ “attentions” while too young and too small to fight back, someone who went without food regularly because said mother thought cocaine was a food group and I gave my food to the baby. I’m not the most well adjusted person (I have anger issues I deal with by playing football) but leaving the world a better place is number one on lists of things to do before I depart.

        I think these kids will grow up upset at their lack of father. Maybe for awhile they’ll even blame mom. But they have every good chance to come out the other side at the very least “ok”.

      • sienna says:


        Well said and more power to you.

        I have a cousin, who despite having a drug addicted mom,(the courts would not give him to his sober dad) grew to be a wonderful, talented adult who has managed to put the majority of his past behind him.

        Hopefully Charlie’s sons can fair so well.

      • jwoolman says:

        Children who are born normal can be amazingly resilient despite horrible parents. But the twins very likely were born with problems that may make it impossible for them to successfully “raise themselves”. Their behavior is not anywhere close to normal, even considering what their mother has put them through. They will need extensive therapeutic intervention to have half a chance of staying out of prison. Really, their situation is very different from the success stories posted here. Their parents have the resources for testing and intensive therapy, but it doesn’t look as though they are going to get it unless Brooke’s brother has quietly been doing something while he has had custody. I can’t figure out why the judge hasn’t just ordered evaluation and therapy.

      • bluhare says:

        Yay, MonicaQ!!! Hope that doesn’t sound flip, because it certainly wasn’t typed that way.

      • lucy says:

        MonicaQ, congratulations to you, brava! Your strength of character and stable sense of right and wrong and survival choices are admirable. Peace and blessings to you, and to those like you who are making or have made do with a much less than ideal inappropriate upbringing. It ain’t easy.

      • Cait says:

        Ouch. I’m the child of an addict (who lost her battle with addiction two years ago). I’m a college graduate in a great job, have very rightly gone through counseling as an adult to help me not pass on my childhood traumas to my own children, and am happily married with two beautiful children.

        I am not a lost cause. I made a conscious decision as a young woman to not let the circumstances of my upbringing define me as an adult, excepting the obvious compassion I feel for those who struggle with the horrible pain caused by addiction in their lives and with their loved ones.

      • Mina says:

        Sienna, I would love to meet your cousin.

    • UnknownJones says:

      He better watch out cause Denise knows all his dirty secrets. There have been whispers for years about Charlie’s love for child porn and him flying overseas and going to Mexico for very underage prostitutes. There is a reason Denise won’t let him be alone with his daughters, including her adopted daughter (who is supposively the kid of one of Charlie’s prostitutes as well) And THANK GOD for it. If I was Denise I would happily get the hell out of there!

    • Frida_K says:

      @Lizzie and MSW–

      I phrased that incorrectly, and yes, I agree with both of you. What I meant was that the way the judges keep giving those children back to Brooke and how they aren’t being given the medical and psychosocial support they clearly need is a clusterf*ck that is, in and of itself, a lost cause. In the sense that it’s clear that now they are more or less screwed. It’s a lost cause. But maybe when they are older, especially if they have a trust fund that is set up in a way that they can’t get all the money right off, maybe they will have some chances in the future that they don’t have now. They aren’t a lost cause but their situation, given that the judges aren’t doing the right thing for them, is.


    • littlestar says:

      Yeah, that’s smart. I wonder how much money he actually has. He sure pays a lot in child support each month to both his former wives, and I’m sure he gives a lot away to his “goddesses” and spend the rest on drug money. I can imagine it will run out at some point if he is now refusing to stop working. I know he made a lot from Two and a Half Men, but still. He bought houses for each of his ex’s to live in etc. Hopefully money will be set aside for the kids to use in the future, especially those poor little twin boys who are stuck with Brooke.

  3. Christin says:

    It’s not a matter of “if” someone gets on his bad side, but “when”. Rossi will have her day, indeed.

  4. evie says:

    I hope he gets the biggest legal smackdown of his LIFE. The way he is treating her is awful, considering how much she has been there when he needed her. He is just a disgusting human being.

    • shellybean says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • gg says:

      I am still amazed at how this 1 man can hold so many people in fearful hostage like this. Even Brett understands this.

      • bluhare says:

        I don’t think Brett Rossi deserves any slack at all (and I don’t think you do either; your post just had my brain screaming at her! )

      • littlestar says:

        Agreed bluhare, she seems to be quite the instigator.

      • gg says:

        What I mean is, Brett is using this to her advantage at the moment, and she probably knows he will turn on her too, so, conniver that she is, she’s probably got an escape plan for when he turns on her. Pr0no and prossie types are opportunists (obviously) and they know all the angles and have no moral compunctions against making sure they get theirs any way possible.

        Brett’s advantage right now only being that she successfully put Denise over a barrel. A very tiny victory that screws over the only good people in Charlie’s life.

    • bluhare says:

      If he doesn’t, we are well and truly broken.

    • fairy godmother says:

      Legal smackdown is due!
      When a court orders support the norm is the child support goes through the court via employer or the parent must pay directly. He is in contempt now. He really thinks he is invincible!
      Sorry to say he is living on borrowed time with his reckless lifestyle (drugs).
      I do not know why or if certain provisions were made, but someone should have realized how manic Charlie gets and put everything in a court order to enforce the order to make him comply. I highly doubt the courts care unless someone makes them! Look at those poor boys who did not get tested and evaluated for the help they need, The court ruled against it just so a drug addict mother would not be questioned or removed from her. Children are not property, but sadly the courts view/treat children as such in custody/child support issues.
      Too bad the house he claimed to buy for Denise was not put in her name or as a trust for his daughters.
      If housing is an issue he had better watch out because it will increase the child support payments. She gets a very small % of his earnings for his daughters so maybe this will force an increase if the court follows the guidelines. Hope Denise has a large life insurance policy on him and put in a trust for his girls because he is far too erratic and unreliable to rely on.
      Justice in this case is not only blind- it is deaf and dumb!

    • Jocelyn says:

      Ya, throw his butt in jail and dry him out for a while! no one more deserving!

  5. ZAK says:

    Charlie Sheen is a such a piece of crap. I can’t believe anyone find him to be cool and interesting.

  6. Ag says:

    Way to take care of your children, a-hole.

  7. aims says:

    He can’t just stop paying child support. It’s court ordered. He is off the rails again. Denise has been nothing short but saintly towards him and his crackhead ex. He is an absolute jackass and his little piece needs to butt out.

    • Hautie says:

      Wasn’t it mention, months back, that Charlie and Denise never went through the family court… to get a order of child support. That he offer to pay so much a month to her. And in return Denise did not drag his sorry ass into court and have his finances made public.

      So now, after years of crazy from Charlie. Since there is no court order to pay her child support. He can just stop making (legally for now) any kind of payment to her. And kick her out of the home he provided.

      But I suspect, Charlie is going to wish that he had just kept paying her. I do not see the California family court siding with him. I tend to think they will chop his tail off over this and in a very public way.

      So lets all prepare for another Twitter melt down.

      • FLORC says:

        Charlie sad this. That he paid Denise 55k a month for his daughters because he was a nice guy. And he bought her that house and paid all the bills for it because he’s so charitable.

        Not sure if it’s true. He is delusional to say the least. A judge could easily look at this and say he should be paying something.

        I’m hoping Denise takes him to court and if she needs to, gets him to pay child support… maybe the judge will grant a higher amount? He’s just a pos.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        If only Twitter would cancel his account, there must be some kind of way to do that if a user uses offensive speech, instigates to hatred and violence against someone (and such). Would that be possible?

  8. Elisabeth says:

    I like how he thinks he can punish his ex-wife by withholding his legal obligations to his children. Karma the size of texas is heading his way. Shithead

    • fairy godmother says:

      You are absolutely right- That is exactly how abusive men use control as a way to suppress women.
      He is an abusive person and Denise and her girls are far better off without him in their lives. He really needs a reality wake up call and/or put in a facility to be analyzed.
      Has he ever been diagnosed with anything like manic depressive? It is a wonder he can even work!

  9. TG says:

    I know we can’t wish death in anyone on this site so I won’t say anything.

  10. Annaloo. says:

    Oh my God, my heart says Denise is a STRONG women for dealing with this, but she needs people to side with and publically express willingness to help her. Someone to call Charlie out for the massive jerk he is being. That she can have a home yanked out from her based on this egotistical drug addict’s whims and mood swings seems like too precarious a living situation to provide stability for anyone. It stinks that he has this level of control. I can’t watch this, I see too many men screwing the mother of their children out of child support, hiding their money and assets, while they still try to pass themselves as good fathers. Charlie Sheen is a fucking monster.

  11. Liberty says:

    This is five kinds of disgusting.

    Come on, karma, come on…..

  12. V4Real says:

    If an ex or someone buys me a house I will make sure that it’s my name and my name only on the deed.

  13. blue marie says:

    I don’t know what it’s like in California, but don’t pay your child support in GA and they’ll not only throw your ass in a work release program but they’ll also garnish your wages. What a disgusting human being..

    Brett’s an idiot if she thinks she’s any different from any of his other disaster relationships.

    • Juliette says:

      These type of disputes are always handled under the judicial standard “the best interests of the child.” There is a law called the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act which has been adopted in every state in the U.S. – child support orders are binding and cannot be canceled. The legal reasoning is that the support belongs to the CHILD not to the custodial parent. As a noncustodial parent, you still owe your child the support you would have contributed had they lived with you. Non-payment will lead to arrears and child support arrears can never be canceled. Never. Not in bankruptcy, not even if the non-paying parent faces criminal sanctions for failure to provide support.

      And bluehare is 100% correct. Being a deadbeat dad isn’t just distasteful, its illegal. The court can freeze your bank account, they can take your social security/whatever income you have and put it towards your debts to your child. If Charlie fails to pay Denise the money he owes for the girl’s support, and its found that he’s acted in bad faith, he can face criminal sanctions.

      And ANY family court judge would love to throw him in jail. If just for the simple fact that it would prevent him from impregnating his newest girlfriend, a woman who will likely end up in court fighting these same child support battles herself one day if she procreates with Charlie. The fact is, Charlie cares only about Charlie. Charlie may think that withholding child support is punishing Denise, but smarter minds know that its treating his daughters like nothing but collateral damage. The family court will not allow it.

  14. Paloma says:

    She has tried so hard to make a relationship between Charlie and his daughters, and gets kicked in return. I don’t believe she wanted his new girlfriend around the kids, and this is what sparked Charlie’s latest vitriol.

  15. eliza says:

    So the way to get back at your ex wife is by hurting your children?

    Denise will be fine. She has the law on her side and Sheen will HAVE to cough up with the support until he can possibly have it modified which is unlikely since he is in violation of the courts orders, not Denise.

    I wish this dissipated freak would just go over the edge and finally be forcibly institutionalized. He is so worthless and mentally unfit it is beyond sad at this point.

    • Red32 says:

      He won’t get it modified. Brooke gets $55k per month for her two boys. How is he going to justify giving his daughters less support than his sons? The court doesn’t care how he feels about the mother, it’s about the kids. If he tries to cut Brooke’s drug money to even it out, he’ll be facing two lawyers in court because she won’t take that lying down.

      • swack says:

        He’s in for a surprise if he thinks the child support will be lowered. If he’s not careful he could be paying more. In Missouri there is a formula that is used to determine child support. That way there is no arguing about it. I don’t know about CA but I would bet there is a way to figure out how much child support the noncustodial parent pays. Does anyone know (I would like to know)?

      • Juliette says:

        Yes, modification is also governed by statute and fairly uniform throughout the U.S. Upward modifications may be requested after 3 years or with a showing of change in circumstances of the child or of the parent (i.e. the child begins attending private school with tuition, or the custodial parent loses their job and cannot find replacement at the same pay grade)

        A downward modification will only be granted if the parent can show a SIGNIFICANT change in circumstances, due entirely to events beyond the parent’s control. (i.e., physical disability leading to job loss). In other words, the parent moving to lower support must show that in good faith and despite their best efforts they cannot meet the monthly payments. Charlie cannot meet this standard. He’s blatantly acting in bad faith.

      • bluhare says:

        Oh, I hope Denise claims an upward modification by saying she’s got to pay rent or buy a house now. Please! (Karma, did you hear???)

  16. Kait says:

    Denise’s youngest looks a lot like Charlie too, doesn’t she?

  17. OriginallyBlue says:

    Ugh, what an incredible dickbag! I feel so sorry for all the kids involved in this mess. Someone needs to kick his ass hard. He is a lost cause. What he is doing to his kids his horrible and unfair. He knows why Denise won’t let him see the kids unsupervised, they would probably end up missing or physically hurt in his custody.
    This makes me so mad. He is just like my daughter’s father (minus the addiction problems) wanted to see our daughter on his own, on his terms even though he had only seen her 4 times since she was born. Also, he stopped paying support around the time his girlfriend at the time got pregnant and then lied about it until I caught him. Makes me sick.

    • swack says:

      He’s not allowed to see his children unsupervised and in the past Denise has been there as the monitor. I’m sorry for your situation. It is never good when a parent is in and out of a child’s life like your daughter’s father is doing. He is the one that loses in the long run. Good luck to you and your daughter is very blessed having a mom like you!

  18. Andrea says:

    Poor woman looks as though the stress is getting to her in that photo. I can’t imagine having to deal with someone like this as an ex and spending the bulk of your children’s formative years battling and dealing with lawyers. Unfortunately not an uncommon situation, but it must suck the joy and energy out of you.

  19. MollyB says:

    It’s sick to watch how the women (and sometimes men) in CS’s life move from angels to demons depending on how willing they are to give into his every whim. He reminds me of Kelsey Grammar in that way–fawns over his latest piece until she pushes back in self interest even a little and then she’s just another evil whore.

    • Nina W says:

      I don’t know Kelsey Grammar but the tragedy of his back story, both his father and sister were murdered, make me feel sympathy for him even though his personal life seems like a big mess. I don’t find the two men comparable. Sheen is well known for violence against women.

  20. Bridget says:

    Good luck on that Charlie. Child support isn’t optional, and it turns out the courts get pretty p*ssed off when you stop paying. It’s not like he can hide.

    I try not to put too much weight into Blind Items, but not only are there a lot of rumors runnng around about Charlie Sheen, but I also think back to his and Denise’s divorce, and how it was just swept under the rug that he was looking at child porn. One thing is clear: something so bad is going on that Denise is putting her foot down with Charlie and he’s trying to apply the only leverage he possibly has left: money. BUT Denise walked away from their divorce with a ton of money because that was when he started up 2.5 Men, and she’s probably financially independent of him. Thank goodness.

    • Mich says:

      Was it confirmed that he was watching child porn?

      • Bridget says:

        He threw so much mud at Denise during that divorce that her accusations were pretty much drowned out. The fact the she left him while 7 months pregnant, went through an incredibly acrimonious divorce, but still somehow managed to have a workable relationship with Sheen, to me implies that for things to take such a turn between Denise & Charlie some really bad stuff must be going on.

      • Mich says:

        Here is an old CB story about it from 2008.

        Wow have times changed. The comments about her are terrible.

      • original kay says:

        the whole article and comments are horrifying.

        bet everyone who commented on that thread is experiencing their own karma. turns out she was right.

        she’s protected her kids all along, and continues to do so. I hope he goes to jail for something, anything, at this point.

      • Bridget says:

        Granted, Denise has only had an epic turnaround herself in the past few years. Charlie doesn’t exactly choose squeaky clean women, but Denise had probably the best veneer of respectability – which mattered for little when Charlie wanted to take her down. I would say that the biggest turning point for Denise was when she stopped dealing with Sambora (which I still wonder about – out of her, Sambora, Locklear and Sheen, that is some MAJOR partiers right there).

      • Relli says:

        @ Mich & Original Kay
        Oddly this was when I became a Denise Richards fan, prior to that whole situation I thought she was just another C list actress/famewhore. Something told me that she wasn’t lying and that it wasn’t for ratings . Also she said she wanted to do the series for 1 season to show her side of the story because father and mother Crack were trying to destroy her.

      • abby says:

        Thanks for finding that CB post Mich. Yeah, Denise certainly did not get the benefit of the doubt there. Of course, at the time I think Charlie’s crazy was a bit more contained than it is now – or maybe not.

        Anyway, I was never really sure what to make of Denise before. Her movies were ok but nothing great. All I knew was that Martin Sheen seemed to like her for Charlie. Cannot say the same for Charlie’s more recent women. And I figured something terrible most have happened for her to divorce Charlie while she was pregnant. You don’t see a pregnant woman filing for divorce everyday So it had to be serious, that she needed to get out ASAP. My only criticism (besides marrying CS) is that I think the timing of her reality show was off. Charlie was winning the PR war at the time and the show did her no favors. Maybe the way it was sold or her image at the time but I seem to recall lots of negative press. But I guess she needed the $$$.
        In the time since, she’s clearly shown herself to be the more stable/responsible parent.

        Anyway, I wish her well. Hopefully she can find some decent work so she can move beyond this.

    • jwoolman says:

      The old CB article Mich links to is interesting. Most posters seemed to assume Denise accused him of molesting his daughters. But the one quoted source says she was claiming he was manipulating them and acting inappropriately- huge difference. That could mean a lot of things, such as acting sexual with his girlfriends in front of the little girls, looking at porn while they were around, or just having sleepovers with girlfriends while the girls were with him on overnights. Whatever- the kids might have been disturbed and/or confused by his behavior without bring actually molested. He may also have been saying things to undermine their mom. Anyway, I wouldn’t leap to the assumption that he’s a pedophile or that Denise was scum of the earth for going to court over it. Even her use of publicity might have been a poor idea but there could be a lot of reasons she thought it made sense at the time. She’s obviously learned how to deal with Charlie in a lower key fashion (not that it matters much, Charlie doesn’t like the word “no”).

  21. mena says:

    Ahh Jeez. Martin, come see about your boy. WTF is Charlie doing?

  22. Whatever says:

    It’s time a judge put this Dbag in his place. Up Denise’s child support and let him know that if he continues to waste the courts time he will be subjected to major fines. This woman was there for him through thick and thin. Her daughters are getting older and more susceptible to his bad behavior. She wants to protect him as he is quite clearly crazy. Also this Brett chick seems toxic! What kind of woman (and I use the term loosely with her) would want to put her fiance’s kid’s through this.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      What kind of woman? My ex-husband’s current wife or girlfriend or whatever she is now. When they first got together, she did everything she could to get him to eliminate our kids and me from their life. He ended up not seeing or talking to the kids for years, and then only because they had broken up at that point. Now they are back together and he’s cut off all contact with them again. She was insanely jealous that we would get back together, because we got along. Hello, we were parents together, it was in our children’s best interest to get along with each other!!!

  23. len says:

    What I really hope for Denise, aside from her getting the childsupport her kids deserve, is that she is able to be financially independent as well. Don’t get me wrong, she needs his money for those kids, but just for herself and her own empowerment I really hope she refinds her career or finds another career for herself.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I totally agree with you ladies wishing financial independence for Denise. She’s been a saint dealing with all of this sh!t for so long, and she of all people should have known the train wreck was coming. I hope she’s been saving up and wisely investing.

  24. Quinn says:

    It’s a shame that Denise has allowed herself to be financially dependent on this asshole. No matter how sweet the deal was, I would never turn my children’s housing/financial security over to a madman. Everyone knows what happens when you put a snake in your pocket. Here’s hoping that Denise gets her own house and has socked away a LOT of that 55K monthly allowance over the years. I wouldn’t put it past Charlie to give all of his money to his new “fiancé” and claim he’s broke.

    • abby says:

      ITA. I realize that Denise sold her old house so the girls could be closer to their dad, or so it was reported, but it was a poor decision to give up her own place (assuming it was indeed hers) for a house Charlie owns. Charlie may be an addict and overall a$$hole but he (or his lawyers) made sure that property was in his name and not Denise’s. So Charlie did not buy Denise that house, he bought himself that house and allowed Denise and the girls to live there. The house/mansion was obviously in his name otherwise he could not sell it out from under her like that. Sounds different and far more precarious when stated like that.

      I have a neighbor in a similar “bought me a house” situation but the relationship is different. She is involved with a married man, been so for years. And he “bought her a house” but said house is in his name. I was like, “girl, when he done with you, where you going? Back home to your mama? It ain’t for me but if that is the lifestyle you choosing, try your best and get that property/house in your name, and your name only! Secure your future.”

      Anyway, sounds like Denise, although one of Charlie’s ex-wives, may have fallen into that trap and did not get her name on the property. She won’t make that mistake again. I hope she managed to save and can move soon. Fortunately for her she’ll have the courts on her side, especially regarding the child support and given the entire reason she moved was to faciliate Charlie’s relationship with his girls and to get them in a good school after his antics.

  25. Gree Is Good says:

    This is vicious, even for Up-Chuck.

  26. Darlene says:

    Compound this with the fact that (allegedly) the daughter Denise adopted is (allegedly) Charlie’s daughter with another woman. Denise Richards is a SAINT who cares about family.

    I honestly wonder sometimes why people like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger die of ODs and people like Charlie Sheen – who seem to be obviously overindulging in all kinds of unhealthy things – don’t. I’ve been expecting to read about Sheen’s OD for years.

  27. kimbers says:

    He’s a cr*ckhead…an over indulged cr*ckhead who has to pay people to eff him including his new woman. He looks predatory scary. He wont change. He should not have access to his children. He has two boys he doesnt seem to give a crap about. He just wants to pull this crap bc Denise isnt like brooke. Denise doesnt give two sh*ts about Charlie and is a better person than he is… Miserable old man Charlie wants to spread anger and misery because he’s has the emotions of every other “wronged” cr ackhead in the world…

  28. NewWester says:

    I can see a pregnancy announcement coming from Charlie and Brett very soon. Brett is smart, get rid of the one person who is a responsible adult in this mess( Denise) get Charlie to throw money at Brooke so she can keep quiet(and buy drugs).
    Brett is probably hoping that Denise will get so pissed off she will just cut off all contact with Charlie. The only contact will be through the courts. In doing so Brett has Charlie and his money all to herself.
    Well played

    • bluhare says:

      Thank you for this comment. I am not defending Charlie Sheen in any way, shape or form, but this has the new girlfriend written all over it. Since she’s come into the picture, things have gone downhill for Denise and her children, all because this woman was jealous of her and her relationship with Charlie. (It’s been reported that way, and I believe it.) I truly believe she’s been whispering in Charlie’s ear (or d–k, more like it) and he’s such a moron he’s buying it. I think this latest one could really do him in.

  29. Deanne says:

    Charlie’s porn piece of the past few months, is actually referring to herself as “step-mama”. This twit has zero boundaries. To see the way he’s treating Denise, after all she’s done to accomodate him is sickening. She’s protecting her children, unlike 20 times to rehab Brooke and he’s trying to vilify her and punish her. Charlie Sheen is a waste of oxygen and a truly worthless excuse for a Father and human in general. He can’t just stop paying court ordered child support, but he’s too arrogant and stupid to get it through hid thick scull, that he doesn’t call the shots. His poor children. I hope the courts kicks him in the balls.

  30. Evi says:

    The man is a moron. A crazed moron. Technically, Sheen shouldn’t even have visitation rights, not with his lifestyle and psychological instability. If I were Denise, I’d take him to the cleaners and go for full custody. The last thing young girls need is a porn actress for a step mother or role model, and a drug addled psychologically unhinged father that treats women like condoms [disposable].

  31. TQB says:

    I’m trying to remain positive today, so I will focus on Denise Richards and the wonderful person she became under all this pressure. No one would have looked at her 15 years ago and predicted how strong, how giving and how patient she would turn out to be. Good for her.

  32. MrsBPitt says:

    If I were Denise, I would buy a house as far away from this azzhole, as possible…I know she wanted the girls to have a relationship with Charlie, but I hope she realizes that just because someone is your sperm donor, doesn’t make them a father….

    • bluhare says:

      So would I, MrsBPitt. I mean, there’s these things called cars (or limos in Charlie’s case) that take you from Point A to Point B. People use them all the time!

    • lucy2 says:

      As soon as he started turning on her, that’s what I started saying – don’t have anything he can control or hold over her head. Even if she has to downsize her whole lifestyle, getting away from him will be well worth it. Let the courts and lawyers handle all the money stuff, and she goes somewhere and makes a healthy and happy life for her and her girls.

  33. anne_000 says:

    She should have been smart enough to take his sons’ child support money when she was watching them. When you’re dealing with someone small-minded & vindictive like him, you takes them when you can gets them.

    • jwoolman says:

      The fact that she didn’t take the extra money for the boys suggests that she’s frugal and so likely has a lot of the child support stashed away for a rainy Charlie day. She knows his unstable he is, so I doubt any of this is a surprise. She accepted the house in his name not out of a too trusting nature, but to make it easier for him to have supervised contact with the kids. I’m sure she realized that he could do exactly as he’s doing any time and was prepared to move when he went totally bonkers again. At that point, keeping easy contact would no longer be a priority.

      • anne_000 says:

        I don’t think it necessarily means that DR was frugal because she didn’t accept child support for his sons while in her care. I think it was because she thought it would make her look greedy in the Public’s eye and/or to avoid another reason for Brooke to hate & fight her. She’s living in his (other) house, so she knew she’d have to do things for him, like taking care of his sons & going on vacations with him & porn stars/hookers which, if I remember correctly, were news-making scandals.

        If she had actually accepted that he was unstable, then she should have moved out long ago, imo, and just drove the kids to him for supervised visitations. I’ve read that he’s been doing wacky things in & near that gated community, like his car going over the cliff.

        I think that she lived at his (other) house to save money & to keep from fighting with him over child support if she refused to live there.

        She’s not working enough to live in the style she & her daughters are accustomed to without his child support & paid-for house.

        I agree that she’s now over it with CS because he’s gotten too crazy again for her to handle. She’s bent over backwards for him before for the house & not fighting over child support, imo. But now that he’s over-the-top crazy again, he’s going to be making more & more demands.

  34. ToodySezHey says:

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    And Charlie is an unparalleled scumbag.

  35. Jaded says:

    Charlie Sheen is irreparably sick in the head, he has been for a long time. I doubt even a year in rehab with intensive therapy would ever make him “normal”. I think he had some inherent problems, maybe bi-polar or narcissistic personality disorder to begin, and all the crack/meth/heroin, whatever his drug of choice has been, plus plenty of booze, has completely ruined his brain and thinking processes. People that far gone only think of themselves and have trouble separating fantasy from reality. It’s impossible to consider the consequences of their actions, it’s only instant gratification they understand.

    I cannot fathom the greed that pushes the producers of his show to continue paying him vast sums of money while he wreaks havoc on everyone around him, pissing money away on pr0n stars, drugs and booze, and doesn’t even bother showing up half the time. It’s kind of like a metaphor of Hollywood greed and rapaciousness. All anybody is interested in is making a ton of money, who cares if innocent lives get trampled in the process.

  36. Nrtho Wtes says:

    Denise should jsut leave it be, go to work, even if its parttime.She wil make it. Girls will grow up.Baby Sheen will one day grow up, could be when he reaches 80.He will be very sorry then.

    Just wait for this day to come.

  37. CrAck HusTLE says:

    Denise is a saint of them all and charlie is a motherf**ing SOB. I wish she take him to the cleaners and get full custody with no visitation right to that waste of oxygen

  38. Thaisajs says:

    My only question is why Denise didn’t get the house transferred into her name when he bought it for her and the girls. If she had, he wouldn’t be able to sell it out from under her. I guess it’s a good lesson for her. Can a judge assess a non-payment penalty on top of the required back child support? I hope so.

    • bluhare says:

      Either (a) she trusted him, (b) he wouldn’t let her, or (c) tax issues. I vote for a combo of (b) and (c).

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I don’t know if it’s still this way, but in California they used to assess a 10% penalty on child support arrears. If he owe’s $55,000 in unpaid child support then he will also owe an additional $5,500 on top of that. And it’s cumulative, so that original $55,000 now becomes $60,500, and so on. For each month he doesn’t pay, the 10% is assessed on the new total. Whether he sees the girls or not, by law he is obligated to pay child support and can face jail time if he refuses and is in contempt of the court order.

      I would lmao if Denise bought another house nearby, as an * you to Charlie and Brett for thinking they could get her out of the neighborhood by evicting her from the house she currently lives in.

      I just wish that BOTH Charlie and Brooke could be forced to enter mandatory long-term rehab (at least a full year) with only limited, monitored visitation with any of the kids for another year after that.

    • ivy says:

      His behaviour so far points to him being a control freak. He probably wanted to retain some power over Denise and relished the idea of her being dependent on him.

      He’s used to using money to make puppets out of people. He buys girlfriends and pulls financial support from his ex-wives if he thinks they’re not playing by his rules. And that’s just what we know about.

  39. qtpi says:

    For those in the know – does his new side piece deserve the title of porn “star”? Seems like they all get that title no matter how well known (or not) they are. So was she just a port actress or really a “star”….. ?

  40. pnichols says:

    I don’t understand how any of this is legal?? Isn’t he obligated to support his children at least until they are 18?? How can he get away with doing that?

  41. constance says:

    Sounds like he’s off his meds (par usual) and his bipolar is on an upswing to manic. (My dad is emerging from his down swing too. Bad times ahead…) They get the “Spring Cleaning” fever that usually lands them in bad situations that prompt the swing back into depression and the “Forgive-mes.” Denise needs a place of her own and have her own chunk of stability away from him. He’s always been toxic, and she knows that.

  42. The Original Mia says:

    Despicable POS. He can kick them out of the house, but he’ll still be forking over that $55K a month. He needs to have his parental rights revoked. He’s a horrible, misogynistic POS that needs to be permanently placed in rehab. Denise is a far better woman than he ever deserved.

  43. littlestar says:

    Charlie is so f*cked up that I wonder if he thinks he’s normal.

    I hope Denise will be able to figuratively castrate him. Literally would be good too, but I know it’s not nice to wish harm upon someone ;) .

  44. Pumpkin Pie says:

    I am just wondering: he is a notorious drug user. How come nobody (the police) is going after the dealers?

  45. joan says:

    He’s headed for real trouble.

    She should be able to get by on $55k/mo.

  46. Snappyfish says:

    The willful non-payment of child support is a criminal offense. I hope they lock him up, might do him a world of good/ save his life

  47. AmyB says:

    My heart simply goes out to Denise…..what a strong woman she must be to endure all this c**p from Sheen. I hope she gets some relief……….maybe by Charlie Sheen getting committed because that is where he should be headed given his behavior. How any network would employ him is beyond my comprehension, how any woman would be with him ditto. But, then, again, I am not a porn star :-)

  48. bettyrose says:

    How did Martin Sheen raise this dbag???

  49. Meggin says:

    Denise is starting to look stressed and show her age. But we’d all probably look stressed dealing with Charlie.

  50. kitty-bye says:

    So what does his new love interest have on him to make him do this? Denise seems to be liked/disliked every 3 years (hypothetical number). Stability for his kids is non existent.

  51. Michele says:

    WHAT????? You can’t just decide to not pay child support this stupid F-head and his antics Jeez! I had a tiny bit of care for him but I really hope he fails at life now. A-Hole!

  52. SayWhat? says:

    All I want to say is:

    I wish Denise all the best. She’s a great and I hope, everything works well for her. As for Charlie, I hope his chocolate factory go burst very soon.

  53. xxx says:

    I used to have a crack headed neighbor and I know he will drop the pRon girl within the next few years. When your brain is that fried from years of abuse one becomes delusional, manic, and more and more crazy after time. I hope she takes him to court. I cannot understand how the entire world knows he is a junkie and he has not been arrested once.

  54. Dalovelee says:

    Aside from this being a legal hassle no judge in the world would evict her and their kids from the home he bought her. A gift is a gift and child support is binding. He’s got millions and he can’t hide that… So a judge will see he’s wasting valuable court time and driving up her legal fees. He will lose.

  55. paranormalgirl says:

    I try really hard not to be judgmental and not to say things that are too mean, but this man makes me want to kick him in the nuts.