Kate Gosselin has ‘never spoken to tabloids. I would never put my kids in danger’

All of Kate Gosselin’s hustling and shoving her reluctant thirteen year old twins on camera has paid off somewhat. She’s earned a one hour Kate Plus 8 “reunion special” to air in June and she’s going to appear on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, where I suppose the villain role will come naturally to her. She’ll have some competition in that department from fellow contestant Brandi Glanville. I imagine the two of them downing drinks in the evenings and bonding, then turning on each other when the competition gets fiercer.

Kate appeared on the Katie Couric show earlier this week, it was a repeat of an interview that first aired in September, but Radar is reporting it like it’s new, and it’s new to me. Kate presented her carefully parsed version of herself to the audience. There’s no hiding her true nature, which the public has seen time and again, but she has her talking points and she’s sticking to them. On Katie, Kate said that she’s not seeking publicity, and she also called out her ex, Jon Gosselin, for having guns.

Twitter question: how does paparazzi know when Kate will be shopping in rural PA to get pics of her?
[Laughs] I would not know how to contact… I have never spoken to any tabloids, called them, tipped off anybody. I know there are those who do that regularly. I have never done it. I would never put my kids in that kind of danger. That’s a downside of what we did and do. And um, definitely not.

On what she thought after learning that Jon shot a gun at a journalist
I think that I thought what every mom would think. The safety of my kids. And I’m keeping their safety in the forefront of my mind.

On her relationship with Jon
[He sees] most some of them [the kids] every other weekend. He has a dinner evening. I only converse with him where the schedule is concerned… I try to keep the peace as much as is possible.

The best advice I received, we were just starting the divorce… someone said to me ‘just bite your tongue and just don’t give in… it’s still their dad…’ It’s the best thing for the kids.

[From video below and via Radar Online]

So Kate’s main points are that she’s never called “the tabloids” (she never said she’s never called the paparazzi) because she’s so concerned about the safety of her kids, and that she’s not given in to Jon nor trash-talked him because “it’s still their dad.”

Kate may not have called “the tabloids,” but her argument is ridiculous when she’s made her kids famous by putting them on television, and is continuing to showcase them on tv and on the covers of magazines. If she was so concerned about their safety she would keep her children out of the spotlight.

As for allegedly taking the high road with Jon, she sued him, remember? She eventually had to drop that suit, but she gave the exact same reasoning for suing Jon as she did for allegedly avoid the paparazzi. Kate cited “the safety of my kids,” as if suing their dad was at all in their best interests. She talks a good game but it’s all pretty hollow where Kate is concerned.

I guess Kate doesn’t consider People a “tabloid,” nor does she consider it publicity seeking to be on the cover with her kids multiple times.



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  1. ldub says:

    here go dis lyin b*tch again… *rolls eyes….HARD*

  2. QQ says:

    These two are the proverbial Sh*t vs. Diarreah …nobody ever wins and neither does the butt (which are arguably all those kids having to be between those two parents?)

    Also Who the Fk is even accusing her of that? … She is like “people say im a horrible bitch and a totalitarian attention hungry mom…but I never eat cookies” (your response to an attack no one lobbed against you is just ridonk)

  3. Candy Love says:

    She also gave interviews it US weekly as well and she trash-talked Jon too calling his construction job somthing like low rent saying he was a bad father who didn’t spend time with he’s kids when that was untrue and so on.

    What does ( [He sees] most some of them [the kids] ) even mean ?

    • swack says:

      That last statement you made, I agree. Does she even know what she is saying? And I caught that she said tabloids and not papparazi. Most celebs don’t call the tabloids either, they call the papparazi. She doesn’t seem to care about the safety of her children.

  4. Clucky says:

    The top picture of her pretty much sums everything about her up.

  5. jess says:

    If she was so concerned about their safety she wouldnt be going on another reality show/1hr special Or various tv and magazine appearences. These things invite the paps into your life. Shes addicted the fame and the money.

  6. mimi says:

    Good catch with the use of “tabloids” instead of “paparazzi” in her denial. Of course she calls the paps. It’s not like she lives in LA or NY where all the celebs are. She lives in rural Pennsylvania. I’m surprised there are even paps around that area. lol

  7. Kali says:

    The bio/memoirs that these kids are going to write in about 10 years or so are going to be epic. I wish I could preorder now.

  8. MrsBPitt says:

    Everytime I see a picture of this woman, the word that comes to mind is “evil”…yes, she knows the right things to say…to every question the answer is “I only do whats in the best interest of the kids”. This woman almost makes me sicker than Octomom…Octomom, obviously has mental health issues…but Kate is just an evil bitch…

  9. Trillian says:

    Wow that woman looks like a demon. Imagine being a kid and getting THAT look when you did something …

  10. Size Does Matter says:

    I have to admit, the next season of Celebrity Apprentice might be worth watching. Who is more likely to have an epic meltdown or get edited out by the censors: Kate or Brandi? And who do I need to call to get Jon, Eddie, and Leann booked to be on the show, too?

  11. emmie_a says:

    I’m loving her Real Housewives Total Botox face. Inject more crap into your face Kate. Let’s see if you can get your eyebrows up to your hairline.
    No wonder she’s broke. She spends all her money trying to transform her ugly self. It will never work. Her inner ugly will always trump any outer *beauty*.

  12. Ruyana says:

    OMG, what do we have to do to make this female blight on humanity go away forever!

  13. Bread and Circuses says:

    Objectively, when you look at her face, she’s a beautiful woman. But that first image makes her look so evil.

    • emmie_a says:

      JMO – I don’t think she’s beautiful. She’s had extensive work done on her face to transform her into what she is today but if she didn’t have millions of dollars to spend on her appearance, she’d look incredibly plain and definitely not beautiful. But I will agree with you on EVIL.

  14. Lisa says:

    The only thing that makes me happy–and I’m really using that word loosely– to see her is that I get to confirm that she’s getting the face she deserves. Nothing hides what an awful person she is. She’s like Dorian Gray’s aging portrait.

  15. Anastasia says:

    Sharks have warmer eyes than she does.

  16. jwoolman says:

    I will be surprised if she does well on Apprentice. If she had any entrepreneurial flare, she would be awash in projects by now. She has loads of paid help with the kids and always has had loads of help (her ex actually did the caregiving when they were small, before and after his outside job and then fulltime when she told him to quit the job). Her acclaimed “organizational skills” have always seemed just part of her obsessive control freakishness and nothing like good management skills. She just orders people around and abuses and belittles them if they don’t get it exactly according to orders. That’s especially traumatizing for children (I see mucho therapy in their future), but it wore down her ex also. She once went ballistic on Jon because he didn’t use the “right” barette on one of the younger girls, or forgot to use a coupon when they were living in a mansion (doubt that there wouldn’t have been another shopping opportunity for it). Many women with large families do far better on much less (by now, it’s just a normal big family with fewer hand me down options).

  17. NewWester says:

    The best advice I received” just bite your tongue and don’t give in….. it’s still their dad” Is that a typo? Kate is now calling the father of her children “It” ?!!