Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t care about Alexa Chung: ‘Alexa isn’t even on TV anymore’


LaineyGossip was right – Alexa Chung and Chris Martin are dating now, officially, or as close to official as we’re going to get. Heat Mag (UK) got exclusive photos of Alexa and Chris out for drinks in NYC last week, which we already knew from Twitter reports. The question isn’t “are Alexa and Chris dating now?” – that answer is definitely “yes.” The question is, “Just when did this start?” Because Lainey – and Star Mag, and other outlets – have been saying that this thing started when Chris was very much married. Like, last year or something.

Is Chris Martin consciously coupling with a new woman? Despite the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and her Coldplay hubby spent Mother’s Day together, has learned that a reconciliation is definitely not in the cards — because he was recently spotted on an intimate “date” with Alexa Chung! An eyewitness noticed the Brits together in a New York City bar on May 6, and as the couple got cozy over beers, it certainly didn’t seem like a business meeting.

“When I arrived, about 9:15pm, they were tucked away in a dark corner of the back room of the bar,” a source told Britain’s Heat magazine.

Martin 37, and Chung, 30, were on what “looked like a date,” according to the report.

“I spotted them straight away and asked Chris ‘Are you a singer?’ He just laughed and said ‘Yes, but not tonight,” the eyewitness said.

Settled down in the speakeasy bar hidden behind a vintage clothing store, Martin and the brunette Chung spent hours alone together that night.

“He was a really nice guy – he shook my hand and didn’t care that he was being recognized,” the spy said.

Long rumored to have been close to Martin, Chung was more guarded in the bar and “seemed more reluctant to introduce herself,” the insider said. “She didn’t really want to talk.” Despite that reticence, the couple seemed relaxed with each other, according to the source, and stayed in the bar until 11:30pm.

“Chris and Alexa seemed to know each other really well. They were both in a great mood and even asked us to watch their bags when they went out for a cigarette,” the source explained. “It definitely looked like a date to me.“

Paltrow, 41, shouldn’t be surprised by the news, since the insider claims she is fully aware of the relationship — and isn’t threatened by the younger woman.

“She’s been telling people she ‘doesn’t care’ because she’s a big star and Alexa isn’t even on TV anymore,” the insider said. For her part, laid-back Chung seems happy to take things slow with the married father-of-two.

“Alexa’s being very cool, chilled and understanding, letting him have his space and deal with his soon-to-be-ex-wife until they’ve filed the divorce papers,” the source said. “She doesn’t want to hassle or pressure him in any way.”

[From Radar]

LMAO at “because she’s a big star and Alexa isn’t even on TV anymore.” God, that has the ring of truth, doesn’t it? I’m guessing that’s exactly how Gwyneth feels, or at least what she’s saying about her goopy, icy emotions. Alexa is a peasant, not even a TV Girl, just some nobody who hasn’t even won an Oscar. Classic Goop.



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  1. GeeMoney says:

    “She’s been telling people she ‘doesn’t care’ because she’s a big star and Alexa isn’t even on TV anymore”

    I’d be surprised if that were the ONLY thing she was saying. Hell, if I were to say anything about the woman who my husband was cheating on me with during the course of our marriage, you could best believe those things would involve cuss words.

  2. danielle says:

    Haha! Gotta give the win to goop here.

  3. lenje says:

    “Alexa’s being very cool, chilled and understanding, letting him have his space and deal with his soon-to-be-ex-wife until they’ve filed the divorce papers,” the source said. “She doesn’t want to hassle or pressure him in any way.”


    Oh well, the third party is usually “cool” and “understanding”… until they are put in similar situation. Nothing new :D .

  4. Hissyfit says:

    If homegirl doesn’t really care, why would she even comment about her?

  5. bettyrose says:

    There’s no classy way to comment on your husband’s new piece. Just remind everyone that you’ve consciously uncoupled and wish them the best.

  6. Lexi says:

    Hahaha, gotta love Gwyneth!

  7. Dani says:

    I think Goop is actually happy to be rid of Chris. She always acted like he was a burden to her.

  8. Jackson says:

    TBH, if I were GP that’s what I’d tell myself, too.

  9. HappyMom says:

    Wasn’t her famous shade after she and Brad Pitt broke up and he got with Aniston: “oh, that tv girl?”

  10. Jegede says:

    Alexa Chung is a groupie fashion ‘girl’. Hyped to the max with zero delivery

    One cult Channel 4 show years back, a failed American show a year back, and some rock star boyfriends later – almost no one in London is sure why she is for anymore

    The Martin relationship offers her a new lever on her resume.

  11. Annaloo. says:

    For some reason, I like Alexa and Chris together, he seems like a normal person between the milkshakes and ease with people/cameras with her. Chris and Gwyneth were just weird, so much drama and staging. I think it was more her peculiarities and control issues because —well, do I really have to explain?

    Plus It always seems like he was trying to get away from Gwyneth….I mean, my husband’s never ever run down the street away from me or lived in the shed in the backyard

  12. Ronia says:

    I’ve always thought there could be no “too soon” for Chris to run away from this American “beauty” and “big star”. Since I have personal opinion of Chris based on personal impressions, I welcome any other woman in his world BUT cheap Gwyneth with her even cheaper pretentions and caprices. Besides, Alexa reminds me of young Liv Tyler and that’s good.

  13. Eleonor says:

    Well she is not in movies anymore…

    • poppy says:

      that’s exactly my first thought!

    • JJ says:

      She was just cast in a remake of The Secret in Their Eyes. A brilliant Argentinian murder/mystery/ drama. She may not have a big movie career anymore, but you cannot say she is not seeking out interesting material. Which she has always done btw – ditching Titanic for doing Sliding Doors.

    • Isadora says:

      Plus she is a mother of two (and she seems to care very much about her kids, even in her misguided way). While this is probably much easier for her with all the money and nannies and whatnot I think it still makes for different career choices and possibilities than a younger, childless Alexa Chung.

      I have not much love for either Alexa or Gwyneth (or Chris for that matter), but career-wise Goop definitely has the upper hand. And wasn’t she in all the Iron Man movies? I guess she made a few nice dollars out of that.

  14. lunchcoma says:

    Even when she takes the high road (it’s certainly for the best that she doesn’t object to her soon-to-be-uncoupled coparent moving on), she has to Goop it all up, doesn’t she?

  15. maria says:

    No she’s on top of your ex-husband goop

    Well isn’t that worse? Your ex prefers to be with someone who isn’t as good as you (in goops mind anyway)

    • lunchcoma says:

      I think it depends on the dynamics of the breakup. Being dumped for someone who you don’t think is on your level stings, but if you’re the dumper, it can fit into a narrative about the the other person never having been good enough for you.

  16. Esmom says:

    I call BS on the “TV” comment about Alexa. Goop worships plenty of people who aren’t on TV, so I don’t think that would a put-down in her view.

    The whole story has a weird tone. Why would the “source” expect Alexa to be friendly? And would they really ask strangers to watch their bags? The whole thing reads more like fiction than fact to me.

    In any case, Goop will NEVER uncouple from the “consciously uncouple” phrase. She’s stuck with it now, lol.

    • sam says:

      Have you not watched that amazing interview of Goop when Brad first started dating Jennifer and she was asked for her opinion. I believe her exact words were “oh that TV girl” in the most condescending tone ever. Goop is still a major biatch but tries to keep it undercover since her career isn’t where it used to be.

  17. SunnyPuglet says:

    Man, how classic would it have been if he had been pap’ed taking Alexa out for a burger…

  18. Marny says:

    Nobody would actually say that, even if it’s what they really thought about the situation. Sounds like BS- like pretty much every “insider” report ever.

  19. Ravensdaughter says:

    What did Goop do to her hair-it looks awful.
    Alexa Chung is very pretty, Oscar or no Oscar.
    It’s amazing they put up with each other for as long as they did.

  20. JenniferJustice says:

    If Goop really said that about her not caring because she’s a big star and Chung isn’t even on T.V. anymore, then she doesn’t realize that she’s slamming herself. To me, that’s saying she got dumped for somebody who does not have the stellar career that Goop thinks she has and so that means, it’s all about personality and emotion for Chris Martin – to his credit. He certainly didn’t gravitate to Chung for money or fame. Gwyneth is not good-looking (she thinks she is, but I beg to differ). She’s not popular with any crowd other than those looking to “yes ma’am” her to get ahead in Hollywood. She’s not even a particularly good actress. She’s just a rich person with alot of connections. I think it says alot that Chris is moving to someone of more humble means and who isn’t seeking the spotlight. Hmmm….

    • minime says:

      “Chris is moving to someone of more humble means and who isn’t seeking the spotlight”

      I have no horse in this race, but ye, right, the girl that is really known for what?! For being a celebrity just because she is there looking pretty, sitting on the front line of fashion shows. Do people really believe that she likes the spotlight any less than Goop or her future ex-husband? The dislike on Goop reaches amazing levels…She is insufferable and hasn’t done a good film for ages, but she did get an Oscar (that is questionable, but how many Oscar prices are not questionable?) and had till that point many roles in top, interesting films. She had a successful career already at a very young age. Nepotism probably played a role, but what is there to praise about Alexa Chung? Does she look less shallow with her career that is basically to appear in places and have her photo taken? They all deserve each others, but at the end of the day Chris is the one looking like he’s going through a mid-life crises.

    • Isadora says:

      I doubt that Chris is with Alexa Chung because she is more humble and doesn’t want the limelight as much. She is basically known as It-Girl and we all know what that means: you do practically nothing except look pretty and try to get photographed as often as possible. And I mean, she really IS pretty, she has a very beautiful face. I guess that’s why Chris is drawn to her, she is younger and (imo) prettier than Goop.

  21. K says:

    My hair looked that colour when I was 17 and used Sun-In, because I didn’t know any better and couldn’t have afforded it even if I had. Seriously, she’s a millionaire with access to the best colourists on the planet. Why on earth is she getting buttercup yellow, especially at her age? Not flattering at all on aging skin.

  22. Stephanie says:

    I can’t believe Goop was married to a smoker.

  23. Bread and Circuses says:

    She says she’s the bigger star to avoid examining the possibility she’s not as good a person.

  24. Amulla says:

    Perhaps Alexa Chung’s public image was tainted by her past association with Ian Watkins.

  25. Camile says:

    I think comments about Chung here are so awful. So she’s not an Oscar winner, but she’s not a lazy bum. She worked to get where she is right now, she was a model and then a host and then she hosted a bunch of other things. That’s how one makes a living. She knows more about hard work than Goopy will ever do; she’s like any regular good looking girl who ends up in the showbiz world starting from the very bottom. Sure she gets paid for looking good, but that’s just how tv/movies work. Even Goopy works out her good looks for brand gigs. I for one think Chris Martin has done the sane thing.

    • Isadora says:

      I don’t know, that’s like saying Pippa Middleton is an author.

      She probably wasn’t idle and sitting on her couch at home, but Alexa Chung is definitely known (and also got the TV jobs) because she’s an It-Girl and got photographed with a lot of famous people (like the Geldof sisters and her ex-boyfriends). She might not be as bad as Paris Hilton, but her work is hardly of the substantial kind.

  26. Luna says:

    Am I the only one here who’s still hoping for Chrissy and Goopy to get back together again? I’ve been listening to Fix You ever since that unconscious coupling statement appeared and man, the song makes me sad every single time I hear it.

    “I promise you I will learn from my mistakes”

    Wonder what mistakes Chrissy was referring to in the song.