Benedict Cumberbatch struts around the Monaco Grand Prix: hot or not so much?


Oh, Cumbercurl, my Cumbercurl, why do you stay hidden? These are photos of Benedict Cumberbatch yesterday at the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco in Monte-Carlo. Bendy in Monaco? That’s kind of hot. I like to imagine him mingling with the one-percenters, having drinks with the bored wives of billionaires. Perhaps he had a brief and torrid weekend affair with some hedge-funder’s mistress. Yes, it’s good to be Cumby.

That being said, I’m still hating the Kangol newsboy cap. I know he likes those hats and he has several (some of them were sent to him by fans, I think), but it’s not a good look for him. Benedict is all about proportions, and he only really looks god when you can see his whole face and his hair. Perhaps he was trying to go incognito in Monte Carlo, but still… it’s a bad look.

I kind of thought Benedict would have been in Boston already, considering the Whitey Bulger bio-pic is already filming, and Benedict was a last-minute replacement for Guy Pearce. Ben’s part is supporting though, and I guess he doesn’t need to be in Boston for the entire film schedule. I hope he arrives there soon though – I’m looking forward to eyewitness accounts & lots of Twitter photos of Ben in Boston. For now, though, we’ll always have Monte Carlo… a sunny place for shady people.

PS… I think the tall blonde in the floral dress is with Benedict’s group. Hm.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Michaela says:

    yep, the tall woman is Kinvara. Lady Kinvara Balfour. Hmmm

  2. Secret Squirrel says:

    I can totally picture Ben as a young boy sitting in a box on his mum’s kitchen floor painted to look like a racing car making those kiddy-car noises (Neeeeer-vroom vroooooom-screeeeeeee). Now he is at the Grand Prix and probably thinking “This isn’t as much fun as my box”

  3. MissMary says:

    Adam Selves, Adam Ackland, Kinvara Balfour, and Benny. Apparently, he also invited James Rhodes but he couldn’t make it. I mentioned on another thread it looks like a Sunny March field trip lol.

  4. Lindy79 says:

    He looks way better in the non-cap shots.
    I get wearing it out on non event days and he’s trying to go low key (although he wears it and those horrible glasses so often he’d be instantly spotted) but he’s going to be photographed so just take it off and let that hair run free!

    The suit looks great and it was quite lovely and snug in certain areas. These areas will be my new “happy place”.

    The blonde is Kinvara Balfour, friends for ages (not sure if it’s the “just good friends/drama teacher” variety). He has more chemistry and seems engaged more with Adam so I doubt they’re a thing. Haven’t seen one picture where he even looks at her.

    Also if I was riding the Cumberwave, I think I’d be unable to resist doing something in a photo to make the internet explode.
    Something between looking longingly and sitting on his face.

    • MissMary says:

      I really want to know if the glasses were his idea or a stylist’s because they are just ugly (the sunglasses, I mean).

    • LadySlippers says:

      There are cap free shots???

      And the glasses are hideous. Really hideous. I can tolerate the cap but not those glasses….

    • MissMary says:

      @Lindy79: I really doubt he and Kinvara are a thing, otherwise it’d be all over the Fail. But I did get a good LOL at how she seems to make sure her face is in every pic with him where she’s nearby. Doing the “Laugh and lean”, the “center frame strut,” etc.

      Gods bless Benny and his “love of fashion,” he cannot dress himself well. I kind of miss dorky!Batch where he’d wear suspect suits (remember the drawstring pants?) and Converse and jeans… Accessories seem to be his downfall. He can wear a suit easily but then he starts in on things like he sunglasses or make up and it goes downhill.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I like her shoes but probably because I have a really similar pair, ha!

        Speaking of which, he also wears those shoes with everything, bless him.

      • Raven says:

        @MissMary, I noticed that too, which makes it all the more strange that she seems to be trying to clear her Instagram of his presence. The other day she deleted the charity pub quiz picture with the two of them and today she deleted a picture of BC taking a snapshot of a biker that she only posted yesterday. Meanwhile, she’s liking and commenting on fan pictures of her and Benedict so her intentions seem unclear to me.

      • MissMary says:

        @Raven: Ugh, the Alice Eve school of PR… She did similar after Glastonbury (except she left up any pics where people asked if they were sleeping together). I wonder if BC tells these women “take that shit down–we’re not together” or something. Or in the case of the bike pic, there’s a getty shot of the same so maybe she took it down for copyright issues?

      • Lindy79 says:

        It could just be whether they’re friends/dating/whatever that now she’s getting spammed with stuff on twitter and instagram and can’t be faffed with it.
        It’s more than possible they are dating, I just don’t get that vibe from the high volume of pictures that they’re both in. There is literally zero interaction between them in any pictures, which granted could be intentional but he doesn’t strike me as someone who would be overly concerned with his fans opinion on his private life (and rightly so). He’s never been an over the top PDA guy but he’s certainly not denied a relationship once he’s in one and he’s had no problems being seen and making it obvious he is “with” them at events.

      • kri says:

        I think inside of Cumby is the reincarnated soul of a Sloan Ranger, tweed-wearing, sensible-shoes-only Public School Marm circa 1928. Or Margaret Rutherford. La, same thing. I worship at his altar.

      • Rowena says:

        It’s unlikely that she ‘can’t be faffed with the attention’ seeing as she favourited a picture some crazy fan posted from the day (a press one of bc, aa and her) and replied on the pic with a ‘thank you’ after, said crazy bc fan, @ her with how beautiful and sexy she thought she was. Bit weird, really.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Oh right. I didn’t know that…I just had this image of her being sent thousands of messages and tweets so she thought “stuff this lark” and deleted which I could understand.

        (My two cents would be no matter how polite you’re trying to be, it’s probably not a good idea to reply to the fans directly.)

      • Isadora says:

        Maybe she’s Cumby’s Jane Arthy. No idea what game the boys are playing, but it keeps the fans guessing – so probably that’s actually the game? Sometimes I get the distinct impression that they have a good laugh about all the “dating” rumors and just bait the media/fans with stuff like that… ;-)

      • Felice says:

        Seriously hold your tongue. I honestly think all the dumb speculation would have boiled over much faster if TH just said “Yes, I’m dating someone” and be done with it. The fans will live another day and/or move on to someone else…..

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Felice, even if he wasn’t dating her beyond Wimbledon?

      • Lindy79 says:

        That’s just it though, for BC anyway, I would have thought if he was dating someone he really was into then he would be the type to just say it.
        I suppose if he does some interviews in the near future and it comes up then he’ll either confirm or deny.

        All we know is up to January, he was saying he was single and appeared to be at any event, and god knows he’s been at enough for the past 5 months. They haven’t been photographed together at any event bar this one (they didn’t even seem to be sitting near one another at the Royal thingy) and the pictures from F1 don’t indicate anything. Her being at the same events would mean more if she were a non-industry person who was brand new to his circle.

    • Tiff says:

      She still got an invite! So whether they’re officially dating now or not it really seems going to that direction.

  5. Jojo says:

    Newbie here, hi! I quite like his flat caps and I think he wears them, and other assorted headgear, to protect his fair skin. He has a lot of sun damage and also scars from the Frankenstein makeup, and I know he’s said the sun makes it worse. The sunglasses are not to my taste but the tight blue suit is welcome at my house any time. Cumby got back. I’m seeing him and others at the Hay festival on Fri and Sat this week. Will be interesting to see what he looks like irl. Am totally excited abt whole event BC I love Letters Live.

  6. pru says:

    Good thing he’s wearing that suit, because the cap with glasses is not good!

  7. Gia says:

    I am perplexed that people find this guy attractive.

  8. Mia4S says:

    After seeing XMen this weekend I’ve decided Benny should join the next one. No reason, just that the thought of him toe to toe with Fassbender and McAvoy makes me happy. Let me have my dreams people! ;-)

    • MissMary says:

      In Tahiti with a “mystery woman” apparently.

      • joanie says:

        Uh-oh: Hiddles is in Tahiti with a mystery girl, Cumby is in Monaco with a possible gf. Probably a lot of bummed out fan girls right now.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Oh spill! Spill!

        I was hoping he would be in LA finalizing some of these film rumors. Boy needs work.

        I hope he keeps out if the sun. You know what they say about mad dogs and all.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Miss Jupitero:

        We kinda spilled all we could on this topic in previous Hiddles thread lol. You’ve missed all fun!

      • Janeite says:

        There’s a current open Hiddleston thread and all the gossip/rumors/wild speculation/projection is there. Have fun! :)

      • pixie-stix says:

        Gah, how did I miss that thread…I have some catching up to do.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Heeeey, can anyone please explain why the Hiddles thread from May 15 is still open for comments, and the latest May 19 thread is already closed for comments? o_O

      • Nighty says:

        @jammy no document found… :(

      • Kate2 says:

        Yeah that thread became a nightmare cycle of projection, guesswork, and assumptions based on a throwaway line this poor girl working at an airport posted after posting a pic of her and TH together. She said he was traveling with his gf, then said she was just assuming that that’s who the girl was, there was nothing said by either of them and they weren’t acting “lovey”. So the poor thing gets flamed something fierce, lol. Not by us though. We just took the next few days to gossip and guess amongst ourselves here as to what was up.

      • Roberta says:

        Ah the Crimson Peak wrap party pic (with the source unknown).

        And the wild speculation and projection from 1 Instagram post.

      • Duri says:

        @Jammy—–who is that girl? she looks like Kat Dennings to me lol

        It’s a cute pic nevertheless because of his smile

      • icerose says:

        Tom is with an Emma -most likely his sister

      • jammypants says:

        @Duri, I’m not sure but yea! I thought she looked like Dennings. He certainly has a type doesn’t he?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @intro outro, I was wondering the same thing as I tried to respond to some of your posts yesterday. We were all having such a pleasant conversation.

      • pixie-stix says:

        @jammypants – thank you for the link. Great pic…some happy fun times on Tom’s lap – no surprise there’s a line. ;-)

      • Duri says:

        @Jammy—-I actually hate presuming that anyone can have a type, I mean possibilities are that coincidentally he likes girls that look similar. So yea I am going to give him a pass for this type thing.

        Also if he has a gf now then I am really happy for him, everyone deserves to be loved (Yea I know I am being really sappy).

      • Roberta says:

        Icerose – receipts please?

      • Intro Outro says:

        I finally recalled what famous pic this Hiddles photobooth feely-touchy orgy reminds me of: (yes, I know I have weird associative thinking patterns)

        I think we can all agree that Hiddles is very light-weight compared to Frank though ;)

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Lilac, IKR? I thought that once a thread becomes certain-number-of-days-old, it automatically closes down for comments. Why then an older thread is still active while a newer one closed down is a mystery to me.

      • jammypants says:

        @InnieOutie Frankie! Girls sure love the skinny types with endless charm and a good suit don’t they?

      • Lilacflowers says:

        The woman he is holding in his arms was at the wild and crazy Crimson Peak wrap party. There is nothing to indicate whether she was somebody in the crew or somebody from one of the other parties at the same location, (apparently, there was some cross-pollination of parties with everybody getting in the pictures) , or someone who was there with him. There is no indication that the woman in the wrap party picture in Canada was the woman he was with at the airport in California. He did spend several days in California where he posed for selfies with some girls he encountered while running, so perhaps he did have some business meetings while he was there. While he was at the airport, heading to Tahiti, an airline worker took her picture with him, then posted it somewhere, saying he was with his girlfriend. She later retracted that saying that he was with a woman but she didn’t know if it was a girlfriend and there was nothing to indicate that the woman was a girlfriend. Since then, the speculation has been rampant from it being the woman in the Crimson Peak picture to it being a woman he was photographed with at Wimbledon, to it being his sister Emma, with much investigation of people’s Twitter pages and accusations that he is a manipulative boyfriend, apparently because he hasn’t held a press conference to announce whether he’s had a date or sex lately, and that he might be going to Tahiti for some Marvel connection to Loki killing Coulson. Any way, in one of the telephone interviews he gave for OLLA from Toronto, he said that he was interested in Tahiti because he had recently read about the Sunday Times Golden Globe race of 1968-1969 (a disastrous around the world yacht race) and was fascinated by the story of Bernard Moitessier, who, while in position to win, abandoned the race and kept sailing, circumnavigating the world 1 1/2 times without stopping, until he reached Tahiti. He also said he likes to go on vacations after filming with his sister Emma. There has been no word from the woman in the Crimson Peak wrap party picture, the woman from Wimbledon, or Emma on any of this.

      • Hannah says:


        The airport worker never mentioned an “Emma” though.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro Outro, do you think Frank took all those women to Tahiti? I too am confused about the life of threads.

      • Nighty says:

        @Intro Outro the thread on Tom is already closed, has been for at least two days…

      • Anne tommy says:

        There has obviously been a lot of hidden hiddling going on in these posts, which I’ve missed, so thanks for the clarification below. I turn my back for five minutes and he’s off to Tahiti with a mystery woman. Were grass skirts involved? Looks like as a “fan gran”- a more mature hiddles follower- I will have to wade through posts of Benjy in daft hats in order to read the latest on Tom….

      • Intro Outro says:

        @jammy, ROFL I love that toon so much, thanks for a hearty laugh! <3 I can also very easily imagine those squirrels and rabbits sqeeing "Loki! Loooki! LOOOKI!!" :D

        @Lilac, well, looking at their faces, I bet *they* wouldn't have minded, but *he*, as a reasonable man, would have found it rather intimidating :P

      • Kate2 says:

        @jammypants – the CP wrap party pic looks like drunken goofing off to me. She looks wasted and getting all touchy feely. He’s laughing because he’s having a good time but I’m not seeing any lust. Just my photo assumption interpretation. I could be totally off base. That party looks freaking amazing though. I wish I had been there, not just for TH, either.

        @icerose – can you tell us how you are so certain of the woman’s name? Please don’t make comments like that and then just leave them hanging. That happened on the other thread too (not with you, with another poster who made a definitive statement then never said anything further).

      • jammypants says:

        @InnieOutie, my pleasure :D It’s one of my go to’s when making comparisons to heart throbs :p

        @Kate2, it could be innocent turned sexy times. All my pictures with my ex were innocent but when we’re alone, we’re anything but! lol! But you’re right it could be innocent (or it might not be!) ;)

      • Intro Outro says:

        Ahhh, as much as I’m tempted to picture a post-party orgy with Hiddles in the lead (all those long limbs… unf…), given how hard and late they were all working before and how (probably) much they all drank during that party… All that comes to my head is the image of a tangle of long limbs snoring on the floor of a hotel suite lol.

      • A.Key says:

        Good lord, I’ve opened the Pandora’s box with that single innocent question!
        Poor lad. I hope he’s having great sex on some dreamy desert island. Like in my dreams, ha.

      • Intro Outro says:

        BTW. In continuation of our convo on the baby Hiddles films – I finally laid my hands on Return to Cranford. From what I’ve read about it, it might be in the Anne of Green Gables vein? Which I rewatch every time I want a dose of pure, slightly naive but oh so pleasant teenage feels when life seemed so exciting and love surely conquered all ;) So I’m gonna watch RTC now because dammit, Hiddles film withdrawal is starting to tell.

      • Kate2 says:

        @jammypants, “it could be innocent turned sexy times. All my pictures with my ex were innocent but when we’re alone, we’re anything but! lol! But you’re right it could be innocent (or it might not be!)”

        Way to go out on a limb! LOL

        The point is, your comment could be applied to pretty much everything in life, and I don’t mean that disrespectfully. To counterpoint you, I have a bunch of drunk pictures where I’m touchy feely with a guy friend (this is a few years ago) and its absolutely innocent and it didn’t turn into anything NON-innocent. I am just surmising on what is happening in the picture. Its a split second of an entire evening. I’m saying that split second looked like innocent drunken fun, but its not a statement of any kind on what did or did not happen later. Nobody knows that. But if I had to guess I’d say innocent all the way. Again, just a photo assumption I’m making. (That’s not to say she didn’t put the moves on and was shot down, haha).

        BUT, I’ve been known to be wrong on occasion… :)

      • Isadora says:

        Ah, Hiddles can snore on my floor anytime he wants…

        I have to admit I just love the nature of these… barely-rumors (because it’s not even enough for a proper rumor). There is a tiny speck of something and then a whole intricate web of storylines emerges from this. As I literature person I appreciate that more than I probably should lol. So of course I want to know more about the Emma-storyline. His sister accompanying him would make some fangirls quite happy, but… really… a sultry paradise like Tahiti and he’s just there with his sister? Poor Hiddles.

        Btw, do you guys know this video? So funny!

      • jammypants says:

        @Kate2, personally I think it went somewhere along the lines of InnieOutie’s take:

        “a tangle of long limbs snoring on the floor of a hotel suite”

        Poor things didn’t make it to the bed. The drunken heap. The champagne best not be wasted so the lot made good use of the stock. I’m sure the stores were emptied out that night, and in their place, replaced with moose hats.

      • Kate2 says:

        “jammypants says:
        May 26, 2014 at 5:38 pm
        @Kate2, personally I think it went somewhere along the lines of InnieOutie’s take:

        “a tangle of long limbs snoring on the floor of a hotel suite”

        Poor things didn’t make it to the bed. The drunken heap. The champagne best not be wasted so the lot made good use of the stock. I’m sure the stores were emptied out that night, and in their place, replaced with moose hats.”

        THIS I can see happening. They all go back to the hotel room to polish off the stock and end up passing out to TH’s iPhone playing Get Lucky on Repeat.

        @isadora – I would be lying if I didn’t have a twinge of jealousy toward any potential GF or f*ck buddy. What can I say? The dude’s hot and adorable. I admit to having a SMALL bit of the fangirl in me. Not that it would ever go any farther than that. Anyhoo, due to that twinge of jealousy, I would be interested to see if it WAS his sister. I could see them going somewhere like that together. They’re very close and they went to Hawaii together. Just an interesting subplot.

      • Intro Outro says:

        HAHA, Isadora, I LUURVE that vid! Best part? When Tommy looks at the camera with those earnest, beautiful blue eyes and you expect him to say another sweet and romantic triviality… And then.. “It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that we crave subjugation”.



      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Isadora, whoever made that video must have had a lot of fun doing so!

      • Nighty says:

        Oh, I almost forgot…darn… the other day in Tom’s post I wanted to comment on a site, where there’s a sreening of a twitter from a guy to JA but they didn’t let me post it… don’t know why…. It’s naughtyhiddles…
        Basically the guy asks JA if she had fun Friday evening (this was in September) and “Do you he’s only using you, don’t you?”but if that’s what you want…..

        Oh, my God that VID is hilarious!!!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro, are you sure Frank Sinatra was a reasonable man? He did sing “Come Fly with Me” after all.

      • A.Key says:

        that video is hilarious, thank you!!

      • Intro Outro says:

        I just feel the need to say that those Tom Hiddleston crack!vids that Isadora’s vid links to are absolutely hilarious and I just woke up hubby and son because I was laughing so loud lol.

        @Lilac, erm, I guess I should have phrased it along the lines of “hopefully having an intact self-preservation instinct” :P

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro Outro, well, Anne of Green Gables with old ladies instead of children, but yes, similar vein of a small, somewhat isolated town with folks wearing long dresses. Baby Hiddles gets to mope around and have daddy issues and hang out with Michelle Dockery. Hmm, who happens to be a brunette. Has Lady Mary gone to Tahiti? Let’s just make up stuff!

      • Isadora says:

        @Intro Outro: Glad you like it! :-D
        “Best part? When Tommy looks at the camera with those earnest, beautiful blue eyes and you expect him to say another sweet and romantic triviality… And then.. “It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that we crave subjugation”.”
        Oh yes haha… The way he looks into the camera is soo contrary to his words lol. Hiddles, you rascal.

        I know some Loki crack videos and they are hilarious – some people are really creative and put a lot of work into their obsession. ;-)

        @Lilacflowers: Yeah, let’s make stuff up! Michelle Dockery is so beautiful!

      • Intro Outro says:

        I am horrible at remembering faces, but Michelle Dockery has this very special, very interesting type of beauty which is hard to forget. She was so fierce as Lady Percy in the Hollow Crown!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Intro, Hollow Crown, Return to Cranford and the short film Out of Time, they’ve worked together three times. Oh no, doesn’t that mean they’re secretly married?

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      I thought Tom’s sisters were both blonde and the gos is that the woman at the airport with him was brunette.

      Not sure how Icerose would know the woman’s name when nobody seems to know who the mystery woman was (no pics etc). Maybe she has insider knowledge??!!!

      Whoever he is with, I hope they are letting him get plenty of sleep as he looked shattered by the end of Crimson Peak. If he comes back from Tahiti still pale and tired, we will know he didn’t go there for the rest!!

      • Isadora says:

        Brunette? Didn’t hear that either… ah mystery woman is indeed mysterious. ;-)

      • Kate2 says:

        Hadn’t heard she was brunette, squirrel, not that I’ve gone anywhere but here and the airport employees’ original picture post. So I am not up on things.

        Yeah, I wish icerose would explain how she knows that.

      • Kate2 says:

        With all these unfounded rumors, I’m starting to think it was just the sock monkey and the poor girl was blinded by the flash and got confused.

      • Roberta says:

        SS, where is that rumour from? In fact where are any of these rumours from – all I saw was that post on Instagram and the poor woman getting abuse afterwards.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Women do change hair colors. Tom himself seems to change his hair color quite frequently. For all we know, Emma does too.

      • Janeite says:

        I know there’s a lot of joking about how all the Cumby/Hiddles threads get “hijacked” with talk about them both, but if there is still an open Hiddleston thread, wouldn’t it be better to take Tommy chatter over there going forward? That way those coming here just for Cumby chatter don’t have to weed through tons of Tommy stuff! :)

      • Intro Outro says:


        We were talking on the most recent Hiddles thread up until a couple of days ago when it got closed for comments. The other, older thread is more than 10 days old and will probably get closed very soon. So, no choice… *sniffsighs*

      • Nighty says:

        @Janeite all Tommy’s threads are closed… We actually thought of making a forum (I proposed that) just on Hiddles… so we could discuss him on a daily bsis, but no such luck…..

      • Lilacflowers says:

        The airline worker who took her picture with him and started all the fuss is brunette.

      • A.Key says:

        you mean there are still people out there who like Benny but dislike Tom, and vice versa?? I thought it was practically a law that if you’re into Cumberbatch, you’re into Hiddleston as well.

      • Janeite says:

        There is still an open Hiddleston thread; I just checked. All I am saying is why not post about him there as long as it’s still open? Too much thread hijacking may start to annoy those who don’t want to read about Hiddleston here, but that’s just my suggestion. Carry on however you want! :)

      • Nighty says:

        I don’t think there are so many people who dislike one over the other.. though lately things seem a little worse in that department… I’ve noticed fansites posting links to these threads.. Even IMBD continues to comment on our comments about Tom / Ben.. (God knows why,,. . )
        But still the majority likes both of them.. and let’s not forget (they’ll kill me for saying tthis) but this is a gossip site, not a fansite… Tom and Ben, compared to other famous people are extremely well treated here… Other famous, it’s scary to read the comments… (for instance Gwyneth Paltrow..) She’s trashed all over the site..

        *runs into hiding afraid of the Ben / Tom fans in here…*

      • Kate2 says:

        I’m wondering if a TH forum might be too much and we could descend into just complete obsession like the tumblr pages and Datalounge (which I’ve never been to and after reading what some of you have said about it, will never go to). Its good to have breaks when there are no Cumby/Hiddles threads, don’t you think? We’ve seen what happens when there’s a tiny rumor of a GF or fling, having a place to discuss it 24/7 might be a little much. Seems like it would all be very “Lipstick Alley” (stumbled upon that place once after following a link, all I can say is YIKES). Just my thoughts, but I’m new here.

      • Nighty says:

        Which thread is still open? Wow!!

        Besides it’s like “Ben photobombed U2; Jezz videobombed Ben; we THREADBOMB Ben and Tom … so funny…

        * looks excited and like a 5 year-old kid with a new toy.. *

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Nighty, I think you’re so right about other celebs. It’s kinda scary but satisfying – or scarily satisfying – to read Kardashian threads. Lots of celebs get a much rougher treatment here indeed, and also incite harsher divisiveness (like Brangelina stuff).

        @Kate2: I think you’re right, too!

      • Isadora says:

        Kate2, probably. On the other hand I think there are a bunch of pretty interesting ladies here and I guess we would soon be talking about a lot of different things, not only the Hiddlesboy. I mean, it happens already in the TH/BC threads here – people talk for example about the London theatre scene, award seasons, various films, new TV series, etc. I guess in the end it would be more of a place for conversation, not exclusively a TH forum. But maybe it’s just me because I’m a chatterbox – I talk about everything everywhere. ;-) And the stuff Hiddles’ is involved in is often rather interesting and thought-provoking but discussion about it would be a bit too much for celebitchy I guess and – first and foremost – contain too many spoilers.

        On the other hand I like celebitchy very much for it’s open structure and because so many different (and new) people come here.

        No idea what lipstick alley is like though..

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Perhaps the mystery woman has a collection of wigs? Blonde when she arrives in LA, brunette while flying out of LA, red when arriving in Tahiti, multi-colored stripes for the flight home?

      • Nighty says:

        @Lilac I just chocked at your multi-coloured stripes wig… darn…

        *wondering if Lilac wants to kill me with snorting, chocking and laughing…. ;) *

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Nighty, oh no, no, no, no, no! I come in peace! Breathe, then giggle, then breathe!

      • Hiddles forever says:


        You could open one on proboards for free :) yes, hijacking Cumby’s threads with Hiddles stuff all time is not fair :/ in fact, I am checking this thread to see if anyone had posted Hiddles news, not because I was really interested in Cumby at Monaco hahahaha

      • Isadora says:

        Ah, Lilac, the wigs!!! LOL

        @Hiddles forever: It’s maybe not fair but it has kind of a Cumby promo effect on me. Because I’m also guilty of checking this thread for Hiddles, but as I already happen to be here I also keep up with Cumby and read the comments about his film news and stuff. Although I did like Cumby since Sherlock I never quite followed his career and this threadbombing is changing it.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I absolutely agree, @Isadora. Also, there are many Cumby news these days because he’s being quite PR-ish, and very little Hiddles news because the man’s gone to the ground/is too busy working. I’m sure though that when the time comes to promote his current slate of films, we’ll be getting more than enough Hiddles and will leave Cumby threads in peace lol.

        The question is: when will it happen? Maybe, if Hiddles has no projects planned for autumn, he’ll do a bit of self-promotion just for the fun of it then, like Cumby? It’ll actually be interesting to wait and see what happens when his next dry period comes. Will he be strutting around Monaco and sweeping everyone off their feet with his impeccable suits at various events? Or he’ll still keep a low profile? I can’t wait to see (and gossip about it) :D

      • Intro Outro says:

        Maybe it’s me being horrible with faces again, but imo all three Hiddleston siblings look very different. I actually really love it when brothers and sisters do not really resemble each other that much ^_^

      • Hiddles forever says:


        She doesn’t resemble Tom much, but as IntroOutro said in his post, I also like when siblings are different :)


        I started following Cumby’s career after Sherlock too but I usually check his filming projects elsewhere. On Cb I check his threads for Hiddles news *guilty cough cough*


        In 1-2 weeks Tom should be in Ireland to film High Rise, should I drop by there and take pictures? Lol

      • Isadora says:

        Emma looks not only different from Tom, she looks also different from herself lol – no, seriously, I’m not sure if I would have connected the girl from Unrelated with the later photos, blonde hair and all. But being an actress too I think that’s really an advantage.

        I always wished anyone from my immediate family would look more similar to me. But they all have different hair, eyes, skin… sometimes that makes you feel slightly out of place lol.

        @Hiddles forever: Yes, do it!!! :-) Although filming begins in July, doesn’t it? I guess the next Hiddles appearance will be Wimbledon.

  9. PunkyMomma says:

    My Otter, my Otter. (Sigh) Another bad hat day for you, another day denied CumbyCurls for me.

  10. Lemons says:

    My brother called something was going on between the pair weeks ago (he was at the pub quiz) I owe him a tenner…..

  11. Vesta says:

    I want to throw those sunglasses into the ground and tread on them until there are only tiny plastic fragments left… That’s slightly overreacting, I know, sorry. So let’s just say I wish a F1 car would drive over those lovely sunglasses…

  12. Johanna says:

    Ufff, rumors…he’s dating Dakota, no, he’s dating Kinvara, no, he’s dating a mysterious woman. This happens everytime he is photographed near a woman and then that woman and her actions are analyzed, from the day she was born till’ present day. Let’s not be childish here, there isn’t a single look between the two of them in all those pictures from Monaco. Does he date every woman he is seen with?

    • MissMary says:

      Like Lindy79 mentioned, there’s more chemistry between him and Ackland than him and Kinvara, esp as he doesn’t even look at her once in any of the pics.

      based on how he acts with women he dates (i.e. based on pap pics and event pics), he’s openly demonstrative with them (holding hands, touching them, etc). This smacks of friends.

  13. Intro Outro says:

    *tilts head left and right* Hmm.. I actually like the cap. But I wish he threw away those glasses. So, yes to cap, NO to glasses.

    And I didn’t quite catch what he was doing in Monaco. Just strutting around? Or was he there for some work?

  14. Clara says:

    And he complains about people calling hims “posh”, because? It doesn’t get more posh than this. At least own it, man.

  15. Jen says:

    He did the post-race interviews at the Grand Prix.

  16. Daria says:

    How anyone find this man hot, I will never know. People need to stop trying to make him happen.

    • Intro Outro says:

      I don’t find him hot, either, but he’s a very talented and subtle actor. Perhaps that’s the main reason why he’s “happening”?

      • Clara says:

        One could say last year was his year and he kinda fizzled with the American audiences regardless of his online clout. It doesn’t get much bigger than Star Trek. Maybe he needs another starring vehicle more appropriate to his talents.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I totally see what you mean. Perhaps that’s what he’s trying to achieve with his current American films? It feels to me that producers are trying to see where he best fits in. However, I honestly don’t think Cumby is Hollywood leading man material – and I mean it as a compliment, actually. He’s too.. peculiar.

        Cumby, don’t go all Hollywood-y! You’re better than that! ;)

      • Duri says:

        sorry I don’t agree with you Clara, his year was great baring the fifth estate. Also Star Trek isn’t that big of a deal because many trekkies disliked the first one and hence decided to give this one a pass anyway. Secondly the movie failed because of the storyline which wasn’t Benedict’s fault. Benedict was the one who walked away with most critical acclaim from the cast and also this film did twice the business internationally than the first one. You’ll be lying to my face if you think that was because of Chris Pine and Quinto.

        Plus this movies was never gonna be as big as say Avengers, Pine and Quinto got no star power compared to Downey, Scarlett etc. It was Tom’s vehicle which should have worked better and it did because that it the highest grossing film. Yet he has less roles in his kitty than Benedict. So yea overall Star Trek did very well for Benedict’s name recognition in the States.

        Also the movie is now on Netflix and I see so many people watching it now and becoming fans of Benedict, so it’s all good.

      • Intro Outro says:

        “It was Tom’s vehicle which should have worked better and it did because that it the highest grossing film. Yet he has less roles in his kitty than Benedict.”

        Hmm, lets see. Post-Thor/Avengers Hiddles has had lead roles in Hollow Crown (3 films out of 4), Only Lovers Left Alive, Crimson Peak, now High Rise; The Deep blue Sea is mostly Rachel Weiz but he’s still playing 1 of 2 lead male roles. Plus lead in Coriolanus. Plus Thor 2 for which his role was significantly rewritten and extended thanks to Loki’s immense popularity. No support roles as such. Plus he’s seriously had bad luck with a couple of projects to which he’d signed as lead but which got cancelled through no fault of his – that Cappa biopic, for example.

        Post-Star Trek Cumby has had lead roles in 5th Estate and Imitation Game. Announced to be lead in Lost City, Hollow Crown and Hamlet. Support roles in, if I am not mistaken, 12 Years a Slave, Osage County, now it’s support roles in Black Mass and Yellow Birds. Kinda comparable, don’t you think? ;)

        Also, imo Thor/Avengers franchise was a more successful vehicle for Hiddles because Loki is a more interesting/developed villain than Khan (ugh, I am not particularly fond of either Thor films storyline-wise, but Into Darkness was much more horrible, and poor Cumby couldn’t do much with Khan because there was virtually nothing to do lol).

      • jammypants says:

        I agree. Even if people aren’t physically attracted to him, they are interested in his work.

      • Duri says:

        actually I wasn’t counting those movies that have released, which is foolish but then again Tom had more time than Benedict as Avengers came in 2012 and Star trek in 2013. Anyways this is not a fight, I was just saying who has more upcoming projects….should have bee clear on that.

      • jammypants says:

        @Duri. I dunno. I think they’re about the same. 2012 was a big year for Hiddles, then 2013 was sort of an off year in terms of work (until the fall). 2014 he’s working straight through til fall.

        For Benny, 2013 was a big year. 2014 is mostly an off year in terms of work. 2015 will see him working straight through.

        Pretty even in terms of the nature of work/no work to me.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Duri, Star Trek is always expected to do well, it has a huge, devoted almost to the point of rabidity fanbase, far more so than Marvel’s. But, a Cumberbatch thread is never complete until somebody builds him up by casting shade on Tom Hiddleston’s career, so there we are. Oh, as for having more time? Hiddleston had two film projects fall apart in the past two years; somebody else has listed some of the other thing he has done in that time, but should also add Exhibition, Pirate Fairy, Muppets Most Wanted, and at least two short films. Actually, Cumberbatch has had more time, he is several years older. I get that you adore Cumberbatch, but if he is talented or wonderful, it should be based upon his own actions, not in comparison to somebody else.

      • Duri says:

        @Lilac—-calm your tits. Nowhere do I dislike Tom and I think I even wrote it was foolish to not count his films that have been released. Anyways I don’t want to fight with you so let it be. You go and do your Hiddleston worship and I go do my Cumberbatch worship.

      • jammypants says:

        I know the two boys have blossoming film careers, but I kind of want to see them do a tv miniseries (AMC, BBC, or HBO) and more radioplays (and hopefully together!!!). It’s nicer to get them on the regular I say!

      • Katie says:

        Lilacflowers, no way is the Star Trek fanbase anywhere near the size or devotion of Marvel’s?

        Maybe 20 years ago, not now. Paramount’s really mishandled that franchise. No real new material for 10+ years before the 2009 movie, dwindling fan convention attendance counts…it’s just major brand mismanagement. You’ve got your relatively small band of older Trekkies, but they denounced the new movies even before the first was released.

        Proof is really in the BO receipts–you’ll find all the Marvel movies except the first Thor outgrossed the 2009 ST, and the first Thor made close to the same despite being at the largest disadvantage in terms of comic popularity.

        That being said, I find both BC and TH talented but neither attractive {and both have fans who seem to enter threads just to take swipes at the other actor.}

        jammypants, seconded!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Duri. Oh dear. I worship no living human. But thanks for your concern in calming my body parts. Multiple surgeries, a year of chemotherapy, months of radiation treatment, and several years of follow-up with tamoxifan and femara seem to have calmed the cancer considerably.

    • joanie says:

      He’s kind of happening now, still, just in a quiet phase. 2015 and 2016 will be huge , probably like 2013 in terms of him being everywhere.

      But, yeah, I don’t think he’ll ever be a Hollywood lead Leonardo Dicaprio type. But he will have a good career.

      • Intro Outro says:

        *sighs* I already said on another thread that I am more interested in his UK-based work. Looking forward to Hamlet and Richard III much more than his other currently announced film projects. Lost City will probably be very interesting if it happens, but Blood Mountain… Not so sure.

      • Sarah says:

        Lost City could be very interesting. Director James Gray got the funding, so that will get filmed.

        Is Blood Mountain still happening? That role sounds similar to the Yellow Birds role as a tough, strong, military man of action. I guess BC really wants to show the world his physical side and that he’s more than just a bio pic guy :)

        Richard the III should be excellent. I’m really looking forward to that one.

        Yup, this guy won’t be going away anytime soon.

      • Intro Outro says:

        It’s not the type of role Cumby’s supposed to be playing in Blood Mountain that I have a problem with, it’s the director :( Bodrov has been more or less rehashing the same topics for all of his directorial career, as well as making films that are consciously festival-baity in a bad sense of the word. He’s already done a film on a topic very closely-related to Blood Mountain and it was Prisoner of the Mountains (which was released in 1995 IIRC and was actually quite good).

        So, keeping my fingers crossed for Lost City which should also be quite physical, but please, let Blood Mountain remain in pre-production or fund-raising or whichever hell for quite some time more lol.

      • Duri says:

        @Into——Blue Mountain isn’t happening and Benedict said that himself to Cumberbatchweb owner Naomi. Also after he got on Yellow Birds, I doubt he even cares about Blood Mountain because the roles are quite similar. I am reading yellow birds right now and so far it’s great.

      • Katie says:

        Agree, Joanie, 2015/16 are going to be similar to 2013. I see him more as an Oldman/Firth career-wise than a DiCaprio/Pitt.

        I still say he’s going to have to drop some projects, he seems overcommited. Both Hamlet and Richard II are definite, and those two projects alone entail massive work on his end.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Can’t wait for his Richard! And yes please to Oldman/Firth-like career ;)


        I’m glad Blood Mountain isn’t happening, that’s seriously almost a relief! It leaves him space and time to concentrate on other, much more promising upcoming projects.

      • Katie says:

        I agree, Intro Outro! Much rather him go that route :)

      • Kitty says:

        Since the debacle of The Fifth Estate (BC’s 1st leading role – and, frankly, a huge premature temptation misstep), because NO ONE wanted to see a movie about Julian Assange – he’s just not that interesting – no matter how brilliant BC’s portrayal. The Hollywood PTB are now waiting to see how his next lead role will pan out before releasing anymore finances for lead roles for Benedict. So until we see if Weinstein’s $7 million investment in The Imitation Game succeeds. we will be seeing BC mainly in good supporting roles. But I do believe he will eventually make it to the ‘leading man’ bracket in Hollywood. He is exceptionally talented, hard working, properly well educated and uniquely sexy. And James Gray says Plan B’s The Lost City Of Z, also with Benedict in the lead role, is a definite yes.

      • Intro Outro says:


        As shallow as it might seem, I don’t think Cumby will ever truly be an A-lister mainly due to his looks. He’s just too unconventional-looking. Also, it’s not always about talent because I don’t think half of Hollywood A-listers are half as talented as Cumby or Hiddles or Fassy for that matter, but they are more appealing to an average cinema goer than our boys. Conventional male beauty, a lot more testosterone, good connections in right places from *early on* in their careers etc etc – Cumby doesn’t have that. BUT, he will hopefully still find his niche.

      • A.Key says:

        Intro Outro,

        I disagree. I don’t think reaching the A-list has anything to do with looks really. It’s about the roles you play and the image you project to the general audience. Look at Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon, Samuel Jackson – they don’t really scream conventional male beauty. I mean if they weren’t actors no one would look at them twice. But they’ve had a plethora of fabulous roles where their potential shined. And those roles were the kind of roles that appealed to the general audience, both male and female. I think Benny’s still not really nabbing those star-making roles.
        Or look at Charlie Hunnam. Now he’s your typical male hottie who has the looks and is playing (very successfully) your typical macho American male. Still not an A-lister, not even close.
        I’d say Benny needs more humor in his career. Not comedies, but roles where’s he doesn’t take himself seriously but he’s still a cool dude at the same time.

      • Intro Outro says:


        You’re right of course about the fact that roles make an actor – but to get those roles, an actor needs a set of characteristics that make him fit for those roles. It’s a combo of personal traits, talent, luck and good roles, in the end, that makes a true *movie star*.

        However, just for the sake of argument: imo if you take pics of Hanks, Penn, Bacon and Cumberbatch taken at approximately the same age and show them to other people – 80% will say that Cumby has the most unusual appearance ;)

      • Isadora says:

        I kind of agree with Intro Outro about the leading man stuff because I think Hollywood changed a bit in the last decades. When Hank, Penn and Bacon were young it was mostly about female beauty and male character, but the pressure in the looks-department for leading men nowadays has become so much bigger. And as Intro said, quite some not exactly pretty Hollywood men were rather cute when young.

        I think that’s the reason why Cumby goes for all that biopic stuff – because he can be a leading man there and is supposed to look real, not movie star pretty like Chris Pine for example. However I would love to see him in some quirky roles with more comedic potential like Tim Burton stuff or something like that. I think his unusual looks could be a bonus in this not a hindrance.

  17. Shiv says:

    Something tells me they are. Perhaps they were dating (pub quiz, Windsor castle….) and now they have made things official by going to the f1 together.

    Saying that I would be furious if my BF was charging on ahead with his best pal and leaving me trailing behind haha. Also, he seems very cagey with his private life at the moment so now sure he would flaunt it.

    I think it odd she has deleted photo’s of him from her Instagram and twitter since being in Monaco. That’s what I don’t get. She actually hash tagged the pub quiz one with #sherlock #benedict cumberbatch which would obviously mean she wanted people to find it on Instagram. She also likes sherlock pics on Instagram. As I said above tho, maybe it’s just happened for them and she is backtracking now…

    • MissMary says:

      IDK… they’ve been friends for about a decade or more now, and they move in the same social circles so things like the pub quiz and the Windsor shindig aren’t that much of a smoking gun. If he’d gone to Monaco w/her solo, I’d be more likely to think they’re an item but I just think she’s with the Sunny March guys as a friend situation (LOL it makes me giggle to think she’s a last minute replacement for James Rhodes since he couldn’t go w/Benny)… Though I can see them as FWB. This smacks of the Alice Eve ish during STiD and Glastonbury. Another thing giving me pause is the major tabs aren’t all over it–in the UK, they are always looking for dirt on him since he’s consistently called a nice guy, etc, and if they’re not peeing themselves about him being somewhere with her and a group of guys, I’m leaning on “friends, possibly FWB”.

    • Lindy79 says:

      The tagging thing is VERY odd, that’s with a presumption that she’s social media savvy enough to know it would make it very easy to find and given her job I’m going with yes.

      Maybe the fact that there is no interaction (and there really is none) is more of a sign than it would have been in the past (purposely not giving anything away), but what a crap way to behave though, especially if it’s a fairly new relationship.

      • Leo says:

        That’s what I thought at first (purposely not interacting), but then why come at all? To achieve what?
        They could have gone together to a number of events just this past month if they wanted an outing.

      • MissMary says:

        @Leo: Word. It’d be effed up to take your gf/bf to somewhere like Monaco just to play “no, we’re not together!” Esp given that it’s a pap-heavy event since it’s so close to Cannes and attracts a LOT of celebs.

      • J says:

        If they really were an item the Met Ball would have been an ideal one to take her to – she’s in/associated with the fashion industry and has met/worked with AW before. It might have made more sense for her to be there than for *him* to be there! And we saw no evidence she was there. I agree, I don’t think there’s anything here.

    • Rowena says:

      She deleted the quiz one AGES ago. And if she was keen to delete anything related to him, then she wouldn’t have posted one only yesterday. She also wouldn’t be engaging with loopy fans either. They’ve been at the same events for about 10 years now and people are suddenly raising their eyebrows? Why can’t anyone just accept male and female friendships.
      This kind of speculation is complete madness.

      • Sarah says:

        I wouldn’t call it complete madness, Rowena :)

        The Dakota Johnson one might’ve been madness, b/c presumably, her and BC didn’t know each other before the Met Ball, so to think they were dating after one lunch date is a bit much.

        But him and Kinvara are old friends, who have been seen at many the same events over the past few months, and maybe they have grown closer. It certainly is possible.

        Perhaps the non contact at the race was intentional to make people think they’re not a couple. But, they would have to have known there’d be speculation about the two of them regardless if they were touching or not. Haha. He might as well have talked to the woman while they were walking!

        I’d be pissed if my bf ignored me and had me walk behind him. So, for that reason they may just have gone as friends.

        I honestly can see this going either way; either they are dating or not. Guess we just have to wait an see.

    • A.Key says:

      They’re friends and she’s deleting old photos of him??
      Maybe they’ve moved on from friends to friendlier “friends” and now she’s paranoid suddenly people will hate her and she doesn’t want to brag she knows him.
      Man celebrity is weird.
      Grow up the lot of you, she seems a great match for him, if they’re together I say go for it and act like adults.

  18. littlestar says:

    I saw Cumberbatch at the Malaysia Grand Prix a couple of months ago – that was the exact hat he was wearing there! It must be his “Formula 1 hat” lol. I will have to say, that hat unfortunately does not suit him :( .

    • LadySlippers says:

      What??? Canada let you out??? 😉

    • Sarah says:

      I think if they are dating, it started after the pub quiz. From the photo caption she wrote on that picture and the final Cabin Pressure recording one, I thought she was a friend of his who had a crush on him :)

      Yes, they are old friends, but if they’ve been spending a lot of time together recently maybe they decided to date. I think it’s a match that makes sense. They’re in the same social circles, upper class (even if you deny it BC, haha), she’s very pretty and knows a lot about fashion, arts, and the rest. She fits in well with his world.

      Bringing her to Monaco may have been his way of introducing people to the idea of them as a couple, but then again, maybe he gave her James Rhodes’ pass after he said he couldn’t go ;)

      I do think we will be seeing more of Kinvara Balfour in regards to Benedict. Probably at the Hay Festival.


      Why is she off putting LadySlippers? What does she say? I’m intrigued but too lazy to go and find out for myself!

      • MissMary says:

        Not LadySlippers but my opinion–a lot of unexamined privilege and subtle shaming of folks not in her echelon when it comes to Balfour’s writing. Also awareness of privilege in some cases and a very ingrained “so? eff everyone else” attitude.

      • MissMary says:

        deleted–accidental double post.

      • LadySlippers says:


        She’s very very very snooty and loves to name drop. To the point that you’re rolling your eyes at all the names (just so you never forget she’s rubbed elbows with the Pss of Wales or is the niece of the premiere duke in the UK).

        She might be very nice otherwise.

      • Sarah says:

        I have not, Ladyslippers. I did watch some of the fashion interviews she did, and she seemed alright, polite and engaging an knowledgeable. And I clicked through some IG photos and she has nice manners to those who commented.

        Is she a writer, too? I thought she mostly did fashion…things.


        Thanks for the replies. Well BCs not beyond a bit of name dropping himself. Might make for some interesting “anyone you know, I know someone posher” conversations between the pair.

      • Nighty says:

        Yeah, what o you mean with off-putting???

        Edit: oh, you’ve already answered.. :)

      • Raven says:

        I agree with MissMary and LadySlippers. She may be polite to friends and people who tag her with compliments, but that’s to be expected. She comes across a bit high-maintenance in articles, and she was pretty rude at the beginning of the Tom Ford interview. Didn’t stand up to greet her guest, just sat there. And when he tried to welcome her with a hug, she didn’t move a muscle and said “oh, you can just kiss me”, and remained seated while he did so.

        Overall, I’m not too impressed with her whether she’s dating him or not. Someone who’s pushing 40 and constantly Instagramming her clothes and Facebooky quotes, and whose life seems to revolve around fashion and holidays seems disappointingly vapid for someone like BC. It’s probably too much to dream that he’ll find someone involved in academia or a science or math field, someone who could stimulate and challenge him and balance out his right-brained mind, but I’m hoping he’ll at least end up with something other than another fashionista.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Knowing neither my only real opinion would be, if I was dating a guy and we were photographed all day and he looked like he barely knew me in any of the hundreds of posted photos, I’d be a bit miffed.
        I don’t know him but he doesn’t seem the type to feel the need to pander to fans/worry about their reaction to his relationship status so either they’re just friends and she went to mingle, be seen etc. Or they are and he’s a bit rude/doesn’t want it public knowledge (previous behaviour with gf’s would contradict that) or she doesn’t want it out there (since she’s posted pics of him on IG it might imply she isn’t type to be shy).

        Time will tell

      • Isadora says:

        @Raven: If she is too shallow and vapid with Cumby he wouldn’t be friends with her either, would he? Sometimes I wonder how highbrow Cumby really is and how much of Sherlock Holmes bleeds into the perception of his public persona.

      • Nighty says:

        Oh God… so many comments about Conchita Wurst (she/he does seem weird, but one should respect) and comparing her to Jared Letto…

      • Raven says:

        @Isadora, sure, I have plenty of friends who I would never date for various (and similar) reasons, but we get along well enough as friends. Without taking any of his roles into consideration, he seems very thoughtful and curious about the world, and yes, I would say intelligent. In fact, his sister publicly feared he was too intelligent for the women he was dating and I think that’s probably a reasonable assessment. And why I wonder if he might be better matched with someone who was as curious about the world as he is. Perhaps this woman is such a person, but it doesn’t appear to be so from the way she presents herself and her interests.

      • A.Key says:

        I’m breaking out the popcorn, lol.
        Poor Kinvara. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

      • LadySlippers says:


        High maintenance — like to the Nth degree.

        Great summation.


        Benedict is considered posh so she wouldn’t have to posture for him — makes all the difference if your in the same social strata as others.

        I’ve honestly not heard often that Benedict is a snob. And that’s from all walks of life that people have commented.

      • Nicola says:

        I was neutral as I know nothing about her. But after a look through instagram and her twitter, I’m not keen at all. She comes across as vapid and absorbed in fashion. She seems to profess a love of theatre and labels herself a ‘playwright’ but her twitter is a lot of superficial fashion nonsense. At the time of the BAFTAs she seemed to have no interest in the awards and the work, instead proclaiming everyone was dressed badly and why are they all wearing ‘high street’..


      • A.Key says:

        She works in fashion.
        I’ve just googled her – “A former fashion editor at the Telegraph and Tatler, and founder of the UK edition of fashion and lifestyle website”.
        Of course that’s what she’ll focus on while self-promoting and working then.

      • Nicola says:

        I’m fully aware that she works in fashion, but that doesn’t make her comments any less superficial or shallow.
        And as for Tatler, what a vile publication that is.

      • Isadora says:

        @Raven: Ok, that’s a point. But she can’t be completely stupid/uninteresting if he’s friends with her though (or anything else would reflect badly on him). ;-)

        @Nicola: I haven’t seen her instagram or twitter but when you look for example at Jessica Chastain’s instagram there is also mostly fashion and superficial stuff even though everyone says what a sweet and kind person she is and so nice to fans etc. I just think fashion stuff is rather easy to fill your instagram account with, esp. if you work in that area. I mean, what else should you post? Foodpr0n? Pets? So maybe there is more to her than we see from this social media stuff.

      • A.Key says:

        Well Benny’s fashion commentary has also been superficial. That’s what fashion statements are, a pointless focus on the appearance. And I guess if she’s as self-absorbed, vapid and shallow as everyone seems to be utterly convinced she is, then so is he. Because he’s been friends with her for years, and now they’re getting closer, so he’s willingly spending his time in the company of a “vile” person.

      • Nicola says:

        Commenting on fashion per se doesn’t make someone shallow, it’s the TYPE of comments. Her sneering at others over what they’re wearing and bitchy comments are the problem. Someone who apparently loves theatre and writing, only tweeting how everyone apparently looks awful at the BAFTAs and ‘why are they wearing high street’ etc..
        THAT is clearly what is pathetic and vapid.
        Let’s not pretend that people are looking for something that isn’t there. She’s said some incredibly shallow and snobbish things and that’s pretty hard to argue with.
        And why are you convinced they’re ‘getting closer’? Because of a couple of instagram pictures? I’m assuming you’re not privvy to how often he hung out with her before? Just because you’ve only just noticed her IG postings, that really isn’t an indication of the strength of their friendship.
        And if you’re going to quote words I’ve used, at least get it right.. I didn’t say she was “vile”, I said Tatler was a “vile publication”.

  19. Katie says:

    A lot of celebs at this event, even saw Patrick Stewart on the carpet. SunnyMarch appears to be doing something, so I’d guess they were already there and took the free tickets–BBC maybe? My guess is that Kinvara got James Rhodes’ ticket (LOL) and no they’re not dating.

  20. jammypants says:

    He looks good, but I keep wanting to imagine him with a different hat. Fedoras maybe?

  21. Sarah says:

    Uhm….No Hiddleston thread to talk about the Tahitigate? Ooops! Sorry, nevermind. LOL!

  22. Dany says:

    i don´t think they are a real couple. Ok maybe they are, but i can´t imagine him having sex with someone. Drinking tea and talking about philosophy, yes… but passionate sex with real sweat? Never! He would feel uncomfortable ;)

    But then… somehow all the posh boys have to procreate…

  23. Nighty says:

    I love it that we always end up chatting about TH on BC’s posts and the other way around.. lol.. Just LOVE IT!!

  24. Shiv says:

    I think only time will tell….but I definitely believe something is going on. They seem perfect for one another but it’s just crap that if she is with him, he looks like he is practically ignoring her in front of his friend and the world press.

    BTW – Someone put on date lounge that they know for a FACT he is infertile and now gay hahahahaha. I nearly choked! That place is kray kray.

    • Felice says:

      The Mail is literally touching everything but them. I think if someone said that he kissed that one Ibiza woman before any photos happened then they would’ve said ‘oh they were all cuddly and coy’ with this. But whatever it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

    • Duri says:

      Datalounge site hates every straight guy in Hollywood. I have visited their threads for Benedict, Tom and Richard. Those guys there are hell bent on proving these three are gay and they call their fans obsessive when all they do is gossip about these actors nonstop.

      This infertile rumor is the most pathetic shit I have heard about Benedict.

      As for Kinvara, I actually like her from what I have seen. She could be his gf or just a friend. But yes as you said it’s really shitty that he is ignoring her in every pic. It looks as though he is purposely doing that (which makes me suspicious) otherwise he talks to one and all.

    • jammypants says:

      I can’t take anything from DL seriously.

    • Nicola says:

      What on earth makes you think they’re ‘perfect for each other’? Seems a strange thing to say about a woman you’ve only just been made aware of and know practically nothing about.

      • Shiv says:

        Please wind your neck in or perhaps you should move to IMDB, your manner seems suitable.

        I’ve followed her waaay before this. They follow in the same circles, both come from privileged back grounds and have enjoyed great education and upbringing, her uncle directs plays at the park theatre and she is an avid theatre goer – shall I continue. Furthermore, I genuinely only stay friends with people I share common ground with, I suspect most people do….they have been friends for a long time.

      • Nicola says:

        “Wind your neck in”

        Um…I beg your pardon? That’s a horrifically rude and OTT reaction to a perfectly reasonable question. Am I not allowed to question anything you say, however strange it may be? don’t know what the reference to imdb is supposed to mean, but perhaps there’s less crazed unfettered theories flying around. Sorry to spoil your fun.

        Err, so basically your criteria for them being ‘perfect for each other’ is the fact he’s a bit posh. I thought so.
        And a fairly large proportion of people are avid theatre goers. That alone isn’t enough to match your hyperbolic idea that the are match made in heaven.
        He has countless female friends who also fit the bill in that case.
        And also.. I don’t believe for a second that you had in interest in her before she recently emerged to be a friend if his.

    • Janeite says:

      I don’t think Datalounge is quite as “kray kray” as everyone seems to think, taking into consideration that threads there about Cumberbatch (and Hiddleston) are usually shut down fairly quickly. I don’t think the DL regulars care for the inane speculation that goes on there either. And considering that DL affords a slightly higher degree of anonymity considering that one doesn’t have to register to post, it’s easy for people from all the other gossip sites to converge there for even more wild speculation. I think the vast majority of posters on those threads are not DL regulars but posters from Twitter, Tumblr, ONTD, here, etc.

      • Raven says:

        Datalounge seems to be where people from other sites post the gossip they’re too afraid to post anywhere else. Whether that’s because it’s too speculative to post elsewhere without getting shot down immediately (like their attempts to link him to women in his social circle because they were at one of the same parties or linking him to a man he stood next to in one photo), or things that would get them run out of town elsewhere (like the wild speculation about his physical health, mental health and possible sexual deviance). Massive grain of salt required of course, but it can be fun to read if you can wade through the DL regulars attempts to troll the threads.

      • jammypants says:

        That makes a lot of sense Janeite. The comments I’ve read there also sounds like a place a few IMDB users could go to town on. Funny thing is I actually stopped visiting DL since last year because the comments actually peeved me. It got a bit much and overly speculative. I’m actually debating joining ONTD too but it’s too much to keep up with more than one place. Like, reading Lipstick Alley, ONTD, IMDB is less energy taxing than participating. I do it here because I quite enjoy the chatter and the jokes.

      • Janeite says:

        Thanks, jammy. One thing that gets my hackles up is when aspersions are cast on other gossip sites or forums; things like “DL is cray cray” or “Tumblr is full of crazy fangirls.” The bottom line is that we are all engaging in gossip regardless of our forum of choice. The posters on DL diss the posters on CB, the posters on CB diss the posters on Tumblr, and on and on and on. There is over-the-top speculation, guesswork, and overinvestment everywhere, here included. CB is all about creating a welcoming environment for everyone and that purpose is not furthered by condemning other sites for doing the same thing we do here. Just my opinion. :)

      • Intro Outro says:


        Thanks for bringing up this topic because I was actually thinking about this same issue the other day. On the whole, I agree with you. Elitism is just not cool and, considering that we’re talking about celebrity gossip sites – it seems rather misplaced lol. I do not go to DL or any other gossip sites – CB satisfies my Hiddles chatter-mongering – so I’ll be happily taking your word for those sites.

        However. Tumblr is a different thing though. There are a number of aspects which work firmly against me joining its Hiddles crowd. “It’s been 556 days and I’m not yet Tom’s wife”? Ovaries explosions everywhere? (Ugh how much I HATE this expression, it has always felt demeaning to me, I don’t understand how any woman who respects herself can be repeatedly using this god-awful idiom.) People wishing to discuss how closely to his private parts a 4-year-old girl’s hand grabbed Hiddleston when she ran to hug him?? Hiddleston is perfection, sweetest and cutest and bestest man alive and OMG I WANNA HAVE KIDS WITH HIM AND HE RUINED ME FOR ALL OTHER GUYS!!!11! :D

        Imo the main reason of this, well, immature attitude is the average age of Tumblr users which is much younger than here. Also, I think that posters very quickly accommodate to the medium/community in which they’re operating, and as long as everyone in the community has ovaries exploding all over the place, the newcomers will soon adopt the same discourse :(

        Which brings me to your great point that “CB is all about creating a welcoming environment for everyone”. I think that, in addition to being welcoming (which CB definitely is), by having at least more mature and, hopefully, substantial discussions on various topics, we can create an environment that fosters a certain *level* of communication. Even while happily exchanging juicy gossips ;)

        P.S. All this said, I know some awesome Tumblr blogs run by really funny and interesting people. I wish there were more posters like them on Tumblr.

      • Isadora says:

        Intro, THIS!

        I don’t hate tumblr, in fact I’m a member and have a tumblr blog (which is more of a personal moodboard as I’m very anonymous there and practically nobody follows me or something like that), but as everyone and his dog is on tumblr there are also some people there who go over the top (for my taste). I mean everybody has different boundaries and I love to have some good gossip and rumors, it’s fun. But to me all that smut fanfiction on tumblr about Tom is a bit annoying, for example. People can write all the smut they want about fictional characters, but it seems a bit weird to me to write it about a real, existing person with a real, existing personal life. But well.. to each their own..

        DL is a bit different. There really are some people there who seem to be somewhat connected to the industry, so it’s interesting. On the other hand I have to roll my eyes at all their “gay claims”. Because really… it’s like HW consists exclusively of closeted gays. There have been rumors about some people for ages (Clooney, Bradley, etc.) but on DL EVERYONE is gay. Probably even Jude Law.

    • Miss Scarlet says:

      Oh, Shiv, you HAVE to post that DL link, if only for entertainment purposes.

  25. Shiv says:

    Uh-oh both adam ackland and Adam selves are following her on twitter – that’s it, they’re getting married.

  26. blended says:

    based on her writings and twitter, she seems a bit shallow (eg. saying that women at the baftas were badly dressed and implying they shouldn’t be shopping on the high street). but maybe that’s what cumby is into. fame and money changes people. even if they are just friends, he still associates with some pretty shallow people. i really hope whoever he settles down with is a bit more down-to-earth.

    • Boredwithimdb says:

      If he ever settles down I bet it will be with someone posh. Is he ever seen socialising with anybody who isn’t ?

    • Utter says:

      blended that is my impression as well – it’s only about new shoes and expensive dresses lol as if these things are important in this world – of course she needs to be polite to the people she is doing interviews with, it’s her job lol well everybody gets what he or she deserves lol if Cumby is into these kind of women it says all about his character…not so “profound” after all – but is there anybody in Hollywood? I guess not lol

      • Raven says:

        (Posted this upthread but it might be more relevant here.) She may be polite to friends and people who tag her with compliments, but that’s to be expected. She comes across a bit high-maintenance in interviews, and she was pretty rude at the beginning of the Tom Ford interview. Didn’t stand up to greet her guest, just sat there. And when he tried to welcome her with a hug, she didn’t move a muscle and said “oh, you can just kiss me”, and remained seated while he did so.

        Overall, I’m not too impressed with her whether she’s dating him or not. Someone who’s pushing 40 and constantly Instagramming her clothes and Facebooky quotes, and whose life seems to revolve around fashion and holidays seems disappointingly vapid for someone like BC. It’s probably too much to dream that he’ll find someone involved in academia or a science or math field, someone who could stimulate and challenge him and balance out his right-brained mind, but I’m hoping he’ll at least end up with something other than another fashionista.

      • Nighty says:

        What’s with the “posh” thing?.. It’s normal that one’s friends are the people we went to school with (mostly since as an adult is harder to make lifelong friendships). So if he went to Harrow, it’s normal most of his friends also went there, thus them being “posh”..
        Hey, most of y friends ar people I studied with at school and the at Uni… so.. quite normal…

        EDIT: this post should be downthread.. darn..

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @utter, new shoes aren’t important? I live for new shoes!

    • Katie says:

      Eh, his public friends are a pretty eclectic mix actually — up above, we’ve got a woman with a title but also two guys who aren’t anything other than crew people he once worked with. I don’t see how people pigeonhole him; it’s very difficult when his company is so all over the place.

      I should add he comes across like someone who’s friends with everyone, if that makes it more clear. That’s why we’ve got posh and non-posh depending on the day of the week LOL.

      • Encumbered says:

        And do not forget the one “love of his life” thus far (we know of)–his dear Olivia. She is a common girl by all accounts.

      • Boredwithimbb says:

        Olivia Poulet is the daughter of a High Court Judge. As for the other pals he’s seen out and about with James Rhodes is a fellow old Harrovian, Tertius Bune and Jesse Peyronel are direct descendants of titled aristocrats and Adam Ackland is the grandson of distinguished British Actor Joss Ackland and probably another ex public school boy. The male friend he was pictured with at the Met Ball is another old friend with aristocratic links and his mate Tom Hiddlestone is an old Etonian. Now maybe he also has an other bunch of mates with more humble backgrounds but as yet they’ve not been pictured!

      • Katie says:

        Yep! His company mix is just so odd, Encumbered. That’s why I don’t get the whole ‘everyone he likes is shallow based on social media’ thing. And he’s known this woman for years, apparently, she’s not new.

        He seems like a friend of mine whose got close to 30 diverse friends she hangs out with but is only close to a handful. I like to call them ‘activity’ friends, they’re great for specific things, like parties or roadtrips, but not people she’s regularly having meaningful convos with.

        Boredwithimbb, she only went to Putney. Very middle class and nowhere near what we’re talking here unless I’m misreading.

      • Boredwithimbb says:

        But who are these elusive people that he’s close to that aren’t posh? They never seem to be in evidence anywhere he’s pictured with friends. And what’s wrong with him having posh friends anyway? If you go to one of the top public schools in the country those are the sort of people you’re going to meet and circles you move in.

        I don’t know what school Olivia Poulet went to but in no universe would the daughter of a high court judge be described as a “common girl.”

      • blended says:

        i don’t think the issue is whether they are posh or not. he will always move in circles of the upper middle class (and above). it’s more a question of how down to earth they are. being posh doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be shallow. i adore james rhodes. he seems socially aware, kind, and humble (and hilarious). i assumed ben’s other close friends were similar. of course i’m only speculating.

      • Duri says:

        Isn’t it human nature to become friends with people you are mostly surrounded with. All his closest friends seem to be from Harrow and for that why should I blame him. Your childhood friends are the closest to you anyways and so he is still very much attached to his pals from Harrow.

        You guys are expecting him to friends with normal people when he is sent off to posh school…like how?? Also many are forgetting that he is really good friends with Tom Hardy and James McAvoy as well, both are not posh or even high middle class (if I remember). Even in an interview he said he wants to be like James, Hardy and Fassbender.

        It’s very convenient to forget about his normal friends and mention the ones that suit your argument.

      • blended says:

        i guess examples on non-posh friends would be caitlin moran and gary oldman, who both grew up in council houses. of course both are now independently wealthy.

      • Boredwithimbb says:

        I don’t think there is anything wrong with him having posh friends. The posh are people too! I just don’t get this need some people have to try to deny the fact that most of his mates are from that type of background. It’s like they think its something he needs to be defended about. Why?

        As for his less posh friends, yes Gary Oldman and James McEvoy aren’t posh. Not so sure about Tom Hardy despite the mockney accent. And I wouldn’t say Caitlin Moran was a friend. Definitely more of a hanger on in her case.

      • Leo says:

        Adam Selves, for one, isn’t posh. He is the son of an Kent inn keeper and that in the UK is the opposite of posh.
        The 4th partner in the company and a friend is an ordinary industry worker. Patrick Monroe is a son of a poor single mother raised in the projects. And there is a whole number of other actor friends who come neither from money nor privilege.

        Yes, Joss Ackland is Adam’s grandfather, but from what I know he was neither posh nor rich, even later on in his career. I remember a story about him and his wife quitting acting and moving abroad to manage a tea plantation. So I doubt they were loaded and had enough money to send their seven children to Harrow/public schools.

        And in the UK terms, I wouldn’t really call Rhodes or Poulet or people like them posh. That term encompasses a whole number of things which have to be properly combined in order for someone to be considered truly upper-class. To me they are middle-class.

        But like someone said, there is nothing wrong with having posh friends. It’s partly inevitable if you grow up surrounded by them.

      • Utter says:

        It’s not about being posh or not, it’s about being shallow or not – the majority of posh women don’t think about helping the poor (for example), they only think about owning the most expensive designer dress or new Manolo Blahniks lol that is just a fact…

      • Katie says:

        Maybe that’s a UK thing, Boredwithimbb? IDK it’s not super impressive to me, less than 200K annual salary and you’re a lawyer for years first.

        I get what you mean now, blended. There’s a lot of those. Gary Oldman, James Rhodes, Hardy, McAvoy, ZQuinto, Hall, Ackland and Selves. Don’t know much about Monroe and some of the others, they’re not very public.

        I guess I just think it’s weird to assume he’s exactly like all his friends when they’re a relatively varying group. I wouldn’t pass that scrutiny either. *shrugs* He’s got a good set rep, so he’s certainly not a snob there.

        Although it’s kind of odd…I don’t think he’s ever been seen with Balfour outside of an event? Most of the other people listed, yes, but not her.

      • Boredwithimbb says:

        Just because he has lots of friends from a particular background doesn’t mean he’s a snob. I never said I thought he was a snob.

        I thinks there are lots of wrong assumptions being made here.

        But maybe that belief is what explains this need some people seem to have to play down some of his friends background. I don’t know. It’s strange.

      • Raven says:

        Agree with Utter. For someone of such considerable privilege, she doesn’t appear to care about much other than herself and her super important fashion career. Sorry, but retweeting hashtags to support a cause or attending a charity gala as an excuse to show off your new gown and diamond clutch don’t really count. But then again, this isn’t exclusive to the posh set. Most people these days can’t be arsed to do more than retweet and like a charitable message, and then pat themselves on the back for the rest of the day for it.

      • Katie says:

        That’s the impression I got from this thread, Boredwithimbb, tbh is that ‘posh’ = shallow snob and that’s his character as well, which doesn’t mesh with what we do know.

        However, you’re likely right in that’s probably me getting my wires crossed, this came up before and it went that route, so I apologize.

        Off topic a bit here, I’m all for valid criticism, but as of late his threads have started to include broad insults/way too personal insinuations or assumptions or, on the other end, way over the top adoration/blind worship. I just wish we could hit middle ground LOL.

      • Boredwithimbb says:

        Not a problem Katie. I definitely don’t think he’s shallow or a snob – if anything he seems to be oversensitive sometimes.

        Totally agree with you about finding middle ground. That’s what led to my user name. I got so sick of the IMDB “nannies” having a knicker fit every time anybody said anything other than BC is perfect in every way or, shock, horror, speculated about his private life. To them wondering aloud whether BC and a woman he’s pictured with might be an item constitutes “a gross invasion of privacy.”

        As for Datalounge, well that’s equally extreme only at the opposite end of the spectrum. On there it’s a competition to see who can find the worst thing to say about him.

        So yes finding somewhere with a sense of proportion would be lovely.

      • 'P'enny says:

        Benny went to University of Manchester and I have a feeling he has friends from working -lower middles class stock and has snogged plenty of North English lasses, and has probably a closer appreciation of a lower class backgrounds. I don’t think class /money has any impact on his friendships. He may have gone to a posh school, but he lived up North so I think that would go a long way to seeing the real-world.

        However, Hiddles on the other hand, as humble and gorgeous and down to earth, as he is. He is, I think, more upper-class sheltered. Maxine Peake once said of Tom Hiddleston, “I don’t think he has ever snogged a Bolton [northern English lass] before.” Having a funny, but nice dig at his poshness. Although, I am going to get smacked for this comment, I don’t think Hiddles mixes with the lower classes, except as part of his acting job. [ I'm waiting to be the first.] In fact when Hiddles visited Manchester last year, I thought, “crikey, how did he cope?” probably found it worse than where his Father comes from. When he does mention his father’s working class background, I always sense it is as token gesture rather than a living appreciation of it. He is very much grown up in, and still part of his Mother’s Servaes family upper-class roots. His close cousins, and his Aunt which he has mentioned are all on his mother’s side. If has extended family on his father’s side, as far as I know, he never talks about them.

        But, I don’t think either of them will marry someone like me, LMAO whose cash -flow is always in the red, speaks with a mixed up accent and reads CB, and knows nothing about philosophy. And, has consistent fight with punctuation, and they are both grammar experts.


        See what you’re saying “P”enny but there are lots of posh people in the North of England too you know! :)

      • Isadora says:

        ‘p’enny, I think you are right concerning Hiddles. I don’t know enough about Cumby to analyse his social circle, but I guess Hiddles is the type of person who keeps his childhood friends (who are posh by default with his mother’s family and Eton and everything) and meets the rest through work. So I guess he’s either connected to posh people or people working in the industry (posh or not). That’s also a somewhat safer bet if he wants to avoid famewhores and golddiggers.

        But don’t give up on marrying him, I think you’ll catch him with your sausages and fries (and the veggies I recommended) while you fatten him up. ;-)

        Or he’ll marry me, I have a good excuse for very faulty grammar and a weird accent, being a foreigner and all. Grammar in my native language is quite good (and he can’t even verify that claim lol).

      • 'P'enny says:

        @Isadora, thanks for vote of confidence. hehee. The fattening northern food will haul him in. Hiddles can speak a few languages, so you never know, he be able to catch you out.

        oh yes, there are a lot of rich people that live North West, not sure about the posh. All footballers and a few business peeps. Our lords and ladies in Cheshire Life are a bit dull. Think Benny while he was a Uni, I hope mingled it up abit and got to live in the great student digs.

      • Isadora says:

        @’P'enny: No, he doesn’t speak my language, I checked. ;-) *phew* But if he wants to learn my language I’m happy to help him out hehehehe…

    • From North of Boston says:

      Adam Ackland was an assistant director on The Last Enemy, a miniseries BC starred in in ’07/’08. I seem to remember reading somewhere that they met on that project and became friends.

  27. Camille (The Original) says:

    I’m with Lainey on this – not so much. I’d go so far as to say YUCK!

  28. Shiv says:

    I would like to retract my quote that IMDB would be more suitable for you, I think data lounge is more your place. My reference regarding IMDB is because they too like to jump on people with their ‘what on earth’ attitude towards people who form an opinion regardless of how plausible/implausible it may be. After all it was my opinion only.

    I said I knew of her waaaay before this, yes through BC (never denied that) but not through this so please keep your assumptions about me to yourself thank you.

  29. M.A.F. says:

    Alright folks, I don’t speak Cumberbatch so someone fill me in on what/who are SunnyMarch? It sounds like a name of a band that should be playing folk music.

  30. Victoria says:

    Annnnnd…Kinvara’s Cabin Pressure picture is gone. A few others were deleted too according to the picture count, but I’m not sure which. It’s her Instagram and she can do what she wants, but what’s the point?

    • Leo says:

      That’s just silly. And why delete pics that have nothing to do with BC? I just had a look and she deleted one where she was holding a paper lantern. I remembered it because it was quite pretty. But it had nothing to do with him. So what’s the point?

      • Victoria says:

        The lantern picture’s removal is odd and makes me wonder if it actually did have to do with him. I remember that was posted from her holiday in Thailand a few days after Benedict finished his tour in Australia. And, well, somebody had to be taking that picture as it was one of her…

        Or maybe she just didn’t like the picture and is cleaning up images in general.

      • Leo says:

        Just checked Londonphile’s Tumblr.
        He stayed in Sydney for a couple of days after the last con. There was a new pic of him doing touristy things everyday, people were meeting him all over town, even Ronan Keating had dinner with him there. And then there was a sighting of him at the Sydney airport going back to London.
        So he was nowhere near. That’s why it’s strange to me.

    • MissMary says:

      My inner snark says it’s the Alice Eve school of PR. Coyly remove pics that are getting comments from his fans and create an air of mystery.

      My inner realist says she just took ‘em down because she was tired of ‘em getting comments from people who weren’t fawning over her.

      • Victoria says:

        I think it could be a combination of both.

      • joanie says:

        He probably asked her to take the pics of him off her Instagram b/c he doesn’t want to be on it. Seems like a condition of being his friend, no public pics of him on IG. *shrugs*

        Does Adam or James or his other friends use IG and have BC pics?

      • Raven says:

        @joanie, Tertius Bune has several pictures of him on his Instagram and Adam and James have a few on their Twitters. I can’t imagine his objection to Kinvara’s pictures as they were very innocuous.

      • joanie says:

        Ah, then maybe she did delete them b/c she didn’t want people commenting on them. I have to imagine a loooot more people looked at her account today and left some comments, probably asking if her and BC are dating. That could get annoying.

      • MissMary says:

        The Tertius pics tend to be very arty and almost PR-level of posed though. James Rhodes *very* occasionally has a pic but as far as I can recall, only one or two were casual, just them hanging out type pics and the rest were from projects they worked on together or from events they were at together. Mostly, Rhodes just refers to him as “a pal” or “my pal” and mentions outings if he talks about him at all.

        I wonder/think that he asked her (and maybe Alice and anyone else who puts his pics on their IG) to take them down because he knows it’ll dilute his PR brand to have the “market” saturated with too many new pics. I’m very cynical this evening lol.

      • blended says:

        i don’t think that’s the case. there are so many fan pics out there. he poses for pics constantly and he knows they will end up on line. a large part of his popularity is based on having so many pics of him circulating.

      • MissMary says:

        @Blended: lol well there goes my theory then. Shouldn’t post after I’ve had wine–I literally totally blanked on how many fan pics that man takes at events.

        Well, I go back to my original theory of she’s in the Alice Eve school of self promotion.

      • joanie says:

        Sorry, I’m ignorant- what did Alice Eve do?

      • MissMary says:

        @Joanie: Nothing as dire as I’m snarking it to be but she came across as super thirsty for part of his fame. They’ve been friends for many years but when he started getting tons of parts and lots of notice, esp in the states, she was all over him (metaphorically) and posted many pics on her IG acct but tended to delete comments or even pics that didn’t infer or outright ask about her relationship status with him. A lot of folks also gave her major side eye for things like calling him while he was giving an interview and lingering on the call even after he said “sorry, I’m in an interview, forgot to turn my phone off” so she could ask him to the theatre, etc.

        Like I said, I’m super snarky esp when it comes to her (BC aside, I just plain don’t like Alice Eve. I don’t find her to be a good actress and her interviews are very bland and at times downright rude and snotty).

      • Raven says:

        I remember being more irritated that he stopped the interview to take a phone call. Who does that? At least when he’s done it before it’s been for business reasons, like taking a call from his agent.

      • joanie says:

        I see. So she wanted to be associated with him b/c he is popular. And tried to make people thing they were in a relationship? Sounds kind of desperate.

        I’ve only ever seen her in Star Trek. I guess she was fine, but it was a pretty pointless character.

        (Why did Benedict even answer the phone during an interview? lol. As soon as it rung, I would have turned it off)

        Seems like Kinvara’s doing the opposite then- deleting all her pictures of Benedict so people can’t comment on them. Interesting.

      • MissMary says:

        @Raven: That irked me as well and I wondered wtf someone is thinking when they answer a phone *during* an interview. I’d think the polite and correct thing to do, unless you’re expecting some urgent call that absolutely cannot be missed upon pain of death, would be to say “Oh, sorry, I forgot to turn the ringer off” and then turn the ringer off.

    • Shiv says:

      I’m going to go out on a whim and say that it’s happening. She has been acting very odd with deleting these photos all of a sudden…. As someone mentioned before, Alice didn’t delete the photos when speculation started between those two.

      I think the f1 was their first outing – it’s maybe early days and that’s why there wasn’t PDA between Kinvara and BC?

      • Johanna says:

        If it’s early days he wouldn’t brought her to Monaco where there were tons of press and people. And in the early days, i think it’s safer to keep your relationship private. And, do you thing F1 is the perfect place for their first outing? i think there are just friends and this trip also implied some business with Sunny March. But it’s just my opinion

      • Felice says:

        Someone in the imdb post said someone asked someone on twitter and he said it didn’t even look like they went together.

        Ok, the Fail has an article about how unsexy he is. Shut it down. All the photos and reporters from yesterday and they go with Moffat’s panel at the Hay festival.

  31. Shiv says:

    I’m going out out on a whim and saying it’s happening between BC and Balfour.

  32. Green Earrings says:


    I am enjoying your high degree of snarkiness this evening.

    I think the most cringe worthy/famewhorey ploy from Alice regarding her Instagram photos of BC after Glastonbury was that she left the fan posts up which questioned their relationship status. She’d responded to fans before, but remained coy regarding anything about BC. It should also be noted that all photos were cropped to make them appear much more intimate/leave out other members of their group.

    She fanned the flames of speculation for several weeks by posting new photos right up until Ibizagate. And she had a boyfriend at the time. Sad, really.

    And that’s the Alice Eve school of Instagram PR. Let’s hope Lady Balfour doesn’t subscribe to it.

    • MissMary says:

      OH! I’d forgotten about the cropping of the pics! *smdh* That was some thirsty work.

      I do find it “interesting” that, for someone who Ben C kept referring to as a “dear friend” and an “old friend,” they (he and Alice) haven’t been spotted together since that summer…

      • Green Earrings says:

        IKR Even with all that time in LA earlier this year. I actually did find that really odd, too. There is a short video on You Tube of a group of people leaving a dinner at Chateau Marmont and AE and BC are among them, but that’s it.

        You know she’s still thirsty for his fame, and he was everywhere during awards season. He must have shut that down for some reason.

        Not sure if he is with KB, but after hearing about her failed attempts as an actress and reality tv star, there do seem to be some parallels/similarities here. KB definitely came across as a fangirl on her IG posts regarding BC, or as someone said earlier, like she had a crush on him. I don’t get warm, fuzzy feelings from her public persona, but who knows. She’s older than he is, they better act fast. :)

  33. Johanna says:

    So, just about 1000 comments, here plus IMDB, Twitter, Tumblr, all analyzing her and her “relation” with BC and do you still think she exaggerated in deleting those photos?

    • Nicola says:

      I wouldn’t get too wound up by it. Just a bunch of over invested fans repeatedly commenting about nothing on the same threads and some woman who’s not really acting her age on instagram. That’s all.

      • hhu says:

        was Kinvara not married once and divorced from her ex-husband or was it not the other way around? I think her former husband wanted the divorce. Well I wonder what the reason for the divorce was? A short marriage it was as well I think lol Maybe she is just a tiny bit immature? Like what’s up with deleting the pictures on instagram? lol If they are dating then just say it! lol

      • Johanna says:

        I agree. And people commenting : “OMG this is the only female presence around him. It MUST be something going on. He brought her to F1″. really some people should just grow up. I have many male friends, and we’ve know each other for years and help each other and go to events together and not dating. i don’t understand these speculations.

      • Raven says:

        @hhu, she started dating her ex-husband in 2005, they married in 2009 and divorced in 2011. Her husband moved out that year (while they were still married) and began a relationship with another woman. I’m not sure if the other woman was the reason for their separation or if the marriage was already dead by that point.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Speculation/gossip is fine as far as I’m concerned, we’re on a celeb gossip site after all.

      I have issue with the ones suddenly tweeting her and sending Instagram messages to her and tagging her in things. Also, if like MissMary said, they were doing it for attention then it’s feeding and validating it. I cringed so much seeing that on Alice and Katia’s pages “ooh are you and Ben dating?” “you make a lovely couple!”

      As much as we chat between ourselves and speculate, none of us to my knowledge have contacted her directly because at the end of it all, it’s none of our business.


        Exactly my view Lindy. The fans who try to strike up online “friendships” with BC’s friends and colleagues just make me cringe with second hand embarrasment.

        But I’ve no issue with people wondering if BC might be dating various women he’s photographed with. To me its no more silly than discussing what outfit he’s got on or what his next role might be. None of it should be taken too seriously.

        As for whether he’s dating this particular woman – who knows? I sometimes wonder if he will ever date anyone again. To be honest I find him a bit weird on the whole relationship front. And on that bombshell I will retreat to await “incoming” ;)

      • Raven says:

        @Lindy, those comments are the absolute worst. I was checking out Kinvara’s pictures not long before they were deleted and I didn’t see anything like that, thank goodness. But if the speculation continues, she’ll probably have to deal with it no matter how many pictures she deletes. Sad but true.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I’m torn on how to handle that to be honest. I don’t think they should be engaging or getting into chats online with people, it breeds entitlement and can make problems worse on one hand but on the other if you’re not dating, one quick reply will cut the rumours dead. Granted if there is something going on, you aren’t going to confirm it on Instagram…
        Nicole Beharie did it when she and Fassbender broke up, just a quick “we’re no longer dating”, they had become official though.

      • Leo says:

        Agreed, Nicola. Imdb and this is the only place where this is talked about. Twitter and Tumblr are silent. The story is non-existent in the press.
        Also, there was no overwhelming fan attention, either on IG or Twitter. A handfull of mentions and comments by RL friends.

        Also, why are some fans turning her into a media ingenue? Her family is in the media eye for generations, she had a string of famous relationships (Ben Fogle, Rag and Bone founder, Italian count). She is close to William’s ex Jecca Craig and helped them while they were keeping their relationship on the DL. She works in the media, she lectures on it and promotes her work through social media.
        Do people really believe she would be fazed by a few silly fans?
        And if this was an outing, why delete pics? Wouldn’t that be the whole point? Besides, she deleted the first pic weeks ago and them posted a new one during the race. She wasn’t getting hate. And out of all the events BC went just this month, why here? He was partly working in MC.
        And if they are hidding, why come at all?

        And an F1 race is not an intimate event. How do people know she wasn’t the 10th person he asked who could/would take the ticket?

        Seems like a storm in a tea cup to me.

      • MissMary says:

        He invited Adam Ackland and Adam Selves (and James Rhodes, who couldn’t make it) so if this was supposed to be a romantic outing, he fails at romance big time.

        As Leo pointed out, she’s not a media newbie. She’s sought out media attention in the past (her reality show auditions, going to events where she knows she will be seen, hell, having her own “show” for the fashion interview whatevers) so it’s not a case of “here, let me ease you into what it’s like to be famous and seen by people”…

        It’s a storm in a teacup, basically. Nothing going on but speculation. She’s been at MANY events with him over the years, going back to when he was with Olivia, and other than one brief speculation on the Fail this year, nothing has ever come of it (and the Fail would be ALL over this if it were happening).

  34. birdie says:

    357 comments? Wow, BC you are doing something right.

  35. Ellen says:

    I go on vacation for one week and the newest Benny thread is already 300+.
    What I gathered from the beginning till I couldn’t be bothered and scrolled down is that Benny has been living it up in Monaco. Oh and he’s taken a leaf out of princess hiddles book and got himself a fangirl fwb.
    Anything else which is new?

    • Nighty says:

      Hiddles is on holidays in Tahiti with a woman.. *speculation due to a posting of a fan / worker from the LA airport….
      Ben landed 2 more jobs – biopics…

      • Ellen says:

        @Nighty woman? So everyone automatically assumes Gf? The worker should get into trouble as not very professional behaviour. Good luck to hiddles if it is but I hope it’s not that Fangirl Jane. There’s something about her I don’t like. Maybe that if they did or do have a thing she’s not very respectful in his wishes to keep the relationship quiet. And she knows exactly what she’s doing with her twitter. I don’t believe she doesn’t know we can’t see rubbish.

        Back to Benny. Just had a look on Imbd and I’m so glad he’s starting to get roles that would challenge and stretch his acting ability. Also I love the quirky clothes he wears

      • 'p'enny says:

        @Ellen, you really don’t like her, LOL! ;-) I think Hiddles isn’t daft, if they are together and he’s not happy, he would say something. Maybe he has, because there has been some followers, she un-followed soon after, like Hayley Attwell.

      • Ellen says:

        @’p'enny no I don’t like her at all. I know I don’t know her but its the way she comes across.
        I’ve never had a problem with Hiddles past conquests or any of my other fantasy men’s women. Hell I wasn’t even that bothered by that maglenia (sp) thing that fassy was bedding.
        Fangirl Jane come across as an oppunist at the best of times and a fanbaiter other times and no unfollowing Haley hasn’t stopped the fangirling.She works as a promoter so knows exactly what she’s doing. she could of had one twitter account for work and that’s it. She also knows that Hiddles can be quite naive at times towards people because of his shelted upbringing. But if he’s too stupid enough not to see it I’m not going to worry. But I reserve the right to joke at his expense for dating a fangirl.

        If he had something wouldn’t it be earlier on? And if she respected him wouldn’t she of deleted the favourites and stopped?

  36. Arhodo says:

    Ugh! That hat and sunglasses need to go.

  37. Victoria says:

    Can we talk about how ugly/frumpy her outfit is for someone who is supposedly a fashionista? It looks like grandmother’s curtains.

  38. S says:

    Wasn’t it April when the rumour about Ben “dating a mystery woman” came out? And the rumour said that she “is not in the public eye”. Well, seems like Kinvara pretty much is/wants to be in the public eye…

  39. Lisa says:

    I personally don’t think they are dating but I don’t understand why BC even invited her along as he seemed to completely ignore her. I am only judging this by the pictures I have seen but there is no interaction whatsover. If a friend of mine invited me to an event then spent his time ignoring me I would be majorly pissed off.

  40. Andrea says:

    Look on the other article with Benedict. Someone says something about a Polish woman how he had invited to the theatre in London. There is a picture with the two of them. Let the rumors begin!