Just FYI: Jessica Chastain is still with her boyfriend Gian, not Tom Hiddleston


Jessica Chastain has been with her (HOT) Italian boyfriend, Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo, for more than a year. We first learned of him last year, around the Oscars, but I guess they had already been dating for a few months (at least) by then. So, Gian and Jessica have been together probably a year and a half. In that time, they’ve rarely been photographed together. Only a few street photos here and there, maybe the odd photo of them holding hands inside of an A-list event.

But Jessica is in Ischia, Italy because she’s being honored at the annual Film & Music Festival and she brought along her boyfriend. And they got photographed together a lot this weekend. So, we now know several things. One, Jessica is still with Gian. Nothing happened between Jessica and Tom Hiddleton or Jessica and Charlie Hunnam while they filmed in Canada earlier this year. Some of you were really hoping for a Jessica-Tommy union, but I always thought that coupling would have been odd. I like her with Gian. Secondly, we now know that Jessica and Gian have moved into the phase of their relationship where they aren’t so worried about being photographed together. It’s a good phase. Because they are very pretty together.

In case you’re wondering if Gian just sits around, looking pretty and waiting for Jessica to come home to have sex with him, he actually has a job. He’s “an Italian-born executive for French fashion brand Moncler.” Not bad.

PS… the bright floral dress in these photos is Dolce & Gabbana. I’m not into it. But I’m having problems seeing past her bangs.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    That terribly ill-fitting maroon blazer aside, I find him sexier than Cumby. She has good taste.

    • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

      Why did you bring Cumby up? She was linked to Hiddleston, not Cumby…
      *interrogation mark over my head*

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh sorry and yes, you are totally right. I saw Hiddleston and read “Cumby”.

        I always confuse Cumby and Hiddleston–they seem totally interchangeable to me for some reason.

      • Algernon says:

        You take that back, Kitten! One is a lizard king and the other is the fae prince of dragonflies! Get it straight!

      • QQ says:

        Oh Kitten I do that too.. I think is the teenes and the fandom of it all? I also never quite bother with the posts anymore but I also always do that and Groan

      • Intro Outro says:

        Noo. One is an alien otter and the other one is a golden retriever. There’s a WORLD of difference!

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        @Algernon lizard king? My beloved Cumby??? Ok, you don’t like him, but he’s not the lizard king, he’s the OTTER king..
        * makes sad face, why do people keep confusing the animals?? * ;)

        Fae prince of dragonflies??? Isn’t fae a girl’s name as well as a fairy???

      • Algernon says:


        I like Cumby! Lots! I think “lizard king” because of Smaug and also I always picture him slinking into rooms while that Doors song plays, wearing leather pants and a poofy shirt. …I don’t know why I imagine that, I just do. But Otter King works, too. As Otter King, I imagine he can command all otters to do his bidding, and always looks as if he’s just emerged from water, glistening.

        A fae is a fairy yes. I originally typed “fairy prince” but I didn’t want anyone to misinterpret and think I was being derogatory about sexuality, so I changed it. But in my head, Hiddles is a long-lost fairy prince who waxes rhapsodic to ducks because he misses his magical forest homeland.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        It is easy to tell them apart: one is a lizard king (borrowing that) who wears ill-fitting, odd clothing, with strange hats when left to his own devices; the other is a retriever puppy who wears the same five articles of perfectly-fitted clothing over and over again.

      • 'P'enny says:

        ” the other is a retriever puppy who wears the same five articles of perfectly-fitted clothing over and over again.”

        and has taken a fancy to humping my leg, but have you noticed his new article of clothing is a dark linen shirt and grey linen trousers…? he has five pieces of each, one for each day of the working week. Now don’t get sparkles and glitter on them Lilac! they will never wash off. :-D

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        @Algernon loved your description.. right, I keep forgetting about Smaug.. ok, got the relation, I thought it was because people keep calling him reptile faced… :)

        @Lilac retriver puppy… lol… :)

        Both great descriptions ladies…. :)

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @’p'enny, the sparkles and glitter are permanently affixed to my skin all over. Yes, I have noticed the new linen duds, perfectly fitted, of course. Linen takes a real effort to keep pressed. Faisel will need to help with the ironing so Tommy looks fresh. I am making a linen shirt for the sock monkey.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        TOK, I am so glad you made that mistake instead of me! It was bound to happen sooner or later. I also agree that this guy is hotter than Hiddles and Cumby.

  2. Talie says:

    She is one of those rare actors whose personal life holds no interest for me — just her movies.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I think that’s somewhat purposeful on her part. If she was a little more public about her personal life, I think we’d find more there of interest, but she’d rather keep things low key and keep people focused on her work.

      • Algernon says:

        I actually think she’s trying to be more out there. She’s into social media, so it’s not like she’s not around. She’s just so spectacularly boring.

        I do love her as an actress, though. She typifies “still waters run deep” to me.

      • M.A.F. says:

        She has a Twiiter, Instagram, and a Facebook page. I’ve read the Facebook page and it can be a little boring, it is almost treated like a diary. But she is also a grown woman not a child so I don’t mind the more down-to-earth tone from her.

        Kaiser-Her bangs are fine. They look better now than when she first cut them.

      • lunchcoma says:

        Oh, she definitely does social media. To me it seems like her profiles there are more professional in nature, which I’d agree is appropriate for a woman her age. I don’t tend to see her being in pap shots, though, and it seems like she’s tried to keep her love life more low key rather than seeking out someone equally famous to be paired with her.

      • Intro Outro says:

        I actually like this kind of behaviour and attitudes. I guess they fit her personality and also discourage any possible crazies. At the same time she has plenty of work and is quite well-respected in the industry. That’s probably the kind of image and status I’d have wished for myself if I were an actress.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I’ve never really seen any actual pap shots. What people would consider “pap shots” just seem to be center around work or promotion. I haven’t really seen any of her coming out of the “only” Whole Foods in LA or just walking down the street in NYC.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I love her. I admire and respect her talent. I love that her life is somewhat quiet and ordinary. While I don’t always like her taste, I like that she is enthusiastic about her clothing choices. I love that she enjoys her life and the opportunities it presents her and I like that she appears to be quite approachable and friendly while guarding her privacy, which she has every right to do. I also love that there is a Jessica C thread and a Keira K thread in the same day. Two sensible women!

    • Dana m says:

      Not sure who this actress is but she looks like Bridget Fonda at first glance.

  3. 'P'enny says:

    First, Jessica’s dress is hideous, second he’s just got caught with his pants down and third i am still think Hiddles and Jessica did it over Karaoke and a red-haired baby-hiddles will pop out shortly.

  4. Duri says:

    Her blue dress is fugly.

    Glad you made this thread relevant to Tom by adding his name to the title as his fans were losing sleep and thought you were ignoring him lol

  5. Lola says:

    The man is gorgeous!! They look cute together.

  6. T.C. says:

    I think she stays away from being photographed with her boyfriend to better sell her movie romances which I think is smart. It’s kind of the more secret her personal life remains, the more we can buy her characters. She cozies up to her leading men in all the promotion pictures and she let the rumor stand that she and Jason Clarke were an item until after she lost the Oscar. Boom she brings out the real boyfriend. Just like she didn’t want her real age getting released so she could play younger parts.

    I think many young actresses could learn a lot from her.

  7. sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

    To be honest, I don’t think Tommy boy (though I like him very much) deserves her.. She’s too good for him..

    *runs and hides… *

  8. Hannah says:

    He is way hotter than puddle tom can’t say I blame her.

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    That jacket is hideous, but he’s kinda gorgeous.

  10. MissMary says:

    Are people still thirsting for that hook up to happen? I haven’t heard any rumors since before Crimson Peak.

  11. Intro Outro says:

    Gian is hot.
    The jacket is not.

  12. Luca26 says:

    Usually she comes off so bland in candids but she actually looks happy, and content with her man. That’s sweet.

  13. GeeMoney says:

    Good for her and I hope she’s happy… but he looks ridiculous in that red blazer and white pants. Yeesh.

  14. lunchcoma says:

    Jessica’s said a bunch of time that she doesn’t date actors and Tom, ahem, seems to be involved with someone else. I don’t know why people struggle to accept that men and women can be friends with each other and nothing more.

  15. DavidBowie says:

    Her shoe choices are just awful. Blech!

  16. koko says:

    I’m glad I don’t have to sign his name on receipts, checks etc…Yikes.

  17. flotsamrose says:

    Have to disagree regarding her bangs. She looks foxy.

  18. may234 says:

    I thought we all agreed Tom is with Jane Arthy (sp)?

    • M.A.F. says:

      Eh, no. That ship has sailed.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Why do you say that?

        The blog that shall not be named has already started to admit some of its “Truths!” were actually fiction. So I don’t think it imprudent to take all its assertions as false.

        And some of the other sources stating similar comments about JA’s status are also suspect. *cough.LSA.cough*

      • M.A.F. says:

        Oh Please. Lets get real here-men don’t hide girlfriends, FWB get hidden. Those two were nothing but FWB. Even that blogger has said as much. And as far as the “truth” now being reported as fiction, everyone already knew just about every “story” on that site was crap and lies. If you believe that or anyone else believed that then you haven’t been paying attention.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        All I’m saying is that was the same argument for months, except it was punctuated by “They haven’t been photographed together since Wimbledon!”, and then oops, Bora Bora happened.

        The truth is, no one knows what is going on there. Which is how Hiddles wants it, clearly.

        Why get testy? I was merely asking what your source was, so clearly everyone does not know. No need to snap at me for “not paying attention.”

      • M.A.F. says:

        Whoa. I wasn’t being snappy. “Haven’t been paying attention” is aimed at anyone who keeps trying to make old gossip new again because they either haven’t been following or they can’t look it up for themselves.

        What I am is over people bring up JA and rehashing it as if this happened yesterday or trying to make this girl happen. JA & Hiddleston has been discussed to the death, go look at the older posts on this site or venture into other Tumblr sites.

        As for that blog, it started out as a hate blog against any woman Hiddleston appeared w/starting w/Susannah (go through that blogs archives) & the blog only pops up when a new girl is in town. Why that blog is still active & why some take it as “truth” is beyond me. Lately, all the blog has done is rehash old gossip that been laid to rest & it’s quite comical really.

      • icerose says:

        @M.A.F.i am so with you. JA has been hashed to the point od oblivion. Lately all that blog has done is call out fans who may have had some contact with Tom. Its like a McCarthy witch hunt with people going through fans twitter accounts looking for evidence,

      • M.A.F. says:

        @icerose-Witch hunt indeed. The way some of them just go full throttle on any woman who gets fully named & combing through their social media looking for anything that connects said person to Hiddleston is scary at times. I understand wanting to know what the woman looks like but pulling an CIA/NSA on them is scary.

    • Roberta says:

      Not according to an industry insider who posts on LSA and has a tumblr blog, it’s a casual arrangement and I don’t think that’s suspect.
      Btw I’ve also heard the same from another source.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        The “industry insider” who has a tumblr blog of her own? Hogwash.

        Her blog and story sounds eerily identical to the blog who shall not be named. I think they are all the same attention-seeking person. Truly.

        Internet is big with fiction. Who says she is an insider? She does.

      • Roberta says:

        I give up. Just remind me not to believe gossip, on a gossip site.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        I’m sorry @Roberta. I didn’t mean to offend you.

        That stuff is getting so vicious, and it is all being repeated in multiple places… but it all links back to Tumblr. I find it highly suspicious.

        But I didn’t mean to shut you down. Again, I’m sorry.

      • 'P'enny says:

        The so called ‘naughty Hiddles’ who works In the industry claims to have conversation with him In the street but won’t let on what they talked about so he doesn’t figure out who she is. Someone who is willing to put her job on the line by being so unprofessional and stupid to leak over tumble/LSA. She is either stupid or a fantasist. And there are ton of them on tumblr.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Does she think he has a lot of conversations in the street then – enough for him not to know it was her? And so as long as she doesnt divulge THAT detail, she’s safe?


        The only place that gal talks to Hiddles is in her own head.

      • Roberta says:

        Miss M, thanks for the apology, I was about to come back to you myself. None of us know the ins & outs of other peoples’s business do we, me included. But also let me explain that I find all this rumour, supposition etc. really riling as well, sometimes I don’t know what to believe.

        To clarify Naughty Hiddles did not say she was an industry insider, I did. Iirc all shes said is she works with talent. She’s had a tumblr blog since 2012 & has been posting on LSA since early ’13, when Hiddles had a much lower profile and before all this sh**storm happened, and has explained why she set up the blog. Personally I think she’s legit, careful with what info she divulges and iappears to know what she’s talking about. I highly doubt her and the bike blog are the same person, but believe what you want, I don’t think it can be proved or disproved. In her recent post she just said she’d run into him in London, not where or when.

        As I said I’ve heard the fwb info from another source (an ex work colleague, I used to work in media and live in N London) take or leave that info as you will, I’m not the type of person to make stuff up.

      • may234 says:

        Oh, I don’t care either way. Obviously Jessicas boyfriend is NOT Tom, so I’m just responding to the headline

      • icerose says:

        @P’enny Maybe I am naïve but I really do not understand why someone who supposedly works in the industry as a handler to well known celebrities would risk it all just to annoy Tom Hiddleston fans and tell all on a gossip sight.It just seems very unprofessional. I did wander if she was the flat tire but in the end it does not matter.

      • Isadora says:

        I agree, if someone works in the industry with celebrities, then I wonder why she would be bored enough to make a blog about one celebrity and post regularly insider stuff on the internet. I mean, even unimportant old me only lurks around the internet because I procrastinate (and therefore have nothing better to do lol) but I solemnly swear that I have no tumblr blog about any celebrity – not even the ones I care about, let alone the one’s I don’t care about.

        But I also agree that talking about JA has become a bit old. I think we had our turn of funny gossipy remarks here, all is said and done. If they shag each other silly, great. If not, also great.

    • Janeite says:

      May234, you’re either new here or just someone looking to get everyone fired up about that topic again! ;)

  19. Algernon says:

    I actually like Jessica’s bangs! She has the right face-shape for it. Her jaw and chin are strong and square, and the bangs balance them out nicely. I love her red hair. I’ve always wanted hair that color. *sigh*

  20. Ellen says:

    What a non story! Jessica and Hiddles were never going to happen not at least when she has a hot BF.
    I’m all in agreement in that Hiddles is just happy having fun and playing the field. His work load is so busy that it wouldn’t be fair on a real GF.
    I’m starting to feel sorry for fangirl Jane. Yes sorry because she’s too much into him than he is to her. Even if they do hook up properly I would still doubt the relationship would last.

  21. G. says:

    Just a precisation: the name of the boyfriend is Gian Luca, it’s one single name even if it is written separated (in Italy it’s a common name in both version, Gian Luca and Gianluca).

  22. ava says:

    Boy is this a fan baiting thread or what…

  23. starr says:

    Yeah, I don’t trust this chick. If you look at photos of her while promoting her movie with the married James McAvoy, she has been ALL. OVER. HIM. See the Cannes pix for just one example. They may act like lovers in the film, sure, but does she have to pull that shit on the red carpet, too? Too “method” for my liking. And I’m not even a McAvoy fanatic; I’m just calling out what I saw.

    • Isadora says:

      Who wouldn’t be ll aover McAvoy? He’s a total sweetheart.

      But in all earnest, McAvoy is married and she has Gian Luca. I doubt there was anything else than friendship. Actors are always a bit more touchy-feely than us normal folk.

  24. browniecakes says:

    Gian and Tom definitely have the ‘I forgot to put sunscreen on my forehead again!’ in common. Tom brought the guard from Donmar Warehouse with him to High-Rise, Faisal I believe is his name. Ability to handle multiple cell phone cameras a must on that job.

  25. Lilacflowers says:

    In real Jessica Chastein-Tom Hiddleston news, Guillermo del Toro is presenting something about Crimson Peak at SDCC! I am beyond ecstatic about seeing/hearing more of this film. October 16, 2015 cannot get here fast enough. http://www.thewrap.com/comic-con-legendary-bringing-guillermo-del-toros-crimson-peak-other-surprises/

    • 'P'enny says:

      Lilac i just read that and i am beyond squeeze with excitement. Luke Evans has confirmed he is going to Comic Con but is Tom? i really can’t seem him going to be honest, but i don’t know now. i still can’t see Marvel being happy with Tom being hugged and paraded by Legendary Studios when they have got Benedict to launch as Dr Strange ;-) Not that Marvel can do anything about it.

      Talk about twitter comic-con gossip wars. No one will give two shoots about Ant-Man or Avengers 2.. LOL!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        ‘p’enny, actually I think Marvel can do a lot about a lot of things because they probably have all sorts of non-compete and exclusivity riders written into his contract. Doubtful that Feige wants Tom on the Marvel panel this year because of continuity issues with the story line – he’s supposed to be dead in the view of Thor and the Avengers and while I would not be surprised with a GOTG pop-up, they would want to keep that a surprise – supposedly, there are lots of cameos to be had in GOTG. So, with nothing for Tommy to promote for Marvel, I can see Feige letting him promote his other work – he owes him that at this point. It’s not as if Crimson Peak is a comic book film or, gasp, a DC film. But I suspect he is buried deep in that High-Rise. It seems to be on a tight filming schedule and he needs to complete is work there in order to move on to Hank Williams. For now, we get to dream of sunbathing on the balcony. https://twitter.com/Loki_Lego

      • 'P'enny says:

        i love Lego Loki! Totally agree with your points – however i am not convinced he will be in GOTG as a cameo, a mention, but not a full on cameo? i’d love it, but not sure when would have filmed it? last summer? during the Thor 2 reshoots? It has been in post-production a long while, so maybe. However, i did notice he followed GOTG on Twitter and i think, well before Coriolanus ;-) i think Tom will be back at Comic Con next year.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        He could be doing something in the end credits; those usually get tacked on later. Or a Marvel one-shot for the DVD/Blu Ray since Marvel didn’t do one for the upcoming Captain America TWS release and promised one for GOTG. The one-shots usually relate back to an earlier film and they haven’t done one for Thor World of Loki yet. Might have been the reason he couldn’t do the fashion show. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see him pop-up in an episode of Agents of SHIELD. He said he was willing to do one and they refer to his character frequently, considering its about Coulson.

        I agree he’ll be back at Comic Con next year because they’ll be working on or getting ready to work on Thor 3 – Darcy goes to Asgard.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And The View is putting out that Marvel will announce “a thundering new title” during tomorrow’s show.

      • icerose says:

        I am just so excited about Crimson Peak and it would be great if he did attend but his filming schedule seems so tight. You do realise it would mean Benny and Tommy partying together in the evenings.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I saw that. Many are guessing it could be about Lady Sif going g to the show. I would put my money on him and the rest of the cast of CP being at comic con next year.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Or maybe he is going. Lego Loki gets most things right: https://twitter.com/Loki_Lego/media

      • 'P'enny says:

        unfortunately Marvel have said they are not filming anymore one-shots. :-(

      • Isadora says:

        I don’t even now when SDCC is happening. *lol* But I would love to see anything Crimson Peak related! (without Hiddles because I think he won’t be there, even if he has time and Feige approves which is both doubtful)

        Has Ant-Man even a new director yet? The only think I’ve got to say to this is #Haneke4antman (see on twitter – this whole thing is hilarious *g*).

    • Janeite says:

      Oh cool! I wonder what it will be. Thanks for sharing, Lilac!

  26. 'P'enny says:

    anyone following Sienna Guillory’s tweets? Ever see an actress taking on Hiddles fans? watch that space.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I’ll check her out.

    • browniecakes says:

      Thanks for the tip! I think we may have just found the next one who will delete her Twitter over TH. She has no idea yet the tidal wave that ensues with comments like that – right or wrong.

    • JoAnn says:

      I really don’t think she meant anything mean by the tweet. She just sounded like a mom who thought some teenage girls were under dressed for the weather. Hiddles fans will grab onto anything for drama sometimes.

    • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

      I have to agree with her.. ahahahahahahah…. beautifully put… I’ve already made similar remarks to my students who’d show up in (mini)shorts and mini-skirts in the middle of winter when it was snowing. And then complained they were cold… lol

    • M.A.F. says:

      I love it! I’m laughing at how some are over reacting and saying she is jealous because she doesn’t have fans waiting for her. Tom never should have come out during week one. He should have waited until the last week of filming. Not surprised about those twitting rude comments to her. I’m amused by the fact that she included him in the Twitter comment. Maybe he will man up and say something.

    • icerose says:

      I new Sienna’s dad -he is a really great guitarist -he use to play at an arts centre where my ex was a programme director.
      She was in resident Evil amongst other things and was also a model with some high profile spreads. She has quite a good cv.
      The mound may be a silly reference to Henman Hill where all the UK fans who could not get Wimbledon tickets use to go to cheer him on-hence the “”hiddlesteria”".It did make me wonder if Tom gets teased on set about his fans.
      The first tweet was bit ambiguous and I did wonder why she had included him in it. I think Tom needs to put a warning on his twitter account.

    • Make mine a double says:

      If the fans seriously believe that he doesn’t moan about them and their behaviour occasionally, then they are being spectacularly naive. Especially if it starts being a problem with co-stars and what not, of course it will be discussed.
      I think her tweets are actually pretty funny and agree with Nighty about young girls wearing hardly anything and then complaining about being cold. Goose bumps aren’t sexy!

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        Of course he doesn’t moan about the fans… he LOVES them, he’s the unicorn prince charming…

        Sienna is baiting the fans, oh yeap… lol
        Think I’ll get popcorns for the next episodes of the clash of titans, fans vs sienna… :)

      • Isadora says:

        And of course the fans think this because, you know… the are the BEST fans evaaah. And they practically made his career! Never mind his talent, if they wouldn’t draw all the Loki pictures and send him stuffed animals, then he would practically be out of jobs.

        No, really: a fanbase is generally a good thing and can help indie movies (like the Joanna Hogg film) if they don’t get pirated, shared all over tumblr and downloaded. It can also help show studio bosses that an actor can bring $$. But seeing how this fanbase makes a huge drama out of everything because they are his holy fans… man, it makes one wish for blessed, silent existence of Hiddles in European indie films. Oh, wait. This is a European indie film! We see, at least he tries. ;-)

      • M.A.F. says:

        It is the general audience that make studios money, not certain fandoms (can’t include Star Trek/Wars, Doctor Who, ect. Different type of fandom). His fandom in particularly thinks way too highly of itself if they think they can influence studios/casting directors. This is the fandom that downloaded/requested the links to OLLA earlier this year (it had Korean subtitles) instead of waiting for it to come out in the US (and will probably do it again w/HR). This is the fandom that put Coriolanus on the net & probably didn’t even bother to it see in a theater somewhere (not playing by you? Well, yeah that sucks but oh well). This is the fandom that put both Hogg films & Deep Blue Sea on Youtube (both since taken down since). Hiddleston got to where he is because of his talent, not the fans. If he was in a band, I can see the argument but I don’t apply that to actors.

        I do agree that his fandom over-reacts to everything & anything they deem negative around the guy & they take it personally. But I also believe a core portion of his fandom was born between the years 1995-early 2000s-the Entitlement Generation of whom they were told they can do no wrong. A generation that lacks taking criticism only to whine to mommy & daddy instead of looking inward.

    • Intro Outro says:

      I saw her tweet and I saw responses of some fans on Tumblr. It’s incredible how much Hiddleston fandom overreacts to things =/ And look at the terminology that’s being used: fan-shaming.. slut-shaming..

      Actually I think it has become a knee-jerk reaction from so many people to what celebrities say or do these days. It’s like the sense of humour and the ability to just NOT PAY ATTENTION are obsolete. Everything gets over-analysed.

      Also, it looks like Hiddles has indeed stopped going out to the fans to sign.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        The terminology, coming from what are predominantly women, is disgusting. No woman would stand for a man calling a woman those names but it is okay for women to do it to one another? No, it is not.

      • Janeite says:

        The things women say to and about other women, especially when under cover of full anonymity and no accountability, are appalling.

        And even if Hiddleston does stop going out to talk to fans and sign for them, they will still show up just like they did at Coriolanus. Once it all gets started, I think it’s hard to stop it.

      • Intro Outro says:

        @Lilac and @Janeite: I’ve always felt that when people get too defensive about something – like the fans got defensive about their right to wait for Hiddleston bare-shouldered and high-heeled – deep down they doubt themselves and their actions.

        Is it silly to wait for your fav celeb for hours on end on high heels only to talk to him for 1 min and get a selfie taken/a magazine signed? HELL YES!

        Are you enjoying yourselves talking to each other while waiting in the line, giggling around, making new fiends, having fun and just experiencing something new? HELL YES!

        Then just go on and do what you really want to do – as long as it doesn’t endanger others, of course. It’s pointless to expect everyone to approve of your actions.

      • 'P'enny says:

        i don’t get where she is observing the “mound of teens” because were not filming at the leisure centre yesterday. Was she referring to Friday? where Tom didn’t sign he left.

        Anyway, i think they are at the studio in Belfast for next two weeks. And, it’s totally high security normally at these places. Tom said he wouldn’t sign at the studio in Toronto, so i assume he is following the same policy. They better of waiting till they are back at the leisure centre and put on some warm clothes and flatties :-p

      • sonalaceae (Nighty) says:

        I think the major problem is that while waiting, they might actually be disturbing the shootings… If they were calm and quite (which I seriously doubt), none of the other co-stars and crew would have any problem, but from what I see in youth today and society in general, it’s that respect for others and their work is totally gone…
        I don’t believe that they’ll be there for hours waiting without shouting his name and stuff like that, and that type of behaviour can be extremely annoying to the other actors and crew in general…

    • Isadora says:

      I’m (again) a bit late and all I can say is: I love you all and you are right. It’s refreshing to come here and see normal people regarding the tweet as what it is – a funny comment about the ongoing Hiddlesteria (actually, I really like that term *g*).

      It’s so much nicer than the 1000 word essays this prompted on tumblr, the anxiety attacks, the fangirl tears and the cries that they will NOT see this movie because they won’t add to the evil witch’s paycheck. Well… your loss, I think High-Rise will be great.

      OT: If the name “Sienna” magically makes women really pretty, I might try a name change and hope for the best. The two Siennas will rock the 70s style!

  27. joe spider says:

    Hi folks, a bit late to the party but can I come in?
    A few observations:

    As someone from the other side of the Atlantic see a “fringe” referred to as “bangs” always cracks me up. Where did the word come from?

    Secondly Jessica’s dress looks like some old dear’s curtains – sorry Jess, fashion fail because you usually look great.

    Glad to see one of the worst “legit stories from a 100% reliable source”" on That Other Site has been shot out of the water. But she still expect to be believed before anyone else.

    Oh, and as for Tom playing around – that will stop if and when he finds the right one.

  28. joe spider says:

    interesting latest tweet from Sienna Guillory!

  29. TotallyBiased says:

    Thanks for the breadcrumb trail over from the Crumby thread, @Intro!
    Especially appreciated because this post ISN’T tagged w/Mr. Whippy, and thus doesn’t show up when I check for him.
    As for Sienna (whom I mixed up w/SMiller, and isn’t that embarrassing? Just how many Siennas are working on this movie, anyway?) –I initially thought her tweets a bit unkind. kind of like tweaking the noses of groupies–everyone knows they’re there, but do you need to make fun of them? But reading other tweets and looking at her faves, I think now she just has that sort of snarky humour tendency. She faved a semi-lustful fan shot of the man nearly a week ago!
    Another odd thought, though–some reasonably reliable folks who live in the area said that when the crowds have been out there really hasn’t been much in the way of scantily clad teen lasses in stilettos, so they were wondering who she was really directing the tweet at. ;)
    As to Faisal, a friend who went to Coriolanus got to talking to him and learned his name. That’s the only reason I know it.

  30. joe spider says:

    Wonder what Tom thought when Jessica let it out the he teared up reading the script for Crimson Peak because it was scary? Bet he was a bit more careful what he said to her while they were filming.

  31. Josefa says:

    Since someone pointed out on another thread he looks like a grown up Jonas Brother, I can’t find him sexy. He is definitely an attractive man, though, and they make a cute couple.