Jessica Seinfeld: Gwyneth Paltrow ‘is deeply & intensely loved by her friends’

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In the wake of the Chris Martin-Jennifer Lawrence news, Gwyneth Paltrow’s friends are rallying around her like she’s some kind of victim. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough for any ex or estranged wife to learn that her former husband is now with someone younger, hotter, cooler and more accomplished than you. But let’s not pretend that this came out of nowhere. Let’s not pretend that Gwyneth didn’t know the news about Chris and J-Law was coming out and that’s why her people confirmed the gossip about Brad Falchuk. Anyway, I guess Goop is chilling in the Hamptons and hanging out with Jessica Seinfeld. Seinfeld posted the header photo on her Instagram, writing:

I have never met anyone with more true and loyal best friends than this baby girl 👶👸. She is deeply and intensely loved by her friends. I hope each of you has someone in your life that is a wise and steady North Star like this one is to so many…✨🌟💫🌟✨🌟💫 Why not tag those people in your life who kill it in the friendship department? It’s Show Appreciation Sunday. (I made that up).

[From Jessica’s Instagram]

Jessica also posted something about choosing love over negativity and she misspelled “judgment” (which is no biggie, I misspell “judgment” all the time too and I wouldn’t be able to write professionally without spellcheck). Anyway, I’m starting to get a weird Jennifer Aniston-esque vibe from this situation. Like, we’re supposed to believe that Gwyneth is some kind of wronged woman, that Chris Martin is a douche who moved on too quickly. Personally, I think both Gwyneth and Chris screwed around and whatever sympathy I might have had for Gwyneth faded long ago. But I enjoy seeing her try to figure out how to play it. “Sources” are coming out of the woodwork, claiming that Chris is with J-Law because she’s the Anti-Goop. Blah. We’ll see, people.


Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. Sammy says:

    I still can’t believe Chris was able to do this. And I’m all for this if it tests Goop’s snobbish attitude. Let’s see you be all philosophical and above this fishsticks paltrow.

  2. Allie says:

    Ew. (In jimmy Fallon’s voice)

  3. lisa says:

    lol, because jessica seinfeld is an expert on loyalty

    she should spend more time on fixing her hair than on commenting on goop

  4. Ag says:

    weird… i don’t understand this statement, and its timing, unless it’s to somehow paint goop as a victim. seems awkward.

  5. Bridget says:

    Yikes. Jessica Seinfeld is like the anti-vouch.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    How odd. They are separated and divorcing, so why the public statement of support when he’s dating someone else? I don’t get it. Baby girl.

  7. Esmom says:

    Blah is right. We don’t even know if Goop wants help from Jessica Seinfeld in this dept. My guess is probably not and Jessica was just excited to post a photo of herself with someone who’s being talked about. But who knows. Social media lately has been annoying the crap out of me.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Me, too. My niece just dropped her son off at college. I get that it’s hard, I really do. But she has posted something every 30 minutes for two days about it, #heartbroken, etc.. I’m ready to slap her. Just talk to people about it, or write in your journal or deal with it or remind yourself that you could be dropping him off at jail or a coal mine. Just keep your vomit flow of feelings to yourself for once. She’s the one who always posts mushy you are my moon and stars stuff to her husband. Get. Off. My. Lawn.

      • Esmom says:

        Ugh, get off my lawn is right. I have a couple acquaintances who post more in a day than I do in a year…really personal stuff…yet I gotta wonder about their interpersonal/family dynamics if they’re busy firing off sentiments and posting photos every 30 minutes. My thoughts lately have been Step. Away. From. The. Phone.

      • Ag says:

        @GNAT – my sister in law is like this. Haha. Constant flow of information no one desires about everything that pops into her mind, and pictures of her most recent purchases. And protest-too-much shit to her husband. I guess people need to occupy their time somehow, but the only thing I can think of is STFU ALREADY! Haha

      • THIS. My favourites are the ones on Facebook that start out “nobody reads my wall….post one word how we know each other”.

        Like great. Now I have an obligation to do some sort of group activity. Barf.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        ” remind yourself that you could be dropping him off at jail or a coal mine.”

        Seriously. After this past week, that point hits home even harder.

      • littlestar says:

        Sheesh. She should be posting about how happy and excited she is for her son because he is starting a new adventure in his life. Some people just love the attention they get from social media.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I loathe over-sharing on social media, it’s like diarrhea for some people, it flows out at an incredible rate and it’s all crap. We lost a friend over this issue when my husband suggested to him that constantly posting his negative feelings on FB was a bad idea.

      • Izzy says:

        Oh, I love this little OT thread on social media oversharing. I just had a hissy fit to some of my friends today because of this! Some of these people… I’m like, people don’t engage you on FB because your posts make them WANT TO HURL. (One of those hurlers is me.)

      • Lady Macbeth says:


        I don’t think you lost a friend. To be honest, I totally dislike people who are not able to contain themselves on social media. I unceremoniously unfriended lots of people on FB because they were news-logorrheic.

      • Sarah123 says:


        My BIL is 15 years younger than us. He “vaguebooks” all. the. time.

        “Sigh. If only the party going on tonight had a bigger invite list.”

        “When will some people ever learn?”

        “Some people will say things that lead you on, but then reject you. Feeling confused.”

        Dude, you are in your 20′s and working on your social skills in a permanent, public format? Not moving you up the cool kids ladder. Neither does posting how much you miss your parents when you’re on vacation…?

        FB is a mixed bag, baby girl.

    • Sumodo1 says:

      Oh, yes. This is coat-tailing in a really desperate way. Shaddup Jessica Seinfeld.

    • Chris says:

      +100000000000 Also, the daily posts about how may miles a person ran that day? ” I just finished 2.3 miles!” And then someone will respond “you go gurl!” Those kill me. Slow Clap.
      I do find it fascinating though. You think someone has “got it together,” and then you see all this over-sharing on facebook, and it’s like “Oh, they desperately need to prove to other people that they are happy, fulfilled etc.” So Try Hard.

  8. Mia4S says:

    I laughed, I’m a terrible person, but I laughed. Neither one was faithful. This is about Martin potentially being perceived as “upgrading”. Social media has us all (famous or not) stuck in grade 10.

    • abby says:


      I am trying to be a good and mature person yet here I am, early Monday morning cackling away and cheering for Team Martin Lawrence (even if it’s just a summer fling) all because I can imagine Gwyn’s snooty attempt at trying to make this “ok”, and that she’s “over it” when you know she is pissed as hell (you know, peasant behavior). And consider her downgraded Brad 2.0 in comparison?
      I mean, no single film directors or movie producers to use as arm candy for a bit Paltrow? No hot but accomplished actors? Seriously?
      Yes, I know it’s not a competition (any reasonable adult knows that) but Gwyn isn’t reasonable in that regard and you know she is trying to compete here, to not be seen as “left behind” or spurned by her ex. Plus the entire “conscious uncoupling” and oh-so-friendly split was like flaunting her superiority over couples who are not quite able to divorce as though attending a pleasant tea service. Sure, I agree to about being civil, even amicable, but let’s be real – divorce is not fun and at times it can be quite painful.
      Clearly Paltrow doesn’t want to be seen the same as Aniston – and as far I could tell she wasn’t, even with Brad 2.0 in the mix. She made the announcement regarding the split, she has moved on (and not just recently either) and still maintained a very healthy relationship with Martin. IMO, she was in a strong (not the greatest but strong) position regarding PR.
      But my heavens, this post by what-her-face pretty much confirmed the “pity party” has started. One step forward, two steps back in the PR game.
      Grade 10, indeed.

      Something nice: At least she has friends there to hold her hand. Whether Martin-Lawrence are still a couple in the fall or not (assuming they are one now), I hope her friends gather again for her when HG: Mockingjay Part I hits cinemas later this year, cause you know it will still sting when JLaw will be everywhere.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Ditto. I don’t feel bad for either one of them, whatever happens in the future. It’s just my opinion that neither one of them really took their relationship all that seriously. I think that as soon as the rose fell off the bush, they basically did their own thing–the only thing that made them come back to each other (as in be in the same place) was their kids. Remember when Goop published her daily schedule? Yeah–she ‘worked’ on her website for like an hour a day. She had her fun. Chris Martin (who really, REALLY sounds like a douchey husband) was all ‘I’m a temperamental ARTISTE’ and was always away touring–he def. had his fun.

      So the only people I feel sorry for are the kids.

  9. GMarchetti says:

    The empty plate (2nd pic) says it all…

  10. Hawkeye says:

    Gwyneth must feel lower than the rent on a burning building if THIS is what she’s resorting to… I can’t believe how sorry I feel for her.

    ETA I don’t feel sorry for her in the sense that she’s a dumpee and that Chris Martin’s new piece is Jennifer Lawrence but rather that the public relations optics make her look pathetic.

  11. Annaloo. says:

    Hollow, fake and reeks of insecurity….it totally fits. They couldn’t be more obvious.

  12. mia girl says:

    Ladies… you might want rethink your combination of carrot juice cleanses and spray tans. All that orange hurts our eyes!

  13. doofus says:

    …says the verbal-bullying plagiarist.

    whatever, Jess, you’re just as snobby and entitled as Goop so it’s not surprising that you’re friends or that you would defend her.

  14. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    It looks like she made sure to call her friends and ask them (demand) to write praises about her on social media. She always has to win and wouldn’t let Chris to upstage her. I saw on JJ that Lea Michelle just posted a photo on Twitter showing a wonderful breakfast recipe invented by “her girl Gwyneth” and it turned out to be a plain toast with an avocado on the side. If Goop is not the best and most creative cook on the planet, who is?

  15. Loopy says:

    She couldn’t appear warm even if she sat next to a volcano.

  16. Bee says:

    Well Aniston & Gwyneth do share a publicist. Reminds me of Aniston’s proclaimed “goddess” circle of friends that all rallied around her acting like she was some poor victim. While at the same time she was hooking up with Vince Vaughn.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      In fairness she actually was a victim though.

      • Bee says:

        What? In what world was Aniston a victim?
        She got divorced and her EX husband choose to move on. She moved on almost just as quick with Vince Vaughn.

        It is an insult to real victims of violence/war/abuse to call a wealthy woman who went through a divorce a victim.

        People like you are why mediocre Aniston gets far more praise than she deserves.

      • TheRealMaya says:

        OMG – when will people get it. Jennifer alongside her 2 BFFs Courtney and Andrea bendewald confirmed that Brad never cheated. That in fact he told Jennifer the second he started to develope feelings for Angelina and that he wanted a clean break. Jennifer was the one who told him to go sleep with Angelina and get her out of his system and then come back to her. Brad refused saying that he has too much respect for Jennifer and Angelina and instead wanted a quick and clean break. Go read Jennifer’s infamous vanity fair 2005 interview.

      • darkdove says:

        first world problems a rich woman getting a divorce concided a victim that is the world that people who like Jennifer Aniston live in it is selfish and superficial to see a rich White woman as a victim because she is getting a divorce.

      • ella says:

        So Brad did leave Jennifer for Angie, he just hadn’t slept with her yet. Why is that considered noble behavior? Isn’t the whole point of marriage that you’re not supposed to fall in love with someone else?

        Wasn’t JLaw flirting with BCoop just a week ago? And now she’s with Chris Martin? Maybe this relationship got created in reaction to the big reveal about Goop and Falchuck, not vice-versa.

        Not that it matters. But I don’t know if I’d be jealous of JLaw if I were Goop. Hell, I’m not jealous of her now…. she’s dancing as fast as she can trying to live up to the down-to-earth, fun-loving gal hype that’s been built up around her, while also trying to trim down and be the beauty Hollywood demands. Good luck, honey.

    • Sullivan says:

      Well, no one will ever accuse Huvane of being imaginative. I’m just surprised Gwyneth would sign-on to Aniston’s victim-y, ‘I need my fwends to protect me’ approach. It’s so weak.

      • eva says:


        Yes that is noble behaviour, You don’t grow blinkers when you marry and unfortunately some people fall out of love with their partners and in love with new people. He did the right thing going to JA and telling her of his feelings for AJ. Life/love isn’t simple or clean cut.

    • darkdove says:

      she is now shading and backstabing those friends in the medea by talking about how awful they look because of the plastic surgery that circle of friends that supported her and cemented her role as a victim in the view of the public.

  17. QQ says:

    Goody goody Gumdrops, That Means we can all continue unabated disliking Basic McBlandie over here….Girl!…Bye!! Do these people not have any second of first hand shame at this Unctuous gushing?? For themselves? Or even that they know someone willing to post this claptrap at their directive? UGH!

  18. Jules says:

    All this with no confirmation that Jennifer Lawrence has even broken up with Nick Hoult. It is indeed a strange world we humans live in. Speculation becomes fact…ugh.

  19. T.C. says:

    Oh please.

    I don’t care how hot Jennifer Lawrence thinks Chris Martin is because he is in a band that she likes. Dating GOOP’s ex is a major mistake. Goop takes no prisoners. She is going to paint JLaw as “evil” Angelina Jolie who broke up her marriage. Because of course the woman is always the problem not the man you are married to. Goop has powerful friends in Hollywood like RDJ and wife Susan who have the ears of more powerful producers and studio heads.

    JLaw watch your back girl. No matter how successful you are, bad tabloid stories about you being a home wrecker can turn female fans against you. And young fans won’t find you relatable anymore when you start dating older married men with kids. Her parents need to step in and talk some sense into her. A man is not worth messing your career for.

    • Jules says:

      @T.C.: I’m curious as to why you think this gossip is true?. There has been NO confirmation…nothing at all. As far as powerful is concerned, I don’t care how many friends Goop has, she won’t be able to touch Lawrence. I also believe that ultimately, this will be over (gossip wise) by September.

      • T.C. says:


        Maybe I wasn’t being clear. *I* am not calling JLaw a home wrecker (yes that word is chessy as hell) or the reason for Goop and CM’s divorce. I’m say GOOP can frame her that way in the tabloids even though it’s not true. Reason why I used quotes around evil Angelina Jolie who has been painted as the devil incarnate by Jennifer Aniston ‘s PR. The same PR as Goop.

    • mimif says:

      Uh, she’s a home wrecker how? Oh you mean like how Goop was banging the married producer from Glee when she was still married to Martin?
      I literally want the term home wrecker to crawl into a hole a die.

    • OhDear says:

      Assuming this is all true, I don’t think Goop’s in a position where she can actually hurt JLaw in any way without it backfiring. Goop’s not popular enough to pull it off, esp. given how popular JLaw is. In addition, a 41 year old shading anyone like that, particularly a 24 yr old, just looks sad and pathetic.

      (*imagines wild flurry of e-mails, calls and texts between Huvane and JL’s publicist should Goop even attempt this*)

    • The Original G says:

      Goop takes no prisoners? Goop’s completely irrelevant except as a reliable tabloid outlet for mass irritation with the clueless wealthy.

      I don’t care how connected she is, she’s got no box office. JLaw has a real and impressive career for the moment and connections of her own. Shading JLaw would make her look even more ridiculous than she does lately.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      As they already “consciously uncoupled” one can hardly consider a new romance as “home-wrecking”. For the record though, this story is BS to me, I don’t believe Martin and Lawrence are dating, it’s fabricated tabloid nonsense.

  20. Green Is Good says:

    Hope Martin Lawrence (lol!) get papped coming out of a Texas Steakhouse.

  21. Bucky says:

    How did she get with Jerry? I don’t know the Seinfeld gossip.

  22. itsets says:

    “North Star”? “..never met anyone…”? The wording is so over the top it made me cringe. Who talks like that?

  23. Maria says:

    overcompensating much? it made me sick reading it. if you are a friend you are there for the person in need and dont write about how much friends someone has on social media. totally reminded of Heidi and Seal, everyhwere claiming how much they love each other and oops marriage over.

    im sure Jessica is telling Gwyneth how horrible men are when they see a younger woman. not like women like Jessica who would never think about ditching their hubby after honeymoon for a famous and almost billionaire like…hm… lets say Jerry Seinfeld.

  24. Tiffany27 says:

    Awww. This is the stuff your friends did in high school when your ex got a new girlfriend. A cute one.

  25. Correct says:

    Yup- so fake and so transparent. It’s not a coincidence that you are getting an Aniston vibe- they have the same very expensive, totally shameless PR guy. In fact, Goop had him first- all the way back to the stone age years. He uses the same plant/deny, what a victimcy victim routine for these old gals, who can only seem to get attention for negative stuff that many times seems very manufactured, e.g., VF “slam” piece because Goop is such a STAR, she incited a major “takedown” by “important” media. Negative attention is far better than being ignored in the aging, oh so desperate PR addict’s oh so shallow exisitence.

  26. CarolinaBelle says:

    Any words of support from “William Joel” yet?

  27. Candy Love says:

    She kissing goops ass and telling the world how great she is at the same time.

  28. lucy2 says:

    The “victim” angle isn’t going to work here, if they were both messing around and stepping out on the marriage. And the story of Goop’s jump off (who seems to have been married at the time) came out first.
    Friends posting about how loved you are on social media, just after the Martin Lawrence (love it) story broke is so transparent it’s funny.

  29. Leaflet says:

    I think Seinfeld tweeted out of term. I highly doubt that GOOP wanted her to to paint GOOP as the victim. GOOP didn’t play the victim when she announced their divorce. If anything GOOP wants everyone to believe that she is okay and has moved on to bigger and better things. I know I would. As a side note, everyone isn’t digging the new Chris Martin & JLaw relationship. I know I’m bot and find it gross. Martin is just advertising his new “score” before the paint dries. Hope HLaw chooses well.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I agree, I don’t think this was a Goop sanctioned posting. I also don’t think there is a Martin Lawrence (other than the funny one.)

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Mm I think Jessica is demoted after this, tacky plebian error. No more backyard pizza for her! Gwyneth does not barter in pity so batantly.

        I find Chris Martin/J.Law an odd combo too and don’t see it lasting long at all. He’s just a skeevy older man trading on his rock star credentials, what normal 22 yr old woman or whatever she is would want to date a guy who just came out of a marriage with two kids? It’s weird.

  30. Palermo says:

    Somebody needs to tell Jessica that peroxided short hair does NOTHING for her looks.

  31. Des says:

    Just code for “she’s not”.

  32. TheRealMaya says:

    Well what did people expect? Jennifer and Gwyneth share the same agent , Mr Huvane, and he is a genius in rewriting history to suit his clients’s images.

    He made sure that the media never mentions the fact that Jennifer is a triple homewrecker, lies everytime her mouth opens, passive aggressive towards people and hiding the fact she doesn’t have real friends only showbusiness ones who all conveniently share the same agent.

    Now Huvane is doing exactly the same thing with Gwyneth. He will bake sure that no one mentions Gwyneth cheating throughout her marriage or anything like that.

    Step one is release a mutual statement confirming the split and that no third parties are involved.

    Step two – start “showing” the world how good a person Gwyneth is and how many female friends she supposedly has.

    Step 3 – will soon start attacking the woman Chris is with and turn her into a home wrecker. Will say horrible things about the ex and current partner but will then deny everything and put the blame on the magazine.

    Step 4 – will use her friends to continue to attack the ex and current partner even after several years later.

    This is Huvane pr manipulations and it doesn’t matter that it’s all smokes and mirrors. He made sure Jennifer Aniston got away with it and will again bake sure Gwyneth does.

    PS: only thing I can say is that thank god Brad came to his senses and left these two women. He should get a medal for putting up with Gwyneth for 4 years and Jennifer for 7 years – both are selfish, vain and fame hungry. He must surely thank god everyday for falling in love with a woman with substance like Angelina and raising 6 children. His career and humanitarian work has also benefitted him because of his happiness with Angelina. As they say – behind every successful man – there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman.

    • Ag says:

      who are the other homewrecks for aniston? besides justin and his ex? (honest question, zero snark.)

      • TheRealMaya says:

        She wrecked Sandra Bullock’s relationship with her then fiancé Tate Donovan.

        And also wrecked Chris Gartin’s marriage to his wife who was a close friend of Jennifer’s. They have two children as well and they were very young when the cheating happend.

      • Ag says:

        interesting. and shitty. i googled both men, and one of the first things that pops up for tate donovan is a youtube video titled “working with jennifer aniston was awful.” lol

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Please stop bringing up Aniston, no body cares. I’m sick of her constantly being brought up for no reason. I don’t care about her, Angie or Brad and if people stop mentioning all three, I’ll be pleased. They are all boring. I have zero interest in any of them, I skip their articles for a reason. They are dull people who inspire incredibly boring posts that say the same thing over and over and over. Find a new angle.

  33. Jayna says:

    Really. what was the point of such a tweet? Just tell your friend to her face, instead of this suck-up tweet. You’re an adult and you’re tweeting this nonsense to the public? High school.

    Plus, your hair looks awful. Go back to brunette.

  34. Lacey says:

    Wow, that is a really powerful unhag filter.

  35. Jen2 says:

    She can’t seem to be original I guess. She has Brad 2.0 and now Pity Party 2.0–without any real evidence of the other relationship. A Pre-emptive Pity Party is just sad.

  36. K says:

    I dunno, I do feel a bit sorry for Gwyneth. I mean, if GOOP is any guide she values status, money and appearance above anything else. And she’s at that 40-ish drop-off-in-looks point (no shade intended, I am as well and it’s just life) which for someone who was once extraordinarily pretty must be extra hard. And she has to be as stunned as everyone else that he’s managed to pull this one off, because “some TV girl” would be where most people imagined he’d end up.

    J-Law is currently THE A-list star. Daniel Radcliffe has namechecked her as one of the most famous people in the world. She’s in two huge franchises, one of which she completely carries; she’s won one Oscar and been nominated for two more; she’s widely pegged as staggeringly beautiful (I like her, but I don’t really agree; I think she looks more like Julia Stiles facially than anyone else, so pretty, but not more) and most men go gaga over her… and she’s only 24. And as the story says, she stands for everything Gwyneth prides herself on not being.

    So basically she’s more successful both artistically and in box office than Gwyneth ever was, and she’s done it without dating any major stars, ever. She’s young, she’s hot in every perceived Hollywood sense, and girls Apple’s age all seem to worship her. And she eats Doritos and pizza, jokes about how ridiculous body fascism is despite a Dior contract and California Girl body – and tells fart jokes. Oh, and I seem to remember she goes on about absolutely loving kids, too, so Apple’s adoration might be reciprocal. JLAw checks every single box you could possibly think might bug Gwyneth, and if she tries to shade her, she’ll just look bitter and jealous. No “tv girl” commentary possible here.

    Yeah. I feel for Gwyneth. This has to burn with the fire of a thousand suns.

    • Miss M says:

      Yes does have a more successful career than Goop. But to be fair, goop could had something going if she hadn’t stop to have a family and she always refused to go high fashion ( but got many invitations to do it). I not saying goop has jlaw’s talent level, I am just pointing out she stopped pursuing her career right after she won an oscar.

    • may23 says:

      Why feel sorry for either of them? People get married and get divorced all the time. These two managed to avoid any nasty battles over money or children and overall seem to deal with things like adults. Neither was publicly humiliated while married. They split and they found new people to date. Everything is fine. Yes, divorce hurts, but they handled it WAY better than most people.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Exactly. I was under the impression that a ‘public divorce’ was something when you saw tabloid/news stories every single day about how they were fighting over money, over property, over kids, and so on. Having ALL of your personal business (and I don’t mean crap that tabloids make up, but actual, personal info out) splashed all over the news.

        None of that happened with Goop and Chris Martin. I’m not even sure if they filed for divorce yet. All we’ve got about their impending divorce is that they’re both screwing other people. Good for them.

      • K says:

        This is true, yes. I don’t think it means she can’t be hurt/stung though – they handled it well, but handling a divorce well is an intelligent thing to so, and doesn’t necessarily reflect how someone feels.

      • Jen2 says:

        I agree. I don’t see sympathy for either. Divorce (though again, no one has mentioned divorce) is hard on everyone, especially with children involved. They chose to split, appeared to be civil. They both appear to have moved on (more so with her than him), though there is no solid evidence of his new person, just rumor. So, is she supposed to be hurt by a rumor, unless she knows more than we do. There is a lot of conjecture, but no solid evidence. Should he have been hurt by her dalliance with her new man? If both are getting it one with new people, then don’t feel for either. This whole thing with Seinfeld just makes it seem like something is going on, otherwise, why all of a sudden rally round so publicly. Really odd timing.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s a given. Of course a divorce isn’t easy–even if one or both people have moved on. But all we have on the Goop and Martin divorce/separation are tabloid stories and hearsay. That’s it.

        We don’t have people talking about them, about their personal lives. There aren’t any articles in the society pages (or whoever prints that crap) about their finances. There are no groupies, coming out and talking about Martin’s sexual preferences–not Tracy Anderson wannabe’s talking to the press about how Goop is such a @#$%$#.

        And both of them moved on, and there is nothing horrible coming out–like abuse or anything. I mean, I’ll feel bad for any couple separating (especially if kids are involved)–but sometimes it’s for the best.

    • Jane says:

      Goop was never beautiful, that’s what her PR people were selling. She always looks like a anorexic bird.

  37. Micha says:

    “baby girl”?? this is a 41-year old woman we’re talking about!! WTF, I’m 23 and I would never want to be called baby girl. I feel like I’d be belittled.

  38. Eazypeazy says:

    Jessica’s latest IG post is great.

  39. Zee says:

    Sigh. Gwynnie needs to get her friends to chill as this victim schtick isn’t going to work when it was heavily rumored she & Chris had an open relationship and have been publicly separated for five months. Better for her to go with the happily moved on than this crap….

  40. Jess says:

    I’ve never liked Jessica Seinfeld because of the way she ditched her new husband for Jerry, and it seems fitting that Goop is such a good friend of hers.

  41. Darkladi says:

    What. The. Fuck. Is in Jessie’s organic Kool-aid? “Deeply loved”, “baby girl”. On top of that heinous hair? Have a seat, dummy

  42. jenn says:

    this Seinfeld woman gets on my nerves worse than gwennie
    what has this woman ever done but marry him
    oh brother.

  43. Mischa Jane says:

    I’m sure Gwyneth is probably a good friend (how would I know if she wasn’t), but really, does Jessica think that she and Gwyneth would even be friends if she wasn’t married to Jerry? They would never have even crossed paths if not for that.

  44. Paloma says:

    Regarding posts above; just where did Jessica come from? I knew about the short marriage and then hooking up with Seinfeld, but before that?

    I am waiting for Gwyn to really diss Jennifer Lawrence as she has with every woman that dates someone she has been involved with.

    PS: I like Jessica’s hairstyle, just not the blonde color.

  45. Mixtape says:

    I can’t figure out who looks more desperate here: Goop (for good press) or Jessica (for any sort of press).

  46. Goop says:

    When news of the Chris Martin + Jennifer Lawrence dating came out I was hoping the Gwyneth was eating shot. JLaw is better looking with a better bod and she’s way younger. Hahahaha!

  47. Jenns says:

    Jessica Seinfeld just threw a tantrum on Instagram and created a private account called…littlecleanzboo. LOL

  48. Sea Dragon says:

    Disingenuou posers, the both of them. I’d bet *at least* half the people that read Celebitchy have more integrity then these two. Weathy or not money doesn’t buy character.

  49. thedarklady says:

    They both need to put the bottles of bleach down because they cannot pull off blonde.
    Doesn’t Gwyneth have new buddies every few years and then move on? (Madonna and Winona, anyone?)
    PS – Didn’t notice how huge Gwynnie’s nose is – check out the first pic.

  50. Anie says:

    So how much does it worth their first pic together? i bet a ,ot and the paparazzi are going crazy mode after hem now.

  51. Joh says:

    Gotta sit down, dizzy from the spin……..
    Entitled vapid people have not a single clue.

  52. Kori says:

    That blonde shade is NOT a good luck on Jessica Seinfeld. Way too harsh and not right for her coloring at all. And ‘baby girl’? Ick. But it’s good that someone has a loyal friend willing to go to bat for you. Everyone needs someone like that when you’re going through something. And amicable split, open marriage or whatever–divorce is still never a picnic, especially when you have children to consider. And Jessica kept the focus on GP and how great she is–it wasn’t aimed at anyone else (Chris Martin or J-Law) or making GP sound pathetic. It was a nice message of public support from a friend.

  53. DrM says:

    ”loved by her friends” and hated by everyone else on the planet….HA!

  54. trish says:

    I will never understand how/why Jessica and Jerry got together. Before her all I ever remember was Jerry, age 40 approx., at the peak of his fame, dating an 18 year old and staying with her for years. Never heard of any other women, scandals, anything personal, ever. Suddenly he saw a married woman at his gym, she left her husband of a few weeks right after the honeymoon and she and Jerry have been together ever since. I just google imaged pics of her around that time. Cute, but nothing spectacular enough to sweep 2 very rich dudes off their feet and down the aisle. Jessica must have skills I cannot even imagine. Anyone know anything more?

  55. A List says:

    They’re both immune to criticism, because it’s all just jealous, negative people. I don’t mind Jessica, she seems like a good mum and and some of her recipes are good for busy people but I think she’s obviously finding it a bit hard to be out there and should rethink how much she’s out there. It’s just a fact that the Internet has a lot of haters. Goop got famous in an era when haters couldn’t spew anything left and centre. The criticism is a lot more immediate now…so you either get off the net or put up with it, I guess.

  56. bridget says:

    j. seinfield is horribly annoying. first, she left her husband as soon as jerry looked at her and second, she uses words like “baby girl” to describe her friends!

  57. BlueJay says:

    I truly love Goop. I love it when hollywood acts all better then the average person. They all believe they are but some try to act “just like us” to get fans. Personally I would rather have someone rub my face in it then act like they care but laugh about the fans at home. You know the rest of them are all doing that – right?

    Truth is that Goop rules – Chris is a loser. He is not good looking, he sings just poorly – I honestly don’t think that Goop really cares for him at all anymore. Just happy to be rid of him.

  58. Jag says:

    I just love that in both pictures, Goop is the one trying to cling to Seinfeld. Seinfeld’s back is turned both times. No one should covet “loyalty” from that woman – stealing another woman’s cookbook and then suing her, and also leaving her husband right after the honeymoon.

  59. StevieW says:

    Jerry is a self-hating person who owes his success to Larry David. Seinfeld also dated Jennifer Crittenden when she and her husband were trying to repair their marriage. He has the classic personality of someone who thought he deserved only someone as damaged as he is. Enter Jessica, the honeymooner/gold digger with a similar mediocre education. Their marriage will last forever because they match on an ethics and quality scale.

    Jessica is going through a midlife crisis. The blond hair is but one manifestation. She trolls for compliments on social media and the minute someone calls her out on her bs, she deletes them and acts out like a spoiled child. Then she says she doesn’t want people to comment on her looks but she ‘begs’ for posters to post “your hair rocks” and other such nonsense. Her books sold because of her last name yet she attributes her “success” to her own actions (her grandmother also wrote a book but, w/o the Seinfeld name behind it, it was a blip on the Amazon screen). Her charity was image/damage control and other similar charities have a greater positive impact. But it’s an excuse for her to do society page fundraisers.

    Jerry and Jessica deserve each other. There’s a video of Jerry, Jessica and Gwyneth discussing cookbooks. Jerry is so obviously smitten with blond Gwyneth. Next thing you know, guess who is blond.

  60. jwoolman says:

    How exactly did she spell judgment wrong? If it was judgement, back in ancient times when I was a kid, both were given as acceptable alternates in US English. Meaning I am always torn about which one to use. Not as bad as the pharmacopeia problem, though, exacerbated by the fact that I have to keep my spellchecker from fixing the British version (for the BP) when I still can’t remember how to spell the American version (for the USP). I let my phone spell it here but don’t guarantee it. And yes, the word comes up in my work many more times than judgment/judgement. Hey, the phone was fine with both versions of judgment/judgement. And this same device insists on changing the possessive “its” to “it’s” all the time for reasons known only to Steve Jobs ghost.

  61. Grant says:

    I hate when someone refers to themselves or another 40-something year old woman as a “babygirl.” You’re not a baby and you’re not a girl, honey.

  62. crazy daisy says:

    Gotta say if these are recent pics, Gwyneth looks great – like a normal, real person, and so much younger, without all the glitz and the makeup.