Kylie & Kendall Jenner both looked crazy-plastic at a post-Globes party


At the tailend of 2016, sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner both got some “work” done. Kendall Jenner chose to not touch her body (at least as far as I could tell) and merely go in for some noticeable lip injections, and possibly some fillers and Botox. She suddenly had a big trout-pout for the Victoria’s Secret show in November, as we discussed. Kylie, on the other hand, has been a “work in progress” for years now. Some believe she’s trying to become Kim Kardashian 2.0, some believe she’s just trying to get the body that Tyga wants for her, and some believe that Kylie is just a really mixed up and screwed up kid and that plastic surgeons are taking advantage of her. Whatever you believe, Kylie’s breasts keep getting bigger, perhaps to match her Kardashian-esque fake butt.

I was reminded of all of this because Kylie and Kendall attended the post-Golden Globes party sponsored by NBC Universal. NBC Universal owns E!, so that makes this a business appearance, basically. Kylie wore Labourjoisie and Kendall wore Paule Ka. Both outfits are hideous. But again, all I can see is the work. Kendall’s sad trout pout and Kylie’s ridiculously oversized breast implants. These two need to stahp!! Like, I don’t think Kendall’s work is anywhere near as bad as Kylie’s. Hopefully, Kendall will stop at some point and her face will go back to normal, maybe. But Kylie’s going to be dealing with the repercussions of multiple surgeries for years to come.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Maya Memsaab says:

    Um, Kylie’s breasts look like a couple living in the same house who aren’t getting on and are desperately trying to avoid each other :/

  2. Jen says:

    It’s so crazy to see how much noticeable surgery Kylie has had at her age.

  3. Lora says:

    So much money, so little taste!

  4. Hannah says:

    Kris is starting to look the most face-normal of all.

  5. freebunny says:

    First time I think Kendall looks more plastic than Kylie.

  6. Shambles says:

    The scariest part of Kylie’s face is her eyes. No light. That’s what pushes her into the uncanny valley.

  7. QQ says:

    They both look like drowsy fembots without the “smile” function

  8. Paula says:

    This is just sad. Kylie was so pretty, she’s barely the same person now.

  9. Swak says:

    When did Kylie go back to the dark hair?

  10. serena says:

    Lord, Kylie’s boobs are huge. Anyway, it seems like Kendall got a facelift or something like that, her eyes look so stretched out -sorry I don’t know how else to say this-.

  11. Talie says:

    Her modeling career already seems to be flaming out…she didn’t do the last Chanel show that Cara opened. Remember when they were attached at the hip?

  12. Slowsnow says:

    The real astonishing headline would be:

    “Kylie and Kendall do not look plastic and discussed the notion of post-truth and its societal impact on everyday life. All the plastic has been extracted from their bodies and recylcled to make bottles carrying free water for those in need in Nepal”.

  13. ag-uk says:

    What will they do when they approach 30? I wouldn’t say Kendall’s dress is that bad, the slit no but the top I like it’s sort of knock off of Vivienne Westwood style I think. The silver thing just no.

  14. YepIsaidit says:

    Umm, they didn’t look that bad. I doubt either had a facelift- way too young for that.

  15. Nancy says:

    If Kendall stops messing around right now, she will be okay. She still looks fine to me. Poor sad Kylie is one big hot mess. Be you, you can’t come close to Kim and Kendall got the model genes, not you. Marsha Marsha Marsha…..

  16. pretty says:

    both brow-lift botox to make their eyes bigger. just google Kendall Jenner 2013 . her face was so so different back then. now she looks permanantly surprised. kylie also did this. taylor swift also did it. ariana grande also did it. i guess it’s jsut easy as putting needles on your brows to lift it up , not invasive like actual surgery so celebs all do it.

  17. Embee says:

    With all these implants everywhere, Kylie must float like a raft. The entire family can float too. Kendall better stop. No more

  18. Krakken says:

    Kylie’s new boobs look uneven already. Her cleavage be like: (O/o)

    Clearly they do not get along.

  19. mp says:

    I’ve never seen Kylie’s Instagram (apart from the ocasional embed pics from CB or other sites) and this weekend I did my homework….you guys I’m worried, it’s really disturbing to see all those pics. I mean she’s just a little girl…how is no one telling her to stop??? And not only the plastic surgery, all those poses, she looks like a pornstar (with all due respect to pornstars)…but when you see KUWTK she is a little girl and even comes of as shy….she really gives me the sads….

  20. Lucy says:

    Call me Krazy (ha), but this is one of those rare occasions in which, to me, Kendall looks more plastic than Kylie.

  21. CidySmiley says:

    Her boobs look incredibly uncomfortable. The size but the “not” droopy-ness of them reminds me of pre-nursing breasts and that was always uncomfortable.

    • isabelle says:

      Her former breast looked much better and like a teens boobs. These are too heavy for her frame and droop like a middle age lady.

      • SilentStar says:

        Yes, I really hate criticizing women’s appearance, but since this was a *choice* and she was already beautiful before she began tweaking herself, I feel like feedback is justified.

        Her new boobs make her body look middle aged. Her youth and vitality are disappearing.

        I’m not against all plastic surgery, but these procedures are destroying this poor young girl’s natural vitality.

  22. Bridget says:

    Not that long ago Kendall was on fire as a model, is she already losing her status as a top dog? Because I can’t think of any other reason a working model would so obviously mess with their face (people who hire you get pissed when the person that shows up is different from the one they booked). Kendall has never been a great model, the last thing she needs to do is pump her face full of crap.

    Kylie, like Kim, has had so much work so early in life, she’s going to look strange as she ages, and that’s IF she doesn’t do anything else. Kylie is already reaching her ‘limit’ of procedures before she looks truly crazy. Kim at least caught on to that and seems to have had some corrective work done:

  23. shelly says:

    Where will they go with all this plastic surgery ? Bride of Wildenstein-ville that’s where.

    Both so young and pretty they still look nice, albeit plastic, but once they hit their mid Thirties and early Forties, yikes.

    There won’t be room for anymore procedures.

  24. mellie says:

    Two badly dressed Bratz dolls on parade.

  25. Chetta B. says:

    That dress that Kylie is wearing is garish and inappropriate for a 19 year-old. It’s showing way too much boob and she doesn’t even realize how tacky it is.

  26. Embee says:

    Kendalls working on getting her Angelina Jolie leg pose right

  27. j. wilson says:

    They think they are a-listers now,scary shit!

  28. Anilehcim says:

    OMG Kendall’s face in that first pic.. WTF happened? Kylie is a tragedy. I know people who think that she is the most gorgeous thing on the planet and basically advocate for her surgery and how “wonderful” it is that she’s supposedly happy with herself now, but I’m just not here for it. Every single Instagram “model” I’ve ever seen with booking info in her bio looks exactly like Kylie because her face and body were modeled in a surgeon’s office. There is not one ounce of originality or authenticity there anymore and she needs a therapist. If that was my sister, I would be trying to convince her to seek help because that level of insecurity is nothing short of tragic and incredibly sad. IDC how big her bank account is, she’s got an emptiness inside her that is alarming. What happens to a person like that when she begins to inevitably age? I can’t imagine what she’s going to look like at 40 if this is her before 20.

    • remi says:

      Yeah they are both literally worshiped as natural beauties and most people aren’t even aware of the amount of surgery they had other than the lips they believe Kylie is all natural. And I watched videos on you tube of people who have met them at fan meetings and things like that and they were literally the rudest people ever according to a large number of witnesses. Their fans would be crying and they would completely ignore them and act like they are above even looking at them. In one of the video the girl telling the story said that people were calling out her name and she was right in front of them in the VIP area and she would not even look at them, she looked completely over it. And then she said that Kylie came at the end and literally grabbed the phone of one of the girls at the front, took a picture without saying anything or interacting with the girl and then Kylie just threw the phone back to her without even saying a word in the whole interaction.

      I used to think that at least they seemed nice to their fans on instagram but they are obviously not in real life and that was obviously to preserve their image.

  29. KiddVicious says:

    I love Kendall’s dress and shoes. Especially the color. She better watch that Leg of Doom(tm) though. Angelina will take her down.

  30. Margo S. says:

    I think it needs to be reminded that these girls are the children of kris and Caitlyn jenner. Two people who have had TONS of work done. I think if any of us had parents that obsessed with plastic surgery we’d be more likely to get work done. This is clearly a learnt behavior. So heart breaking because it just goes too far. There is a huge difference between a nose job here and some botox there to new breasts, butt, chin, eye brows, lipo, lips, like Geez louise. That’s a problem!

  31. Grey says:

    I got to “stahp” in the article and my brain immediately went to “RAHN! STAHP!” lol. I will never not love Jersey Shore!

  32. Twinkle says:

    I find Kylie tragic and gross. I think she suffers from low self-esteem because compared to her sisters, especially Kendall, she was not going to be a model-esque looking girl.

  33. Tallia says:

    Can we talk about Jennifer Flavin’s face instead? I mean WTH happened there?

  34. Libra girl says:

    I don’t think Kendall does, but Kylie…. yikes.

  35. Penelope says:

    Wow–there will nothing left of their original selves by the time they’re 35.

  36. kimbers says:

    Kylie=clear example of self loathing and living in a superficial world where it’s all she knows and she’s ok with that.

  37. Roller74 says:

    Are Kylie’s new boobs going to be like Lip Gate 2015, where she denies and continues to deny that she has had anything done, and then a year from now, she’ll finally admit she had surgery because she was always so insecure about how small they were? This whole family is so damn sad.

  38. Cat says:

    I don’t think Kendall has altered her body yet right??? Just her face?? And she still looks like herself albeit tweaked, she can still be saved someone has to tell her stop. Kylie however is a lost cause tyga brainwashed that little girl :(