Paris Hilton gets kicked off a yacht in Cannes for bathroom sex

Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhardt

Why do men still want to date and/or sleep with Paris Hilton? I’ve never really gotten her appeal, but lately she just seems particularly gross to me. Anyway, Paris was in Cannes to promote… herself? To go to parties? To be internationally gross? Paris brought her latest boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, who really looks like a budget version of Ryan Reynolds, doesn’t he? Only Doug literally looks like he has tumbleweeds rolling through the dark, cavernous space in between his ears.

Paris’s Cannes trip isn’t going as planned, though. It seems no one wants to pay $100,000 to party with her, and she somehow lost her phone. But all’s not lost yet! After most likely losing the digits of every partying famewhore in Hollywood, it seems Paris somehow met David Furnish, Elton John’s husband. David liked the look of Paris (seriously?) and invited her to a private party on a yacht in the South of France. Paris and Doug came on board the yacht, and all hell broke loose. Something about Paris being gross. Shocking:

PARIS Hilton has been giving Cannes the benefit of her singular style – being evicted from a private yacht party after being caught in a toilet entanglement.

Hilton and her boyfriend were kicked off the private yacht party at the Cannes Film Festival after they were caught toilet pashing.

Elton John’s husband David Furnish met Hilton at the hotel and thought it would be a good idea to invite her to a friend’s yacht party.

But reports that things didn’t go as planned. The two were reportedly kicked off a boat after they were caught in the toilets together.

“David met Paris at the Hotel du Cap and invited her to a party on his friend’s yacht,” a source said.

“As soon as Paris arrived she had her tongue down Doug’s throat. Everyone kept saying how inappropriate they were being but Paris didn’t care who was looking…They got so worked up she dragged Doug below deck so they could have some private time. But as they were closing the cubicle door so they could tear into each other, they were caught out. David spotted them and the captain was furious. He kicked them off for unsociable behaviour. Everyone congratulated the captain.”

[From The Melbourne Herald Sun]

So Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt were kicked off a boat for trying to have sex in a bathroom. So, so classy. But, really, what the hell was David Furnish thinking? You invite Paris Hilton and the low-rent Ryan Reynolds onto a yacht, and of course they’re going to act like a**holes. This Cannes trip has probably been one of the bigger disasters of Paris’s international grossness… but we’re still talking about her, aren’t we? And that’s where Paris wins every time. We’re all suckers.

Update: Paris has denied this story is true.

Here are Paris and Doug in Cannes on April 20th. Images thanks to INF Photo.

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39 Responses to “Paris Hilton gets kicked off a yacht in Cannes for bathroom sex”

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  1. ! says:

    Good. I hope they threw her overboard with the rest of the bilge water and trash.

  2. Wench. says:

    Isn’t Paris approaching thirty? Not that thirty is some far off, conservative age – but really, she acts like she’s a 13 year old who has just discovered boys.

  3. Allie says:

    Having sex in the toilet? That’s probably “romantic” for Paris! In the toilet stall, next to the crapper. (where she really belongs)

  4. wonder woman says:

    Honestly, what do you expect from her? She’s uber famous because she made a sex tape….and it’s all our fault. It’s sick! She “earns” 1 million dollars a month.

  5. teehee says:

    Im not gonna bad mouth her without first badmouthing him– the answer as to why any man dates her is THAT- they just want sex from her!!
    Theyre just as repulsive – and bottom feeders at that.
    Poor girl probably (over)does it in a bid to be ‘loved’ back for it– when all she gets is public bashing and humiliation.
    But yeah she should def reign it way in, there LOL

  6. Bubulle says:

    My god she’s so desperate for attention. This kind of trashy behaviour is so over. Now to be trendy you have to spawn some kids and pretend to be a classy mom look at Nicole Richie.

  7. ladywork says:

    My comment isnt really about them its about everyone else. It crazy how because she is famous everyone has somethiung to say about it when more then a 3rd of the world population has done it or atleast thought about doing it before. Being that shes Paris Hilton OMG its so wrong. People need to get over themselve and leave her alone. She is a grown woman. Besides if she stops living her life on her terms what will all the losers have to spend their extra time and money on if not her and mags about her?

  8. lisa says:

    I don’t understand her at all. She is almost 30 years old.. Her fame is fading fast. She used to be a joke, but now she is the punch line. And who is this guy. She was really quiet for a while after she was with that Madden brother. She had calmed down a bit. Nothing crazy or nasty..Then they broke up and she got with this guy who I don’t know at all (please post what he does if anyong knows).. and now she is back to doing all the wild and crazy stuff again. Just sad really. She has a famous name and could be out there making a difference. Sad that this is the directions she took. LOW RENT at best

  9. Michelle says:

    You know, Paris Hilton is the first name that pops into my head anytime the phrase “sex in the toilet” comes into play. Nothing shocking here.

  10. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    In the bathroom next to the other turds, how appropriate. Too bad they couldn’t flush her down as well.

  11. Roma says:

    Kaiser, I read the first 2 lines an knew immediately that this was your posting. You consistently make me laugh and I like the voice of your writing. Just thought I’d let you know!

  12. Candi says:

    Paris is a slut,that needs Valtrex for life.

    And I bet she not only got kicked off the yacht for having sex in one of the bathrooms,but also because of her hideous attire.

    She looks like a 5 dollar hooker.

  13. Ggirl says:

    Apparently this woman (blonde coat hanger) has a bottomless pit of shame. This isn’t 2002 and she still hasn’t figured out that no one is charmed. Time to find a new career.

  14. the original kate says:

    i’ll bet paris brought a glade pop-up to create ambience while she was having sex in the toilet. cause she’s an heiress, after all.

  15. Casey says:

    To any guys if they’re reading this:

    Is she attractive? From a woman’s point of view, she just screams “SKANK”.

    But maybe that’s the attractive part, lol!

  16. gg says:

    Yeeeeahhh, nice. And I’ll wager the bathroom smelled really nice afterwards – Eau de Charlotte du Tuna.

    And again with the stupid headband thing, oy.

  17. DH says:

    Honest, she’s such a skank. What exactly is she in Cannes for anyway? Attempting to be famous. Give it up Your 15 minutes were over years ago.

  18. Amy says:

    Paris just gets classier each day.

  19. someone says:

    They are both sluts..get a room already! no one wants to see the two disgusting twats slobber all over each other.

  20. DD says:

    Let’s be honest, the only reason Paris is even famous is because she is a train wreck heiress. She has no real talent, how else is she gonna keep her fame? Personally, I feel sorry that she has to stoop so low to get any attention.

  21. whattheheck says:

    Sheesh – considering what Elton & co. were up to in the 70′s, this is rather mild, isn’t it?

  22. sharon says:

    To bad money can’t buy class for this filthy slut. Her parents have to be shame of her.

  23. SixxKitty says:

    “Everyone congratulated the captain.”
    Three cheers for the Captain,

    Such a skank.

  24. Christina X says:

    @ Ladywork: That’s a load if I ever heard one.

    Maybe I’m in that one-third you excluded, but I’ve never had sex in a public bathroom, and yes, she is in fact A GROWN WOMAN, which means she should at least make an attempt to class it up a little, because her behavior is bratty, vapid, and immature even for a 16 year old. Amusing how you’re telling everyone else to grow up and get over themselves in defense of one of the most self-absorbed, obnoxious people under the spotlight.

    I’m amazed at the fact that people still get all indignant about how many people hate Paris Hilton for the way she acts.

    And I guess you can call me old fashioned, but fooling around in a public bathroom is not only classless, but discourteous and disrespectful, and I’m sure that if not for Hilton’s entitlement, she would find a private room to mess around in.

    More evidence that even wealth can still be trash.

  25. BlueSkies says:

    I can’t wait until some real blonde, blue-eyed young woman scientist shows this one and all of us where it is at. Where is she? We need you!

  26. teehee says:

    There are plenty of blonde blue eyed scientists. Shes not a real blonde anyway- and not real blue eyes. But blondes/blue eyes occupy every profession out there. Just like brunettes, black haired, grey haired…..

  27. DontKnowParis DontCare says:

    It surprises me that with all that is happening in the world (gossip wise) you media MORANS are still so hung up on Paris…just for a glimpse.

  28. gg says:

    Great – you might wanna look up how to spell MORON, moron. LOL

  29. Codzilla says:

    gg: My thoughts, exactly.

  30. Ashley says:

    He was probably sitting down taking a dump & Paris hopped on thinking it looked like fun.

  31. baseburn1 says:

    What is really sad about all this is she probably thinks it was wrong of the host to have her thrown out. We all forget that she doesn’t see the world through our eyes, she doesn’t realize what a no talent joke she is. She lives in a world where she thinks she is somebody, and I’m sure she has many people whispering in her ear about how great she is. If her stint in jail didn’t change her, she will never change. She may be rich but she will never be successful, she is a “where are they now” special waiting to happen. The time will come when she is no longer trendy (and that time seems to be coming fast) she will wake up with no one around who cares and she will be alone. When you think about it it’s sad, but it is the life she created for herself. I would rather be middle class with integrity then rich and be a low life……….by the time she realizes it, it will be too late.

  32. Bobby the K says:


    why trash paris?

    everyone knows who she is and what she is like. so why is she getting invited to private parties in cannes? why does she get paid thousands to go to a night club? feel free to hate her & feel superior, but there is a demand for her and a huge interest in her.

    why don’t you trash the people who invite her, and pay her and want her around?

    for someone of no substance, she can get the attention of the world’s top media.

  33. Alex P. says:

    I don’t think Princess Diana would ever have had sex in a public bathroom. But still Paris France is da bomb.

  34. FredR says:

    I propose wes end Paris,Lohan,and the Kardasahians to Mars.

    And when I say “send them to Mars”,I really mean “strapped to the Space shuttle’s solid fuel booster”.

  35. Yachtie says:

    I’m not a big fan of Paris Hilton, but i think those guys kicked her out just to create a buzz around, like people writing about this, etc.. and it worked.. you wrote this article and maybe a lot of other bloggers did..

  36. yachtcharter says:

    well, they deserved it.. although i don’t think that’s all they did… i think there were other things involved :)