Amy Schumer: The Alt-right ‘organized trolls’ to attack my Netflix show

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God knows, I’m not an Amy Schumer fan. But much like my general dislike of Lena Dunham, I pick my battles and I will occasionally defend them (Amy and Lena). Weirdly, this is one of those times. So, Amy Schumer has a new Netflix special called The Leather Special. It’s one hour long, and it’s just a standup show. I think Schumer’s last standup special was on HBO, and HBO doesn’t really GAF about reviews in general – they have a built-in premium subscriber audience that pays for the programming, good or bad. But Netflix is different (except not really). Reviews matter for Netflix, because… ?? I mean, Netflix is a subscriber-based model too, so I don’t know why anyone gives a crap about reviews, but here we are.

In any case, The Leather Special got terrible viewer reviews. Like, notably bad reviews. The reviews online were so terrible that media outlets devoted articles to how scathing the viewer-reviews were. So did the special suck that badly? Or was something else afoot? Schumer posted this message to her Instagram (I made a few minor edits for readability):

I am so proud of my special and grateful to all the people spreading love on line about it. I am the first female comic who is selling out arenas all over the world and so grateful for that. I am embarrassed for the “journalists” who report on trolls activities as if it’s news. It’s indicative of administration right now.

Anyone who reported that “viewers aren’t happy” with my special, it would have been cool if you did a moment of research before posting. The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do. Read the @splitsider article. They organize to get my ratings down. Meeting in sub Reddit rooms. They tried on my book and movies and tv show. And I want to thank them. It makes me feel so powerful and dangerous and brave. It reminds me what I’m saying is effective and bring more interest to my work and their obsession with me keeps me going.

I am only alarmed by the people printing their organized trolling as “news” this is what the current administration wants. So this post has nothing against the trolls. I thank you trolls so much. It fills me with hope and power to see you all furiously posting so as always accuse me of whatever lies you want. Call me a whale. Call me a thief and I will continue to rise and fight and lead. I know who I am. I am strong and beautiful and will use my voice my whole time on this earth. Journalists do better, it’s embarrassing. Trolls see you on the next one! 😘😘😘

[From Amy’s Instagram]

Is it a situation where Schumer’s show was trashed simply because she’s Amy Schumer, a white feminist who openly campaigned for Hillary Clinton? Or is it because Amy Schumer actually isn’t as funny as she thinks she is? I say it’s a little of Column A, a little of Column B. I have no doubt that Alt-Right Redditors “organized” something against Schumer. I also have no doubt that some people checked out her special and hated it without even checking out the reviews. I watched part of her last HBO special and I was surprised by how bad it was. Props to her for being a female standup in a man’s world, but she makes the mistake of thinking that “dirty/gross = funny.” Of course she has every right to say whatever she wants, and every person has the right to love it, hate it or be ambivalent about it.

Also: her repetition of the “I want to thank the trolls” thing reminds me a lot of her weirdness around that plus-sized Glamour issue. She tries to put up a front like she’s thick-skinned about all of this, but she’s not. Being sensitive and a little bit insecure isn’t a crime, but don’t let those Alt-Right douchebags see it.

Celebrites On 'Good Morning America' In NYC

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  1. JustJen says:

    I want to like her, but I just can’t. I know this post is about her comedy special and not her size, but I can’t help but look at these pictures and think, “Size 6??? In what universe?” I voted for Hillary and I thought Amy’s comedy special was awful. However, I’d watch it 100x if it meant getting Emperor baby fists out of that office.

    • Jordana says:

      I saw no reviews on it before I watched it. It was awful. I only kept watching it because I kept thinking ‘it has to get better at some point….maybe it will be funny later?’

      • Cherise says:

        I wouldnt be surprised if it was unfunny. The problem here is not that she got such low ratings, its that she got insanely low ratings thanks to a hate campaign hatched on Reddit and 4Chan which are jointly home to every misogynist, Trump loving loser who knows how to code. It appears they then made bots to rate her even in their sleep. This type of campaign is not unprecedented though. They did it to the Ghostbusters trailer too. Lots of male comedians and pandering female comedians are unfunny, this isnt about that. Its about crushing a woman who “annoys” them.

      • JustJen says:

        We’ve had Netflix for a couple years now and I had no idea you could write a review on shows, nor do I read them beforehand. I just sometimes read the description and go from there. I just thought that I personally didn’t find her funny because I didn’t care for Trainwreck either.

      • Lexie says:

        Same. I’ve enjoyed her earlier specials and absolutely love some of the bits from her show a few years back.

        I tuned in and…. oh god The Leather Special was awful. From the start, it was awful. I watched the whole thing hoping it would get better but it didn’t.

      • Vox says:

        4 Chan has been dead for some time. Everyone basically moved to Reddit and 8 Chan and a handful of other image boards.

      • Joschultz47 says:

        I love Amy Schumer and I’ve followed her show on Comedy Central since day 1. I’ve seen Trainwreck multiple times. I’ve seen her stand-up in Philly, Atlantic City and then back in Philly again. This Netflix special was awful. I didn’t even make it through the whole hour. I was almost embarrassed for her. It felt phoned in, and with little interest in new material. I can only hear you talk about how bad your vagina smells and what your boyfriend’s cum tastes like for so long. It reached pure vulgarity for the point of shock value, like Lena Dunham being naked cooking dinner or being naked climbing a ladder for the thousandth time….People can get what you are about without slamming them over the head with it.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        yeah, it was legitimately awful and dreadfully unfunny to me. I tried to make it all the way through, but I couldn’t. She can’t blame ALL the negativity on alt-right trolls.

    • Fiorella says:

      Well if she’s short maybe a vanity size six at old navy? Yeah she’s very plump looking but if she’s small boned I don’t see why that can’t be true

      • Raina says:

        Nah there’s no way. I’m really trying to see it, but even if she were as short as a leprechaun, this is no size 6. I just wish she’d own it or not mention it at all. She pretends she doesn’t care but drops that she’s size 6 as if a bigger size is bad. And she’s, in my opinion, the kind of funny that occasionally makes you snort out loud over a beer. I literally get uncomfortable when people do stand-up and the audience doesn’t react. I can’t.

      • Cate says:

        Has she really said she is currently a size 6? She’s quite nice looking, but I do have a hard time believing that. Isn’t the average American woman something like a size 12? Amy does not look substantially slimmer than average.

      • Dani says:

        A vanity size six at old navy is really cut for a 140 lb 5’7” girl with a butt and hips. Not someone 160lb+ 5’5” girl who keeps making EVERYTHING about her weight.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      You look at her and the first thing you think of is dress size? Really?

      • Lalu says:

        I don’t like her but I feel bad for her that she feels she has to offer up info like her dress size. It isn’t anyone’s business. It irritates me that it’s even a thing.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        When looking at most people in a picture having never known them personally the first thing that jumps out at me is appearance as well. I don’t think its a crime so much as human nature. Now if you asked if all she was is a “dress size” of course I think most people would agree shes not. Its a gossip site though so I think some shallowness is allowed. To be honest shes looking a little worse for the wear in these pictures though. Nothing to do with size she just looks like shes not aging well. Maybe shes just really tired though?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Come on, be honest. There is something f’d up and patriarchal about immediately thinking of a woman’s dress size when you see her. Not whether she is looking well put together or a little sloppy (aka appearance), but specifically the number that ranks her size.

        There are so many things about Amy that could generate thoughts, though. Her misstatements on important issues, her awkward Lemonade parody, her skits like Last F*ckable Day or 12 Angry Men.

      • JustJen says:

        Perhaps because the last article I read on her was when she was having fits because Glamour “grouped” her in with Ashley Graham and Melissa McCarthy. She stated then that she fluctuated between a size 6 and 8. According to IMDB, she’s 5’7. So, again..Kardashian sizing.

      • Vox says:

        Because Amy herself made a big deal out of it in the past, I’d assume.

  2. astrid says:

    I watched about half of her Netflix standup last week and couldn’t bring myself to watch the rest. She wasn’t funny.

  3. Runcmc says:

    Two things: I watched her special and thought it was awful and I’m a liberal/democrat.

    Also I wish celebs understood Reddit better.

    • Cherise says:

      Its an amorphous hodge podge of adults with strong opposing opinions and impressionable kids who just go with whatever wind is blowing on that day depending on the sub. And they all get to operate under the cover of anonymity. Its an impossible place to understand.

      • Carryon says:

        Exactly. Reddit is a huge mess. I personally like it but i can understand why some people would not. There seems to be this weird conception about reddit that it is full of Trump supporting alt-righters. Just glancing to the front page would shatter it. I have a reddit account and i gave her a bad review. Am I an alt-righter?
        BTW I have no idea what she is trying to say by “sub reddit rooms”. WTF are they??

      • Runcmc says:

        I think of it like a mall. It’s one building (website) with a bunch of different people and stores (subs) with totally different interests. Like just because I go to the lululemon doesn’t mean I’m into Panda Express just because it’s in the same building.

      • Mousyb says:


        Exactly. There are over a million subreddits for god sakes! Which means you will have a variety of good and bad people. I’ve been using reddit on and off for nearly 10 years and it CAN be a great. lighthearted, and fun community based on which subreddits you follow…

      • Nyawira says:

        Reddit has its echo chambers but those tend to be small or obscure. The general subreddits which everyone is automatically connected to do can be horrible especially if you are a minority. I remember when it was announced that a female oriented one would be made a general subreddits, it made International news because the members were fighting that move. The women were saying that if it becomes an automatic subreddit the men will flood in with hate. I think that’s exactly what happened. The one I know about from experience is Black People Twitter. It used to be a fun place for black people to post memes and talk about our life experience until the white boys discovered it. Now we can’t even discuss BLM because they come and down vote all the black comments and the top posts are always All Lives Matter stuff. I mean if you only go for the kittens then it’s safe for you. If you want to buildo a minority community then it’s hell.

      • Ange says:

        Don’t forget all the insecure clingers who can’t believe being in a relationship means you’re occasionally allowed to do things without your partner or even keep your emails and facebook private! I swear to god the relationships sub is going to give me an aneurysm one day but I keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Alexis says:

    I’m definitely not alt-right and I found her new stand up special thoroughly unfunny. I listen to stand up all the time and that show was not good.

  5. Shambles says:

    Idk, how can we call Trump an idiot when he says Obama and Obama-era people have been conspiring and organizing town hall protests, and defend Schumer when she makes a similar claim? Maybe it’s more plausible that the alt-right would do something like this. But… maybe she’s just annoying and unfunny (she is). I feel like we have to be consistent on both sides of the spectrum. An outlandish conspiracy is still an outlandish conspiracy, whether it comes from the right or the left.

    • Dee says:

      I totally agree. Cmon. is she considered influential enough for them to bother? Did they turn out in online numbers to give bad reviews to Meryl ‘s last movie?

      Nope, doesn’t seem plausible to me that the alt right sabatouged Amy. More likely it was a lack of talent and material.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        They did turn out large organized numbers to give bad reviews to Ghostbusters. I don’t know if Amy is correct but it has happened before.

      • Dee says:

        I saw ghostbusters. It wasn’t very good. But I did like KM!

        Are you saying it was better than the 73% Rotten Tomatoes , 2 of 4 Roger Elbert gave it, and 3 of 5 The Guardian and most media gave it?

        If they did turn out — which I didn’t see — well their opinion was shared by most critics who gave it a “meh”.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        What I am saying is there was an organized effort by male online groups to down rate the movie, as backlash against the female aspect of the reboot. Rotten Tomatoes is critic based. IMDB had a 5.1 rating, driven by men rating it an average 3.6. It was being rated by men in droves BEFORE it came out in theaters.

    • Veronica says:

      I think plenty of people here have their reservations, but frankly, there’s a world of difference between a comedian making an unsubstantiated claim about ratings versus the president of the United States doing so on a global platform that could cause internal and domestic conflict.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The difference is there is proof about online harassment of women. Like Leslie Jones, The Fappening or Gamergate, men HAVE organized online to cyber attack women in large numbers. Trump has no proof for his claims. I don’t know if Amy is correct here, but it has actually happened before.

      • Dee says:

        And undoubtedly a sitting president has authorized wiretapping before. There is a specific code that does allow it in “defense” of a nation (US Code, War and National Defense.)

        Neither Amy nor Donald have any proof of their claims of personal experience but both are alleging something that has indeed happened before, Just not to them. 🙄

      • Tiffany :) says:

        You write the vague “undoubtedly”, because you have no specific examples. There is no proof, that stands. There IS proof that online male dominated groups like the Alt-Right and MRA have organized to harass women online.

        You have no evidence of your statement that Donald is alleging something that has happened before. Alternative facts are alive and well on Celebitchy, apparently.

      • Lalu says:

        Watergate. My history is rusty but I think there was some wire tapping. I don’t remember if Nixon actually authorized it or was just part of the cover up.
        Of course , something having happened before, doesn’t mean it happened again.

      • Dee says:

        Watergate was wiretapping endorsed by Nixon. GWB Did as well. There is an article on NPR About presidential wiretapping. I would link to it, but sometimes links aren’t always allowed. You can see for yourself if you look for it,

        TIffany, you are reaching hard to try and prove a point that is essentially meritless. whether it happened before or not, there is no evidence it did this time, Not for Trump and not for Amy’s show. He’s a buffoon for claiming it without coughing up,evidence, And she just looks defensive and insecure about the bad reaction to her show.

        For goodness sake…..the clearly liberal leaning posters on this site are skewering her show in these comments. Just because you don’t like the messenger doesn’t mean the messsge is wrong.

        To badly paraphrase a translated Yiddish saying — If 3 people tell you that you look sick — go lie down.

        Bottom line is most people think her show was bad. Regardless of their politics.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Dee, I agree this bickering is pointless. What I am trying to counter is the idea that Trump’s accusations are some how rooted in reality, which they aren’t. With Amy, we DO HAVE current examples of men’s groups going after women and female driven projects and down rating them as a form of suppression.

        Honestly, it seems like you are just supporting your point because you don’t like Amy, not because you sincerely think it couldn’t have happened. She campaigned for Hillary. You think that wouldn’t make her a target of the alt-right? I am not a fan of hers, but I am willing to acknowledge that it is possible she had an organized group going after her show, like they did with Ghostbusters, like they did with Leslie Jones, like they did with Gamergate, like they did with the Fappening. The Marine Corp. female photo scandal. The internet has strong pockets of men who go after women and female centered projects. As I said before, “I don’t know if Amy is correct here, but it has actually happened before.” It is not out of the realm of possibility that she was targeted.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Here’s more information on the Ghostbusters organized effort:

        Quoted from Reddit group dedicated to down-rating Ghostbusters:
        “Ok, so obviously the reviews aren’t as bad as we had hoped. So what more can we do at this point to make sure that the public knows it’s terrible so that it bombs? We were doing a pretty good job of filtering out positive reviews in /r/movies, but they consolidated them into a mega thread and now people are starting to say maybe we were wrong. Is there any way to easily get the word out on social media that the positive reviews are probably all paid for?”

      • Vox says:

        Gamergaters were a bunch of morons trying to rile people up, and it worked. I’m a female gamer and I have friends who are female gamers and female game devs and none of us ever get shit for being women in a ‘male dominated’ area. Nobody cares if girls are gaming as long as they’re not trying to get male attention simply by being female (it’s pretty rare, but it sometimes happens, like how sometimes male gamers will hit on female ones).

        Brianna Wu is insane and is no person to take seriously. None of the death threats were real, it was trolling for a reaction. One of her main ‘personal theats’ was an Andy Kauffman-esque character so over the top it was obvious he was not real.

        I’m not pro-gamergate (god, why are we even still talking about gamergate in 2017), but I am a female gamer who can tell when trolls are being disgusting trolls and people are responding hysterically to impotent threats and then selling that response to the media for exposure and money. If they’d been ignored en mass this never would have had any traction.

  6. jinni says:

    Considering she’s dating a racist you would think the alt-right would love her. Oh well sucks to be her.

  7. Zuzus Girl says:

    Not everything is a conspiracy. Sometimes it’s just you. Write better material.

    • OhDear says:

      I don’t doubt that she gets a lot of harassment from “alt-right” types, but she also strikes me as the type of person who’s too insecure to take feedback/responsibility for anything.

      • Esmom says:

        Yeah, it’s a lot easier to blame trolls for bad reviews than to take a hard look at your material and maybe find it lacking.

        I don’t like her, never have, but even if I did I think I’d still have a hard time believing the alt right trolls would mobilize over her when there are far bigger stakes for them to mobilize around.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Esmom, don’t forget she campaigned for Hillary, she is Jewish in heritage, spoke out for gun control and she is considered a “feminist”, so IMO I think that makes her a target. Whether it happened, I don’ t know. But I think it is possible.

  8. gobo says:

    Sub reddit rooms? What? Does she think Reddit is like the chat rooms of early internet? Has she ever visited reddit? I mean yes, there’s some toxic sub reddits, but most of them are about as popular and well visited as you would expect- not very. i would be very surprised if there were enough people on reddit who gave enough of a shit to try to sabotage her show.

    • Cherise says:

      Girl no! I learnt about this from an r/videos post that made it to the Front page the day before last. Pure venom. Thats just the one I am aware of, I wouldnt be surprised if there was a parallel post on r/Television. There must have been a few on all the MRA! Gamergate and Altright subs for sure, thats easily over 30 medium sized subs. And those guys like to sneak their BS into Twox since it became a default. You want to know how bad they are, they set up a sub in her name a year ago. Its literally just called Amy Schumer and they use it to trash her looks, her work and post where she will be appearing next for redditors to go physically troll her. That sub remains active. The only other person I have ever seen them do this to, is Ellen Pao. Yep, another visible woman with string view on feminism.

      The hubby mods a few subs and while people assume that these are just naturally safe communities, I have seen how much shit he has to shovel to keep it safe. If you want a true sense of reddit go to a default sub and click on any post addressing race conflict or feminism.

      • gobo says:

        Yeah, I saw the sub in her name, but it’s very sparse- it looks like there are very few visitors or participants. As for the rest, I suppose reddit can be a bit of an echo chamber, I don’t visit the MRA type subs and mostly stay away from 2X since becoming a default. I can’t stand her myself, ever since I first saw her on Charlie Sheen’s roast. She was terrible. So I would be inclined to think that quality is a major contributing factor.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      The most popular reddit subs have a ton of members but they are visited by ordinary people. I red from the tv subreddit that a lot of people dislike her and her show but it was because they say she is stealing jokes from other comedians and thay her show is boring.

    • Esmom says:

      My only experience with Reddit is to read recaps and discussions about the podcast Serial. So many thoughtful, smart and articulate commenters there at least. I even chimed in with a couple comments myself and was happy that people engaged very nicely even thought I wasn’t a “regular.”

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “Sub reddit rooms? What?”

      They created one while gathering trolls to down vote Ghostbusters on IMDB before the movie even came out. I posted a Pajiba article that discusses it above.

  9. Dee says:

    I was never interested in her based on what I read and incidental exposure through advertisements and miscellaneous snippets. Thus does nothing to change that. I have Netflix, I’ve never watched her show, and I’ve never reviewed any Netflix show online.

    These days however everyone is a victim. All disappointments in life are caused by being too (insert something here……there’s a plethora to choose from.). Or a political conspiracy.👀😅😅

    Here’s a thought…..maybe the bad reviews came because your show wasn’t good. Truthfully the word annoying has been applied to you Amy by enough people to give it merit for consideration.

  10. Sam says:

    I saw her do this show live and it was funny. I laughed till i cried, but yes it was gross.
    My takeaway from watching it again on netflix is that in comparison to the other comedy shows on netflix her show was better after a few drinks. I typically have a comedy special streaming while I’m working on the computer and i can half listen and still laugh. Her show was one i would need to sit down with a glass of wine to really laugh about. Its not a case of one is better then the other, they are just different experiences.
    She is certainly funny but, in my opinion, not as accessible to a wide audience as a lot of other comedians.

  11. naomipaige says:

    Maybe they trashed it, because in my opinion, she sucks!!! I cannot stand her, and will NEVER watch anything that she’s in.

    When I look at her I automatically think Ms. Piggy.

  12. Donna says:

    She’s obnoxious and not funny. She’s gone from media darling of the moment to actual scrutiny of her work. She doesn’t like what she’s reading or hearing? The onus is on her – no one else.

  13. Dal says:

    I tried to watch her show. She’s not that funny.

  14. QueenB says:

    Thats really sad. She would fit in there so beautifully with her “hispanics are rapists” jokes. Shouldnt they love her?

  15. Millenial says:

    I watched the new special and I think what put me off the most was when she started on about how her lady parts smell like a barnyard animal, I just wanted to reach through the screen and tell her, “Um, no, that’s not normal. You need to see a doctor.” Like joking about getting around is one thing, but please do not perpetuate the myth that lady parts smell bad and men deserve some sort of hero award for pleasuring women. Just no.

    I think, 4-5 years ago, when I was in my mid-twenties, I thought she was great. I hadn’t heard a female comic be so open about sex and dating and it was refreshing. I laughed because the jokes about drunk hookups were so on point. Now, I’m almost thirty. I got married, popped out a kid, etc… so my life has changed but her humor is still the same, and I just don’t identify with it as much anymore. So, like, her new special was entertaining. But I wasn’t crying laughing, which I will admit happened the first time I watched her HBO special.

  16. Nicole says:

    My friends watched the special and hated it. So no not all trolls. She has a highly inflated view of herself methinks

  17. Odette says:

    Had a conversation the other day that went like this:

    Me: Ugh, I wish Netflix would stop shoving Amy Schumer’s mug in my face every time I log on.
    Friend: I know, right! Can’t stand her whole shtick.

    We’re two liberal women.

  18. Fiorella says:

    I’m looking forward to finding time to watch this on Netflix and disappointed that no one here liked it (without drinking ;) ) guess I’ll need a drink. Her old stand up is not bad. Havens seen her films but I really like her skits. They remind me of key and peele skits because they are so random and unpredictable. I like how she pushes the line but since she’s a woman, pushes it about different things than male comics do. Normally I don’t watch stand up on Netflix but planning to watch her and chapelle soon as I can

  19. eggyweggs says:

    I am a liberal who checks the white lady box on the forms. Amy Schumer is touch-and-go for me. I’m willing to admit that sometimes she’s made me laugh and I liked her show OK, but her “Formation” video was a big ick for me and she seems to work extra hard to be so…extra.

    I am also a journalist and I resent her “Journalists, do better,” comment. Journalists — even entertainment journalists — have way more things to worry about than chasing some conspiracy theories about a web forum she obviously doesn’t understand. I’m not going to say she should STFU for all eternity, but her comment would be more effective if it was simply: “I am so proud of my special and grateful to all the people spreading love on line about it.”

  20. Bubble says:

    I saw the special and I thought it was just ok. (Background: I don’t like her nor her stand up, but her show can be very funny sometimes.)

    HOWEVER, I think it should be mentioned that her special had a big GUN CONTROL section in the second half. She talked about the two women who were shot at the theater during Trainwreck and dedicated her show to them.

    I applaud her for her work on gun control issues. My guess is that this topic brought more trolls out of the woodwork than would have ordinarily.

  21. Jeesie says:

    I mean, yes alt-right morons are trolling, but the special also sucked. The reviews are accurate.

  22. Mika says:

    I really, really, really wish there were more successful female comics. And I really, really, really want to like Amy Schumer. But she’s not. friggin. funny. IDK, it’s like she thinks making the grossest joke she can and talking about sex constantly makes her super feminist/liberal/”one of the guys”/etc, but everyone else is just waiting (hoping?) for the punchline that never comes.

  23. Bobafelty says:

    She is a joke stealer and not funny. Used to like her old stuff before I realized a lot of it was ripped off from other comics. Now she’s famous and under scrutiny and has to do all her own material…I was hoping her new special would prove people wrong and show her comic strengths. Instead it was terrible.

  24. Anilehcim says:

    I have to agree with other posters who say that she has an overinflated ego. No one that I know thought it was funny, and based on reviews here on CB and elsewhere, few people actually did.

    Personally I gave up on Amy’s comedy after she all but had a nervous breakdown after she was labelled “plus size” and she went on a disturbing tangent trying to prove to the world that she is a size 6. Amy’s humor is mostly self deprecating, but it isn’t really funny when you start to notice how self loathing she actually is. All this BS about how she makes fun of herself because she’s oh so thick skinned is exactly that–BS. She’s a cripplingly insecure woman who makes fun of herself before others can and she revolts manically whenever she is criticized.

  25. Lucy2 says:

    I too think it’s a little of column a and b. I don’t doubt there are people trolling her, but I think she probably earned a lot of those bad reviews fair and square.

  26. Al says:

    It’s hilarious. The trolls are for it because she does a VERY effective gun control riff. It’s hysterical!

  27. Chinoiserie says:

    I don’t know about this sitsuation but I think she needs to have better evidence that this is a conspiracy and that her show just isn’t liked.

    Side note, apparently Netflix is going to change to thumbs up/down system which I don’t like but I wonder if it would help compant grooming when some can’t just give one star rating. However then controversial shows are probably going to get more thumbs down than old 3 stars.

  28. Boodiba says:

    I guess I’m alone here, but I watched it & thought it was actually quite funny in some parts. I almost gave up on it, maybe 15min in, and then… My bf and I LOL-d together more than once. I’m not a fan, generally, but…

  29. Ana says:

    I saw her special and it was truly horrendous. I don’t know if there’s some sort of movement against her for reasons other than it being bad, but it is bad. And that being said, Netflix AND HBO do care about reviews, more than regular channels would, because they depend on mouth to mouth to increase and keep their subscribers. Good reviews make it more likely that someone will want to pay to see their content. But in Netflix case, the difference is they are aiming for such a wide audience that they know that some people will hate, and some people will love. So I’d say they care a little less about reviews, and a little more about keeping their titles in the media and social networks. They are likely happy about this development.

  30. Suxtobefamous says:

    I saw her comedy show on Netflix and it was terrible. I am not Alt-right. The show was just terrible. Like many comedians of her generation that are bit sheltered, she has no life experience. It’s just vagina joke after vagina joke. I don’t think that the Vag is that funny. And I’m sorry but when she talks about sex I just cringe. I don’t know how any man can have sex with her. She’s very unsexy. Her sex scene in Trainwreck was cringeworthy as well.

  31. poppy says:

    i am a fan but this particular show was not as funny as i hoped. i chalked it up to her being so much more busy with books and movies and self promotion and being a celebrity and in a full time relationship. also, as much as i like to laugh, stand up is not my thing.

    she was better off ignoring it (don’t feed the trolls and do not indulge a lazy press that tries to create news out of online reviews sort of philosophy). next time stick with hbo even if it is less money or whatever because her live shows sell out so why care?
    she cares way too much about the weirdest stuff, like how she is labeled and swears she doesn’t care when squawking incessantly about it which makes it fairly obvious she does care. too. much.
    she does a lot of justice for the things she feels passionate about. equality, gun control, et al. her comment on being happy because she could move freely in her own body (her dad has ms) was poignant and not heavy handed as the gun control bit was. even though it is serious and not funny at all, it had a more organic flow in relation to the whole routine.

    she needs to focus and get back to the writer’s table because that’s where she is at her best.

  32. kri says:

    It’s interesting how writers can be so sensitive-agendas are everywhere, I guess. No one wants to admit that have an agenda, or that maybe their work is shoddy. Or maybe even worse than shoddy that they are uninspiring, not very original, and rely on a core of sycophantic fans to inflate their ego and convince themselves that they are better than they are. Quite a few of that type around.

  33. Sparkle says:

    Haven’t seen the Netflix show, but I wonder if her & Chuck Schumer being cousins has something to do with the ‘organized trolls.’

  34. jerkface says:

    I’m just not that in to vagina jokes. Its like I have one but your jokes are making the vagina seem more complicated and messier than they really are and that lends to broseph culture that I am very much against. It is not a Jim Henson character that lives in your pants and it isn’t a foul monster that is mystifying to all of the worlds inhabitants.

    I never read reviews either. I don’t tend to care what other people think about entertainment.

  35. Danyella says:

    Troll, remember, is an “alt left” term for someone who disagrees with you.

  36. Miss Kittles says:

    She hasn’t been funny for awhile now. She used to be early in her career. But she hasn’t really evolved. I think a good comic can expand their comedy while staying true to their original selves (aka what made them famous). I don’t think she can tho.
    I honestly cannot name 1 good *newer comedian right now. And I’m not referring to anyone on SNL. They don’t do HBO specials, etc. I love Theo Von & think he’s Netflix special is hilarious but he always gets poor reviews.

  37. If Ms. Schumer considers herself a feminist and an anti-violence advocate, what does she have to say about Lil’ Bow Wow’s comments about pimping out Melania Trump?

  38. Ann Carter says:


    You are delusional. UTTERLY delusional. I enjoyed Trainwreck very much. Your Leather “special” was the closest thing to a school bus ride with a 7th grade boy who’s just learning about anatomy and tormenting everyone around him with his newly acquired knowledge. I would PAY netflix to TAKE IT OFF THE SERVICE…if I were you. Stop listening to sycophants. IT’S not the ALT RIGHT….it SUCKED…
    I hope it was a onetime thing. For your sake. Wake up, Amy.

  39. Caz says:

    Amy Schumer is unfunny & unlikeable. Her Aus tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Sometimes the truth can’t be ignored. Nothing to do with her being female, her political persuasion or dress size.

  40. Beezwax says:

    I was a big fan until a friend dragged me to her arena show, ugh! One hour tops, of “feel sorry for me, fans come up to me on the street and invade my personal space”, I truly was no longer a fan after the show and the Old Navy commercials clinched it, retire Amy and fade into obscurity.

  41. LAK says:

    That may be true, but she is not funny.

  42. Danielle says:

    I saw an older special of hers before train wreck and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also liked train wreck. I have found her thin skinned comments and constant complaining since that time to be off putting though. The size six and plus sized comments were super annoying because it made her look delusional and was insulting to larger women.

  43. Shark Bait says:

    I find her and Lena exhausting.