TMZ: Brad Pitt & Angelina’s divorce is not stalled, there is no talk of reconciliation

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Kim Kardashian West gets lunch at "Cipriani" with Scott Disick before going on a shopping spree

Last week, Us Weekly had some fun with their cover story, claiming that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce is “stalled” and that they’re both sort of figuring things out. Meaning that perhaps they could get back together or consciously uncouple or something less drastic. While Gossip Cop’s sources threw shade on the story, E! News ended up having Us Weekly’s back. E! News said something similar a few days later, which was that the divorce is absolutely stalled and no one knows if Brad and Angelina will be moving forward with it. Now TMZ says all of that is bulls–t.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are deep in divorce talks, and there is NO talk of reconciliation, contrary to some media reports. Several stories have surfaced recently suggesting the divorce is on hold and they are thinking of rebooting the relationship. Sources connected to the couple say nothing could be further from the truth.

We’re told both sides are hashing out both child custody and property settlements, and the divorce is full steam ahead. One reason they will never get back together … Angelina made extremely damaging allegations against Brad, claiming he was abusive to their kids. The investigations triggered by the allegations ultimately exonerated Pitt.

Brad hasn’t hidden his feeling about the children — they’re at the top of his priority list, so it seems they’re at the point of no return in terms of reconciling.

[From TMZ]

TMZ is all about being the official home for celebrity men’s rights (see also: Johnny Depp), so it definitely feels like this is coming out of Brad’s camp, especially with this: “Angelina made extremely damaging allegations against Brad.” They make it sound like she just sat around, plotting and manipulating some situation or lie. Something actually went down on that plane and it fundamentally changed their marriage and all six of the kids, all of whom are now meeting with therapists. Whatever happened was so major that Brad sought some kind of outpatient rehab and now he speaks in weird 12-step-speak. Angelina is still really pissed about whatever happened on that plane too, so yeah, it’s not surprising that the divorce is still on. I think the “stalled” or “possibly reconciling” stories were coming out of the fact that Angelina and Brad are speaking to each other a little bit more now. Plus, the divorce negotiations probably are happening at a snail’s pace.

Kim Kardashian West gets lunch at "Cipriani" with Scott Disick before going on a shopping spree

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  1. Alix says:

    My guess is that Brad would reconcile, but Angelina? Never.

    • Savasana Lotus says:

      I think what went down on the plane was he got drunk and belligerently ended there marriage in front of their children. He must have said some very hurtful things to her, shocking and emotionally devastating his kids. Based on their marriage vows and admissions by both, they fought to the point of separation more than once. This was a very strong initial attraction and conquest on both sides where the rate at which children arrived outgrew that rate at which the relationship grew together. IMO they grew apart or rather were not really compatible at all and the relationship died before the band-aid wedding. As with many relationships that don’t work, and kids are involved, there’s a big blow up/catalyst to finally end it for good and things get ugly for a substantial period revealing that they were NOT at all on the same path.

      • poop says:

        that’s a lot of speculation for someone who knows nothing about these people’s relationship.

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        Poop. Right. And the person I am replying to is not speculating(?) I’ll assume you agree with Alix’s speculation even though Alix “knows nothing about these people’s relationship” either. You just don’t agree with my speculation so you use this old quote that could be used in reply to anyone here to put me in my place

      • Snickers says:

        @poop you have to read between the lines in the @Savasana post.

        As usual there are many women still bitter and angry about them even being together in the first place. It’s a fascinating pathology.

        These are women who have a need to do a complete erasure and deletion of their 12yr long relationship. What was admirable, influential and good about their love and relationship, for example, the way in which they were cohesive and worked together and accomplished so many great things that helped the less fortunate in the world- is never brought up.

        For most people that would be enough to refrain from these complete erasure tactics.

        As if, if they spend too much time on all the wonderful accomplishments and beautiful things said about them as a couple, it would destroy the narrative they’re trying to create, which is: woman scorned as usual, golden boy wanted to take a powder, so scorned woman falsely accuses him because scorned woman is evil.

        The need to dis-empower Angelina is strong too. We saw it in the many memes in the days and hours after it was announced they suddenly separated (i.e., thanks Marion Cotilliard, the bish had it coming! 101 Aniston laughing gifs, etc). That’s really what is at the core.

        It reminds me of how Trump feels about President Obama.

        Just wants a complete deletion/erasure of his Presidency. To undo it. Even the obsession with needing to do it feels the same.

        There must be the same hollow feeling too, kind of like what must be the feeling you get after after you scrap an Obama era regulation that stops a pesticide that causes brain damage in infants (this is a real thing). Yea, you’ve done it..but to what end?

        Back to Brad and Angie..

        So okay, they’ve succeeded in living to see the relationship end- FINALLY, and 12YRS later they get to make up favorite scenarios that make them feel better (woman scorned, scorned, SCORNED i tellz ya! No mere woman EVER breaks it off. The man ends it, always!) , but in the end, it only says a a great deal about you- and not very good things, and no one ANYWHERE is better for you having created an unconfirmed fantasy/lie that you think improves your own reality.

      • ash says:

        @poop (that name wow)
        honestly this is the point of a gossip site…. to speculate and offer opinions and then track the theories for the truth in between….. dont kill the fun this morning

        @savasana great analysis, i could see that…the truth is probably somewhere within that

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        @Snickers. I agree that a 12 year relationship is a success. The fact they survived that long in the white hot glare of fame on the level it was with six kids is a triumph. But it’s over. I like them both and wish them both well. AND they are both human and both have problems and neither is without flaws. Both are overcoming substance abuse etc. she seems grounded and well adjusted enough to be primary caregiver and even appears comfortable in public which I admire. It’s all good. I don’t have to hate him to like her.

      • Snickers says:


        Of course it most probably is over, even though there have been several CB threads and tabloid/weekly speculation to the contrary in recent days that have garnered a lot of angsty posts.

        That however isn’t the point.

        The point was that based on no evidence, and a complete disregard of what Angelina has implied caused the split you’ve created a scenario which doesn’t address Brad’s alcohol/substance addiction, his drug/alcohol testing, his not being a custodial parent, and his continued personal and family therapy to ultimately gain back more responsibility.

        Bringing up Angelina’s wild child days is cute snark, but is inappropriate and confirms your bias. Very obviously Angelina’s substance abuse as a young girl, is long in her past – if it wasn’t, she wouldn’t be the primary custodial parent either. No one has accused Angelina of being a raging drunk on a plane and having physical altercations with her children. Your need to equate Angelina with Brad and put them both on this even playing field in terms of behavior and responsibility on that plane, is very odd.

        I never said you had to hate him to like her. It’s very clear you like him, and are more than happy to denigrate her to exculpate him. My point was, that seems misogynistic, and designed to dis-empower her as a woman. It also is designed to damage her character because you infer she accused him falsely and split with her kids to assuage her ego.

        It seems the many agencies and courts would have been able to recognized that straight off and the therapy, drug testing and current custody arrangements wouldn’t exist.

        But whatever makes your world go round. My point is that, it takes nothing away from Brad, to admit he was struggling with a disease. It could happen to any of us. People are dying every day because of addiction – Brad himself has recently lost close friends.

        It’s my belief when you ignore the havoc and danger that drugs and alcohol can do unchecked, and ignore the real problem and culprit which is most likely addiction (in a gleeful rush to set Angelina up as the scorned witch/puppetmaster, devising Brad’s downfall), it’s actually a dangerous thing.

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        @snickers. AGAIN. I like ‘em both. It’s not that deep for me. ITS just gossip. I’m not as invested as you are. I enjoy their movies. They’re talented, interesting artists. I don’t see either as “dangerous”. Just entertainers who are imperfect like the rest of us. I assume she would not have spent $10MIL on a house a mile away from him if he were dangerous. She seems to trust him.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Speculate to your heart’s content. It is gossip. Anyone who accuses anyone else of speculation as they speculate…weird. lol

    • bluhare says:

      Nope. I think this was a screen to stop all the bad talk about her. And it worked.

      • Snickers says:

        Not really, there were lots of women like you suggesting she was behind it all to stop “all the bad talk about her,” all last week. They were going in on her 10x harder. Still are.

        I think “all the bad talk about her,” would have eventually tapered off and been forgotten about.

        No one was investigating her. No 3-4 agencies. No one suggested new custody arrangements. No implications that she attacked, verbally or otherwise, a child.

        I mean just read the post up top from sansvana. Brad did all of that, still doesn’t have custody, is in some kind of modified rehab for addiction and there are reams of women more than happy to not only forget what he did in totality, but also who will insist a scorned evil woman is the culprit.

        Based on that, Angelina’s casting game to audition kid leads, is kind of on the tame side. So I’m sure it would have died down by now. Then again she is a woman, and Angelina Jolie at that, so THE NEED to keep attacking HER is sooooo much stronger than it ever was for Brad supposedly traumatizing his own kid(s) and putting them in therapy.

        Women were exculpating him same day and blaming his wife for his troubles.

      • LadyT says:

        Ok Snickers aka Almondmilk- I’m calling you and your BS out.
        You wrote: “I mean just read the post up top from sansvana…more than happy to not only forget what he did in totality, but also who will insist a scorned evil woman is the culprit.”
        She no more said this than the man in the moon. I’m not interested in further debate of this issue. We can all read.

      • magnoliarose says:

        bluhare I agree totally.

      • bluhare says:

        Hahaha, LadyT. I was going to ask when she switched candy bars!

    • cara says:

      I would NEVER reconcile with a man that hit his child, as Brad did.

  2. smcollins says:

    Glad that’s cleared up. Until next week…

  3. Jamieee says:

    Duh. Between the VF interview and the first denial of this story, it couldn’t be clearer that almost a year on there’s still a ton of animosity on both sides.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts spilling over again as things progress. They’re both barely holding back whatever it is they want to say about each other, and it seems like they haven’t even gotten to the really contentious stuff in their divorce yet.

    • Snickers says:


      Oh I think it could be MUCH clearer if there ‘were a ton of animosity on both sides.’
      In fact, I think it would look a lot like Brad’s first split with his first ex, who actually expressed animous in detail in numerous magazines and on Oprah for years after their split.

      When people say they’re all about caring for their family, that they care about each other and are healing their family and when the poor put upon husband implores people to watch his wife’s film and speaks glowingly, it’s actually the opposite of animous.

    • cara says:

      Whatever the problem was, whether it be alcohol or drugs or both, started only last summer. This wasn’t a long going problem like some try and say. They seemed very happy with each other until the big “blow-up” on the plane. There are pictures of them in Cambodia all over each other, and other candids taken when they in LA with Shiloh where a store camera shows them hugging and hanging all over each other, and this was only last July.

      I can’t imagine what he did, but whatever it was, Angie was having no more of it. He was dumped, and for Brad Pitt, this was probably a first.

  4. JustStahhhpp says:

    Jeez…you really have been at the Kool-aid. SHE LIED. FFS.

    • Noelle says:

      Saying something in capital letters doesn’t make it true.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I think a lot of it was overblown. There was some kind of confrontation on that plane , but not Brad beating his kid as some would like you to believe. I do feel Angie and her people definitely tried to smear him with ‘leaks’ to TMZ, namely that he drunkenly commandeered a fuel truck and pissed on the tarmac, or that he had a habit of soliciting Russian hookers or that he knocked up Marion Cotillard. Angie’s lawyer is Laura Wasser, who is known to give scoop to TMZ so it’s not difficult to believe she had a hand in those stories. Hell, a few months prior to the brangelina split, we were all giving Wasser hell for leaks she made to TMZ on behalf of wife beater Johnny Depp.

      • tracking says:

        I don’t think those were all leaks coming from her camp, but she definitely wanted people to know that something bad happened on that plane and that the split was Pitt’s fault. Given how successful they’ve been at keeping everything locked down for years, and Wasser’s relationship with TMZ, I totally believe that one. I do think she felt she deserved solo custody, for a number of reasons (seems he’d been pretty absent since their marriage), and this was a strategy to get it. I also do think she did not want to be tied to LA, and wanted to be free to go wherever she wanted with the kids.

      • bluhare says:

        Your sentence directly contradicts itself, tracking.

        don’t think those were all leaks coming from her camp, but she definitely wanted people to know that something bad happened on that plane and that the split was Pitt’s fault.

        So if she wanted people to know, and the leaks weren’t coming from her camp where were they coming from?

      • tracking says:

        I meant the Russian hookers and Cotillard rumors, bluhare.

      • Luna says:

        The Russian hookers and Marion Colliard rumors didn’t come from TMZ. They were written by Page Six. And I don’t believe she started those Russian hooker rumors. I do believe she and her lawyers were behind the TMZ stories. The rest- private eyes and Russian hookers sounds ridiculous and false.

      • Goats on the Roof says:


        You’re right. The Marion thing wasn’t TMZ. Doesn’t really change my point. Wasser is known to leak to tmz, there were very damaging plants made about Brad to tmz, and I think Angie was very complicit in making Brad out to be an abusive coke monster. In the fallout from the split, there were stories about “more than just alcohol and weed” and that Brad was being investigated for incidents of abuse against his other children as well, which also turned out to be false. It was a smear campaign.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Oh goodie, a lawyer leaking privileged information to the press. How is that ethical, even with the client’s consent? Spilling shaite on the other one. A lawyer. Mind boggles.

      • Snickers says:


        I never heard of half this stuff. Then again I don’t read Page Six. Accuracy and truth isn’t their strong suit I’ve heard that.

        I’d remind everyone that if you’re dealing with an addict of alcohol, booze, steroids, weed, coke or all of the above, one that’s resistant to therapy and sobriety and who is in denial…then keeping secrets and protecting their reputation isn’t and shouldn’t be your priority.

        In fact, it could be quite dangerous. I’m sure there were signs Brad’s good friend Chris Cornell had slipped back into addiction, lest his wife wouldn’t have been checking in on him like a toddler every hour on the hour to have known he was possibly in danger.

        Would he still be here if she had demanded he get treatment, threatened to leave and take the kids? We will never know.

        My point is, Angelina’s obligation was to the safety of her kids first and foremost, and then to encourage and enable Brad’s sobriety if he was ever going to be a responsible custodial parent. The latter is hard to do with addicts, they are resistant, belligerant, angry and in denial. Her only leverage was his behavior and the truth of what happened. She used the opportunity he unfortunately presented her/them with, as leverage to get him into therapy, tested, and on the road to sobriety. One day he will thank her.

        Her covering for him doesn’t help him or their fanily. No one knew Cornell was back into it. They kept that locked down. That wasn’t good.

        Angelina has always been a straight shooter- she can’t help herself. Why would she stop, when her kids and Brad suddenly needed that from her the most?

      • Goats on the Roof says:


        Why’d you stop posting as almond joy? Other than that, I’m not interested in engaging with you.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Of course it is overblown. She leaks and has before and he leaks. Or their people but both sides do it. He was cleared and they don’t clear anyone just because they are famous. He would have been charged. Something happened but not beating or something so bad to be arrested.

      • cara says:

        @Goats on the Roof: Brad admitted it was his fault, whatever happened that destroyed his family. Of course he still whined like a little girl. I’ve lost all respect for him as a man. Angie is too strong for him, she would not put up with a whining child as her partner.

  5. Talie says:

    I think a lot of people were right that her side was pushing the story to clear up her messy PR situation. I don’t think she’s figured out how to exist outside of Brangelina yet…she needs a stronger team like Brad. She can’t do it on her own anymore…the media landscape has shifted dramatically.

    • Maya says:

      Last year had shown the world that the media will always be in the man’s side. It doesn’t matter he misbehaved, is a racist, sexist, verbally and physically abused wome – the man will always be forgiven.

      But if the woman does one thing wrong, she will be crusified and cancelled by people.

      So yeah the media landscape has totally changed and women now have to fight harder to prove themselves.

    • Felicia says:

      I agree with you. She’s very good at shifting the focus but in the past she would do so by going on a humanitarian trip. Presumably she can’t take the kids out of the country without Pitt’s ok as things stand. And going off and leaving them behind with nannies would probably be very damaging, both to her custody demands and her image.

      Pitt’s camp seems to be very clear on the “never going to happen” message they’ve been putting across. However, if you search “Jolie” the top results are all about this story and have pushed the Cambodian casting process articles off the front page. I suppose she’s counting on people having a short memory but I wonder how she’s going to manage at TIFF because it will surely come up and she doesn’t seem to have the same “my way or the highway” power over the press as she once did.

      • Noelle says:

        Well everyone and their dog has written her off. Looking at the comments on TMZ and the Daily Mail (I know) there are hundreds of people saying her career is over and she will never get another job. Brad has won in every respect. It makes me want her to succeed – she really is the David against the media/fan favourite Pitt Goliath!

      • Luna says:

        TMZ and Daily Mail comments are always vile and sexiest so why would use two cesspools to prove anything. That’s like saying a celebrity’s career is over because comments on YouTube said so.

      • bluhare says:

        Exactly, Luna. The DM commenters think Trump’s a hero for saying what he said.

      • Carmen says:

        Brad won in every respect but one — he lost his family in the process. I doubt it’s any big loss to him though. They were more a prop to feed his vanity as Hollywood’s Number One Dad than anything else. And I always felt he took that King and Queen of Hollywood bullshit much more seriously than she did. He needs the adulation to feed his ego. She doesn’t.

      • Snickers says:


        Say what?! Omg. Lol

        So she was “shifting focus,” from something going on in her life when she’d go on each UNHCR Ambassador and Special Envoy field visit over the last 16-17 years? It’s got to be in the hundreds. Are all of those deflections?

        Just an FYI: pretty sure how it works is that the UN, lets her know where she is needed and she goes as her schedule affords. I’m also certain her field visits are known quantities and tentatively scheduled months in advance since she leads a busy complex life.

        So unless a man made or natural disaster occurs that requires she go somewhere quickly, I don’t think she calls them up and says, ‘a tabloid is running a bad story about me, send me to Iraq please.’ That field visit you see to Myanmar today was most likely scheduled last year

        Also Angelina has been out of the country with the kids a few times since Brad’s incident, and my guess is they’ll always have to get each others ‘ok,’ whether together or apart.

        There still seems to be this weird underlying notion in a lot of sexist posts, that Maleficent is stealing the kids away from Brad. Her “custody demands,” you write, as if wanting your children’s father to not be a raging drunk in a car, plane or boat when he has them by himself is a “demand.”

        The custody arrangement was always meant to be temporary until which time Brad has sobriety. Obviously, still in therapy, he doesn’t have it yet. But contrary to your opinion, I’m sure Angelina would love her kids father in their life and healthy- the sooner the better as I’m sure she would appreciate the help.

        I’m sure Angelina will be fine at TIFF, in TO, Canada, her film is about man’s inhumanity to man, and the perseverance of the Cambodian people, and is important to her and her son – i doubt she’ll be waylaid by things that don’t matter and gossip – it’s not TrumpUSA


      • Felicia says:

        In order of your questions/paragraphs:

        1. Not all. Some were and it’s something that has been commented about in the press.
        2. The UN is happy to take what it can get in regards to fundraising. Many of the public announcements concerning this country or the next “donating” X amount never happen. You have an inflated view of how the UN works.
        3. See above. Also, a trip to Myanmar, you can get a visa online if you need one, in three days. I’ve been there several times. If she’s doing one there on a UN passport via the UN, it’s probably even less time.
        4. Paragraph 4. Yes, unless one is stripped of custody.
        5. “Custody demands” means what she is asking for. There is no emotional attachment to the term.
        6. I have no idea and neither do you as we are not intimately involved.
        7. Again, assumptions. See point number 6.
        8. Glad you think so. And maybe that will be true. But Pitt has leverage over the press (if what Lainey said is actually true) that Jolie doesn’t. As I said, if they have skin in the game towards Pitt, he can use that to completely screw her over. Maybe he’ll do that, maybe he won’t. Netflix is in the middle and he’d be shutting off a revenue stream to satisfy his ego by torpedoeing her film. And he could… if he’s lined the press up in such a way that it’s in their benefit.

        Freebie: that’s one of the dangers in attempting to make people take sides. It might not be your’s because your side is not the one that the bread is buttered on. And I think Pitt may have sewn that up as far as the celebrity press goes. It’s not a “who’s right, who’s wrong” discussion here, that’s irrelevant to what I’m saying. Both play the press whether you care to admit it or not. But “bringing awareness” in a humanitarian sense relies on the press actually caring about your life. If you don’t get coverage, no one will be made aware. Pitt, if he really did make the deal Lainey spoke of, has put himself in a position to dictate Me OR Her.

      • Snickers says:


        1)I’ve been following Angelina for years. There’s really no need to lie about how her enunerable UN field visits are received. There’s such a thing as consensus. If she wasn’t the genuine article her industry wouldn’t recognize as her as such, ditto the Queen of England and the Pope. She’s also consistently ranked worldwide as one of the most admired and influential women in the world.

        2)i have no idea what your no. 2 means. You seem to be talking about money and donations which i don’t even reference and could take up a separate post altogether. The hundreds I referred to are her field visits and trips since roughly 2000-2001. It also appears you’re accusing her and Brad Pitt of promising funds and not delivering. Can you link to that. I’ve never read that about them ever. In fact the entire Fox network back in 2004 went after her and tried to disprove her 1/3rd income donations and ultimately apologized and state it was accurate.

        3)don’t know how your Myanmar booking info pertains to my point: which is she’s a mother of six, actress and director who has her own busy and complex life which in the last several years has included major medical and procedures. I used Myanmar as an example. It could be anywhere. My point is you’d like her to be the reactionary sort who schedules a trip to a war torn area to deflect. When the fact is, as one of the most famous women in the world she could deflect by literally walking into a restaurant on sunset blvd with Jeffrey Jay-Z Emmett wearing something that isn’t black. Think.

        4) i don’t know ask Brad. Maybe only he needs her permission, but I doubt it.

        5)”Custody Demands” is not legalese. Perhaps what you meant was ‘custody arrangement’ while her allegedly addicted husband is in treatment.

        6 ) ?

        7) Again, ? as referenced in 6.

        8) I don’t get what you’re rambling on about here – but I think the gist is that although Brad may be a non custodial alcoholic substance abuser trying to stay clean, heal with his children and pass muster with the courts he has more leverage with magazines owned by Conde Nast. Um okay? Pretty sure her magazines sell more copies. I think that always wins the day. Don’t think he’d ever make an enemy of her and his family either. Not just because he cares for them, but because they know what happened.

        Freebie: Yea, ok that worked out so well with his last ex, eh?? He really buried her, shut her right up. Lol. Look, I get that the Team mentality is hard to kill. Angelina Vs everyone is what gets juices flowing from the usual suspects. I guess some women just love to fantasize a Brad and Angelina ongoing war, where he stays a substance abuser drunk with power with his foot on her neck. Thanks Dad, you’re #1. They don’t like or want a good healthy ending for these two or their kids. They’ve been wishing a Mommy Dearest novel since Shiloh’s birth. They never thought it’d be Daddy Dearest. So whatever, keep pushing that theme.

        Bottomline: Pitt is far less interesting without her than she is without him. We had to read too many pieces over the years that said he was her succubus, fashioning an identity off her back. Many posters defending him now, and slamming her, said it on the regular. I of course disagreed, but that’s his reality. It’s not a diss. It’s just a fact. Angelina Jolie will be fine. Ask AMPAS or the Queen of England. She leaves as she came in. Strong and capable with her own identity and humanitarian activism.

      • Dippit says:

        Her UN visit are usually arranged within a short timeframe and often at her request.

    • truth hurts says:

      So how did she function before she met him? Angelina didn’t leak a story about a reunification to distract from a nonexistent feud with VF. Wtf? She is not a child and just as PR savvy as he and his team. The difference between them is Pitt is all about team Pitt as her lawyer stated no matter what. Plus the media and most of the public was always willing to bury her and elevate him even if it was 25 years later behind that scandal.
      Any sane person reading his GQ interview can see he is the one with the messed up personality. Selfish and arrogant. All this Mr nice guy to other people is crap. So is Angie. She has never been mean to anyone. It’s the facade that he claimed to be tired of but revels in it to get what he wants. Like I have said since 05, HE was her biggest mistake in life and I believe she found out years ago and stayed in that household for those children’s sake and resist a public storm until he took it too far. Now he is either paying her or has her gagged to keep from spilling the beans. Or he gave her the kids.
      It is very unlike Angelina to just sit at home and be Mrs. Mom. Then she speaks to Marianne Pearl about not being able to travel like she wants for personal reasons leaves me to believe something is going on that is holding her down.
      One thing for sure she is mending that fence with Jon V that they started long before this and it wasn’t Brad’s idea like the media is spinning. Did she know how to spell before she met God?
      All this talk about different things will only make her presence at TFF more festive and out of controlled media.
      Lastly but not least. If two teenage boys refuse to speak to you for X amount of months resulting from whatever happened on that plane, does that mean Angie told lies about an altercation and not being happy with him being a d#ck when he drinks and used drugs? Idk somebody other than me sees this as protecting her kids and making sure God gets help for his problems before he can spend time with our kids, I mean help me out with this one.

      • Artemis says:

        HE was her biggest mistake in life

        Mmm, spill it. When I saw the BTS footage of MAMS, I had 2nd hand embarrassment. Pitt was in love but acting like a damn fool. Jolie should’ve peeped that MARRIED 40 yo walking talking midlife crisis and moved on from it instead of falling for it. Or hit it and quit it if you must have the peen!

        Pitt only briefly followed her actively on charity work too, ducking out real quick when the backlash settled down a bit. Why a woman would want to be with a man who clearly does not know himself and would’ve said and done anything to appease her, I don’t know. How could she be so blind??? I never believed the hype of those two. He’s not evil or anything but their relationship didn’t make no damn sense when you look at how they conducted themselves in the public in the years when they got their children.

      • Amanduh says:

        “Hit it and quit it if you must have the peen!”
        I love this!! So poetic…I want it on a shirt! lol

    • Polly says:

      I agree. She needs to hire someone to help with her PR because her current approach is not working.

      • tracking says:

        They both hired PR firms after the split. Her strategy is clearly stressing “hands on mom” with lots of public outings with the kids. Whereas he sees the kids quietly at his home, no photos since the split. They’re both playing the PR game; she just made some missteps in the one interview (and with the scorched earth tactics early on).

      • Snickers says:

        Hi Polly

        I’ve read it’s much more important to women to be ‘liked, ‘ by their sex, than it is for men. Occasionally women will come along who DGAF, Angelina is one of them. Elizabeth Taylor was another. Also, Marilyn Monroe.

        These were women whose success in life was never dependent on women they didn’t know adoring them. They also had enough die hards across the spectrum and around the world that keeps them buoyed.

        Thats why people cackling out loud or behind their hands when Handler would repeatedly go in on how evil she was, only supported her 800 million dollar take as Maleficent. It was like, keep calling me a demon witch, bish…and thank you.

        Men, and sane people of both genders, including her own industry, really don’t take her casting and audition process as the most vile trickery ever. It may seem like it if you are still bitter since 2005, live on FF, or DM- but they’re cesspools of misogyny.

      • bluhare says:

        I disagree that Angelina Jolie does not care if women like her. She cares in that they are the ones most likely to buy tickets to her film. If she alienates them they will vote with their feet, and I think that’s what she’s afraid of happening. So perhaps she doesn’t care about what women think, per se. But she certainly cares about their money.

        And if she doesn’t care if women like her, why?

      • Snickers says:


        I’ll repeat what I said. There are some women who’s success in life has never been attributed to being adored by women, she is one of those. She’s not America’s sweetheart, and neither was Monroe, Taylor, Gardner or Kate Hepburn.

        Just to be clear, because I said I’ve read most women seek to be liked by other women, that doesn’t mean I meant Angelina is proactively looking to not be liked by women and actively looking to be like by men.

        I meant she’s an authentic person in her skin, and she’s not going to change herself to get someone of either sex to like her.

        I think of all the things that drive her haters (almost always women) crazy, this is among the top three.

        That’s why you’ll see her ascribed stereotypical motivations that we’re used to seeing women get tagged with – whereas longtime Angelina fans know she’s not even built that way.

    • Lady D says:

      “She can’t do it on her own anymore…” If there is one woman who can take care of herself, it’s Angie.

    • Carmen says:

      What Lady D said. She existed fine before she met Brad. She doesn’t need him as much as he needs her. He’s still riding the wave of “poor Brad” sympathy and feeding like a leech off it. Once the divorce is finalized, though, and everybody’s moved on to whatever’s trending then, I have a feeling he’s going to be very much at a loose end and will fill up his existence with booze and transient relationships.

      • Artemis says:

        Nah. Pitt never felt the brunt of his divorce from Aniston and that went on for a decade. He’ll find somebody else, I bet ya an arty person who is low-profile and settle down again. He’s not the type to have loose relationships, maybe for a while and undercover but he’s clearly always deeply in love with when he meets somebody who he wants to be with officially. That’s been consistent throughout his whole life, a string of engagements and intense long-term relationships. See Johnny Depp too.

        Even though he’s manipulating the press, one thing a lot of these men who have a midlife crisis don’t do, is cry to a magazine/their audience. His team is smart, he cut out his heart and presented it to us whether it’s fake or real. It makes a point. Meanwhile people like Depp are delusional about their image and ruin themselves. Pitt is so much more aware and in tune about his flaws and how to sell them as an advantage.

      • Carmen says:

        The difference, though, is that Pitt dumped Aniston. Jolie dumped him.

    • Felicia says:

      1. If you’ve been following her for years, then you’ve read the same articles which praise her media savvy by changing the focus. Humanitatian trips were specifically mentioned. No need to call me a liar when I’m referring to something written, published and easily findable online. I didn’t write them, I’m simply referring to what has been said more than once.
      2. “Countries that pledge funds but don’t deliver”. Jolie and Pitt are not a country last time I checked. My point being, the UNHCR is chronically underfunded. If AJ calls them up and says “I want to be in Myanmar in 3 days” and it brings in donations, the UNHCR is not going to say no.
      3. She wouldn’t get the same “above reproach” shifting of focus. It’s very smart actually.
      4. No point in arguing this, we both seem to be in agreement that California law is what it is.
      5. “Custody demands”. I never claimed to be a lawyer and have never been divorced so I have no idea if it’s legalese or not. It is however, a commonly used term that refers to what has been asked for when filing for divorce. She’s demanding one thing, he’s demanding something different.
      6, 7. It’s an assumption that it was only meant to be temporary. That’s not what her divorce filing asked for though.
      8. The gist is that regardless of what Pitt is or what he did, he made a deal with the press. If they are put into the position of having to choose between A or B, they will choose B. It’s in their own best interests. Putting aside whether it’s right or wrong, fair or not fair, having the ability to throttle down the number of outlets the other person has access to, or in a worst case scenario, the type of coverage that person gets (+ or -) is a long term advantage when you live in a world where image and visibility directly correlates to how much work you get. You may remember they did the same thing with People or whoever it was that got the first pix of Shiloh. Part of the deal was never writing negative things about them or their family. Like it or not, Pitt has probably gone the same route here.

      Freebie. Aniston is not part of this discussion or part of this divorce and ensuing media catfight.

    • cara says:

      @Talia: Angie is the strong one, Brad is the weakling. Brad said many times how he admired Angie’s strength. She will come out of the divorce just fine, Brad, he’ll whine for a few years while trying to act the “young stud” until he’s at least 60. IMHO, Brad will never recover from this blow. He’ll prance around and change hair styles and have more cosmetic surgeries, but he’s through as an actor. His last few films bombed. He’s a better Producer than actor.

  6. Nicole says:

    Uh yea we all called this. The reconciliation got us to stop talking about VF. It was so transparent.

  7. Maya says:

    SHE did not accuse him of anything, SHE did not call the Social Services and SHE did not do a smear campaign to ruin his reputation.

    However, SHE did speak to the social services and told that Brad was not physically violent on that plane. SHE did insist that they stick by the judges order to follow the independent therapists recommendations. SHE agreed to his constantly changing of the therapists (7 of them) and yet all of those sided with her and said the children are not ready to be alone with him.

    On the other hand, HE did do something horrible on that plane, HE admitted to verbally abuse and also got nose to nose with his 15 year old son, HE admitted to being an alcoholic and drug user for most of his life, HE admitted that he was the reason for the breakup of their family.

    I don’t judge Brad for his issues and applaud him for seeking help but I will never look at him the same way after he used his media contacts to ruin Angelina’s reputation. More importantly, he didn’t do anything even when people cruelly attacked his children especially his son. He choose his image of his wife’s and his children and that is one reason I will never fully support him again.

    I get why Angelina is still angry at him because he choose alcohol over his family and that must hurt really badly. These two may end up back together but it will take a long time for them to be the same couple they were before the plane incident.

    Hopefully Angelina is looking into suing TMZ because they are boldly claiming she accused him when she didn’t.

    • Nicole says:

      lol I never know what to do with these comments.

    • Honey says:

      How do you always know all the facts in Angies life? You must be a family member or good friend of hers.

      Brad admitted in interviews that he’s been a heavy drinker since he was in his 20s. They were together for years before they were married and must’ve noticed he was a drinker.

      If she was able to sue TMZ, there would be nothing but lawsuits from celebrities who don’t like the stories told about them in tabloids

      • Felicia says:

        Really the list of possibilities as to who called isn’t that long and the aviation company as well as any nanny aboard would have already produced receipts to prove it wasn’t them under threat of being sued for breaking their NDA’s. Doesn’t leave many other people aboard that plane.

      • LadyT says:

        I don’t think an NDA means you can’t call authorities in a perceived emergency situation. That just doesn’t seem legal, ethical or logical. That may seem like I’m defending Angie who is not my favorite person—just keeping it real. I have no clue who called. It could have been anyone.

      • Felicia says:

        I think that if Pitt had threatened the aviation company and an eventual crew member with a lawsuit, he would definitely have a leg to stand on. And an aviation company that habitually shuttles around celebrities can’t afford to be seen as indiscreet or they will have no clients. You can bet that the mere threat of a messy and public lawsuit would have them scrambling to produce whatever they need to produce to avoid it.

        The configuration of the plane they were on would pretty much exclude having a nanny aboard, it wasn’t that big. But on the off chance there was one, she would be out of a job and she would be in court. I’m not talking right or wrong in this case, I’m pointing out that neither party, or anyone who needs an NDA for that matter, can allow the employees who are working in their home to choose for themselves when or if a legal written document concerning the privacy of a family/person they have signed can be ignored. You set a precedent and that can become a very slippery slope depending on who is or ends up working for you. It’s a recipe for disaster and people who do that are made an example of so it doesn’t happen again. Pitt, at the very least, would have made that effort if such had been the case.

      • Artemis says:

        Doesn’t leave many other people aboard that plane.

        Jacques did it. He’still deep undercover and informing Jolie about Pitt’s coming and goings :)

      • Felicia says:

        :) He’s leaving poop-a-grams in Morse code on the white couch! Lol

      • Artemis says:

        @Felicia: Dusty taught him well. They’re clearly running that place :)

      • Lady D says:

        If it wasn’t Jacques it was Phax Jolie Pitt.
        Wasn’t Angie’s brother on that plane, too? It might have been him that placed the call.

      • cara says:

        @Artemis: It’s more likely Jacques is communicating with Brad about Angie’s comings and goings. Angie seems better than ever, it’s Brad who looks like death warmed over.

    • Lascivious says:

      Hi Maya, this is slightly off-topic, but I have a couple of questions, if you feel like answering them.
      I don’t post on them, but follow the AJ/BP threads, and can see that you are a true Angelina fan. Your unwavering commitment and support are evident. Even my closest personal relationships don’t inspire such passionate trust, so your energy intrigues me, and I’d like to find out more. Is this just the way you are–passionate in all your relationships–or is this level of committed support inspired only by Ms Jolie? Have you been a fan since her first movie, or did a specific event inspire your passion?
      Thanks in advance.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Not gonna engage with the whole novel here, but no self-respecting therapist “takes a side” in a marital dispute.

  8. Mia 4s says:

    Brad…sorry….Brad’s camp, needs to be careful. Maddox will be 18 in what? Two years? Very soon if he wants to speak he will, with little say from either parent. I don’t think he will have flattering things to say about the past few years with his father.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Sorry, duplicate

    • roses says:

      I agree with this regarding Maddox and Pax is what a couple of years behind him? The kids will not be able to be silenced once they turn of age. Hopefully things will improve with the family down the line.

    • Sushi says:

      They will only believe him if he speaks ill of his mother. Otherwise, they will write she bewitches him to say bad things about their father.

    • Artemis says:

      He will never. Jolie once said, when her mother was still alive around 2006-2007 that she doesn’t trust anybody fully, including her mother. If those kids speak out, it will only be if Jolie is fine with it being in the public. I think if Jolie wants to keep it hidden, those kids would never betray her trust and hurt her. There are more children than him and Pax so to put the little ones at risk of scrutiny, would be unlikely. Maddox seems overly mature from a young age going by what Jolie herself has said so believe it or not, some people are sensitive enough to think about others’ needs first.

      Disclaimer: ignore this comment for future reference when Maddox turns 18, drop Pitt’s name officially and runs to People in a 10-page spread about his life with an absent drunk father

  9. Giulia says:

    He really does not look good with slicked back hair.

  10. Adorable says:

    Just cause Brad Pitt wasn’t persecuted Doesnt mean he didn’t do anything wrong,clearly it was enough though for Angelina to file & fact that people seem to want to forget that part annoys me to no end & Also from what we can gather there was some sort of “altercation”involving Brad on that Plane,This whole Brad Pitt”Pitty Party”has just left a bad taste in my mouth!

    • SoulSPA says:

      I’m not in either’s team. But child protection authorities were involved and children’s best interest is primordial. It’s difficult for me to believe that even with such a high profile case, Brad could escape from having committed a criminal offence against one or more of their kids. I hope authorities did their job well. And I think that a huge deal has been made especially from AJ’s side. For PR, damage control. If there is a rift in the family, it is, and if the kids, by their own will, do not want contact with their father, let it be it. But I cannot help feeling sad with this situation. The kids are in the middle, in the public’s eye. I’d hope that all parents kept it civil and protected their children amidst separation and divorces.

    • Felicia says:

      As an aside (which has nothing to do with this story), I’ve often wondered if Aniston’s comment about “throwing a pity party” wasn’t a bit of a joke meant to be spelled “pitty”. It seems almost obvious given some of her comments about Billy Idol and so on.

  11. Fa says:

    These couple are playing with people mind, after week of false rumours then TMZ invited itself in the mixe. Grow up you got 6 kids and act like adults, SMH.

  12. Jessica says:

    I think it’s clear now that she’s made up with her racist, white supremacist, Trump-loving daddy that Brad is completely out of the picture.

    • sage says:

      Supposedly Brad is the one that got them to reconnect several years ago…

    • Maya says:

      Oh sweety -family you can’t choose but friends you can.

      If you are attacking Angelina for speaking with her father despite his views then you are attacking lots of CB commentators who also have family members supporting Trump.

      And for the record, Angelina and John have been cordial for years now even before the divorce.

      Brad is their father and after he completes his rehab and the therapists gives the go head, he will probably be the custody with Angelina. Angelina, Brad, children, judge and therapists are all working towards that.

      Plus Angelina will be fine in her career as well – Maleficent 2, Kung Fu Panda 4,5 & 6, Shoot like a girl, Bride of Frankenstein are just the few known projects she has signed on to star in.

      Brad will be fine with his movies and production company.

    • Luna says:

      You can’t choose your parents. I think Jon Voight is gross too but at the end of the day he’s still her father. If she’s finally decided to make amends with him, good for her.

      • Jessica says:

        Like I said to Maya, you can choose to interact with them. My brother is sexist and I don’t hang out with him. Seeing him here and there is different than us casually hanging out together. She’s making a choice to hang around and bring her kids around this racist.

      • cara says:

        Angelina made it clear there were limits to what Voight could talk about with the kids, and it’s doubtful she and her father discuss politics. He may not be the kind of Grandfather Brad and Angie wanted for their children, but the fact is, he IS their Grandfather. It seems Angie is mature enough to cautiously accept him warts and all.

    • Sushi says:

      I remember she got attacked for not speaking with her father.

    • Artemis says:

      Why would she care about that? Pitt’s parents aren’t much better, they’re probably equal to her father. Pitt’s mom spoke about politics in that open letter of hers ONCE and we knew what was up. Jolie’s issue with her father is about her childhood mainly. Political beliefs don’t have to be brought up clearly as she spent a lot of time with Pitt’s family and they’re not on the same page politically either (that’s an understatement!).

      I don’t know how they did it, sitting with hypocrites like that when they have non-white children (as does Pitt’s sister) but OK, clearly Pitt and Jolie could stomach their presence… I just feel sad for the kids because once they’re old enough, they’ll see the adults in their life very clearly and it will be a rude and sad awakening.

      • Jessica says:

        Being a white supremacist and conservative are 2 different things. I think Pitt’s parents are evangelical conservatives with a homophobic streak but Jon Voight is an actual racist white supremacist. This is really problematic when they have 3 children of color (I’m not going to get into Shiloh being ‘trans’ because we don’t know that yet).

        Trump Supporter Jon Voight: If Blacks ‘Can Be Educated’ They’d Vote Donald Trump

      • Artemis says:

        Jon Voight is more open about his bigotry. At the end of the day though, these people are both pro voting somebody in office (Romney for Jane Pitt, Voight for Trump) who would oppress many communities. Jane Pitt using Obama’s middle name was dog whistling at its finest which proves that point. When it comes to politics, Jon is a bulldozer but Jane was a ballet dancer, both still have more in common than they have with their children at the end of the day!

        But as with most racists who have non-white family members who call them out on this crap (and I include my own family in this btw), it’s always ‘but YOU’RE different’. When you’re part of la familia, they don’t see their political actions and values have real-life consequences for other people who are less lucky to have white privilege and protection extended and granted to them. So spare me. I’m sure both the Pitts and Jon love their grandchildren and would never see them as a problem but their political values are undeniable even if they don’t apply to THEIR grandchildren.

      • Jessica says:


        I’m very familiar with racist dog-whistles, I just got into a long argument with someone who insisted racial coded language didn’t exist.

        Again Jane Pitt supporting Romney and Voight being a Trump-loving, white supremacist is not in the same league. Stop making excuses for Angelina. Brad parents aren’t off the hook but don’t try to derail. Why can’t Angelina be criticized for something even when she’s in the wrong. Plenty of people have cut off racist family members for the sake of their children but she won’t do the same and still wants to be looked at as a human rights activist. Let’s be real here, Trump made horrible comments about Angelina and her own father didn’t even condemn him. Now she has Voight around her kids. Why can’t you criticize her for that.

      • Paige says:

        I don’t see her making excuses for Angelina. Artemis is the last person to make excuses for Angelina. She’s a fan but she will call her out on her BS. Angelina was criticized for not talking to her father and not allowing him to see him grandkids. Now it’s the opposite and she’s still criticized. I think Jon Voight is a horrible human being but If she’s willing to allow him in her life, who are you to judge her. She may want the kids to know their paternal grandparent. She may want to make amends since her mother is gone .

        You ask why can’t she be criticized for this choice. Well, I ask why do you feel the need to criticize her for everything? Her relationship with kids, ex, father, humanitarian work, acting etc. Things are black and white when it comes to Angelina. She has her over the top fans and then she has her haters. Both are just as passionate when discussing her.

  13. Sushi says:

    Some people here are either naive or acting innocent. Do you really believe the rags’s fiction of imagination as real?. No wonder why they keep on writing citing fake sources because some people are actually buying them.

  14. sage says:

    There’s a thin line between love and hate, but these two are done.
    Everything printed by the tabloids till the divorce is finalized will just be clickbait.

  15. Electric Tuba says:

    Well duuurrrrr TMZ. Such depths of derpitude have been derpt with their derptastic story or sorrow and derpression.

  16. smee says:

    The little girl in the pic with AJ looks so much like BP. I never saw the resemblance before, but at that angle, she looks exactly like him.

  17. detritus says:

    Did she ever comment on the Vanity Fair retraction piece?
    Or is this the deflection and we’ll never get a response?

  18. Squiggisbig says:

    Angelina, to my knowledge, has never been a relationship flip flopper (like Katy Perry is for example). She strikes me as someone who when she is done she is done. However, I could see her floating the reconciliation story to change the conversation around the child actor controversy because she is very skilled at media relations. But I doubt she wants him back.

  19. lucy2 says:

    While I do think the reconciliation story might have been an attempt at distraction, I think it’s ridiculous how this TMZ thing is portrayed – the guy admitted to a long term drinking problem, admitted to treated, admitted to therapy with the kids, etc. He clearly caused a big problem within the family. Whatever else went down between them, that was the turning point for the divorce, so to write it up like she accused him out of the blue is ridiculous.

    I don’t see them ever reconciling, I think things are way too damaged, but I do hope they can be on good terms for the kids.

    • Paige says:

      Exactly. TMZ completely disregards that fact something serious still went down. He was cleared so nothing happened. No abuse happened, but something happened. They act like she plotted to destroy him and the plane incident didn’t have any repercussions like (therapy, kids hurt, rehab, etc).

      TMZ makes it sound like he has the right to be angry at her for allegations but she doesn’t have the right to be angry at him for putting their kids and her through a horrible ordeal.

  20. tw says:

    This site is so pro Angie. I think they’re both pretty awful. I never comment about my reasons because there seems to be some die hard Ange fans on here who jump down anyone’s throat who dares to disagree that she is a saint.

    • Dippit says:

      Oh I hear you. I’m the same.

    • Sushi says:

      Except the so called ‘Saint’ is the sneer that invented by the anti Jolie. Fans never consider her as saint.

    • KiddVicious says:

      I’ve never thought this was a pro Angie site, I’ve just thought the Angie fans were louder.

    • truth hurts says:

      This site is one of the very few where Angelina is not a sinner who has caused destruction of the free world because she is divorced twice, an ex cutter, drug user, and depressed person. Um that is half of the population. AT least she had the courage to speak about her past and show you can make it through all of that. I get the hate because the world is full of it.
      Brad is a facade and obsessed with his image period. I dislike JA to the core but look at how he tried to bury her when he left her for Angie. He is doing the same thing now. Look at how he tries to act as if they are friends or plant the story he emailed her during that messy divorce filing. If I were Jen I wouldn’t even look at him Yet people say Angie is at fault. Brad was the married one and knew what the reaction would be. He saw what he wanted and left and these two women have been cast as in parts in the media. Now look at him. People still taking up for him and literally snapping at Angie and Jen too. She should stop whinging and blah blah blah. }
      In the end they have both been bitten and he is as selfish as ever yet there are 6 kids suffering from all of this.
      Angie should have known and not gotten involved with Pitt. I can imagine she feels relief now and the storm has passed in the media now she can move forward.

  21. crazydaisy says:

    How about that outfit Angie is wearing, on Saturday’s outing with her dad and Viv? Looks like a cross between a black caftan and a burka, elevating the signature sack dress to a whole new level! I don’t know. She looks so great in jeans and boots, like she had at the Ren Faire. The sack dress is just meh.

  22. marc kile says:

    At the end of the day they are still just two adulterers who failed at marriage and yes I know this is not a popular opinion on this couple but thats how i feel. But i do hope the kids will be OK.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is with me. I agree. They are both problematic in their personal lives and neither has some fantastic track record. She has been a heroin addict, cutter, had anorexia and twice divorced. He has been an alcoholic, weed head and an adulterer. Gee, I wonder why it didn’t work.
      They both need to concentrate on their children and therapy for themselves as well.

      • Snickers says:


        Another attempt to level the playing field and put the responsible custodial parent on equal footing with the rumored alcoholic/substance abusing dad who currently is in modified rehab, therapy with his children and is trying to gain sobriety.

        Duscussing who Angelina was when she was late teens early twenties and pretending she is still in the same place as the kid she was – would be news to The UN, CFR, the Pope, Queen of England and the Academy of the Performing Arts who gave her the recent Herscholt Oscar. I don’t think heads of state, Secretaries of Defense, and Policy wonks hang out with unstable addicts either. Angelina is many things. She’s also a grown up. I know you would like her to remain in a state of suspended animation forever 21, but she’s matured and grown up and is seeing to the health of her family under trying circumstances as they confront the disease of addiction their partner and father may have.

        As for Brad, if his ex wife said he didn’t cheat and there was no infidelity, if he and Angelina say same – why are you still carrying that burnt out torch in support of an ex who has already told you that tabloid narrative was false and has since moved on?

      • magnoliarose says:

        First, you don’t know my history. I have defended Angelina and commended her for overcoming addiction. But she does have an intense personality and a volatile personality. He does too. Addictive personalities aren’t mellow.
        The problem with fans like you is that you don’t seem to understand marriage or relationships. There is no playing field or contest except with PR for them. No one wins when a family is broken and one person is ever totally responsible for the breakup. There are several sides to the same story and somewhere in there lies the truth and you don’t know what it is. You frame relationships like an adolescent would in that you boil down to a superficial battle with no serious consequences. Would you say everything you write to her children? Do you think that would endear them or her to you?
        She blossomed a lot in this relationship so spare me that love doesn’t have that effect on everyone. Don’t negate his place in her life and he will be in her life for the rest of her life because they share children.
        There is no better person in this mess. Unless you have been with them, and they confide in you, then you are only speculating and this is only conjecture.
        You like to say Brad is weak and that is one of the most laughable aspects of your argument. No one stays A list as long as he has without being ruthless and strong. It does not happen. That is his reputation and you seem to miss that. Why do you think he has lost nothing professionally? Ask Gwyneth Paltrow about how much of a pushover he is. He understood before she did how the public views her in relation to him and this is the result. VF would have never made that move when they were together. NEVER. Whoever he hooks up with next will get an immediate career boost.
        This is not an emotional argument, it just is. It doesn’t matter if it is fair. He has more clout and a lot more power. This wasn’t her plan to be where she is now. She is 42 and no longer the feisty badass ingenue. Directing hasn’t been a success. You can’t say it has. Now she has to redirect. There are people who are enjoying her misfortune but being critical doesn’t mean every person is in that camp.

    • Snickers says:

      @marc kile

      Actually all three parties say there was no infidelity. That no cheating happened.
      Why do you pretend outrage for a celebrity you don’t know who not only says there was no cheating but has moved on and is purportedly happy?

      Are you using that fake tabloid narrative only to continue to hate and lash out at celebrities you’re biased against and dislike because of your own personal feelings? Isn’t that an odd thing to do.

      I’ve said it before. Even the worst most useless celebrity worthy of scorn should be given a pass if they decide to make themselves useful in the world. That should automatically take the wind out of the sails of hate.

      The fact that these accomplished admired people continue to get your unmitigated hatred based on a 12yo lie says way more about you.

  23. Sam says:


    Why do you always bring up Aniston in your rambling remarks when the story has nothing to do with her and why are you still carrying that aggression towards an ex of Pitt who “has since moved on”?

    Why do you have outrage for a celebrity you don’t know who has moved on and is purportedly happy?

    Why do you get so upset when people refer to facts about Angelina’s “wild child” days which she has openly discussed herself, but are so quick to lowly refer to recently departed Chris Connell as a “toddler” who was also clearly suffering from addiction, just as Angelina had in the past? This says way more about you.

  24. Rosa says:

    After the way Angelina and her team came out swinging, I don’t think Brad will be able to forget that and how public she made it. They will never, ever get back together.

    • Sam says:

      Lol, too funny, love the Taylor Swift reference. I agree with you, Angelina and her team have handled her divorce badly. Hopefully she hasn’t hurt Brad’s relationship with his children. And before @snickers goes on the attack, he wasn’t charged,

      • Lady D says:

        What relationship? The guy was an alcoholic, he probably doesn’t remember half of the 12 years they spent together. He also mentioned being home 3 times in 2 years. When your parent is an alcoholic, all rules including relationship rules fly out the window. I think the alcoholic has done far more damage to his relationship with his children than she ever could. Living with an alcoholic is hell, ask anybody here who has had the misfortune to go through that life altering event.

      • LadyT says:

        Lady D—I’ve known alcoholics (hell on Earth), I’ve known people that had a couple of cocktails in the evenings (zero problem), I’ve known people that drank entirely too much during a life crisis (made it worse).
        Any drinking problem is a problem and by his own admission Pitt had one. I dont believe that he was black-out alcoholic for half of their 12 years together. Anyway, I wish anyone with a desire to be sober the strength to do so.

      • Lady D says:

        ” Anyway, I wish anyone with a desire to be sober the strength to do so.”
        Me too Lady T, me too. Alcoholism is a disease I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

    • truth hurts says:

      That would be wonderful if they never got back together. She put up with him for 12 years that’s enough. He may look good in some of your eyes, but when he gets home by himself he realizes he messed up and admitted it, but some of you turned on deaf ears. Still same Ole media baiting for clicks using and slandering her name but she prevails in the end as always.