People: Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky probably won’t get engaged?

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Since Jennifer Lawrence is so “accessible,” I would very much like to sit down with her and really talk about her relationship with Darren Aronofsky. I actually think it’s useful for women in their 20s to have at least one relationship/fling with a much-older man – you learn a lot about yourself in those kinds of lopsided relationships, and you learn a lot about what you want and don’t want. As long as you keep in mind that the fling isn’t going to be forever, it can be a growth experience. That’s what bugs me about J-Law and D-Aron: I worry that Jennifer is taking this way too seriously. I worry that she’s going to end up pregnant. I worry that she’s used to being bullied and ordered around by “genius” older directors and she doesn’t know any other way. Thankfully, People Magazine’s sources are giving her an exit route: sources claim that J-Law and D-Aron aren’t really planning to be together forever, given their ages.

Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend, director Darren Aronofsky, have a lot to celebrate. Along with their movie mother! coming out Sept. 15 (she stars, he directs), the couple is coming up on one of year of dating.

“They have a very good relationship that is serious in the sense that they are on the same wavelength,” a source close to Lawrence tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “They respect each other in the most important ways and have many of the same interests.” The Oscar-winning actress, 27, and the filmmaker, 48, were first spotted together enjoying lunch last August after working on the drama where they met, and are expected to make their red carpet debut at the Venice Film Festival, where mother! will premiere on Sept. 5.

“She is comfortable with him and in awe of his brilliance and talent,” the Lawrence source says. However, the source says that Lawrence and Aronofsky’s 21-year age gap could spell trouble down the line: “There is a huge age difference and that could get in the way of things moving forward.”

A second insider agrees the pair are enjoying their romance, but may not last for the long haul. “They are suitably paired and intellectually stimulating to each other. They’re both offbeat, and that is a good thing for now,” the source says. “But they’re not serious like the next step is engagement.”

A Lawrence pal, however, says the actress is “the happiest she has been with a guy” and agrees the duo are “serious about each other… She spends time with Darren’s son and has no problems with the fact that Darren is older or is a dad. Her friends think this relationship could last more so than any other she’s been in.”

For the most part, both Lawrence and Aronofsky — dad to 11-year-old Henry with ex Rachel Weisz — are focused on work.

“She and Darren are happy and see each other as often as possible,” says the first source.

[From People]

My hope/prediction is that they won’t last much longer than Christmas, although I’ve obviously been wrong before. If she doesn’t end up preg, then I don’t see this going very far into 2018. This worries me: “She is comfortable with him and in awe of his brilliance and talent.” I like Jen, and I think she’s an intelligent young woman with a quick wit. I also think she has an iffy picker, and this is one of the reason why – she’s so overcome by D-Aron’s “brilliance and talent” and that’s what she’s clinging to. That whole thing of, I’m so lucky this brilliant and talented man is in love with me. No. He should feel lucky to be with a beautiful young actress who hangs on his every word.

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  1. Lady D says:

    I hope they don’t get engaged. If I was her, pregnancy would be the last thing on my mind.

  2. Amide says:

    Quite a few interviews I’ve read from JLaw, hints that she very much wants a family. She also said recently how many of her childhood friends are married/pregnant.👀
    I could be very wrong, but I get the feeling she’s out of the fling stage. I also believe she REALLY fell for Chris Martin and was serious for him.😶

  3. Des says:

    I don’t think he’s the marrying kind or he’d have married Rachel Weisz who has a kid with him. I think he’s now in the process of convincing JLaw she isn’t the marrying kind either which I don’t really believe. Work it out of your system, girlfriend!

  4. Yeahright says:

    This is creepy.
    She needs to run.
    He might get HER pregnant to assert some control but I doubt she is really thinking about having a child right now. That would be career suicide.

  5. wendywoo says:

    I think a lot of it may depend on how mother! goes. Nothing is more painful than an “auteur” having his work criticised; they can brood and lash out. Maybe he would take it well, but my money’s on the opposite.

    I really did not like the trailer. It looked like a M. Night sort of mess. So many moist close ups of JLaw looking doe-eyed and damsel-y. Still don’t have any idea what the plot might actually be other than “young woman terrorized”.

  6. Ruth says:

    Jlaw incredible wit? Alrighty then

    Notice how Mother is premiering soon? A story how they might be each others soulmates or they might break up? And people say Jlaw doesn’t care about fame .

  7. Millenial says:

    I just… really think she needs to get back together with Nicholas Hoult, or someone similar. Someone her age, who seems nice, and with less strings attached. I do not get her recent propensity for old douche-bros with kids. She’s 27, beautiful, successful, etc… and these are obvious red flags that would be an immediate “NOPE” in my book.

    Girlfriend, advice from someone who dated a string of duds before finding my Mr. Perfect. Make a list of what you want and don’t settle.

  8. Talie says:

    I think I read that she only has a formal education up to 8th or 9th grade (not uncommon for starlets) so that can breed insecurity with a guy like that.

  9. Anon says:

    If a propensity towards toilet humor is the barometer for intelligence to a lot of you, then I must be a nincampoop! I still laugh when I see the words “lube job” and giggle when I hear the word penetrate when watching sports (I giggled a little as I was typing that, even!). I also happen to have two master’s degrees in information systems and health management and currently head a division of 200 people. Toilet humor is in the bottom rung in the hierarchy, I suppose, but it shouldn’t be how we measure someone’s ability to have a conversation with intellectual substance (when necessary).

  10. perplexed says:

    I think she’s “smart” in the way actresses are supposed to be — i.e entertaining and uninhibited. Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock have that quality too. Whether they’re actually intellectual, though, I have my doubts.

    I suspect she’s quite business-savvy which is a different kind of intelligence. I don’t know if you can get to where she is without having that in your arsenal. Luck gives you the initial push, but to stay on top for a long time you probably need to be smart enough to pick the right team around you.

    Nonetheless, I would never classify her as an intellect.

  11. A says:

    edit: did not mean to reply to this

  12. tty says:

    “and has no problems with the fact that Darren is older ”

    Yeah, let’s see if that’s still the case in 15 years.

  13. smee says:

    They each are impressive notches on their respective belts, but I don’t see it lasting.

  14. Karen says:

    Dont forget how intellectually stimulating they are to each other. A completely normal, and not at all tryhard, way to describe a couple. (Eyeroll)

  15. OTHER RENEE says:

    When I think of J-Law, the words “intellectually stimulating” don’t leap to mind.

  16. Yeahright says:

    Lol basically. She’s been famous since a teen and super famous since like 20?
    I doubt a lot of intellectual growth happened during that time.
    School on set is a joke. Most actors barely get a passable education.
    I doubt she is well read. She comes across as incredibly immature.
    I doubt she’s discussing Chaucer with that creep.

  17. cecila c says:

    I think it’s fairly obvious that Lawrence is very smart – it’s apparent from every interview she does. Having a taste in toilet humour isn’t incompatible with brains. People really need to look beyond their presumptions about blonde ‘starlets’…

  18. Ruth says:

    She’s gonna be another demi moore, spent her 20s with guys in their 40s then when she’s 50 she’ll be chasing 18 year olds.

  19. Beatrix says:

    i agree with Cecilia, we’re being needlessly petty about Jennifer’s intelligence. She’s brains and beauty, it happens sometimes, it doesn’t doesn’t take away from the rest of us nor does it help us to drag her down. She represents us in the world and thankfully she’s worthy. My issue is around how obsequious her people are making her sound, though clearly we don’t know a damn thing about the real dynamic of this relationship. One petty comment from me: really hope she doesn’t decide to have a baby with this man.

  20. K says:

    I agree. She’s extremely bright. It’s startling to me that people think maturity and intelligence are allied. That’s not the case. She’s had a substandard formal education, no doubt, but anyone who’s seen a decent interview with her should recognise that she’s very sharp indeed. Having a crude sense of humour doesn’t obviate that.

    Really hope she doesn’t end up with this man, if the stories about his behaviour are true. David O Russell’s reputation seems well earned, so she may be inured to how awful that kind of workplace treatment really is, and accept it in others as almost normal.

  21. Don't kill me I am French says:

    The interviews are edited.